Elf-Boy and Friends

by George Gauthier

Chapter 9. On the River

It turned out that the cousins from the sawmill did fancy blonds, rather a lot in fact, as evidenced by the hickeys, love-bite marks, and bruises they left on the twins' hides. Come morning, these young worthies lost no time in recounting their exploits and comparing their "battle scars" with Dahl and Aodh.

The next day Balan flourished two knives with bent blades in his hands them held them out hilt first to the twins.

"Forget those skinning knives you have been carrying boys. You need a real blade for hand-to-hand fighting, and this is it. It is called a kukri."

"Well it is certainly big enough, Balan, it's as long as my forearm and hand put together, but why is the blade bent?."

Balan explained that, because the blade bent towards the opponent, the wielder did not need to angle his wrist to stab, which made for a weapon that delivered more power than a straight blade. The heavy blade razor sharp could inflict deep wounds cutting through muscle and bone. And it was long enough that it was practically a short sword.

It came with a wooden scabbard wrapped in leather and leather straps, so it could be worn at the hip, behind the back, or under the arm. The twins kept theirs strapped to their packs.

Around mid-morning the entire party boarded their riverboat. Balan had reserved two cabins and a stall for Merry with full board. For the time being they could all kick back, put their feet up, and relax. They would travel in style, effortlessly, and with no need for the rent boys to earn money on their backs.

"So why have the crew put up sails only at the front of this ship?" Karel asked Balan.

Actually this craft is more properly called a riverboat. Also, the front end is the bow and the back is called the stern, in directional terms forward and aft, respectively."

"I guess I have a lot to learn about boats, Balan. Now, I'm just guessing, but I'll bet it isn't left and right either."

"Correct. Port and starboard." he said pointing.

He then shifted into full professorial mode filling them in on what he thought they should know about their new environment.

"Boys, we are sailing on one of the greatest rivers on our planet, known simply as the Long River. It is the main artery of civilization in these parts, a watery highway for passengers, freight, information, and naval vessels and troop transports. The river keeps to a deep well-defined channel so the craft that sail her are round bottomed rather than the flat bottomed rafts you see on so many shallow rivers. Now the vessel we are sailing on, the good ship Isabel, draws about seven feet. She is one hundred paces long and her beam is nearly one sixth of that, dimensions typical for a merchant tub on the upper river."

Now the Long River flows generally south, which is where we need to go. Riverboats heading that way mostly float with the current. That provides locomotion, but you still have to steer her, which you do with the rudder. But for that, water must be moving past the rudder, which it wouldn't if the Isabel just floated along with the current like a log. Boats on rivers always need to move through the flowing water, even when moving downstream. So the crew puts up sail to propel the ship through the water just fast enough that she will answer her helm, when she is said to have steerage way."

"One more thing. This river makes it easy to navigate in both directions. You let the current take you south, downstream. To head north or upstream, you set full sail and let the prevailing winds from the southwest blow you back."

"Enough sailor lore for one day. Anyone know what they are serving for lunch?"

As they put the leagues behind them, the high escarpment bore away from the river to the southwest. The path of the river took it through a stretch of chalk and limestone downs with patches of forest in the hollows. By evening even the twinks could hardly stay awake. Their exertions with the sawmill boys had tuckered them out more than they realized. So time for bed. They adjourned to their staterooms on the upper deck.

Constructed almost entirely of bamboo, the cabins on the upper deck were little more than ventilated boxes with straw mats and futons for sleeping. One's belongings went into the single storage chest or were hung from pegs on the wall. An entire side of the cabin, the one facing the river plus the door and front window were louvered, which allowed cross ventilation that keep their accommodations pleasantly cool at night. The breeze never faltered thanks to the combination of a steady wind from the south and the forward momentum of their boat. The Isabel continued sailing all night, her way light by a gibbous moon. The larger of the planet's two satellites was above the horizon, its disk spanning over a degree of sky.

Just as well everyone fell asleep quickly that first night as the sounds of lovemaking would have carried right through the flimsy walls. Out of consideration for their fellow passengers, the boys decided to keep things cool for the rest of the voyage south. During the daylight hours, the twinks had little to occupy themselves except to keep up their training on weapons or listen to Balan's impromptu lectures on history, geography, and even natural philosophy -- what moderns call science. The ship did have a library of sorts, mostly trashy bodice rippers and the like plus a few tales of love between males, which inspired their jerk off sessions at night.

The group kept themselves to themselves even when blatantly cruised by both men and women. One woman in particular had set her cap for Karel. What Karel didn't know at the time was that the lady in question, a handsome woman in her late twenties, actually owned their ship, which she had named after herself.

A woman with healthy appetites, Lady Isabel could not help but notice all the stunning boy flesh running around her vessel stark naked, all of them in the bloom of youth. But which one to try for first? Not the elf-boy, incredibly cute though he was. His sexual orientation would be exclusively toward males. Nor the shaggy haired minstrel with the strange eyes who moved like a cat. All too obviously a wir. Much too dangerous. If he got her with child, she didn't want his whelp clawing its way out of her womb. It would have to be one of the blond twins. Yes, the one caught in his brother's shadow. Quite likely he had never been allowed to sample female companionship. Poor kid. It was up to her to remedy that situation. She owed it to womankind. This was one good looker who wasn't getting away.

