Knots, Book 2

by Elias Scott

Chapter 19

Round 4


All four of us were sitting next to each other on the sofa, but we didn't really get into the video games because Andy kept grabbing our dicks. He was soon on his knees giving them each a quick suck until we were all hard again. Andy came off my cock and looked up at all of us. "Let's chain fuck. Get up so I can throw the sheet on the floor."

We all rose with our cocks looking for some fine ass to enter. Andy grabbed the lube and condoms and passed them around.

"Are we standing or laying down," Randy asked.

"Let's stand. Matt will fuck me, I'll fuck Thomas, and Thomas will fuck you."

I noticed he kept me away from Thomas, unlike the first time when we were sucking each other off in a chain suck.

Everyone got in place, grabbed their cocks, lubed them, slipped a rubber on, and slid in. I love putting my cock in Andy's ass, but right then I wanted Thomas'. But Andy wasn't a dummy. He set it up so even when we switched I wouldn't get my cock into Thomas. Soon we were fucking away. "Way to go team," Andy grunted. "Stay in rhythm."

The team began to grunt and moan and yell expletives, and of course, pray to God. Only problem was I was the only guy not getting fucked. "When do we get to switch?" I managed as I'm pumping Andy's fine ass. "I want a cock in my ass."

Andy pushed back into me. "Be patient. We just started."

"Fuck you Andy, who made you the boss?"

Randy jumped in. "It's lonely at the front of the line. My cock needs an ass to fuck."

"Quit whining you two. You'll get all your needs met. Patience is a virtue, and don't forget I'm the Andy Gibson Fuck Team quarterback, so hold your horses and enjoy."

I did as I was told until finally Andy prepared us to switch. "I don't know if you've ever watched the soccer players get in shape, but they run the track and after they run a bit, the last guy moves to the front. That's what we're going to do." Andy gave a hard push into Thomas. Matt, now's your chance to get a cock in your ass. Are you ready?"

"Fuck yeah."


I popped by dick out of Andy's ass and moved to the front. Randy gave me a big smile when I stood in front of him. "My cock needs some more lube," he said. "It's gone unused far too long." He lubed himself and rubbed some on my ass and slid his cock in.

It felt good. I'd always had my eye on Thomas and never really gave Randy much thought, but I gotta tell you, when his cock entered my ass, I began to wonder if it made any difference. His cock isn't as long as Andy's, but it's thicker around and I liked having my ass stretched. "Damn, Randy, that feels good."

"Your ass isn't so bad either," he managed with a groan and shortness of breath.

We were breathing hard and fucking like wild dogs or rabbits or whatever.

Andy slapped Thomas' ass. "Ride'm cowboys," he said with a breathless yell. Thomas slapped Randy's ass, and Randy slapped mine.

Soon we were in unison and Andy proudly squealed. "Way to go team. It's almost time to switch"

I could hear Thomas breathing hard as he's fucking Randy. And while I loved having Randy's cock in my ass, I wanted Thomas's cock in me, wanted him leaning over me, kissing my back, and whispering in my ear. But Andy was clever, and it was never going to happen.


Andy came to the front and I fucked him hard. He pissed me off and I wanted to hurt him. But all he said was, "Fuck Matt. Keep it up. That feel so good. I love hard crazy sex."

So I rammed him hard. In the meantime, Randy's cock was sliding in and out of my ass. Shit it was good, a cock in my ass and my cock in Andy's ass. Andy really knew what he was doing. I wanted to punish Andy for keeping me away from Thomas, so pulled my cock out and waited for him to beg me to stick it in again. "Say please."

"Asshole. Would you please put your cock in my ass?"

I held off a couple seconds and then slid back in while giving his ass a good hard slap. And what does he say, "God, I love a little pain to go along with a little fucking. It makes it all the hotter."

So I slapped him harder.

"Ah fuck. This is so hot," Thomas gasped. "Would you two knock the shit off and focus?" he added

Andy must have wanted Thomas' ass again because he yelled, "Switch" again.

Thomas came from behind. Andy looked him up and down before grabbing the cheeks of Thomas' ass and pulling him to his cock. "I had to have your ass one more time before we're done."

That pissed me off. "Shut up Andy and do your job."

"I am. I know you want Thomas' ass as much as I do, but you had to give it up for the team."

"You're so full of shit, Andy," I snorted. "Shut up and fuck that fine ass. I'll get my chance."

"Knock this shit off," Randy said. "You're taking all the fun out of it."

He was right so I shut my mouth and enjoyed having Randy's cock in my ass and mine in Andy's. What the hell, a guy couldn't ask for much more than this. Well, unless, it meant being the starting varsity quarterback. The idea flashed into my mind and suddenly I wasn't sure what I wanted more. If God or an angel came to me right then and asked, 'sex or varsity quarterback', I would have said sex. But of course once the sex was over, I'd have said varsity quarterback. The problem would be that I'd no longer have that option. Anyway, it was just a quick thought as I slapped Andy's ass before giving him gentle bites on the back. The problem was he liked both.

