Neil And Rich

by The Eggman

Chapter 6

The morning of the first day of our junior year in high school, Rich and I were more excited than we had been in years about returning to school. Walking to the bus stop, the dreary overcast skies didn't dampen our spirits. All we had to do now was implement our plan. At the school bus stop, we waited with about a dozen other kids, including Charlie Riedell and Sam Warren, our friends from middle school. We had shared classes with them in high school, but we never spent much time together out of school; only when coincidentally we were at the same place, usually the arcade or the movies. Two other stops were made by the bus in Franklin, where I met one of my track team mates, named Joe Stephonovich, and Rich met a baseball team buddy named Vince Rosa. Joe was about our age, a junior. Vince was about a year younger, starting his sophomore year. With the bus almost full, the driver followed highway 23 up to Hamburg and Wallkill Valley Regional High School.

Naturally, there was a lot of chatter about what was done over summer vacation. Vince had been to Florida, to visit his grandparents, spending a lot of time at Disneyworld and Epcot Center. Joe made several trips over the summer; most notably to Chicago, and to Boston, where he visited Salem, The House of Seven Gables and other landmarks. To our friends, Rich and I had a boring summer, mowing lawns and making trips to the Jersey shore. We made it clear that we earned lots of money, to get cars the next spring and summer, and had a great time at every beach trip. We didn't need Mickey Mouse or tales of witches to make our summer great.

Arriving at Wallkill Valley Regional High School, the bus emptied and everyone went their separate ways. At the second floor landing, Rich and I knocking knuckles then split for our homerooms, widely grinning, because the plan would go into effect soon. I noticed some posters in the hall for various clubs that would be starting up. Our school now had an Anime club, and most surprisingly, a Gay Straight Alliance club that would meet on Monday afternoons. I would tell Rich about that as soon as I saw him. Maybe this school year would be more than six hours of boredom after all, I silently considered.

The first bell rang and I went inside my homeroom. That first morning of school, lockers were assigned and combination locks passed out with roll call. Also, we were all given a twenty-three page package on our school district's Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying policy; the final page of which was to be signed by our parents and returned the next day. Browsing through the package, I couldn't help grinning. Isolated incidents would be dealt with by detention and repeat offenders could be suspended or expelled. The teacher called it the State's new H.I.B. policy, and it was a result of recent nationwide incidents of school violence. Anyone that didn't have the policy signed by a parent or guardian by Monday would be suspended until the policy was signed. I spent the remainder of homeroom memorizing my combination. In minutes, the second bell rang, ending homeroom. I went to my locker, hung up my jacket, pulled my gym clothes out of my backpack and put them in my locker, and then went to English class to meet my boyfriend.

As pleased as I was about the H.I.B. policy, Rich was practically bouncing. He softly sniggered, "Its like they know, Neil. The only things they haven't included in that policy is harassment for letting a stinker rip in class."

Cracking up, another cartoon image entered my warped mind, of an offending student, surrounded by many others with clothespins on their noses and fanning the noxious fumes away. Before I got sidetracked, I told him about the G.S.A. club poster I saw. One glance over at him and I could almost hear his voice. Switching my backpack to my left side, I offered him my right hand. Rich took my hand and we walked the rest of the way to English class hand-in-hand. Warily watching others in the hall, we didn't notice anything other than ninth graders trying to figure out where their classes were. Releasing our hands to get through the classroom doorway, we found seats beside each other, in columns near the door, in the center of the rows. Yeah, that left about four rows of seats behind us, but it wasn't like planting class time kisses was part of our plan.

The day progressed easily from English to Applied Geometry to Chemistry to Physical Education. Between each class, Rich and I held hands, only occasionally noticing some curious stares from other students. With my six-one height and medium frame, and Rich's five-ten height and larger, muscular frame; wearing blue jeans, T-shirts and short sleeve sport shirts, appearing like every other teenaged guy in the halls, we must've been a strange sight to behold.

That first day in gym class, everybody was scattered around bleachers, listening to the four teachers deliver their introductory remarks. When they were finished, there was still twenty minutes remaining to the class, so we were told to read something. Wouldn't ya know it; Rich and I left our backpacks in his locker, since lunch was the next period, so we had nothing to read. Rich tapped me on the shoulder, prompting me to follow him.

Approaching the table where the teachers were sitting, Rich said, "Hey, coach, we've got nothing to read. Can you get the pegs for the peg board?"

Standing and pulling his keys out, Coach Rubin grinned, "You're determined to conquer that."

We followed him to the equipment room and Rich chortled, "One way or another, I will. At least if I screw it up, Neil can jump higher and get the peg I leave behind."

