Merry Christmas, Elijah Lucas

by DJ Adams

December 12th, Part 1

Oh, man. This was the day. School was over for the day and Elijah had ridden his bike over to Bruno's house and was now standing on the porch, starring blankly at the door for the last 15 minutes- He wasn't so sure he could go through with it.

Inside the house, Bruno had a minor meltdown of his own. He had watched the petite, brown-haired boy ride up to the house on his bike, from his bedroom window- Actually, he was looking at the bike right now, laying on the grass. Bruno KNEW Elijah was there, somewhere, but he hadn't knocked yet and it was starting to freak him out.

He went downstairs and peered through the peep hole in the door and saw Elijah standing on the other side of the door, looking like he was a boy condemned to die. Bruno's heart sank and he knew something was obviously wrong. He reached for the door knob…

Elijah was still staring at the door went it suddenly opened. He jumped with surprise but felt warmth around him. He realized that Bruno had opened the door and had him squeezed in a tight hug.

"You okay, buddy?" Bruno asked soothingly.

Elijah couldn't help it- His knees went weak and Bruno had to struggle to help keep him on his feet. The tears began falling and he began to sob quietly over Bruno's shoulder while he hugged him tightly.

"Alright. It's alright, Elijah. C'mon. Let's go inside." Bruno cooed.

Elijah desperately didn't want to let go of Bruno but he knew he had to in order to walk. He hung his head low and walked inside the Jørgensen's home, into the fox's den where he would confess his love to the fox himself. He plopped down onto the couch as Bruno quickly closed the front door and sat down beside him.

Without words, Bruno hugged this boy, whom he loved, and held him tightly for the better part of an hour. Elijah's sobs had stopped and he felt a lot safer knowing that he was in Bruno's arms. The thought of tearing away sent another shudder through him but his eyes simply ran out of tears to cry.

Finally, Bruno pulled away. He studied Elijah carefully, searching his eyes for a clue as to what could've made the world end. "Why don't you tell me what's wrong, Elijah?" Bruno said softly. He gently wiped a remaining wet spot from Elijah's cheek and brushed the boy's bangs out of his brows so he could see him more clearly.

Elijah's heart could've stopped right then. Bruno was just such a tender boy. 'Even if he isn't gay, he can't hate me- There's no way he could even begin to hate anything.' Elijah thought to himself. He wanted to open his mouth and say something but he just couldn't bring his brain to tell his mouth, to form the words, to tell the boy to love him back. Hesitation and caution thrown into the wind, Elijah leaned in, closed his eyes and gave Bruno the most warm and tender kiss he could.

Bruno was initially stunned but his eyes soon closed as he pulled Elijah closer to him and returned the kiss. Elijah threw his around Bruno's neck while Bruno caressed Elijah's back, letting a few fingers roll over the little bumps that were his spine and causing Elijah to shiver with delight.

The boys both knew when to pull back. Bruno took Elijah's face into his hands and rested the other boy's forehead against his own. He nuzzled the boy's nose with his, causing Elijah to blush.

"That tickles." Elijah giggled.

"Feeling better?" Bruno asked, staring deeply into Elijah's eyes, noting all the resplendent green ridges in his irises before plunging into pupils that threatened to draw him in and never let him go.

"Yes…" Elijah whispered back. He place his hands over Bruno's and smiled softly. "I need to tell you something." He mustered.

"You've already told me. I read it as plain as day in your eyes and in your kiss." Bruno responded. "You're beautiful, you know that? Truly beautiful."

If Elijah could've teared up again, he would have. He didn't know what to say so he kissed Bruno again lightly. "I still have questions but I don't even care enough about the answers to ask them. This is the happiest I've ever been."

Bruno was taken; This boy was marvelous. "I love you, Elijah. I have since the very first time I saw you. I just never would've thought…" Bruno trailed off.

"I love you, too!! And I never thought-" Elijah stopped the thought. Who cared what he'd thought? Elijah had just kissed the boy he loved and the boy responded by requiting his love. Nothing else in the world mattered. The boys hugged tightly again. It seemed surreal to Elijah.

Bruno's voice managed to snap him back into reality. "What are you doing tonight?"

"I didn't have anything planned. Why?" Elijah asked.

"Wanna go on a date?" Bruno grinned.

Elijah smiled back in response. He leaned in and kissed Bruno once more. It was settled: They'd go on a date.

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