Catch Me If I Fall

by AB

Chapter 7

No Longer a Scared Little Boy

"How did I get myself into this?" Romanos pondered in mock amazement. It was a Saturday in mid-December and Vasilis and Andronicus would be having a sleepover at his place. He only had one spare bed but they of course had no problem whatsoever sharing it. For the past half hour, he had been playing a game of cards with Andronicus, rain and hail falling outside. He was losing badly.

"You said "yes."" Andronicus grinned.

Vasilis came in the living room. "Having fun are we? It's pouring chair legs outside, we were lucky it did not start raining while we walked here, wouldn't fancy getting a landslide falling on us."

"Landslide?" Andronicus turned his head to see his boyfriend. He could still scarcely believe it that someone as handsome and ruggedly sexy as Vasilis wanted to be his boyfriend.

"Yes, it is not uncommon for rain to cause landslides and block the road from Ydra to Molos during the winter months or even after. What was it? Three years ago or so? The road remained blocked off for nearly half a year from November to just before the start of summer when they finally cleaned it up and reopened it." Vasilis informed him.

"Oh…I hope it doesn't happen again this year, six months is too long." He left the rest unsaid but it would have continued "without being able to visit Romanos."

Romanos rose his head as if he had remembered something and walked to his room. When he returned he gave a small parcel to Andronicus and another one to Vasilis.

"What's this for?" Andronicus enquired puzzled.

"Just in case the road is blocked during Christmas."

Andronicus' eyes bulged and he opened his parcel making short work of the simple wrappings.

"Holy fuck, this is so beautiful!" He exclaimed holding a wood carved sailing boat in his hands in great detail with a young-looking figure in the helm.

"May you have many safe travels Andronicus." Romanos told him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. Andronicus hugged him as tight as he could. Vasilis came and gave his uncle a brief hug and a kiss on his cheek as well holding a pair of ear buds in his hand.

"I hope those are the ones you wanted?" Vasilis asked him pointing at the ear buds in his hand.

"Yeah, these are the ones, thank you so much uncle." Vasilis beamed and gave Romanos another hug.

"I know what I'll do!" Andronicus announced, picked up a pen and a piece of paper and walked fast into the room he and Vasilis slept in. He emerged from it three hours later holding the piece of paper in his hand. "For you, I can't buy you a Christmas present, but I can do this." He gave the paper to Romanos who sat in his chair and read it slowly, by the end of it he was in tears.

"I really mean this much to you? I mean…you really see me as your… "adopted father"?" He asked him, his deep voice breaking slightly.

Andronicus just nodded in the affirmative. For the first time since he knew him Andronicus saw Romanos act on impulse as the man stood up stepped over to him and hugged him raising him from the ground. Andronicus yelped but did not mind in the slightest.

"Thank you." Romanos whispered to him before setting him back down. Vasilis loved seeing Andronicus grin. Seeing his boyfriend smile just made him smile for no other reason. Andronicus had asked him that they go slow, perhaps too slow for his taste but the more time passed the more he loved it. There was just something about holding hands with Andronicus, snogging their faces out, feeling their skins together, their breaths mixing, his boyfriend's heartbeat against his hand the very essence of who he loved mingling with his.

The did all of it and more and Vasilis just could not get enough of it and of course they did all of this when they were in the country side and no one could see them, not that Vasilis had any problem screaming to the world and come what may but as of yet Andronicus did not want that and Vasilis respected his wishes.

"So…how about we play something?" Vasilis nudged him smiling impishly.

"Uhm…ehh...really? I mean…." Andronicus nodded at Romanos who busted a gut laughing.

Vasilis blushed and punched Andronicus' shoulder.

"Is that the way to behave to your love?" Andronicus feigned hurt. It was behaviour like this that drove Vasilis' libido insane. He just wanted to grab the younger boy and fuck his brains out on the spot after spending an extraordinary amount of time polishing his boy-lance with his mouth. Instead he just hugged him bringing him close and planted a kiss on his moist lips.

"Yes." Vasilis pressed their bodies closer and gave him another kiss, this time lingering more on those puffy red lips that excited him so. "That is exactly how I behave to my boyfriend whom I love him to bits."

