A Matter of Perspective

by Elias Scott

Chapter 9

Frank is always quick to reply. I really need that. Sometimes I'd get all fidgety waiting to hear from him. I really rely on him for his wisdom. He wrote me back about some unarmed black teenager getting killed. I feel bad because I really didn't pay much attention to it at the time. That's what happens when we're all caught up in our own problems. We forget a lot of other people have problems too. I feel sorry for that kid's parents.

It got so I could hardly believe how much my life was changing in just a few days. The fact that asshole hit me had more of a positive effect than negative. Frank was right. I have battle scars. I like that he called me Brave Prince. In some ways that's true, but to be honest I've been scared shitless the whole time. Some things you just don't have control over and the pastor hitting me was one of them. Anyway, something great happened.

I couldn't remember the last time I'd cried because I was happy. There have been plenty of tears over the last two years and none of them were happy tears. So in a way, I began to think they didn't exist. My perspective began to change when Franksent me the picture of the boy sitting in the rain. He made me realize there are lot of different ways you can see things. Of course, it helps if life isn't fucking you over and heaping piles of shit on you.

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