Neil And Rich

by The Eggman

Chapter 8

All four of us were having an incredibly good time together; it was apparent by four wide smiles and beaming eyes. Once they had pulled their sweats up again, more bear hugs and tender kisses were shared, effectively calling a temporary truce. I pulled the tray of snacks back between us. Rich, Ronnie and I grabbed some cheese and crackers.

Rich then got up and turned on his computer.

Alex wondered, "What're ya doin', Rich?"

Sitting down on his desk chair, Rich answered, "I'm gonna show you the yin-yang symbol and explanations."

While we waited and pigged out, Ronnie asked me, "Is this something you guys knew of before you hooked up?"

Shaking my head, I answered, "Afterward, on some TV show, I don't even remember which one." I asked, "Do you recall, Rich?"

"It was a made for TV documentary, I think," Rich replied. He grabbed another cracker and piece of cheese, saying, "It wasn't all that great, just late night stuff to relax to. We were in here, late at night, and when we heard about it, I searched the 'net."

"Since then, we thought it was a good description of us, as a couple," I shared with our friends.

Soon, the PC was booted and Rich was connecting to the Internet. He searched 'yin-yang', and then called Ronnie and Alex to check out the web page. Both had seen the symbol before, but had no idea what it meant. Watching the three of them, I had another piece of cheese and a cracker. Ronnie and Alex were on either side of Rich, leaning over slightly, and with their arms wrapped around Rich's back and shoulders. Knowing I would want to remember this, I grabbed the camera and snapped a photo. After the flash, all three turned to me. Sniggering, I took another picture of them smirking at me.

Alex took his sweatshirt off, saying, "If my belly isn't all marked and red, get the first picture, Neil." Lowering his arms, he tugged his sweatpants down a little, so the waistband of the jock was visible.

Leaning over, Ronnie checked his boyfriend's torso, grinning, "Its better already. Cool!" He snuck in a belly-button kiss, and then pulled his sweatshirt up and off. He told me, "Get each of us separately, and then together, Neil; a front view and a back view."

From the desk chair, Rich smiled, "You guys don't have to mow lawns like we did, just about any exercise would make the changes." I got Alex in the camera view finder.

"I asked for a weight set and a bench for Christmas," Ronnie said. "I've been asking since I was thirteen. Finally, they said yes."

I instructed, "Take a step closer to me, Alex. I've got half your face and down to your crotch."

Taking a small step closer, Alex checked, "Better?"

Seeing his throat and down to the jock waistband, I snapped the picture and then nodded, "Spin around, bro."

Doing so, Alex giggled, "I really like being considered a brother by you guys."

Unexpectedly, Ronnie tugged the rear of his partner's pants down while I was taking the picture. "HEY!" Alex laughed.

Ronnie evilly gleamed, "No one can identify you by your ass, except me, and maybe Neil and Rich. Besides, you've got a great butt now, so it needs to be documented." Rich and Alex cracked up.

Shaking my head, I sniggered, "That's a good one of Ronnie's hand and arm yanking' yer drawers down, Alex. I will need another though."

"Go for it," Alex giggled, and wiggled his legs, so his pants lowered down to his knees.

At his boyfriend's jiggling cheeks, Ronnie softly roared, "Reoarrr!" I snapped a photo, and then Ronnie giggled, "Can I have a close-up too?"

"No!" Alex laughed, and hastily pulled his sweats up. He gave Ronnie a tender kiss, and then giggled, "You can get your close-up at bed time, without the camera. It's your turn now."

Pointing the camera at Ronnie, I said, "I've only got down to your bellybutton. Take a half step back and turn more toward me, bro." As soon as I had the shot, I took it. He turned around and asked Rich, "We should stick with low weights?"

Rich nodded, and Ronnie pushed his sweats down, so they settled at his ankles. Shaking his head to get the image of his mostly naked partner out of his mind, Alex giggled, "No bad thoughts!"

With Alex's hand slowly reaching toward his boyfriend's ass, I snapped a photo. All four of us cracked up. Still giggling, Rich pulled Alex back, out of reach of Ronnie. Turning his head to Alex, Ronnie sniggered, "Fun times tonight?"

Rapidly nodding, Alex assured, "I think we can manage."

I sniggered, "Nobody move!" and snapped a photo of Ronnie's backside, from the neck and down, getting a little more of his thighs than I had of Alex's. I announced, "You're set, Ronnie. Now both of you, with your sweats pulled up."

Locking eyes with mine, Rich sniggered, "With their sweats down though, they could start something that I could take advantage of?" Smiling widely, Alex and Ronnie waited for my thoughts.

"Yeah," I sarcastically chuckled, "and then we'll be called for dinner, but found nude and sound asleep in a pile." Rich, Alex and Ronnie rapidly nodded, like that was the best plan of the day. "No!" I laughed. "Rich's parents will be gone later tonight, at the Woodbridge Mall. With at least three hours alone, we can take care of our partners desires, without any worries about who hears what."

"We'd better get these pictures done," Alex giggled at Ronnie.

Ronnie leered at his partner, evilly smiling, "I'm taking bottom; my intention is to stay that way until New Year's Day. You need your confidence boosted, and I want to be that way for you."

During this short exchange, Rich was burning his own list of desires into my eyes. Waiting for me to take a photo of their backs, Alex and Ronnie were facing Rich and soon began giggling. Breaking me out of my daydream, Ronnie loudly giggled, "Anytime today. We're gettin' turtled again, Neil." Alex was hysterical while I got photos of their backs and then their fronts.

Once their sweatshirts were pulled on again, Alex checked with Rich and I, asking, "What qualifies as light weights?"

Rich answered, "It depends on the exercise. Using a barbell and both arms, start with about forty pounds. If you can do ten or twelve reps easily, then add a little more, like two to five pounds, so you're actually working to get the last one or two done. The idea is to start at a point that's just a little more than what you could easily do. Once you've got a weight set, stay there. Don't increase the weight, increase from ten or twelve reps, to fifteen, and then twenty, and slowly increment the reps to fifty. Heavier weights build mass, and lighter weights build endurance."

I asked, "Are you getting dumbbells too, Ronnie?"

"Yeah, that's what I asked for, a full set, a barbell and two dumbbells."

"Use the same process setting your start point on the dumbbells, bros," I recommended. "Low weights on your arms means under fifteen pounds, and remember there's positive resistance, lifting the weight, and negative resistance, controlling lowering the weight down again." Making eye contact with Alex, I reminded, "With your build, you could easily bulk up. If that's not what you want, then do exactly the same weights as Ronnie. Rich bench presses only five pounds more than I do. Every other exercise we do, we're set at the same weight."

"Do you guys have weights too?" Alex asked.

Shaking his head, Rich smiled, "Not at either house, we used our school's weight room. When it was pouring rain, practice outdoors wasn't practical, so all the seasonal teams would be in the weight room at the same time."

"Bummer," Alex frowned, "I thought maybe we could start today."

With his hand held out, Ronnie prompted, "If you two are ready, we'll get these last pics taken?" I handed him the camera and then stood. Rich and I pulled our sweatshirts off. I moved over by the desk and beside my world. Ronnie and Alex went to where I had been sitting. Watching Rich closely, I could tell he was waiting for a kiss, so I gave him a deep one. My lover's hands roamed down the sides of my torso, making the kiss much sweeter. Getting into it, my hands caressed his ears, and my fingers ran through his hair. Unexpectedly, Rich yanked my sweatpants down, to my thighs. Alex and Ronnie roared laughing, and laughed louder when I reached a hand into Rich's sweats to fondle his jock covered meat. Thankfully, my lover wasn't chubby or hard, and wrapped me in his arms, turning our kiss into a passionate lip lock.

The camera flashed, and then Alex giggled, "They're keeping each other hot, so they don't turtle."

Ronnie sniggered, "They're just showin' off, I'm sure of..."

Wondering why Ronnie didn't finish, Rich and I turned to them. Alex had silenced his boyfriend in the expedient manner, locking lips. Ronnie whimpered. Alex groaned. Rich chortled. I coughed, "We're ready."

Their kiss broke slowly, obviously letting their eyes speak volumes. Remaining on his knees, Alex faced us with the camera in hand. He grinned, "You can lift your sweatpants now."

After checking with me, Rich teased, "Are you saying you can't be trusted to get only the neck to the waist?"

Getting the hint, Alex giggled, "Cool," and raised the camera. Once the flash brightened the room, Rich and I spun around. The flash went off again. Alex sighed, "We'll need to work out a lot the next year."

Pulling up my sweats, I reminded, "More like two or three years, guys."

While getting his sweatshirt pulled on, Rich rambled, "It took us three years; the summers of 1995, '96 and '97, pushing lawn mowers up and down hills in this town. Our muscles ache every spring for a few weeks, but then we're used to it again."

We returned to our crosslegged seats on the carpeted floor. Ronnie smirked, "I wish there was something more fun than lifting weights."

"Have you got a bike?" I asked.

"Course," Ronnie replied.

I suggested, "Have Alex park his butt on the handle bars and you'll get a workout. Switch it around so Alex gets a workout on the way back home."

Rich evilly grinned, "Remember when we were making out? Try holding those push ups as long as you can. Your rewards are every kiss, and occasional dick grinds, but that's your boyfriend your gonna collapse onto, so be careful. It's the same with sit ups and crunches; kisses are great rewards."

Widely grinning, I asked Rich, "Remember hangin' off tree branches and trying to do crunches?"

Rich giggled, "Where do you think half my ideas come from? They're all from that treehouse!" Ronnie and Alex roared laughing. For that admission, I believed Rich deserved another kiss.

I advanced on my lover, forcing him to recline and lay down. With his breath to exhale, I pushed up. While hovering over Rich, I looked over at Ronnie and Alex, grinning, "Demonstrations need participating pupils."

In moments, Alex was hovering over Ronnie. With every trip Alex and I took down, Ronnie and Rich got a deep kiss. Rich demonstrated that with every trip up, he and Ronnie had to arch their backs to get some decent hip and dick smashes in. After the pattern was set, I looked around, innocently wondering, "Are we having fun yet?"

"Hell yeah!" Ronnie and Alex cheered.

Rich giggled, "Is everyone ready for another lesson?"

"There's another?" Alex and Ronnie incredulously giggled.

After giving Rich another kiss, I knelt between his legs, and then tapped Alex on the butt, saying, "Rich and Ronnie gave us some exercise, now we can help them."

A little red in the cheeks, but obviously looking forward to it, Alex giggled, "We give them kisses this time?"

I nodded and grinned, "We'll hold their legs and provide incentive."

Looking over at Ronnie, Rich briefly instructed, "Bed crunches."

Breaking down into evil snickering, Ronnie wondered, "How?"

Leading the way, Rich lay down at the side of his bed, with his legs raised up and on the mattress. I went around the other side of the bed, crawled across the mattress and held Rich's legs down with my body. My face was far enough beyond his knees where he could get kissed with every crunch. He would need to hold the crunch to hold the kiss. In mere seconds, Ronnie was on his back, beside Rich, with his legs up on the bed. Alex crawled beside me and held his partner's legs.