Andronicus giggled midst-kiss and pushed Vasilis back teasingly. "No. Not good enough, you'll have to pass an exam…later, for now I am playing cards with your uncle." Andronicus released himself from Vasilis' grip and returned to the table, sat down and started dealing.

He loved Vasilis but he also loved teasing him this way, it usually brought about interesting results during their sex-play hours and it made him beyond hard knowing that he had that kind of effect on the older boy.

"Oh no, don't let me get in the way of you two love-birds." Romanos told them while staring at his cards trying to sound serious and not laugh.

"Oh, just play you!" Andronicus tapped at the table. Vasilis sat next to him. For the next hour or so they talked and played cards. Romanos prepared them a warm soup with chicken and vegetables for dinner.

Vasilis lay on the bed looking at Andronicus removing his clothes and putting on his PJs.

He propped his head on one hand and started rubbing his engorging boydick with the other watching Andronicus sway his cute, pert bum left and right trying to wear his PJs. "You have no idea what you're doing to me do you?"

"And if I do?" Andronicus teased looking back over his shoulder, biting his lower lip.

Vasilis threw a pillow at him which he avoided.

"Now, bring your arse over here and let me taste you." Vasilis commanded him. Andronicus giggled and saluted him like a soldier before walking over to the bed and jumping on his boyfriend.

"Sir…" kiss, "yeesss…." longer kiss, "siiirrr…" passionate sloppy kiss, hands roaming lower, acquiring target and squeezing lovingly. Legs opening, closing, entwining together, swollen, proud boy-cannons rubbing together creating all sorts of sounds and pre-orgasmic fluids soiling their pajama bottoms.

Andronicus felt like melting in Vasilis' strong hands, he felt safe and secure. Relaxing more he opened his legs to Vasilis' probing fingers. The idea of allowing anyone back there, even if it was something he wanted, scared him more than anything but if he was ever going to let anyone back there it would be Vasilis. Eventually.

Vasilis lost no time and rubbed the silky, rubbery skin between balls and boyhole making Andronicus quiver and shudder.

"Damn, you taste so god damn infuriatingly good." Vasilis moaned kissing Andronicus' neck, leaving a small bite there, onto his nipples. Those perky, twisty pink protrusions of flesh. Vasilis so loved to bite on them gently and pull then demonstrate his apology by licking all over them. Repeatedly.

"Ugh…ugh…" Andronicus moaned in synchrony with Vasilis' bites and jerking strokes. "You…smell…oh…god…" Before he could finish what he was saying Vasilis wrapped his lips around his inflated pleasure stick making him lose all coherence.

"Mmmmm…oohhhhh…" Andronicus moaned. He tried to move his hips to fuck his lover's mouth but Vasilis held him there with both hands. He bobbled his head up and down slowly taking in Andronicus' musky boyish scent as well as his dick as deep as he could swallow it, he had become a ravenous insatiable beast in all things Andronicus or more like all parts Andronicus, wanting to just taste, suck and smell as much of him as possible. All the time.

The hints of sweat and ammonia lingering in the boy's foreskin and piss slit drove Vasilis to new heights of lustiness and sultriness as he sucked and licked on the bulbous head.

He pushed Andronicus' legs further aside and looked at Andronicus' face. He was panting, sweating, his eyelids were closed, his lips partly open his blond hair stuck on his temples glistening from the sweat. He looked to be in such a state of bliss and peace. Vasilis could feel his heart ache from how much he loved and lusted the younger cherub-like boy.

He dove back down bathing Andronicus' ball sack with saliva, stroking him slowly. He giggled at Andronicus' instinctive fucking motions of his hips on his hand. Vasilis took the squishy, rubbery testicles in his mouth suckling on them, pulling them ever so gently yet firmly. Using his free hand, he spread open the puffy cheeks up and greasing it up with Andronicus' natural sweat he probed at the virginal opening.

Andronicus' instinctive reaction was to tighten his opening to ward off the imminent invader to his most private of places.

Vasilis waited until Andronicus let out a distinct, from the others, deep breath and relaxed his butt cheeks. Vasilis smiled, he knew he would not be penetrating his lover tonight but he did not mind for there was still fun to be had without penetrating Andronicus anally with his dick. He licked below the silky smooth balls in that taut space between testicles and rear entrance, kissing it before he licked lower inside the crack where the hidden, pink, puckered treasure lay waiting for someone to explore it.

