Neil And Rich

by The Eggman

Chapter 7

During the walk back to the Hamiltons' house, Ronnie noticed, "When we first met you, you guys had long hair. During the beach trip, you both had extremely short hair."

"Crew cuts," Alex interjected.

Ronnie nodded, "When we were here in September, I half expected crew cuts again, but your hair was getting longer. Now its even longer, almost as long as it was when we met."

Alex smiled, "Almost everybody gets hair cuts before school, but not you two." Rich and I grinned at each other. Alex giggled, "What's up with that?"

Rich sniggered, "We mow lawns during the summer, since 1995. We had barely started, maybe a week or two, and just got fed up with sweaty long hair."

"Especially on humid days," I added. "Even after showering, or when we were out by my pool, it was too much. With the crew cuts, we can pretty much last from later spring, through the summer and well into the school year. By April, it'll be time for another trip to the barber shop."

Ronnie wondered, "Don't you ever think about maybe a hair stylist, maybe dye?"

"Or how about piercings, at least your ears," Alex suggested.

Looking at me and then Rich, Ronnie asked, "What do you think of tattoos?"

Shrugging, Rich smiled, "I don't want green, purple or orange hair. I would get my right ear pierced, and I'm thinking of a tattoo, something on my shoulder, or on my back. My parents won't go for any of the above though; I'll have to wait until college, when Neil and I move out on our own. My folks don't say anything about long hair because they know it won't stay long. Come late March or early April, all we have to say is, 'its barber time,' and they give us the cash."

Since Alex and Ronnie were waiting for my take on it, I offered, "Its pretty much the same with me. I definitely want a treble clef on my arm, up by my bicep, and maybe a pierced ear, or maybe both ears, when I can afford a really cool set of earrings, like with a small gem or something like that. Right now, it's not a high priority. We've talked about trying beards and mustaches, once we can grow 'em."

Alex giggled, "You're amazing." When Rich and I turned to him, Alex smiled, "I'd like a couple o' tattoos, maybe covering one arm, from my wrist up to my shoulder. I'd like to get my nipples pierced too."

I asked Ronnie, "What do you think?"

"My nipples are way too sensitive," Ronnie sniggered, causing Rich and I to crack up.

Alex laughed, "They really are!"

"What brought all this on?" Rich chortled.

Ronnie shrugged, "There's stuff we can do living with our parents, and stuff we can't. I think it'd be pretty cool, ya know, something that'll make me stick out in a crowd. I'd like a more modern hair style, but every time I point at a photo, it gets shot down." Ronnie had dirty blond hair, kind o' wavy, but its styled really nice, in my opinion. His hair covered his ears only halfway, down to the collar of his jacket in the back, and the barely noticeable part was high down the left side of his head.

"I'd like to be different too," Alex softly said, like he was confiding in us. Alex had brown hair, very short on the sides and back, but long on the top. From the day we met them, their hair style hasn't changed.

"Would your parents go for it?" I wondered.

Shaking his head, Ronnie sighed, "Not while I'm living with them."

Rich offered, "What scares me, especially about tattoos, is my body changing, making a decent tattoo fade, stretch out and look like crap. Now I've got something ugly to carry around with me that I can't get rid of."

Alex asked, "What sort of tattoo would you get then, Rich?"

Rich grinned, "Something small, with some meaning, ya know? Like the Chinese yin-yang symbol."

Simultaneously, Ronnie and Alex wondered, "What's that?"

"Duality," Rich explained, "I'll show you later, but basically it describes how opposite forces merge, become complimentary, like two partners, two individual personalities becoming one, each providing alternative ideas, but they've united."

"That's awesome!" Ronnie loudly cheered.

Nodding, Alex giggled, "Very cool. I can't wait to learn more."

Alex noticed, "You're kind o' quiet, Neil."

I grinned, "Sorry, but hair length or color, or piercings, or tattoos isn't what separates me and makes me unique. What makes me special is a special partner…"

Alex and Ronnie provocatively mooed, and surprisingly, so did Rich. All four of us started giggling and laughing. I continued, "Seriously, what makes me stand out in the crowd aren't things that can be seen. Statistically, they say one in ten are gay; that's me. How many other gay guys do you know that play guitar?"

"No one," Alex said.

Shaking his head, Ronnie said, "Nobody."

We followed the walkway up to Rich's front door. I said, "And if you did, would they play the same songs as I do? I'd doubt it. I already stand out in a crowd, and have since junior high school. I started seventh grade only an inch or two taller than Rich, about five feet seven. A year and a half later, I was six feet tall. I'm six-one now, and haven't grown another inch since I was fifteen." While I was talking, Rich unlocked his front door and led the way inside. I followed last and closed the door behind me.

While taking our hoodies and jackets off, Rich smiled, "Teachers started calling Neil 'Mister Powell' in seventh grade. Now, I call him that, and he calls me Mister Hamilton, mostly to acknowledge that we chose each other; when we shower, it's together, when we sleep, it's together. It started as a goof on the teachers, but now we're saying that we're partners in everything." He handed out hangers, and hung everything in the hallway closet, adding, "Remember, we started our friendship in second grade, and near the end of eighth grade, I finally told Neil how I felt about him. What I dreamed of two-and-a-half years ago is now pretty much our reality."

I smirked, "Pretty much?"

Rich chortled, "Do we spend all our time naked?" Turning to me, Alex and Ronnie started giggling.

I grinned, "Not all the time, but as much as we can, without getting tossed in jail for indecent exposure." I told our friends, "There's a picture of us together at my tenth birthday. Rich has his arms around me, holding on, like I was his birthday present, and wearing the most possessive little smirk. I was looking back at him, my eyes shifted, clearing saying, 'yeah, I'm all yours, ya big goof!' That should've been a clue."

Alex giggled, "We'll have to re-take that photo."

"The teen edition," Ronnie chortled.

Leading the way toward the kitchen, Rich sniggered, "During our honeymoon, we're naked for at least a full day, maybe the entire time, if we can get away with it." Once in the kitchen, Rich said, "Who else wants hot cocoa?"

"Sounds good," I grinned, "and a nice change of subject."

Ronnie laughed, "No, no, go back to that subject, after hot cocoa. I wanna hear your honeymoon plans."

Barely maintaining, Alex giggled, "Could I have tea instead, and be shown the bathroom?"

Filling the kettle with water, Rich teased, "Ya need to piss with a turtled unit? Good luck with that." Alex and Ronnie cracked up. Glancing over his shoulder at me, Rich said, "Do the honors, lover, while I get domesticated here?"

Ronnie quickly asked, "Has your family gone out, Rich?"

"Yeah, grocery shopping, but they'll be back in an hour or two," Rich replied, and put the kettle on the stove.

"I'll join Alex then," Ronnie mischievously grinned.

Leading the way to the bathroom that Rich and I use, I explained, "You dudes can use the john together, any time ya want. You must know I go with Rich often enough. This is gonna be your home-away-from-home, if everything's cool after this weekend." I pushed the door open and gestured with my other hand, palm open, like a bell boy at a posh hotel expecting a tip.

Walking past me and into the facility, Ronnie grinned, "We'll be right out."

I joked, "Take your time, and some of Alex, while your at it."

Chuckling, Ronnie provocatively hummed affirmatively. "Hey!" Alex giggled, "He don't need your encouragement." He paused at the door, giggling madly.

"Turnabout is fair play," I teased, and started back to Rich and the kitchen, hearing Alex and Ronnie giggling and then the bathroom door closing.

In the kitchen, Rich already had four mugs out, with a tea bag hanging in one, and was spooning hot cocoa mix into one of the others. Going to him, I wrapped my arms around his waist, whispering, "You noticed Alex is a little mixed up?"

"Yeah," Rich softly said, "we'll get him back on track." Before spooning cocoa into another mug, he glanced back at me, asking, "Your worried about him?"

"A little bit," I answered, and then wondered, "What's the plan?"

"Go with the flow," Rich suggested. "Whatever he needs, he'll get, from Ronnie and from us."

"I was surprised that they want to sleep in the same room as us."

"Another little something straying off script. But ya know what, it makes sense; his sexuality has been knocked for a loop. He wants to get it back, and return to normal, as much as possible, with a court case looming on the horizon. Once that's past, everything will get better."

I scowled, "I don't know if I can make love with you while they're in the room."

Finished spooning cocoa, Rich huffed, "Yeah, that's an unexpected twist. Again, it's somewhat understandable, but I'm wondering how that might work out, if it can at all. It tells me that they need us, Neil, both of them do, not only Alex."

Slowly nodding, I admitted, "When we skinny dipped, I never thought it would lead to this."

Holding up the can of hot cocoa mix, Rich teased, "Are ya gonna let me put this back in the cupboard?"

