Star Wars: Darklight

by AB

Chapter 7

Rejecting the Sith'ari

Waking up next to each other had taken a whole new different meaning for Tern and Volun the past month.

They had sort of fallen into a routine of waking up in the morning next to each other, cuddling and kissing, sometimes fooling around, jerking off and suckling each other off then repeating before sleep at night. It wasn't just the sex, they found. It was the talking and sharing the affection they felt for each other, getting to know one another and opening up to the newfound emotions and urges.

Tern would try and wake up earlier than Volun so he could just lie on his side either with Volun's head on his chest or his head on Volun's neck or just simply gaze at Volun in the dim light coming from the corridor and the starlight coming from the small round windows.

This was another such day. Tern woke up a few minutes earlier than Volun, propped on his elbow and gazed into Volun's sleeping figure.

He was feeling melancholic, he could not put his finger on why but something was bothering him, making him feel as if he was standing on a precipice, in front of him there was light, behind him dark. What bothered him was that he did not want to choose either. His force visions did not make any sense to him either anymore.

He shook his head and caressed Volun's smooth cheek. The boy stirred in his sleep snuggling up closer to Tern. Tern couldn't help himself smiling. He hugged the boy staying still in the darkness of night.

Ever since a month ago it had all gone very still, the last few rebel factions were resisting or denying entrance into the Coalition or driving hard bargains that Cyra could not hope to satisfy. What was worrying was the Sith were on the move again. Now again openly attacking systems and besieging planets. News had reached them that Tython was still resisting, the Academy had fallen with almost everyone inside it slaughtered but the rest of the planet's installations and secondary academy were still resisting the Sith siege.

The news arrived in the form of a Jedi Padawan who begged Cyra as leader of the forming Coalition for military aid as the remaining Jedi there would not last for much longer. Cyra had to reply that she was not yet the leader of anything and the coalition could not yet mobilise any forces or attack the Sith.

The Padawan had then turned to Tern and asked, Tern had just left the room, saying he was no longer a Jedi and could not step foot on Tython under penalty of death.

"What's troubling you?" Volun had woken up and was looking at him.

"Nothing…was just thinking we need to move…we are too idle anymore."


"Not you and me, the Coalition, I don't think we'll get anyone else and we need to move before we start losing factions to fear and the Sith's advance."

"Mum still hopes to get the Corellians on board. They do have over ten thousand systems under their Federation."

"They are driving the hardest bargain of all the factions we've recruited so far, their demands are almost atrocious…don't they understand? The Sith won't negotiate they will kill all who resist."

"I know. You should talk to Cyra about this."

"I'm talking to you."

"I can't do much about it."

"I know…" Tern got out from the bed and started putting his clothes on.

Volun turned on the inter-galactic news on his communicator. "Another planet…my brother won't stop will he?"

Tern sighed. "He is not lying you know…if I joined them this would stop…" He took a breath, "but it wouldn't matter because with the Dark Side power hidden within me sooner or later the whole of the galaxy would descend into another war of Darkness without end."

"You'd eventually die…"

"Yes, so? Until then the Sith will have grown so immensely powerful that nothing will be able to stop them, under my leadership the new Sith Academy and Conclave will flourish and grow, the youngling force sensitive children taken and forced into slavery or tutelage as Sith, the Jedi exterminated for good…even if this new empire falls after centuries or millennia…what will be the cost until then? No, I can never join them…but this means perpetuating death and misery as well…nice bind we find ourselves in."

"Only one thing left to do then, defeat them."


"Promise me something…" Volun's voice trailed.

"I will. If it's the last thing I do." Volun didn't have to ask, Tern knew Volun wanted him to kill his brother if or when the opportunity rose.

Tern walked out and to the communal area. Cyra was there talking with Garos and Alkon.

"Corellians?" Tern asked.

"They are asking for too much but we're getting there."

"We need to move against the Sith." Tern stated.

"Not yet, we need more…"

"Yes, now, we'll never have enough, the Sith are powerful and are becoming more powerful the more we leave them unchecked, now they are moving again."

Cyra sighed, she knew he was correct. "Okay, you have a mission, it should take you a few days. If by the time you get back me, Ura and the Coalition negotiators have not convinced the Corellians then we'll mobilise our forces and search for a suitable planet for our main base of operations."

"Fair enough, what mission?" Tern sat down opposite of Cyra binding his hands together on the table.

"We received a weird signal a few days ago, you were asked to go to Ambria, a wasteland planet. Someone wants to give us information about the Sith and wants you."