Vasilis sniffed at Andronicus' back entrance expecting some kind of bad smell but instead he found a smell of earthly aroma mixed with sweat and Andronicus' characteristic "perfume". It was, he thought, even more intoxicating than the "simple" perfume he was used to when kissing Andronicus' lips or neck or when he sucked his boy-nail so without wasting any further time he dived in and started poking it with his tongue and finger until with a yelp from Andronicus his finger entered the dark crevice up to the first knuckle. Vasilis paused for Andronicus to get used to it and continued licking around its edges.

A few seconds later Andronicus relaxed his rectal muscles. With a kiss on his left butt cheek and his hand slowly stroking him Vasilis started, very slowly finger fucking him. Andronicus moaned and groaned but did not tighten or complain again.

Vasilis felt Andronicus relax completely, his tight sphincter playing around his finger and so decided to push his luck by inserting a second finger inside the most private of Andronicus' offerings.

Andronicus whimpered, now holding on to Vasilis' head with both hands, his fingers intertwined in the older boy's thick hair, but did not try to close his legs or in some other way stop Vasilis.

Vasilis continued this form of sexual play for some time before he returned to bathing Andronicus' flesh-stick with a vengeance. Andronicus mewed in euphoria eliciting soft sounds making Vasilis hornier.

Andronicus could not believe how hot and sexy all this made him feel, how much his love for the amber-eyed boy increased with each and every day they spent together. Vasilis was kind, gentle and spoke to him as if his whole world hung on Andronicus being happy. Now, for the past hour or so Vasilis was deep in teaching him new heights of sexual pleasure. Never in his craziest dreams could Andronicus have ever believed that having a finger or a tongue inside his butthole could possibly feel as good as what he was feeling. He felt Vasilis swallow his almost four inches of erect boydick inside his mouth and he lost it. Huffing and panting from the conscious effort not to yell he had the most mind-blowing orgasm in his young life holding onto Vasilis' head as if his life depended on it.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!" He kept on repeating through heavy panting. Sweat beads streaking down his cheeks and thighs. His pelvis moving back and forth as if struck be electricity.

Vasilis was so completely lost in his lust for the grey-eyed, blond-haired boy that the moment Andronicus was spent he climbed and sat on Andronicus' chest, a leg on each side and handling his dick in one hand and Andronicus' cheek in the other and guided his dick inside the wet cavity, past the red lips. Andronicus was too spent to resist, not that he wanted to being with. He knew that no matter how lost in lust Vasilis would never hurt him. He could have after all just shoved his prick inside his virginal hole and he hadn't done that.

Andronicus breathed in the sweaty musk and teasingly gave the engorged dickhead a lick but Vasilis was too lost for foreplay and tease now as he shoved his dick inside the warm mouth without any resistance from Andronicus who simply just opened his mouth and took the whole almost five inches in. Vasilis groaned and face fucked Andronicus.

Four, five thrusts later he was holding on to that cute, gorgeous head and blond hair and cumming his incredible, mind-blowing orgasm. "Ooohhh sh…iiiiiiiitt…fuuuuuuckckkkkkkkkkkk!" Two, three jets of hot, thick cum later he collapsed next to Andronicus taking him into his arms.

"We should have a shower." Andronicus murmured.

"Too tired and warm next to you, tomorrow, the window is open some air should circulate…" Vasilis' voice trailed as he dozed off to sleep.

Andronicus giggled and giving Vasilis a kiss on his cheek he nested his head on his lover's chest and soon was asleep in the land of dreams.

A couple of weeks later and Iasonas was finishing off his homework for the day so that his mum would let him go out and play with his friends. His mum was cleaning and cooking and his dad was at work. The doorbell rang and a few seconds later there was a knock on his door. He called out "enter!" and Kostas entered closing the door behind him.

"Oh, hi Kosta, what are you doing here?" Iasonas asked the younger boy.

"Well…." Kostas had a particularly mischievous grin about him.

