My Best Friend

by Victor Thomas

Chapter 7

Saturday night Allison met me at the Chouteau Café . I wasn't about to pick her up at her house if it could be avoided. I didn't want to spend one more second with her father then was absolutely necessary. I knew he'd grill me without mercy if he got the chance, and I wasn't giving it to him. The first time had been bad enough. I had quite enough problems without dealing with that old geezer.

We ate and talked and she gazed at me with that dreamy look in her eyes. Sometimes she made me self-conscious, looking at me like that. It was like she was intently interested in my slightest movement. I could tell she was looking at my arms a lot, and my chest. I'd caught her checking out my butt a few times, too. It made me feel really good about myself, to have her looking at me like that, but it kind of made me feel like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

I checked her out while we talked. She was very attractive. I wondered why I didn't get excited over her. I mean, most guys would have been drooling over her. They'd have been itching to kiss her. We'd kissed a few times, but it never really did anything for me. Maybe I was just doing it wrong. I wished I could ask someone about it, but whom could I got to? One thing guys didn't do is admit to other guys that they are inexperienced with sex. Every guy claims to be an expert in that area. I could just imagine myself in the locker room, asking the other guys how to kiss a girl. Yeah, that would be a riot. I didn't want to be labeled as a virgin. There wasn't much worse than that, except for… I didn't want to think about it.

I let my eyes drift over her body. Her breasts pushed against her shirt. I'd seen plenty of other guys staring at her chest. I'd heard lots of remarks about it, too, and about her ass. All the guys thought she was hot. Her body should've driven me to fits of desire. I should have been lusting after her, the material of my jeans straining with my arousal. Why wasn't it happening?

She caught me looking at her chest. She smiled, then laughed when I looked away guiltily. I turned kind of red and she teased me about it. I could tell she liked me looking, however. It probably made her feel good that same way I felt good about her checking me out. It was nice to be admired.

My doubts about my own sexuality flooded my mind. There I was, out with a hot girl. I was having fun. I enjoyed her company. But something wasn't quite right. I wasn't having wild thoughts about getting it on with her. I wasn't mentally undressing her. It was like I just didn't care. I felt confused and upset.

After dinner, we drove over to Joplin to see a movie. If it had been me and the guys again, there were several movies I would have preferred to see, but she wasn't interested in that sort of stuff. I guess seeing a movie with lots of violence and killing, or shit getting blown up isn't exactly the kind of thing most girls go for. We ended up seeing a romantic comedy instead, which turned out to be good anyway. It wasn't as much fun as it had been with the boys, however. Watching it with Allison was a whole other experience.

She grabbed onto me a couple of times during the more romantic scenes. During the rest of the movie, I had my arm around her pretty much the entire time. She snuggled up against me and the warmth and closeness felt good. Her perfume smelled nice too.

Maybe I hadn't been feeling anything for her because I was just nervous and confused. Perhaps everything had happened so fast that my feelings just hadn't caught up with me yet. I'd kind of gotten pushed into the whole dating thing. If the guys hadn't been watching Allison and me the day I'd asked her out, I never would've done it. Then, I didn't know what to do on a date and I didn't want to look like I didn't know. I'd fumbled through everything, feeling like the virgin I was. I was pretty clueless, but I wanted to appear like I knew it all. Maybe I'd just been putting too much pressure on myself. It was no wonder I couldn't get a hard on around her. Not being able to get it up around her was kind of odd, though. I sure as hell didn't have that problem any other time. Sometimes, I thought being hard was my dicks natural state.

I pulled her closer to me and faced her. She turned her head and looked into my eyes. I inched closer and our lips met. Her kiss was warm and wet. It did kind of feel good on my lips. It didn't get me all hot and bothered, but it wasn't so bad. I derived more pleasure from it than I had from our previous kisses. Maybe it just took getting used to, like beer. At first, beer tasted a lot like I imagined piss would taste, but I'd kind or grown accustomed to it, so it wasn't so bad anymore. I sure liked the way it made me feel. Maybe I just had to kiss Allison a few times before I'd really get excited about it.

I kissed her again, wondering when doing so would cause my pants to dance. I slipped my tongue into her mouth for the very first time. There was something kind of sexy about that. Was I becoming aroused? Did I feel a stirring in my jeans? I wasn't quite sure, but our kissing seemed more interesting than before. We pulled apart from each other and watched the movie again. I held her close and wondered if I'd like each kiss a little better than the one before. I wondered about a lot of things.

As I sat there, I played out a little fantasy in my head. I imagined Allison running her hand up the leg of my jeans. I imagined her groping me. That started to excite me, so I delved more deeply into my fantasy. I imagined her unzipping my jeans, leaning over, and blowing me right there in the theater. That did it! I was getting aroused. I was thinking about Allison and I was getting hard. That was more like it. Maybe all I needed to do was stop worrying and just let it happen.

I left my fantasy behind and started watching the film again. I held her close, feeling a lot better about things. I was still uncertain about myself, but maybe things would yet fall into place.

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