Tern raised an eyebrow. "Sounds like a trap to me."

"Yes, which is why you are not going alone, you are getting Alkon, Volun and a battalion of soldiers from the remnants of New Alderaan as well as a small cruiser. We are going to meet up with them in an hour." Cyra told him giving him a set of coordinates.

An hour later they were on board the Fidelis, light cruiser class. Cyra had given command of this mission to Alkon and Tern. Corporal Tanis, highest ranking officer of the battalion did not like not having the control of the mission, but he could not say anything since his superiors had ordered him to obey Cyra's orders as if their own until a leader, a Jedi could take command of the whole Coalition.

"It will take us a couple of days to get there, buckle up." Tanis told them and headed off the cargo bay.

"He's a ray of sunshine…" Alkon mumbled.

"Says the ray of cynicism and cold dry humour." Volun chuckled making Tern giggle.

"Still better than that stuck up ass…and my sense of humour is impeccable, I'll have you know."

"Yes, when you actually manage to make humour…" Volun smiled impishly.

"Everyone's a critic nowadays, even cutiepies." Alkon knew Volun did not like to be called cutiepie.

"Well he is a cutie that's for sure." Tern teased Volun, passing a hand in Volun's. Volun gazed at him with an irritated look in his face. Tern poked his tongue out at him. They headed for the bridge.

"So what's the plan?" Tanis asked them when they arrived.

Alkon opened his mouth to talk but Tern started first. "Me, Volun and your battalion will go down to the planet in a shuttle, you'll stay up here with Alkon, and no one starts firing if I don't say so."

"This is most likely a trap." Tanis started but Tern cut him off.

"Yes, and you will still follow my orders."

"The mission brief does not say where to land, how will we know?" Tanis was becoming increasingly irritated with the audacious youngster.

"The message we received said "I'll know where." So I'm guessing we'll know when we get there." Tern shrugged his shoulders.

"This…" Tanis released a deep breath. "Okay then, let's get this done and over with." He told them and left

"I have never seen a person more irritated and yet unable to react as he'd want than now." Alkon chuckled.

"Come on, let's go find somewhere to crash for the next couple of days." Volun took Tern by his elbow and left the bridge.

"Hey, hey wait, what's the rush?" Tern followed.

"I am horny." Volun replied matter-of-factly as he turned into a corridor.

Tern laughed, "you are always horny."

"Yeah, so are you, so shut up and come with me." Volun hurried them into one of the vacant rooms and locked the door.

"I want us to try something new…well not entirely new…" Volun pushed Tern on the bunk bed getting on top of him. Tern grinned. "That's not new." He replied removing his tshirt.

Volun removed his clothes and pivoted around facing Tern's crotch. Tern lifted his pelvis some so that Volun could remove his pants and Volun lifted his crotch from Tern's chest and removed his own pants before sitting back down, this time with his crotch right above Tern's head. Tern passed a hand round his boyfriend's waist and pulled him down taking the juicy-looking dick in his mouth. Volun bent over reciprocating. Tern used his free hand to squeeze and play with Volun's taut balls while he suckled on Volun's joystick, his tongue slurping and bathing Volun's engorged purple dickhead.

Volun moaned, his hips moving back and forth slowly while he held Tern's thighs and sucked on his cock. Tern whimpered, pushing his tongue against Volun's piss slit then running it under all the way to the base of the shaft.

Tern switched the angle of his body making them lie on their side with their legs open for greater access. They both just could not have enough of each other's scent and feel. Tern kneaded his fingers on Volun's hot buns spreading them apart. Volun giggled and spanked Tern's flatter, melon-shaped butt cheeks.

"Oh by the force…" Tern mumbled with Volun's hard prick impaling his mouth.

Tern could feel the hard penis grow in his mouth, he slowed down the sucking and stuck half a finger inside Volun's tight, warm, virginal love canal. Volun gave a squeal and his dick deflated for a few seconds.

Tern's quick bobbling motions up and down, up and down on his fleshsaber quickly returned it to its' erect state this time with Tern's middle finger slowly going in and out of his love-chute. Volun found the mixture of the uncomfortable pleasure almost intoxicating, finding himself moving his hips back and forth not only to fuck Tern's mouth but to fuck himself on Tern's invading finger.

"Oh…ugh...oohhh…fuuuuuucccckkkk!!!" Volun squirmed and wiggled around as he felt his toes curb and his balls produce him the most powerful orgasm oh his yet young life ejecting his boy butter in Tern's waiting mouth.