"Sure," I grinned, "but I'm not letting you go." Rich began giggling, and started to move across the room. Remaining attached to him, we waddled together, and began sniggering. He returned the hot cocoa mix and delightfully giggled, "Mr. Powell, you're being very bad, in the most awesome way." Lowering my head, I started snacking on his neck. Holding my arms around his waist, Rich cringed and heartily giggled, "God, I love you!"

From behind us, we heard giggling. Never pausing my snacking, I slowly turned us so we could see Alex and Ronnie. Seeing them, Rich cracked up. "I never knew Neil was a vampire," Ronnie teased.

"Kitchen sex," Alex giggled.

I winked at them, and they cracked up. Adding fuel to the fire, Rich cackled, "All the best lube is here; olive oil, butter, margarine, shortening." Alex and Ronnie howled laughing. The kettle started whistling, and then so did Ronnie. He and Alex applauded our first performance of the weekend, although it wasn't planned to be a performance. I waddled with Rich to the stove. He turned off the burner and I halted my snack, releasing Rich, so he could pour the hot water into the mugs.

I cheekily grinned, "He smelled so good, I had to have a taste."

Crumbling slightly, Rich paused again, lowered his head and softly chortled.

Locking eyes with mine, Ronnie giggled, "Still turtled, Neil?"

"Unfortunately, yeah," I smiled. "Hot cocoa will help."

More flushed than he was out in the cold, Alex giggled, "How about you, Rich; turtled still?"

Pouring the water into mugs, Rich shook his head, giggling, "We'll have to get changed right after this; at least I will."

Ronnie sniggered, "Can I use your phone to call home?"

"Help yourself," Rich answered, still carefully filling mugs. Ronnie went and picked up the phone. He dialed and wandered into the living room. Finished and returning the kettle to the stove, Rich asked, "Alex, do you want sugar and milk, or honey?" He then scowled, "I think we have honey," and went to check.

"Sugar and milk are fine," Alex replied.

Finding and displaying the honey, Rich checked, "Are you sure, man?"

Giggling, Alex sang, "Your spoiling me," and nodded his head.

Taking a mug for myself and another for Ronnie, I went to the table and sat down. Alex and then Rich, carrying a half gallon of milk, joined me. For a minute or so, we sat quietly, Rich and I stirring our cocoa, and Alex adding honey and milk to his tea. Mostly, we held our mugs to warm our hands, until Alex smiled, "Ronnie's helped so much the last couple o' days, but this weekend's gonna help so much too. We haven't been able to do much alone. Other than kissing and cuddling, only showers, ya know?"

Rich asked, "Is that enough, or too much?"

Pausing to think about it, Alex sighed, "Enough, for now, I guess. He's been so awesome, I just wish I could do more. When I try, he slows me down, but even that seems right and really good too. I just feel like if I don't relieve his pressure, more than soapy hand jobs in the shower, he's gonna get stressed about it."

"Is he complaining?" I wondered.

"No," Alex smiled, then he giggled, "we cuddle and kiss a lot."

Returning to the room, Ronnie smirked, "My mom wants to talk to your mom, Rich." He hung up the phone and then joined us at the table. He leaned over Alex, softly assuring, "Cuddles and kisses mean everything to me right now. As for any pressure relief, I'm not sneaking any wanks in without you. Once a day in the shower and attached at the mouth works wonders."

Sadly shaking his head, Alex giggled, "Super ears strikes again."

He stole a kiss, and then sat down, reminding, "We can feel each other bonin' up, and our hearts racing. If I didn't feel those things from you, I'd know there's a major problem. You're only slightly off balance right now, and I know that we'll go further again. I also know there will be other times, in the near future, where cuddles and kisses will take us some time. I'm all yours, in any way you want, every time, Alex. Don't ever doubt that. I'm already getting all I need. When both of us need more, I'm sure we'll go further."

Focusing on Rich and I, Ronnie said, "While we're alone, now's the best time to explain something mentioned during the walk, so nobody gets the wrong idea. Since we left here back in September, Alex and I talked a lot. On that one day, cool guys we could consider friends, and gay friends with more experience, changed into best friends. Yes, Alex and I think the world of you two, but sharing a room tonight doesn't mean anything more. You're our best friends, undeniably cute, and guys we can look up to, but you're not lovers or sex buddies, or anything like that. Hugs and kisses is all we'll share."

That was a relief, and I guess it showed. Rich smiled at me. Ronnie and Alex began chuckling. Alex giggled, "Put yourself in my place, with an awesome boyfriend who has awesome parents, willing to make room for you in their house."

"It's so great, but so wrong at the same time, because of my folks being total assholes. I know all this, but to say it's had no effect would be a lie. Tuesday night was a lot of talking, with Ronnie's folks and the two of us at their table, from before supper, and through it, and right up to bedtime. Going home with Ronnie after school the next day wasn't a change at all for me, except I don't go back home at all now. Wednesday afternoon was our realization, this is different. For almost three hours, we lay together on my new bed, face to face, talking, kissing and snuggling. Thursday afternoon was almost the same, except it was his bed, and he was behind me, not face to face. We fell asleep like that, fully dressed, on top of the covers, and his parents came home and found us. What they didn't see or know was that we were both hard as steel!"

Watching Ronnie flush red and nod, Rich and I softly sniggered. Alex finished by giggling, "Yesterday afternoon, we were back in my room, back on my bed, and we talked ourselves back to sleep again." Sounding resigned to the new pattern, Alex sighed, "They found us again, snuggled up and sound asleep, just as hard if not harder than the previous day." Warmly smiling at his sniggering partner, Alex beamed, "You've been fantastic, ya know?"

Speaking mostly to Alex, as if we weren't there, Ronnie smiled, "Before school started, I told my dad that I was serious about you, and that we were making love. Because of that, my folks don't say a word about us following each other into the bathroom, or about our morning showers together. They only asked that we not do that when they have company. They don't have friends or family over very often, but when they do, I'm going to have to consciously tell myself to not follow. The fact is, I need you, Alex. Two minutes in the bathroom together, taking a leak and washing our hands together, stealing kisses while we try washing each others hands, is a mini-lifetime, each and every time. If next week turns out to be a repeat of last week, I'm perfectly cool with that. The alternative, not having you in my life, would turn me into a basket case." Seeing Alex tearing up again, Ronnie checked, "Happy tears?"

Hastily, Alex nodded, got up, and Ronnie quickly put his mug down on the table, before getting a big kiss that didn't end for a long while. Soon they were panting through their noses and whimpering, sounding like they were in pain. Given what had happened, it's very likely both were in a certain amount of pain, needing and wanting each other badly, but not managing more than basic affection. Ronnie reached a hand up to caress Alex's ear and jaw. In turn, Alex reached a hand over and ran his fingers through Ronnie's hair.

Turning to me, just barely containing his pleasure, Rich beamed and wiped his eyes. In his sparkling eyes, I saw he was deeply moved by them. I finished the last of my cocoa, and then stood up. My intention was to lean over and give Rich a big, sloppy wet one, however he got up too, tilting his mug and finishing off his cocoa. We went to the kitchen and rinsed our mugs. At the sink, cheerfully eying each other, I was caught by surprise when my hunky lover beat me to the kiss. Oh God, I might never get enough of his kisses. A step at a time, he advanced and backed me against the pantry door. Blissfully, I ran my hands up his arms, pausing at his neck, making it clear that I wanted him to kiss me forever. Rich's hand's slipped down into the back pockets of my jeans, gave my cheeks a firm squeeze, and then tugged my mid section against his. For the second time that day, we were practically crawling all over each other, only two paces from the corner where I had earlier trapped him.

"Honey," Rich's dad loudly called, breaking me out of my rapturous trance. "I think we need to redecorate the kitchen." I opened my eyes and watched Mr. Hamilton enter the dinette and then the kitchen.

From the front room, possibly the entryway, Rich's mom hollered, "We just did that only two years ago. What makes you think that?"

Placing the sacks he was carrying down on the counter, Mr. Hamilton chuckled, "It must be the color scheme that makes gay couples just a tiny bit squirrelly."

Rich and I began giggling into our kiss. Mrs. Hamilton giggled, "Oh, hello Alex, hello Ronnie." It was then she saw Rich and I, and impatiently huffed, "Jesus! If Alex and Ronnie weren't here, I'd wonder if you two moved out of this room." Ronnie and Alex lost it and howled laughing. After placing her sacks on the other counter, near the sink, Rich's mom introduced her husband to our friends Alex Linville and Ronnie Stroh.

