Everything Will Turn Out Alright

by Cy-kun

Chapter 8

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than I was dragging him downstairs by his hand at full speed. Or at least as close to full speed as I could drag a surprised Vicky down a fairly long flight of stairs. We burst into the TV room where my mom was reading a book (seriously did she not understand the concept of a TV room?) and came to a stop before her as her head snapped up, startled.

"Mom, Vicky and I would like to go on a date, please drive us to AMC." I said like it was the most normal thing in the world. Might as well start at home, right? I also named the better of the two movie theaters within driving distance. There was no way I was going to do anything cheap or half assed on our first date.

"Oh. Um......alright." my mom managed. She gave us a slightly odd look, like she was going to say something, then shrugged and got up. "When do you want to leave?"

"Right now." I was incredibly excited, so much so in fact that all my terror had fled and was replaced with anticipation. That wasn't why I wanted to leave right then though, I wanted to get out of the house before Vicky had a chance to back out.

I ended up dragging him all the way out to the car by his hand. Not exactly the most romantic start to our first date but my head was filled with images of an unescorted Vicky panicking and running back into the house. Not that I needed to worry, once we got in the car Vicky squeezed my hand and gave me a slight smile. Ha! I knew it! Once he actually decided to do it he was looking forward to it. Do I know my Vicky or what?

We held hands almost the entire way there. Every few minutes during the drive we would look over at each other and break into identical smiles. I couldn't get over it. I was on my way to a real date! With Vicky! In public! Why was I ever worried about this?

My excitement started to bubble over and I noticed that my left leg was shaking with nervous energy. Vicky noticed too. He untangled his fingers from mine and placed his hand on my thigh. Oh god, instant hardness, heart melting. I was so glad we were sitting more or less right behind the drivers seat, there is no way I wanted my mom to look back and see her obviously aroused baby boy getting felt up by his deceptively innocent looking boyfriend.

He moved his hand slowly up my thigh. He did almost carelessly, like a car taking a slow relaxing drive up the coast, which is great for the driver but not so entertaining for the passenger. Passengers are always a lot more interested in the destination. As his hand ever so slowly made it's way up towards my crotch I felt myself tense in anticipation. I wanted, no I needed, him to touch me and the fact that it was taking so long to happen was driving me crazy. Mom less than 3 feet away or not I was seriously considering yelling at him to just grab my cock already when his slow coastal drive ended and his fingers lightly brushed the outline of my cock.

I could actually feel it get harder and I had to clamp my mouth shut while holding my breath to keep from moaning. I closed my eyes tightly as Vicky took hold of my dick through my pants and slowly, ever so slowly, started to jerk it. My hands clenched and I bit my lip. God why did this feel so good? He was barely touching me, and it wasn't even skin on skin contact, but I was going insane! He never increased his speed, he just kept stroking me at a steady pace. I felt a familiar tightening and knew I was only seconds away from having a massive orgasm. I had just prepared myself for my imminent explosion, shit I really hoped I wouldn't scream, when Vicky let go.

The feeling of being about to cum vanished instantly and I snapped my head around and saw, reflected in the window, that I was giving him the most pathetic look I'd ever seen on a human being. Vicky just grinned that evil little grin and whispered quietly in my ear.

"Normal people don't have sex before the date, right?"

I could have killed him.

In fact, my mind was already going over the best places to hide the body when my eyes met his and once again all my anger was swallowed up by those beautiful gray orbs. There was just no way I could ever stay mad at him for more than a few seconds, no matter how much he deserved it. And he did deserve it. I knew he was trying to pay me back for my emotional blackmail before but I was doing that for his own good. This was just cruel! In a vain effort to try and act like he didn't have me completely wrapped around his finger I narrowed my eyes at him, purposefully turned my head to face front and stared ahead.

We sat that way for about a minute before I felt his fingers brush questioningly against mine. My resolve shattered and I took hold of his hand once more. I looked at him and found him looking right back at me with a smile on his face. I broke into a smile of my own and just like that everything was back to normal. Vicky rested his head on my shoulder and I was once again looking forward to our date. Does that make me a sucker? Maybe, but I didn't really care.

We pulled up in front of the theater 15 minutes later. The AMC was actually in the next town over from Cooper so we had to drive all the up past Vicky's house and get on the highway to get there. The drive was pretty long, especially considering there was a Regal theater about 15 minutes from my house in the opposite direction, but it was worth the drive. It had 15 different theaters, each recently renovated to have stadium seating, and the new chairs they put in were beyond comfortable. They had thick, but soft, cushions and about twice the arm space that movie theater chairs usually have. Every seat reclined so you could sit there for a 3 hour movie and never once get stiff.

I'm not even gonna make a joke about being "stiff". That would be too predictable.

"Have a good time boys, and call me when you want to get picked up." my mom said as she stopped to let us out. She always gave me her cell phone when I went out on my own. When I wanted to get picked up I just called our house and she came and got me. I'd been trying for months to get her to buy me a cell phone of my own using the completely rational argument that if we both had one she wouldn't need to wait at home every time I went out but so far she's refused to budge. I had no idea why, I already had my own phone line and it wasn't like we were hard up or money, and I was starting to suspect she did it for no other reason than mothers were supposed to be reluctant to get their kids cell phones.

"We will!" I assured her as I quickly followed Vicky out of the car. She drove away.

We stood in front of the theater for a bit without making any move to go inside. This was it. We were now officially out in public on a date. Despite my excitement I started to feel the nervousness creeping back. What if we ran into rids from school and they decided to start something with us? The distance of the AMC from town should have made it less likely that we'd run into anyone we knew here but I knew for a fact that most kids in Cooper preferred this theater to the crappy old Regal. Well, that was kinda the point wasn't it? I steeled myself, gave Vicky a reassuring smile and we both walked inside next to each other.

It was a huge building with a cavernous front lobby. Off to the right was the line to buy tickets and right in the middle of the lobby was a large concession stand. To the left there were machines where you could pick up tickets you bought online or buy tickets with a credit card but I didn't have one so I ignored them. What I did have was a wallet filled with money saved up from my meager allowance, it was more than enough to buy me and Vicky tickets and snacks though.

