A Matter of Perspective

by Elias Scott

Chapter 12

Frank wrote a short note back and said he'd be at my graduation. He sounded a little unsure. I'll be 18 by then, but he's concerned people might get the wrong impression. What difference does it make? I'd be an adult anyway. But I have no interest in Frank other than his being my mentor. The same is true for him. For two years I didn't have an adult I could talk to about these things. As far as I know I'm the only gay person in town. Frank saved my life and I want him at my graduation.

Frank agreed with me and we decided to keep in simple and he'd come out to graduation just like we talked about in our emails.

I got the impression Frank wasn't too excited about all this. I put him on the spot by insisting that I have him at graduation. I'd like him to meet my parents. We have nothing to hide, but as I'm reading these emails, I understand why we were trying to set up a scenario that would explain why Frank was at my graduation. I had my doubts too. I already knew how people could react when an older man and a younger man passing emails back and forth. It might make people wonder what was going on. Of course, nothing was going on, but shit, I could imagine what people would think if they new I was sharing all my secrets and feelings with a stranger. But as Frank likes to say, "It's a matter of perspective." Not that Frank was a stranger. I'd read his writing and just needed to make friends with him. As you already know, I didn't think he'd write back or be interested, but he's a caring guy and it's too bad that people are narrow minded and stupid like the people in our church. Hell, in our whole town and school for that matter. I was getting the feeling things were rapidly changing for the better, but you just never know.

I wrote Frank a quick note and didn't get anything back right away. I wrote and and asked if I'd done something bad and told him I was worried. He finally got back to me and said he'd been busy and apologized.

We finally got it straightened out, but so much had happened that in such a short time, but hell, I didn't know which end was up.

He wrote back and said, "Ok, Cool." You'd think he was a teenager.

I wrote him back "Thanks so much!!!!! Will n Max"

It's lucky he's on his computer quite a bit, otherwise I'd have to wait to hear back from him. His phone lets him know if he's received an email, so he checks the emails on his computer. I'm not sure how I'd have handled it if I had to wait a day or so to hear back. You saw how paranoid I got when he didn't write me right back. He understood that and was always there for me except this one time.

I'm just not a liar, but these assholes didn't talk to me for two years and all of a sudden they're like we're cool with it. Frank is right. If that was the case, where were they before I went back in the closet? Why didn't they come by my house or talk to me at school or visit me this summer? My email says it all. Double crap!%!!

Frank got back to me with a short note telling me he was working on the next chapter of Knots and he'd get back to me as soon as he could. He likes to post on Sunday so had a deadline to meet. He was concerned about me staying up too late.

He may have intended to have given me his final bit of wisdom for the evening, but I couldn't sleep so wrote him again.

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