I instructed, "These are really hard crunches, Alex. Lean further over, with your shoulders past his knees, so he can reach your lips."

Shifting further over Ronnie's knees, Alex softly giggled, "You guys fuckin' rock! We'll name our first kids after you, I swear." Rich and Ronnie howled laughing.

Looking over at Alex, I chuckled, "You're guys in love. If you can think it, you can try it, and if you both like it, it can be more than showing affection, like these exercises. These things we're showing you now are from rainy afternoons, just doing stuff together. Skinny dipping back in September was the same sort o' thing. I want to see Rich nude, a lot , and he likes seeing me naked too. Now you've got more stuff you can do when its too cold to do crazy dick flop dances."

Turning to Rich, Ronnie grinned, "You've done this stuff alone and naked?"

Rich nodded and reminded, "Now we're in sweats, but in the spring, it might be in shorts, our underwear, or naked. Neil's slid his hand into my shorts to cop feels of my ass and goods, forcing me to hold the crunch and the kiss as long as I possibly can."

"ROAWR!" Ronnie enthusiastically giggled. Alex's eyebrows shot up. He blushed and giggled very briefly.

Before beginning, Rich told Ronnie, "These are rough crunches, bro. Don't hold the crunch or the kiss more than five-seconds. Just doing ten or twelve of these is like doing twenty normal crunches." He then told me, "Gimme plenty of tongue, lover."

"You got it," I cheerfully promised.

Alex leered at Ronnie, "You want some tongue too?"

Locking his hands behind his head, Ronnie whimpered, "Oh hell, yeah."

Rich started crunching. He about sucked my tongue out of my mouth, proving right away that he wasn't holding back. Rich started to return to the floor, and Ronnie came up, locking lips and sucking Alex's tongue. They started to seem like human see-saws, one coming up for the reward while the other returned to the floor. At crunch number seven, Ronnie barely made it to Alex. Their lips touched and almost immediately, Ronnie collapsed, grumbling, "I wish I could do more."

Quickly, Alex got off the bed, hurried to Ronnie and straddled him to kneel over his partner, giving away a deep, lingering kiss.

Rich continued to ten crunches, and then stopped. I gave my world a nice thigh and leg massage and then reached for his tummy, being careful to not tickle his abs, but just give them attention. He contentedly smiled, "That's really nice."

Squirming my way half-off the mattress and putting my hands on the floor, I crawled over Rich for one more exercise. With my legs still on the bed, and bending my arms to give him a much deserved kiss, I then whispered, "I love you."

Reaching both hands up, Rich gathered my hair in his hands, caressed my neck and shoulders, and then guided me down again to offer me his tongue. Welcoming him, my tongue glided around his, and then I gently sucked on it. Rich giggled into our kiss, letting me know he was getting aroused. I broke the kiss, and then he softly giggled, "You've definitely made Santa's very nice list."

"Wait till you see what the big guy's bringing for you," I teased.

Alex grinned, "What did you get Rich for Christmas, Neil?"

Of course, I couldn't tell the truth, and chuckled, "Big things in small packages."

Ronnie sniggered, "Thanks to our football game, I know neither of you have small packages. There's definitely more than a handful on both of you." Rapidly nodding his head, Alex evilly snickered.

"That's not what I meant!" I laughed. Rich widely smiled, waiting for me to reveal another clue. "Those packages are freely given daily, and aren't gifts anymore. Now that I think about it, they weren't ever gifts."

Rich giggled, "What are you giving Ronnie for Christmas, Alex?"

"Something functional, that he can get a lot of use out of," Alex cackled. Looking down at Ronnie, he added, "It's got a lifetime warranty too!" We all cracked up.

On the television, the 1951 classic Christmas Carol, with Alistair Sim was beginning. A chorus of bah humbugs rang out. Standing, I helped Rich up off the floor. We fluffed up the pillows on his bed to use as back rests against the headboard. I took my place up on the bed. Since we had company, I spread my legs and patted a spot for Rich to take. Before taking his spot, my partner called, "Come on, guys. The best TV viewing spot is from the bed."

Getting up off the floor, Alex teased, "Rich is calling us to bed now too."

Rich smirked, "For that remark, Alex gets no more gropes the rest of the night."

Ronnie whined, "But… but… I can't wait that long. I'll start shaking and froth at the mouth. It'll get ugly."

Taking the spot at the headboard beside me, Alex giggled, "If I can't get gropes, then I'll be sure to give twice as many." He spread his legs and looked up at Ronnie, leering, "You get four or five times as many."

Giggling, "Yeah?" Ronnie took his position and leaned back against Alex. Alex gave his partner a kiss, at least half of which actually made the target. Taking Alex's left hand, the one nearest to me, Ronnie giggled, "Your hand is cold," and then stuffed Alex's hand into his sweats.

"It's getting warmer now," Alex giggled, "and not only my hand!"

Falling apart, Rich giggled, "We wanted you to know you can show affection here. Can we watch the flick now?" Since my hands were wrapped around Rich's waist, it wasn't too much effort to get my right hand into his sweatpants. Evilly grinning, he looked back at me. I cheekily grinned. Sadly shaking his head, he softly sniggered, "We're all gonna have wood and wet marks when we sit down for dinner." I wiggled my fingers, just for the reaction. Looking back at me, he then giggled, "That was not an invitation!"

I grinned, "It sure seemed like one."

Alex giggled, "Are there no prisons?"

"Are there no work houses?" Ronnie sniggered.

"Don't you two start!" Rich laughed.

"I started the second my hand warmed up," Alex cheekily grinned. With darting, mischievous eyes, Ronnie provocatively hummed affirmatively.

I recited the movie, "You'll want the whole day tomorrow?"

"If its quite convenient, Sir?" Ronnie replied with a British accent.

Breaking from the script, I provocatively moaned, "It's so convenient, and warm, and snuggly."

In the movie, all the bells began ringing. I leaned over to Alex and whispered, "Both hands?" When he nodded, I reached my other hand into Rich's sweats and weaseled that hand into his jock, cupping his balls. Rich began giggling. I mysteriously recited, "Why do you doubt your senses?"

"Because a little thing effects them," Rich cackled. "Like spending the day with hands on my ass, dick and balls!"

Resting my chin on Rich's shoulder, I reminded, "It's almost time for the Ghost Of Christmas Past. Imagine if we had known then what we know now."

Rich giggled, "Given a chance, I probably would've cupped your dick and balls when we were ten."

I chuckled, "Would you really?"

Rich nodded, "As far as I was concerned, we were already inseparable. That was the summer I went to camp for a month too, I'm sure of it. It wouldn't have had the same sexual meanings, but yeah, with the right opportunity, I would've cupped your package."

After giving it some thought, I admitted, "Given how rough fourteen was, I kind o' wish you had. With that little bit of extra history, it would've been easier for both of us to accept that we were way more than friends."

"I think certain things have to be challenges," Ronnie softly admitted.

Rich wondered, "What makes you say that?"

Ronnie answered, "None of us were prepared for Alex's parents. A friendship and a partnership that had been good from the start, and was getting progressively better, was abruptly put in jeopardy. I wouldn't allow Alex to be only a chapter in my life. I sure as hell didn't want to even search for another guy to take his place. No, he couldn't go to any welfare hospice, where his entire future would be jeopardized. He had to stay with me, stay in our school, and we couldn't give in to homophobic parents. I cared, and so did my folks, enough to deal with all the repercussions. I couldn't live with the repercussions of letting shit happen, and neither could my parents."

Alex softly confirmed, "You didn't want to look around?"

"Look around for what?" Ronnie giggled. "We've got three years together total, and a year-and-a-half as a couple. Both of us knew what we needed and wanted, but neither of us got anywhere with anyone else. Junior high school friends easily became more intimate, once we got past admitting being friends wasn't enough. Yeah, like everyone else, admitting it was nerve wracking, but that's the only speed bump we've hit in all this time. We both wanted it to be long term since that day. Think of it this way, Neil and Rich live about thirty-five miles from Wyckoff, and they happened to be at a mall we were at, pretty far from our home town, and even further from their home town. Chances like that don't happen very often. How many miles and how many years would have to pass to find anyone like you, Alex? Same conditions go for Neil and Rich; would it take five years, and hundreds of miles travelled, or would it be more like ten years and thousands of miles? There's always a chance I could just be chasing a dream and my own tail; looking for a replacement that I'd never find. You can't replace people. For better or worse, everybody is unique; the scumbags busting our chops that day at the mall, and the Neil Powells and Rich Hamiltons of the world are all special. It took us some time as friends to get to our first kiss." He paused and brightly cheered, "And wow, what a kiss that was!" Turning to me, Alex intensely blushed and digressed into another giggling fit.

Rich brightly beamed, "Our parents are gonna get along great, you realize that?"

Ronnie nodded and giggled, "It's not much of a worry for me. My honest hope is that Alex and I never need to come here. We'll be here when we want to be here, when its cool for everybody, and not a desperate need."

Turning to Alex, I brightly smiled, "You know, you've got a smart boyfriend, a very special find?"

"Yeah," Alex softly giggled. "He sometimes asks why I treat him like a work of art. Now that other guys are seeing it too, maybe he'll accept my being very careful and deliberate."

Ronnie giggled, "If you're all trying to embarrass me into an early grave, it's working!"

I reminded, "I recall someone asking, you don't mind honest admiration, do you? It's your turn, bro. Get over it."

"Sure, throw my own words back at me," Ronnie giggled.

"What're friends for?"

There was a knock at the door. I pulled my hands out of Rich's drawers, and nudged Alex, widely smiling, "For just a minute." He whimpered, earning laughter from the other three of us, but removed his hands from Ronnie's sweats.

"It's unlocked," Rich loudly giggled. "Come in."

The door opened and Mr. Hamilton stepped into the room. He noted the movie we were watching, and then said, "There's been a minor change in plans. We're meeting Ronnie's parents at Woodbridge Mall." Four different positive replies burst out. And then Mr. Hamilton chuckled, "Including your parents too, Neil, we're meeting the Strohs. The dinner for six that's already started will need to be finished, by you. All you'll need to do is add pasta to the water, once it's boiled, and pull the chicken out of the oven. What was going to be about three or four hours will probably be more like six hours, since we're having dinner together there." Focusing on Alex and Ronnie, Rich's dad said, "You'll have clothes for tomorrow when we get back, and they're coming here tomorrow evening to pick you up and take you home, weather permitting. There's snow in the forecast."

I blinked, "How much and starting when?"

Rich's dad chuckled, "Does it matter? They say it'll start early in the morning, and we might get three to six inches. Last year I heard something similar, but it started later, just before evening rush hour, and was more than a foot."

Shifting and starting to get up, Rich turned off the TV, and then prompted, "Lets go, guys. Instead of the dining room, we'll use the kitchen table, if all the wrapping paper is cleared."

"Its cleared, and everything's under the tree already," Mr. Hamilton said. While we all got off the bed, he asked, "If you boys could bring in some firewood, we'll be set to stay warm if inches becomes feet and we lose power."

Alex gasped, "That's a real Franklin stove in the living room, not just an antique conversation piece?"

Rich chuckled, "Its real and it works great. It'll keep the whole house warm, and we've cooked on it too."

