Knots, Book 3

by Elias Scott

Chapter 5

Love Let Me Not Hunger


Maybe it was just me, but the news, while objective, made it look like Andy liked having sex with Dillon. Which of course he did. The defense kept pointing out that Andy never objected to having sex with Dillon. He finally had to admit it was consensual.

My parents and I discussed it after the news. I expressed my concerns, but my dad, ever the optimist, said, "Dillon still had sex with minors. That's the case. He raped you. That's the case."

"Maybe so, but the defense is going to make it look like all of us wanted it."

My mom, in her usual calm manner asked, "Did you want to be raped?"


"Enough said," she countered.

I wanted to tell them about Andy and me and our foursome. I loved them and didn't want them to be blindsided. But fear overcame love and paralyzed my tongue. My best hope was that none of what we did would be admissible. If that hope wasn't there, I might have said something. I wasn't a lawyer, but knew the next day would probably be the day they put the screws to Andy to see if he had sex with other guys. I kept hoping he wouldn't have to use names, as if that would make any difference. Fear causes logic to fly out the window.

Thomas called around seven-thirty. "Hey, you want to go out for a run?"

"Yeah, where to?"

"You know."

"I should call Andy and see if he wants to join us."

Thomas was silent for a couple seconds. "I know Andy is your best friend and all, but I thought maybe it could just be the two of us and we could start where we left off the other night."

"You mean you don't want Andy to join us?"

"Right. I like you and want to be with you. Is that so bad?"

Hell, I wanted that beautiful chest wrapped in my arms and my hard cock rubbing against his. Yeah, and his cock in my mouth and mine in his. My indecision surprised me. "That's a great idea. Stress and adrenaline are running through me."

"Me too. That's why I thought a run would be good."

There wasn't any doubt in my mind that a run was a euphemism for sex. Andy didn't need to know. Besides, I was afraid it might screw up his day in court the next day. That was as good a rationalization as I could think of at the time.

A smile crossed my face as I thought of Thomas at practice that day with his shirt off showing his perfectly symmetrical body. "Let me ask my parents…Mom, Dad, Thomas wants to go out for a run. Would that be okay?"

"It's getting a little late and aren't you guys tired from basketball?" my dad asked.

"Not tired enough. We have all this pent-up anxiety. We need to do something."

"Is he coming here?" my mom asked.

I put the phone to my ear. "Thomas, are you riding your bike over?"

"Yeah. It's only a mile. Be there in ten."

"Okay. See you then. I'll be dressed and ready to go."

I could hear excitement in his voice. "I can't wait."

I wanted to say neither can I, but I said, "See you when you get here."

My mom had a big smile on her face. "I love that boy. He reminds me of you."

"Mom, I'm sure he'd loved to hear that, but please don't tell him."

"I won't."


"I promise."

My cock was getting hard thinking about the vacant house and Thomas and me being alone for the first time. There was some guilt over not telling Andy, but he wasn't my confessor and he really didn't need to know. He didn't much care what I thought when he had sex with other guys.

Thomas knew the ritual. He came into the house, walked into the front room, made small talk with my parents, and gave them a smile that would melt any parent, especially my mom.

We did actually run. We ran down to the vacant house, through the gate, and into the empty house. I longed for that blanket Andy and I had, but figured we manage somehow. The living room had a throw rug, but we had no idea how old or dirty it was, but when you're two horny teenagers, who gives a damn.

Thomas surprised me with his aggressiveness. He grabbed me as soon as we got into the house, planted a big kiss on my lips while letting his tongue slither in like a snake. To be honest, I don't ever remember feeling this hot for someone or as ready to have sex. I pulled him in tight to kiss him deeper and harder, but he was already pulling off my sweatshirt and t-shirt, breaking the kiss just long enough to get them over my head. He had his fingers wrapped around the elastic of my running shorts as he kissed me on the lips and on the eyes. He moved to my ears and ran his tongue in my ears and then blew in them. The evaporating wetness, made my cock rock hard.