So far everyone we saw were strangers to us. There were a lot of high school kids and kids who looked our own age but no one that we recognized yet. I was both relieved and annoyed. I really didn't want to have to deal with anyone from school but, dammit, that was the point of us being here. I wanted people to start seeing us together and start thinking of us as just normal kids instead of "those weird gay kids".

While I was busy looking around to see if I recognized anybody Vicky brought up another slight hiccup with our date.

"So, what are we gonna see?"

Crap, I'd never even bothered to look at what was playing. I took a quick look at electronic marquee. George Cloony drama, pass. Romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore, pass. Incredibly cliched underdog sports drama staring John Cena, pass. Joaquin Phoenix rap documentary, pass. Jesus, you'd think with 15 theaters they'd have a better selection.

I looked over the whole list there were only two movies that looked even a bit interesting, Machete and Resident Evil: Afterlife. I wasn't the least bit surprised to find out Vicky had reached the same conclusion.

"So, Machete? That might be good right?" Vicky asked

I thought for a moment. "Nah, I read that it's pretty much a 90 minute rant about immigration. I'm not in the mood to have some movie shove it's politics down my throat."

Vicky made a face indicating his agreement and then smiled at me. "I guess it's Resident Evil then."

I smiled back. "Yep, I gue-"

"Nate! Vicky! Hey!" a familiar voice suddenly called from halfway across the lobby. We both turned towards the voice and saw Jen and Jason walking over to us. Well, really Jen was walking over to us while dragging Jason by the arm. Jason was trying desperately to keep his grip on the popcorn and soda he was clinging to. It was one of those super combos, you know the ones where for an extra quarter you can get a slightly larger bag of popcorn and about 6 gallons of soda that you're never gonna drink. There was only one drink so I assumed they were gonna share, smart.

As they made their way over to us I noticed that Jen's shout had drawn a few stares our way. These were people I recognized from school, from our grade no less. They stared at us and then started to whisper to themselves. I took a deep breath and tried to ignore them. I looked at Vicky and we gave each other slight, reassuring smiles. In a way it was actually a relief to see people we knew. Now we could stop worrying about it and enjoy ourselves.

"Hey guys." Jen said to us when they finally reached us. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about seeing her again. I mean, she was the one who "outed" us in front of the entire goddamn lunchroom so it wouldn't exactly be unfair to blame all this on her. Still, she was usually nice to us and she was Jason's girlfriend so I didn't really wanna be a dick to her.

"Hey Jen, hey Jason." I said. Vicky also greeted them.

"Hey." Jason said, sounding less than pleased. Whether that tone was because he didn't want Jen to be around us or because he didn't want to stand there trying not to drop his super combo I didn't know.

"So are you guys, like, on a date?" Jen asked.

"Yep." Vicky answered. I nodded. Jason's eyebrows shot up at this.

"That's awesome, so what are you guys gonna go see?" she asked.

"Resident Evil." I replied. "What about you?"

"Going the Distance. It's that one with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, it looks so romantic don't you think?"

Vicky and I exchanged glances and suppressed our grins. Jason rolled his eyes. He hated romantic comedies even more than I did. It took most of my willpower not to make fun of him. We never answered Jen, but she didn't seem to notice.

"Hey! I got a great idea." she went on. "Next time we should all see something together, it'll be like a double date! Wouldn't that be great?"

I glanced at Vicky again and he shrugged slightly. Guess it was up to me. I wasn't sure I wanted to, or if Jason would be cool with us just butting in on his time with Jen (I looked at him to gauge his reaction but he was too busy rearranging his super combo for me to get a read on him) but it couldn't hurt Operation: Nate and Vicky Are Not Freaks to be seen with a regular couple, right?

"Um, sure, yeah, that sounds cool." I answered and hoped I didn't regret it later.

"Awesome!" she seemed genuinely pleased. I wondered if that meant she was one of those fangirls or if maybe this was her way of making up for telling everyone that we were gay. "Well, our movie is gonna start soon so we should probably go. See you in school!" She turned to leave.

"Jen." Jason said quietly.

She turned back. "Huh?"

Jason didn't say anything, he just looked at her. I didn't know what was going on but apparently Jen did.

"Oh." she said softly and actually started to turn red. She turned to face us. "Um, hey, um, I'm sorry, you know, about shouting that out at lunch. I just, you know, it surprised me and I just can't keep my mouth shut sometimes ya know?" she laughed nervously then looked genuinely upset. "I'm sorry, really."

That.....actually made me feel pretty good. I wasn't happy that she was upset or anything like that but I'm pretty sure that apology was all Jason's idea and it was good to know that my friend would do right by me even when his girlfriend was involved. That's not to say I didn't think the apology was real, I was pretty sure she felt bad, but from what little I knew of her she seemed like the type of person who didn't really like to confront their mistakes head on like that. I'm sure if Jason hadn't said anything she would have just continued to be nice to us and hoped we took that as her apology.

"It's alright." Vicky said and smiled. God, his smile lit my heart on fire even when it wasn't aimed it me.

"Yeah." I added. "We forgive you."

She broke into a relieved smile. "Thanks." There was a few seconds of silence and when it became clear that nothing more needed to be said she spoke again. "Well, we really should get going. Remember, we're all going on a double date next time!" She waved goodbye and walked away.

I mouthed a silent "thanks" to Jason and he gave me a little satisfied half smile. Vicky pointed behind him at Jen who was in danger of getting swallowed up by the crowd. Jason let out a short, semi frustrated growl and struggled to catch up with her while keeping his popcorn and soda from spilling everywhere. I laughed silently.

"Come on, let's go wait in line." I said and we walked over to the end of the line.

This was always the part I hated the most about going to the movies. They had 5 different registers so in theory things should go pretty quick even when it's crowded but one of the qualifications for working here must be the complete inability to do your job at anything that even looks like a fast pace. Every once and a while there was one woman who actually knew how to do her job but for the most part it was just a bunch of useless teenagers. And yeah I know I'm technically a teenager too but I'm 13 and all these kids are older, high school teenagers so they were all different than me. It made me feel justified in lumping them all together in a group. Was that prejudice? Maybe, but I don't think there's a National Association for the Advancement of People Older Than Nate so it was probably one of those "safe" prejudices. Tonight was no different than any other night and I settled in for a long wait. I took a sad, longing look at the ticket machines. I couldn't wait until I got my own credit card.

