Just Hit 'Send' - The Happy Years

by Grasshopper

Ch. 2

All through the night and long into Thursday, Jordan and Danny had whispered and laughed, had loved and cum to hands and mouths over and over. They were back in each other's arms and neither wanted to be anywhere else. Jordan was sleeping so deeply, his face crushed into the pillow, his blond hair going in every direction, little snuffling sounds coming from his mouth.

Danny found himself in a new place, spooned up against Jordan's back. Jordan always took this position and Danny smiled broadly as he wrapped his strong arms around Jordan's sleep-warm body. He snuggled closer and drifted back off, sliding back into his dreams and sighed peacefully.

The dream was nothing new. Danny had dreamed it for years, but tonight something had changed. The surf was still rushing the shore; the sun was still as hot; the cries of the gulls still as loud. But the dream had always ended as Jordan took Danny's hand and pulled him to his feet to walk toward the water, where they had always stood, side by side, straight and tall, one tall lanky blond, one slightly shorter curly black haired boy until Jordan had pulled Danny to the sand, stroking, caressing, whispering until Danny opened for him and let him in. This time, this dream, Danny caressed, Danny stroked, Danny whispered and Jordan handed over the reins. It was the freedom Danny had always wished for, always hoped for. To make love to Jordan on his own terms, without the cloud of poor Danny, fragile Danny. In the dream, they were equal. In the dream, Danny staked his claim on the man that he loved. He stamped his name across Jordan's beautiful forehead, across his sweet lips and across his soft cheeks. He was so hard, he thought he would burst from the wanting.

Surfacing slowly, the dream still powerful controlling his actions, Danny woke to find his body curved around Jordan's butt so that his throbbing erection was eased between Jordan's cheeks pressed near his tight opening. He felt Jordan sleepily shift at the activity going on between his legs. Danny wanted this so bad. He wanted to be the one in charge, the one doing the loving. He pushed his cock in and out, rubbing the soft flesh on the inside of Jordan's legs, leaving a wet trail.

Jordan smiled. "Baby," he sighed. "That feels soooo good." He turned his head and saw Danny's glowing excited eyes.

"Hand me the lube and I'll make it feel even better," Danny purred.

"My hero," Jordan laughed, coming awake and hard. "I hate to bust your bubble but I gotta pee."

Danny frowned. "But I want........."

"Come on. We'll come right back. I promise," Jordan yawned, stretched and slid out of the bed. He turned and automatically lifted Danny in his arms like a child.

Jordan headed for the bathroom, not seeing the thundercloud that Danny's face had become. He set Danny on the floor in front of him and tipped up the seat. Twin streams, one much harder to start than the other, hit the water and Jordan sighed in relief. "Now," he grinned, "Where were we?" He scooped Danny up and made it back to the bed in four long strides. Laying Danny down in the middle, Jordan crawled on the bed and started to climb on top. He leaned in for a kiss.


Jordan jerked back, his eyes wide. "What?"

Danny pushed Jordan off. His face tight, his brows clenched, Danny took his hands and rolled Jordan over on his side, coming in close behind him to curve his body exactly like it had been during the dream. Shifting his hips, he wiggled his body so that he was, once again, between Jordan's legs, his rock hard dick and thrusting.

Jordan was totally confused. "What's wrong, Dan?" He loved the feelings but he didn't understand his baby's sudden change. Danny licked a line down Jordan's spine, bowing his back and nipping lightly with his teeth.

"Oh God, baby," Jordan groaned. "More."

"You.....................drive....................me.......................crazy!!!" Danny growled, pumping his hips. He reached over Jordan's right leg and grabbed his hand. "Bend your leg and hold on."

"But Dan............."

"I won't break. I won't break," Danny repeated.

Jordan frowned and then light dawned. "What do you want, Danny?"

"I want to fuck you. I'm strong. I can."

