Inspirational Writings

Jesus, good above all other

A special hymn, which I first sang this Christmas in St. George's Chapel in Windsor at Midnight Mass. It has a special meaning for me, and will always remind me of a young friend on the internet who has more to bear than most, yet bears it well.

St Patrick's Breastplate

This is a hymn that moved me even when I was denying my faith. I chose to send it to my young friend who sent me the poem "I'm Free". It means a great deal to me, though I have no Irish ancestry. I hope it also means something to him.

Funeral Blues

Performed most memorably in Four Weddings and a Funeral, this poem was read at Evensong before Christmas 1998 in Winchester Cathedral. It had a profound effect on me, reducing me to tears, both then, and in the final hymn. I was trying my hardest to say "goodbye" to John, and the whole service seemed directed ay me personally. If I needed any other proof, this proved to me that God exists and knows all that we think. [by W H Auden - I think]

The Game

Is a piece of prose I found while reading Lilneut's stories about Kenny and Charlie. It moved me to tears. If it moves you, too, then copy it and send it to whomsoever you feel would like to read it. Please do NOT make it a chain letter.


Gordon was a young man who came to learn to sail, and finished up driving a motorboat. He was a worthwhile young man, and I hope he has enjoyed his life since he passed through my life.

I'm Free

This was sent to me by a young friend, a young man whom I loved once, but never met; a young man who was in his mid teens. He sent it to me while he was troubled, I think because he saw that I was troubled. He inspired me, and helped me to regain or perhaps to find my faith. He said he was facing the reality of this poem on a daily basis, which was a lie, regrettably, a yell for attention. Please pray for him as you read it, for he is not as he seemed then. Another young man has used this poem in a particular manner, and that has made me weep good tears. He is the one who sent me "A boy and a Star".

A-Z of Friendship

This is something I found, I forget where. It espouses everyting I ever believed that friendship should be, and has more besides.

A Boy and a Star

I was sent this by someone who means a very great deal to me.

Fifteen Reasons to Live

This was posted on my messageboard. It was from elsewhere, as a tribute to a dead friend. To me it is a reason to live now and to live well.