Catch Me If I Fall

by AB

Chapter 8

Loving growth

It was well after midnight, an hour later actually, in a windy, stormy February night, everyone was well asleep in the two-storied house as the wind and rain raged on outside. Everyone except Andronicus that is who lay under the bed covers. No, not for the reasons you are thinking, although those urges had already been satiated earlier and now he was texting with his boyfriend.


Andronicus sent a blush emoticon.

V: I want to suck you dry.

A: Yaaa….m2!!!! Xd

V: What? Me such you or you suck me with those puffy lips of yours?

A: yes :P

V: ur' a cheeky monkey.

A: love you too :P

V: you love me?

A: well yes silly you are my bf ofc I love you.

V: :$ I love you too then, gotta love my baby.

A: you? Blush? I have to see this up close. :P

V: there's other things to see up close babe.

A: yuck! You are disgusting :P

V: yeeahhh that's why you love getting on your knees :P

A: well…. :$

V: rofl, luv u must go zzzzzz

A: <3 too!

Andronicus sent the heart shaped emoticon and held his mobile close to his chest hugging it, smiling.

A few days later, dressed heavily for the cold weather outside they sat in the outdoor courtyard tables in school eating a snack during intermission. Vasilis had been at it for months trying to convince Andronicus to come out publically.

"Babe, our friends know and don't mind, my uncle and my mother knows and they are ok with it, your mum knows and is ok with it. Why are you so afraid if the rest of the island knows?"

Andronicus stood next to Vasilis with their friends on the opposite end of the table.

"To be honest I don't think my mum accepts this, I think it's more that she thinks that eventually I'll grow out of it. And yes they know and it's so unbelievably great that everyone's ok with it but…it's also no one's business if I or we are gay and together." Andronicus replied brushing their hands together under the wooden table.

"I know and I agree that it's not anyone's business. I just don't like living in secrecy like we're doing something bad or nasty or illegal. The legal framework is there now, we can scream it out loud and no one can –legally- do a single thing." Vasilis squeezed his hand under the table.

"I suppose…but…it's just that, oh I don't know…" Andronicus surrendered. This was not the first such discussion or the first day of it. Vasilis had been stripping away at his timidness and reluctantness for almost a month now.

"Do you trust me…" Andronicus rolled his eyes.

"Seriously, you and your uncle…last time you asked me this I found myself flying off a cliff." Andronicus giggled in exasperation. Vasilis tickled his ribs some before giving him a peck on his lips.

"Eeewww! Get a room!" Fraggos teased them.

Vasilis just hugged Andronicus grinning sheepishly with Andronicus blushing crimson giving off a childish giggle.

"Since when do you two kiss in public?" Iraklis asked surprised sitting down next to Andronicus having gone to the cantina to buy a soft drink.

"Since now. With the latest bill that passed in parliament last week about gay rights, legalising marriage, adoption and so on I don't feel like hiding it anymore, so…" Vasilis held Andronicus' hand in his and stood up on the table. A few of the surrounding children looked at them weirdly, as if asking. "What are you two doing up there?"

Vasilis closed his eyes and upon opening them. "I AM GAY AND ANDRONICUS IS MY BOYFRIEND!" Andronicus' eyes bulged out almost to the point of popping out of their eye sockets. From the moment Vasilis screamed "I am gay…" Andronicus tried pulling on his sleeves to make him stop to no avail until he just surrendered to it.

"Oh bugger it…" He whispered, his face feeling burning hot.

They now had everyone's attention, including some people passing by outside the school.

"Well…this is gonna go Ydral in under an hour." Fraggos commented.

"The world's full of faggots now…" A boy near them commented which earned him a slap on the back of the head from Iraklis and another slap from a girl that sat next to him.

"There will be no such behaviour in this island, understand?" Iraklis stated more than asked. The look on his face left no room for maneuver from the younger boy who just lowered his head nodding.

Vasilis turned smiling goofily and cupping Andronicus' cheeks in his hands pulling him in a wet, sloppy kiss. Andronicus tried to pull back at first but Vasilis' was quite persuasive with how he used his lips and tongue on his mouth and he soon surrendered to it.

Fraggos thought it an interesting experiment, there were some kids, boys and girls that ignored the whole scene, others watched it with apathy and some clapped their hands and whistled encouragingly to them.

