A Matter of Perspective

by Elias Scott

Chapter 13

Frank wrote me and told me he was having brunch with friends and spending some time visiting so he wouldn't be able to get back to me until mid-afternoon in case I was in a hurry to touch base with him. I appreciate him letting me know because when I don't hear from him, I begin to panic. He suggested I get in some gay teen chat groups and talk to people my own age. He's concerned that I'm becoming too dependent on him. He's probably right, but that's because there haven't been any adults in my life for the past two years and I really need an adult to talk to. Plus, gay guys already know what I'm going through and what can they say except for me to tough it out until I graduate and leave the hell-hole I'm in. That's what I was going to do until I started talking to Frank. Sure things haven't gone as smoothly as either of us would have liked, but like Frank says, "Life is never what you expect."

I was still wide awake so wrote Frank another email.

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