She felt she was acting entirely within her rights. It was her ship, wasn't it? This boy Karel was a passenger, subject to the authority of her captain who worked for Isabel. Then there was the way the shameless boy paraded around in a state of nature -- a courtship display if she ever saw one. The local boys who served aboard the Isabel wore a modesty pouch at least while on duty.

As pretty as the boy was, he must know the effect he had on anyone who appreciated youthful male beauty. She would be doing him a favor, broadening his life experience, letting him see how the other half lived. Doubtless he would thank her for this. And she would thank herself too. It wasn't often that she got to take a youth's virginity.

Which is why, one fine morning she cornered Karel on the middle landing of the main stairs. Karel found himself being propositioned by this particularly persistent personage of the predatory female persuasion, one who would not take no for an answer. Now Karel expected to be casually groped now and again. This woman though was much more aggressive than the others, blocking his way, backing him into a corner, pressing her bosom to his chest and her lips to his, putting her hands to his ribs and bare flanks. He yelped when her fingers closed over his manly parts, and she insisted he follow her to her stateroom.

Karel reached down to free himself, but his captor merely clamped her hand down, cracking his nuts -- a warning not to try to break her hold on him. Poor Karel had little choice but to follow the tug on his gonads. Having mastered the cowed youth and not caring who might be watching, she dragged him toward the upper deck.

Nearly everyone around seemed to find Karel's plight hilarious. They laughed, joked, and taunted him, or made naughty suggestions about what his mistress should do with her captive stud. One passenger on the stairs gave Karel's rump a swat. A moment later someone else behind him gave his right buttock a pinch. Karel saw looks of satisfaction on some unfriendly faces, looks that as much as said that the little cock tease was finally getting his comeuppance. Even those whose faces showed sympathy smiled at the comically pained look on the face of the distraught youth.

At that moment, Balan came by. He grasped the delicate situation instantly. To save everyone face he spoke to Karel heartily as if oblivious to what was going on:

"Ah there you are my boy. I've been looking all over for you. Come along now. You don't want to be late!"

He then grabbed the blond twin by the upper arm and led him away.

"Thanks, Balan," the badly shaken youth stammered. "She had me in her clutches, literally. I thought she'd eat me alive!"

Later on, as he spoke with the others he allowed:

"I don't think I could ever do it with a woman". "Too yucky."

"Me neither." Dahl and Jemsen chimed in. "I like a hard body to go with a pretty face." Dahl added.

"What about you, Aodh."

"Well, don't hold this against me fellas, but just before I started out, I lay with three of our females and left them with child. By now I must be a father thrice over. Mind you, I had no choice. My people would not risk the loss of my bloodline without taking steps to see it continued."

"Gross! You didn't enjoy it, did you?" Karel asked, clearly apprehensive.

"No, not at all. I was simply doing my duty. Not to worry, Karel, we're solid. I was made for boys, and boys were made for me."

"Good answer!," Karel replied, visibly relieved.

Balan and Merry turned to each other with the same thought, which the unicorn got in fractionally sooner only because mind speech is faster than words:


Though physically limited to his stall at the very stern of the boat, Merry was not forgotten, chatting frequently with the others through mind speech. Dahl coupled with him every second or third night. Neither was worried about discovery, isolated as they were and surrounded by stalls holding horses, mules, and even a couple of camels. Still one of Dahl's discreet trysts led to serious confrontation the time he took a short cut from the stalls at the stern through the saloon on the main deck.

The saloon was crowded with men drinking and playing cards and betting on the outcome. Some of those sitting around the tables were professional gamblers, men who made their living by the turn of a card. One such, a big fellow six and a half feet tall named Gar Horgun, was studying his cards. Though a big winner earlier, his luck has turned, the pile of chips in front of him much reduced. As he studied his cards he noticed Dahl as the boy cut across the room toward the bow. Horgun grabbed his arm and pulled him to the table.

"Whoa, elf-boy. Stay for a bit and bring me luck. Barkeep, a double whiskey for the lad!"

"Thank you sir, but I don't have much of a head for the stuff. If you don't mind, I am for bed."

"Nothing doing. I need a change of luck, and who better to bring it to me than a magical elf-boy. Now here, little one, sit with me." he said, forcing the hapless lad onto his lap.

"I trust no one around the table objects. No way a naked boy could have a hole card up his sleeve, is there? Or even up his hole? Har!"

Unfortunately the elf-boy's much abused ass lips chose that particular moment to smack and sputter wetly, discharging much of the semen the unicorn had deposited earlier up his quim. Some ran down his leg. The rest soaked into the gambler's lap and trews. He stood up, shoving the boy off him roughly. Dahl crashed into the card table, scattering chips and cards everywhere.

"Eeeyew! That's cum leaking out your asshole. Gross. You've gone and ruined my trews. Just what have you been up to, elf-boy, with so much gism up your tail?"