While greetings and pleasantries traveled around, Rich and I grinned at each other, knowing we were both hard and had to move before our cocks could deflate. Thankfully, we had loose fitting painters jeans on, and might be able to make it to Rich's room before making a spectacle of ourselves. Separating, Rich checked the mugs on the table. They were obviously empty, and Rich picked them up to bring them to the sink. Watching him approach me, I glanced down to his crotch. Not seeing an obvious bulge, I flashed him an okay sign with my thumb and forefinger. He softly giggled, glanced down at my crotch and shook his head. I kept an eye on our friends and Rich's parents. Only Ronnie was looking toward the kitchen. Moving close to Rich, to use him as a block, I swiftly reached one hand into my jeans to rearrange the furniture. While I fumbled with my meat, Ronnie's eyes widened and he helplessly giggled. I got my hand out of my pants just before the Hamiltons turned to face us.

Seeing Rich and I innocently blinking and wearing our rusty halos, Mrs. Hamilton smirked, "I don't want to know." She told her husband, "Let's decide on a different color scheme for this room." Slumped against the counter, with his face over the sink, Rich struggled to hold a belly laugh to mere chortles. Facing Ronnie and Alex again, she prompted, "Give us twenty minutes to get the groceries stowed, and I'll chat with your mother, Ronnie."

"Thank you, Mrs. Hamilton," he helplessly giggled.

Stowing the mugs in the dishwasher, Rich barely contained himself. With the dishwasher door closed, he giggled, "Com'on, guys, I'll show you my room and we can get comfortable." He cheekily told his parents, "The color scheme won't matter, so give it up." We made a hasty exit, and had barely made it past the living room to the hallway before Rich and Ronnie cracked up.

Grinning, Alex checked around for an explanation. He giggled, "What'd I miss?"

Rich went into his room, followed by Alex, Ronnie and I. I closed the door and Rich flopped face first onto his bed, howling hysterically. Sadly shaking my head, I smirked at my lover. Pulling Alex close, Ronnie softly chuckled, "We won't have to worry about showin' off, 'cos they got just as hard from their kiss. Neil almost got caught manhandling himself."

Looking up at me, Alex giggled, "At least we had a minute or so to sit down, and finish our drinks before the front door opened."

"We never even heard the door," I softly grumbled. Lifting his face up to catch his breath, Rich dove down again and roared into the pillow.

"I've been wanting to say something nice about the Christmas tree in the living room," Ronnie chortled. He locked eyes with mine, teasing, "Maybe we can decorate your woody with tinsel and blinking lights? You've already got balls hangin' off it. Painting your bone green might be going too far; it would be for me if Alex's rod was green. Or we could get a night light bulb, tape it to your foreskin so your bone looks like a Christmas candle? With a nine-volt battery, maybe we can make the bulb light every time you get wood. Whatever, we can finish the picture so its perfect!" Alex and Ronnie cracked up. From the bed, Rich gasped and bellowed laughing. Unable to help myself, I started laughing too. In a flash, Alex and Ronnie separated long enough to sandwich me between them. From each, I got kisses on the cheek. As soon as Rich got off the bed, flushed red in the face and still giggling, he got sandwiched and kisses on the cheek too. Ronnie beamed, "We've been here less than an hour. This is gonna be the best weekend ever!"

Wrapping an arm around my waist, Rich giggled, "Let's get you guys some clothes, so what you're wearing doesn't reek by tomorrow." He led the way from his room into the spare room and flipped on the overhead light. "This is gonna be your room, guys," Rich announced, and went directly to the dresser. I had the pleasure of watching Alex and Ronnie check out the room. As I've said before, the Hamiltons are neatness and organization freaks.

The room did have older furniture in it, but it was all matching light oak. There's a desk that rarely ever gets used. I think Mrs. Hamilton used it in February, when she does the family tax returns. Other than that, it isn't used and spotless, devoid of any clutter. There was a night table with a small lamp and a digital clock beside the bed. The dresser was nice too, a five-drawer upright type that Rich put his older clothes in. All of his older clothes were perfectly fine, they just didn't fit my lover. One day last spring, to mow lawns, Rich put a pair of sweat shorts on over a jock. The shorts fit the prior summer. Damn, he looked awesome, but his goods were mine, not to be displayed to the town every time he stretched or leaned over. With one grope of his package and another grope of his ass, Rich got the message and changed shorts. Squatting down, Rich rifled through a lower dresser drawer to get sweatpants and sweatshirts for our friends. Obviously liking the room, Alex and Ronnie grinned at each other.

Standing up with armloads full of clothes, Rich turned and saw all three of us widely smiling. "What?" He suspiciously squinted.

Covering his face with both hands, Alex broke down in giggles. Facing Rich, Ronnie chuckled, "This room is ours, whenever we need or want?"

Rich nodded, "Sure. Last New Year's Eve one of my uncles got a little too wasted, and spent the night here. He's the last one that used this room. My mom obviously made the bed with clean sheets, pillows and blankets for you. Why? Is there something wrong?"

"DUDE!" Ronnie loudly laughed, "This is nicer than my room at home, and the room that we have Alex in now. All it needs is posters, or something of ours on the walls."

Lowering his hands, Alex giggled, "Can we live with you forever?"

"You're being goofy," Rich giggled. "It's a spare room with a bed."

Knowing exactly where this was going, I grinned, "Show 'em the clothes, Rich."

Nodding, Rich shook out a folded pair of navy blue Adidas sweatpants, handed it to Ronnie, and then gave him the matching sweatshirt. In Ronnie's eyes, I could almost see the little boy in him about to scream, "Christmas came early!" As if that wasn't enough, Alex got the grey Hollister sweatpants and matching shirt.

Alex's jaw dropped. He squeaked, "These were yours?" Rich nodded.

Ronnie giggled, "Are you rich, or do you just like designer clothes?"

Rich smirked, "My folks work for a living, so we're not wealthy. We keep stuff, in case of emergencies, like the clothes and the furniture in this room, and for our best buds, who might occasionally need the space. It would be kind o' sad to just toss it all in the trash, since its all in reasonably good shape. I guess you like the room?" Alex and Ronnie howled. Blinking rapidly, Rich came to me, softly wondering, "What's their deal?"

I softly chortled, "Remember when I compared your family to mine?" He nodded, and I teased, "They probably expected a smaller room, just barely big enough for an occasional overnighter. As for the clothes, there's serviceable and then there's almost new, just out grown."

"This is the smallest room," Rich giggled. Turning to Alex and Ronnie, Rich softly teased, "Since we've all shown an incredible lack of dick control already, I have jocks for you too, so you're not following your rods from room to room." Exploding with laughter, Alex and Ronnie rushed Rich and I, excitedly cheering about the room, and the clothes, and how awesome we were being.

Blushing more intensely than I've seen in a very long time, Rich led the way back to his room, saying, "Let's get comfy, get our parents happy, or at least somewhat satisfied, and then we can have some fun." In a few moments, we were stripping off jeans and confining clothes in favor of the much more comfortable sweats.

Rapidly, Rich undressed. The first one naked, he walked around Ronnie and Alex, got four hangers from his closet, and put them on the edge of the bed, telling our buds, "Hang your clothes, guys. I'll stow them in the closet, so they're not wrinkled messes tomorrow." He then went to our underwear drawer, getting four jocks out, two of which were mine, and two were Rich's. Since we lived in two homes, our clothes were also spread across town. Not needing to ask, I knew Rich's plan; he and I would wear my two jocks, and the two of his, which were one waist size smaller, would be for Alex and Ronnie.

Once we were all naked, I noticed Alex and Ronnie paying more attention to Rich and I than to each other. Rich noticed them gawking too, and smiled, "From mowing lawns, four days a week, between six and seven hours each day."

"Not to mention time making love," I cheekily grinned. "That's where Rich got his chest and shoulders from, I'm sure of it."

Ronnie smiled, "You're men; there's nothing boyish visible anymore. Another year or two for additional chest hair, and the job's done, very well done too, I have to add."

Alex smiled, "We noticed in September too, but didn't say a word. You guys have everything perfectly proportioned and look excellent." He then sighed, "I'd love it if our bodies developed like that."

Ronnie nodded, picked up a jock, and grumbled, "We're gonna have to work for it. I don't know anybody that got abs like Neil and Rich from sit-ups or crunches. They've all done some sort of manual labor."

"Flex for us," Alex giggled. Hearing that from his boyfriend, Ronnie was so shocked that his head snapped and he dropped the jock in his hand. After skinny dipping the day away at my house, the four of us weren't the least bit embarrassed because we were nude. Still, the request was unexpected. Rich and I softly sniggered.

Together, Alex and Ronnie boyishly sang, "Pleee-eeease?"

"We'll be good," Alex giggled.

Pointing down at his limp dick, Ronnie mischievously grinned, "And you'll see if we get the tiniest bit aroused. You don't mind honest admiration, I'm sure."

"You could show us later tonight, if ya want, but I will ask again," Alex giggled. Trying not to crack up, Ronnie flung himself at Alex and held on tight.

Facing Rich, I checked, "If you wanna?"

Nodding, Rich tossed the jock he was holding onto the bed and then asked, "I can only wonder why you waited until now. It wasn't mentioned in September or during the beach trip."