I smirked, "Whadaya mean, I get the peg you leave behind?"

Rich chuckled, "Do you want to climb it?"

I shrugged, "I've never tried."

"It's a matter of shifting your weight," Rich instructed. "While you're hanging on one peg, shift your weight, place the next peg, and shift your weight there. Go back and forth like that."

Coach Rubin gave Rich the pegs and we went to the wall where the peg board was mounted. Our school's peg board was three feet by three feet, seven feet off the floor and had sixty-one peg holes. The idea was to climb up the peg board on one side, across and back down the next row, and repeat until making it down the opposite side. After taking his sport shirt off, Rich demonstrated how to use it, with a pull-up to get his arms bent, and started climbing up. Looking around, I noticed we had the attention of most of the other students in the gymnasium, girls and guys. Swinging his lower body left and right, Rich made it all the way up and paused a moment then began the task of moving to the left so he could make it back down again. He made it to the left side of the board and started moving down. It looked like he had it mastered, but then I heard him grunt and mutter, "Shit!" just before falling down, with one peg in his hand and the other in the peg board about nine feet up. I grinned and he huffed, "Dammit!" In the bleachers, a bunch of guys were laughing and some of the girls were giggling.

"How're you planning on getting that other peg down?" I sniggered.

Still somewhat breathless, Rich chuckled, "Gimme a boost." I cupped my hands and locked my fingers together. With a sneakered foot in my cupped hands, Rich climbed up and got the peg, then held onto my shoulder and stepped down to the floor. He offered me the pegs and smiled, "Give it a shot."

Nodding, I took my shirt off and tossed it to the floor. Since my height meant I could easily reach the board's lowest peg holes, I had to hang and bend at the knees to do the entire exercise. Soon, I was doing as Rich had done, swinging my weight and lower body under the arm that was holding a peg and getting the other peg securely into the board before shifting my weight to that opposite side. It was tricky and I could feel my arms and shoulder muscles protesting unhappily. I made it across to the left side of the peg board. Feeling slightly dizzy and painful twinges from my shoulders, I found it much harder to place the pegs in the board on the return trip down. I made it almost the entire way, giving up at the second row from the bottom, when I was sure I could straighten my arms and legs to touch the gym floor.

Sweating profusely and panting like an old dog, I gave Rich the pegs. Some of our classmates applauded, but Rich smirked, "You bastard."

I huffed, "Beginner's luck?"

"Do it again," Rich grinned.

Shaking my head, I smiled, "Not today, maybe never. My arms and shoulders will never forgive me."

The bell rang for the end of fourth period. While class emptied off the bleachers, Rich took advantage of the noise, softly promising, "I'll give you a nice back and shoulder massage when we get home." Noticing his eyes darting mischievously, I cracked up. Grabbing our shirts, we started for the gymnasium doors then headed to the cafeteria. It wasn't a very long walk. We weren't even holding hands, but we both noticed a few disapproving glares and wordlessly confirmed with each other that we weren't imagining it. Stares weren't worth our time and effort, so we continued on our way. After that workout on the peg board, I was starving. We went directly to the chow line.

Rich only got a sub sandwich, milk and Jell-O, but remained with me as I loaded up a tray with Salisbury steak, French fries, a dinner roll, a brownie, milk and a can of diet Coke. Rich softly sniggered, "There's over a thousand calories in that lunch. The diet Coke isn't changing much."

Paying the cashier, I shrugged and grinned, "I burned a thousand calories on that peg board."

I waited for Rich to pay for his lunch then we went to find a table. Our school's cafeteria had a mix of round tables that seated six and rectangular tables that could seat ten. Having arrived early, only a few tables were in use, so we had our choice of tables. We took a round table close to one of the exits, so we could be on our way when the bell rang. Beginning to eat, we chatted about the classes we had already attended and the last two classes of the day; world history and web mastering. Unbelievably, we already had geometry homework too. That would take up about an hour after dinner. Charlie and Sam, our two friends from middle school, joined us at our table.

Once upon a time, Charlie was huskier than Rich, but he had grown taller and distributed his weight. His best friend, Sam, always was thin and still was. It seemed that Sam was now about Rich's height and Charlie was only an inch shorter. Charlie had dark red hair and looked like he hadn't gotten any sun all summer. He said that he had been working day shifts at Burger King, most of the summer. Sam was African American and had worked at Blockbuster on highway 23 during the summer.

Since no one else was joining us at our table, Charlie and Sam shared a brief glance. Leaning forward over the table, Charlie softly shared, "We saw you two in the hall, before third period."

Sam whispered, "You were holding hands?"