He gave a swift tug on my shorts and boxer briefs so they fell to the floor around my ankles. I stepped out of them as he sucked my cock like he hadn't eaten in weeks. His passion had me speechless and motionless. His mouth felt so good on my cock, that I just stood there and let him have his way with me. The light from the street made everything in the room black and white. I could see the reflection off the top of his head as he bobbed up and down on my cock.

"I want to see you naked," I said. "Take your clothes off."

He didn't move from my cock.

"Thomas, I was looking at you at basketball practice today and I wanted you then." He ignored me and kept sucking. I got stern. "Listen freshman, I told you to take off your clothes. Now strip."

Thomas gave one more suck on my cock, pulled gently on my balls, and stepped back so the light from the outside spread over him. "So you want to see me naked, Matt? You wanted this all along? So why didn't you call me?" he asked as he slowly slid his running shorts down just below his navel.

"Don't know."

He pulled his sweatshirt slowly up to expose his stomach and then let it drop. He spun around so his back was facing me and wiggled his ass. "You like?"

"I like."

He paused for a second. "Did you hear something?"

"No. Maybe it was a cat or a huge rat."

He shrugged his shoulders. "OOOOOH, scary," Thomas said as he grabbed his sweatpants and slid them down slowly, letting them drop so I could see his beautifully formed legs. His calves were beautiful to look at. I grabbed my cock and started to give it a good massage.

He turned back around and smiled in the dim light. "Keep your hands off. That's mine." His hands moved to his sweatshirt again. He pulled it up slowly over his head and just as I hoped to see his beautifully formed chest, I saw he had a tank top underneath. The light reflected off his beautifully formed arms. Like I said, this boy was perfect. I ran my hands up and down his upper arms over his shoulders and back down. He was so hot I could eat him.

"Keep your hands to yourself," he pouted.

I pulled back as he grabbed the bottom of his tank top and slowly lifted it to just below his pecs. He paused and smiled. "Do you want to see the rest?"

Shit, it was taking everything in my power to keep my hands off him. I wanted to ravage him, and he knew it.

"Fuck yeah. I want to see it all. I want it all."

He grinned as he pulled his tank top off and exposed his tight chest and the beautiful V that formed from the waist up. Thomas must have done stuff like this with Dillon. None of this seemed like him. But I didn't give a shit, it was hot. He turned so his back was facing me and I could see his muscles rippling in the shadows created by the dim light. His thumbs slid down his hips, hooked the elastic of his running shorts and boxer briefs, and pulled them down so I could see his beautifully formed ass. I gawked at him from head to toe. His head was the right size for his shoulders. The arms were perfect and again the V of his back to his hips was enough to make you want to eat him.

I moved my eyes to his waist and then again down along his beautiful ass to his legs, the part I loved the best. "God you're beautiful."

Thomas turned back to me. "There you go praying again."

I laughed and then threw my arms around him from behind and hugged him as my cock pressed against his ass. "Feel that. You're going to get some of that. You want it?"

"Fuck yeah, I want it."

It was then I let my own pent-up passion go. I spun him around and kissed him deep as I grabbed our cocks and massaged them. I licked down his chest to his cock, slipped it in my mouth and sucked on it while I ran my hands all over his beautiful chest and stomach. My tongue ran circles around his cock as I bobbed up and down. He moaned and put his hands on my back before bending over and planting gentle kisses on it.

Then suddenly he acted like he wanted to dominate me. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to the ground so I that I was on my back. He got in a 69 position and put his cock just above my mouth. "Suck that thing," he commanded as he began to lick and suck my balls before going down on me.

I held his cock and pulled it out of my mouth. "Who are you? You can't be the Thomas I know. He's quiet and shy."

He let out an evil laugh. "Whoever knows what lurks in the hearts of men?"

I put my arms over his ass, and pulled it down so I could kiss that sweet pucker.

"Damn that's hot, Matt. Lick it. Get it ready to fuck. I want your dick in my ass."

He licked my balls, took them in his mouth, spit them out, and then blew on them. That cold air on my wet balls felt awesome. "Where'd you learn that? No one has ever done that to me before."

