Poll: Just One of Those Days, but It Got Better

Just One of Those Days, but It Got Better
N Fourbois and I have been discussing the best way to publish his stories when they are the length of substantial novels, as this one is.

He contends that publishing the entire tale on a single day is preferable for his audience; I contend that releasing the tale in parts in sequential runs is preferable.

You are the audience, and your views on this are interesting. Now is the time for you to tell us.

On 11 March 2015 we published this story, all on a single day. It has been split in to six parts to ensure that those who read on (eg) smartphones have ease of loading. This survey will give us more insight into your needs as readers.

This survey closes on 18 March 2015 at midnight UTC [38 votes total]

I prefer the entire novel to be published on a single day (24)  63%
I prefer the novel to be published in parts, in sequential publishing runs (14)  36%


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