I grinned and nodded. Rich smiled, "Friendship progressed, about two-and-a-half years ago."

"So has ours," Charlie muttered.

Sam grinned, "Not so much that we're ready to advertise though."

I nodded and smiled, "We've known you guys a few years. That's very cool."

Rich chuckled, "I shouldn't be so surprised, but I have to admit that I am."

Sam sniggered, "Not as surprised as we were with you two."

Nodding, Charlie grinned, "You saw the G.S.A. posters?"

I smiled, "We'll be there," and then wondered, "How about you?"

Charlie and Sam shrugged. Charlie offered, "It's not so cool for me. I haven't told my parents and probably won't."

Rich sighed, "I was there, man. If it's only religion, then I'd suggest telling them. My parents turned out to be much cooler than I expected."

Charlie sighed, "It's not religion, Rich. The church isn't the problem at all."

Sam whispered, "His folks would probably emasculate him if they knew." Turning to Charlie, Sam reminded, "Two more years and we're out o' here."

I wondered, "To where?"

"College," they answered.

Charlie smiled, "At the most liberal school we can find."

Rich and I spent the remainder of lunch talking to them about our college ideas and plans. Charlie and Sam hadn't done much researching into colleges. Their interests were widely varied too. Sam was into plants and wanted to study horticulture. Charlie's grades were very good and he was open to sciences and mathematics. Suddenly, the four of us had reason to be closer than we had ever been before, sharing phone numbers and e-mail addresses before the bell rang.

World History was our next class. Rich and I stopped at his locker for our backpacks then went there. After fifty minutes of dry lecture and taking notes, we were excited about our web mastering class. There, we actually got to do stuff and began to learn how to create web pages that included text, graphics and sound. With handouts that included web page references as well as some basic notes, Rich and I had a little more homework, but compared to geometry, this would be a lot of fun.

The last bell rang and we were off to drop off unneeded stuff at our lockers. Outside, we met with Charlie and Sam at the bus back to Franklin. Since we couldn't really talk openly on the bus, we only spoke of common classes and assigned homework, but there would be some e-mails flying later that night.

The moment we were off the bus and alone, Rich grinned, "I would've never expected, in a million years, Charlie and Sam were gay."

"Maybe it's just that we've sort o' known them almost as long as we've known each other," I offered. "They hit it off and got closer, just like we did." Noticing Rich shaking his head, I smiled, "What're you thinking?"

"I wonder if Charlie's still got a pudgy little dick," Rich softly chortled.

I sniggered, "Stop thinking about Charlie's dick; start thinking of my shoulder massage, ya bastard."

Rich grinned, "Betchya Charlie's bottom most of the time. They're probably wondering how we match up too."

I warned, "The more you talk about them, the less likely I'll give you my ass."

"That's fine," Rich giggled. "I want you, like I haven't had any in days."

"You're happy about the H.I.B. Policy, and that we had no moronic confrontations," I smiled. "I have to admit, so am I, pal."

When we got inside the Hamilton's house and hung up our jackets, I learned that Rich wasn't exaggerating. My partner was beyond horny. In little more than two hours, I got an awesome back and shoulder massage, and then we had intercourse four times. While I cleaned Rich's ass and he cleaned my dick at the bathroom sink, he confided that he still wanted more, orally, so we finished our afternoon "homework" in a sixty-nine on his bed. At five-fifteen, we were dressed and in the kitchen, dancing to tunes on the radio while waiting for some pizza rolls to cook in the toaster oven. Rich's mom came home to find us having a rhythmic pre-dinner snack.

After dinner at Rich's, we crossed town to spend the night at my house and get our real homework done. We got the geometry done first then went downstairs to the computer to work on web mastering. It probably took us less than an hour to complete the assignment, but we kept on trying different background colors, different fonts and font colors, and different images, noticing how text might wrap around images that weren't placed correctly. Rich and I went out back at ten-thirty for some late summer skinny dipping and quiet bonding time. A little after eleven, we went back inside and up to my room to call it a night.

The new school year went on, with Rich and me holding hands often and only a few rare disapproving faces from some kids in the hall. The G.S.A. meetings were short and talked about what we could do about sexual harassment. We talked about the movie 'Schindler's List' and how homosexuals were victimized during the Holocaust. The sad thing was that no other guys ever attended the meetings, leaving Rich and I surrounded by about a dozen lesbians at each meeting. Our two opinions formed the basis of the gay male perspective. It was pretty lame, but given the small New Jersey foothill communities the school served, something was better than nothing.

Applied Geometry was our combined headache. If it weren't for the two of us working together, we might've gotten C's, but instead we got B's. English and World History were time consuming, but relatively easy. Web Mastering was the high point of every day and homework that we actually enjoyed doing.