"Ydral?" Andronicus asked climbing down from the table.

"Yeah, my own creation, from Ydra and viral, gossip, get it?" Fraggos beamed with Vasilis facepalming.

"Why do I ask?" Andronicus quipped sitting down.

Fraggos didn't get to reply. "Andronicus Papachroniou get here now please." Katerina looked less than pleased.

She sat behind her teacher's desk and motioned for him to sit in one of the chairs. He just stood standing.

"Sit." It was not a request.

"No. My friends are waiting outside, what's up?" He knew what's up but he was no longer going to give in to her helicopter parenting, yes he had learned that terminology from the internet.

"So you have a boyfriend now?" She almost accused him.

"Yes." Andronicus stated.

"You are too young to be having sex, you will brea…" She did not finish what she was saying.

"No. I will not. I finally have a boyfriend who cares for me I am not messing that up because you can't accept that I'm gay." Andronicus was becoming exponentially irritated by her unwillingness to relinquish control of his life.

"Don't you talk like that to me, I never said that…" Katerina rose from her chair pressing her hands on the desk.

"No, you don't, you just keep hoping that it's all a phase that I will surpass. It's not. Accept it." Andronicus waved his hand dismissively and turned to leave the room.

"Don't you dare walk away from me!" Katerina screamed at him. She had never before screamed at him. She always had this almost lobotomised politeness that he found beyond frustrating.

"Mum…I love you, I always will and I will always be your son but I am not a little kid anymore. I am almost fourteen and I need the space to discover who I am, to make mistakes, to fall on my face and get up again, you can't be so overprotective all the fucking time. I do not want to break up with the person I love and care about and I do not want to hide who or what I am. I am who and what I am no matter who likes it." He left leaving her stunned with her jaw dropped.

He went outside and looked in to see her looking through the window, turning round he held Vasilis from his collar and proceeded to French kiss the soul out of him.

"That bad eh?" Vasilis asked him breaking the kiss in a smirk of pure bliss.

"Yes, and I've had it." Andronicus kissed him again. Fraggos and Iraklis rolled their eyes.

"I have a very special gift for you for your upcoming birthday in a couple of weeks." Andronicus whispered in his ear.

"Hmm? What? What is the gift?" Vasilis asked raising his brow.

Andronicus shrugged his shoulders grinning playfully.

"You won' tell me will you?" Vasilis poked Andronicus ribs making the grey-eyed boy giggle.

Andronicus just nodded his head negatively grinning impishly.

"He's your boyfriend, have you not learned yet that he does not easily change his mind?" Fraggos teased his best friend.

Vasilis sighed. "I know. One of these days…"

Andronicus punched his chest playfully. "Yes? What?"

"Oh nothing…." Vasilis said aloud.

"You wouldn't dare hurt me!" Andronicus squealed.

"Well…there is some initial pain involved…or so I'm told." Vasilis quipped making Iraklis spit out his soft drink and Fraggos chock on his own saliva.

"Eeewww get a room!!!" Vasilis shrugged his shoulders grinning widely.

They continued talking until the bell rang and they walked inside to their next class.

School ended for the day. Andronicus spotted Iasonas and ran after him.

"Hey, Iasona wait up." Iasonas turned round and continued walking.

"What is up with you?" Andronicus pulled on his elbow.

"Nothing." Iasonas tried to leave but Andronicus' grip on his elbow stopped him.

"Come on, we were best friends, what happened? Did I do something?" Andronicus was not angry, his tone of voice indicated more sadness than anger.

Iasonas sighed. "Walk to the lighthouse with me?" Iasonas, Andronicus knew he loved going to the old marble white lighthouse at the end of the peer in the port. The boy would just sit there and gaze at the open sea or do his homework.

Andronicus nodded and released his elbow. "Sure."

They walked to the lighthouse in silence. Once there they sat under the stone and marble structure next to each other.

"I…feel so confused." Iasonas started talking, barely above a whisper. "I…liked some of the stuff we did together, a lot but then…"

"You did not like me fucking you…" Andronicus continued his sentence.

"No…but then I felt so jealous the other day when you confronted those boys from Athens, after…god I feel so fucked up." Iasonas started crying. Andronicus hugged him, his hands across his friend's neck.

"You're not fucked up…look as I've been told it's normal for all boys to fool around when younger or even as teens, I'm guessing you like girls?"