"The real truth?" Alex balked.

Rich and I nodded and answered, "Positively."

Ronnie grinned, "Most of the time, we were getting to know each other, so we didn't go there. The most important reason is neither of you were found with wandering eyes, focusing directly on Alex's endowment. From that point, we knew we could trust you. You thought enough of us to invite us here today, and to the beach, and to Neil's place too. We knew coming here today would be a good time, that we both desperately need, never expecting to be invited to stay overnight, or the offer to come when we need or want to."

Alex quietly offered, "From day one, it's always been easy to talk with you; face-to-face and through email. If I could magically wish for older brothers, they'd be like you guys. Hell, if I could wish for same-sex parents that understood me, it would be you guys."

"Times two," Ronnie chirped agreement.

Rich smiled, "Cool, the feelings are mutual."

I nodded and reminded, "I see two guys that are trim already. There's no fat or flab that I can see on either of you. When I was fourteen, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a two by eight plank, with no definition anywhere. My only goals for our lawn care business were to be with Rich, and get some form to the plank."

Raising his arms and clasping his hands behind his head, Rich flexed and held it while telling our two friends, "You two can turn trim into fit. To make the baseball team last spring, I didn't have to do anything extra." Finished showing off his chest and abs, he turned to show his back and buns, adding, "With the team, I lifted light weights and built up to fifty reps, gaining more endurance in the process. I'm already bulky and don't need the buff body builder look."

Ronnie softly sang, "Damn sweet, Rich."

"Awesome shoulders, nice shape and form, front and rear, right down to your ankles," Alex warmly complimented my lover.

Then they turned to me.

Doing as Rich had, I flexed, giving them time to see my abs, and saying, "I was on the track team last year. Like Rich, because of mowing lawns in this hilly town, I didn't have to bust my ass working out. Running laps was a breeze. We don't want to be body builders, or look like Arnold Schwarzenegger; we just wanted some spending money, so we could be together, go places together." I turned to show off my backside. Both of them gasped. I winked at Rich, and then made my gluteus maximus muscles bounce, separately and then together. Ronnie cracked up and Alex digressed into a giggling fit.

Waiting for me to lower my arms, Rich wrapped an arm around me, giggling, "You're such an awesome tease," and then stole a kiss. He then told our friends, "Later, I'll put on Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall Part 2. Neil can make his butt muscles bounce to the beat through the entire song. I can't even do it for that long."

"Because you keep cracking up," I sniggered. Before finishing this silly little session, I took Alex by the hand and led him beside Rich. I told Ronnie, "Between the time we met and the first trip to the beach, Alex went from a skinny kid to a hunky young man. Look at their chests and especially their arms, shoulders and hips. When Alex gets to be sixteen-and-a-half, like Rich is now, guess what you'll be seeing every day."

Ronnie's eyes widened, his smile grew and he made a goofy little roaring sound. Giggling his ass off, Alex immediately covered his blushing face with both hands. Rich cracked up. Taking Ronnie's left hand, I told him, "The next time you look in the mirror, compare your fifteen-year-old wrist bone to my sixteen-and-a-half year-old wrist bone. Look at our hips compared to Alex and Rich's. We're medium framed, and they're large framed."

Seeing the light, Ronnie muttered, "That's why his ankles and wrists are bigger than mine, even though I'm taller." I slowly nodded.

Rich told Alex, "Anything can happen at any time to truly fuck up the works. As long as you want Ronnie and tell him about every fear and worry, tell him about every aspiration and dream, you'll last as a lifelong couple. Talk to and listen to each other, really understand your partner." He pointed at me, smiling, "He's my world. I'm his world. There's nothing else I need. I could become a multi-millionaire, but without Neil, it would be meaningless and worthless. That's what this weekend is about; keeping you two together through all the difficult stuff that's about to go down."

"We're your incentive," I told Ronnie. "We'll be in here alone, as often as any one of the four of us feels like it, when there's something to talk about that straight parents won't ever fully understand. If you weren't so cool when we met last January, there wouldn't have been strings of emails. In the back of the van, we quietly shared stuff, with our moms about six feet away. We'll play big brothers for you, but we're not so much older that we would dare pull the age card. Imagine a day, not so many years from now, where the four of us are still friends, still keeping in touch. We'll graduate high school only one year before you two do. A years difference in our ages may be somewhat important to you guys now, but someday, the big brothers will be gone, replaced by life long best friends, who met when they were in their mid-teens, and kept the friendship alive."

When Ronnie lunged for me, I was barely prepared for it, but managed to not fall backwards. Hugging me with all his might, he whispered, "I'd like that, and so would Alex."

Beside me, I saw Alex and Rich holding one another just as tight. I thought I heard a sniffle from Alex, but then Ronnie and I heard them giggling. Ronnie released me. He went to stand beside Alex, and I went to my lover. Crying and giggling at the same time, Alex stepped back from Rich, wondering, "How can we all be naked and hugging each other, but there aren't any stiffies in this room; not even a chubby? Just a little while ago, kisses caused major wood though."

Ronnie beamed, "They love us like brothers, not lovers. There's desire for brotherhood and friendship, that's all there is right now, for all four of us."

Sadly shaking his head, Alex smirked, "I've never felt love like this before."

Rich softly called, "Alex?" When they locked eyes, Rich sadly and softly offered, "Considering what your parents did, is it really that surprising? Think of your parents like lizards or turtles, they laid their egg, and then left the offspring to fend for himself. Real human beings care for their young, until they're old enough to care for themselves. Since you're not sixteen yet, you can't even get a full time job to try and care for yourself. Ronnie's parents are willing to pick up the slack, and file a civil suit against your turtles."

In a matter of seconds, Alex saw the light, cracked a grin, and then waved his arm at three warm and limp dicks, madly giggling, "There's no turtles in here!" Rich and I slumped and smirked.

Ronnie made that goofy cat-like roar, and then happily sniggered, "My boyfriend has a twisted sense of humor. I love it! Maybe we should get dressed and call my folks, so our parents can approve of our weekend together."

We finally got jocks on. Before all four of us could get into sweatpants, Alex called, "Neil, teach me to bounce my butt cheeks? Better yet, teach Ronnie and me." Ronnie and Rich howled laughing at the expression on my face. Making matters worse, Alex innocently batted his eyelids, giggling, "What? Is it hard to do?"

After putting my sweatshirt on, I grinned, "With the right partner prodding , it could be very hard , or very easy , perv."

"Hard and easy!" Alex gleefully giggled, "My favorite things! I could take the jock off and prove both?" Struggling to get his sweatshirt on, Ronnie was practically wheezing and gasping for air. Softly chortling at the wicked sense of humor, Rich and I hurried out of the room.

Rich's dad was in the living room, watching 'It's A Wonderful Life', and reciting George Bailey's dialogue. After forty years of watching it every Christmas, he had it memorized perfectly. Most scary, he could get the tone and inflections so that he sounded exactly like the movie. Seeing Rich and I, he called, "Rich, can I have a few minutes, please?"

Rich nodded, "Sure, just a sec." Turning to me, Rich asked, "Get my mom ready and the phone for Ronnie, please, Neil?"

I softly teased, "Anything for my world to keep spinning."

Rich grinned, "I love you too, world." We saw his dad rapidly blinking, thoughtful and completely confused. He even looked like George Bailey for a few moments there.

Going to the kitchen, I found Mrs. Hamilton wrapping gifts at the dinette table. I announced, "I'm getting the phone for Ronnie to call home, so he can get permission to stay overnight. Will you be available in a couple o' minutes?"

Concentrating on the task before her, she sweetly said, "Certainly."

I grinned, "Did you know your husband could be a Jimmy Stewart, George Bailey impersonator?"

Looking up at me, she giggled, "Did he tell you to say that?"

Shaking my head, I smiled, "No, but something tells me he would've."

Returning to wrapping packages, Rich's mom smirked, "He drove me crazy when we were dating, and to this day, every Christmas, he spends days calling me 'Mary', and repeating that movie." She paused and then made her voice deeper, rambling, "I've been nominated for the National Geographic Society. Of course, you never, only us explorers can get it. What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary." She sighed, "The really sad thing is, if we meet Ronnie's parents tonight or tomorrow, he'll slip something in, and call me Mary, just to watch my eyes spin. I'm out here, wrapping presents five days early, because he's in there watching that movie. The year they played it several times a night on multiple channels for weeks almost drove me to the funny farm." What I and Mrs. Hamilton didn't know was that Ronnie and Alex were right behind me, softly chortling.

Turning around, I chuckled, "Might wanna warn your mom to not mention 'It's A Wonderful Life'", and handed Ronnie the phone.

"I can do this," Ronnie cheerfully answered.

"Neil," Mrs. Hamilton called.