Jordan smiled and reached for the lube and clicked the cap. "Yeah, baby. You're strong, stronger than me. Do it." He grasped his leg and pulled his knee up to his chest and grabbed the sheets.

Danny's muscled back and shoulders controlled arms that held Jordan tight. He grabbed the lube and squirted it in his hand spreading it on himself and down the crack of Jordan's butt feeling the tight muscles quiver as his fingers rubbed across.

"I need this, Jordy."

"Then do it, baby. God, you feel so good." Jordan tried to relax and he opened himself to Danny's cock. Danny rubbed Jordan's belly and then with the same hand, he pushed Jordan back onto him, driving himself in.

"Oh God," Jordan cried out, as the slight intrusive pain shot through him. Danny stopped.


"Do it, Dan. I want it really bad."

Danny's hot hand on his cock, Danny's hot mouth biting on his back, Danny's body filling him. Jordan had never felt this.....never known this. Then, just when it was heaven, Danny hit the magic place. Jordan's mouth fell open and small sounds flew from his lips. "Oh........shi...........fuc........oh....Dannnn"

Danny felt everything cluster and swell, swirl and fly. His balls tightened and he came as Jordan's muscles flexed and made him scream. "Arg....my...... mercy.........Goddd........Jordy..........."

His hand still clutching Jordan's rock hard dick, Danny pulled out and rolled Jordan over on his back. Their eyes locked. Jordan saw determination, lust and passion dancing in Danny's. Dan saw love and understanding and satisfaction in Jordan's.

"I'm not done," Danny growled, low in his throat. He schooched down and took Jordan in his mouth, sucking hard, making Jordan cry out his name. Coming hard, Jordan arched his back off the bed, never wanting it to end. He watched Danny swallow, a tiny trickle running down his chin when he broke into a huge shit-kickin' grin.

Instead of laying his exhausted head down on Jordan's chest, Danny sat up, snuggling a pillow in his lap. He stared at Jordan, his eyes full of questions and hope.

Jordan laughed. "You tryin' to tell me somethin', Daniel?"

Danny smiled his sweet innocent smile, "Fuck, yeah!"

Just as Jordan reached for Danny, a pounding on the door broke through their lust-filled haze and a shriek filled the air.


Jordan laughed as he kissed Danny lightly, "Honeymoon's over."

Danny frowned slightly, "Should I get dressed, Jordy?"

"No. You stay put. That's where you belong and JD will be fine with it."

Danny didn't look convinced and pulled the covers up around his chest.

Jordan threw on low slung sweats and walked over to the door, turning the lock and opening it so a red faced tornado could fly in. Running into the apartment, heading for the big bed ready to jump, JD screeched to a halt and stood, hands on hips, demanding, "The door was locked, Daddy!!" He looked past his daddy and saw Danny lying in the bed. Jordan swore he could hear the gears churning in his son's head.

From under lowered brows, JD said mutinously, pointing at Dan, "Daddy, Prince D be's in your bed." Danny looked at Jordan, waiting, not sure what to say.

Jordan grinned. Scooping JD up in his arms, he laughed. "Yes, he is. He's gonna live here now."

"Wif us?"



Danny waited to hear the answer.

"Because Daddy loves him so much and wants him to always."

"Oh," JD answered then asked shyly, "More than me?" he snugged his face into Jordan's neck, not looking at Danny.

Jordan sat on the edge of the bed and felt Danny's hand on his back. "Remember when Mommy married Griff?"

"Uh huh."

"And I told you that there's little people love and big people love and you have ALL of my little people love?"

"Uh huh." JD snuggled closer, peeping over his daddy's shoulder at Prince D.

"And I told you that my heart, your heart, Mommy's, Griff's Grandpa Nic's and now," he reached for Danny's hand so JD could see him hold it, "Now Dan's heart all have enough room for lots of love?"

"Uh huh." JD looked at his daddy's hand and Prince D's hand.