We were in line for about 5 minutes when things started getting a bit cramped. Vicky and I were sandwiched between two large groups of adults and it wasn't long before we were pushed over almost up against the nylon "railings" that formed that weird twisty maze thing that all places like to make people wait in. I was setting myself up for a pretty decent sulk when I felt something lightly brush against hand. I smiled when I realized what it was.

I moved my hand closer to Vicky and this time when the backs of our hands brushed together I slipped one of my fingers in between two of his. He gripped it, just hard enough to hold it in place, and started rubbing his thumb up and down my hand. My heart was pounding in my chest and I suppressed a shiver. Christ! Vicky and I had kissed, held each other, seen each other naked and had pretty much every kind of sex two guys can have together and here I was getting all flustered over our hands just touching.

I loved it.

I looked into his eyes and smiled. He returned it and then looked away shyly. Being in public was turning us into a couple of schoolgirls. Or maybe this was just how two people in love acted on their first date, even if the date was a bit out of order compared to the rest of the relationship. I entwined (great word) my fingers around his as he slipped his hand into mine.

We were holding hands in public!

My heart sped up until I could almost see it pounding away in my chest. Here we were out on a date holding hands like a couple of lovers in a crowded movie theater. It was one of the most amazing feelings I'd ever felt in my life. It was........liberating.

Unlike a lot of stories I hear I never really had much of a crisis when I first knew I was gay. I was quick to realize it and quick to accept it, partly due to my mom and Jason being so understanding, but I had never really thought of myself as being different or not normal. I never had the urge to shout it to the world but I also never seriously considered what would happen if people found out. Until recently that is. I had spent so much time worrying about being "discovered" and, when it finally happened, about Vicky and the rest of our school life that I think for the first time I started having doubts about whether or not I really was as normal as I thought. I mean, if this was such a big deal to everyone else there had to be something to it right? I even started to realize that going on our date was partly about proving to myself that we were normal. But as I stood there holding the hand of my beautiful boyfriend in the middle of that theater I felt like everything was the way it was supposed to be. Like I was the way I was supposed to be. There was nothing at all abnormal about this and if anyone thought differently, well, fuck them. I had Vicky and as long as we never let go of each other nothing could hurt us.

I moved closer to Vicky so our arms could touch as well. I wanted to kiss him, I would have kissed him actually, but I suddenly wanted this to be the perfect first date and that meant no kissing until the end. Hand holding and sharing smiles however were not only allowed, they were welcome. We kept our hands locked the entire time we waited in line. I know people noticed, I even caught one or two giving us odd looks at times but none of that bothered me anymore and if it bothered Vicky it never showed. No one said anything to us though so by the time we reached the box office, which wasn't a box or an office so I thought it was stupid to call it that, I was starting to have a lot of confidence in the success potential for Operation: Nate and Vicky Are Normal and Nothing Can Ever Change That. Hey, it's my operation so I can change the name to whatever the hell I want.

The girl behind the counter, she was probably about 17 or 18 and definitely part of the slow teenager group, barely even noticed us.

"Hello, welcome to AMC." she drawled.

"Hi, two tickets to Resident Evil." I said quickly. If she wasn't about to hurry up I figured the least I could do was try to speed things up for everyone else by not taking my own sweet ass time. It made me feel like I was getting back at them for making me wait.

"What time?" she asked

"Huh?" I said stupidly.

"What time? For the movie?" she repeated sounding slightly irritated.

Crap. I hadn't even bothered looking at the times the movie was playing. I looked up at the board and was surprised, but more than a little bit pleased, to see that there was a show starting in 20 minutes. Seems my incredibly good luck hasn't quite been used up yet.

"7:00" I said finally.

"That'll be 28 dollars."

What the fuck? 28 dollars? For a movie? I could get blown for less! Well, actually I wasn't really sure about that but it sounded good though right?

Still, it usually only costs 22 dollars to go to the movies, even on a Saturday night. What the hell made this movie so damn expensive?

"Here are your 3D glasses." the girl said after I grudgingly released Vicky's hand and gave her the money.


Ok, so you're probably expecting a long rant about how stupid 3D movies are right about now aren't you? Well, you aren't gonna get it. I actually kinda like 3D movies. Sure, a lot of them aren't really 3D they're just raised up a little in post production but going to see a movie that was filmed in 3D is a guilty pleasure of mine. That didn't mean I liked having to pay almost 30 dollars to see a movie though.

I took the glasses, handed Vicky his pair and we walked towards the concession stand.

"Do you want anything?" I asked Vicky.

"Ummmmm." he thought for a moment. "Yeah, let's get one of those things Jason had." He laughed at the expression on my face. "Don't worry, I won't make you carry the whole thing." He took me by the hand again and led me over to the line which, thankfully, was a lot shorter than the last one.

He kept his hand in mine the entire time we waited and this time I did hear some muttered comments. A group of boys and girls, mostly around our age, were walking out of one of the corridors that led to the theaters which just happened to be right behind the line we were waiting on. They were laughing and talking about the movie they just came out of but when they started to pass behind us they suddenly got silent. They didn't stop or anything, I heard their footsteps moving away, but I also heard one of them muttering something. I didn't catch anything besides "fucking fags" and "their asses". I kinda doubted they were commenting on how sexy our asses were so there was probably either a "kick" or a "beat" in front of that last one. Vicky's hand tightened in mine and I looked at him fearing, but expecting, that I'd see the same cloud pass over his face that I saw after school on Friday but instead I was met with a reassuring smile and another hand squeeze. Oh. My. God. HE was trying to comfort ME! For about the fifteenth time since we got together I fell in love with him all over again. I returned his smile and felt my eyes start to burn. If I was anywhere else I would have grabbed him and held him tight against me while I cried tears of love into his perfect shoulder but there was no way in hell I was going to be seen crying like a girl in public. It's kinda strange that tears, something that every person on the planet is capable of producing, are more embarrassing in public than holding the hand of another boy.