I turned to face her and cheekily grinned, "Yes ma'am?"

With the 'mom eyes' turned on full blast, she warned, "Your wrapped presents can be unwrapped and returned." Her icy death ray caused my grin to flip upside down, my pecker to turtle into the deepest recesses of my intestines, and my sphincter to pucker. She then sweetly smiled, "Ronald would very much like me to say things that allow him and Alex to stay, I'm sure."

Ronnie whimpered, "Am I in trouble?"

"Not yet," she smiled. With her 'mom eyes' engaged again, she then instructed, "Repeat after me, 'I will not mention the movie to either of my parents'."

Ronnie cleared his throat and then clearly repeated, "I will not mention the movie to either of my parents."

"Good boy," Mrs. Hamilton proudly cheered. She nodded, "Go ahead and place the call, Ronnie."

While dialing the phone, Ronnie whined, "Please don't use my full first name. These are Rich's old sweats, and I really don't want to soil them." Swiftly, Alex covered his mouth and silently giggled.

Mrs. Hamilton grinned, "It works and gets the point across."

Ronnie softly told Alex, "I'll never understand it."

"You're not meant to," Mrs. Hamilton giggled. "Only girls and women can do it successfully. Ten thousand years of evolution taught females a few things."

At this point, I saw no reason to remain, and returned to Rich. Finding Mr. Hamilton and Rich sitting close together on the sofa watching the flick, I asked, "Am I clear to join, or should I wait for Ronnie and Alex, with my 'mom death ray shield' activated?"

Patting the sofa seat, Rich covered his mouth with his other hand and softly chortled. Widely smiling, Mr. Hamilton chuckled, "You must've known better than to say whatever you said," and then asked, "Do I need to intervene?"

"That's probably not the best idea," I grinned, and went to sit beside Rich. Speaking to Rich's dad, I explained, "Once upon a time I might've known better. The first twelve years of my life, I developed a rule book covering most situations. About two-and-a-half years ago, I discovered my rule book was missing far too much information, when my best friend thought I hated him, or would hate him, so I torched it. I never started another one."

Bouncing with laughter, Rich leaned against me, and wrapped an arm over my shoulder. His dad softly wondered, "Do we want to know what happened?"

I sniggered, "It's A Wonderful Life in Bedford Falls, but there's a storm brewing in the kitchen. The 'mom eyes' attacked, full force, first at me, and then at Ronnie. Steamy hot showers are required for both of us to recover."

Nodding, Rich chortled, "Dad's tuned in on our plan, and what we've already accomplished. All we'll need now is time."

Mr. Hamilton chuckled, "Why she acts like she hates this movie, and me for imitating it, I'll never understand. I'll tell ya what, once the phone call is over, and permission is granted, you four boys take a football or soccer ball outside. I'll take over and tame the 'mom eyes', at least for this weekend."

"I dunno if that's such a great idea," I smiled at the devious plot.

The scene in the movie had changed, allowing Rich to join his dad, loudly proclaiming, "I don't need 24 hours. I don't have to talk to anybody. I know right now, and the answer's no. No! Doggone it! You sit around here and you spin your little webs and you think the whole world revolves around you and your money! Well, it doesn't, Mr. Potter! In the, in the whole vast configuration of things, I'd say you were nothing but a scurvy little spider! And... And that goes for you, too!"

Wide eyed and on the verge of hysterics, my chest and shoulders heaved to hold it in. Knowing they were heard by Rich's mom, and I didn't have a snowball's chance of holding it in very long, I bounced off the couch and hurried out the front door. At the curb, I inhaled a lung full of frosty cold air, and then loudly roared laughing. Rich and his dad performed that scene from the sofa, getting almost all of the body language correct and nailing the inflections perfectly. Imagining another cartoon image of Rich's mom shaking like a leaf before blowing the top of her head into orbit, I was in tears, I was laughing so hard. Then I imagined she was on the phone with Ronnie's mom, and fighting the urge to scream expletives across the house, but remaining perfectly calm, making fire shoot out of her nose, mouth, eyes and ears! Giggling his cute ass off, Rich came out and helped me get into a hoodie.

I began to calm down, reduced to giggling. Rich checked around, and then went off, "Now wait... now listen... now listen to me. I beg of you not to do this thing. If Potter gets hold of this Building and Loan, there'll never be another decent house built in this town. He's already got charge of the bank. He's got the bus line. He got the department stores. And now he's after us. Why? Well, it's very simple. Because we're cutting in on his business, that's why. And because he wants to keep you living in his slums and paying the kind of rent he decides." I sputtered and lost it again, grabbing hold of my partner and all but completely collapsing onto him. Through his giggles, Rich held me upright, screaming to the neighborhood, "Clarence! Clarence! Help me, Clarence! Get me back! Get me back, I don't care what happens to me! Get me back to my wife and kids! Help me, Clarence, please! Please! I wanna live again. I wanna live again. I want to live again. Please, God, let me live again."

Already wearing their coats and hats, Ronnie and Alex came outside with a football. I was breathless, so Rich giggled, "What happened? Can you stay?"

Stopping near us, Ronnie smiled, "Yeah, its cool, and my folks will be here tomorrow, staying for dinner and taking us back home tomorrow night."

Alex giggled, "Then your dad tossed us this football, and guided us out the front door, advising us to stay out about half an hour, or until he calls us in."

"Why does your mom hate that movie so much?" Ronnie wondered.

"She doesn't hate it," Rich giggled. "She hates laughing herself to death over my dad's imitations of the movie. He knows every George Bailey line, and even some of the others. Now she can't watch it without breaking into giggles, even during the sad or sweet scenes."

I broke down into another giggling fit. Ronnie displayed the football, mischievously grinning, "Touch football, medium frames against larger frames, with an emphasis on touching?" Rich smirked at Ronnie, and then at Alex. That's all it took for me to howl laughing again. "WHAT?" Ronnie laughed. "Ya wanna make believe none of us are gay, and play like straight guys? Why? Sorry, I can't fake that, not with you guys."

Alex giggled, "It's too cold to pull anything off, to scope out some skin, but other than that, anything goes."

Sadly shaking his head, Rich chuckled, "Out back, beyond the trees, where only we'll know how perverted we are."

It took the entire walk around Rich's house for me to finally catch my breath and stop laughing. On the way, Alex beamed, "The rules are, teams can gain points for touchdowns, but also lose points for hugs and kisses. Minus three points for hugs and short kisses, minus seven points for longer kisses." Softly sniggering, Ronnie rapidly nodded. Rich and I suspiciously eyed them. Alex smirked, "Do you think I don't know that you're saving my sanity, and saving my relationship with Ronnie? Yes, I do know, and that I want to be touched a lot, and kissed. This might be the only game in history with scores in the negative numbers. If Neil doesn't use those long legs to dash to several touchdowns, it will be negative numbers. If he shows his butt cheeks bouncing, the game will be called."

"Unsportsmanlike conduct, creating a distraction three of us couldn't ignore if we tried," Ronnie evilly sniggered, and then hid behind Rich. I went after him - not Ronnie, Rich, for wearing the bright smile which told me how proud he was of my butt, whether the cheeks bounced or not.

The field behind the homes at High Point Circle was about ten yards wide, and maybe sixty yards long, and bordered by big trees. We didn't bother making a big to-do over who started as offense and defense. Rich and Alex started as offense. Ronnie kicked off to them. It was a decent kick that Rich caught. He saw me running at him and laterally tossed the ball to Alex. Ronnie easily caught his partner and got in a good grope, front and rear, setting off some sniggering. Rich decided he would rather play center, for Alex as the quarterback. We got lined up. Rich leaned over and forward, taking hold of the football. This time I covered Alex, and Ronnie would cover Rich. Over his shoulder, Rich shouted, "Ready? Set!" and then bolted upright, spun and yelled, "ALEX!"

"Did I hurt you?" Alex squeaked, "I'm so sorry!"

Seeing Alex was truly upset and apologetic, Rich shook his head, cracked up and pulled Alex into his arms. Both began giggling hysterically.

Ronnie and I silently checked with each other, and then suspicious smirks formed. Since Rich and Alex were still embracing and giggling, Ronnie chuckled, "I'll probably be sorry I asked, but what the hell is going on?"

Rich giggled, "I felt an arm against my ass, no big surprise there, but then the arm twisted and a hand cupped my package." He faced Alex, chortling, "Got a good idea of what I've got?"

Nodding his head, Alex cackled, "Excellent!"

"Expect the same in return," Rich giggled.

Losing it, I loudly cackled, "Minus three for offense, already!"

"Only three for fondling?" Alex giggled. "I was hoping for seven."

Ronnie squinted and giggled, "This is a warning."