"I've loved our "Prince" here," he smiled and squeezed Dan's hand, "For a long time. He's finally come home to live with me."

JD's eyes unsquinched and the twinkle shone. "Like happily ever after?"


"You gunna marry Prince D like Mommy and Griff?"

Danny blushed and Jordan tripped on his words. "Uh........well,............."

With much authority, JD announced, "Mommy said that when bears sleep in the same bed, they get married, remember Daddy? Cause that bed was just right."

Danny choked, "What?"

Jordan laughed, "I'll explain that later."

JD had had enough of this conversation. "Daddy, get up. Swim." He turned his head shyly towards Danny. "Prince D?"

"Yes?" Danny smiled.

"Can you swim......with your hurt leg?"

"I can dog paddle like crazy."

JD bounced out of his daddy's arms and stood in the middle of the bed, sure of himself again.

"Me too. Daddy says I'm the goodest swimmer."

"Best," Jordan corrected.

JD gave him one of those 'Daddy's deaf' looks, "That's what I said, Daddy."

"Fiddleficks is so wet. Mommy had a BIGGGGGGG," he threw his arms out wide, "fit cause he shaked in the kitchen."

Bouncing now, he turned to Danny. "Wanna go swim?


JD waited. He gave Danny 'the look'. "C'mon."

"I can't get up yet," Danny blushed.

"Why not?" JD looked at him like he was glued to the bed.

"I can't um, put my pants on."

This totally confounded JD. He looked at his Daddy, then leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Daddy, I'm 5 and I can put my own pants on."

Jordan snorted with laughter. "C'mon, you little nut. Let's give Dan some breathing room. He's not used to you yet." He leaned over and gave Dan a sweet, long kiss, his eyes promising more and more of what they had been doing.

"Ewwwww, Daddy. Gross. Kissin'. Are you gunna kiss Prince D a lot?"

"Yep," Jordan sighed, "For the rest of his life," as he turned suddenly and blew a raspberry on JD's tummy.

Jordan rolled his eyes at all the teasing as he walked in the other door to find everyone lounging around the living room at 4:30 in the afternoon.

"Come up for air, did ya?" Griff laughed.

"God, all that noise; we thought sure one of you was dead," Easy joined in.

"Hush," Markie shushed them, "Big ears."

JD giggled, "That's me. Daddy kissed Prince D............real long, like this." He turned his face sideways and opened his mouth and wiggled his tongue in the air. After a moment of total silence, the room cracked up.

"JORDAN!!" Markie scolded.

"JD!" Jordan tried to look severe and only succeeded in choking on the laughter.

"Well, I'm never kissing anybody," JD announced. "No kissing for me, uh uh! Blarckkkkkk!!" He ran to the table and climbed back in his chair to finish his meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Jordan heard what would become the most familiar, loved sound in his world; the sound of Danny's uneven steps with the tap of the canes.

In years to come, if anyone had ever asked him his favorite sound, he would have answered, "Dan's footsteps." His favorite smell; Dan's body right before he came. His favorite color; the changing blue of Danny's eyes. His favorite taste, easy..........Danny.

"Hi," Danny said a little shyly, still a little unnerved by JD's invasion.

"Hungry?" Markie asked, jumping up to get him a plate of dinner.


"All that," Griff cut his eyes over to JD, "Um.......exercising worked up an appetite, huh?"

"Yeah," Danny laughed, "Exercising is exhausting."

"We do esercizin' at Kidcare," JD yipped. "We do these." He hopped down and did jumping jacks. "I can show you, Prince D."

Danny laughed. "Thank you, JD. I'd appreciate that."

Jordan leaned in, "We can try that tonight." Danny let out a bellow of laughter.

Easy's eyes caught Griff's and Markie's. Their boys were gonna be all right.

"We gotta talk about going back," Easy said carefully.

Jordan's head jerked toward Dan.

"Jordy, I have to go back, pack and close out everything. I guess we have to give notice too, huh Ez?"