I couldn't stop smiling as we steadily got closer to the counter. Vicky and I had both played the role of the comforting boyfriend to each other before but this was the first time he ever did it when I didn't actually need comforting and somehow that made me appreciate it even more. Maybe it was because I didn't have any problem or emotional crisis that was distracting me from how completely alive it made me feel to know that he wanted me to feel better.

I was still smiling like, well, like a boy out on his first date with the person he loved when we finally reached the counter. The woman behind the counter, thankfully not a slow teenager but a twenty something, saw us holding hands and I could actually see her fake customer service smile turn genuine.

"Hey guys, what can I get you?" she asked. At the risk of sounding a bit stuck up I usually hated when waiters or people behind cash registers acted like they were your friends. It always made me feel like they were trying to form some personal bond that they could exploit to make you order more expensive crap that you didn't want. But whether it was because of my incredibly good mood or because of her real smile I found myself enjoying the familiarity.

"Super combo please." I said.

"What kinda drink?" she asked, still smiling.

"Um." I looked at Vicky. "What do you want sweetie?" Oh God, did I really just say that? The cashier grinned.

Vicky blushed (have I mentioned how cute that is yet?) and said "Sprite?" It was a nervous question instead of an answer but nevertheless it was the right question because I love Sprite. Not that I wouldn't have ordered dog piss and drank it happily if that's what Vicky wanted.

"Sprite." I said to the cashier. Unnecessarily because she had already started filling up one of those obscenely large cups. She was quick. After she got our soda she filled up a bag of popcorn, took my money and gave me back my change in record time. I hoped she'd be moved to the box office soon. While she was handing me back my change she leaned down close to us and whispered "You guys are really cute together" and then winked.

"Thanks." I smiled. That felt....nice. Not just the acceptance of a complete stranger but that someone would compliment us on how we looked together. I felt pride welling up in me. Not pride in an "out and proud" sort of way but pride in the fact that out of all the people in the world Vicky was with me, ME, and we really did look damn cute together. It's amazing how the right compliment at the right time can have such a big impact and it was even better for coming so soon after overhearing the "fags and asses" brigade. There was probably some kind of life lesson in that somewhere, maybe even something uplifting, but I didn't spend too much time thinking about it. We still had the rest of our date in front of us.

As we gathered up our combo, sadly we had to stop holding hands to do this, I noticed that Vicky had turned even more red than before. I suppressed a giggle. He was just too adorable when he was embarrassed and I loved the way he could go from being the strong, confident guy to the shy, blushing boy at the drop of a hat.

Vicky kept his promise not to make me carry everything. He even tried to grab the popcorn from the counter after he picked up the soda but I snatched it up before he got the chance. It was very sweet that he wanted to carry everything but there was no way I was going to make him my pack-Jason. With a wave and a "Have fun, guys" from the cashier we walked towards our theater.

As I was fishing the tickets out of my pocket I heard a sudden uproar from back towards the main entrance. Vicky and I both turned to look but all we saw was a large group of people standing around something and two ushers and a cop pushing through the crowd.

"Did you see anything?" I asked Vicky.

"Nah." he stood up on his toes to try and get a better look. It was a valiant effort but I learned a long time ago that it's pretty much impossible for anyone our height to actually see over anything. He quickly gave up and shrugged. "Maybe someone had a heart attack or something?"

"Maybe." I agreed. "Probably because of how awful that Drew Barrymore movie was."

Vicky giggled. "I wonder if Jason will be ok?"

"Well if he keels over at least he has Jen there to give him mouth to mouth."

We shared an amused smile.

I finally found the tickets and started to walk towards the very bored looking usher.

"Wait!" Vicky exclaimed and took off before I could say anything. He ran back over to the concession stand and went to the prep area where they keep all the salt and butter and that stuff. He looked around for a few seconds then came running back with two straws in his hand.

"Forgot these." he said and with a smile shoved them both into my back pocket. His hand lingered on my ass just long enough for me to notice before taking it away to get a better grip on the soda. Now it was my turn to turn red. Not because I was embarrassed by the touch but because my cock, which had been at least half hard since we first started holding hands, grew into a full blown erection and was very, very visible. That'll teach me to not wear any underwear when I go out in public.....

If Vicky noticed my little problem (NO! I mean big problem! Massive in fact!) he never said anything. He just stood next to me staring contentedly at the movie posters on the walls while I handed the tickets over. Thankfully the usher was more interested in looking bored and mopey than staring at my crotch. He ripped the tickets, muttered a barely understandable "Down the hall to your right" and then went right back to ignoring us. I could almost see customer service rolling over in it's grave.

Vicky walked down the hallway and I followed, staring at his ass the whole time. His ever present cargo shorts had rode up into his crack and his beautiful, round globes were outlined perfectly. With every step he took they moved slightly up and down. Up, down, up, down, up, down. I resigned myself to the fact that my hard on wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. He looked back at me over his shoulder, flashed me his wicked little grin then stared meaningfully at my crotch.

That little......he knew EXACTLY what he was doing to me. As if to prove my point he pulled the waistband of his shorts up even higher so they rode up farther, looking me directly in the eyes as he did it. He turned away again and I found myself wishing that I was British so I could make a delicious double entendre about his "cheek".

I shook my head and tried to ignore the glorious spectacle that is Vicky in full "tease" mode. This was going to be romantic, I was NOT going to let him torture me all night long with his brief touches and his sexy swaying ass that just wouldn't stop going up and down, up and down....No! Romance! Romance, dammit! Stop looking at his perfect ass and imagining his sleek, tight body writhing under you........this was hopeless.

I ran to catch up with him. Maybe once I got him beside me instead of in front of me I could concentrate on something other than his ass. Maybe I could even bring some romance back into the situation. I got up next to him and slowed down. I wanted so badly to hold his hand. So far that seemed to be the most successful way of putting Vicky back in the mood for romance. The problem with this plan was that both of our hands were busy holding other things. As we walked Vicky moved over close to me so that our bare arms were touching.

Now, I know you're probably thinking that this is a romantic gesture, right? That it's probably the next best thing to hand holding? Well, I hate to break it to you, but you're dead wrong.