This was only the start of our game. Honestly, there was an over-abundance of fondling, gropes, hugs, short kisses and long ones. At the "half-time break" we modified our teams so it was Rich and Ronnie versus Alex and I. I knew better than to play center and give Alex a chance to feel up my jewels. With him initially playing center, I proved my sexuality repeatedly by nibbling a butt cheek, groping his balls, and actually feeling up his jock covered dick. The fourth down, I had nothing different to do, so it was actually a good play. Alex was quick, and was able to easily catch my throw. When we actually scored, Alex leaped into my arms and we kissed. There was plenty of breathless panting from the running, and a good bit of giggling too, but since the kiss lasted longer than ten-seconds, we lost all the points we had just gained. Naturally, Rich and Ronnie had their own kiss when they scored, but I think they purposefully kept it a short first kiss, so they wouldn't lose points. The whole game was like that. And we always checked to see if a partner was feeling jealous in any way. Of course, none of us were, because there were plenty of opportunities for partners to do more groping, fondling and really deep, intense kissing. It wasn't a college or a pro game, by any stretch of the imagination.

None of us were wearing a watch, but we guessed we were outside about three-quarters of an hour. Our hands were so numb, we couldn't grasp the pigskin, so we went back to the house. While the three of us waited near the back door, Rich went to check his parents hadn't killed one another.

Pulling Ronnie closer, Alex idly muttered, "I wonder what the score was."

Ronnie grinned, "Negative forty-two to negative sixty-nine."

Since the numbers were obviously pulled out of his ass, I sniggered, "We all scored. Now I can truthfully say that I've had three tongues exploring my mouth, three mouths my tongue's explored, three hands fondling my goods, and I've fondled three other guys." They both broke into giggles. I asked, "Do you feel any different about each other, or us?"

Immediately, Alex answered, "Just like before, in the bedroom, all of us hugging and sandwiched together. Isn't it weird that we can only get wood for our partners?"

Shaking his head, Ronnie replied, "Not really. We're humans with brains. Copping a feel or being groped might feel good, but the big head has control; it proves what feels good isn't enough. There's gotta be the extra emotional bit too. We're getting sort o' intimate with Neil and Rich, seeing each other nude, playing goofy games, and even stealing kisses, but it's not the same as bonded couples."

I widely smiled, "Perfect question and an excellent answer, bros. Notice that I didn't add the adjective 'little' to 'bros'. In that one Q and A, you just grew up." Ronnie proudly smiled at Alex, and in a flash they slammed together, like I had just given them permission to be together and passionately kiss.

Returning to the back door with a face splitting grin, Rich waved us in, giggling, "Go directly to my room. We'll take off our coats there, and put them away later. We'll watch TV or listen to tunes. Pay no mind to the cackling old folks. They're not well; possibly early signs of senility."

The kitchen table still had wrapping paper scattered on it. Cuddling on the sofa, Rich's parents were still imitating dialog from 'It's A Wonderful Life'. We hurried through the living room and toward the hallway. Alex actually raised his hands to put up blinders and keep his focus forward, helplessly giggling the entire trip into Rich's room.

Before taking his hoodie off, Rich went directly to the TV and turned it on. Within a minute, two hoodies and two jackets were hung on his desk chair. He asked, "Does anyone have the munchies besides me?" He grinned, "I won't make anyone walk past the senile again, but I did notice Pita chips and cheddar cheese in one of the grocery bags."

Alex softly revealed, "Back when I was twelve, I started having a serious zit problem. I watch what I eat, cos I really don't wanna be a crater face."

"That's why you wanted tea instead of hot cocoa?" Rich asked. Alex nodded. Rich offered, "What would you rather have? Fruit? We've got apples."

Brightly smiling, Alex cheered, "Perfect! Thanks, bro."

I could almost see Rich absorbing the word 'bro', and brightly beaming. I explained the question and answer he missed and that I called them 'bros'. The sexy hunk slithered to me, burning all his pride and love into my eyes. Alex and Ronnie giggled. I gave Rich a little kiss. He returned a knock-out passionate kiss. He then gave Alex a hug, and then went to Ronnie to give another hug.

Trying to act disappointed, but not managing very well, Ronnie smirked, "I guess the football game is officially over?" Rich squinted and then rapidly slid his hands down to give Ronnie's buns a firm squeeze. Alex and I sniggered.

"Better?" Rich checked.

Nodding, Ronnie reminded, "None of us have hugged like straight friends since the beach trip. I can feel all of you against me, just like when I hug Alex. Can we just toss the pretense in the garbage? You guys are showing how much you care, and we have to return it somehow." He scanned Alex and I, confirming, "Agreed?"

Alex smiled, "Definitely."

"Absolutely," I grinned.

Rich chuckled, "Its unanimous," and stepped back from Ronnie.

He went to the door, opened it, and we all heard his mother, in her little girl voice, saying, "Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings."

Rich's dad quoted, "That's right, that's right. Attaboy, Clarence."

Slumping against the door, Rich hastily made the sign of the cross, whispering, "Thank God, the movie's over." Alex, Ronnie and I cracked up. Turning to us, Rich sadly shook his head, giggled, and then went to get snacks.

While alone with Ronnie and Alex, I told them, "Hugs and kisses aren't required for the offer we made, ya know? Rich's parents know everything, and by tomorrow's dinner my folks will know too. I just want you to know, it's very cool, but it isn't essential."

Appearing worried, Alex softly asked, "Do you not want to?"

Pointing at myself, I warmly smiled, "Self proclaimed bi boy went completely gay for the best partner on the planet. I've never regretted that decision, and still don't. Until today, I've never kissed any other guy except Rich. I know he's never kissed anyone except me. I can't speak for either of you, but weren't you kind o' shocked, learning that someone else can kiss pretty darn well. I sure as hell was."

Nodding and giggling, Alex admitted, "Yeah, it was surprising. At the same time, it shouldn't be all that surprising. I guess I just wanna feel like its cool to show some appreciation, in a way we can all deal with."

"It is very cool," I assured, and then qualified, "just unexpected."

At last, Ronnie moved closer to me, saying, "I like that your tall, but you haven't replaced Alex. He might be as tall, but if he isn't, he's still my best friend and my lover. We've both learned so much from you and Rich. We've always appreciated it. At last, we can show it. And we'll show it for Rich's folks, and again tomorrow, we'll show it to your folks too. They're straight adults, so it'll be different, but I know they've taught you how to be the great guys you are."

Also coming closer to me, Alex smiled, "Maybe today we're a little over enthusiastic, but it's almost a years worth of appreciation we're showing. Tomorrow won't be too different. Our next visits here won't be too different either. You're not getting rewarded for your honesty right now, only because Rich isn't here to see us hugging you."

"Its all open and honest, Neil," Ronnie shared. "Like the emails, every one of us knows what's happening. Hugs and kisses aren't any kind of payment that can possibly be enough for a great year, filled with great experiences, but they are our real feelings. Before today, we've never kissed any other guys either. You both deserve every kiss we'll ever give you, and so much more."

I smiled, "That's so cool. I'll admit that there aren't any other guys we know here who are anything like you two." Coming in with a tray of food, Rich walked around us and put the tray down on his desk. I prompted, "Rich, who here in Franklin, from our schools, has been in this house?"

Tilting his head, Rich grinned, "No one except you."

"Have I had anyone besides you at my place?"

"Only Shaun, and only once," Rich answered.

"Where do Alex and Ronnie rank, compared to almost every other guy we know?"

"That would be like comparing sparkling high rise towers to broken down shacks," Rich admitted. He then wondered, "How'd we get on this topic?"

I told him what I had said, and summarized what Alex and Ronnie had said. Handing Alex an apple, Rich smiled, "An unfortunate happenstance became one of the highlights of the last year. Soon, it'll be 1998, and then on Martin Luther King Day, it's a full year. We'll celebrate, hopefully together, better yet, back at the mall where we met."

Beginning to giggle, Alex growled, put the apple back on the tray, and then reached for Ronnie's hand. He took my hand in his other hand. Ronnie took Rich's hand, and Rich completed the circle by taking my other hand. It only lasted a minute at most, but we all knew what the other three were thinking; we really were brothers, from different towns, but in our hearts, we couldn't be closer.

A thought crossed my mind that I immediately shared. "Alex, when things start looking dismal, like there's nothing good anywhere, remember this picture, and more importantly remember these feelings."

He nodded and giggled, "You can count on it." He turned to Ronnie, sniggering, "We brought a camera, but the best pictures are memories."

Ronnie asked Rich, "Do you think we could ask your mom or dad to snap a shot of us like this?"

"Yeah!" Alex cheered.

With a nod, Rich stepped out of our circle and out of the room. We could hear him calling his dad to his room. Releasing Alex, Ronnie went to get the camera out of Alex's coat pocket. Rich returned to the room and took his prior place, ready to recreate the circle. Turning to face us again, Ronnie softly sniggered, "Too bad we couldn't get some pics of our touch football game." Alex, Rich and I evilly chortled, and we all held hands again.

