Elf-Boy and Friends

by George Gauthier

Chapter 8. Grayling

Once past the grasslands the travelers traversed a forested plateau then through a range of mountains that ended at a steep escarpment at the foot of which flowed a large river. Tributaries and dramatic waterfalls ran from the escarpment to augment its flow. A good sized town occupied the triangle of land where one of the small rivers joined the greater one. It was there in the town of Grayling, that the travelers would take passage on a riverboat heading south with the current. Until it cast off in a few days' time, they took rooms at an inn, rewarding themselves for their progress so far with several days of leisure. Balan sold their pony and got a good price for it.

Grayling was the first town on the river below a series of rapids and cataracts that marked the head of navigation. It was at once a river port, an industrial town, a district capital, and the provider of services to the rural area around it. Much of the town was given over to residential streets of sturdy stone-built town houses and brick tenements four stories high. Shade trees lined the streets, and flowers in window boxes and planters were ubiquitous.

Every so often the network of residential streets was interrupted by tracts set aside for amenities like parks, public gardens, schools, temples to the various pantheons, palestra, and athletic fields. Often situated nearby were the red brick dormitories called youth lodges where the town's youth dwelt.

Most of Grayling's inhabitants were humans with complexions ranging from peaches-and-cream to light olive. Besides the human majority, the town had populations of elves, dwarves, and even a few giants. The dwarves has their own district, with dwellings sized to match, but the other races lived intermingled. Trolls, orcs, and goblins were not welcome, to say the least. The nearby forests sheltered small colonies of sprites, and sylphs who shunned crowds.

It was the custom that, at puberty, boys exchanged the bosom of their families for communal life in youth lodges. There they lived, played, trained, and studied together until they came of an age to go courting or otherwise left the lodge, some to enlist in the professional military, others to sign onto a riverboat, or to join the city patrol or fire brigade, etc. Other boys apprenticed out to master tradesmen and craftsmen and went to live under their master's roof.

While they were at the lodges, the boys got a sound practical eduction. The course of instruction emphasized useful subjects: reading, writing, and figuring but the curriculum also surveyed history, geography, the basics of technology and natural philosophy. The boys also spent much time on athletics, the martial arts, and basic training with weapons. It was a bit like military school but without ranks, regimentation, or uniforms.

Especially without uniforms nor much other clothing for that matter. These people had no taboos against male nudity. Boys living at home and all the younger boys in the lodges usually ran around entirely naked. Those fifteen and older often wore a thong or a drawstring pouch cinched around the genitals. Made of silk and just capacious enough to contain their manly parts, the exiguous garments were more a sign that a youth had reached the age of consent than a gesture to modesty. Boys readily discarded thong or pouch during energetic games, athletic training, competition and swimming. A good many boys hardly ever bothered with either thong or pouch, and some never did.

Now given their physical and social segregation from females and close contact with perpetually nude young males, it was only to be expected that juveniles would turn to each other for sexual relief. Same sex relations were almost universal among them, a preference a good many of them carried over into later life. Older males -- including many married men -- would visit boys at brothels staffed by youths who had quit the lodges early to seek their fortune. Many a small business got started with seed capital saved during the owner's days as a rent boy. More than a few couples left the lodges to set up households together.

Adult males wore a variety of dress, progressing in coverage as they got older, from a modest loincloth to a linen kilt to sleeveless tunics or trews. All in all, their dress, or often lack thereof, was a reasonable adaptation to the tropical heat, the humidity, and perpetual perspiration. They were a handsome people, with robust physiques and smooth skins; their limbs had only the lightest of dustings of body hair. By custom most plucked or shaved the sparse tufts that grew in the usual three places or used depilatories compounded by elves.

Females wore loose skirts with hems just below the knee topped by short-sleeved blouses with an open neckline. Although most women were occupied with domestic duties, many found employment in shops, offices, food stalls, or as school teachers or in the healing arts. As citizens of the Commonwealth, they enjoyed virtually the same rights as their male counterparts. Some served as auxiliaries in the military working in administration and logistics.

Eating establishments were everywhere. Especially common were the take-out counters which were a necessity of town life since apartments usually had no kitchen nor any space open to the sky to set up solar stoves. Fire codes forbade open flames though some use of charcoal braziers was allowed outdoors in yards and gardens. In the town's entertainment districts were found music halls, theaters, gambling halls, tablecloth restaurants, and houses of pleasure with offerings for all genders and tastes. Behind the docks lay most of the city's workshops and factories. The more obnoxious and noisy industries like tanneries and foundries had to operate no closer than a half league away and sited downwind.