"God forbid we should lose power for too long, but its saved us from starving," Rich's dad offered, and then led the way to the kitchen.

Glancing between Alex and Ronnie, I asked, "Who's better in the kitchen?"

"I guess that would be me," Alex replied.

"Then Ronnie and I will get the firewood, while you and Rich take care of supper."

Alex and Rich continued into the kitchen, while I led Ronnie to the living room, where we got the two leather log carriers, and the work gloves also kept there. We returned to Rich's room to get our coats and hats. The moment we were alone, Ronnie asked, "Was I obvious?"

Pulling my hoodie on, I wondered, "Was what obvious?"

"My tented sweats?" Ronnie giggled. I began evilly snickering, and Ronnie giggled, "When Rich's dad came to the door, Alex moved my bone to point up. I thought everyone could see me shivering, just barely holding back, and my rod poking out of these sweats."

Shaking my head, I chuckled, "I didn't notice, so I doubt if Rich or his dad noticed."

He giggled, "All damn day today, my pecker is either frozen and turtled, or erect and stretching to grow more."

I sniggered, "Our three hour play time has doubled. Did you know anything about your parents going to the mall tonight?"

"Not a thing," Ronnie grinned. "She asked if we were having a good time. I said everything was great, and that Rich's mom was home and ready. It's the sort of thing she wouldn't have mentioned though. Two moms must've gone there while chatting, only pending my dad coming home from work."

Nodding, I picked up the gloves and handed Ronnie a pair. Then we each took a log carrier and went toward the kitchen and the back door. Alex and Rich were with Rich's mom, getting instructions for the chicken in the oven and the pots on the stove.

Ronnie and I went out back and I led the way to the right corner of the yard. Putting the gloves on, Ronnie shivered, "Its way colder now than it was earlier. The wind is kickin' up too."

"Welcome to the Jersey foothills," I grinned. "The sun will be down in about twenty minutes." When we got to the large piles of wood, I told him, "We'll each get two large logs, and get a bunch of smaller branches and twigs for kindling. If I know Rich's dad, he's in the garage, getting some coal."

Watching me grab larger logs, Ronnie queried, "Coal and wood, huh?"

"Wood leaves creosote on the glass and inside the stove," I answered. Ronnie began getting logs onto his carrier. Dumping more kindling onto my carrier, I said, "Coal burns hotter, and cleans the creosote. Since we'll have plenty of time, I'll give you a breakdown of events. Once we eat and cleanup the kitchen, its couples alone time. There's no time limit needed now that the Hamiltons will be gone most of the night. If I know Rich, after alone time, and the required cleanup thereafter, we'll be in the living room."

"Whoa!" Ronnie giggled, "There is another issue."

A little concerned, I asked, "What's the problem, bro?"

Even in the dim dusk light, I noticed that Ronnie blushed, "Lube and rubbers, that we didn't know we needed to bring."

"Neither is a problem," I chuckled. "We've still got condoms, and on the way home from school Thursday, we got a holiday supply of lube, which means there's a spare bottle, and a new bottle. We'll give you dudes what you need." Since both our carriers were loaded, I reached for Ronnie's shoulder, and confided, "Us medium frames will play bottoms for our larger framed partners. My goal these next few days before Christmas is to make sure Rich knows that I'm all his, forever. This Christmas, he'll know we're husbands in every way except legally. This is our bond, our partnership, our entire lives, and the state can kiss my ass."

Ronnie giggled, "Seriously?"

Nodding, I brightly smiled, "This gay boy wants one guy, one dick, in every way, and it's Rich's. There has never been a show stopping disagreement in nine years. A week separated from him was all I could handle. He caught the flu and I practically climbed the walls. I've been thinking about this a long time, and more recently, I can't stop thinking about it. I feel like the world is my oyster whenever I'm in his arms. Our future is together, so there's no reason to wait any longer."

He asked, "Your gonna propose?" I nodded and giggled. "When?" Ronnie asked.

"My parents will be picking up the rings at the mall tonight," I giggled.

Ronnie excitedly gushed, "You gotta do it while me and Alex are here, Neil."

I nodded and smiled, "That's a very strong possibility. It would make sense, since I'm asking you to be my best man."

"WHAT?" Ronnie loudly laughed, and then slammed into me and wrapped his arms around me. I held onto my friend while we giggled our butts off.

"I guess this means you accept?"

Ronnie cheered, "Nothing would make me prouder." He then stepped back from me, giddily laughing, giggling, and sputtering, and then repeating the sequence again.

I smiled, "Keep the secret, at least through tonight. Only my parents know I've thought about it, and that the rings were ordered. Once we're at my house tomorrow, I can pop the question."

"I'm gonna be such a giggling spaz," Ronnie giggled. "You have my permission to smack me, pinch me, fuckin' grab my package and squeeze until I squeak!"

"You concentrate on Alex," I cheerfully reminded. "I know your happy for me and Rich, so share that happiness with your boyfriend. Make your dreams his reality. This will be the happiest Christmas ever. Seeing you two guys leave for home just as happy will be the icing on the cake. Cool?"

"Very cool!" Ronnie gleamed.

"Lets get back inside then," I prompted. Ronnie nodded, and we leaned over to pick up the log carriers. As soon as he stood up, he started giggling again. Before getting all the way to the door, I warned, "Be cool, or I'll stuff my freezing cold hand into your jock and then squeeze."

Not arguing or protesting in the slightest, Ronnie giggled, "This is something Alex and I knew we'd hear about someday. The fact it's happening soon is just so fucking cool!"

Pausing at the door, I laughed, "Did you hear me? Be cool, or you'll have the coldest unit in the house, when I dump an entire tray of ice into your drawers. You'll have to be bottom for days."

"Right!" Ronnie sniggered. "Focus on Alex. Focus on his scumbag parents. Focus on not screaming when my butt is stretched. Focus on Neil freezing my unit to iddy-bitty baby sized." He nodded at me, and with a straight face, said, "There, I'm good."

Reaching for the doorknob, I grinned, "Follow me to the living room. Then you go after your boyfriend and I'll get mine."

Blocking me from opening the door, Ronnie evilly grinned, "Can I ask Alex to warm my unit?"

"Stick to hugs, kisses and cuddles, if Rich's parents are still home," I recommended, and then playfully added, "if they've already left, anything goes."

Lowering his hand from the door, Ronnie cheered, "Sweet!"

We went inside. Alex was beside Rich, nearer to the sink, giving Rich room at the stove. Not seeing either of his parents around, I playfully asked, "Are your folks still here, my handsome world?"

Concentrating on stirring the spaghetti so it didn't stick, Rich grinned, "As far as I know, my sparkling star." I smiled widely at my lover.

"Parental rules apply," Ronnie softly groaned, and followed me into the living room.

Continuing on my mission, I grinned, "For a little while longer, bro." We put down the log carriers on the hearth, near the Franklin stove. Standing and turning around, I noticed Alex entering the room while I took my gloves, hat and hoodie off.

Once Ronnie stood and turned around, Alex suspiciously asked, "You wanna explain that hug outside?"

Appearing like a dear caught in headlights, Ronnie's eyes opened wide. Mutely digging for an excuse, Ronnie took his gloves, hat and coat off. I easily explained, "You guys need things that weren't brought along. When Ronnie told me you need lube and condoms, I said that we have plenty of both. Rich and I rarely use rubbers any more; only when there's no time to clean the sheets or each other." Covertly, Ronnie winked at me, then took both our coats to the hallway closet.

Alex gasped, "You and Rich… but isn't that really unsafe?"

Shaking my head, I grinned, "If there was a snowballs chance in hell of having sex with someone else, that would be the case. Rich only wants me, and I only want him."

Seemingly sorrowful, Ronnie returned to the room, shrugging, "All that was reason for a 'thank you' hug. At least it seemed that way at the time. I'm sorry it scared you, Alex."

Still slightly suspicious, Alex asked me, "You don't ever want to make love with anyone else, ever?"

Seeing Rich in the doorway between the living room and kitchen, I nodded, smiled, and told Alex, "There's no one on Earth that has a chance of taking Rich's place in my heart, or in bed. Ronnie's safe and so are you. You're our friends, best friends, in fact. Just like Ronnie said earlier today, there's no intention of taking our friendship beyond hugs, kisses and playful gropes. Those feelings are mutual."

Rich loudly called, "Dad? Mom?"

Rich's mom hollered, "Another minute or two. We're finding the Christmas Club checkbook."

Rich beckoned all three of us into the kitchen. Once there, Rich grinned at Alex, prompting, "What did I tell you?"

"There was no reason to worry about a hug," Alex sighed. He frowned, "It was such a strong feeling, I guess because I saw you two and had to point you out to Rich. Its never been like that before; we always share and know everything that's going on."

Ronnie smirked, "Don't ever worry about me straying, Alex. I'm willing to promise you right now, that you're all I could ever want or need. Just like you, I hope that someday we can follow in our brothers' footsteps. I really do love you, ya know?"

Alex softly wept, "Everything hurt when I saw that hug; my entire body felt crushed, from my head to my toes."

Gently rubbing Alex's back, Rich explained, "That feeling is called betrayal. It can only come from those your closest to. No one here will ever betray your trust, bro. There's only one remedy." Rich guided Alex closer to Ronnie. My hand reached for Ronnie's back, but there was no pressure or guidance required. Ronnie opened his arms and accepted Alex's embrace. Rich and I gave them space, going to the stove and preparing our dinner.

He whispered, "Chicken parmigiana is the first course. You, my shining star, are the second course."

"And you're my dessert," I softly chuckled, and then relayed the plan I outlined to Ronnie.

"We're leaving," Mrs. Hamilton shouted. "Be good."

"Santa's watching," Rich and I innocently replied.

Mr. Hamilton chuckled, "I keep telling you to drop being good. The older they get, the more angelic they try to sound." More loudly, he said, "We'll be home between eleven and midnight."

Before any of us could answer, we heard the front door close. And then we heard Alex and Ronnie giggling. Rich and I turned to our friends. Alex had both his hands down the front of Ronnie's pants again. With his arms resting on Alex's shoulders, Ronnie noticed us, giggling, "His hands are so warm and soft, just what my frozen unit needs."

Turning off all the stove burners and the oven, Rich sniggered, "Dinner in two minutes. The spaghetti is ready to be drained." He opened the oven door and then stepped back from the blast of heat, calling, "Alex, did you tell Ronnie why you were at the sink, looking out the window?"

Alex cracked up and flushed very red. Clearly loving his boyfriend's embarrassment, Ronnie grinned, "Why were you at the sink?"

"Because" Alex giggled, and then had to pause, before laughing, "before coming to the kitchen, we were on the bed, and I was holding you, remember?" Rich handed me a pair of potholders to drain the pot of pasta.

Nodding, Ronnie chuckled, "Another awesome little memory without a photo, but I'll never forget it."

While I drained the pasta, Rich lifted the pan of chicken out of the oven. He put it down on the stove top, giggling, "Your scent was all over his hands, Ronnie. Alex had to set the table, but didn't want to stop sniffing, or wash his hands." By this point, we were all chuckling madly. Alex was so red, he appeared to be on fire. Rich finished, "Once my folks had left the area, I practically demanded that he wash up. I like you both a lot, but smelling Ronnie's dick and nuts on the plate holding my food is taking friendship too far."