In November, for Veteran's Day, I needed to make another run to Guitar Center in Paramus. I had completed Berklee Guitar Method Two and needed to get the third and final book of the series as well as more guitar strings. This time, we invited Charlie and Sam to come with us. Ronnie and Alex joined us at the Wyckoff bus stop. In little more than two months, since we last saw them, Alex was almost as tall as Ronnie. The six of us hit G.C., where I got to play a Les Paul through a Marshall amp with one of the Boss pedal boards, for my boyfriend and friends.

We then walked down highway 4 to the mall. First, we had lunch together, where we shared some relationship stuff that had Charlie and Sam surprised and rolling with laughter most of the time. For some unknown reason, even though Charlie and Sam had been a couple for more than a year, and they had a cool place to be at Sam's house, they were limiting sexual activity. Between Alex, Ronnie, Rich and I, we proved that sometimes once or twice a day was enough, but more often than not, three, four and five sexual interludes a day was more normal for teenage gay guys. With winter rain, cold and snow approaching, it wasn't uncommon for six or more times during those bad weather days, when there was little else to do. In the foothills of Northern New Jersey, a school closure meant two hours in the afternoon became eight hours, all morning and most of the afternoon. Sure, we did other stuff too; a little homework, a little TV, and the necessities like eating, showering and using the toilet, but the rest of the day was completely up to the individuals, and that meant a lot of hugs, kisses and rolling around the bed or floor.

A discussion of bedroom noise levels occurred as we wandered around the mall. Rich was a quiet whisperer and hummer compared to my moans and shouts. Alex was also a quiet bottom while Ronnie commonly shouted expletives. At last, outside the mall and waiting for the bus home, Charlie admitted that he was bottom only slightly more often than Sam. Charlie and Sam were growers and enjoyed swapping roles every couple of days, for no reason other than to take turns and be more even. It was an interesting idea that prompted Ronnie and I to consider playing role swapping games with our partners that very afternoon.

On the bus, six gay guys, all hornier than hell, tried to pretend we weren't in any hurry to get home. I browsed my new Berklee Guitar Method book and did my damnedest to ignore major wood. Rich, however, wasn't ignoring my boner. The first time, I bought the accidental brush, and maybe it was an accident, but the second time his hand pressed against my throbber, and the third time was an actual squeeze, on a damn New Jersey Transit bus, for cryin' out loud! In front of us sat Charlie and Sam. Beside us sat Alex and Ronnie. All four of them heard my gasps and groans and cracked up.

At Rich, I grinned, "You're gonna be in trouble later."

"So are you," Rich softly giggled.

"Your dad has rope in the garage," I playfully reminded. Through more giggles, Rich mooed and whispered his desire to be punished. Our four friends lost it and roared hysterically. Soon after that, Ronnie and Alex stood for their bus stop, said goodbye, hoping we could get together during the holidays, and knocked knuckles with the four of us.

For the remainder of the bus ride, we chatted with Charlie and Sam, but I had the distinct impression Rich had something to say. When we got off the bus, Charlie and Sam went in one direction while Rich and I went in the opposite direction. I immediately asked, "What's up, pal?"

Rich shrugged, "There are several things crossing my mind. First, I was surprised you got hard from the idea of me banging you more often."

Locking eyes with him, I sighed, "You still think I'm gonna go off with some girl, don't you?" He only shrugged again. Was he really unsure, or did he just want to hear me repeat myself? Ultimately, it didn't matter. I smirked, "Here's the deal; you liked intercourse more and faster than I did. When you make love to me, it might be only two or three times a week, but I'm still completely into it. I'm not fantasizing about any girl with your fat cock in my butt, Rich. I've got your blue eyes to gaze into, your hot body to look at and you beating my prostate to hell and back. We've been coming out at school too. I'm not doing that with an intention of leaving you. We're doing it to say we're a couple; best friends for years and now lovers. When we talk about getting married, I'm right there, in the same dream with you. Since day one, you've been scared that I'd change my mind. All those reasons I just mentioned say we're as permanent as any other couple."

Rich wondered, "How do you want it to be, Neil?"

"Whichever way we decide that we want it to be," I answered. "For more than two years, I've been mostly top. Do you want to switch more often?"

Rich smiled, "I'm not sure. I love being bottom. For me, when I top for you, the thrill is you, Neil; the things you say, the way we kiss, how fast you cum…"

"That's exactly how I am," I interrupted. "I've never denied you when you wanted top, have I?"

"Only a couple o' times, when you weren't feeling too good," Rich grinned.

