Knots, Book 2

by Elias Scott

Chapter 18

Round One


Matt got my attention when he said, "Not as big as Andy's though."

I looked over and gave them a big grin. "Looks like you two are having a good time over there."

They both nodded. I motioned to them. "Why don't you come over and join us?"

Matt looked at Thomas for an okay. Thomas grinned and nodded. Matt shook Thomas's cock. "Just a sec." He took Thomas' cock in his mouth and bobbed up and down a few times. Thomas' cock went from almost hard to rock hard. "Okay, we're ready."

It bothered me seeing Matt sucking anyone's cock but mine. But hell, this was all my doing, so who was I to complain. The four of us were all together for a wild time, or should I say a cocky good time.

Thomas and Matt walked over with their cocks sticking straight out. I hate to say it, but the two of them were beautiful together. Matt looked confused as Thomas knelt on the sofa just above my head and lowered his cock to my mouth. I opened wide and that beauty was in my mouth in no time. I'd dreamt about this for so long and now it was happening. Matt just stood there like a statue, so I pointed to my cock. He knelt down in front of the sofa and took my cock into his warm mouth. It began to seem like a dream. Randy is rimming my ass, Matt was sucking my cock, and I was giving good head to Thomas beautiful cock. Of course I didn't want it to stop and hungered for Randy's cock in my ass. "Randy, fuck me."

"Where's the lube?"

"Oh, I forgot. It's in my room in the bottom drawer of my dresser, under my old clothes."

He rushed off and my ass felt naked. Thomas seemed to understand because he took his cock out of my mouth, moved behind me, and began rimming me. He was better than Randy. Matt moved up and stuck his cock in my mouth. "Damn, Andy. This is better than I thought."

Round 2

Randy returned with the lube and visions of us trying to suck and fuck on the sofa seemed too restricting. "Let's go to my parents' room. They have a king-size bed." I got up and they followed behind with their hard cocks bouncing up and down. I turned around to gaze at the miracle of three hard cocks, well four, if you include mine.

I put my arms out to hold them back after we entered the room. The idea of us having a foursome on my parents' bed all of a sudden seemed wrong. But I wasn't thinking with my mind because it was only a short flash of guilt. "I think I'd better put another sheet on the bed. Boy, I'm going to have plenty of wash to do."

They all laughed. Randy said, "Yeah, let's hope we get them good and soiled with plenty of cum and saliva."

"Right on," Thomas added.

Matt didn't say anything.

I jumped on the bed. "Let's get going before our rods nod off."

The others followed. I knelt down and leaned on my elbows. Randy came up behind me, slipped on a condom, lubed his cock and slipped it in. It felt so good. The feeling of having my ass filled with a cock always makes me feel like whatever was missing in my life was put back in. Yet, it was only a cock. Thomas knelt in front of me, I took his member into my mouth, and gave it everything I had. I licked the head and then sucked on it a few times before taking it all the way down. He moaned.

My ass and mouth were so preoccupied that I didn't think about Matt who must have still been standing there. Thomas motioned toward him. "I need a fucking hot kiss."

Matt came over and knelt beside Thomas and they began making out while my ass was getting fucked and Thomas's dick was in my mouth. "Matt, move in closer so I can suck your cock." He moved in and I sucked both him and Thomas. Before I knew it, they were both trying to get their cocks into my mouth at the same time. I tried, but it was hard so I had to do them one at a time. As much as I hated to see Randy pull out of my ass, I wanted all of us to suck each other's cock at the same time. "Let's get in a circle so we can all suck each other's cocks at the same time."

They knew what I meant, but looked confused as to who would be sucking whose cock. I wanted Matt. There was no doubt Matt wanted Thomas' and Thomas lusted for Randy's. I gave them instructions like I was the quarterback of our team. "Okay guys, let's do it."