A moment later, Mr. Hamilton stepped into the room, asking, "Hand me the camera, please, Ronnie?" Once he had the camera, Rich's dad studied us for a few seconds, cracked a grin, and then kicked his slippers off. He stepped up on the bed, looked through the view finder, and then instructed, "Everyone take a step to the right, so I can get all four faces." We did so, and a moment later, the flash went off. "Once more," Rich's dad said, "everyone turn the circle a hundred and eighty degrees." Soon we were in position and the flash went off again. Rich's dad stepped off the bed, and slid into his slippers, saying, "Those ought to look really good." He passed the camera back to Ronnie, asking, "Anything else?"

Breaking the circle, all of us answered "No," and thanked him.

He left the room, saying, "Don't stuff yourselves on cheese and crackers. Dinner in about two hours, guys." He closed the door.

Ronnie grinned at Rich, wondering, "What're we having?"

"Chicken parmigiana and spaghetti," Rich smiled. A chorus of hungry growls erupted, causing Rich to crack up. I led the way to the tray of snacks on the desk. Once we all had something to munch on, I sat crosslegged on the floor. Alex and Ronnie followed my lead. Rich grabbed the tray, handed it to me to put on the floor, and then he picked up the television remote control and joined us.

While Rich channel surfed, Alex cracked an evil grin and began giggling again. Covering his mouth, Ronnie chuckled, "Oh no, I know that sound. There's something twisted brewing."

Smirking, I prompted, "Spill it, Alex."

"Well," he softly giggled, "there's one memory I'd really want pictures of. Would you guys flex again?" Ronnie howled laughing. Rich and I sadly shook our heads. "What?" Alex giggled, "You can leave your sweats and jocks on. Its torso shots I want, not Neil's bouncing butt cheeks."

Rich sniggered, "We'll do it, only if you two flex, and there aren't faces included; from the neck to the waist only, for all four of us."

Suspiciously eying my partner, I chuckled, "Why?"

"They want some form, like you did," Rich smiled. "What better way for them to know that they've passed or failed? Maybe next Christmas season we'll be right back here again, and can get another set of photos."

"I don't know if I can do this," I softly admitted. "It's one thing to be seen by the guys I'm closest to, but another to be photographed. Somebody's gonna process these photos; someone that has no right seeing what we could easily show one another, ya know?"

Becoming very serious, Alex said, "I would, Neil. I would, because my father is a fat, lazy, son of a bitch. I don't wanna be anything like him. I was given luggage years ago, when we went on vacation. When they told me to get out, I was given Hefty trash bags to load my clothes and stuff in. I don't want to look or act like him. The photos would be my proof that I succeeded, in more than developing my body."

Ronnie said, "The plan was to get paper photos and electronic copies, so we could send everything to you two via emails. With this change, the plan has to change too; no electronic copies, only paper. We'll give you two a set the next time we see you. We would never betray your trust, or how awesome you've been for a year, by showing off what's private, for four gay teenagers, and no one else."

Widely smiling, Rich told me, "I've told you hundreds of times how cute you are, and how incredibly sexy you've become. In my opinion, there's no one else better looking than you; and no one that could possibly get me revved up faster, or that I'd want in bed with me, making love to me. I love everything about you, inside and out." He paused, blushed a little and giggled, "Even now, showing your shy side like this, I love it! If you don't completely believe me, plant a kiss and feel for yourself. I've got a chubby, just thinking that I'll have photos of you, and you'll have pics of me, for some future time, when we're apart for a night or two. I won't ever need any one else, because I'll still have your image to gaze at, and spank my monkey." Leaning toward each other and wrapping their arms around one another, barely maintaining an upright posture, Alex and Ronnie cracked up.

Leaning toward my love, I warmly smiled, "Not because I don't believe you, but only because you're my world." I kissed Rich passionately and reached for his crotch. Yep, he was well on his way to full wood. Softly moaning, Rich pulled me toward him and reclined. A moment later, he was flat on the floor, with me hovering over him, still exploring his mouth with my tongue. The camera flash went off. Rich started laughing. Breaking the kiss, I looked back, over my shoulder. Quickly, Ronnie moved the camera behind his back, but never lost his wicked leer. Alex feigned innocence, heartily giggling. Before I could comment, Rich raised his legs, wrapped them around my back and buns, pulling me down again, and ground his throbber against mine, evilly snickering. Maybe he didn't think I would counter attack, but I did anyway, getting a good grind going and making my lover gasp and giggle. Another flash brightened the room.

Since I was getting some awesome grinds up from Rich, I locked eyes with him, but clearly said, "There's gonna have to be another change in plans, may be two." Almost at once, I received replies from Rich, Ronnie and Alex, wondering what change needed to be made. With an evil leer and another grind down onto my lover, I playfully exaggerated, "Since we're like three or four humps from shooting in our jocks, we're just gonna have to get pictures of Alex and Ronnie first."

"Good plan!" Rich enthusiastically cackled, while Ronnie and Alex roared laughing. Rich then giggled, "And the other change is?"

"Paper photos would be stained beyond recognition the first night we're apart," I told my hysterical world. Again, Rich, Ronnie and Alex cracked up. I sniggered, "Get the electronic copies too, Ronnie. We can clean off a PC monitor. I trust you guys to keep the pics private, and the wet spots that will be very apparent here momentarily." All four of us howled. Rich pulled me down again, holding on tight like I might stray. Lowering down completely, I snaked my arms under his shoulders and passionately kissed him. Our grind slowed considerably. It wasn't for show any longer; it was desire driven.

We kissed for a long time, but I never saw a flash. Breaking our kiss, we checked our very quiet friends. Ronnie was laying on Alex and they were kissing. We saw Ronnie grind down, and a long few moments later, Alex's mid section rose off the floor, grinding up. Rich softly warned, "I have more sweats for you guys, if needed, but those are the only jocks." They hummed affirmatively and enthusiastically. Rich and I returned to our make out session. Minutes later, Alex softly said, "No messes, but it was close. I didn't think we could last, ya know, without messes."

Ronnie whispered, "This is plenty. Today we learned that we don't have to make love orally or anally. Three days of laying together, spooned up, led to this. I could gaze into your eyes for hours, and come back only minutes later, wanting to do it again."

"Me too," Alex confided. After the brief sound of smacking lips, Alex said, "All this touching, running my fingers through your hair; this is way hot. And it can be done quietly, anytime."

"It will be," Ronnie promised.

Breaking our kiss, Rich offered, "There is a benefit too, if ya want to know?"

Enthusiastically, Ronnie said, "Hell yeah!"

Alex sniggered, "The mental notebook is opened to a fresh page."

Rich grinned, "Assuming your like we were at fifteen, lasting ten minutes before orgasm is a good time." Across the room, we heard two affirmative hums, and then a little giggling from Alex. Rich told me, "You tell 'em."

With my eyes locked on Rich's, I proudly confided, "Last night, we lasted fifty minutes, each taking turns as top and then as bottom, flip-flopping, until we finished within a second or two of each other. It was everything physical bonding needs to be; it was fun, and passionate, and complete sharing of souls. I'm sure it's the reason the two of us can't get enough of each other today."

"Prior to that, fifty minutes would've led to two or three orgasms each," Rich told our friends. "There are times when it has to be quick, but if it doesn't have to be that way, I highly recommend holding back and finishing together." Holding a passionate gaze into my eyes, Rich groaned, "Ya wanna talk about being connected, and the duality of yin-yang, merging into one, that was it, an achievement like no other."

"Oh my God," Ronnie softly gasped, "almost an hour?" Ronnie pushed up off of Alex, and then offered a hand so Alex could sit.

"For the notebook," Alex giggled, "how many flips?"

"Four," I answered, "I was top twice, and Rich topped for me twice."

"That's twelve minutes each, on average," Ronnie groaned.

Moving off Rich and returning to a crosslegged, seated position, I nodded, "Learning to make it last, like we were just doing, without the intention of finishing, just makin' out, has advantages."

Sitting up, Rich scooted his butt closer to mine, wrapped an arm around my waist, and told them, "At fourteen, when we started, we didn't know much about anything either. Intercourse took a long while to get really good." He checked with me, asking. "That whole first summer, wasn't it?"

I nodded, "For you, and another three months for me."

Ronnie scowled, "Why so long for you, Neil?"

Rich began giggling before I said a word. Grinning at him, I said, "I was the one in a rush to try intercourse, intending to be bottom as much as Rich." Returning my attention to Alex and Ronnie, I confided, "The thought being, to make us work, I had to be that way for Rich. Initially, it didn't work out that way. Rich started wanting bottom more, which means I had less opportunities to be bottom. That led to some silly experiments." Now I was giggling at least as much as Rich.

