Poll: Very close relationships, same gender couples

Very close relationships, same gender couples
This question is only for those who find very close familial sexual relationships acceptable. When answering please absolutely disregard age of the participants. The question is: *In a same gender pairing, which of these relationships is acceptable?* Note that I have included first cousins because in heterosexual pairings in some nations that is legally defined as too close. Please tick all boxes that apply, There is no box to say that none of these are acceptable. Please register that answer in a prior poll [231 votes total]

parent/child (56)  24%
sibling/sibling (175)  75%
uncle(aunt)/nephew(niece) (99)  42%
cousin/cousin (207)  89%
grandparent/grandchild (26)  11%
great grandparent/great grandchild (23)  9%
adopted relative/family member in this list (141)  61%


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