Star Wars: Darklight

by AB

Chapter 6

Love in the void

The months seemed to pass fast as they travelled through the void uniting the various clans, factions and systems. Not all of it was easy, in some cases they only managed to escape or complete the mission without loses by the hair of their heads. Ura had been injured in one of the missions losing a finger. With their newly acquired and ever expanding resources they had found a replacement finger for Ura, but two months later, she was still grumpier than usual.

They had just finished talking to one of the faction leaders who had rejected joining until he was sure they could win, which meant delivering one or two victories against the Sith. This faction was not the only one to have asked this.

Tern grabbed Volun by his hand and dragged him in their room the moment they were airborne.

"What?" Before Volun could complete his sentence he had damp lips on his. A surprised moan left his throat as he hugged Tern close to him reciprocating the kiss.

Volun had imagined and fantasised and thought about how this would be a thousand times and then some, but the reality of it was even better than all his fantasies combined.

He pushed Tern back gently staring at him dreamily. "What? Why? How? When?"

Tern giggled. One of the few times he had after being expelled from the Jedi Order.

"Tried telling you months ago but then we were under attack and then one thing brought another, it was never the right time. Then I got scared for some reason so I decided to just…do this. You…want to try this…boyfriends thing? I know you…" Tern did not get to finish his sentence.

"Oh by the Force yes!" Volun planted his lips on Tern's ruby ones again snogging him for dear life.

After a few minutes of rubbing their lips together, Tern's hands on Volun's hips, Volun's hands on Tern's cheeks Volun pressed his tongue against Tern's teeth until the boy got the hint and opened up letting him in.

Tern moaned pressing his tongue against Volun's feeling the smooth yet rough surface mingle with his. Volun's unique scent filled his nose.

Tern broke the kiss to breathe looking at Volun all dreamy eyed.

"Mmmhmm this kissing stuff is great." Volun stated.

"Yeah…I want more." Tern pulled back, removing his coat, then his blouse. Volun stared at him all ogle-eyed as he removed his pants and then turning around Tern removed his underpants. Volun thought at first that it was out of shyness but then Tern wiggled his butt at him before nearly crawling at the bed like a cat.

Volun hard-gulped. He had never felt so damn hot and randy before in his life. His own three-and-a-half-inch soldier standing in full attention seeking release from his clothed prison.

Volun made short work of his clothes removing and throwing them off at a lightning speed before he lay next to Tern. "Fuck you're hot."

"Yeah, so are you, I no longer want to avoid or deny my feelings, not for you not in anything. I want you. Now."

"Shut up and kiss me." Volun tried to snog Tern but Tern had other ideas. He pushed Volun on the bed and started kissing him passionately with sloppy, wet kisses. His hand travelled down to Volun's area of treasures where he proceeded to encircle his hand around Volun's hard nail. Volun jumped slightly from the new feeling of someone else's hand around his own penis. He moaned in Tern's mouth and opened up his legs giving Tern more access. Tern started jerking him off slowly. It didn't take long for Volun to start trying to shove his hips up in a fucking motion, trying to fuck Tern's hand. A few strokes later and Volun moaned throatily as he emptied his meagre offerings all over Tern's hand and his own stomach.

"Oh woow…" He moaned in Tern's mouth then pushed his newfound boyfriend off him and with his back on the bed. Tern tasted Volun's cum from his fingers.

"Yum, you're tasty as well as hot as fuck." Volun blushed and attached his hand on Tern's erect dick. "My turn." Tern was so worked up from giving Volun his first handjob that he didn't last long spilling his sperm on Volun's hand and on the bed.

"Yaaaa…you're tasty as fuck as well." Volun whispered to him, snuggling close to Tern.

Tern hugged him close. "I don't know what's going to happen but I do know one thing."

"What?" Tern turned on his side and placed his head on Volun's neck. "I love you. I don't know how or why or when but I know that I love you."

Volun was speechless, he felt his eyes tear up from joy. He hugged Tern tighter and took in his heady sex-induced scent. "Yeah...I love you too. I have since I first saw you."

"I know. I…was too…Jedi training…I will not deny this anymore." Tern stuttered.

"We should get some sleep." Volun was feeling his eyes heavy, his mind content with holding Tern in his arms.