Raising my hands that had been cupping Rich's privates, I gave them a good, deep sniff. "Neil!" Rich loudly laughed.

I grumbled, "Only firewood and leather now, dammit." Rich, Alex and Ronnie howled. Cheekily grinning, I moved the drained pasta aside and washed my hands.

Ronnie cackled, "Right after dinner, when my hands are warmer, Alex."

Looking at the set table, Rich seemed thoughtful for a moment or two. He then sighed, "Ya know what, I see no reason to dirty a serving platter and bowl. It would only take longer to clean-up. Let's grab our plates from the table and serve ourselves."

Pulling his hands out of Ronnie's drawers, Alex immediately raised his hands to his face. Blushing slightly, Ronnie giggled at his partner. "Oh God," Alex dreamily purred, "your smell mixed with Italian food smells… my mouth is watering."

Drying my hands, I evilly suggested, "After dinner, you can put some warm tomato sauce on Ronnie's sausage, Alex."

Rich and Ronnie roared laughing. Alex giggled, "Good idea, and maybe some on his meaty balls too." Ronnie lost it and collapsed onto Alex in hysterics. Locking eyes with me, Alex giggled, "You can't call me a perv again, 'cos you're at least as twisted and perverse as I am."

"Way more so," Rich sniggered, and flashed me a hopeful, toothy smile. I reached for his hand and pulled him into a hug. After a few moments of partners gazing into eyes, all four of us went to the table to get our plates.

Approaching the stove, Ronnie growled, "Everything looks great. Your mom made all of this for us?"

Rich smiled, "Well, it was supposed to be for six of us. There's plenty, so fill your plates, guys." He pulled a large spaghetti serving fork out of a drawer and put it in the colander of pasta. He then got a large ladle and put it in the pot of tomato sauce. He covered his plate in sauce, and then handed me the ladle. I already had a sizable mound of spaghetti to douse with sauce. Alex and Ronnie had each taken pieces of chicken parmigiana. The four of us swapped places in the kitchen, finished serving ourselves and then went to the table.

We sat down. Alex leaned over his plate, inhaling the aroma of his meal, and then smiled at Rich, saying, "If this tastes half as good as it smells, I'll know for certain that my mother should stay out of any kitchen."

Ronnie grinned, "Don't think about it. The best parts of them are the sperm and egg that made you. Afterwards, they became more worthless and pitiful with every passing day."

Alex joked, "You have to agree, though, the demand for pepper will plummet the day she dies." Making the oddest, crooked expression I've ever seen on his face, Alex seemed to gag, "She peppers everything to death. It wouldn't surprise me if she peppered her cereal in the morning, or her ice cream at night."

Quite suddenly, Rich grabbed the salt and pepper shakers off the table and then hurried to the kitchen to put them in the cupboard. Returning to the table, he grinned, "It was the peppered ice cream that got me."

I could tell Alex's gears were spinning while he cut into his chicken. Ronnie popped a small piece of chicken in his mouth. While chewing, his eyes closed and he blissfully hummed. Giggling at Ronnie's expression, Rich was twirling spaghetti with a fork and spoon, while I cut up chicken into three mouth-size pieces. One right after another, Rich and I raised our forks to our mouths. Pausing with a piece of chicken ready to eat, Alex softly giggled, "Pistachio ice cream, with dates, jalapeños and extra black pepper, yum-yum." Pausing mid-chew, Rich and I glared at Alex.

Ronnie quickly grabbed his napkin, covered his mouth and cracked up. Innocently chewing his chicken, Alex mischievously grinned at his partner and then at Rich and I. After hearing that revolting combination, we could barely chew and swallow. Ronnie cheerfully giggled, "You wanna hear gross, visit our school at lunch time. Alex is the king of cafeteria gross-outs. It's a good thing we don't like girls, because they seem to stay far, far away from our lunch table."

Alex sniggered, "Nobody except Ronnie knew I was using my mom's recipe book."

Finally swallowing, Rich glanced around the table, softly chortling, "We need something to drink, and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol." He got up from the table and went to the fridge, returning with a two-liter bottle of Coke.

Nodding rapidly, Alex giggled, "Don't forget the cottage cheese and ketchup." Widely smiling, Rich and I groaned. Ronnie roared hysterically. Batting his eyelashes, Alex giggled, "Have you ever thought of what the sheets might look like after fucking a girl? Cottage cheese and ketchup, what a mess!"

Laying down my fork and knife, I laughed, "If there was any remaining doubt that I'm gay, that thought just clinched it."

Roaming around the table, Rich poured Coke into our glasses. Chowing down like crazy, Alex mumbled, "This is excellent. It obviously didn't come in a box." He swallowed and grinned, "Some time I'll have to make my mom's Hamburger Helper stroganoff, with extra kidney and lima beans." Facing Ronnie, Alex seriously said, "Remind me to make the freezer-burned french fries and chili sauce topping."

Ronnie, Rich and I howled, causing Rich to spill a little splash of soda on the floor. Rich put the bottle of soda down on the table and then went to get some paper towels to sop up the mess. Practically inhaling his food, Alex happily bounced in his chair. After wiping up the spilled soda, Rich returned to his chair, carefully eying Alex, as if his brand of insanity might be visible. With a straight face, Alex said, "One time, when I was about nine, my mom made me a bologna sandwich for a late night snack. I don't know how she managed it, but even that was horrible. I think the bologna was hours away from growing visible mold. Later that night, I was still hungry, so I went to the kitchen. At nine-years-old, I didn't know how to cook anything, but I found ramen noodles and Smores Pop-Tarts in the cupboard. I put the Pop-Tarts between the bricks of ramen noodles and made a sandwich. Ya know, it was the best thing I'd tasted in years? What does that tell you?"

Sadly shaking my head, I giggled, "No wonder you were short and skinny when we met you. You had to meet Ronnie to go out to eat real food. Suddenly your taller and getting some mass."

Alex nodded, "It's probably true. Only after we hooked up did I learn that your supposed to mix granola, nuts and fruit in yogurt. My mom uses sour cream. It's not the same, like she says it is."

Turning an odd shade of purple, Rich giggled, "Please don't say anything more, Alex, I beg you."

Nodding, he pointed at his remaining pile of spaghetti, wondering, "Do you think guacamole and garbanzo beans would go good with this?" Ronnie, Rich and I lost it, pushed our chairs away from the table and howled laughing. "Wait!" Alex grinned, "I'll make everybody breakfast in the morning, scrambled eggs and tuna salad, with horseradish on buttered scones."

"NOOOO!" Three of us hysterically hollered.

"Okay," Alex seriously offered, "I won't butter the scones."

Rich howled, "You lunatic! I love chicken parmigiana, but every time I eat this, from now on, I'll prob'ly break into a giggling fit."

Shaking my head, I laughed, "We were supposed to slowly enjoy this dinner, not wolf it down between gasps for breath."

"I enjoyed it immensely," Alex cheekily smiled.

Ronnie roared, "Here it comes, ready or not."

"But it's Christmas season," Alex giggled. "Think of how Christmassy spaghetti and tomato sauce would look with a little guacamole. We could even arrange the strands of spaghetti, between the red and green, so it looks like a Christmas tree, or maybe Neil's holiday decorated cock?" I was about to take my plate to the kitchen, lifted it, but then dropped it to the table with a wooden clunk, and bellowed laughing.

Getting up, Rich moved behind Alex's chair, gave a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and then giggled, "What might this dinner have been like if my parents were here?"

Appearing thoughtful, Alex shrugged and seriously answered, "I wouldn't have mentioned the cottage cheese and ketchup, fucking girls, or Neil's holiday cock."

Ronnie cheered, "Good answer!" He then reminded Rich and I, "Remember lunch at Point Pleasant, and Alex playing with his food?" When I nodded and replied affirmatively, Ronnie giggled, "This is why I was being silly, painting the food trays with ketchup and mustard; I was trying to instigate Alex, to see what your reactions might be."

Placing his silverware on his plate, Alex admitted, "I was trying to be mature, and not sure a burger joint would be the best place to learn if it would be cool, with you two." He then grinned, "Skinny dippin' and dick flop dances taught us the truth."

"Let's get this kitchen cleaned up," Rich sighed. We got our butts in gear. I manned the sink, rinsing sauce and a little spaghetti into the garbage disposal. Ronnie took plates and silverware from me to load the dishwasher. Rich and Alex brought the glasses to me. Rich wet a towel to wipe the table. Tilting his head, Alex watched Ronnie, haunched over the dishwasher. I grinned, "Do it, Alex."

Shaking his head, but widely smiling, Alex rubbed Ronnie's buns like he was making a wish. "Yeah," Ronnie chortled, "rub it all ya want. It'll be all yours in just a few more minutes."

"My confidence is okay, I think," Alex smiled.

"It's definitely my turn," Ronnie reminded. "Besides, if I get loud, only Rich and Neil will hear."

From the table, Rich grinned, "I won't hear much, other than Neil, not enough to repeat at the dinner table, anyway."

Finished at the sink, I turned the disposal on, rinsing everything down the drain. Facing Alex and Ronnie, and watching Rich approach, I shared, "After some alone time, we'll meet in the living room."

"Then I'll get the fire started," Rich smiled. He found a Tupperware tray and lid then began putting away four leftover pieces of chicken.

"We're in cuddle mode, watching TV, the tree and the fire, until we're ready for bed, or the Hamiltons get home," I finished.

Alex giggled, "That sounds cozy."

"And romantic," Ronnie leered at his partner. Alex grinned widely, and he wrapped Ronnie in his arms.

Rich stowed the chicken in the fridge. I turned on the light over the stove and Rich took my hand. A moment later, the over head kitchen lights were off. We led the way through the living room and down the hall into Rich's room. I got the box of Trojans and the already opened bottle of lube. It was slightly less than half-full, plenty for Alex and Ronnie. Returning to our friends, I passed off the lube and rubbers to Ronnie. Rich slithered up behind me, ran his hands under my sweatshirt to feel up my abs, and cheerfully told them, "Have a great time. There's a linen closet in the bathroom with washcloths and towels. We'll see ya in about an hour."

Ronnie giggled, "Very cool."

I closed the door, grinning over my shoulder, "Feel me up, lover. All I've got is yours."

Rich nodded, "You've been awesome today."

Slowly turning in his arm, I told Rich, "So have you."

"Judging by how relaxed and silly he was getting, I think Alex is doing much better."

I smiled, "What can I do for my world?"

Running both hands up under my shirt, Rich tapped and tickled, making me squirm and giggle. He prompted, "Dock with me, lover. Then I'll dock with you, making us one, for all eternity." He took my shirt off, and then I took his. Bare chest to bare chest we kissed, like we hadn't kissed all day. During that first kiss, what I felt chubby in his pants became rock hard. He began pushing my sweatpants down, broke the kiss and grinned, "Keep the jock on." I nodded and evilly snickered.