We fumbled around trying to get our bodies in the right position. "Lay on your sides and form a circle like they did in the old wagon trains to ward off the Indians." They did as they were told. I moved in on Matt's cock, Thomas scooted down so Matt could get his cock in his mouth, and Andy slid in so he could suck mine and Thomas could suck his. I started to put Matt's cock in my mouth but stopped long enough to say, "Nice job team. We'd be able to beat any other team of four cock suckers."

Thomas and Randy spit out the dicks they had in their mouths, coughed and laughed. Matt kept sucking away on Thomas's cock. He stopped when he realized we'd all stopped. He looked at me with a fake angry look. "I know you're the quarterback of this team and all, but it's time to run a play. Shut the fuck up and suck my cock."

I rolled my eyes up at him and smiled. "You're right, Matt. It's time for you guys to get back to work and score a touchdown. Take those cocks in your mouths and give your mouths up for the team."

Ah, the ecstasy of sucking one guy's cock while have another guy suck yours. No one needed further instruction. We were all practiced cock and ball suckers so we went at it with passion. "I'm going to cum," Matt yelled. " Stop. I don't want to cum yet. Let's try something else to give my dick a chance to come off it's high."

Thomas let out a breath. "I'm getting close too."

Cold air hit my cock as Randy pulled off. He gave me a questioning look. "Well, QB, what do we do next?"

I sat up and crossed my legs with my cock poking in the air. The others did the same.

"Okay team. I've learned a lot from watching porn. The biggest problem when more than two people are having sex is sometimes someone gets left out. My goal, as your quarterback and leader, is to make sure everyone participates, no one gets left out, everyone gets off, and everyone thinks this is the best day of their lives."

Grins spread around the circle.

"Randy, I want to see you fuck Matt. He has a semi virgin ass because he's only had my cock in it. It's time he gets initiated. Randy, lay on your back. Matt sit on his cock and ride him. Thomas, kneel so Matt can suck your cock. I'd have you suck him, but he's liable to cum. In the meantime, I'm going to lick that beautiful ass of yours. Got that team?"

They all nodded as they got in position and we sucked, stroked, and fucked like a well lubricated team. It was hard for me to believe we were doing this. We did this for five minutes or so before I said, "Okay, time to switch."

They gave me a confused look. "You know how we have stations in football and we move from station to station. That's what we're going to do. Everyone go to the next station. The guys were moving around on that big bed like confused sheep. I knew I had to take control. "Okay, let me explain. Matt, you take Randy's place. Lay on your back. Thomas, you're taking Matt's place and riding his cock. I'll kneel where Matt was so Matt can suck my cock while he's fucking Thomas. Randy, you take Thomas' place behind me and give my ass another fine licking. Got it?"

Everyone nodded and moved into position. Shit, this was awesome. Hell, I should have been made the varsity quarterback because at that moment I knew how to take charge and Matt was the weakest link. Although he did what he was supposed to do and obviously was enjoying it.

We continued for about eight minutes before I yelled, "Switch", and everyone moved to their next position. I can't help but smile when I think of it now. Like I said earlier, we were a well lubricated machine. Once each of us had a turn at every position, we went at it until everyone came. There was yelling, cussing, moans, gasping sounds and prayers to God. When done, we all fell flat on our backs, short of breath, and our faces paralyzed with huge grins.


Andy's pretty much described the first and second rounds of that day. But the day wasn't over. At first I felt out of place. Gina was on my mind as I stood around waiting for something to happen. I didn't take any initiative. But looking at those three hot guys with their beautiful hard cocks caused thoughts of Gina to disappear. We had some great fun because of Andy's sexual quarterbacking. It was awesome.

But there's always a price to pay. At least for me. I was so sexed up and so hot for more, I didn't care about anything else at that moment. Hell, I didn't care if I ever played varsity quarterback again. I didn't care if I ever played. The sex was everything to me and nothing else mattered. You're probably thinking. Yeah, what's wrong with that? I'm was thinking that too, but this sex was more than just sex with Andy; it was with Thomas and Randy too. It was all-consuming. I wanted it to go on for days. We still had Sunday, but when I say for days, I meant every day after football practice. Hell, I was only fifteen and thought I was invincible.