You see, our arms weren't just touching. They were RUBBING. His smooth skin was moving against my smooth skin and the entire time all I could hear was the quiet swish, swish, swish, of his ass-clenched shorts rubbing together. All I could think of was how his smooth arm felt so much like his smooth chest which in turn felt a lot like his smooth stomach which kinda felt like his smooth thighs which themselves felt like his smooth ass and that, of course, felt just a bit like his smooth.......dammit I'm doing it again. All I could do was keep my head firmly faced front because I knew if I looked at him and saw those bedroom eyes staring at me through those careless strands of hair or caught a glimpse of that oh-so-suggestive grin, I'd be lost. I'd drop my popcorn, drag him into the nearest bathroom, push him into the stall and have my way with him.

And then any chance of romance would be gone.

I don't think I've ever had a more intense internal fight between the lover and the, well, "lover" parts of my personality. I wanted so badly just to give in and let him seduce me but at the same time I wanted our first date to be a real first date. A normal first date. I wasn't doing this for anyone else anymore, I wanted it for me. I have no regrets with the way we started our relationship. None. But I still never got to have a proper first date with Vicky and right now I wanted that more than anything. I wanted romance. Proper romance, the kind without secret, rushed, sex. And I wanted it tonight.

I had no idea why. Any other time in this situation I would have been the one rubbing against Vicky and plotting how I'd get him alone in a dark corner or a bathroom stall. Hell, even on the car ride over I got so angry and frustrated when Vicky wouldn't finish me off that I thought I'd explode. No pun intended. And you know the thing that was really getting to me? I knew that if I asked Vicky to stop teasing me, he would. If I explained why he wouldn't even get upset and he would be the perfect, romantic boyfriend the entire night. I almost did it. I opened my mouth twice to say something but this little....thing inside of me just wouldn't let go of the idea that a first date was supposed to be spontaneous and if I asked him to stop the magic that I was looking for would be lost.

So I kept quiet. It seemed to take forever to actually get to our theater but it was really probably less than two minutes. We walked in side my side, still rubbing arms of course, and took a look around. It was about half filled and we still had a little less than twenty minutes before the movie started so I knew it would be pretty full soon. Usually in situations like this I like to sit in the row of three seats directly above the corridor that leads into the theater. It's up high enough to get a good view of the screen and you can put your feet up on the railing, but instead of going there I led Vicky right up to the back row which was somehow still mostly empty. We sat down directly in the middle.

Vicky put the soda in the cup holder between us so we'd both have easy access but I kept the popcorn on my lap. I needed something to cover up my hard on so Vicky couldn't see it. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. Not out of mind for me though. Every time Vicky reached over to get a handful (of popcorn you pervert!) the bag would press into my slightly softening boner and up it would go again. I didn't think he was doing it on purpose but either way it was very hard to concentrate on being romantic when every few minutes Vicky would caress my cock via popcorn bag.

"Gimme the straws." Vicky said suddenly.

"Huh?" I gave him a blank look.

"The straws." he giggled. "In your back pocket."

Oh. Those straws. The ones I was now sitting on. I sighed. At least I had some embarrassment to take my mind off my arousal. Carefully, so I didn't spill the popcorn, I reached under me and pulled out two very crushed straws. Straws are amazing inventions though, as long as they don't have any holes in them they'll work no matter how crushed they are. After the straws were in place we both leaned in to take a drink at the same time.


"Ow." I said, rubbing my head.

"Ow." Vicky repeated, mirroring my head rubbing.

We stopped rubbing and shared a sheepish grin. We went back for another try at getting a drink. This time we went slower. Our eyes were locked the entire time. We reached the straws and took them gingerly into our mouths. My heart started to beat rapidly and our noses were almost touching. I continued to look right into Vicky's eyes as we drank and I couldn't help but notice his lips softly wrapped around the straw. That was so hot. I wanted to kiss him so badly!

I didn't though. We finished sipping at the same time and sat back in our seats. Our eyes never broke contact.

Looking into Vicky's eyes was always a magical experience. His eyes were beautiful, oh God were they ever, I never even thought people could HAVE gray eyes and his were such a wonderful shade of gray, so dark and yet at the same time always filled with an inner light that always captivated me and made me feel like I was floating in pure happiness. That wasn't even the best part. The best part was that when I looked into his eyes I could see that I made him feel the same way. It was a way of sharing love that I never thought possible and at that moment I never wanted to look away. Without even realizing it the romance I had been looking for all night was suddenly right there in the space between us and I never even gave it a second thought. Once I actually stopped trying so hard it was easy as, well, looking into someones eyes.

I'm not sure how long our eyes were locked together. I lost all track of time and the fact that there was a world beyond us and was rudely brought back to reality by a bunch of loud teenage girls plopping down in the row in front of us. They were chattering away like a group of Michelle's (damn that's a scary thought) and I started to get a bit annoyed. There was an ENTIRE half a theater and they had to sit down RIGHT in front of...........I broke off my thought as I looked around. Somehow the half filled theater had turned into an almost completely packed theater in the.....um.....I really had no idea how much time had passed. It must have been a while though, there were even people sitting in our row, including a woman sitting two seats away from me. When I noticed her I saw that she was staring right at me with an arched eyebrow. I got the impression that she had been staring at me for some time, or more likely, staring at me staring at Vicky. I looked behind her and noticed that she has three young boys with her, none of them looked older than 8 or 9 and I assumed she was probably the mother of at least one of the kids. She saw where I was looking and quickly sat forward in her seat just far enough to block my view of the the children. She gave me a look filled with warning and probably an implied threat or two.

Seriously? The kids were KIDS for fucks sake! I may be gay and admittedly a bit of a sex crazed pervert but I wasn't a pedophile or something dammit! Just because I stare longingly into another boys eyes for a really long time doesn't mean I'm gonna pounce on anything young and male.

Besides, 9 year olds give terrible head anyway.

Kidding! Kidding! Oh you should have seen the look on your face. Priceless.

I rolled my eyes at the lady and shot back a less than friendly look of my own before turning back to Vicky. I was pleased, but not really surprised, to notice that the feeling of romance hadn't left the air. I smiled at Vicky and he smiled back at me as he took another sip of soda. I would have loved to start up another staring session but just then the lights dimmed and the pre-preview commercials started.