"Where do you think?"

I grumbled in a low voice. "Where else but that asshole Dillon."


I surprised him when I jumped up, grabbed him by the hand, pulled him up, and pushed him against the wall. "You're going to get your wish. You're going to get your ass fucked good and hard. Did you bring lube?"

"Yep. It's in my shorts. I also brought a condom."

I pulled him away from the wall and pushed him towards his shorts. "Get them, freshman."

"Yes, sir."

He rushed to his shorts, pulled the items out, and handed them to me as he bowed. "Here they are, sir."

I pushed him so he was facing the wall. "Stand there and wait. Your ass is mine."

"Yes, sir. I always wanted you to have my ass. It's been waiting for a long time. Well, at least since our foursome."

We both laughed. I put on the condom, lubed my cock and his ass, and slowly entered that nice warm hole as I put my hands on his back. "Thomas, I've wanted to do this for a long time, just you and me."

"Me too."

Thomas moaned as I slid slowly in and out of his ass. "I want this to last."

"Me too."

I put my right hand on his chest and my left on his cock as I slowly moved in and out of him while jacking his cock at the same time.

"Damn you're good, Matt. Where'd you learn to be so good?"

"Where do you think?"

"Sure as hell not from Dillon. Has to be from Andy."


"He taught you well."

Then I yelled at him. "Are you ready freshman to get your ass reamed?" "Yes, sir."

My hips moved faster as I rammed my cock into his ass. I leaned over him and kissed his neck and back. I wanted to touch every part of his body so I rubbed my hands over his back, his chest, and over his face. He took my index finger into his mouth and sucked on it.

I stopped. "Get on your back, freshman. I want to kiss you all over." He laid on the throw rug. "I want to kiss your mouth, your chest, and the most beautiful legs I've ever seen."

He grinned. "What a pervert. You want to kiss my legs?"

"Yes. I love your legs."

I put my cock back into him and rammed him hard. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Matt."

"Not before I kiss you all over." I moved slowly into him as I kissed him on the lips. I slipped my tongue in his mouth at the same time I moved my cock forward into his ass.

A whimper came first and then the words, "That's awesome."

I pulled my tongue from deep in his mouth as I pulled my dick back from deep in his ass. It was like fucking his mouth with my tongue while I fucked his ass with my dick. "There are other parts of you I need to kiss."

Thomas sighed. "Don't stop. This feels so good and so right."

"If you're lucky, we'll come back to it."

My lips kissed and sucked his nipples as I moved my dick around in his ass rather than in and out.

"Damn, Matt. This is hot."

Looking back on it now, the sex with Thomas was more loving than the sex I had with Andy. Thomas was easy to love with my body.

I stopped for a second. "I think I heard something. Did you hear it?"

"Hell no. I was too busy yelling."

"Keep quiet for a second." We both quit moving while my cock laid quietly in his ass. "I guess it was my imagination."

I pulled out of him, took his cock in my mouth for a few quick sucks, and then began kissing the inside of his thighs as I held onto his cock. "I love your legs," I said as I began to lick. His cock twitched in my hand. My tongue moved up his left leg to his beautifully formed calf. I kissed and licked it before removing my hand from his cock so I could fondle his beautiful smooth hairless calves with my hands. I sucked on his toes as I massaged his calf. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this." I reached down with my left hand and grabbed his cock. It was hard as a rock.

Thomas let out a sigh. "No one has ever done this to me before. I think I love you, Matt."

He caught me by surprise. I didn't want to hear those words. All it could mean was hurt. "You only think you do because we're having great sex."

"But it's different, Matt. Something's different, and I can't explain it."

"Yeah, no one ever kissed and worshipped your legs before."

"True, but you seem to love me too."

There wasn't any way I could deal with this in the middle of everything, so I grabbed his calves, lifted his legs over my shoulders, and rammed my cock into his ass as hard as I could. I thrust into him and fucked him as I'd never fucked anyone before. Thomas was moaning and yelling, "Yes, Matt. Just like that. I love it. I love you. Oh fuck."