A system of aqueducts, cisterns, drinking fountains, horse troughs, and public latrines met the needs of the populace. Sanitation was ensured by separate drainage systems for storm runoff and sewerage. The overflow from horse troughs, fountains, and other clean sources went down the storm drains directly to the rivers.

Shallow alcoves on many corners held outdoor shower stalls. One yank on a chain would bring relief from the oppressive heat or remove dried sweat and encrusted salt off the skin. Patrons shuffled their feet on the roughened flooring to clean their feet.

"Now this is what I call civilization." Aodh remarked. "The folk of Grayling are literate and well mannered, hard working and healthy. The town itself is pleasant and prosperous, admirably sited, and all the streets are paved. Public baths, latrines, and sewers keep the town and its inhabitants clean, free from disease, and smelling nice. And if the heat gets to you, just step under one of those outdoor showers and yank a chain."

The travelers separated to explore the town, stopping for a snack now and again rather than a full meal as they walked the pleasant streets and took in the sights, such as they were in a provincial capital. The central square was really a hexagon with a formal park in the center and along the sides an imposing government hall, a columned courts building, and an arcaded market. Mansions lined the connecting streets.

Circulating through the town, their naked bodies totally on display, Dahl and Aodh fit right in among so many youthful males also going about their business in the nude or very near to it. True, the two of them still stood out for the physical beauty and exotic looks, but no one thought anything of their lack of clothing though many did study them attentively, clearly fancying a shag with either or both of them. In the press of the crowds, quite a few found some excuse to brush by and or touch or caress their sweet bodies. Nothing to take umbrage at. Supernally lovely boys who make of point of circulating naked in a crowded city can expect no less

The boys found themselves welcomed at outdoor cafes and beer gardens, their food and drink on the house. The proprietors were only too happy to use the sexy pair to draw custom from the many townsmen who wanted a chance to get close to these two exotic beauties and chat them up. Maybe even feel them up.

During their peregrinations, Aodh and Dahl heard townsfolk talk of a scenic lake outside the city. The lake was really a wide spot in the watercourse where it spread out before its final run to join the Long River. On certain nights including that very evening the full moon would rise above the escarpment, its light creating a shining path across Mirror Lake, bathing everything in a silvery effulgence. Well worth seeing the boys were told. And indeed it proved to be.

The lake was lovely, its placid waters practically a mirror in the still air. The boys couldn't resist the urge to slip in for a swim. After all, they were already naked. The boys savored the moment and swam quietly, floating on their backs, arms sculling lazily, enjoying not only the scene but their comradeship. How lucky they had been to meet and get to know each other, and not just physically. They shared a real friendship, despite the gulf between a vegetarian druid-to-be and a carnivorous predator.

Just at that contemplative moment, a group of nude teenagers showed up intent on a swim. For these boisterous boys the twilight hour was not quiet time but fun time after a hard day's work. Cousins all, they had just finished their shift at the sawmill their fathers and uncles owned downstream a short walk away. After a quick shower to wash the sawdust out of their hair and off their bare skin, they had headed up to the lake. The nine cousins were all strapping fellows, big boned and muscular, fine-looking red-heads with peaches and cream complexions lightly sprinkled with freckles and very little body hair, like most red-heads.

"Hey, what are you guys doing at our swimming spot?" One of the red-heads challenged belligerently.

"Hi, fellas, nice evening, isn't it?" Dahl said placatingly, seeing how the cousins were upset by their presence. "We were admiring the moonlight on the lake and could not resist the urge to slip into the water for a swim. Sorry we didn't know this was your spot. Here, we'll get out now. There, how's that?"

"Oh, so you think you can trespass and then just walk away without consequences?"

With stern faces, three cousins blocked the path of the twinks while the rest surrounded the youngsters. Aodh was worried. The cat in him saw this as testosterone driven territorial behavior. He was worried that the way things were going, the two of them might find themselves on the receiving end of a good thrashing.

Aodh was actually far off the mark. The leader of the cousins was mostly play acting, trying to intimidate them into accommodating their lusts. What the red-heads really wanted was to frolic with these sexy strangers. Sure the cousins had each other, but these two boys were a welcome change of pace. Both were really cute kids, one a pretty little elf-boy, the other an exotic pale skinned beauty from some far off land.