A couple of seconds later and feeling Volun's sphincter pulse and contrast around his finger Tern reached his own eruption.

Volun turned round hugging Tern. "Oh...fuck that was intense!" Panting and sweating.

"Yeeeeaaahhh…" They remained in this state for a while before they headed to have a sonic shower and return to the bridge in case they were needed.

Two days later they arrived at Ambria.

"The sensors are not catching up anything except one life form on the surface of the planet." Tanis told them.

"I am going to go down to that life form with a shuttle and a pilot, the rest of you will remain up here."

"No! If this is a trap my soldiers can protect you." Tanis objected smashing his hands on one of the console tables.

Tern closed his eyes and concentrated on the force. He stayed like this for a good fifteen minutes before he re-opened his eyes. "No, I sense no danger down on the surface of the planet. I will go alone."

"Alkon, put some sense into him." Tanis tried to have Alkon as the adult who had co-command of the mission counter Tern's order.

Alkon looked at Tern's stubborn eyes and chuckled. "He's force sensitive Corporal Tanis, if he wants he can just use the force and by the time we'll be able to react he'll be half way down to the planet's surface. Besides, if this is a trap we might as well not send every soldier we have down there all at once. Tern will go with two bodyguards and a pilot, and if the need arises we'll send more troops." Tern nodded and left for the hangar bay.

Two heavy infantry soldiers accompanied him.

"Where to?" The pilot asked him.

"Lock on to that life form in the scanners and head there." Tern told the pilot who with a nod took off.

Ten minutes later they landed on the barren wasteland surface of Ambria. "Stay here." He ordered the soldiers who stood at the shuttle's ramp.

One singular human sat on his knees a few meters away from them. He wore no hood but he had a mask on his face.

In front of him lay a lightsaber. Tern knew he was meditating.

"Who are you?"

The masked figure did not speak for a few seconds, then he removed his mask revealing the face of a middle aged human man and placed the mask on the ground next to the lightsaber.

"I am the Sith Lord Darth Novus, officially I am here to ask you on behalf of my Master Darth Insidious to join the Sith Order and become the Sith'ari." Tern was about to speak and decline as he had done with Darth Solus when Darth Novus continued talking. "My fleet of three battle cruisers are standing in orbit around the planet's moon to take us away should you join. Unofficially…I am here to offer you help against my Master."

"Three battle cruisers? How are our scanners not picking them up?"

"I am concealing them using the Dark Side of the Force and a cloaking device of my making."

"I will never join you."

"I know. I am counting on it, my Master has changed her mind, she no longer wants us to consolidate power, now she wants us to strike and eradicate the Jedi. I think you being exiled by them has helped her change strategy."

"Why would you want to help me…us defeat your Master? Want to take her place in the Sith Conclave?"

"No, I do not care for such power, I only care to be left alone to my inventions and experiments."

"Experiments? Like the one that created me? What vile awful things are you creating?"

"Nothing so…dramatic. I find no pleasure in manipulating life like so. My business is my own but I will not have one like her in command of this Order. She is sending a strike force of cruisers that possess our life-eradicators to Tython, she means to destroy all life on that planet and you need to stop her."

"Why? Why do you care?"

"As things have stood so far throughout the millennia the Dark Side of the Force has had a Bastion and so has the Light Side. Moraband and Tython. If she eradicates all life using the life-eradicators in Tython it won't just kill all life in Tython. Because of the increased presence of the Force in that planet it will turn the Force from Light to Dark defiling the planet."

"The Dark Side will have two bastions…" Tern mumbled.

"And the Light will have none, the process will not be easily reversible…if at all. Should this happen will create an unprecedented imbalance in the Force. This cannot be allowed to happen."

"Why do you care? All Sith want to do is gather power and kill and slay all in their path to succeed in gathering power."

Darth Novus laughed. "An over simplified explanation that only an imbecile could possibly think. Yes, the Sith desire power, ambition and passion. We realise that without conflict there is no growth, no evolution, no invention. Yes, we are willing to kill and manipulate and do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. Jedi are not all that different. They send people to die in their wars as well, they kill and they do whatever it takes to kill the Sith…do you not?"

"No…yes…no, we sacrifice ourselves for the common good, to help others and lessen the suffering of those that are weak. We would not have to send anyone to battle or kill anyone if the Sith were not blood thirsty warmongers."