Movie theater commercials are a great way to gauge what kind of crowd you're with. If people actually start to tone down their conversations during the George Lopez ad then it's pretty much guaranteed that there won't be much talking during the movie. I didn't really have much hope of a quiet theater on a Saturday night but I was pleasantly surprised when the drone of conversation got noticeably quieter. Even the pack of Michelle's in front of us seemed to quiet down.

After about 10 minutes the commercials ended and the previews started. Previews were actually my favorite part of going to the movies. I loved seeing a good trailer, especially the teasers for the big summer blockbusters. The first time I was the teaser for The Dark Knight I almost had a total nerdgasm right there in the theater.

After the first preview was over I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked over to see Vicky staring at me with a questioning look. I grinned inwardly. The best part about going to the movies with someone is being able to play the "good or bad" game with the previews. I wasn't sure that Vicky would be into that but I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was he interested he was starting it. I smiled at him and gave the first preview, a pretty decent looking action movie, a thumbs up. He returned both the smile and the gesture.

The next was a romantic comedy which we both gave a thumbs down to before it was even halfway over with. After that was a horror movie which we both gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to. We kept this up for all eight previews and I was happy to notice that with one exception we both had the exact same opinions on the previews. The one exception was for a Pixar animated movie. I gave it a thumbs down because, come on, I'm THIRTEEN years old. I'm a bit too grown up to get excited for cartoons anymore. Vicky saw my thumbs down, rolled his eyes and gave it a thumbs up. He saw my confused expression and leaned close to me.

"Pixar movies are awesome." he whispered.

"They're kids movies." I whispered back.

Vicky gave me an exasperated look. "And what are we? Old men?"

"Well, no, but we're almost in high school. I think we're a bit too old for cartoons."

He sighed. "They're not kids cartoons. Lots of adults like them too." He narrowed his eyes at me. "And since when are you worried about being mature?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" I exclaimed, maybe a bit louder than I meant to.

"SHHHH!" This was from the lady with the children. She was glaring at me again with the same look and intensity she had when she seemed to think I was eying up her little kids. Did she have any other speed besides overreacting? I mean, it's not like the movie was playing or anything.

And, of course, just as I thought that Milla Jovovitch started in on her "My name is Alice" speech and I felt my face heating up. I hated people who talked during movies and it was bad enough that I had turned into one but to have That Woman be the one to point it out made it that much worse. I was starting to sulk when I felt Vicky's hand found mine.

I know this is probably getting a bit redundant by now but once again Vicky's presence was enough to drag me from my black mood. I squeezed his hand and smiled at him not even bothering to spare That Woman another glance. I did briefly wonder why I insisted on giving her so much of my attention. I mean, she never actually said anything to me but those looks and the implications of them........something inside of me took notice of something inside of her and decided to give her the title of That Woman. Something told me that if my life was a movie and I was the hero she would end up being the villain.

Like I said though these were just brief thoughts. Most of my time was spent watching the movie with Vicky. How was the movie you ask? I have no idea. I only said I was watching it I never said I was paying any attention. My eyes might have been (mostly) on the screen but all my attention was on the boy sitting next to me. On the way his thumb drew lazy circles on the top of my hand. On his lips as gently took a drink of soda. On his laughter during a funny scene. On his laughter during a stupid scene. On the way he suddenly rested his head against my shoulder and let out a contented sigh. On the way my arm found it's way around his shoulders after he did this. On now perfectly he fit in my arms.

Yeah, it's safe to say I had a lot more important things to occupy my attention than Milla Jovovich kicking zombie ass.

All too soon the lights came up and I found myself starting at the credits. I looked over at Vicky and saw a look of confusion on his face as well. I smiled. Guess I wasn't the only one with something besides the movie to concentrate on.

People around us started getting up and leaving so with a sigh I removed my arm from Vicky, stood up ad stretched. I noticed the slight frown that crept across Vicky's face as I stood up turn into a leering smile as my stretch lifted my shirt up and exposed about two inches of midriff. I wanted to stretch more to see how much skin it would take to get that smile to turn into a full blown grin but the date wasn't over yet and even though we had already found the romance I wanted I couldn't bring myself to get all pervy right now. I stopped stretching and held out my hand towards Vicky.

"Come on." I smiled. "The date isn't over yet."

We made our way through the crowd hand in hand. Neither one of us said anything but like all our silences this one wasn't in any way uncomfortable. If anyone gave us any looks or anything I never noticed them. I traced my thumb around the back of Vicky's hand and immediately felt him doing the same to me. At some point our thumbs met and started our first match of what we'd later call the Thumb Game. With the tips of our thumbs pressed together we pushed them as hard as we could. The point of the game was to keep pushing as hard as we could while keeping our thumbs together and trying to get the other person to break contact. I know, it sounds stupid, but trust me it's a lot of fun.

As we walked our arms twisted and jerked as we tried to surprise each other and get the others thumb to slip. Pretty soon we added some giggling to our arm movings and even though I never really looked I'm sure a whole lot of people must have been giving us strange looks. Although this time probably not for the gay thing.

We eventually got out to the lobby and called a truce because I needed to make a phone call.

"Hey mom." I said into the phone after dialing home.

"Hi Nathan, how was the movie?" my mom asked.

"Um, good." I think. "Can you come get us?" I noticed Vicky cock his and give me a strange look as I said that.

"Sure, I'll be there in about 40 minutes."

"Thanks mom. Bye."

"By-" Yeah, I hung up on my mom. Got a problem with that?

I looked over at Vicky and saw that he was frowning now.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I thought you said the date wasn't over." He asked.

I smiled. "It's not."

"Then why are we going home?"

"Trust me." I grinned at him. "And did you just say home?"

"Well, yeah, it just....it's like wherever we stay together is...home....." he trailed off and smiled shyly at me.

Now do you see why I love this boy so much?

I felt my eyes start to tear up and I pulled him close for a tight hug. I wanted to kiss him, I would have kissed him, but kissing in public was something I was gonna have to work up to. Not because I was embarrassed, ok, not ONLY because I was embarrassed but also because my kisses were for Vicky and only Vicky. Not for a bunch of strangers to stare at. This went triple for the kisses that really meant something like this one would have.

