Merry Christmas, Elijah Lucas

by DJ Adams

December 11th

Bruno felt like hell over the last few days. After Elijah left him standing alone, he felt like his heart had been penultimately crushed. He held himself together, although he did snap at James when he returned to Johnny Rocket's. James remained firm that Elijah did, in fact, like Bruno but Bruno wasn't so sure. He managed to hold himself together until he got home- There, he screamed into his pillow and started crying like a child. It wasn't until Shadow pawed at his door and came into the room to snuggle with him that Bruno finally calmed down enough to fall asleep. He didn't know what to believe, anymore- He had his heart telling him to do whatever it took to win Elijah; He had his brain saying that Elijah was straight; He had James saying that Elijah was gay and liked him; And, even now as he woke for the day, Bruno still had a headache that hadn't gone away in three motherfucking days.

Bruno laid in bed. It was 6:50AM and he needed to get up for school but he just couldn't peel himself out of bed for at least another few minutes. Shadow wasn't in bed with him so his Father must've come into the room and woke Shadow up to go outside for his morning piss before he left for work. Bruno shifted and looked down at his morning wood, which was at full attention as it throbbed with the beating in his chest and the migraine in his head. Even thinking of stimulating himself hurt his head but Bruno needed the relief. Plus, he was a 13 year-old boy- What did you expect?

Bruno took the length of his raging shaft into his hand. He licked his lips and began to think dirty thoughts about Elijah. Suddenly, Elijah was on his hands and knees in front of Bruno, looking over his shoulder with a innocent smile an his magnificent puppy-dog eyes that gave Bruno permission to do whatever he pleased with him. Elijah's exasperated moans filled Bruno's brain as he fantasized that his tongue was deep within the other boy- Licking, kissing, sucking, slurping, swirling up and down and up again, hitting the Elijah's sweet spot and making him push back into Bruno's face so as to get his hot, wet tongue just a little bit deeper.

Bruno's hand began moving on his shaft, his foreskin making a tiny smacking sound as at it rolled back and forth over his head, wet with the precum that was drooling out of his adolescent tool. Bruno sighed to himself. The pounding migraine in his head was growing with the pounding need for release in his cock. He kept going.

Bruno spread Elijah open more and dug in even further, causing the boy's small frame to shudder. Bruno inhaled as deeply as he could, taking in the wondrous aroma he imagined Elijah would smell like- A concoction of 'odor of boy', Elijah's natural scent, sweat, musk and the unmistakable smell of lust. Bruno's orgasm was getting ready to explode but the cranial pressure made his head feel like it was going to explode, too. He was so far along that he just had to keep going- He couldn't quit now.

Bruno pulled away from Elijah's glorious little entrance, a string of saliva hanging between his mouth and the other boy's most private of places. Elijah looked back at him and stared him straight in the eyes, "Do it, Bruno. I need you to do it. Go on. Fuck me good." Elijah encouraged. Bruno didn't know for sure if Elijah was a virgin or not but he imagined that he was and, for his own sake, he fantasized that his love had chosen him to receive the distinct honor of being the first boy to ever penetrate him. It gave Bruno a sense of pride, love, devotion and ownership over Elijah. He lined his boyhood up with its target and began to apply pressure. As it began to sink in, Elijah moaned out in complete satisfaction. The imaginary moan was enough to finally send Bruno over the edge. Fireworks started going off in his head- Maybe it was from the pain or maybe it was from one of the most intense orgasms the young teen had ever experienced that was racking his body at that moment. The tingling goodness radiated out from his groin and enveloped his entire being.

As he came down from his monumentally historic sexual bliss, his after-glow was immediately over-powered by the damnable migraine. He moaned out as the pain increased to the most intense it had been yet. Thankfully, Bruno was covered and his blankets concealed the sticky mess that was all over his belly because, no soon had he moaned, did his Mother walk in.

