Just Hit 'Send' - The Happy Years

by Grasshopper

Ch. 3

Jordan slipped quietly into the bed, trying not to wake Danny. He eased up behind his baby's warm body and gently pulled him into his arms. "Mmmm," came this muffled sigh.

"You 'wake?"

Danny rolled slightly, his warm breath touching Jordan's face, "Am now." Schooching close, he nestled himself with his forehead pressing lightly against Jordan's. "Where've you been? I was missin' you."

"Just talkin' to Nic. I asked him about well, you know."

Danny raised up on one elbow and brushed Jordan's blond hair out of his eyes. "Not if you don't tell me, Jordy."

Suddenly shy, Jordan mumbled, "About well, about what you said this morning."

Danny's eyes widened, "Jordan! You so did not!" He moved to roll away.

"Whoa now," Jordan pulled him back tight. "I just asked if he ever felt that way with Sam, like what you said."

"Like I said what?" Danny questioned, still stiff in Jordan's arms.

Jordan leaned in and licked the edge of Danny's ear, hearing a soft groan and smiled when Dan bent his head so Jordan could get closer. "You said that you wouldn't break and that you were strong."

"I won't, you know," Danny sighed, his hand sliding in to rub his fingers caressingly over Jordan's nipples. "I don't always want to be treated like a baby."

"Do you mind if I call you baby?" Jordan asked, his nipples hard and his back arched as Danny's mouth began to suck on one and then the other.

"No, Jordy. It makes me feel loved and sexy and special but calling me baby and treating me like one are two different things." He moved slowly down Jordan's chest, throwing off the sheet.

"Danny?" Jordan groaned as he felt a hot wet tongue lick into his bellybutton.


"Can I be the baby sometimes?"

Danny laughed, "Yes, baby. Danny will take very good care of you." His tongue trailed around and around the little hole in Jordan's tummy, then suddenly jammed in urgently, making Jordan's butt lift off the bed.

"God, Dan."

"Shhhh, Let me." Danny edged his body down and rolled between Jordan's legs. "Let me show you how much I love you, baby." Jordan flopped back on the pillows and moaned, feeling Dan's tongue, Dan's fingers. His hot breath was enough to take Jordan over the edge but he bit his lip and gripped the sheets and arched his hips into Danny's mouth.

He felt Danny nuzzle in close and he heard him whisper, "God, I love right here.........right here. I want this smell all over me. This belongs to me."

"Yes, God yes," Jordan panted. "Everything belongs to you."

Danny licked the pulsing vein down the back of Jordan's shaft and teased him with little sucking licks across the tip until Jordan was begging him to do it, to suck him, to let him fly. "Please, Dan. God."

Danny looked up and their eyes locked. Jordan's face wide eyed and almost wild with want; Danny's wet and shiny, the tip of his tongue running over and over the slit that was begging to release.

"God, Dan, I can't hold it back."

"I am strong?" Jordan read the needing in his eyes.

"God yes!"

"You need me?"

"Shit, Dan..........I neeeeeeed you !"

"Well, okay then," he grinned and his mouth worked its magic. Jordan felt the pressure building even more and his balls swelled and tightened and Danny's mouth drank him.

"I'm King of the World," Danny laughed, his arms spread wide as he watched Jordan come back to earth.

"Don't push your luck, Leo," Jordan tried to frown but his grin broke through. "I can always push you off that life raft."

"You wouldn't though," Danny snuggled up, his cheek resting on Jordan's chest.

"Nah," Jordan replied, straightfaced, "I kinda like havin' you around. And speakin' of havin' you around," he growled as his eyes twinkled, he flopped Dan over on his back. "I better give you mouth to mouth. Oh, wait....this isn't your mouth. Hmmm........we'll make this a porno Titanic. Ummm, we'll call it," he said, his words a bit garbled as his mouth was full, "Danny Does BelowDecks or My Dick Will Go On or Let Me On That Raft You Stupid Bitch, My Balls Are Frozen or.................."


"What baby?"

"Shut up."


Danny woke slowly and threw his hand over to touch Jordan. Empty bed. His eyes popped open. Smiling, he heard the shower and sat up , grabbing for his brace. Realizing by the time he got it on, Jordy would be done, he thought for a sec and then called, "JORDY!!" The water stopped suddenly and Jordan yelled back, 'Yeah?"

"Come get me."

Dan heard the shower door open and shut and then a very drippy Jordan appeared in the bathroom doorway, his eyebrow cocked, asking with his eyes.

"I want to be strong and unbreakable and all that stuff," Danny smiled, his eyes laughing, "But some things I gotta ask for or I'm gonna miss em."


"Like getting' in the shower with you before you're done."

Danny bit his lip as Jordan's body came to life right before his eyes. "God, Dan. Do you have any notion how sexy you are?" He dripped across the floor and scooped his blue eyed boy up and walked to the shower.