"Yeah. I called the center today and told them that I was leaving. They asked if I could stay till they found a replacement. I told them I would. They gave me the names of people to contact here at the AIDS/STD Prevention center and said they'd give em a call for me."


"I called and I already got a job waitin' as soon as I get back," he said proudly. Everyone cheered at the great news.

"You know you can take over the apartment," Jordan told him.

"I'm countin' on it, Jord."

Nic spoke up for the first time. "You know I'd be happ................."

"Stop right there, my friend," Easy smiled, walking over to squat down by Nic's chair. "This is your home. I kinda want some time to myself after all these years of Lil Dude there in my face. He's a style cramper, if you know what I mean." He winked at Danny.

"You and your ladies," Dan groaned. "Maybe you'll find the southern ones more to your likin'."

"Daddy.......swim please." JD ran to his room and pulled on his baggies.


"Oh yeah. God, I've missed the warm Atlantic."

Danny insisted on walking to the end of the ramp and then Jordan picked him up and carried him to the surf. Standing quietly, they listened to the whush, whush of the tide, the call of the gulls and the soft intake of their own breath. "God, I've missed this," Danny sighed.

"JD, come hold Dan's hand while I get the boards."

Jordan walked out into the warm sunheated water, let Danny go and watched his face as he was buoyed by the thick salt water, knowing he would never fully understand how Danny felt but knowing that he would always be there to catch him before he fell.

JD whooped out into the water and then came to a quiet halt. "Here, Prince D. Hold onto me. I'm very strong."

"I can see that, JD."

Jordan left them bobbing in the water and headed for the racks to lift off the body boards. One for him, one for Dan and the little one for JD.

"Can you get on, Prince D?" JD asked, puzzled, as he climbed on his to float on his belly with his arms dangling over the sides.

"I'll help him today," Jordan smiled. He helped Dan submerge the board and then lay his chest along the wood. With his strong arms and shoulders, Dan would prolly outdo Jordan in speed on the boards.

"Let's paddle out and catch a wave," he laughed, the joy of the day almost too much.

Markie, Griff, Easy and Nic sat on the porch and watched the three surfers laughing as the waves flipped them over to climb back on again. JD caught a HUGE wave and he yelled his favorite "Cowabunga!!" as he rode the 'sunami' into shore.

Jordan let Dan "rescue" JD a few times, reaching in and pulling a spluttering boy from the water. He watched the trust build in his son's eyes.

"They're gonna be okay now, aren't they, Ez?"

"I think so, Markie. I truly think they can put the bad stuff behind them now and just live."

Griff chuckled, "Yeah, now all they've got to deal with is being gay. That should be a piece a cake after all the rest of crap they've had to endure."

"You know," Markie smiled, "I don't think they even think about that much anymore. They've loved each other for so long that, when the time comes, they'll deal."

"How about JD?"

"He'll deal too. He loves his daddy. If Danny makes his daddy happy; JD'll be happy."

"I wonder what JD will grow up to deal with?"

"Who knows? But I can almost guarantee you, he'll make the right choices."

Nic whispered. "Sam, we made the right choices too." He felt a soft hand on his cheek.

The fire felt good after the sun had set. Even in September, the wind off the Northern Atlantic was cold and brisk. Markie and Griff shared a lounger, Nic was cozy in his special cushioned beach chair, Easy sat in the sand, his back propped against the thinking log. Jordan sat in the wooden swing with Danny's head in his lap, Fiddlesticks curled underneath. The only change this time was JD.

He had moved over to where his daddy sat and edged down the swing to look at Danny, his eyes shiny with happy thoughts of the day. Danny looked back, reached down and lifted the 48 pounds of boy onto his chest. JD sighed and cuddled in. Jordan reached over and ruffled his hair. "Good day today, huh son?"

"Yes, Daddy. Was a gooooood day."