"Bruno, honey, are you okay?" A concerned Mrs. Jørgensen asked.

"It hurts, Mom." Bruno struggled out.

"Your head, sweetheart?" She asked.

Bruno nodded his head 'yes'. "Migraine, Mom. Worst I've ever had."

Mrs. Jørgensen noted the fine sheen of sweat on her son and felt his high body temperature on his forehead. "There will be no school for you today, Bruno. You just stay in bed and sleep it off. I'll be back with some Asperin." She concluded.

Bruno sighed in relief. His Mother obviously thought that his temperature and sweat were due to his headache- Little did she know of his fantasy over the last 15 minutes.

Mrs. Jørgensen reappeared in the room with two aspirin, a glass of water and a particular black German Shepherd in-tow. "Here you go, honey. Take this. It'll make you feel better."

Bruno sat up and took the tablets as Shadow climbed back into bed. "Thanks, Mom." He said and he cuddled up to his dog.

She kissed him on his forehead. "Feel better, baby." She smiled as she left Bruno so he could go back to sleep.

Bruno squeezed Shadow closer and his cuddle-buddy turned his head around, giving Bruno a giant lick across his entire face. "Doggy passion breath. Thaaanks." Bruno quipped. Shadow just cocked his head to the side and wagged his tail in response. Bruno softened a bit. "I love you, too, Shadow. At least I will always have you…" Bruno said, suddenly growing sad. Shadow responded with another lick, earning a laugh from Bruno. "Okay, okay. Let's go back to sleep, puppy." And so they did.

Elijah stared out the window of his fourth period history class. In truth, he couldn't care less about Constantinople- Fuck the Turks, fuck the crusades, fuck the Ottomans and fuck the world. This situation with Bruno was now beginning to get to him, bitterly; It really wasn't this hard. Okay, so he may have panicked at the mall, the other day. You know what, though? Whatever. The fact remains that, whether he was right or wrong, he loved Bruno and he couldn't help the way he felt- Enough being conflicted and walking on eggshells.

It seemed that the only way for Elijah to stop Bruno's perceived flirting would be to tell him 'look, dude, you're playing with fire and you're gonna get burned so don't be pissed if you make another suggestive comment about being alone with me and then find yourself in a kiss.'

That was it. The only way to get things with Bruno amicable and less-awkward was gonna be for Elijah to just get his feelings out there in the open. This was highly out-of-character for him but push was coming to shove and Elijah needed to think about getting his own closure, now. If he couldn't have Bruno, then Bruno needed to not-be flirtatious or Elijah needed to stay away from him.

It was resolved: Elijah would confront Bruno with his feelings for him and, if Bruno didn't like it, that would be tough-shit. And so, Elijah got out his phone and texted Bruno.

Bruno awoke later on. Shadow was still pressed warmly against him, sleeping sound as a pound. He looked at the clock. Noon. The boy rose from bed and went into his bathroom, pissed like a race-horse for a solid minute and a half, and padded downstairs for breakfast. Shadow awoke and followed quietly behind.

Bruno found a note sprawled on the kitchen table.

'Bruno- Dad & I are at the store. We'll be home tonight. Drink fluids, stay in bed and be sure to sleep. Have Shadow keep you company if you both want. We'll see you tonight. Love, Mom and Dad.'

Bruno smiled. His parents were awesome. He poured himself some OJ, drank it down and walked back into his room. His headache had finally gone away but he still felt like he could sleep for a week. He laid back in bed with his loyal companion not far behind. As he happened to glance at the nightstand, Bruno noticed the notification light on his phone was blinking. Bruno opened his phone and saw that he had a text from an unfamiliar number.

'bruno. its elijah. can we talk this week?"

Bruno was elated. FINALLY, he would get to have a conversation with this boy who had captivated him and had him inexplicably fixated on the idea of loving and dating him. Bruno's fingers couldn't respond quickly enough.

"Friday after school?"

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