Poll: Right Up to London

Right Up to London
You may tick as many statements as you wish. Stories my also be discussed in detail on the Literary Merit forum [58 votes total]

It grabbed my attention early on (47)  81%
I had to know what happened (46)  79%
I identified with at least one of the cast (23)  39%
Gritty - it had an edge to it (18)  31%
Realistic - it could have happened that way (49)  84%
I found it hard to follow (0)  0%
Good characterisation (44)  75%
I feel better for having read it (35)  60%
It was romantic (22)  37%
It was erotic (6)  10%
Too much explicit sex (0)  0%
It had the right amount of sex, if there was any (30)  51%
Not enough explicit sex (3)  5%
I have read and enjoyed other work by this author (41)  70%
I will seek this author's work out (32)  55%


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