The red-heads buzzed around the diminutive physiques of the attractive strangers like bees around fragrant blossoms, enthralled by their preternatural physical beauty and lissom bodies. Their faces were impossibly pretty and so darn cute, not that the cousins were slouches in the looks department themselves. How convenient the boys had just emerged from a swim in the lake, their delectable bodies totally on display.

"Once we find their clothes we'll hold them for ransom, make them do as we say." the leader of the cousins jeered. "Outlanders get so uptight about public nudity, as if there were something wrong with the human body."

"Don't bother looking." Dahl told them. "Elf-boys like me never wear clothes. My friend neither."

"So you are an elf-boy, eh? Everyone knows how they are always ready for a tumble. What about your cutesy friend there. Ha, dripping wet like that, he looks like a drowned kitty cat!"

"That is too close to the mark for safety." Dahl warned cryptically.

"Whadd'ya mean?"

"You better hope that you never find out." Dahl answered flatly.

"Man, I can't tell which one is cuter. They are both so very sexy, but I am calling first dibs on this sassy squirt."

"Fine, I've had my eye on the bedraggled kitten, anyway. Here, Kitty, Kitty," he laughed, holding his fingers out to Aodh.

Well that made things clear enough. These boys weren't really hostile, just horny. And Aodh admitted why shouldn't they be? False modesty aside, wasn't their collective gaze trained on two of the most comely youths they had likely ever laid eyes on. For his part, Aodh responded strongly to the burgeoning masculinity of these hunky youths, as evidenced by a sudden erection.

Shrugging his shoulders Aodh remarked to no one in particular.

"When rape is inevitable, you might as well relax and enjoy it."

Each of the twinks found himself the center of a cluster of a four or five strapping youths, all of them handsome and virile, sporting manhoods of prodigious length, sizable enough to make the twinks feel inadequate. They consoled themselves with the thought that maybe their cocks did not hang halfway to their knees but that was just fine when you jogged cross country as they so often did with their dangly bits bouncing around.

The red-heads pressed against Dahl and Aodh, making the twinks lick their chests and nipples. With a good grip on Dahl's mane and Aodh's shaggy cut, the red-heads forced the the pretty faces of the strangers into their armpits. Their masculine scent was intoxicating, a heady mixture of sweat, salt, sawdust, and male musk. The twinks felt hands on them everywhere, exploring, caressing, squeezing, weighing, probing orifices. Bold fingers tweaked their nipples or squeezed, kneaded, and pinched their bottoms. Fingers probed their anal whorls. With all the touching and the skin-to-skin contact and the pheromones, in no time their own cocks were throbbing and oozing pre-cum.

The cousins took that for informed consent, not that it was really needed The small stature and smooth hairless bodies of the visitors put them in the category of younger subservient males who were expected to submit to the bigger boys and provide them with sexual release. Surely these two youths weren't here by accident. Outsiders though they were, they likely had heard in town about the comeliness and sexual prowess of the pack of cousins at the sawmill and had deliberately delivered themselves up here, surrendering their sweet bodies to whatever use their betters might make of them. After all, hadn't they arrived without a stitch on them?

"What have you got us into this time, Dahl?", the minstrel asked his young cohort.

"Hey, it's not my fault, Aodh. Look, I know it was my idea to visit the lake and take a swim, but I had no idea this would happen."

"Maybe not, but I remember your asking in town about all this naked or near naked boy flesh. They couldn't all be elf-friends. The townsfolk told us about their lodges for young males. Didn't you suspect that we might encounter a group of sexually frustrated youth who would pluck us like ripe fruit?"

"No, Aodh, no. I mean ... well ... perhaps I sort of fantasized or even hoped ... Oh, what can I say. I am an elf-boy."

"Uh, huh. Well then, get ready to shed your virgin's blood, elf-boy. Those cocks of theirs are like spears. I can just see myself, impaled at both ends at once, a giant cock in my mouth and another up my ass, their tips practically meeting in my middle. Oh my poor little butt. And it is such a nice butt too. Everyone says so."

Further conversation was cut off as the tide of naked youth carried the hapless lads to separate spots for a sex orgy, or really two at once. After a very long while, the boys were exchanged with the other group so that all would have the chance to play with both of them. The cousins were delighted with their conquests. Both were utterly scrumptious. They were slender yet hard bodied though in different ways. The boy with the mane had a wiry build and a surprising muscular upper storey, a deep chest over narrow hips. The one with the shaggy cut hair was sleek and lissom and moved like a cat.