"No! Not again, I told you already that we shouldn't be doing this kind of stuff!" Iasonas protested to the younger boy as he walked towards him removing his clothes.

"But my other friends are too shy and I am too horny!" Kostas pouted whinnying.

That's how it always started, Iasonas thought. He resisted at first and then the cyan-eyed boy would fast erode his resistance. "You are Fraggos' baby brother, we can't be doing this sort of…" The kid was sexy as fuck, with his lean body, cute face and bare pubic area. His one inch dicklet jumped around above his peanut-sized testicles which always looked so damn edible to Iasonas. Kostas reached him and squeezed his package before Iasonas could stop him.

"So fucking what? He's my brother, not my boss. I want to do this with you, okay? I'm not some little kid, I'll be ten in three weeks!" Kostas was not really asking. Iasonas tried stopping him from kneeling down on the floor and making short work of Iasonas' jeans.

"No…wait…oh…we shou...oh gaaawd…" Iasonas tried in vain to stop the little imp from releasing his almost three inch penis and swallowing it as if it was the best lollipop in the world.

He closed his eyes, reclining back on his chair enjoying the blowjob. Kostas had improved significantly on his cocksucking skills even if the kid constantly protested that he was the only one he had to fool around like this with. A fact that Iasonas greatly doubted.

Kostas pushed down on the veiny, meaty, rubbery prong, covering it with his tongue sideways as his lips and inside of cheeks did the rest.

Kostas released his hard boy-nail and took in his balls playing with them before re-swallowing his dick, bobbling his head up and down as if he had not eaten for days and wanted to devour it.

Iasonas whimpered audibly when he felt the warm, wet feeling on his penis replaced with the colder atmosphere.

"Wha…" He started saying but had no time to finish what he was saying as he felt two cushiony, melon shaped orbs covered his dick. He felt his dickhead rubbing between them in the crack.

"What are you doing?" He asked Kostas whose hands now draped over his shoulders.

"I want to try something…I read about it on the internet and heard Fraggos brag how he nailed a girl like that to Iraklis…can we try it?"

"I'm not sure…what do you…ooohhhh fuuuuuckkk…." Kostas had not waited for an answer, his question more a statement than asking for actual permission from the older boy. Kostas grabbed Iasonas' boydick in his right palm and guided it to his puckered treasure hole.

Some effort later, causing Iasonas to nearly scream and grab hold of his pert, smooth buttocks, he found the mark and pushed the dickhead past his sphincter. It made him whimper and nearly cry from the stabbing pain shooting up his ass. Iasonas knew his mother was only a few rooms away and grabbing hold of Kostas' head he brought their lips together forcing his tongue inside the boy's mouth to muffle any potential screams. Not very difficult as Kostas opened his mouth when he felt the tongue pressing in on his teeth.

Kostas was in charge as Iasonas did not dare move his hips. He had an overpowering urge to do so, to fuck the younger boy silly but he knew it would really hurt Kostas and so he waited for Kostas to direct the action and pace.

Kostas just sat there, Iasonas' spike just inside his anus waiting for the pain to pass. "It…it feels better now." He announced timidly through half closed eyes and tried moving lower, impaling himself on the hard penis below him stopping every half inch or so trying to get used to the pain. The pain was slowly ebbing away getting replaced with a feeling of fulfillment. He reached the hilt and felt Iasonas' testicles touch his buttocks. Iasonas' hands gently caressing his butt cheeks and kissing his cheeks, lips and neck gently, soothingly.

"Oh…fuck…" Kostas moaned and raised his pelvis slightly bringing it down again. Both boys moaned with Iasonas giving the soft, smooth buttocks a firm squeeze.

Slowly and with some occasional need for trajectory correction, dick having been ejected from hole and needing reentry, Kostas and Iasonas developed a steady rhythm of fucking the younger boy.

For Kostas it was just one more step towards sexual exploration. For Iasonas, even if he truly could not believe how good this felt, it solidified something inside him which he both liked and terrified him. For now, he brushed it aside and concentrated on fucking Kostas' tight hole.

Kostas felt Iasonas' prick rub against something deep inside him and mewling like a lost kitten from the torrent of intense emotions coursing through his body and mind he erupted in his most intense and powerful dry orgasm yet.