Slowly and methodically, we got our bones out from the jocks and lined up. He pulled my foreskin over and onto his cock, causing both of us to sharply inhale. Resting my arms on his shoulders, I leaned over to kiss him, allowing him to play our coupling game as long as he liked. After only a minute or two, Rich knelt down to take me into his mouth. He gave my rod a little attention, and then pulled the jock fabric aside, allowing my balls to hang freely. He went into affectionate puppy mode, licking all around my crotch, gently sucking each testicle, holding onto my butt cheeks and eventually wiggling a finger near my hole. Although he was taking his time, I felt an orgasm rising too quickly. Not allowing it to happen, I guided Rich up and onto his feet. We kissed again, and he began a forceful grind.

Breaking our kiss, I traced my lover's jaw, grinning, "You're very enthusiastic."

Slightly nodding, and tilting his head, pressing it against my hand, Rich moaned, "Nobody can make me feel like you do. Just holding each other like this, my heart is racing. You want me to top for you, and I will, but I might need you on top too."

From down the hall, we heard Ronnie loudly giggling, "Seriously?" and then Alex shushing him and breaking into loud laughter.

We softly chortled. Before we recovered to say a word to each other, Alex shouted, "You're kidding!" and then Ronnie cracking up.

Both of us struggled to not loudly laugh at our friends. I completely forgot what we were saying to each other, but I knew what my body needed. Slowly turning in Rich's arms, I evilly grinned, "Take me, lover. Let's start on our feet and standing. We'll eventually move to the bed."

He giggled, "Can I lube us up first?"

Shaking my head, I prompted, "Spit works."

Rich moaned, "You make me crazy," and lowered down to his knees. My hunky stud started by stroking my legs and kissing my cheeks, alternating between them, and moving closer to my crack, completely relaxing me. He giggled, "I love your long legs, ya know?"

"About as much as I love your beefy chest and abs," I sniggered.

His left hand traveled up and down my left leg. His right hand moved to my lower back, pressing gently. Rich softly instructed, "Lean forward a little?" I palmed my knees, causing Rich to evilly snigger, "That's more than a little bit, lover."

I grinned, "I'm all yours. Enjoy yourself, 'cos I'm sure gonna love it, and I always take my time licking your hole."

Spreading my cheeks, Rich giggled, "Can you be quiet?"

"That's up to you," I softly chuckled.

With a vengeance, Rich licked my hole. To give his tongue a break, he nibbled a cheek. Within a minute, I was whimpering, and Rich was sniggering about the cries his dessert was making. Soon I was drenched, feeling spit dripping down my sack. I knew what that meant, and had barely processed the thought before feeling a finger wiggle into my butt. The other hand moved from stroking my leg to my hard-on. The perfectly evil hunky devil knew just how to make the invasion tickle, making my whimpers turn into giggles. One digit became two, making me moan for more. The third digit joined the other two, making my body convulse. Giggling his ass off, Rich removed his fingers, returning to just one tickling the edge of my rim. When I began giggling, he'd stuff his tongue in there again. It felt like he was reaching several inches inside me, but I know his tongue couldn't make it that far. Working us to a frenzy, he rapidly alternated finger tickling, two fingers, three, and then returned to tonguing. Down the hall, Ronnie was ecstatically moaning loudly. When Rich finally stood, I was boiling hot. He giggled, "Come ride me, lover."

Loudly, I announced, "You are fucking awesome," and backed onto his thick tool, taking all of him inside me as quickly as I could.

Just as loudly, Rich proclaimed, "God, I love you so much!" and started rubbing my back. His left hand hooked the jock waistband and I started my ride.

We were several minutes into our first round when we heard Ronnie desperately shouting, "Yeah! Fuck yeah! More! Alex! Oh God, Alex! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" The two rooms were about fifteen feet apart, and both doors were closed, but Ronnie sounded like he was outside the door in the hall.

We paused and I brightly smiled over my shoulder. Rich had covered his mouth with his right hand, bouncing with laughter. After initial penetration and our loud remarks, we had been relatively quiet, softly moaning and groaning a fair bit, but otherwise silent. I softly chortled, "Give me all you can and I'll duplicate Ronnie, just for the giggle factor."

Lowering his hand from his mouth, Rich nodded, "Brace yourself."

"Let's get comfy on the bed," I suggested.

Nodding, Rich giggled, "We're gonna burn in hell, but this is too good to pass up." I slid off his rod, and then got on my back on the bed. With Rich joining me, I bent in half, with my butt in the air and my knees just above my shoulders. Sadly shaking his head, Rich sniggered, "Yeah, we're gonna burn for this."

I chortled, "The last time we were in this position, I screamed like a banshee. So its gonna be even better, when I go far beyond Ronnie's shouts."

Squatting over my bum, Rich warmly smiled, "I love you so much, Neil."

Just as passionately, I smiled, "With you, this can be for us, and a goof, not only on them, but me too, taking advantage of the opportunity to make a lotta noise." He took hold of his cock and slowly buried it deep into me. I groaned, "Damn, you feel so awesome." He giggled and nodded. I playfully prompted, "Slow and deep, and then faster and more furious. Make me holler, and my world spin off its axis."

Rich started with an incredible hip swivel, making his tool explore the limits of my insides. We both liked it a lot and moaned. Realizing immediately what was happening, we smiled like kids again. He giggled, "I was only getting started. I'll be in the same position soon, lover."

"We just found something very cool that must be repeated," I giggled. To prove the point, Rich swiveled to the right and to the left before starting to pound my butt. I held onto his wrists and then starting working my way up his arms.

After only two minutes, Rich paused to adjust his feet and his overall position over me. He checked, "You're good?"

"I'm awesome with you, every time I'm with you," I brightly smiled, knowing I was being sappy, but honest at the same time.

Rich mooed and giggled, "My goal is now you, my shining star. My goal is to make you shoot without a hand on your rod."

"Do it with me," I smiled, "let's cum together too."

He nodded, "Tell me when you're getting close."

I teased, "I can feel when your ready, expanding even thicker."

Beaming brightly, he bucked into me, and then admitted, "That's the bonus of being on bottom. When the throbbing is almost constant, it's not very far away."

Since he was being honest and silly, I did something to remind him of another advantage of being on bottom. I clamped my sphincter down hard on his rod and held it, grinning devilishly until he groaned. He moaned and then giggled, "Damn, that was good."

"We're good together, alway have been, and always will be."

Rich start humping at a real nice pace that felt really fine, and I told him so. He only shared his desire to kiss me, and another minor adjustment was made, so my legs were on his back and butt. I promised him hundreds of kisses, if we managed to meet our new goals. I focused on his eyes, on the sweat beading on his brow, on the feel of his arms, on his every panted breath against my face. We started chanting, softly at first, and then more loudly, encouraging each other like only life-long partners could. My legs firmly held him in place and my toes were curling. His cock was throbbing almost constantly inside me and I was in heaven, loving every variation in speed and depth. Soon, we were giggling, knowing it was gonna happen just as we had hoped. I shouted, "YEAH!"

"Fuck yeah!" Rich screamed.

I demanded, "More!"


"Oh God, Rich!"

Together, we bellowed, "YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" and then grunted. My orgasm washed over me in waves, immediately ranking in the top five ever, leaving me gasping and groaning, unable to think of anything except what my lover just accomplished. Rich was spasming, trying to jam his entire midsection into me along with his seed. That complete loss of control is what we both love most, because there's barely any brain activity, only our bodies joined together and the wide appreciative smiles.

Completely spent and relieved, I chuckled, "Oh, hell yeah, you hunky fuckin' stud."

"Oh my God!" Rich wearily giggled.

Ecstatically, I cheered, "We did it! You amazing fuckin' awesome hunk, you made me cum buckets and came with me!" Lowering down onto me, Rich tried to laugh, but it sounded more like croaks. We covered each other in kisses before landing the big one. It was then we heard hysterical laughter from down the hall. Giggling madly, we got our quota of kisses in, and Rich started licking up my jizz, feeding it to me with kisses. Once we were relaxed and holding on to each other, I covered Rich's ear, the one closest to my mouth, and hollered, "YEAH!"

Mixed with giggles, we heard Alex and Ronnie scream, "YEAH!"

Pushing up off me, Rich shouted, "FUCK YEAH!"

This time, only Ronnie loudly laughed, "More?"

Alex incredulously giggled, "Ronnie! STOP!"

"No way," Ronnie giggled. "They lasted twice as long as we did, and I want more!"

Through his laughter, Alex wheezed, "My pecker's gonna fall off!"

"In me?" Ronnie giggled, "It's gotta fall off in me. I'll keep it warm, safe, and very, very happy. We gotta get really good at this, so we can last more than five or ten minutes."

Alex roared laughing, and so did Rich and I. While we were still evilly snickering, we heard Alex weakly giggle, "Help?"

We both shook our heads. They both needed every moment of sexual contact they could get. Reaching for my recovering wiener, Rich smiled, "Please Sir, can I have some more?"

I enthusiastically chuckled, "You were a very good boy! If you want it, it's yours, every time."

Still playing with my gooey foreskin, Rich sighed, "That was so great, when it was certain it was going to happen, my heart and brain almost exploded, Neil."

Slowly nodding, I suggested, "This time, there's no goal, or playful purpose. It's only you and me, showing our love." Attached at the mouths, we removed our jocks to prepare for the second round, and tossed them to the floor.

Laying down beside me, Rich landed a short tender kiss, then blissfully shared, "Its always been this way. Twice this weekend, Neil. Our love is that solid, completely concrete. And look at our friends, crazy scared and confused this morning. I want to adopt kids with you. We can raise some really awesome kids, don't you think?" I was so thrilled, my bone lurched. Rich looked down at my cock, giggling, "Yeah, I guess all of you likes that idea."

Rolling over and guiding my world onto his back, I promised, "As soon as we can, Rich. Once the door for gays opens, we're there."

Rich smiled up at me, saying, "It's partly opened now, but I don't want the state or anyone else taking our kids from us. That would rip my heart to shreds."

Caressing his cheek, I nodded, "Mine too. We're gonna make it happen, Rich. All the doors will be wide open for gays soon. Guys like us, all over the world, will make it happen."

"Let's make a baby," Rich cheerfully beamed, and raised his legs. After getting us lubed, I guided my erection into him, locked eyes with him and locked lips with him. Although nothing amazing happened this round, we did enjoy it as much. Other than occasional blinking, we never lost eye contact. Nothing silly or crazy was said, other than our soft desire to make babies of our own. We weren't even interrupted by any sounds down the hall from Alex and Ronnie. No records were broken, but we were so intertwined physically and emotionally that his orgasm led directly to mine only seconds later. Other than post-orgasm purring and giggling, we cuddled quietly, caressing and stroking bodies that were completely familiar, but still awe inspiring.

Only because we were glued together, we decided to get up and shower. Like newlyweds, we held onto each other and went to the door. To get through the doorway, we had to separate for a moment, but then were reattached and walking past the bathroom. Rich knocked on the guest room door and called, "Is everything alright, guys?"

"We're awesome!" Two voices enthusiastically giggled.

"The door's unlocked," Ronnie added.