I chuckled, "I had the shits, pal! That's the only time I'll ever say no."

Rich hummed then thought aloud, "Let's say we try it today, with the intention that I'm top every time."

I nodded, "That'll be cool. If you like it and I do then we'll simply change."

Rich sniggered, "I don't think I could be only top a whole day."

I laughed, "We're not Charlie and Sam. The way we enjoy sex can't be like them or anyone else. Today's like every other day, as far as I'm concerned. I'll just ask for it more to give you more chances. I can guarantee you one thing though."

Rich giggled, "What's that?"

"I'm sittin' on your cock as soon as we're naked."

With that said and a shared smile, we ran the rest of the way to Rich's house. For the next hour-and-a-half, I made good on my promises. I went for a ride and then gave Rich some in the missionary position. He then bent me in half and made love to me again. I went for his dick, got him hard again and then got on my hands and knees for a third round. Never before had I gotten my backside filled three times in a single afternoon. The whole time, I reminded Rich that he was my partner, the one I chose to be with, and would forever be with him. Before Rich's mom got home, we took a quick shower and lovingly cleaned each other. That night, intending to teach Rich once and for all that we were a couple, I attached myself to him like never before, wrapping him in my arms every chance I got and keeping him close to me.

After dinner at the Hamilton's, we went back to my house for the night. During the times we were alone, I made my desire for more lovin' plain. In front of my family, I stood behind Rich with my arms wrapped around him and threatened to put him up on shoulders, to display him like the trophy he was. Knowing why I was acting the way I was, Rich was a giggling spaz and constantly giving me kisses. If the pool wasn't already winterized and covered, I would've loved to go skinny dipping. At bed time, I was on my back with my long legs wrapped around Rich's back, for a fourth session that day. He kissed me a lot to mute my passionate moans. Surprisingly, as we were settling down for the night, Rich wanted me to make love to him, and raised his left leg to give me access. While going at it that final time, Rich told me that he would never leave me; that the ways we made love had always been just what he wanted and when he wanted. Completely worn out and softly chuckling about our twitching buttholes, we held each other like always and drifted peacefully off to sleep.

From that point on, every day I either took Rich and went for a ride, or gave him every chance to take me the way he wanted. Instead of getting some only a few times a week, I got some almost every day. Rich was still mostly bottoming, but we weren't quite so uneven. My tight butt loosened, so I wasn't as loud, but I enjoyed intercourse every bit as much as I previously had, as my sudden prostate orgasms occasionally proved. Thank goodness it usually happened on my knees with my stuffed ass in the air and my face buried in a pillow. When Rich made love to me, my ass and cock was his; if he wanted to stroke my boner while pounding my ass, it was his choice. Realizing what I had been doing, Rich took that approach too. Always hoping for prostate driven orgasms, we found ourselves slowing down and lasting much longer.

Thanksgiving became another coming out opportunity. Some of Rich's family came from Maryland and were at the Hamiltons'. All four of my grandparents were at my house. Our parents scheduled feasts so Rich and I could be at both houses. We ate two Thanksgiving feasts and fell into turkey induced comas about nine o'clock that night.

Christmas break 1997 started early, after school on Friday, December nineteenth, and started one of our more spectacular 'alone and together' times. We remained naked from the time we got home and wore each other out. Asleep when Rich's parents came home, we missed dinner and wound up reheating leftovers around seven o' clock. When we had finished dinner, we went to work on our web mastering assignment, but checked our e-mail first. In there was a note from Ronnie that read;

Hey guys,

We thought you needed to know that Alex was outed; by whom, we don't know, and thrown out of his parents' house. He's living with me, since Tuesday night. That's why you haven't heard from us this week. It was a pretty big to-do; with cops here taking statements and everything. My parents are filing a civil suit against his parents for living expenses and emotional damages to Alex. My dad said that he's going for the throat; if he gets his way, the Linville's will be homeless and penniless. Alex will have a place to live until we go to college, and he's also getting the financial benefits of the lawsuit. My mom is working the grapevine through Wyckoff, so that the Linvilles' will be outcasts in this town and hopefully in the State. We're doing fine. Alex knows he hasn't done anything wrong; he's just sad and angry about the situation. Of course, I'm pretty damn happy living with my boyfriend. We'd like to spend time with you two this weekend. Give us a call or write back and we'll make plans.

