Poll: Gay Men and Misogyny

Gay Men and Misogyny
Are Gay Men too Misogynistic? (answer all that apply) [353 votes total]

Do you feel that there is too much emphasis placed on Gay Men instead of all persons that are homosexual in adverts, news articles, discussions, (on & offline)? (137)  38%
Do you think that Gay Men are less accepting of Bisexual Men than the straight men are? (62)  17%
Do you think that too many Gay Men act feminine just to prove that they are Gay? (111)  31%
Do you think that Gay Men are less tolerant of Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered people than heterosexual men are? (36)  10%
Is the public face of Homosexuality a 'Whites Only' club? (106)  30%
None of the answers above is suitable for me. So I will tick this box to be counted (123)  34%


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