Darth Novus laughed again. "The non-Force sensitives do much the same, yet you protect them, you are willing to fight and die so that they can continue being greedy sons of bitches. What common good? Why help the weak? Let them perish so that the strong can flourish, the weak only hinder society. You are going to become so much more powerful than before by training and fighting the Sith, by the time this war is over you will either be dead or you'll be the most powerful version of yourself you can be. You nearly killed two different people already to protect yourself, are you a bloodthirsty warmongering fuck? Are you not more able now than before because you had to adapt and grow through adversity and pain? Are you not more powerful, more knowledgeable and better equipped now that you explored your feelings rather than deny them as the Jedi would have you do?"

"Why must you fight to grow? Meditation can also achieve the same."

"Difference of opinion I think we'll have on this one."

"Sith are ever so afraid of dying. You want power but you crave a way of immortal life."

"Rightfully so. There is no life after death, so we must live for as long as possible."

"There is, we become one with the Living Force, and because of that we can selflessly sacrifice ourselves to save anyone from the Dark Side. Cowards are those of the Dark Side."

"More imbecile oversimplification, but we have more important things to do right now than to discuss philosophy of the Force. You need to not allow Tython to fall."

"Why do you care?"

"Because you, idiot boy, if the Dark Side gains two Bastions and the Light none there will not be any more conflict or struggle, it would be the same with the Light Side making Moraband into a Light Side Bastion. Even if we kill all the Jedi eventually some of the Force Sensitive children will grow up adhering the Light Side and eventually the Sith will fall only to rise again later on, but without a Bastion for each side the Force will become too much out of Balance. It would be uncharted territory, who knows what could happen, maybe even to the point of no more children being born Force Sensitive. True balance cannot be attained by killing off the Side you do not like. I want to be left alone to my Dark Side to invent things. Will you stop my Master or will you stay here arguing?"

"I will kill her if I can."

Darth Novus laughed again. "Face her now and you'll die quickly. No, you must grow stronger, but for now you can stop the death of all life in Tython. Do not accept the Sith'ari or the galaxy will be in a far worst fate than the aftermath of Darth Vader's betrayal. Now go."

"Why did you call me out to this place?"

"Is it not obvious? Here the Sith'ari imposter Bane died by his own apprentice, here the new Sith'ari will rise by denying his destiny."

"I will NEVER join the Dark Side or the Sith."

"The Dark Side flows in everyone, Jedi, Sith and common folk, it is part of the Force and the Force flows through every living thing. You have Dark Side inside you whether you like it or not. Join us not, you will still rise as the real Sith'ari."

Tern considered striking the man down. "Don't do it, you cannot hope to best a true Sith Lord. You have not faced one so far and you are too undertrained to even manage to draw your lightsaber much less defeat or kill me." Darth Novus seemed to be able to read his mind.

"I am no threat to you now, leave this place now and protect Tython." Tern stared at Darth Novus unable to decide what to do.

"Let me make it easy for you then young one." Darth Novus rose his hand and pressed a button on his communicator. "Tern declined, as per the orders of our Master, kill them all." He turned his head to Tern. "Now, run before your friends die."

Tern ran back to the shuttle. The pilot lifted off.

"Tern! Get back here now! We are under attack!" Volun's voice boomed through the communicator.

"We are on our way! Corporal Tanis, bring the light cruiser closer to the planet's outer atmosphere to meet us half way." Tern spoke back.

"First intelligent thing I've heard all fucking day!" Tanis' voice came through.

They hyperdrive jumped away just as the enemy cross-tie fighters came within weapons range.

Tern ran to the bridge. "I need to send a message to Cyra, need it to get there in as soon as humanly possible, also we are not headed back to Corellia anymore, plot coordinates for Tatooine." Tanis knew better by now not to voice his objections, instead he opened a direct channel to Corellia with tachyon boost.

"Cyra, it is time to act, Darth Insidious is sending the Sith's super weapon, something called Life-eradicators to Tython, bring all those who have joined the Coalition to Tatooine. Yes it is a mess now after all life was wiped from its surface, but that can work to our advantage. The Dark Side will conceal our presence at least for a while. Tatooine is our base of operations and our first target needs to be Tython." Tern sent the message as the Fidelis changed course for Tatooine.

It was not ten minutes later when a message came through.

"Is it from Cyra?" Tern asked to receive a "no" nod from Tanis.

"We cannot stop it. We are being hacked." Tanis told him just as the hologram projector powered up.

A dark, hooded figure encased in shadows appeared before them.

"So, you have rejected the Sith'ari child? No one rejects destiny and lives. If you reject the Sith'ari, the Sith'ari rejects you. I shall find another one…or create another one to take your place." The Dark figure did not wait for an answer, terminating the "call".

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