With tears pouring down his face, Rich yelled, "GOD DAMN THEM!" Needless to say, his parents came running. Both Rich's parents read the e-mail, and then the three of us spent a few minutes calming Rich down. Of all the people in the world, Alex didn't deserve the horrible treatment he got from his parents. Alex is such a mellow guy. Even the first time we met them, he was fun, honest and extremely sweet. We were relieved that Ronnie's family wasn't going to sit back and let the dice fall where they may. I called Ronnie's house. After speaking to him and Alex, I passed the phone to Rich. Our families were planning on taking a trip to Woodbridge Mall to do some last minute Christmas shopping Saturday night. We planned on staying home anyway, so Rich asked them to come over. We would meet Alex and Ronnie at the bus stop at ten-twenty the next morning.

Thankfully, it was a Friday night, because we spent the next few hours talking with Rich's parents about Alex and Ronnie. The conversation drifted. We wondered why no one at school had shown us more than disapproving frowns or confused stares. Mrs. Hamilton smiled and wondered, "Neil, if someone ever went after Rich, with the intent to hurt him, regardless of the reason, what would you do?"

"Someone would get more hurt and I'd wind up in jail," I replied.

Mr. Hamilton grinned, "There's your answer. Rich would very likely kill anyone that tried to hurt you, Neil. We see two large boys, who have worked three summers mowing hilly lawns in this town. You may not be as buff as the boys that lift weights, but you're both very strong and exude confidence, inner strength, and you present more of a challenge than most are willing to test."

Mrs. Hamilton offered, "That's why Alex and Ronnie latched on to you two. You're confident, but not snotty or stuck up about it. It's the very attitude I take, when a neighbor sees me in the grocery store, and asks me if I know about you two holding hands. I calmly turn the table on them and ask why it matters. Many marriages don't last two years, but you two are heading toward three years, not to mention the six years you were simply best friends. I have many reasons to be proud of my gay son and his boyfriend, not the least of which is a nine year relationship. Neighbors that don't like it can stuff it."

Rich softly asked, "How many times has that happened, mom?"

Mrs. Hamilton smiled, "It doesn't matter."

"It does," I countered, "because we haven't had anyone say a thing to us."

She shrugged, "Most are older. I'd guess every other week, about half a dozen times."

Mr. Hamilton said, "I told you Labor Day, it was time to shake up this town. Your generation is more accepting, so other students aren't saying much. I feel I need to ask you both, why do you think the Hamilton family and the Powell family have gotten along so well for so long?"

Rich shrugged, "My first thought is because of me and Neil, but I know that's not the answer you want."

Mrs. Hamilton smiled, "That was enough to start, but over the years, we've learned that we believe the same things. We share many interests and values. If you had thought of that, a year and a half ago, then you would've known that you could tell us the truth."

"I wrote my letter to the Archdiocese, as I said I would," Mr. Hamilton said. "Their response was not what I expected or wanted. For that reason, we're not attending Saint John's anymore. When we decide to go, we're going to Our Lady of the Lake, in Sparta, about ten miles away. The Catholic Church, from the highest levels and down to the priests, has changed. They don't get my time or money, like they used to. Given recent news, about priests sexually abusing boys, I'm watching how these events affect their perspectives and priorities. On one hand they condemn homosexuals, and on the other, they play shuffle the pedophile priests. I'm so disgusted that, for the first time in almost forty years, I'm thinking of switching to an Episcopal Church."

Mrs. Hamilton stated, "You two need to check with Alex and Ronnie tomorrow. Make sure Alex wasn't physically injured. Also, I'm sure Ronnie is much happier than Alex is, so offer Alex use of our spare bedroom here, for occasional weekends away."

I softly wondered, "Are you thinking Alex and Ronnie might argue?"

Mr. Hamilton shrugged, "Arguing is only part of the issue. Alex is going through a bigger change than Ronnie. Alex has basically lost his parents, been adopted, changed homes, and he might be sharing a bedroom, with little or no alone time. We have a spare room, so it wouldn't be any trouble. All we can do is put the offer out there. Its up to them to accept it."

Rich and I checked with each other, and decided to ask Alex and Ronnie the next day, to see what the living arrangements were, before making the offer. Since it was approaching midnight and there was little more to discuss until the next day, we said goodnight and retired. Alone in Rich's room, while we were getting undressed, Rich frowned, "I hope Alex wasn't beat or physically hurt."

"Me too," I sighed.

Naked, we crawled into Rich's bed. Our minds were overwhelmed with new thoughts, so our bodies weren't reacting normally. At least one of us would have a chubby or major wood when we got settled in bed, but not this night. Rich snuggled up close to me. We kissed passionately, which would normally lead to grinding, and deciding which way we wanted to make love. After about ten minutes with little change in our units, Rich rested and sighed, "This whole situation bites. I want you, as much as ever, but my mind is racing, chasing down at least a dozen different tangents."

"Me too," I huffed.