Randy licked my back and slapped my ass lightly as he fucked me. Andy's right, there's a certain amount of extra enjoyment when a little pain goes along with the pleasure.

Andy gave an "Oh shit. It's time to cum. Thomas jack that cock of yours. Everyone else, fuck your brains out. You have condoms on, cum in the other guys ass."

We went at it hard and soon we began to cum, each at a different time. It was hot hearing all the yelling and heavy breathing. It was suddenly like the earth is shaking and nothing else mattered in the world. The words fired through the air. "Shit, fuck, I'm going to cum, this is so awesome, God this is good, I never felt anything like this. We need to do this again and again. Oh fuck. Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck, Ahhhhh, damn.

Cocks came out of asses and cum dripped onto the sheet, but of course Thomas had no ass to fuck so he had a huge load between his feet. I never thought I'd do anything like what I did next. I jumped out of the line, licked the sheet, took his cum into my mouth, stood up, and then kissed him. We passed cum back and forth in our mouths, and as we did, I thought I was going to cum again.

"What the fuck's the matter with you, Matt?" Andy yelled.

I pulled away from Thomas with cum dripping from my mouth. "I don't know. I just had to do it," I mumbled.

"Well, knock that shit off."

"Yes sir," I slurped out as I took hold of Thomas' cock and gave it a squeeze. "Just a sec. I need to swallow."

Thomas grinned but Randy and Andy stood there and shook their heads. "You guys are all fucked up."

I was ready to come back at him, but decided to let it go as we followed Andy to the shower. We were toweling off when Thomas put his hand on my naked back. "Do you think your parents would mind if I stayed at your house tonight," he asked. "That way, you won't have to worry about getting permission to stay at Andy's."

It looked like Thomas was going to beat Andy at his own game. I wasn't sure what Thomas had in mind, but whatever it was, it was fine with me.


We had a truly fucking good time. I've never heard so many groans and expletives and prayers in my life. I'd purposefully kept Matt away from Thomas, but it backfired on me. Thomas invited himself over to Matt's. Matt called his parents and they said they'd love having him. I wondered if they'd have said that if they knew what we'd been doing all day and could smell the cum in the room.

I bit my lip. "Let's head over to Burger King for dinner."

Matt shook his head. "My mom invited Thomas over for dinner."

"I have some hot sex shit planned for after dinner. Are you guys going to come back?" I asked.

Matt shook his head. Not tonight. I'm sexed out." He looked at Thomas. "We'll be back tomorrow around eleven."

I frowned as Thomas nodded in agreement.

"Fuck you guys then. Randy and I'll eat at Burger King and then eat each other out while you guys are having dinner. You don't mind do you?"

They both shrugged. It hurt my feelings. Matt used to care about me having sex without him, and now he didn't seem to give a shit. My first thought was why can't life be simple? The second thought was, fuck him. Randy and I will fuck our brains out and then brag about it first thing in the morning. We'll see how he acts then. But what guarantee did I have that they wouldn't be fucking each other at Matt's.

Matt grabbed Thomas' hand and headed to the front door. He turned back. "See you at eleven tomorrow."

"Yeah, see you at eleven. I'll leave the door unlocked." My thinking was I'd make sure Randy and I were sucking or fucking or doing something that would piss the two of them off when they walked in on us. Of course, in the back of my mind, I wanted another foursome and I didn't want them too pissed off. Everything would be fine if Thomas and Matt had sex because I could justify Randy and me fucking. But I really didn't want them to have sex. Sometimes I can't believe how fucked up I was.


Andy looked shocked and a bit pissed when Thomas asked to stay at my house. Served Andy right. I had no idea what Thomas had in mind, but I thought it would just be nice if we could talk and get to know each other. It's hard to believe that there we were all sucking and fucking each other, yet knew know so little about each other except for football and the fact we love fucking guys. But that's not any different than any one night stand.

I'm not sure why I grabbed Thomas' hand when we were leaving Andy's. I wasn't sure how Thomas would act, but he held mine and we let go once the door opened. Neither of us wanted anyone to see us holding hands and think, there go those queer boys."

My mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner and dad was at the dining room table reading the paper when we walked in. Mom gave Thomas a big hug. My dad looked up from the paper. "Hello, Thomas. Good to see you again."

"Same here Mr. Spence."

Dad appeared to be trying his best to act like Thomas hadn't been fucking around with Dillon. "Did you guys have a good day at Andy's?"

"Yeah," I replied. "We played video games and basketball. It was Thomas' idea to see if he could stay the night."