"You smell so nice." Volun blushed feeling his penis chub up again.

"I…thank you, I guess. You smell nice as well."

They fell asleep in each other's arms, awakened to a world of infinite possibilities, numerous questions and newfound pleasures.

Two days later another report reached them of another planet's populace exterminated by the Sith. No one knew what kind of weapon they were using for this kind of extensive carnage without actually destroying the planet as well as they had done so many times in the past.

Tern was eating breakfast in the communal area, Alkon was cleaning his handgun pulse weapons and Ura was sharpening her knives when Volun entered and sat facing Tern.

Tern frowned his eye brow, "what's up? You have that…" Tern let out a mewl like sound when he felt Volun's foot between his legs. Alkon gave him a quick look before returning to his weapons. Tern had tightened his thighs preventing him from jumping from the initial surprise.

Tern gave Volun a pleading look but Volun poured some of the viscous liquid that passed for milk out in the void and started eating it with substitute bread, seemingly completely ignorant about what his foot was doing to Tern's penis and testicles.

Tern on the other hand did not trust his hand to rise from the bowl to his mouth and not drop everythingI. Instead he just sat there feeling his junk squeezed, pressured and stroked by Volun's bare foot. His free hand had gripped on the table for dear life wanting to just start pumping his cock but he knew that Ura and Alkon would notice if he did that. He closed his eyes and dreamt of Volun naked. His thoughts materialised into Volun naked sucking his cock and the very thought of that brought him over the edge. It took everything he had to not moan and groan and for his hips not to move back and forth as they wanted to.

Volun felt him orgasm and stopped what he was doing. He ate the rest of his breakfast in silence as Tern recuperated from the surprise orgasm.

"I'll go work on the hydraulics some." Volun announced and left the communal area with a very smug grin on his face. "I'll get you for that." Tern mouthed at him. Volun had to stifle a giggle.

Tern left the rest of his breakfast once he had caught his breath and headed for the bathroom where he cleaned up the mess in his underpants before stroking himself into a second orgasm. The very thought of Volun on his knees sucking him was enough to send him flying into clouds of bliss.

"In ten minutes we arrive in Geonosis, I want everyone armed and ready, this is smuggler pirate space, let's not take any chances. Alkon mount one of the rear turrets." Cyra's voice boomed through the speakers.

Tern put on his clothes and headed for the cargo hold rear hatch.

"What are we doing in Geonosis?"

"The growing fleet needs fuel, there's a…bird or two we can hit with one stone." Cyra smiled mischievously. Tern looked at Volun who shrugged his shoulders as in to say "I have no idea what she's on about."

"Volun bring the new HAM MK8000. We'll need the new Hacker AstroMech's hacking abilities for this one." Cyra told her son who nodded and activated the Astromech. This new bot had been given to them by one of the factions' leading bot manufacturers to test it.

"Mum…what are you scheming about now?" Volun asked his mother.

Cyra chuckled. "Oh something to get the fuel the fleet needs without necessarily pay for it and settle some of Tern's…issues." She saw her son giving her the "what are you talking about?" Glare and laughed. "You'll see. I promise you it'll be fun."

"Fun? Why is it whenever you say this we end up getting shot? You're worse than Alkon and he loooooves blowing up shit." Volun rolled his eyes giggling.

"I do boss, it's true." Alkon agreed through the communicator.

"Can't complain Alkon, you've had the pleasure of blowing up plenty of shit lately."

"Sure have boss, not complaining, just agreeing with boss junior." Alkon chuckled.

"Who you're calling junior, grumps?" Volun teased Alkon.

"You, cutiepie. Why? You gonna do somethin' about it sport?" Alkon teased Volun right back knowing the boy's buttons all too well.

"Sure, this cutiepie over here is gonna shove a lightsaber up your…"

"Guys get serious already." Cyra interrupted him and opened the rear hatch, Tern contained himself to rolling his eyes at the sassing game between his lover and Alkon. He was about to giggle when the rear hatch opened and from giggling his mood turned vile.

"What's HE doing here?" Tern skewed his face in anger seeing Jeral, Gravira and the exiled beauty's crew waiting for them outside.