" not sure but I…you fucked me and then I had that kind of…I mean I fucked Kostas and in both it felt good, god it did but also it did not…oh I don't know I Just feel so messed up." Iasonas wiped the tears from his cheeks.

"No, just as messed up as the rest of us, we fooled around you liked some of it but not all of it, is there any girl that makes you feel all tingly inside?" Andronicus asked him, straightening his tshirt.

"No…maybe, yes…" Iasonas blushed.

Andronicus could not help but chuckling. "Who is she?"

"I don't have a chance in hell…"

"Who is she?" Andronicus insisted.

"Athena Kariopoulou…god she's so perfect, perfect dark straight, shiny hair, pouty red lips, nice, round…ehhhmmm…" Iasonas realised that he had given more information than asked and promptly shut his mouth, his face a bright scarlet.

"Don't worry too much ok? If you were gay you'd know it, you're not and that's ok. Can we just be friends like before?"

Iasonas smiled and nodded his head.

They continued to talk some more, with Iasonas mainly describing Athena's many incredible traits before they headed back home.

On their way home Andronicus saw Athena standing outside a clothing shop alone. He guessed she was waiting for someone who was inside the shop and smirked. Grabbing Iasonas by his elbow he walked over there.

She waved at them and he waved back. "Hey, how are you?" Andronicus asked her with Iasonas being very timid and self-conscious.

"Yeah, I'm good, here with mum, she wanted to buy me some new shoes." She replied checking out Iasonas.

It took all of Andronicus' self-restraint not to burst laughing, "Have you met my friend Iasonas?" He shoved Iasonas forward stepping back.

Both Iasonas and Athena seemed to be speechless and crimson until Iasonas extended his hand. "H…hi, you have beautiful eyes." Andronicus could not help himself any further as he started walking past them for his home and started laughing. Athena was oblivious to his laughing though as she bit her lips and removed her hair from her face in that oh so alluring flirting movement girls do when a guy interests them.

A few days later on a rare shiny almost afternoon Vasilis was being even more hyperactive than usual.

"Vasili have any place you'd rather be right now?" The teacher admonished him.

"Sorry sir, it's just that there's a special gift for me after school for my birthday and I am very anxious to…uhm open the parcel and see what it is sir." Vasilis grinned. Several of the kids in the class laughed as they knew perfectly well what Vasilis was talking about even if the teacher chose to not enquire further.

An hour later Andronicus found Vasilis tapping his foot against the pavement waiting for him to come out from class.

"Someone's impatient I see? Perhaps we should postpone this?" Andronicus teased him.

"Not on your fucking life!" Vasilis replied and holding hands with him he practically ran him home, closed and locked the door behind them.

"Now, what is my gift already?" Andronicus giggled with Vasilis impatience.

"Just go lie on the bed and you'll see." Andronicus pointed at Vasilis' bed. Vasilis went and removed all his clothes before sitting on the edge.

"How do you know it's got to do with sex?" Andronicus continued to tease him.

"I don't but no matter what happens we're having sex." Vasilis grinned.

Andronicus turned round and placed a flash disc in the USB drive in Vasilis' PC. After all this time he had learned the basics of operating a Linux based machine.

He lowered the lights and closed the curtains.

"Okay…enjoy your gift." He told Vasilis and pressed play on the media player.

A slow, sexy song began playing. Andronicus turned up the volume and turned so that Vasilis could only see his back.

"Holy fuck…you're going to striptease for me???" The question answering itself as, clumsily, Andronicus begun to sway his hips on the song's tunes slowly. He brought his hands up pressing them against his buttocks and ribs before finally bringing them up to his head, gathering his now long blond hair.

For days if not weeks he had been watching whatever video he could find on the subject, practicing in front of his mirror. He knew that a few weeks' worth of YouTube video practice would not make him a world class striptease dancer but he did not need to be one, just be good enough to make Vasilis randy and horny enough for the rest of it.

He bent forward whirling his butt to Vasilis who dry swallowed, his hand playing with his dick without even realising it.

Coming up Andronicus, tantalizingly slowly removed his tshirt, one half inch after half inch. Turning round he rubbed his hands on his chest bringing them down ever so slowly groping his package. His eyes a mixture of need and lust biting his lower lip.