Markie sighed, hating to move but knowing they had one more day of work and 6:00 would come mighty fast. "JD. Bedtime."


"We've all got school tomorrow. Up you go."


Jordan grinned at Markie. "Uh uh. I'm not getting trouble with your Mom. Go on. There's always tomorrow."

JD crawled off the swing and yawned a jaw crackin' yawn. He looked around the circle, at all the faces of the grownups who loved him. That they loved him, he had no doubt. He walked over to Easy.

"Night, Easy," he said and pecked him on the cheek.

"Night, Grandpa Nic," he tiptoed over the armrest and smacked Nic with a big wet kiss.

"Night, Daddy. You stay here tonight, K? Mommy and Griff can tuck me." He hugged his daddy tight and kissed him loudly and then reached to put his daddy's hand on Danny's, smiling.

"Night, um.........," he mumbled.

Danny felt bad for the little guy. He was the stranger, after all. "It's okay, JD. Call me Dan."

"Nah, I been thinkin' and if you're gonna marry my daddy," he looked up when everyone inhaled sharply, "Well, he is," he answered their gentle laughter. "I was just thinkin' that well, maybe you can be like the bear in the story."

Jordan swallowed. What was gonna come out of his mouth?

"Okay, JD," Danny smiled. "Tell me then."

"I just thought I could um.....call you my papa."

Danny felt the tears burn his eyes. He felt Jordan squeeze his hand so tight it hurt.

"Oh, JD. I'd be proud if you called me Papa."

JD brightened. It was a good plan. He was a smart boy. "K. Night, Papa D." He leaned in and kissed Danny softly on the cheek.

"I can't wait til to tell Bethie and Kel and Tashika at Kidcare t'morroa."

"Tell them what?" Markie asked, her eyes wide, as Griff picked the sleepy boy up in his arms.

"I am the luckiest boy in the worrrllllllddddddd," JD laughed. "I have my mommy," he kissed Markie happily. "My Griff," he threw his arms round Griff's neck. "my Grandpa Nic, my new friend EZ, my Daddy and now I have my Papa D."

Jordan smiled as he watched Markie and Griff tickle at JD as they carried him off to bed.

Nic sighed, "That's some boy you have, Jordan."

"Yeah, I know."

"I hope life treats him well. He has love to back him up."

"He'll always have that," Jordan answered.

"Well, guys, I'm gonna pack it in," Easy groaned, brushing the sand off his jeans. "I'll see ya tomorrow. Dan, we need to talk about goin' back. The tickets are for Friday night."

"K, Ez. Night."

The fire crackled and the sound of the surf was like a drug. Danny was asleep in Jordan's arms. The flight, the stress, the sun today, the lost sleep last night, Jordan inhaled remembering what happened today. Danny was exhausted. "Dan," he whispered. "Put your arms around my neck."

Nic watched as Jordan eased up and shifted Danny's weight.

"Nic, will you stay a minute? I'd like to ask you something."

"I'll be right here." Jordan walked up the ramp and into their house. He helped Danny skin off his clothes and settled him in the warm bed. "Don't be gone long, Jordy."

"I won't, baby. I'll wake you up. There's no sleeping right next to you without loving you before I try to close my eyes." He sat for a minute until Danny's breathing evened out.

Jordan walked back outside and sat in the sand by Nic's chair, resting his head on the arm. "Nic, I need you to tell me how you and Sam worked it out."

"Worked out what?" He knew but asked the question anyway to give Jordan time to form his question.

"Can I be blunt?"

"Always, Jordan."

"The um.......the sex part. How did you manage?"

"Why are you asking?" Of course he knew why.

"Well, Dan did something today he's never done before."

"What was that?"

"He got mad at me for.....for um.....being in charge."


"But see, he can't do some things and I don't ever want him to feel bad about that. I don't care what we do as long as I can be with him."

"What do you think he can't do?"