Kostas' orgasm sent electrical signals all over his young, firm body causing his rectal exit to contract around his impossibly hard dick bringing him over the edge.

Spent, panting and sweating Iasonas picked up his mobile phone to see three or four unanswered calls from Fraggos and a text message. For a moment the first thought that passed through his mind was "Oh fuck he knows." But logic told him that there was no way Fraggos could know of what he and Kostas were doing.

He read the message and his eyes bulged out. "Get dressed quick, something's up with Andronicus." He told Kostas and with his hands under the boy's armpits he lowered him off his lap until Kostas' feet touched the floor.

Andronicus woke up that day to help Vasilis and his mum in their field, return, have a shower and go to school. School passed on, he finished his homework and headed for Vasilis' home. Mid way there he found Romanos heading for his sister's store.

Andronicus waved at him grinning. Romanos smiled.

"Going to find my nephew?" Romanos asked as they walked down the road.

Andronicus shrugged his shoulders grinning and blushing. Romanos chuckled. Half a road down Andronicus came to a sudden and complete halt. He was looking ahead as if he had seen a lion coming their way.

"What is it?" Romanos asked curious.

Andronicus said nothing, he was looking at something and then looking around him. Romanos knew that look. Knew it too well from his travels at sea. Andronicus was looking for an escape route, somehow to evade something or to run away. Following Andronicus' gaze he spotted three teenage boys, one seemed to be Andronicus' age the other two slightly older, maybe by a year or so.

"Those are the ones that hurt you." Romanos stated. It did not take a genius to put one and one together and not much else could have scared Andronicus this much this fast.

Andronicus looked at him in a pitiful state and nodded yes, still trying to decide if to run or not. He wanted to run away from them like nothing else but he did not want to do so in front of Romanos.

"Do you trust me?" Romanos was calm, confident.

"You and your nephew have a thing about asking this the most inconvenient of times don't you?" Andronicus asked in a state of near panic.

"Yes, so trust me?"

Andronicus took a couple of deep breaths and nodded his head yes.

"The alley passing them is the shortest way to your love, to your future, around it is your past. You have a choice before you can fight your demons, grow up and be a worthy boyfriend to my nephew or you can run away and continue perpetually to be a scared little child. I will support you whatever you decide but only you can decide this." Romanos told him standing next to him, his hands relaxed by his sides.

Andronicus looked deep in his eyes and with a breath he nodded and looked forward. They started walking.

Meanwhile the boys seemed to have seen Andronicus and grinning as if jackals having spotted a defenseless antelope they walked confidently towards their way.

"Look what we have here boys? We found the fagg…." WHAM Andronicus punched the younger of the boys straight in his lower jaw with an uppercut that sent the boy flying back.

"You do not get to talk to me like that. Get me? To think I had feelings for you, you immature, homophobic, uncultured, uncivilized, uneducated piece of filth." The other two boys took a couple of steps closer when Vasilis, Fraggos and Iraklis ran and tackled the other two boys with Fraggos standing in front of Andronicus.

Iraklis tackled one of the two boys to the ground and started punching him. Vasilis pinned the other boy to the nearest wall and started pummeling him with punches.

"Guys! Stop, they're not worth it." Andronicus yelled at them.

"You sure? We don't mind pummeling them a bit more." Vasilis told him holding his raised punch over the guy's face.

"Yes, they're not worth it, please stop."

Iraklis got up and gave the other boy a kick in his genitals for good measure. Vasilis just stepped away knowing his opponent would not be getting up to fight anytime soon.

"My dad will fucking sue you for this!" The boy Andronicus had punched him defiantly, rubbing his jaw.

Andronicus looked at him, not with anger or fear but with pity. "No, he will not. Your father does not care for you. Your mother is a bored rich housewife that bangs the pool boy and your father is a shrewd, calculative businessman who cares only for profit and fucks his secretaries. He will not sue us 'cause he doesn't care for you, you are only there to continue the business, you are nothing but an asset to him and he will not risk public exposure because someone punched his bully son. Get the fuck away from my island Dimitri, you are pathetic and to think I feared you after what happened. You are not worthy of my fear or love, only my pity." Andronicus told him with Iraklis and Fraggos just bursting out laughing at how their friend had completely humiliated the other boy in public.