Rich grumbled, "Its one thing to skip a night when one of us is sick, but we're not sick."

"I'm not so sure about that," I mumbled. Rich locked his eyes on mine. I shrugged, "Parents that would do that to their own child disgusts me. I can't even begin to imagine how they could put their son out of the house, and live with that knowledge, never mind go to sleep in the same bed. Did they make love that one night to give life, and then crush that life fifteen years later? Alex has to feel completely abandoned, even though he's not, and he's got his boyfriend, and a home, with a family, but still…"

"I'm following you, and I completely agree," Rich softly answered. He then suggested, "We need to talk face-to-face with Ronnie and Alex; together at first and then maybe separately, one with you and the other with me."

A little stunned, I asked, "You think we'll need to separate them?"

Rich shrugged, "We won't know that until we're with them and can see them, see their expressions, to tell if something's being held back that might cause trouble later, weeks or months from now."

Over my head, a little cartoon light bulb shone dimly at first, and then exploded in a flash. "We've known each other forever, years before we ever added a physical relationship. You know my room at home as well as I know this room."

"They've gotta know about that kind of intimacy, Neil. We knew each other really well for years. They don't have that kind of history, only two years compared to our nine years," Rich seriously reminded.

I grinned widely, then leered at my life-long mate. Rich giggled, and then reached a hand down, under the blankets and sheet. He mooed between giggles, and then prompted, "Your wish is my command, stud."

Slowly shaking my head, I teased, "Can you share a brain cell or two when you give me your seed?" and then slyly tickled his ribs. Naturally, he bounced away from my tickling. In a flash, I was on him, kissing and tickling, grinding and humping. Between hysterics and kisses, he tried to convince me that it was what I said that naturally led to what he said. Acting like it was a horrible lie, I bent him in half and rimmed his ass, letting him believe that I would make love to him and it would be enough. He should've had a clue that I was being evil when I kept kibbling the inside of his thighs. For the most perfect partner in the world, it was only the beginning of a wicked plan. I entered him and told him the truth, that he was my world, my soul mate, the most important part of me.

After going slow in him, I decided to let him believe we would switch positions, but then sat on his fat, leaking bone and rode to the brink of orgasm before pausing again. I was about to take him on our sides from the rear, but once I entered him, Rich pushed back against me until I was flat on my back and he was on top of me. He shifted a little, planted his arms and legs, and rode my dick for another couple of minutes, alternating between slow grinds and impassioned bouncing. He told me his arms and legs were getting tired, so we switched again. He bent me in half and rimmed me to incoherent babbling before sliding his hefty meat into me. It was so slow and beautiful, and we were so happy with each other that our orgasms were almost at the same moment. He remained inside me until is tool slid out on its own. Laying down on me, he happened to notice the clock. "Its quarter after one," he softly giggled.

I gasped and then grinned, "Did you notice when we started? I didn't."

Completely draped on me, Rich giggled, "No, but we got in here about midnight. I'm guessing we tried, but got nowhere for about ten or fifteen minutes, and then chatted only another ten before getting going."

"Forty-five or fifty minutes?" I chortled, and held him tightly against me.

Burying his face against my shoulder, Rich cracked up. After about two minutes, his head popped up, and he giggled, "It was our best yet, don't you think?"

"Going from extremely sad to positively anxious and happy accomplished more than either of us could've imagined."

"I want a lifetime of exactly that, Neil; dealing with sadness, overcoming it, making plans and then making love."

Nodding, I warmly smiled, "To match or exceed what we just managed, it would have to be exactly like that. We've got another sixty years to try." He gave me a deep, soulful kiss then rested. We remained like that and slept that way, with Rich on top of me, until the sunrise woke us enough to separate. On his side, Rich spooned up to me. Shifting onto my left side, I wrapped an arm around him and we contentedly dozed off again, until the alarm went off at eight.

We were starving, but we knew, after our fifty minute workout, that we had to shower first before facing Rich's folks, so the bathroom was our first priority. After peeing, and then brushing our teeth, we chatted under the hot shower. Not a word was said about Ronnie and Alex; we were more focused on the awesome sex we had the prior night. Previously, a fifty minute session might've led to at least two orgasms each, more like three each, but we held off and finished together. As was common on a weekend morning, we carefully bathed each other. It started when our relationship was known by both families, when we could easily shower together, as checking for testicular cancer, and soapy wanks, but this morning everything was checked twice; dicks, balls and buttholes, to be sure nothing was hurting after our longest session ever. Once certain all units were perfectly fine, we finished each other off before the warm water turned cold.