Jordan stammered, "Um.......he wants to be the one who..........."

Nic smiled. "Jordan, Sam and I were together for 40 years. There's nothing you can say that we didn't do. Don't be embarrassed. I can help you."

"Well, Danny and I have only ever been with each other. We learned together. He has always felt less than an equal partner because he can't um.......fuck me like I can do him." Jordan sighed.

"But, he can. Maybe not as forcefully as you with all that strength in your legs but he can penetrate and he can show you who's boss when he feels like it."

Jordan rolled his eyes. "He did that this morning. Got mad at me and well,...................."


"It was unbelievable."

"Jordan, he knows you'll always have to help him. Isn't that what drove him away before?"

"That and my father," Jordan growled.

"You have to always think through his eyes. Would you want to be carried around like JD? In front of people?"

"No, but there are times that, to do what we want, I have to, like swimming today."

"And he knows that. But like tonight. If you hadn't been here, how would he have gotten to bed?"

"His braces."

"Try to remember that, Jordan. He needs to feel like a man, not a child. That's what bothers him. In lovemaking, he has to feel like an equal partner. Not always the one who will accept the love. I think that's what he's trying to say. It's important to him to offer you his body."

"Nic..........will I hurt him? I mean," Jordan blushed, "I'm always so careful. I hurt him once. He almost died because of me. I'll never hurt him again."

"Tell me."

"I was driving. I knew the roads were iced over. I knew he should put on his seatbelt. I usually made him but that night, it was so cold and his jacket was so big and I just didn't make him. I hit an ice patch and we rammed into the middle median. I was barely hurt but Danny almost died. It was my fault for not having his seatbelt on and for being out that night. I almost killed him."

Nic reached for Jordan's hair and ran his fingers gently through the long blond strands, stroking slowly. "Jordan, Danny is quite capable of putting on his seatbelt. That was his choice. Why were you out that night?"

"I was picking him up from class."

"Then, you needed to be there. Were you speeding? Drinking?"


"Jordan, fate just reaches out and flicks her finger and lives change. No one ever understands why. None of that was your fault. None of it was Dan's except the seatbelt and I bet he knows that. Have you ever talked to him about the wreck?"

"No," Jordan mumbled, "Only to say I was sorry."

"Does he know you walk around with this guilt?"


"Tell him. He is the only one who can make it go away."

"But see, if I ever hurt him, I couldn't look at myself."

"And you think you would hurt him during sex? How?"

"I don't know, just doing things too hard, too much, too....Oh, God, you know."

"Are we talking about making love to the man you adore and wanting to totally fuck his brains out?" Nic grinned.

"Nic!!" Jordan gulped; this coming from a man old enough to be his great grandfather.


"Yes," Jordan whispered, looking everywhere but at Nic.

"And you think his legs stop you?"

"I don't know."

"Jordan, do you and Dan discuss this at all?"

"No. he tried this morning but JD interrupted.""

"Was he trying to show you what he wanted?"

"Oh, yes."

"Were you happy?"

"God, yes."

"Do I have to keep talking?"

"No. I need to talk to Dan, right?"


"Did you and Sam ever have to have this talk?"

Nic laughed, "Sam would tell you how I threatened to leave him forever if he didn't stop treating me like crystal and just fuck me till my teeth rattled."

Jordan was dying but it was what he needed to hear.

"Jordan, bad luck put me, put Danny in these chairs. Lord knows, it wouldn't be our choice. But, I found Sam because of it and you found Danny. Don't let anything come between you because of a damn chair."

"How did you find Sam because of the chair?"

"Let's just say I ran over his foot and he threatened to sue me and I'd never seen a more beautiful man in my life."

Jordan stood up slowly, brushing the sand away. "Nic, I love you."

"I feel exactly the same, young Jordan. Now you go take care of that man of yours. I'll bet you even money he's awake and waiting for you."

Jordan grinned. "I'm not takin' that bet."

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