Rich opened the door. We found Alex on his back, and Ronnie snuggled up to his side, both smiling so brightly, their teeth seemed to magnify the light from the night table lamp. I started chuckling, recognizing the expression of accomplishment on their faces. Rich chortled, "Hey bottom boy, playing on top is pretty cool, huh?"

Alex laughed, "You guys are fucking magicians, ya have to be."

Ronnie gushed, "I not only allowed it, and enjoyed it, but I'm absolutely crazy about it! We've been trying to work out how we're gonna be, now that we both love it."

I nodded and smiled, "We're not magicians. No spells were cast. Your body just adjusted and became accustomed to your partner."

"As for how sex will be now," Rich began, "it'll be what you two decide and need. Now you're playing with the same understanding of what each role really is. Being bottom is awesome, and so is being on top. The shivers and pleasure of being on bottom is what you're giving your lover from the top. When your both into the roles, sex becomes soul sharing; its there in both sets of eyes. There's time to play aggressive, and time to play submissive; there's a time to give and a time to receive."

"It really is that simple, bros," I smiled. Pointing at the hairs on my belly, and those on Rich's, all plastered with dried jizz, I chuckled, "We're hitting the bathroom and shower. The room's large enough for four, but we'll shower as couples."

Starting to separate, they nodded. Once standing, Alex carefully watched us for a moment or two, and then giggled, "You're not looking at my cock! Neither of you are! It's pointing directly out, mostly hard! If there's anyone on this planet other than Ronnie that I'd like having a peek, it's you two!" Ronnie beamed brightly at this side of his lover.

Rich chuckled, "We can see that, bro."

To make a point, I released Rich, took two steps forward and then knelt down, with both their dicks about three feet in front of me. "There, I can see your dicks." I asked their semi erect cocks, "Ya wanna join us for clean-up time?" I frowned, "They're not answering." Rich began giggling at my antics, and Ronnie quietly chortled. I smirked, "You could at least lurch and simulate a nod, or maybe shake your head?" Ronnie lost it and cracked up. Looking up into Alex's eyes, I grumbled, "It's still not responding, the brainless hooded beast."

Standing and moving a step closer, I made eye contact, grinning, "There's the brain," and gently tapped his forehead. "There's the Alex I know and love," I smiled, and tapped his chest, over his heart. Pointing down at his dick, I reminded, "That's nice, but pretty damned dumb. Any guy that shows more interest in your dick than in your eyes and heart doesn't really love you; he only wants some of what you've got. Then he'll move on, looking for another low hanger to get his jollies." Pointing at Ronnie, I reminded, "He loved and cared for you before seeing your dick, right?"

Alex nodded and giggled, "Yeah, and so did you and Rich."

Cupping my hands over my mouth to sound like a sports announcer, I cheered, "That was Alex's brain speaking. Oh and by the way, your stupid dick is now pointing at the floor. I can see it still, from two feet away, but it has nothing to say." Lowering my hands, I teased, "I'll betchya if Ronnie knelt down before your dick, it would immediately start engorging with blood, because your eyes and brain recognize your lover is there. My dick is hanging down, Rich's dick is, and…" I squinted at Ronnie, and then peered suspiciously down at his dick, shouting, "What the hell is wrong with you! Don't wink at me with your single eye. Hang down, dammit!" Alex and Rich laughed.

Intensely blushing, Ronnie giggled, "He was that good, twice! He's still naked too. It might not hang completely limp for hours."

Nodding, I grinned, "Tops playing as bottoms rocks," and offered my clenched fist.

Ronnie knocked knuckles with me, giggling, "Your insane, and my best friend in the world, ya know that?"

"Complements will only make me give Alex some top ideas to use on you," I chuckled.

"Yippee!" Ronnie laughed, and immediately rushed Alex, wrapping him up tightly.

Alex giggled, "What role did you play, Neil?"

"Bottom first, and then to share the amazing feelings, I topped," I honestly answered, and then wondered, "How do you feel, Alex?"

Appearing thoughtful, Alex then replied, "I really do feel more confident. I also feel cared for, by all three of you. I've missed this a lot; probably most of my life. Am I showing you guys that I care?"

"Abundantly," Rich smiled. "In words and in deeds."


I chuckled, "By being yourself with us, like during fondle football, and the dinner time conversation, and right now, all four of us chatting nude. You trust us, and the trust is returned. If it weren't that way, we could've put jocks on before leaving the room. You could've asked for a minute to put clothes on too. Instead, you wanted us to see you cuddling naked. That's trust."

Turning to Ronnie, Alex whispered in his partner's ear. Listening, Ronnie cracked a wide smile, and clearly said, "Its cool with me."

"Your sure?"

Ronnie nodded, and then planted a deep kiss. Unexpectedly, Ronnie came to me and took my hand in his. Similarly, Alex took Rich's hand, softly asking, "I want to shower with my best friend this time, if that's okay?"

Ronnie grinned at me, saying, "Same here, while there aren't parents around to think it might be more than bathing."

Rich balked, "Are you really sure? I mean, there's intimate contact involved."

Alex nodded, "I can deal because the goal is cleaning, not to make more messes."

I checked with Ronnie, "You feel the same way?"

Ronnie nodded and chuckled, "Our best friends gave us lube and condoms, and then goofed on us by repeating almost verbatim what was heard. Another time, maybe we'll switch it around so I can shower with Rich and Alex can shower with you. Besides, our other halves are waiting on the same shower, so it's gotta be quick, before the hot water runs out."

Alex told Rich, "After the shower, we'll still be snuggling with our lovers in the living room. A shower won't change much, except that we're acknowledging brotherhood. And like fondle football, we'll all enjoy that closeness. Since the trip to Point Pleasant, we've been double dating every time we're together." He checked with me, "If its cool by you, I'll wash Rich?"

Before I could answer, Ronnie asked Rich, "If you'll let me, I'll wash Neil?"

Rich sighed, and then rapidly took Alex's hand, almost pulling him out of the room, giggling, "We got first dibs!" Alex cracked up.

Wrapping an arm over Ronnie's shoulder, I grinned, "Rich is evil that way, calling dibs before anyone else even thinks of it."

I was trying to lead the way out of the room, but Ronnie held me back. On tip-toes, he whispered, "Rich got you something special for Christmas too. Alex knows what you told me, so now we're all holding in secrets." He lowered down again, evilly grinning, and then buttoned his lips.

"You're evil too," I sniggered, and tickle attacked. He tried blocking my hands, but I still got in good tickles, ranting, "Best friend privileges are hereby revoked. When we shower, you wash your own dick and ass, and can't touch mine." Laughing his ass off and backing away, Ronnie bumped into the bed and fell back onto it. That gave me easier access to his legs, which I scooped up, locked under one arm against my body, and then tickled his feet. Loud laughter turned into howling screams, begging me to stop.

Rich and Alex returned to the room. My world grinned, "We barely got to finish leaking. What happened?"

Only slowing my tickling slightly, I smirked at Rich, "Our friends have foot-in-mouth disease, so I'm fixing half the problem. The other half is when I get you to tell me what 'something special' means. As if we haven't shared something special last night and again twice tonight."

"WOOPS!" Rich squeaked and giggled. Wrapping his arms around his belly, Alex roared laughing. Suspiciously squinting at Alex, Rich giggled, "Secrets mean it was for you to know, not tell your boyfriend less than an hour later."

Evilly grinning at Alex, I warned, "You'd better run."

Bolting past Rich for the door, Alex laughed louder, but Rich caught him and started his own tickle attack. Curling into a fetal position, Alex withered and crumbled to the floor. A new opportunity presented itself. I released Ronnie's legs, and offered him my hand. Still gasping and giggling, he took my hand. I led the way around Alex and Rich, directly to the bathroom. Once Ronnie was in the room and beside me, I closed and locked the door, bouncing my eyebrows at my best bud. Covering his mouth, Ronnie busted up laughing again.

Grinning widely, I sniggered, "Evil is as evil does," and took a spot in front of the porcelain thrown, waving him over to join me. Soon, we were both leaking. Having never had anyone except Rich beside me at the bowl, I shared, "My first time sharing a bowl with Rich was when we were seven. It took almost ten years… I'm just acknowledging, this is different."

"Its fine, Neil," Ronnie assured. "I'm certain I'll pop wood, and pretty sure you will too, but it's washing only. You're my only real life example of how gay couples should be. Every little thing I've noticed you and Rich doing, I make sure I do with Alex. By watching you with Rich, playing became gently caressing; searching for his tonsils became a variety of different kisses that relay feelings. I really love him, so much it scares me to be away from him. When he came to the door with his stuff Tuesday night, I almost had a nervous breakdown. When my parents finally agreed to let him stay, I was so relieved, it took hours for the adrenaline rush to wear off so I could sleep. I can have with Alex what you and Rich have, and he's told me that's what he wants too. He says it days and weeks after we've been together. He really is so romantic, and special, it can't ever end."

Nodding and shaking my dick, I softly said, "There's a few more secrets I need to share, under the shower spray, so I won't be overheard."

The doorknob rattled, and Rich laughed, "Neil! You sneaky bastard! There had better be warm water, and I'm timing you!" Ronnie and Alex cracked up.

Loudly, I chuckled, "Did either of us really ever answer the question? No, you just grab Alex and run for the bathroom, answering with actions. Sneaky is as sneaky does. And there will be plenty of hot water."

Rich giggled, "Come on, Alex. There's home baked Christmas cookies to raid."

Grinning, I told Ronnie, "He knows I would kill for one of his mom's cookies. That was an attempt to get me to unlock the door." Taking his hand, I led the way into the tub.

As soon as I turned the water on, Ronnie shyly admitted, "Me and Alex talked about how we feel about you and Rich, ya know?"

Waiting for the water warm, I smiled, "I figured it was. You left the immediate decision for me and Rich, evil one."

Ronnie giggled, "Neither of us want sex with either of you, but this was the only way we could manage something, ya know, that says something about how we feel."

I turned on the shower, and quickly faced Ronnie again, getting the first seconds of cold water blasted on my back. I briefly shivered, and Ronnie grinned, "I'm gonna become an engineer, just to design a shower that doesn't cause shrinkage."

I admitted, "Rich and I feel the same for you and Alex. The gropes were fun, but the kisses and hugs were real, for all four of us. That's why I'm a little scared, showering with you, and I'll be just as scared when its Alex I'm showering with."

"Understandable, because I'm scared too, Neil. I've always liked guys…"

Gently shushing him, I grinned, "I thought I was bisexual, once upon a time. Girls look nice, and some really are nice, but I chose Rich. That screaming you heard earlier was from me on bottom, loving everything Rich was doing. I'm in here with you now, because I think your great, another best friend that's really attractive in every way. The same goes for Alex, in my opinion. Rich thinks and feels the same about you and Alex too. Rich and I know we're in love, and at the same time, we really like and care about you two guys. If Rich didn't make it clear it was okay with him, I wouldn't be here. I guess we're looking to have the same chance to show how we feel too." I paused and smirked, "Am I making any sense at all?"

Nodding, Ronnie giggled, "Perfectly clear to me. I'm waiting for you to make the first move."