Andronicus held Vasilis' hand in his and turned to leave.

His hands in fists, shaking from rage Dimitris took a menacing step towards Andronicus.

"Scram." Romanos told him in a no-nonsense tone stepping between him and Andronicus. Dimitris tried to match his gaze but not a second later he dropped his eyes and motioned to his friends, both of them lying on the floor moaning in pain.

Dimitris did not even help his friends stand up as he ran away.

"That. Was. EPIC!" Fraggos high fived with Andronicus, Iraklis and Vasilis.

"How did you guys know I was coming over?" Andronicus asked them, it had been too much of a coincidence them charging Dimitris' cronies or even being close to begin with.

"Oh, we were coming to your house to find you and then we saw that guy say those horrible things to you…or at least try." Vasilis explained.

"Oh goodie, and I was coming to yours and neither of us would have found each other." Andronicus laughed.

"Well that's what mobiles are for." Fraggos grinned before he got serious.

"Andronicus…can I ask you something…not that I mind either way but are you really uhm…ehh…" Vasilis interrupted him before Fraggos could complete his question.

"Yes, he is and so am I. No, don't look at me like that baby, I don't want to hide it from my, our best friends, I've known them all my life these are guys, I don't like hiding who I am from them. Okay?" He replied to Fraggos before looking and directing his speech to Andronicus.

"Okay." Andronicus nodded squeezing his hand.

"Yes, I am gay and…Vasilis is my boyfriend, just please don't hate him okay? Hate me if you must but not him." Andronicus told them. Romanos smiled inwards at the volumes of Andronicus' character and intended self-sacrifice. That he would have them hate him, if that was their intent rather than direct their hate towards Vasilis.

"Hate you? Naaahh!" Iraklis just grinned. "I must admit it is somewhat of a shock to hear you are gay, but I'll get over it." He told Vasilis. And hugged both of them around their shoulders.

"Soooo….what sultry things have you two been up to and for how long?" He asked them and jumped back to avoid a playful punch from Vasilis.

Vasilis turned and gave Andronicus a peck on the lips, in public and yet Andronicus found that he did not care one iota who saw them and what they would think and kissed back. Vasilis broke the kiss and turned grinning to Iraklis.

"This kind and for a couple of weeks." He told his friend whose jaw hung not believing what he just saw. Fraggos too had a similar look on his face.

Iasonas stood there looking stunned with Kostas in tow. Iasonas, Andronicus thought, looked on the verge of tears as he turned round and started walking fast to the opposite direction.

"Iasona, no wait, I'm sorry I…ugh…" Vasilis placed a hand on his shoulder. "Let him go, you two I think have some things to talk about but not now. Let him calm down." Andronicus nodded.

"Wait, he's gay as well?" Fraggos asked in a shocked tone.

"No, I don't think so." Andronicus responded.

"Then why did he leave like this, what's going on?" Iraklis pressed him.

"No, guys look, whatever may or may not have happened between me and Iasonas and I'm not saying anything did it is between me and him. It's private and I'll not say anything more." He turned his gaze to Vasilis. "Do you think your mum will let me sleepover tonight?"

Vasilis grinned, "my mum is not the prob."

"My mum will not be a prob either, it's Friday." Iraklis just had to chuckle.

"Get a room you two." He quipped smirking. Andronicus blushed while Vasilis flipped him the finger.

"Oh, we will!" Vasilis retorted. "Wanna come watch?" He returned the joke.

"Uhm…no thanks I am open-minded…but not that much. I like my girls." Iraklis beamed.

"You guys want to come along for some footy before your sailing lessons?" Fraggos hugged his brother tickling the younger boy who melted down in a fit of giggles.

"Sure." Andronicus said and turned his head to Romanos. He knew that he could not hug him in public no matter how innocent the hug would be so he just mouthed "Thank you." Romanos nodded and saying his good byes to his nephew and his friends before he carried on his way to his sister's store.

Andronicus looked over from Romanos to Vasilis and his friends and smiled like he hadn't for a good long while. Yes, he concluded Romanos had been correct, he no longer felt like that scared, humiliated child. He had taken back his power from his abusers.

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