A Matter of Perspective

by Elias Scott

Chapter 10

I read my emails now and I smile sometimes. Everything was new and exciting. Frank's emails seemed so full of wisdom at the time and they are, but he was in his 70's and I sound like a kid and he sounds calm, rational, and mature. I could tell he shared my excitement, but he acted like he'd come to accept the good and bad in life. We all have problems and have to deal with them. His calmness was what I needed because it gave me the freedom to be me and talk about all the exciting things in my life, and about being gay. It was great knowing that he cared and wouldn't pass judgment on me.

I loved that Frank called me "Brave Prince." It might not seem like much, but it gave me courage and made me feel good about myself and everything that was happening. I'm not sure what I'd have done if Frank hadn't come along. My life was going so perfect and I was so happy I wrote Frank another email before he wrote again.

I had a lot of questions and was a little disappointed that he didn't answer them in that last email. But Frank had never let me down yet. He wrote me about twenty minutes later.

Frank wrote me a long ass email back. There was so much information to digest, I wasn't sure I could remember it all. He wanted me to be prepared for my meeting at the church.

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