Mom looked up from chopping an onion. "We're flattered. Go in the living room and make yourselves comfortable. We'll eat in about a half an hour."

"I should set up the air mattress and sleeping bag for Thomas in my room."

Dad smiled at the two of us. "That's a good idea. That way you won't have to do it when you're ready for bed."

"Yeah, I'll call you when dinner's ready," my mom added.

Thomas followed me to my room, looked around, and smiled. "Can you believe all that shit Dillon has in his room? It impressed me when I first saw it."

"Me too. He got me to come up to his room to look at it."

Thomas chuckled. "I sometimes think he did all that because he feels so small. You know, like it's not him. But he needed to make people think all that shit was him, when all he really is, is a sex-craved pervert who likes seducing young boys."

I narrowed my eyes. "I think you're right. Although I've got to tell you, I was impressed. But then he came up to me and started putting his hands all over me and when I told him to 'fuck off', he forced himself on me. I've only told Andy this, but I wanted his mouth on my cock and in my ass. It's crazy because I also wanted him to stop. Before that, even though I knew Andy was gay, I was into girls. I really liked Gina and still do."

Thomas gave me a quizzical look. "So are you gay or not?"

I pulled the air mattress and sleeping bag out of the closet. "Nothing to answer. Look at what we did today. That's pretty gay to me."

"It was wasn't it? But you didn't answer my question. Did you always like guys?"

I stiffened. "No. I liked girls. Andy tried seducing me once and I pushed him away. It all changed with Dillon. I had sex with Andy because he was so hurt when he found out Dillon was having sex with you and Randy. I was afraid he'd kill himself. And now, I love the sex. How 'bout you?"

"Hell yeah," he exclaimed. "But I never thought about having sex with guys before Dillon. Randy and I have been best friends since we were little kids, just like you and Andy. I never thought about having sex with him, even though I thought he was hot. He's more buffed than me, and I was always a little jealous."

I smiled as I threw the air mattress down along with the sleeping bag. "That's the way I felt about Andy. He has those awesome abs, and while I had never really thought about having sex with him, I wanted to rub my hands up and down them just to feel them. But like I said, it all changed with Dillon."

Thomas went silent for a moment. "Dillon. What an asshole. Randy and I were a little pissed when we found out about Andy. We never knew. He used us to get you up to his room the night of the party. We were hooked on sex by then and he tempted us with more times at the Oxford Suites and a foursome if you came along. I feel bad about that now."

"Hell, we're sex maniacs now and think with our dicks instead of our heads. I was just thinking today as we were all tangled with each other that I didn't care if I ever did anything else but what we did today. School, football, college, and even Gina got lost in the sex. What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking about what people would think if they knew what we were doing. They already have their suspicions. We'd be even more fucked if they found out we were having foursomes at Andy's."

I kept after him. "What else?"

He sighed. "I'm not sure. It's like my mind went blank and it was all about the sexual feelings. I kept thinking how much I loved this shit and how much I hated it at the same time. It's like I never had a choice. Dillon made the choice for me. Of course, Mrs. Crawford, the counselor, would disagree. But Randy and I were only thirteen for crap sakes."

I sat and leaned against my bed.

He laid down on the sleeping bag and leaned on his elbow. "It's funny and I think you may feel the same way, but when you're having sex with someone, it makes you think you love them. That's what I was thinking today. I was thinking how much I love all you guys. But when it was over, the love was gone. Just the sexual urges were left. Can you understand that?"

"Shit, you're a philosopher," I exclaimed.

"No. But I hadn't really thought about it until you asked. Maybe you're the philosopher." He paused again. "But I like you. I have feelings for you. I want to be your friend. How 'bout you?"

"Friends with benefits?" I asked.

"It's up to you. Let's be friends first. We already have the benefits with Randy and Andy."

I gave him a punch in the shoulder. "You mean you didn't come over so we could fuck?"

"No. I hope you're not disappointed."

I leaned over and kissed him. "I'm not. I'd like to be friends too. Andy and I have been friends since we were kids, but since the sex started it's been hot and complicated at the same time."

Thomas bit his lip. "Same here. You saw the looks those two had on their faces when I wanted to stay at your house. I'm sure they thought it was because we wanted to fuck."

"You mean you don't?"

He smiled. "Of course I do, but let's not. Let's just talk."

"Sounds good to me," I replied. "But let's not make it a no. There's always the outside possibility we might change our minds."

Right, there's always the outside possibility," he teased.

"What do you think Andy and Randy will be doing tonight?" I asked.

"I don't know. I used to care, but after today, I really don't give a shit. How 'bout you?"

"Me neither."

Chapter Quotes

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. -- Albert Camus

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. -- Buddha

When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. -- Henri Nouwen

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