Like Matt said, that was only rounds one and two. We jumped in the shower and washed each other clean. I wanted to have shower sex, but they wanted lunch. It was beyond me why'd they want lunch instead of sex. But then eating and sex are our two biggest drives. Didn't I say something earlier about lust and gluttony being among the seven deadly sins. Maybe it was Matt who said it. Well, Matt doesn't believe in sin. But I'm not so sure. This all seemed pretty sinful to me, but it was too awesome for me to care. Matt thinks sin is when you do something that hurts you or someone else. I like that. At the time, it didn't seem like anyone was being hurt. It was just fun.

We ate lunch naked. I have to tell you, there's nothing better than sitting around eating lunch and being able to gawk at three beautiful guys. Then I thought of Alan and Ernie. What would it be like if they were here? I don't find them attractive at all, even though I love them as friends. Great sex can't be just for the beautiful. Not everyone is fortunate to have the bodies the four of us have. It was important to me that the guys be attractive and desirable. I've changed some, but it makes me wonder about being gay. If I like guys, shouldn't I like all guys. Like they say, beauty is only skin deep. But right then I didn't care about any of that. All I knew was we were four hot guys and we were having some hot foursome sex.

Round 3

"Hurry up and finish eating. It's time for shower sex."

Thomas set his sandwich down. "Andy, relax. There's plenty of time. Randy and I can stay overnight. How 'bout you Matt?"

"I'm not sure. My parents know Andy's parents are out of town. I'm sure they won't mind as long as they don't know you guys are here. They might think we're doing exactly what we're doing."

Thomas took a sip on his drink. "I think you're right."

I shoved a few chips in my mouth. They got the hint, took one more bite out of their sandwiches, ate a couple chips, and took a last sip of their drinks. Randy looked down at his plate. "We can always come back to this later."

We headed to the shower and lathered each other up. No one was off limits. But just to make sure, I told them, they had to do everyone. I grabbed Matt from behind and rubbed my hands up and down his chest and then lathered his cock. He groaned. Randy lathered my ass and ran his fingers up and down my crack as Thomas kissed Matt. I remember thinking, Thomas sure seems to enjoy kissing my best friend.

I pointed at Thomas and Randy. "Matt and I want to watch you guys fuck."

"You're going to see some hot sex." Randy warned. "Dillon taught us well. Are you sure you can handle it?"

The question is, can you handle watching us?

"How 'bout you, Matt?" Thomas asked. "You want to watch?"

There wasn't any way I was going to let Matt answer. "He's fine with it. Aren't you Matt?"

Matt shrugged. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the corner of the shower where we'd be out of the water and could watch. Thomas looked unsure for a moment until Randy began massaging his cock, sucking his nipples, and then moving up to give him a hard kiss. The first thing I noticed was that Thomas didn't kiss Randy with the same passion he kissed Matt. They moved into a sixty-nine. Thomas groaned and then lifted his eyes long enough to look at Matt. Jealousy struck me again, but I threw it out of my mind as they sucked, licked, and flip fucked. Matt kept trying to jack off, but I put my hand on his arm to stop him. "We're next, so stop."

"Shit, they're making me horny. I want some of that."

"How 'bout me."

He nudged me. "Of course I want you. You were my first."

Thomas and Randy rinsed off. Thomas gently pushed Randy into the corner of the shower opposite us and turned to us. "Okay, it's your turn."


I wanted to beat off so badly watching Thomas and Randy, especially Thomas. Andy wouldn't let me. Wanted me to save my cum. Andy stood, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up. "Let's put on a good show for these freshmen."

Hell, I was horny and it wasn't going to take much. Andy and I were pros at this stuff. I began by lathering up his ass and rubbing my hands up and down between his cheeks. A good rinsing followed along with my tongue licking his hole. Andy groaned. "Shit, that feels good."