Danny was just beginning to really look around. "Jordy? Was this part of the house like this when you bought it from Nic?"

"Like how?" Jordan knew what he meant but was suddenly shy about all he had done.

"Like the shower has a bench and a low shower head and hand sprayers," he said, "And the mirrors and stuff are low like for me to be able to sit down."

Jordan eased Danny onto the bench in the shower and straddled it to sit beside him, petting his face, the water misting down. "I kinda fixed it for you, Dan."

"You did it? It wasn't like this for Nic?"

"No baby. This was Sam's studio. Nic just came over here but his side of the house is fixed up for him."

"You did all this for me?" His eyes were wet, not all from the spray.

"Baby, I want you to be able to love living here as much as I love it. It wasn't much, really."

He talked as he soaped Danny's chest and back. "Close your eyes." He poured some shampoo in his hand and lathered Danny's soft curls. "Have I ever told you I love your hair?"

"Um hum," Danny sighed, rolling his head in Jordan's strong fingers.

"Plus," Jordan giggled, "If you lean back against that tile, I can do this." He swiveled Danny's legs to straddle the bench and looked down, then back up at Dan with shiny eyes. "K?"

"Mmmm, K," Danny sighed as Jordan lifted off the bench and eased himself down until Danny was tight inside him and their mouths were locked together. "Iluvthisshower," Danny groaned.

Dried off, Danny sat in his wheelchair, and marveled at what Jordan had done..............for him. He maneuvered the chair under the sink counter and reached for the faucets. "This is so great, Jordy. I can shave and everything and not have to balance on one foot with my canes."

Jordan smiled, remembering how hard the carpenters had worked to get the right heights and everything and how he had borrowed Nic and his wheelchair to get it just right. "Nothin' to it, Dan."

Danny knew better but he just pulled on Jordan's hand and kissed him. "I love you, Jordy."

"You just better."


"My life sorta depends on it."

That night, after dinner which consisted of KFC's finest since it was Jordan's turn to "cook"; all the yummy grease eaten and enjoyed, they settled down by the fire.

"I'm so glad you're here now," Griff sighed, his belly rumbling from all the heavy food. Danny looked at him, his face a question mark.

"Cause Markie says you're a damn good cook and well, Jordan is not exactly Emeril," he laughed, catching the Frisbee thrown at his head.

"Yeah, I can't wait," Danny laughed. "Jordan fixed that little kitchen up so great. All the countertops are lowered and I can reach everything. I have lots of recipes that Missy taught me."

"You'll make some lucky dude a great wife," Easy joked.

Danny blushed and felt Jordan's arm go tight around him.

"Papa D can't be a wife, Unca Ezy. A wife be's a girl," JD offered, his face frowned into that 'look'.

"Thank you, JD," Danny smiled.

"You know, on SaysMe Street?? I was thinkin', Daddy. You and Papa D be's like Bert and Ernie."

Griff snorted and Markie and Easy tried to hold back their giggles.

"Is that right?" Jordan asked, his face way serious.

"Yeah, Daddy. They like are friends like you and Papa D. Not like Elmo. He's my favrit. He's red and does silly Elmo things."

"And what do Bert and Ernie do?" Jordan asked, afraid of the answer.

"They have a house and they live in it and they do everything together and they like bounce on the beds sometimes."

"OMG!" Griff choked.

"Has someone updated Sesame Street and didn't tell me," Danny laughed.

"Well, I refuse to be Bert. He has like that huge head," Jordan groaned. "But Dan, you sure look a lot like Ernie with that black mop."

JD crawled up in Nic's lap. "Grandpa Nic. You're old. Maybe you know the answer."

"JD!!" five voices rang out.

"Haha, leave him alone. He's right," Nic laughed. "What's your question, Rubber Ducky?" He tweaked JD's nose and got a "quackquack" and a grin.

"Well, I tolded Tasha and Jenny at Kidcare that I gots a new papa but they said I can't. Why can't I? Miss Nancy said if one is gone away I can have a new one, but I gots 2 right now." His little face was set in a frown.

Not this soon. JD didn't need to start hitting that wall this soon. Jordan started to get up but Danny laid his hand on Jordan's arm. "Let Nic answer him." Nic looked over at Jordan and Jordan nodded his head.

"JD, you know when you get your coloring book and your crayons and you pick out the page you want to color?"

"Uh huh. I like Power Puffs and GI Joe."

Easy laughed, "Lil Dude coverin' all the bases."

"Well, you open the box of crayons and all those beautiful colors pop out."

"Yeah," JD stared at his Grandpa.

"Well, what if you want to color GI Joe's tank yellow or his hair purple, would you?"

"Sure. Sometimes I color stuff silly."