I guess Vicky didn't really have the same problem, or if he did he got over it, because as his arms tightened around me he gave me a small kiss on my neck. Not just on my neck, but on THAT part of my neck. The part that through some weirdness of evolution was connected right to my dick. I moaned softly and pretty much got instantly hard. Vicky's hands started moving up and down my back and I sighed happily. Vicky was wrong before. Home wasn't just anyplace we stayed together. Home was being in each others arms. I was home.

And since we were having a perfect moment we were of course startled out of it once again by the demonic giggling of teenage girls. I was really beginning to hate that sound. Vicky pulled back, startled, and for a split second I saw panic in his eyes. It left quickly though and was replaced by annoyance. He turned around and I'm pretty sure his glare matched the one I was giving the girls. The girls, of course, were the ones who sat down in front of us in the theater. This time though they were all staring at us. If they saw our glares they never reacted to them. They just kept staring and whispering and giggling. What the hell is wrong with girls in this town?

I tugged on Vicky's arm and he looked back towards me. I motioned towards the exit doors with my head and he nodded. Without another look at the giggling gaggle of girls (alliteration for the win!) we headed outside. We still had a bit to wait before my mom showed up so we sat down on the stairs as far away from the door as we could. I was actually kinda surprised that those girls didn't follow us but our glares must have gotten through to them. Either that or they weren't as insane as the our fangirls but based on my experience with females if you asked me to put money on it I'd probably bet on the glares.

As we waited Vicky cuddled up close to me and I put my arm around his shoulder. I probably shouldn't have. We were outside after all and, even though I didn't expect a lynch mob to form the second we showed affection for each other, if anyone did try to start a fight or something there wasn't exactly anyone nearby to break it up. I just felt so......comfortable being out (in every sense of the word) with Vicky right now that I couldn't help it. It's weird. Barely twenty four hours ago I thought my life was over because people knew about me and Vicky but right then I had no idea why we hadn't done this sooner. It just felt so right. I knew the feeling probably wouldn't last but I wanted to enjoy it while it did.

"You were right." Vicky said suddenly.

"About what?" I asked.

"About tonight." he put his arm around my waist and cuddled closer. "I really did think you were going crazy when you said it but I don't think I've ever had more fun being out somewhere with someone." He squeezed me. "I'm really glad my first date was with you Nate."

I smiled at him, even though he couldn't see it, and gave him a squeeze back. "I'm glad my first everything was with you Vicky." He turned his head to look up at me and this time I did kiss him. Not a long porno kiss or a quick peck but a soft, sensual brushing of our lips. At first there wasn't even any pressure. Our lips just barely touched. I could feel his warm breath coming from his mouth and sliding across mine. Slowly, tentatively, I leaned in until our lips were pressed together more fully. It only lasted for a few seconds before we parted and looked into each others eyes with goofy smiles on our faces. It was a "first kiss" kiss. The perfect way to end a first date.

Like I said before though, the date wasn't quite over yet.

We didn't kiss or speak again. We just sat there holding each other, both of us perfectly content just being in the others presence. At some point I decided that it was a bit weird that no one had said anything to us yet. I mean, people had been going in and out of the theater pretty consistently since we'd been there and you'd have thought at least some of them would have had a comment or two about two boys cuddling up together.

I took a quick look around and was more than a little surprised to see a cop standing outside the theater with us. By "us" I don't mean me and Vicky I mean everyone else outside. The cops that show up at the movies on the weekends usually stay inside the lobby since that's usually where any fights or crimes would be most likely to take place. This was actually the first time I'd actually seen one outside. I was absently wondering why he was out here when he caught my eye and gave me a little nod and a small, reassuring smile.

Holy crap! Was he actually out here.....watching over us?

It wasn't like he was near us (and this time I do mean me and Vicky) or anything. In fact he was on the complete opposite side of the row of doors than us but he was standing at the top of the stairs and now that I thought about it he did kinda look like he was keeping guard. I guess you'd have to be pretty stupid to start harassing someone with a cop standing there like a king surveying his kingdom. I didn't really know, or care, why he was doing it. I appreciated it though and I returned his nod before looking away and resting my head on Vicky's.

We stayed that way until my mom came. If there was any doubt that the cop was out there to look after us it disappeared when he gave us a little wave and walked back inside after we got in the car. Vicky saw it and raised his eyebrows at me but I just shrugged.

The car ride home was a lot like the car ride to the movies except there was no teasing and since we already had our "first kiss" I didn't think I was breaking any rules by furiously making out with Vicky the entire ride home. Considering the amount of times we accidentally smashed our arms or elbows or feet (we moved around a lot) into the back of my moms seat and the fact that we weren't exactly being quiet I'm pretty sure my mom knew what was going on. She never mentioned it though and I loved her for it.

We pulled into the driveway......um....man, I'm really bad at this time stuff when I'm with Vicky. I'll just say "some time later" and leave it at that. Anyway......"some time later" when we pulled into my driveway we smoothed out our clothes and wiped the wetness away from our mouths (yeah, we're sloppy kissers, but I'm not complaining) before getting out of the car. My mom had an amused smirk on her face and I immediately dialed back my previous feelings of "love" to "kind of tolerate".

I'm getting a bit tired of saying this but the second we were out of the car Vicky and I went straight up to my room. As soon as the door was closed I turned to Vicky and saw a smile of complete contentment on his face.

"That was so much fun, we need to-" I put my finger to his lips and cut him off.

"How many times do I have to tell you, the date isn't over yet so don't say how much you liked it until it's over."

"We're already home. That usually means the date's over right?"

"Maybe for other people but I have a very special way of ending a first date." I grinned.

"Oh really?" Vicky asked with mock cautiousness. "And what would that be?"

"This." I said as I kissed him. I slid my hands up under the front of his shirt and he shuddered at my touch. I broke our kiss to lift his shirt over his head and he spoke.

"So you think just because you took me out on an amazing date I'm just gonna jump into bed with you?" He gave me a disapproving look. "What kinda guy do you think I am?"

I grinned at him again. "I think you're the kinda guy that wants me." I pulled him in for another kiss.