Next my finger slipped inside and massaged his prostate. Again, he groaned and prayed to God. I gave his ass one more fingering and then stood behind him and kissed his neck, sucked on his ears, and rubbed my hands up and down those phenomenal abs before grabbing his cock and massaging it to its full length. Horniness took over and I forgot about Thomas and Randy watching. I spun Andy around and gave him a hard kiss and deep tonguing as our cocks rubbed together. He reached down and jacked them off while we kissed. Andy rinsed the soap from my body and then kissed his way down to my cock after a short stop to suck my nipples. When we first started having sex, I'd have cum by now.

He sucked my cock as only Andy can suck cock. At least as far as I knew. Thomas and I may have to work on it a little so I can find out. I wasn't sure that Andy would have liked what I was thinking. The thought of Thomas made me glance over at him and Randy. They looked like sitting statues because they didn't move. Every time I looked over Thomas' eyes were focused on me. That made me even hornier.

Andy spun me around and tongued my ass until I yelled, "Fuck me, Andy. I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of my hungry ass."

"Glad to oblige," echoed in the shower.

He slipped on a condom and entered me slowly. I was no longer a newbie and it slid in easily. I love the feel of a cock inside me. Andy often talks about how it fills an emptiness he has inside. It's not like that for me. It's just the sensation of having a beautiful hard spongy headed cock sliding in and out while giving me a prostate exam. Andy grabbed hold of my chest with his right hand as he fucked me. I leaned back and kissed him. That's always a hard position so we didn't do it long. Instead he ran his tongue around inside my right ear and whispered, "God I love your ass. I could fuck you all day."

My breath was short as I began to move my ass back and forth on his cock. "I'd like that too. Now fuck me harder."

He went faster, pushing me into the shower wall and plunging his cock hard into me. "Fuck, Matt. I'm going to cum. Are you going to cum with me?"

"No, I want to save it for your ass."

"Shit," he exclaimed as he kept up his pace until I felt his cock pulsing in my ass and the warm cum filling the condom. "Fuck, Matt. Your ass is awesome. Fuck. Fuck. Oh God."

I wonder what it is about sex that no matter whether someone believes in God or not, they pray to Him when they're having sex. Of course I don't have an answer.

"I want your ass now," I scowled as if I was angry.

I pushed him against the wall, put on a condom, and slid my cock inside his ass. It felt so good. A mouth is great, but there's something about having the firmness of an ass around your whole cock that is awesome. Of coruse, I wouldn't give either of them up.

"Fill me up, Matt. Your cock feels so good. Go slow. Linger in there. Let me feel your cock hanging around as if it's looking for something."

I pushed in as deep as I could and didn't move. "More," he moaned

My pubes were already pressed tight against his ass, but I pushed harder.

Andy let out a loud "Ah!" "God that's good. I'm going to count to five slowly. Don't move. Leave it there. I love that full feeling." Andy began counting. "One thousand one, one thousand two...Now fuck the shit out of me."

I began moving slowly and then sped up until he's pounding his hands against the wall, yelling. "Oh shit. Oh God, that feels so fucking good. Fuck me harder."

I kept up my pace. "I'm going to cum. Hold on, I'm going to cum." My hands pinned his hands against the wall as my dick began to pump out it's load. "Fuck, Andy. Oh God. I never want it to stop."

I glanced over at Thomas and Randy as my climax subsided and saw Thomas staring at me with his cock in his hand. A quiet "Fuck" came out of his mouth as he shot his load. Randy glanced at me and then Thomas with what looked like a scowl on his face.

He and Thomas joined us under the shower head. Thomas gave me a quick kiss as he gave my cock a quick squeeze while Randy and Andy were rinsing the soap out of their hair. We washed the cum and saliva off our bodies, toweled off, and headed naked to finish our lunch and head to Andy's living room to play video games.

Chapter Quotes

Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good. - Woody Allen

Sex without love is merely healthy exercise. -- Robert A. Heinlein

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