Thomas had gotten so into our fucking he hadn't looked into my face. He looked up at me in the middle my wild pounding of his ass, and a scared expression crossed his face. "What's the matter, Matt?"


I pounded him until we both came and then laid on the floor next to him. A chill came over me. I jumped up, grabbed my clothes, and started putting them on. "What are you doing?"

"It's cold. I gotta get home."

He jumped up and I couldn't keep myself from glancing at his beautiful body cast in shadows. He hung his head and looked sad as he dressed. My heart hurt for him, but I didn't know what else to do as I watched him slip his shirt over his head and cover the same body I'd just covered from head to toe with my hands. I put my arm over his shoulder once he was dressed. "I'm sorry, Thomas."

He smiled at me. "I understand. Tonight was all worth it no matter what happened. See you at practice tomorrow. "

I should have said more to him, but the idea of love scared me. Andy said he loved Dillon. Dillon said he loved Andy. Andy said he loved me. Thomas said he loved me. And it all made me feel cold inside. Love, at the time seemed like something to be feared because, except for my parents, love never seemed like love. Love only seemed to hurt people and I didn't want to be hurt. Sometimes I thought Gina loved me and Emily loved Andy, and yet, we'd never had sex. The trial would test all our feelings for each other and maybe then we'd know if love was real or if the knots we tied in our lives had choked the love out of us.


I called Matt around eight. His mom said he went out for a run with Thomas. I was surprised he hadn't called me so I figured I'd run out and see if I could find them. And find them I did. They were in the vacant house fucking. I think they heard me because they stopped a couple times and an eerie silence fell over the place.

The whole thing was strange because I was turned on and pissed at the same time. I glanced in the window and could see them in the shadows. Thomas was begging to be fucked and Matt was obliging. My first temptation was to bust in on them and say, "What's the idea of fucking without me?" But something held me back. Thinking on it now, maybe it was just respect for the two of them. They deserved that moment together. Later I realized that what I did that night was a form of love.

I thought I heard Thomas tell Matt he loved him. Hell, I told Matt I loved him. Did I really? I loved the sex. I loved Matt like a brother. Spending my life with him might be possible, but wasn't something I wanted to think about then. Hell, we were only fifteen. How could we really know what love is? A lot of fifteen-year-olds think they do and of course they think they do because they're only fifteen. But now that I'm in my twenties, I realize I was only a child playing adult games and now I found myself on the witness stand because of these games.

Court – Day 3


There I was back on the stand. The judge went through some preliminary business and then it was time for Banta to come after me.

"Yesterday, you said that at no time did the defendant force himself on you. Is that correct?"


Banta glanced at his notes. "The defendant told you your relationship was going to have to end. Did it?"

"No." I glanced down and whispered, "He said he loved me."

"Didn't you find it odd that a seventeen, soon to be eighteen-year-old boy would love a fifteen-year-old?"


I said that. But while I'm sitting there waiting for the next questions, all I could hear was Matt's voice warning me about Dillon. Of course I ignored him and told Matt that Dillon loved me.

Then you know what, out of the clear blue, Banta asks, "Have you had sex with any other boys?"

Wheeler stood. "Objection! We're here to determine if the defendant is guilty of statutory rape. Whether the witness had sex with other boys is not material to this case."

The judge rubbed his chin. "Sorry, Mr. Wheeler, but I think it is relevant. Your objection is overruled. The witness may answer the question."

I sat there thinking of Matt and me fucking the night I found out about Dillon, of Matt and Thomas, fucking the night before, of our foursome, and answered. "Yes."

"So you have had sex with other boys?"


I saw a smile cross Banta's face. "Beside the defendant, how many boys have you had sex with?"

"Do I have to answer that, Your Honor?"

Judge Fienberg gave me a sympathetic look. "I'm afraid so."

I mumbled "Four. But this was after…"

Banta held his hand up. "Only answer the question. Please repeat that number. The jury might not have been able to hear."