"Mmmmm" he moaned into my mouth. "I think you're right." He broke the kiss this time and took my shirt off. "Yeah. You are so right." He kissed me again, this time hungrily.

As we kissed I moved us over to the bed. We collapsed onto it together and rolled around as we made out. I'd get him under me for a few seconds then he'd suddenly twist his hips and get himself on top of me. It was a lot of fun, but I had other things in mind for tonight.

Still kissing him I reached down and unbuttoned my pants. Vicky quickly did the same and within seconds we were both naked on top of each other. I pushed my crotch roughly into his and our hand cocks ground together. Once again he moaned into my mouth. He flipped me over again but this time when he was on top of me he stopped kissing me and brushed my hair away from my face.

"Where is it?" he asked softly.

I smiled at him, reached behind my dresser and pulled out the lube. I dangled it playfully in front of his face before tossing it in the air. Vicky caught it with a smile and applied some to his cock. As he did this his eyes closed and he got a very familiar look on his face.

"Hey now, ease up hornyboy I don't want you to blow before you get inside me." I said with a smirk.

He stuck his tongue out at me (have I mentioned yet how adorable that is?) and dropped the lube. He didn't say anything back he just leaned down, kissed me and rubbed his now slippery cock around on my hole. My body jerked at the touch and I let out a slight moan of satisfaction. I could feel Vicky's mouth turn up in a smile as we kissed.

He pushed a bit more and with almost no resistance his head slid inside me. Oh. My. GOD. This just kept getting better and better all the time! I loved how there wasn't even any small discomfort anymore Vicky just slid inside me like he belonged there. That isn't to say I was all loose and used up. I could feel my ass gripping him tightly as he pushed further into me I was just so used to it by now that my body had long since given up trying to fight it.

Finally he was all the way inside me and we looked into each others eyes. I reached up to brush a strand of hair away from his face and then slowly with my fingers traced the outline of his face from his forehead to his jaw and then finally stopping at his slightly parted lips. He took my first finger into his mouth, swirled his tongue around it and then gave it a light bite. That was all that was needed to drive me over the edge.

I took my finger from his mouth, moved my hand to the back of his head and pulled him down for a hard kiss. The second my lips smashed against his he knew exactly what I wanted. This wasn't going to be slow, tender lovemaking. I wanted sex. I wanted to get fucked. And after spending all night teasing me with his cute ass and his sexy little smiles it was the least he could do.

He didn't even start out slow like he usually does he just started slamming into me hard and rough. I opened my mouth and our tongues met in a furious battle to get the farthest inside the others mouth. My legs wrapped around his body tightly as he fucked me.

I'm not sure when it happened but at some point we stopped kissing. I was now holding him close with his tight, sexy body pressed against mine and my lips next to his ears. He could hear my moans and my whispered pleas for him to go harder and faster and even though he was already breathing hard from his current exertion he never failed to meet my needs.

Just then he slightly changed how he was thrusting into me and I let out a loud cry of pleasure as his head grazed my prostate. He did it again and again and finally the fourth time he did it I moaned so loud I'm shocked my mom didn't come running and came all over our pressed together bodies. This sent Vicky off and with a loud moan of his own his cock started twitching inside me and I felt myself filling up with his cum. He pushed into me as deep as he could until he stopped cumming and them collapsed on top of me. We lay like that catching our breath until his softening cock slid out of me and his body slid off of me. Our breathing slowed and I felt my eyelids start to get incredibly heavy.

The last thing I remember before drifting off to sleep was my voice saying "Ok, now the date's over."

The first thing I remember when consciousness returned to me was how damn bright it was. That seemed wrong to me somehow but I was still too tired and "afterglowy" to figure out why. I didn't even think I had the strength to open my eyes and find out. After the brightness the second thing I noticed was the unmistakable weight of a very sexy and great in bed Vicky laying mostly on top of me. I smiled ad sighed happily. This was the only way to wake up.

I cuddled up closer to him and pulled the blanket up over us more. Wait, blanket? That seemed wrong somehow. My mind protested, violently and with several threats of strike, but I searched my thoughts for why the blanket was bothering me. We has sex on TOP of the blanket didn't we? I felt the area under my body and, sure enough, felt the familiar texture of my blanket.

But then what the hell was covering us?

I really did try to think up another solution but in the end the only thing I could think to do was open my eyes and look at the thing that was on top of us. I opened my eyes and immediately groaned softly and closed them again. Damn, it was BRIGHT. I opened my eyes again, just a bit this time though and tried to let my eyes become used to that much brightness. When the pain stopped enough to where I could open my eyes fully I was surprised and a little confused to find that the source of this incredibly bright light wasn't any lamp but........my window?

My brain was still a little bit behind the rest of me in waking up but I was alert enough to notice that there was in fact a blanket covering us. The only problem with that was it was a light blue blanket. The blanket on my bed was dark green and I didn't think there was ANY light blue blankets in the house. Well, except for.......

Isn't it weird how one small thought can snap you from "barely being able to move tiredness" to "instant panic filled alertness" in less than a heartbeat? I looked down and, sure enough, I recognized the blanket and with that recognition I felt the dread start to rise inside me.

It was the blanket that was usually on the back of the couch downstairs.

I looked back to the window and felt my heart speed up with even more panic. The light wasn't from some neighbors yard or some construction spotlight but the full shining brightness of the morning sun.

Ok, this might not be so bad, maybe Vicky got up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to get the blanket? That could be it right? Except.....he's in the exact same position he was in last night when we fell asleep. Oh god! We fell asleep! ASLEEP! After SEX! And we didn't wake up until MORNING! I looked over to the door and started hyperventilating.

The door was OPEN!

I looked frantically around the room for......I don't know what, something, anything that would show me that what I feared wasn't true when my eyes stopped on my nightstand. Right there, next to my clock radio where I know for SURE I didn't leave it was the bottle of lube. And right on the bottle was a bright pink sticky note. The kind that was always kept in the kitchen for writing out grocery lists. It didn't have a grocery list on it. What it did have on it was a short message, really just three sentences.

'Boys, when you wake up come downstairs. We need to have a talk. Mom.'

Oh fuck.

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