JD thought. "Cause it makes me happy."

"And if I opened the crayon box and asked you to pick your favorite color, what would you pick?"

JD wriggled off Nic's lap and barreled into the house, returning with a humongous Crayola box. "K," he said seriously, "I'd pick this gold one."


"It's pretty."

"Okay," Nic said, closing the box, "Then that's your crayon."

"Wait! What? No! I gots more favrit colors."

"Can you have more than one?"

"Yes! I can have two if I want. I want this blue one too."

"Will the picture be pretty with just two colors?"

"Yes," JD answered, thinking, "But kinda better with more."

"So, you can have more than one, even more than two favorite things?"

"Yeah, I can."

"Can you have more than one Daddy?"

JD wrinkled his forehead. "Nooooooo," he said slowly, "But wait." He crawled off Nic's lap and walked over to the swing. "Here, Daddy." He handed Jordan the gold crayon. "Here, Papa D." he handed Danny the blue crayon. "I can have two favrit colors and two favrit daddy/papas." He went back over to Nic and chose 4 more favorite colors. Orange for Griff, green for Mommy, red for Grandpa Nic and pink for Unca Easy.

Easy rolled his eyes and endured the snorts and giggles. "One crayon will not make a life affirming difference," he groaned as they all cracked up.

"What about you?" Nic asked, holding out the box.

JD stared into the big box, pulling out a purple crayon and the black crayon. "This one's for me and this one's for Fiddleficks cause it's the color of him."


"Yes, Grandpa Nic."

"When anyone asks you about your family, you tell them you live in a family full of love."

"Okey doke."

The next day, JD came home from Kidcare at noon with a huge piece of paper in his hands and a huge grin on his face. Someone had printed "my family" in the top left hand corner and JD had painstakingly copied it across the top in big letters.

My Famly

He had drawn a gold Daddy, a blue Papa D with blue canes, a green Mommy, an orange Griff, a red Grandpa Nic in a red wheelchair and a pink Unca Ezy. Standing and sitting in a row, holding hands and right in the middle, a little purple boy hugging a doofy black dog.

"I'm going with you, so just shut up," Jordan said pleasantly.

"You can't miss any more work."

"If you think for one minute that I'm ever letting you get more than 10 miles from me again in this lifetime, you've got shit for brains."

Danny was sitting in the middle of the bed, staring at Jordan. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

"You're gonna have to cause I won't have a job if you don't," Jordan smiled.

"Jordan !!!!"

"Daniel !!!! There's no winning this one, so stop trying."

Danny held out his arms and Jordan smiled, walking over into them. "I am coming and I am getting you back here as fast as I can so we can start living."

"Kiss me, Jordy."

"Thought you'd never ask."

The flight was crowded. They got the Exit door seats that gave them plenty of leg room. Easy leaned his head against the wall and, with a yawn said, "Wake me when we get there."

Jordan helped Danny strip off the heavy leg brace and stuck it in the overhead compartment. "You okay now, Dan?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

They read for a little while and Jordan started watching "Bad Boys II" on the back seat monitor. He looked over to see Danny's eyes drifting shut.

"Here, Dan. Put your head on my shoulder."

"Nah, someone will see."

"Hell, you could be my brother or something."

Danny leaned his head back and closed his eyes. A few minutes later, Jordan glanced over and Danny's head was leaning forward. Jordan raised the armrest between them, reached over, pulled him in and felt Danny sink into his chest. "I got cha, baby," he whispered. He heard a soft answering sigh.

Jordan thought about all that Danny'd been through the last couple of days. No wonder he was wiped out. He settled back to watch the crappy movie. Will Smith wasn't bad at all but the other guy.

He was softly twisting one of Danny's curls around his finger when he heard the assistance buzzer go off from somewhere beside him. Looking over, he met two pairs of hostile eyes. The flight attendant came down the aisle and stopped, blocking his view. He could hear bits and pieces: "should not be allowed............good Christian people..........I paid good money......."

The flight attendant straightened up, glanced over at Jordan, took in Danny's sleeping head resting against his side with Jordan's fingers in his hair.

'What?' Jordan's eyes asked.

'Idiots,' the steward answered back, rolling his eyes at the 'good Christian' couple.

Jordan looked directly at the angry man. "May I help you?"

"You can help me by studying God's word and not touching that boy."

"Excuse me?" He felt Danny move in his dreams.

"I paid hard earned Christian money to buy these tickets and I'm not gonna sit and watch filth."

"Would you like me to change your channel, sir?" the attendant snarked.

"I want you to make them stop."

"Stop what? And please keep your voice down."

"I will not keep my voice down. Stop them from.............."

"From what exactly?" Jordan said, his temper gone.

"You are an abomin........."