The red-heads found it intensely exciting to grapple the hard bodies of the twinks. They turned and tugged and twisted the two kids into naughty positions to provide access to their orifices. The red-heads turned the twinks onto their backs and played with their erections, bending them down a ways and letting them slap back against their bellies. All the while they laughed and pointed, amused at how puny these little fellas were in that department.

Indeed the young cousins jostled and pushed in their eagerness to embrace the twinks. It was so exciting to grapple their sexy bodies tugging, pulling, twisting, their small bodies squirming and straining their skin all slick with sweat. What a marvelous contrast between their own strapping physiques and the compact bodies of these super cute kids. Neither was a virgin or shy. Their knew what they were doing all right clamping their pouty lips around thick cousin cock, tongues twirling, laving, lapping at the shafts inserted into their mouths and thrust down their throats.

And their asses just begged to be fondled and squeezed or spanked and fucked. Their cheeks were so firm and shapely, muscular globes separated by a deep crevasse with a tiny whorl that gave access to their innermost depths. The cousins had never had encountered boys so talented in anal sex, with well-trained asses that knew how to squeeze, massage, and milk cock.

The twinks might not have come looking for perverse sexual adventure, but they surely had found it. Come morning they reported their erotic experiences in much the same terms to their companions. Dahl's confession went like this:

"Well there I was in their midst, entirely naked, as all the young men were too, pressing against me. Their hands were roaming all over me, touching and petting and stroking my body. I was embraced and kissed. There were boys licking the salt and sweat off my skin. With all that stimulation, I sprang wood, which they took as consent for what they wanted to do with me. They carried me to a bed of grass and held me waist high, my arms and legs splayed and held tight. One boy stood at my ass and thrust inside while another clubbed my face with his heavy rod before putting it to my lips to suck. So I did. What other choice did I have?"

"It's not my fault that my body responded, nor any of my doing that I got aroused. Blame hormones or Mother Nature. Yes I was soon bucking and humping my ass at one end, sucking and slurping at the other, just doing what comes instinctually to any same gendered boy who finds himself in a gang bang. My involuntary reactions set off a frenzy among those sexually aroused guys. I found myself being passed from cock to cock to cock, my body lifted and turned and twisted into every imaginable position to give them access to my orifices. It all happened in a blur in an atmosphere supercharged with sex. I cannot recall particulars after that."

Aodh's tale was much the same, though he did add:

"Before they took me aside, one of them led me around by my stiff prick, letting everyone get a good look at me, giving them a chance to run their hands over me and into my cleavage before bending me over a fallen log to be fucked at both ends at the same time. I lost count of how many times the boys took their pleasure of me. It must have been dozens, as many came back for seconds or even thirds. And I have the finger marks on my ass to prove it."

<What of your skills in unarmed combat or your claws for that matter. Surely you could have fought your way into the clear.>

"What! Maim or maybe kill decent hard working kids who meant us no real harm?. I don't think so! All they really wanted was to get it on with us. And they were pretty good at it too. That is why I kept my claws sheathed."

Merry sighed. He was damn sure his young allies had not put up much resistance, not those two. Sexually submissive as they were, the scene they had just gone through must have turned them on unbearably.

Merry shook his head much to the amusement of his old friend the giant. Meanwhile it was the turn of the twins to question Dahl and Aodh. Jemsen asked:

"So where exactly is this sawmill of theirs? And when do those guys knock off work?"

To which Karel added eagerly:

"And do you think they'd like a pair of blonds?"

That left the two grownups stunned. The twins saw the look on their faces.

"What? We are of age. Dahl and Aodh had their fun with these guys last night. Why shouldn't we do the same tonight?" Karel asserted airily. "Look for us to be back before the cock crows."

Merry rolled his eyes heavenward in a fruitless appeal to the gods for strength. Balan gave him a sympathetic look, shrugged, then broke them both up with a single word:


They both lost it then, laughing till their sides hurt.

Now it was the turn of the youngsters to shake their heads, mystified at the antics of their elders.

One day the twins would realize how hard it was for teens to control their impulses, how prone they were to recklessness. Not a moral failing; they were still growing up. It wasn't just their bodies but also their brains that were not yet fully formed. Which was why common sense was not particularly common among teenagers.

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