We watched Ronnie and Alex grin at each other. Then Alex prompted, "Don't stop now. We have to know if we've already tried any of these experiments."

Rich giggled, "Alex, are you still bottom more than Ronnie?

"Yeah," Alex easily admitted. "Even though I still prefer it, Ronnie wants to try too, so it's changing. I like all positions as a bottom."

"I still need to be in control," Ronnie offered. He softly giggled, "Alex is so big, I have to mount and ride him. At least in recent weeks, I've been able to lean down and kiss him while he takes control for a while."

Raising my hand, I grinned, "I was the same. Rich's length isn't the issue, it's his girth; the circumference." To make sure everything was cool, I silently checked with Rich.

He shrugged and grinned, "They're gonna be spending time here, this weekend and in the future. We've all seen the goods, in various states already. Its cool, lover; tell 'em anything."

Nodding, I told Alex and Ronnie, "Remember, we've been friends since second grade, so we've seen our dicks in every stage and every condition." They both nodded, so I continued, "Our first time really checking each other out was when we were twelve; before starting junior high and seventh grade. The next summer, I was taller, had more hair around my dick, and we stroked each other off. Even though Rich wasn't as hairy, he still came as much as I did. The next spring, after a disagreement that separated us for a week, is when I learned how Rich really felt about both times, when we were twelve and thirteen. He loved me, and I definitely loved him." Warmly smiling at the memories and at Rich, I said, "The little dicks were history. We both had bushes, and I guess we both knew we could put out more than ever. What we were packing at fourteen is different than what we've got now. Rich blew me, and I returned the favor, giving warnings when we were close to the edge. Neither of us paid any attention to the warnings and finished the job, swallowing and liking it."

Ronnie nodded, "We paid attention to the warnings a couple o' times. Dealing with the mess was the problem, so we didn't stay that way very long."

"Not more than a month," Alex interjected. He turned to Ronnie, giggling, "I can't get enough."

Rapidly nodding, Ronnie chuckled, "Neither can I. That's probably why we stayed there for about a year; oral rocks."

After Rich and I agreed, I continued, "So, there I am, wanting intercourse to feel as good for me, but with Rich perfectly fine on bottom day after day, sometimes more than once a day."

Getting directly to the point, Rich giggled, "I love the insertion feeling." Alex excitedly nodded, and Ronnie noticed his partners' enthusiasm. Rich sniggered, "One completely awesome day, Neil slowly inserted, and then just as slowly pulled completely out. He was trying to get back in without guiding his cock and missed, but even that was so awesome; the head made it, the shaft bent and he popped back out. It was so great, I started encouraging him, instructing him to go shallow, go deep, stay in me motionless, pull out and do it deep, hard and fast, pull out, wait, shallow again, and round and round, both of us giggling madly at the instructions and the times the instructions were flubbed."

"When it finally felt good for me, I started playing that game too," I chuckled. "The weird thing is, its intercourse, but it's also not the kind we had been having. The lessons learned that day is that there's no such thing as the standard, perfect way of making love. Going on fifteen, we played like seven-year-olds. So sex can be anyway we want, like little kids, or like teenagers, building to the quick climax in ten minutes. Last night, we learned it can be both, at the same time; a little teasing, a little playing, a little of building up to the fever pitch, but then pausing, not allowing the climax yet, switching positions, and then play the games again in a different order."

Rich smiled, "We've always had the opinion, its gotta be good for both of us. If it isn't fun, then it's only an orgasm. If that's all there's time for, okay, he's my best friend, lover, partner and entire world. This time, quick is cool. Next time, it'll be slower. Another time, it'll be playful. Then passionate, like when we were making out. We've done some serious exploring, had orgasms, and kept on updating the map, until we both get off again. It's not over until we both agree it is."

I mysteriously shared, "We haven't measured our units in a while, but we're both seven inches long. I'm one-sixteenth shy of five inches in circumference; Rich has five-and-a-half around."

Turning to Ronnie, Alex softly grinned, "Rich and I are the same body type, and our tools are the same circumference."

Nodding, Ronnie chuckled, "Now I can say for certain that my challenges were Neil's too. I've got just shy of seven inches, six-and-seven-eights, and four-and-seven-eights circumference."

"In my opinion, what you've got is perfect," Alex gleefully told his partner. He got a kiss for sharing, and while still kissing, they began chortling.

Once parted, Ronnie decided to share too, softly telling Alex, "I can't wait to succeed in the missionary position."

Smiling, Rich dropped the big bomb. "Once it gets good, really comfortable for both of you, watch out for prostate orgasms; you'll shoot without touching your bone. The stars are really aligned just right when it happens. I wish I could say there was something consistent that makes it happen, but there's not; everything is just right for that particular time."

"I wish it happened more often," I mischievously grinned. Giggling madly, Rich pulled me over for a kiss. Afterwards, I happily sniggered, "Once every couple o' months isn't near enough when we have intercourse almost every day, or even several times a day."

Rich giggled, "As attached as we are today after last night, if that had happened too, we'd never let each other go."

Ronnie softly droned, "Wow."

Disbelievingly, Alex smirked, "Is that really possible? No exaggerations?"

I nodded, "Believe it, bro. The only thing I can say that is consistent is our involvement with our partner. Yeah, strokin' it, or being stroked during intercourse is awesome, but if you're totally involved in him, and you're paying more attention to him, because he's making you feel so good, it just happens, with little or no warning."

Rich nodded, "Yeah, that's true. The last time it happened to me, we were kissing and I was holding your neck with one hand, and feelin' up your arm with my other hand." He giggled, "The next thing I knew, my belly was soaked." Collapsing against each other, Alex and Ronnie cracked up.

I grinned, "You guys didn't know each other at seven years old, but there's no reason why you can't act like second graders. We're all young enough to clearly remember that age, so go for it that way."

"Remember, talk afterwards," Rich reminded. "Share the feelings, because there's no one else to share it with. Only if there's a problem that you can't overcome as a couple do you need to share it with anyone else."

Alex giggled, "Other than you two, who else would we share it with?"

"That's understood, bro," I smiled. "There's the chance that you'll find other gay couples in Wyckoff. We know another couple here, that we've known since seventh grade, but they're not as close to us, and we're not as close with them. You've met them, the last trip to Guitar Center, last month."

Rich sniggered, "There's not a single thing the four of us have done or said together today that I can see ever happening with Charlie and Sam."

"Our first conversation with Alex and Ronnie wouldn't happen with Charlie and Sam," I grinned. "The touch football game probably would've annoyed them. The game would've ended with the first grope."

"Is there a reason it's that way?" Alex asked.

Rich began, "Back in junior high, Charlie was chubby. He's gotten taller, about as tall as me, and the weight distributed nicely. Sam was thin then and he's still thin now. When we came out at school, they approached us. It turned out that they're a couple too. Other than the years at school, and we're both gay couples, there really isn't anything else creating any kind of bond."

"There's nobody we know for certain that's gay, never mind got a relationship going too," Ronnie shared. Turning to Alex, Ronnie added, "Coming out at school probably won't happen."

Alex wondered, "Why not?"

Protectively and firmly, Ronnie said, "You and I are that important. What other people believe isn't important. It's not worth the risk. Feeling like an outcast once per lifetime is more than enough."

As if we weren't there, Alex calmly reminded, "I was cast out, Ronnie. As long as I've got you, Rich and Neil, I'm not an outcast. Maybe after all this shit is over with, we can talk about the possibility. I can't deny attraction to other guys, never even tried it once. With all the guys in the showers gawking at me, no one's ever accused me of checking out anyone else. They've got no room for accusations. I love you, okay? Being cast out and being an outcast are two very different things. There's a lot of thoughts that are mixed up, but there are some very certain things, like you, Rich and Neil, and where my desires and wants are, sexually. Sometimes I might not show it right, but those are solid beliefs. Cool?"

"Very," Ronnie brightly beamed.

"You still love me too?"

"So much, I can't find the words sometimes."

Alex seemed thoughtful for a few moments, seemingly about to get emotional, before grinning, and then giggling, "Would world work?" Wearing the widest, shit-eating grins, he and Ronnie turned to Rich and I.

Calmly, I moved the tray of munchies out of the way. Bounding at them, Rich and I tickle attacked. Once we had them hysterical and flat on the floor, their sweatshirts were raised to give them pink bellies. Any other guys might've begged us to stop, but not Alex and Ronnie; roaring hysterically, our goofy friends spread their legs. Rich suggested getting their torso photos with pink bellies too. Since I liked the idea, we started pulling their sweatpants off. They even liked that, only getting sillier and telling us to be gentle, putting up token resistance. And then Alex wheezed, "You can have this body, but you'll never get my cherry! Its too late, I tell you!" Ronnie, Rich and I roared laughing. That's when Rich and I gave up, leaving them with their drawers around their knees.

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