"Oh shut up," he said sharply. "You and my father. Go call him and have it out. I'll give you his phone number. He has God on his speed dial. You'll have great time planning your trip to heaven." He turned his head to find Danny staring at him, his eyes wet.

"Shhhhh, he's an asshole. We've met them before, right?"

Easy spoke up. "Change seats with me, Jord." It wasn't a request. Jordan shifted and Easy dropped his 6'2 muscled body into the aisle seat.

"Wha's up, old dude? Now you got a black guy sitting next to ya. Wanna discuss that for a while? Hey, there's an empty seat with you guys. Move over and we'll diss everybody on the plane. I bet you and your God can find somethin' wrong with all of them."

In the taxi on the way to the apartment, Jordan was still fuming. "God, I hate it. I hate that they could have been over there doing whatever they damn well pleased and no one woulda said anything but when you got sleepy and needed to just put your head on me......."

"Shhh, Jordy. It doesn't do any good to get all worked up. They only see what they want to see. They never see us, you and me. They just see something different; something bad."

"Yeah, but it still hurts."

"Well, it pisses the hell outta me," Easy replied, his voice still growling. "Those fools don't know you. They don't know Dan. They sure don't know me. Yet, they hate you for being gay and me for being black. I say fuck em all."

Danny said softly, "Yeah, I'd have to say they weren't my favorite colors."

Jordan rolled his eyes. "Only you, Dan." The tension drained away, leaving the bitter taste of bigotry in their mouths.

"Dr. Meadows. There are three very attractive young men here to see you," Mrs. Busby spoke into the intercom.

The inner door opened and Dr. Meadows smiled broadly when he saw who had come by one last time. "Well, gentlemen, come in and tell me all the latest from North Carolina."

Danny chattered on and on about the house, extending an open invitation for the doctor to visit anytime he came to the east coast and Easy explained about his new job at the AIDS information center. The doctor watched the happiness and contentment on the faces of the boys he had worried long hours over.

Finally, he looked over at the quiet one. "And you, Jordan," he asked, "What about you?"

Jordan smiled and answered in three words. "I have Dan."

They packed Danny's clothes and books and personal stuff in boxes to be shipped, packing his suitcases with clothes he'd need sooner. Easy said he'd take the boxes to the UPS place on Monday. He had to finish out the month at his job and said he'd use the time to close out the apartment and wind up any unfinished business.

Jordan drove Dan to the Center in the Jeep. He knew Danny wanted to say thank you and goodbye to Terry. Jordan would just be very quiet. He would not act like he hated the guy's guts. He would be good Jordan.

"Danny," Steph cried, as she watched them come through the front doors of the exercise rooms. "Look how good you're doin' with the canes."

"Hey, Steph. This is Jordy."

"Oh, cool. The boyfriend. Good to meet you, Jordy."

Jordan grinned. The boyfriend. There had to be a better name than that.

Terry walked out from the manager's office, looking tan and toned in his blue knit shirt and white shorts, matching Steph's outfit. "Hey Dan," he smiled broadly at Danny. "Jordan." Danny glanced at Jordan and saw him raise one eyebrow. 'Oh Lord.'


"Glad to see you brought our boy home."

Jordan frowned.........'OUR boy, my ass.'

Danny looked at Terry shyly, "I'm not staying, Terry. I'm going back tomorrow with Jordan."

"What? What about your job? Your therapy? We have so much more to do." Terry cut his eyes to Jordan's face, accusations flying from his angry eyes.

"Yep............got it in one," Jordan growled. "Big bad Jordan is dragging poor little Dan away from friends and therapy into the backwoods of North Carolina where I'm gonna chain him to a tree and let wild dogs chew on him."

"Jordy!" Danny fussed. "Stop it!"

"Well, shit, Dan. He always wants to make me the villain , right Ter?"

"Your track record speaks for itself, Jordan," Terry accused, digging the hole he was standing in even deeper.

Danny straightened up and said carefully, "Terry, I owe you so much. You helped me get on my feet. Don't ruin the memories now. I've always loved Jordan....I always will. I came to say thank you, so Thank You and goodbye."

He reached for Jordan's hand and pulled on him.

Jordan fought the urge to turn around and smirk at Terry but he knew Danny was watching him, so he walked to the door and held it open. He felt Danny's shoulders shaking. "Oh God, I'm so sorry, baby. He brings out the total worst in me. Don't cry. I'll go back and apologize."

"NOOO!!," Danny crowed, lifting his face, laughter bubbling from his lips. "I love it when you get all jealous. Jordy's jealous !!"

"Am not."

"Are so."

"Am so not."


"Okay...just a little."

"Uh huh."

"Okay...can I go back and punch his fuckin' face in?"

"That's my Jordy !"

"Hhrumph !!"



"I don't like the wild dogs thing but the chains..........................."


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