Practically quivering, I raised my arms and rested them on Ronnie's shoulders. He moved closer and put his hands on my hips, smiling up at me. I closed the gap between us and hugged him. We both giggled. He then playfully reminded, "Here we are, two tops, scared to death to touch each other, when we can both take bottom and enjoy it. How stupid is that?"

I sniggered, "As stupid as I am, forgetting to grab washcloths from the linen closet. I guess we'll have to use our hands."

He giggled, "Kiss me first, then we'll make some suds." I leaned down and Ronnie reached up, tilting his head, with open eyes, and an open inviting mouth. We kissed tenderly and then again, more deeply before hugging tightly and kissing passionately. That's all it took for both of us to get hard. Breaking only an inch or so away, he grinned, "That was one hell of a kiss. You're just as gay as I am, big guy. Now turn around and show me that awesome backside."

I incredulously laughed, "What?"

He giggled, "You've been standing there with water blasting down your back. Your wet first, and I am definitely gonna do my best so that my backside looks like yours." He grabbed the bar of soap, began working up a lather in his hands, and then giggled, "Turn around, and put your hands up on your head."

Beginning to turn, I chuckled, "You've had experience bathing butts?"

"You know it!" He chuckled, "I was showering with Alex long before meeting you and Rich. I know how to make this just good enough so we don't finish by making more messes, like I would with Alex." The next thing I felt was soapy hands washing my neck and shoulders. I leaned over a little to make the water a little cooler, not only for our erections, but for Rich and Alex to have for their shower. Running his soapy hands around my arms, Ronnie laughed, "Don't do that!"

I wondered, "What?"

He giggled, "Bend over again and we'll both be in trouble."

"I thought this was supposed to be fun?" I teased, and then started flexing to bounce my butt cheeks.

Continuing down to my back, Ronnie giggled hysterically, "You are definitely insane. I'm sure Rich has said it, but you have the most perfectly formed back I've ever seen anywhere on any other guy. Rich is a close second, a different frame, with a really nice form."

Pausing my flexes, I looked back, over my shoulder, smiling, "You really do have experience, bathing another guy, I mean. Nice touch, man, just firm enough and not too firm or too gentle, like a massage."

Reaching the middle of my back, Ronnie giggled, "Now for the really hard part."

"We've both got really hard parts," I sniggered.

Madly giggling, Ronnie moved closer, wrapped his arms around my belly and nestled his stiffie in my crack. He groaned, "I want abs like yours. No, I want Alex to have abs like yours. Oh my God, if he get abs like yours, he'll never get any rest. I'll keep tracing lines on his belly, twenty-four by seven."

"Been there, done that. A little time and effort, bro."

He giggled, "You have to tell me to move away from you, man. This is getting way too good."

"I trust you, Ronnie," I grinned. "You're not thrusting your hips, just enjoying a feeling that I can easily relate to. I'll get even when I'm bathing you. Go ahead, take a step back and wash my butt." He rinsed his hands under the water, and then stepped back. After working another lather, I felt his hand glide between my cheeks. His rapid breathing was matched by my own. A single digit swept over my hole, and then four digits raced over my orifice, making sure I was cleaned.

Removing his hand, Ronnie gulped and gasped, "Whew! I didn't think I could do that."

"You were fantastic too," I giggled. "I'm gonna have Rich learn that four finger swipe; bump, pause, bump, pause, bump, longer pause, bump."

Lathering up my cheeks, Ronnie laughed, "I learned it from Alex, actually. Rich will learn it too."

"Do me a favor?"


I grinned, "We didn't use condoms, bro. There's some leakage on my thighs."

Giggling madly, Ronnie leaned forward and used the bar of soap on my thighs. He confessed, "I've gotta secret for you."

"Yeah?" I giggled.

"The first time with Alex, we used a rubber. The second time, I couldn't wait another minute, and we did it without." He giggled, "Its down my thighs, and the back of my sack must be a crusty mess. I have to admit, the first time was awesome, but it felt even better without the rubber." He muted his laughter against my back, heartily cackling, "The leaking feeling was surprising, it never occurred to me, and man, it tickled like crazy."

I lost it and cracked up. Turning around, I pulled him into a tight hug, landed a tender kiss, got another kiss in return, and then giggled, "Wash my bone and crusty cum-soaked sack, and then give me the soap, so I can start there and finish bathing you." The practiced hands of an uncut guy, just like me, washed my dick and made sure the foreskin and glans ridge were completely cleaned. It took some time to teach Rich what to do and what to look for, especially after having sex. We kissed deeply, like two gay guys should when washing their hard-ons. He reached back and gently cleaned my sack too, then I washed his scrotum. Once I rinsed, we swapped places in the tub. When Ronnie was soaked, front and back, I instructed, "Hands on your head."

He giggled, "What for? I'm not ripped, like you or Rich."

"I beg to differ," I smiled. "You've got a nicer start than I had. Another thing I need to share is about condoms. When you don't use them, you're really solidifying a life long partnership. If there's any question about that, use them consistently. If you really are making that commitment, use them when there's no time to cleanup."

Nodding understandingly, he smiled, "Thanks, big bro. It really is us wanting to be together for the rest of our lives. I'll share with Ronnie what you said." Raising his arms, he softly giggled, "Neil, I'm really ticklish, man, everywhere; what shouldn't be a problem will bring me to tears."

Starting at his neck, I grinned seeing Ronnie cringe. He wasn't bullshitting me. His arms were ticklish. His nipples were extremely sensitive. Washing his sides and up into his arm pits had Ronnie squirming and twisting, laughing his butt off. The middle of his back over his spine caused more giggling. Wrapping one arm around his torso to keep him steady and not crack his skull in the tub, I washed between his cheeks, exactly as he had done for me. Ronnie howled laughing. Of course, his reactions had me sniggering my ass off. I told him to rinse. Blushing scarlet and recovering, he turned to me with fire in his eyes. I leaned over to kiss him deeply, and he threw his arms around me, pulling me into a hug. I turned the water off while we held the kiss.

Completely satisfied with each other, we got out of the tub. I grabbed towels and unlocked the door. Ronnie began toweling off my back. I let him go until he copped feels of both my cheeks at once. Spinning around, I started toweling him off, instigating more loud laughter.

The door opened. Rich smirked at us. Leaning against the wall across from the bathroom, Alex giggled, "I told you, Ronnie is ticklish to the extreme. Washing his wrists and ankles will start him giggling. He's oversexed, and I love it."

Smiling at Rich, I shrugged, "Too true. How long did we take?"

"Fourteen minutes," Rich suspiciously squinted. I could tell by the gleam in his eyes that he was teasing me.

"And neither of us got off," Ronnie quickly assured.

I nodded, "We were hard, and washed everything, but no orgasms from either of us, I swear."

Ronnie prompted, "Alex, get Rich in the tub, tell him how you really feel, and enjoy it."

Rich grinned, "Is there hot water?"

"There should be plenty," I replied, "we kept it lukewarm." Pulling my lover against me, I let him investigate my eyes and expression before landing a kiss that turned my chubby into a flag pole. Rich obviously liked it too. Our kiss broke slowly, with a few rounds of tender lip smacks.

He smiled, "You really do love me."

"You're my world. I'm your shining star. Maybe we can swap those roles too, so I can revolve around you. I'd never destroy nine awesome years in a fifteen minute shower. Ronnie and I shared more then back scrubs, and I'm telling you that it's alright for you to have fun with Alex. Let him get closer, lover. Because I trust you both, I'm not even noticing any clock. After some cookies with Ronnie, chosen partners will be cuddling together."

"Probably very close together," Ronnie grinned, "because we really are that close. Nothing's been broken or fucked up in any manner. You'll see." He checked with me, asking, "What kind of cookies?"

"Sugar, butter, oatmeal and chocolate chips."

Ronnie cheered, "Awesome!"

I grinned, "Ready, bro?"

"Ready, bro."

I dumped my towel in the hamper and held the lid for Ronnie to do likewise. Starting out of the bathroom, I passed Rich, and sneakily groped his ass. Giggling again, Alex was completely unprepared for Ronnie's grope of his ass. Both our boyfriends suspiciously watched us innocently walk toward the kitchen. Ronnie called, "Neil?"

Continuing on my quest for cookies, I replied, "Yeah, bro?"

"Are we getting dressed?" Ronnie grinned.

Blinking, I paused in the kitchen and glanced down at his chubby dick. Pointing at my own semi-hard unit, I asked, "If your cold, you could? What's the problem?"

Ronnie grinned, "I'm not cold, only a little worried about Rich thinking the worst."

I smiled, "He wasn't really suspicious, just playing the part. A small part of Rich still thinks I could stray from him, probably for a girl. Those days are long gone. What this day has taught me is that I am ready for a life-long commitment with him. Yep, I'm one-hundred percent gay. I participated and enjoyed fondle football. I've kissed and fondled you and Alex. I washed your dick and ass, and you washed mine. It was fun, Ronnie. I completely enjoyed every part of this day. I thought of letting you finish me off, and thought of getting you off, but that's crossing a line I honestly don't need to cross." With my index finger, I beaconed him to follow me. Ronnie trailed behind me. I put a home baked chocolate chip cookie between my teeth, leaving half of it hanging out. Going to him, I held his hips and leaned down, instructing, "Come and get some, my best friend and best man."

Giggling, he reached up and took a bite. He watched me closely, giggling more heartily, and then pulled me against him. Holding one another tightly, we chuckled, chewed and swallowed. Feeing his dick getting hard, I checked, "This is real good for me, how about you?"

"It's very cool," Ronnie brightly beamed.

Gesturing to the tray, I offered him another cookie. He chose a butter cookie and I took an oatmeal cookie. Before taking a bite of mine, and while Ronnie chewed his, I grinned, "This morning, I told Rich that I probably couldn't make love with him while you and Alex were in the room. Even though I know you two would be similarly involved, I just couldn't picture it. Now I can easily picture it. Since Rich's parents would be here, we'd have to be much more quiet. Can you guys manage?"

He swallowed and grinned, "Our mouths would be stuffed, but that's our favorite thing, so yeah, easily managed."

"Our friendships progressed in leaps and bounds today," I shared. "Tomorrow, when I give Rich his ring and pop the question, that will make the four of us closer than we already are. I'm not worried about Rich and Alex coming out here and finding us hugging, or kissing, or with erections, because I'm almost certain that they'll be in the same place."

Ronnie nodded, "They had better be. I'd want to hear a good reason why they weren't."

"That makes both of us," I assured. We helped ourselves to more cookies, remaining close together. I asked, "Is it time for milk with these cookies?"

Ronnie shrugged, "Milk kisses aren't the greatest."

"How about chocolate milk?"

Raising his eyebrows, Ronnie nodded and smiled, "Cool."

I stepped away from him and went to the fridge. When I closed the door and turned around, Ronnie was right there. I sniggered, "Can I help you?"

"We're warmer together," Ronnie giggled, and bounced his eyebrows. I laughed, and he cackled, "If Alex and Rich come out here sportin' wood and we're turtled, the questioning would reverse."