Step after slow step he made his way closer to the bed removing his pants and leaving them to fall on the floor, teasing Vasilis by lowering the front of his underwear only to bring it up again.

Vasilis was already sweating and panting, his boyhood pride ready to explode just from the show before him.

Andronicus giggled and lowered his underwear to his knees before stepping sideways with his legs so that the underwear could fall on the floor.

He took a step and sat on Vasilis' lap kissing him passionately. His buttocks rubbing on the exposed purple helm below. Vasilis tried to grope his butt cheeks but Andronicus slapped his hand away, gently of course.

He brought his lips to Vasilis' ear and breathed as sexily as he could, "Fuck me." Pressing on Vasilis' chest he lowered the unresisting older boy to lie on his back on the mattress. Teasing the engorged fuckstick some more he climbed over Vasilis and stood on all fours on the bed. He lowered his head to his hands and shook his butt invitingly. "Fuck me, I want you to take my virginity, it is all I have to give you." He told his boyfriend.

Before he could even finish what he was saying Vasilis had twisted around, gotten up on his hands and knees and buried his face on the offered globes of flesh. Spreading them with his hands he took a whiff of the boy scent pouring from the most private of Andronicus' places and started licking on the puckered, pink hole. In truth he had never even imagined doing this, much less actually done it before but it was not experience guiding his actions. It was lust and instinct.

Andronicus moaned and tried moving his ass back, twirling it under Vasilis' touch and tongue.

Vasilis continued eating on the hole as if it was the best of gourmet dinner known to man for a few more seconds before he stood up and mounted Andronicus. Bringing his weight down on the boy's back he nibbled Andronicus' earlobe.

Guiding his super erect cock to the inviting opening with a shaking hand he lined it up and pushed. It took some effort and time, the tight, virginal sphincter not easily opening to his penetrating advances.

With a final push Vasilis felt his dickhead enter the hot, tight, virginal cave. A loud moan of inconceivable bliss escaped his lips just as a yelp of pain escaped Andronicus'. It took every shred of self-control left for Vasilis not to just start pounding in the tight boypussy. He remained there, frozen still, feeling the tight muscles press in on him from all directions like thousands of small fingers massaging his penis.

A few minutes later, their hearts beating furiously, sweat sticking their bodies together Vasilis heard a single word from Andronicus, a whisper of encouragement. "Okay…"

As slow as he could muster, a difficult task with every fiber of his being screaming to him to shove it in, he pushed further, deeper inside the tight chute until seconds later he stood buried to the hilt inside Andronicus.

He brought a hand round Andronicus' waist and wrapped it around the soft, flaccid boystick and started stroking it just as he removed his dick, leaving only the dickhead inside for him to plummet inside not a fraction of a second later.

Both boys moaned loud, Vasilis shuddering from the unbelievable surges of electrical pleasure his dick was sending to his teenage, hormones-flooded brain.

Another plunge and more, quicker stroking, another plunge and more moaning. Vasilis developed a quick, relentless pounding in and out in and out of the tight, warm and wet hole, kissing and stroking the love of his life.

Andronicus had felt an initial pang of pain when he was first penetrated, his virginity lost, but after that first moment the pain quickly gave way to a numb feeling and then a sensation of being full and content. He knew not why he wanted to do this but the urge to push back just as Vasilis shoved forward was overpowering so he pushed back feeling, if possible, Vasilis impale him even deeper, his crotch slapping against the smooth, round buttocks fap, fap, fap, fap.

It was during one of those ploughs that Vasilis touched Andronicus' joy-button, rubbing against it. It was as if someone had exploded a whole universe in Andronicus' mind as the sensations of the prostate rubbing made him shake and shudder as the best orgasm of his life by far ravaged his body.

Andronicus' cosmic orgasm had his sphincter contrast uncontrollably around Vasilis' boydick. Vasilis practically screamed throwing his head back and slamming his dick against Andronicus' well fucked boyhole. He came with a force relinquishing his boy butter inside his lover's cove.

Completely and utterly spent it was as if the boys were held up on marionette strings which were cut with the boys collapsing without the strings' support.

It took a few moments for them to catch their breaths.

"That. Was. Un-fucking-believable." Vasilis and Andronicus stated simultaneously.

That night they slept like never before, in a deep, relaxed sleep in each other's hands, the bed and their bodies a sticky mess.

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