"I don't see how that it is any business of yours, mister."

"The way you made a mess in my lap makes it my business, kid. Besides that, you forced a misdeal and ruined my luck, which was about to change for the better."

"Don't blame your bad luck on me. A loser like you makes his own bad luck. As for your trews. I'd have held it in long enough to get to the jakes, but no, you had to conscript me as your personal good luck charm. So that mess is your fault too.

"I'll not take such sass from the likes of you, bum boy! It's high time someone taught you manners."

So saying he grabbed Dahl's left arm and bent it painfully behind his back. Dahl's magically enhanced strength almost got him free but a sucker punch to the kidneys pretty much took the fight out of him. The fact is that the little elf-boy was no match for his powerfully built assailant who bent him face down onto the card table. Fingering his nether hole the gambler confirmed that it already well lubricated, not out of consideration for his victim but for himself.

The bouncer tried to pull him off the boy, but Hogun's elbow smash caught him right in the face and put him down for the count.

Positioning himself behind the elf-boy's rump, the big gambler smacked the buttocks several times till they were red or "properly warmed up" as he called it. Then Horgun bent at the knees to get his pelvis low enough to hit his target. With a mighty thrust of his hips he drove his cock all the way into the boy in a sudden total impalement. As Dahl let out a startled gasp, the big man laid his arm around the boy's chest and straightened up, lifting the boy right off his feet. Dahl's slender arms flailed ineffectually, unable to find purchase enough to lift himself off the invader. A sense of utter helplessness swept over the boy which only added to the emotional storm, a whirl of lust and pain and humiliation.

Horgun paraded his victim around, his entire weight supported by the cock up his bum. The movements made the cock piston in and out of the boy's ravaged hole. Dismayed and temporarily frozen into inaction by the sheer savagery of the scene being enacted right in front of them, the patrons in the saloon watched the boy writhing wordlessly, sobbing and wailing inarticulately all the while, his legs splayed out and kicking feebly at the air as he was paraded around, a pretty boy on a spit, the very image of a brutal sexual conquest.

Quite against his will Dahl's boy cock had stiffened filling out with blood, the head turning an angry purple, turned on as his body was by the anal stimulation and his public humiliation. Suddenly, without touching himself, Dahl started shooting his boy spunk high into the air and halfway across the room, to watch it to splatter wetly onto the floor. He burst into tears at the shame of it all.

With her bouncer out of the fight, Lady Isobel had sent for his friends who all came boiling into the saloon to rescue their young friend from his rapist. Balan wielded a cudgel while the twins had their kukris out, their wicked blades gleaming in the lamp light. It nearly broke their hearts to see Dahl's plight. How could anyone so mistreat the gentle elf-boy they all knew and loved?

The friends surged forward only to be brought up short as the gambler put the point of a fist knife to the elf-boy's throat.

"Back off. One step closer, and I cut his throat. I am acting within my rights. Anyone will tell you that I am the injured party here. I was only giving this miscreant the punishment he deserves."

"I'll decide who deserves punishment on the Isabel, Gar Horgun!" her owner declared. "And I do not tolerate rape aboard my vessel. Better release the boy or I'll signal the barman to put a crossbow bolt into your leg. Don't think to use the boy as a shield. No way a big strapping fella such as yourself can hide behind an itty-bitty kid like that."

"You're all ganging up on me. No fair."

"Fair?" Challenged Balan. "Is that what you call a fight between a man full-grown and a tiny elf-boy? Why not try someone more your own size."

"You're on," he said, discarding his knife and holding up his fists. "And don't think I'm scared of any so-called giant. I've faced half-breeds like you before and always come out on top. Guys like you are large, slow, and clumsy. As they say, the bigger they come, the harder they fall. Or, as I like to put it, it isn't the man in the fight, but the fight in the man."

"Any other famous last words before I break you in half?" Balan replied evenly.

"Yeah. Quality counts for more than quantity. Bring it on."

The fight didn't last long. Balan had trained and practiced against the tactics that smaller opponents used against larger ones. And though Balan was large, he was neither slow nor clumsy. He actually moved faster than anyone would credit and took his opponent by surprise. Balan soon had the gambler stretched out on the floor, bruised, bloody, moaning, and clutching a broken arm."

"And quantity has a quality all its own," the giant tossed back at his foe.

He looked back to find Lady Isabel tending Dahl's hurts, using towels and a cloth soaked in whiskey to cleanse his bum hole of blood and cum and shit. She reported:

"He's been well stretched in back but there's no fistula or lasting damage."

"I am a diplomate nurse", she added by way of explanation.

"Thank you, Lady Isabel, for tending Dahl and for sending for us." Karel said, speaking for all of them. She smiled:

"Your welcome, pretty one. Despite first impressions, I never meant you harm. The other day on the stairs, well I just got carried away. There you were so cute and sexy. Not to mention so close to hand and so very naked. Well, what is a girl to do but give in to temptation?"

As their journey down the river continued, the travelers became good platonic friends with Lady Isabel. A class act.

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