Poll: If you could, would you?

If you could, would you?
He is slim, perfect, sparkling eyes, cheeky grin, the cutest ears you ever saw. He's not related to you. He's gay. He's below the age of consent, though old enough to know his own mind and his own body - this is an offer he understands the consequences of. He's not a rent boy, and he has just invited you to share his body. This is a one time offer, not a relationship. Do you: [453 votes total]

Accept his offer without a second thought (115)  25%
Accept his offer, but feel guilty, either during or afterwards (34)  7%
Decline politely with no regrets (129)  28%
Decline, but ask if he'll model for you (8)  1%
Decline and wish with all your heart that you had said yes (108)  23%
Ignore him. Answering at all would be too embarrassing (7)  1%
Look for hidden cameras. (52)  11%


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