What The Hell?

by Andrew Foote

Chapter 6

Thursday November 19th 2009. 07.00hrs.

Hey! I've just gone on line and Simon had left me a message last night. He just said that he had come up with a brill idea for the weekend but never said what it was the bastard!

Only that he'd talk to me about it today cos I might not go for it or summat.

I like mysteries!


Sorry I'm late computer but I went into town after school to get my hair cut.

I asked my Mum how the finances were and if she could spare the money for me to get it done.

Fuck me! She said okay and like how I never asked to get it cut before as she normally had to kick my cute little bum even to wash it let alone get it cut!

Oh yeah! And how considerate it was of me to ask if she could afford it and how nice it was to see me tucking my shirt into my trousers and tying my tie properly and some such shit.

Worrying or what!

Anyhow it looks well fit……..my fucking hair does!

I went to that new place down Beacon Street. It's a Salon darling, not a fucking barbers shop!

The guy who did the biz, OMG! What a fucking poofter! You know the sort, he doesn't walk, he just kinda floats along!

Maybe I shouldn't take the piss cos the boy did fucking awesome!!

Anyhow…….. Oh yeah! Today at school!

Simon had this rubbish idea which kinda freaked me out a bit.

He thought that we should back up our diaries onto CD-R and then we could look at each other's and compare notes.

Hey computer? That's pushing at it a bit but fuck it. Why not? There's something inside me that makes me want him to know and if he gets all fucked up about it……..well I can always come home but I did say that he must NEVER, NOT EVER tell another living soul and he promised because he was going to make me promise that as well so that's sorted!

Still well nervous though!

Decided not to tell about my Olympic swimming achievements just yet cos I just love messing about in the water but I know I'll have to soon enough. Next week if I'm still alive!

Oh and yeah. I bought some fancy shower gel with the change from my haircut money. Mr Poofy (sorry mate), told me I'd smell like an angel and he should know what with him being a fairy and everything.

Can't wait to give it a go but I've like twenty tons of homework to do first, then I've got to pack an over-night bag, back you up diary before showering and getting my little-needed beauty sleep! Ha-ha!!

Oh damn! I feel soo good!


Homework all done!

Bag packed and I've showered.

Hey. That fucking gel sorta gets to you.

It's like hair. You don't like it at first but it grows on you.

GET IT! Hair grows on you... ...Never mind.

So does the gel. Fab smell!

Nite computer, oh and hey?

You're working pretty well since I kicked you around the last time and your ROM drive worked!


Friday November 20th 2009 07.00hrs.

All ready to go!

Samantha had a go at me for clogging up the bathroom this morning!

Fucking-hell! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black but I feel good with myself so she can go screw!

My old chap said something about how I looked more `grown-up' and respectable or summat and I don't know if that's good or bad.

Hey! Let's take that as good!

Anyhow. Got to go now.

Shit. I'm so very nervous about this weekend.

Hey, God? Help me please?

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