Wrapping my left arm around his shoulders, I prompted, "We'll work as a team, one handed, to get chocolate milk made." He wrapped his right arm around my waist. I opened the pantry, and he got the Nestle's mix. Going to the counter together, I put down the carton of milk, and reached for two glasses, telling Ronnie, "That drawer to your left has silverware." He got a teaspoon and we set about on our goal, working together to make our chocolate milk with minimal mess. Since we were managing amazingly well, I told him, "Rich and I have done stuff like this."

Ronnie moaned, "We haven't tried."

Locking eyes with him, I smiled, "He lives with you now, bro. There will be plenty of chances."

Suddenly, we heard Rich's loud laughter, followed by Alex's cackling. We grinned at each other. He giggled, "Why am I only curious and not worried in the least?"

I explained, "You want Alex to have someone close, like I want Rich to have that too, just like we've got now."

Beginning to spoon chocolate mix into glasses, he smiled, "I wish I was a little taller." I smiled at him. "You deserve another kiss," he giggled.


Paying more attention to me than to what he was doing, he grinned, "For doing this with me, giving me a clue that I can do this with Alex, anytime and every time we want." He quickly checked that he was spooning into a glass and not on the counter, then put the spoon in that glass.

Turning him toward me, I spread my legs wide, effectively lowering down about four inches. Smiling widely, I reminded, "There was a time when I did this a lot for Rich. I want your kisses too, bro."

He giggled, "Your awesome," and placed his hands on either side of my neck, finger brushing my long hair back.

Because he wasn't giving the kiss that I was more than willing to get, I grinned, "You like long hair?"

"Yes and no," He giggled, and explained, "On you, its fine. On Rich and Alex, and just about every other guy, it would be fine. On me, with wavy blond hair, I look like a girl." Moving closer, he started with tender kisses, gave a deep one and I held on to his hips for the inspection of my mouth. He giggled into our kiss, and then wiggled his hips, giving our semi-erect cocks stimulation. He pulled back from me, looking deep into my eyes, wordlessly asking if he'd gone too far.

Pulling him close again, I thrust my hips, smashing our woodies together, softly assuring, "Gay best friends, with approval from both our partners, its cool, bro." I returned his kisses.

When I pulled back, he giggled, "That's what I wanted to do in the shower. You're so tall, the tip of my bone reaches the base of yours, so I'm grinding into your sack. Hurting you would place me right at the top of Rich's shit list."

Nodding, I grinned, "If you want more, come and get it, or we finish making chocolate milk?"

We shared one more kiss, and then he whispered, "You're a really awesome kisser, Neil. Almost the same as Alex, but just different enough to notice."

"Your different from Rich too, but equally awesome, Ronnie, and I think I know why."

He giggled, "Go ahead, spit it out."

Pulling my legs together and returning to the counter, I offered, "We're gay guys, about the same age, and attracted. Kissing a sixty-something year old gay guy would be as gross as kissing a girl. Your mouth would have to taste absolutely gross for me to say a kiss sucked. You taste good, bro. Kisses show part of hearts too, so your kisses are right up there with Rich's. You love me, I love you back, so the kisses rank high. Imagine kissing someone you didn't like. What would be the purpose, other than to be grossed out?"

Ronnie grinned, "Why am I thinking its experience talking?"

Nodding and stirring chocolate milk, I reminded, "We went on dates, a dance with girls we liked. There's gotta be a hundred reasons, or maybe thousands, why I chose Rich, and choose to let my gayness shine through, wiping out everything else. I really liked the girl I was with, but the kisses did nothing for me; no rapid heartbeat, no growth in my pants, it was disappointing. On the other hand, Rich's first kisses were everything kisses should be; they keep getting better too."

Going into a self-induced trance, I smiled, "For a year-and-a-half now, since the summer of '96, we go between houses; a day or two here, a day or two there. Every morning, there he is, within kissing range. Once we're in the bathroom, there he is, brushing his teeth, softly giggling while I talk my pecker into letting me piss. Now I'm minutes behind, he's watching me brush my teeth, and being awesome, kissing my neck, grinding his dick against my ass. There he is again, in the shower, and afterwards, getting dressed. Mirrors aren't necessary anymore, because there he is, telling me to change shirts when he has to.

"If it's a school day, we're going to the bus together. If there's a quiz, or a test, we're bouncing questions off of each other. We're separated for homeroom, but together the rest of the day. Man, he can just glance my way in school and it feels like a kiss. Add a smile to the glance, and I'm as good as I could possibly be, without creaming my jeans, that is. We hold hands most of the time walking between classes. Those kids with disapproving expressions can kiss my butt too, because I feel good with his hand in mine, as proud as if I'd won gold medals. Actually kissing in school has been rare, cause we're together the whole day, but there we are, bonin' up in a high school hallway or stairwell. After a day together, with very limited contact, we need that kiss and bone just to get on the school bus, without tearing our clothes off and instigating an orgy.

"Once we're home though, all that tension drains away when we're in each others' arms. After all these years, you'd think we'd have each other memorized, but there we are gazing into each others eyes, stealing kisses, and releasing the tension the only possible way, with a lot of affection. When we're ready, we start reviewing what homework absolutely must be done, what could be done, and what can wait. It seems there's always something we're trippin' out about, so its good, as good as homework can be, anyhow. I'll pick up a guitar and play for an hour or so, give or take, until dinner time.

"What's left to do after dinner? Can it wait, or is it a 'must do'? If its chill out time, maybe the TV will be turned on, but we might not watch it, choosing instead to just enjoy some cuddle time. During the winters, playing Eskimo and rubbing noses is fun, because it so silly, yet extremely romantic. Who can last longer just rubbing noses, ya know? Who's gonna sneak a kiss in? Who's hand is gonna start roaming? Who's gonna explore an ear, or an eyebrow, or an Adam's apple? What'll get explored next?

"I don't even recall kindergarten or first grade. There's nothing, until second grade, when I met Rich. Yet, there I am, examining every feature, from his hair to his toes, like I haven't spent most of my life with him. His collar bones are amazing. He's got a small mole on his torso, under his left arm. I've inspected and kissed that thing repeatedly, mostly 'cos it makes him giggle, but partly because I'm entranced. Hundreds of times, I've asked myself, 'what the fuck am I doing?' There's only two possible answers, I'm having fun with him, and loving him, even his friggin' mole.

"There's a life ahead of us that I have to spend with him; college, full time jobs and careers, middle age, old age and gray hair. I can almost see us in a nursing home, racing our wheelchairs down the hall. There's a doctor and a nurse, both young men, standing very close together, they're obviously a couple. Our wheelchairs come to a screeching halt. We grin at each other. In that couple, we see sixty or seventy years of our lives flashing in each others' eyes."

Silently remembering years worth of experiences with him, past, present and future, I was whipping the chocolate milk into a froth. Hearing giggling, I snapped out of my daydream and turned to Ronnie to find Rich and Alex standing with him.

Widely smiling, Rich looked at the two glasses, both more than adequately stirred, and then down at my bone. Our two friends were barely holding each other upright, softly giggling, but as hard as I've ever seen them. My world was also sporting a full erection. I cheekily grinned, "You and Alex had a good time too?"

Beaming, he nodded, honestly sharing, "We had a great time, and had planned something special for our partners, but the water ran cold, causing a fair bit of shrinkage, and during the towel dry phase, we debated the pros and cons. You, sharing visions of us, off in your own little dreamscape, caused all four of us to get hard again."

I smirked, "Tangents have always been my personal demon."

Sadly shaking his head, Rich giggled, "Don't dare change even a tiny bit, my shining star. I love you. Our friends love you. Anyone that doesn't is part of the Dark Side."

I grinned, "Do I want to know how much you heard?"

Checking with Alex, Rich confirmed, "We heard about letting your gayness shine through from the hallway?"

Nodding, Alex giggled, "We were in the room for the first kisses."

I hummed thoughtfully, and then softly muttered, "Maybe I should've turned on the radio?"

Sputtering, Alex lost it and cracked up. Widely smiling at me, Ronnie held his boyfriend close. Taking hold of me, wrapping his arms around my waist, Rich giggled, "Your promoted to my universe, lover. Everything there is that's worth anything at all, is all inside of you. The universe is all mine, eternally." He passionately kissed me.

While we held our kiss, Ronnie softly wondered, "How long was your shower?"

Alex answered, "About twenty minutes. We talked about each other, and we talked about you and Neil a lot too. We don't have nine years behind us like they do, but the time we have had has been excellent."

"I know it," Ronnie giggled. "We're just like them, in the most important ways." Wrapping arms around each other, they whispered. More clearly, Ronnie whispered, "I trust you, implicitly." Alex whispered something more. Ronnie replied, "Later, we've already talked about bed time." He took Alex by the hand and led him nearer to Rich and I. He picked up a butter cookie, put it half-way in his mouth, held by his teeth and asked Alex, "Ya want some as bad as I do?" Madly giggling, Alex moved to take a bite. There were no crumbs dropped, because Alex opened wide, completely covering Ronnie's mouth. Rich giggled into our kiss, broke it off, and then reached around me to grab us a cookie. Seeing Rich and I copying them, Alex and Ronnie softly chortled. The two glasses of whipped chocolate milk were shared four ways, passing each glass to partners and then around. We put the glasses in the dishwasher, Rich dumped some detergent in, closed the door and started it running.

He smiled at me, backed up against me, and I naturally wrapped my arms around his waist. Deciding his neck was a more than adequate snack, I reached down to nibble and suck his tasty flesh. Cringing, Rich giggled, "Walk this way, bros." Waddling toward the living room, we remained attached. Hearing Alex and Ronnie giggling, we paused briefly to turn to them. Just as we were, Alex had Ronnie attached to his neck, and were waddling together.

"What?" Alex cackled, "we're walkin' that way!"

Rich giggled, "Make yourselves at home, while we get the fire started."

"The fire's already roarin'," Alex cheered.

Rich cackled, "Keep it in neutral a few minutes. We'll get spare blankets." We started preparing the Franklin stove, opened the flue, and loaded some coal, some twigs and branches, and a large log. Behind us, we heard giggling turn into loud laughter. Turning and facing our friends, Rich smirked, "You're both very bad."

Ronnie giggled, "Keep stretching, twisting and bending. If I got the camera and snapped a photo, you'd know why were very happy spectating."

Alex provocatively sang, "Double the pleasure, double the fun, double-mint, double-mint, double-mint gum."

Sadly shaking his head, Rich giggled, "In the guest room closet, on the top shelf, right side, there's a comforter and a knit blanket. See if you can make it back here with both of 'em in five minutes or less." He pointed at the clock, taking note of the time, and commanded, "Go."

They jogged down the hallway, giggling their jiggling butts off. At the guest room doorway, Ronnie turned and cackled, "Neil, its time for something special," and closed the door to Alex's loud laughter.

Evilly gleaming at my lover, I wondered, "What sort of something special could it be? Is it animal, vegetable or mineral?"

Pointing at the stove, Rich giggled, "Fire."

Raising my eyebrows, I excitedly cheered, "Ooo!" and turned to light the fire, teasing, "Make me sizzle, my awesome hunky world." All I heard was soft chortling, and then felt him biting my butt. To add fuel to the fire, I flexed each cheek immediately after he nibbled it.

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