I looked down at my hands, then looked up at Matt, Thomas, and Randy's parents before looking at my parents to see their expressions of concern before putting my head down and saying a little louder, "Four."

"So you had sex with four other boys besides Dillon. Do you expect us to believe that you can blame Dillon Burke for this? Ignore that. Is the defendant responsible for you having sex with other boys?"

"Uh. Uh. No. Not exactly."

"Please tell us the names of the boys you've had sex with."

"Objection!" Wheeler yelled. "It would be better if the names were not mentioned, Your Honor. The fact that we know this witness had sex with four other boys besides the defendant is all we need to know."

"I agree with you, Mr. Wheeler. Your objection is sustained."

Banta sat down, and I thought he was done. But Keith Leonard stood with his yellow legal pad. "We've talked to a number of witnesses and the fact is you have had sex with four boys besides the defendant. Did you ever have sex with more than one boy at a time?"

Oh shit. I thought. This is it.


"How many?"

"Three others."

"Three others. How old are they?"

Damn, we're screwed.

"One is fifteen and two are fourteen."

"Are these the same boys the defendant is accused of having physically raped, seduced, and statutorily raped?

I didn't answer.

"Do you want me to repeat the question?

I shook my head.

Then please answer.

I looked at our parents and then looked down and said, "Yes."

"So you want us to believe that the defendant should be punished for statutory rape while the very boys he was having sex with are having orgies?"

Saliva caught in my throat and I started to cough while sneaking a glance at our parents, who all looked like they wanted to cry. Matt's parents looked the most shocked.

"Objection. These are teenage boys who were influenced by the defendant, who allegedly is responsible for seducing each of the boys. I object to the use of the word orgy."


Of course the truth was out and it really didn't make any difference if the objection was sustained or not.

"Let me rephrase that. Did you have simultaneous sex with these three other boys?"

I choked out a "Yes."

It's strange how life is sometimes. We were all worried that it was going to be Randy that screwed us. But it was me because I had no choice. That's exactly what Randy told us.

"Was this sex consensual?"


Asshole Keith Leonard looked smug. "No further questions."

Wheeler stood. "Redirect, Your Honor?"

Judge Feinberg nodded.

Wheeler smiled at me. Surprisingly, that helped because I felt like a traitor and a sex maniac and God knows what else. "When did you have your first sex with a boy other than the defendant?"

"The night I found out about Dillon having sex with other boys. I thought he loved me, but I was wrong."

"Did you initiate this sex?"


"Who did?"

"My best friend."

"Is this the same boy that has accused the defendant of raping him?"


"Had he ever had consensual sex with another boy before that?"


"Why did he, on that particular night, initiate sex with you?"

"He was afraid I was going to kill myself."

"Were you?"

"I was thinking about it. If it wasn't for Matt, I'm not sure what I would have done."

Wheeler paused for about ten seconds. "So you didn't have sex with another boy until the night you found out that the defendant had betrayed you and was having sex with two thirteen-year- old boys. Is that right?"


I liked that he threw in the thirteen-year-old boys. Really made Dillon sound like a pervert.

"Did you indicate in any way to your best friend that you wanted to have sex?"


I glanced at the jury. Their blank stares changed to sad frowns.

"I want to make sure the jury and court understand this. How did you know that Matt was having sex with you to keep you from committing suicide?"

"He told me."

"That night?"

"No, later. He stayed with me for a week and we talked."

"Did you have sex during that week?"


"Have you and your best friend had sex after that?"


"Is your best friend gay?"

"I don't know. He doesn't know. He only had sex with me to keep me from killing myself. And like I said before, once you've had sex, you're hooked."

"Do you think you are alive today because of your best friend?"

"I can't say for sure. But after being betrayed by Dillon, who told me over and over again that he loved me, what Matt did showed me what real love is. Matt didn't have sex with me that night because he wanted something from me. He gave me his virginity because he cares for me. He made me feel loved, really loved, and I think that saved me."

"Thank you. No further questions."

Chapter Quotes

Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love. - Leo Buscaglia

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. - Helen Keller

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. - Mark Twain

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