He was about to retrieve his lightsaber when Cyra gave him a "No" look.

"Oh what have we got here? The slave that managed to escape. What do you want Cyra? You must know that I won't give you my supply fuel's location."

"I thought you'd want to make some profit off an asset that's basically sitting there unused. Was I wrong? Does your crew not want to make a profit?" Cyra had a fun and play tone about her. Volun knew she was leading the man somewhere.

"Sure, we want to make a profit, how about you give me the boy and I'll give you the location?"

"Testing me Jeral? Asking something of me you think I cannot or don't want to give you? Sure I give you the boy and take you, if the location is good I leave you in there and your crew comes and picks you up, how about it?" Tern could feel tension and anger bubbling up inside him, but he knew or at least wanted to believe that she wouldn't just sell him out like this. Her behaviour so far towards him, her crew and everyone else allowed him to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"I don't think so Cyra, how about you give me the boy, I give you Gravira and the location and leave her there if it's good."

"Want to get rid of her? Becoming too powerful for you? I don't think so Jeral, you're not the most loyal person. I keep the boy we go to the location together, and I give you the boy if it's good, or blast you out of the sky if you're lying to me? How about my patience is running thin nowadays."

"Oh? Your little "alliance" against the Sith isn't instilling you with patience? No I think I'll just grab the boy and kill you, maybe get your son as well, he ought to fetch a good payment in the slave market, he looks nice, tender and sweet."

Cyra smiled, "I think not, HAM 8k, you have the data?" She asked the bot. The bot made beeping sounds. "Ah good, we'll be leaving now. Obviously I am not going to give you Tern." Cyra turned to leave, HAM was already going up the rear hatch's ramp.

"Data? You bitch! You fucking hacked me? Kill them all boys!" Jeral yelled in anger.

"I think not." Tern powered up the lightsaber sending them all back with a force-push wave. He jumped and landed on Jeral who rolled out of the way the last second before the lightsaber's tip buried in the soil below.

"Alkon, blast their ship!" Cyra yelled in the intercom. Ura and Volun started blasting Jeral's crew. A huge explosion rocked the ground beneath their feet when the exiled beauty went up in flames from Alkon's turret fire. Jeral avoided Tern's blows dodging and parrying until he retrieved an energise-blade and powered it up. The electrical current passed through the coils making the blade lightsaber-resistant. Blow after blow Jeral kept on delaying Tern, only this time Tern was better trained and expected someone hitting him from behind like the first time. He felt Gravira sneaking up to his rear, pivoted around and pressed the lightsaber up her stomach. She groaned falling to her knees.

"Not this time." He moved the lightsaber upwards removing it from her head before he turned to Jeral and force-choked him for a few seconds until he dropped the energise-blade. He let go with Jeral falling on the ground. Tern stood on top of him, his lightsaber's blade on the man's neck.

"Tern! He ain't worth it, come on let's get out of here!" Cyra called out to him. She, Volun and the bot were already inside the ship with Ura providing cover.

"You know…she's right, you are filth, I won't spoil my hands and conscience with your blood." Tern told Jeral looking straight at the man's eyes before he levitated him up on the air and pushed him back. Jeral smashed up against a rock and fell nearly unconscious. Tern walked backwards to the ship deflecting laser shots. "Get on board I'll cover you." He told Ura who jumped on the ramp and continued to fire at Jeral's crew until Tern was in the ship and the ramp closed. Garos took off with Alkon providing cover fire with the turbolaser turrets.

"Now that was intense! What was all that about?" Tern asked Cyra. Ura didn't even bother thanking him for his cover.

"Well, we settled your score with that scumbag, we hacked and got the location of his fuel supply stash, which I know to be considerable which means free fuel for our growing fleet and we learned that the Sith know that we're building an alliance against them, or if they don't yet they soon will, which means we have to hurry and unite the remaining thirty ones that we haven't…asked yet."

"Is it settled? He'll never rest until…" Tern asked, he wasn't exactly afraid but he didn't want to live the rest of his life fearing Jeral would come and keep trying to capture him.

"Oh yes that's done and settled. Jeral lost Gravira his most powerful crew member, and a few others, as well as his ship. Those left will probably skin him alive or worse, turn him over to the Sith who will be less than pleased at his constant failures. We are not likely to see him again." Cyra reassured him and turned her head to the bot. "HAM 8K, send the coordinates to the fleet, have them go retrieve the fuel but to watch out the whole place might be booby-trapped. Let's not lose all that fuel to a stupid trap." HAM 8K beeped and hummed before leaving the room for the cockpit.

"Garos take us to Corellia, time to find out if the strongest amongst the federations of planets will join our…coalition of light. I don't like Alliance. It has been used too much in the past." Cyra spoke to the pilot through her communicator.

"Ura I need you to contact your acquaintances and find out if the Black Suns syndicate, the Balmoran traders, pike syndicate and any other major players in the Galactic Underworld are willing to join us or trade with us for whatever resources we may need."

"I can tell you now that the Mandalorian privateers will not join us and I wouldn't trust them to trade with us. Ever since the end of the Clone wars all those millennia ago they have been favouring the Sith, bounty hunters and generally anyone fighting against the Republic. For the rest I will get in touch with them, it just may take some time for the various groups to reply."

"It's good to know where we stand, thank you Ura, we'll wait as much as we have to." She turned her attention to her son. "Volun can you please take a look at the ventilation system? There's a foul smell coming in the sleeping quarters."

"Sure, mum." Volun replied and headed off.

Volun walked to the Ventilation system's control panel and checked that there wasn't a malfunction there, pressing buttons and changing lever positions. Finding nothing wrong there he grabbed a bucket and a cleaning rod and headed for the corridor outside the sleeping quarters. He climbed down to the vent shafts, lay back down in them and started cleaning up the excess grime.

Not a few seconds later he heard some bumping sounds coming from the other end of the vent tube. He ignored them thinking them normal ship sounds. A minute later he felt nimble fingers undoing his pants' zipper.

"What the fuck!" He almost yelled hearing a giggle.

"Tern? What the fuck are you…ooooohhhh fuuuucckkkk!!" Volun groaned completely astonished and amazed at the range of new raw bliss he was feeling. Tern had wrapped his moist, smooth lips around his dick and was licking it like a popsicle.

Volun moaned and whimpered like a little kitten unable to believe how good this felt and how frustrating it was for him to not be able to shove his hips with ease and his hands on Tern's head. He was aching for instincts to take over, for him to facefuck Tern but the tight space, pipes and cables restricted any such ability. Tern took the dickhead in his mouth circling his tongue over it.

"Volun? Are you here?" He heard his mother's voice calling out for him. He nearly got a heart attack being caught red-handed at the act of his new and first boyfriend giving him his first ever blowjob, but Cyra did not seem to know or have noticed.

He swallowed trying to calm himself. "Y…yes mum, what is it? I'm kinda…preoccupied here." He swallowed again trying not to moan as Tern took the whole thing in his warm, wet cavity, squeezing his balls gently.

"Oh fuck me…" He whispered under his breath.


"N…nothing mum, what do you want? I can't really…talk, not really comfortable…" He groaned as Tern stopped sucking him taking some time to lick his balls.

"Shit, touched a hot pipe." He let out quickly.

"Well, anyways when you get some free time can you please check the astromeshes? Don't want anyone hacking us through them." Cyra told him.

"Not sure I can do anything, not really good at that stuff…better ask one of the Coalition's tech personnel…" Volun's voice trailed off lost again in Tern's sucking lips. Tern was now sucking him fully bobbling his head up and down without mercy.

"See what you can do and I'll request it when we get a Base of operations for the coalition. For now, it's you." Cyra left leaving Volun to moan freely to his heart content for a few seconds before he blew his teen load down Tern's eager, suckling mouth.

A whole galaxy of emotions, colours and never-before felt bliss exploded inside Volun's mind, feeling all breath and light escape him from the magnitude of his orgasm. Gasping for air, adrenaline and hormones gashing through his veins.

"H…holy fuck…" He breathed.

"Damn you taste nice. I hope you didn't really think I wouldn't get you for what you did to me earlier with your foot did you?" Tern giggled and crawled back out from the vent's rear entrance he had entered leaving Volun panting and sweating.

"Oh…don't you worry babe, the game's on!" Volun thought to himself.

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