Now ravenous, we quickly dressed and raided the kitchen. From the kitchen table, Rich's folks only watched us working together on our breakfast. When we sat at the table, the Hamiltons asked if the plan had changed at all. I shook my head, but Rich offered, "Neither of you know Alex or Ronnie near as well as we do." His parents nodded, and then Rich asked, "If I invited them to spend the night and part of tomorrow, would that be alright?"

Mr. Hamilton only nodded, but Rich's mom widely smiled, "An excellent idea, and very considerate too."

"If they agree, could we drive them back home tomorrow?" Rich asked.

Mr. Hamilton said, "I would like to meet and get to know Ronnie's parents."

"Maybe we're of like minds, like the Powells," Mrs. Hamilton told her husband.

He nodded, and told his wife, "That would be the best possible outcome, for everyone involved, but I'm most concerned with the one new addition into a household not being forced out ever again. Once in a lifetime is more than enough. Twice is more than Alex might be able to recover from."

Almost at once, Mrs. Hamilton, Rich and I agreed. Mr. Hamilton grinned, "So, if they would like to pick up their boys here and spend time with us, or if we could go there and spend time with them, we would all feel more comfortable in the long run."

Mrs. Hamilton told Rich, "We have the usual weekend errands to run, grocery shopping, but should be back home by one, or shortly thereafter. If they would like to call here, we'll be home all afternoon. I would appreciate knowing if I'm cooking for four or more tonight."

"Awesome," I softly chortled.

Rich giggled, "The bus should be here around ten-twenty this morning."

I grinned, "They're invited to dinner as soon as they step off the bus. Expect Ronnie to call his folks as soon as he gets his coat off." Baring a toothy smile, I added, "By dinner, they're invited to spend the night."

Mr. Hamilton sniggered, "Explain that smile, Neil." Rich sputtered and then cracked up.

I gladly explained, "They know me and Rich; we saved their butts at the mall, emailed one another weekly, and sometimes more often, spent time with them at the shore, and they've been to my house. At the very least, they'll know that we're willing to make a difficult situation better. With some luck, Ronnie's parents will know it too, by the end of this weekend. That's enough reason to be happy, but if they are staying here tonight, then tomorrow afternoon the four of us will go to my house, and enlist another family."

Mrs. Hamilton giggled, "You will rephrase it from 'enlisted', I hope."

While Rich stuffed his mouth and quietly chortled, I reminded, "Actually, it's our dads that have never met either of 'em. Even Claire and Danny have met Alex and Ronnie. But I won't use the word 'enlisted'; introductions will be enough. Both really are cool guys."

After washing down his food, Rich said, "Nobody from Neil's track team or my baseball team have ever stepped foot in either house; they're just not the sort of people we want to get closer with. Truthfully, now that we've made our first moves out of the closet, I'm wondering if I'll be accepted on the baseball team, or if Neil will be accepted on the track team."

Locking eyes with Rich, I wondered, "Do you really think it'll be a problem?"

Rich shrugged, "It's almost impossible to tell. We'll try out, but if it's an issue, as far as teamwork is concerned, then it's their loss, not ours."

I hummed affirmatively, and then told Rich's folks, "The point being, two guys we helped out one day turned out to be better friends than most of the local guys we know."

Rich reminded his parents, "In less than a year, I think I know them better than most guys we've gone to school with for eleven years."

Mr. Hamilton asked, "Do you think they'll be open to the possibility of spending nights here on occasion?"

"We can make the offer," Rich shrugged. "There's a comfort and familiarity issue to be worked out though."

Now I was a little confused, scowled, and asked my partner, "What do you mean?"

Rich grinned, "They need to feel that it'll be cool, ya know? The two of us show affection here and at your house, without feeling like it's out of place. They need to know that they could do that too."

I chuckled, "The worst we've ever heard is from my li'l bro, squeaking some remark and running out of the room." Mrs. Hamilton giggled and Mr. Hamilton widely smiled. With our breakfast eaten, Rich and I gathered our bowls, plates and silverware then went to the kitchen. At the sink rinsing everything, Rich passed things to me at the dishwasher. The second time I leaned over the dishwasher, my butt was goosed by my perpetually horny partner. I jumped and stood upright, then turned to grin at him. He sniggered, but concentrated on what he was doing at the sink, playing innocent for his nearby parents. Handing me some silverware, Rich grinned. So I wouldn't be overheard, I whispered, "Gonna getchya, sexy."

"Promises, promises," Rich softly chortled.

I stepped around the open dishwasher to the front, so I could lean over without getting goosed, and put the silverware in the little plastic holders. Of course I was leaning over a bit and believed I was safe. The next thing I knew, cold water was dripping down my neck! Again, I shot upright and suspiciously eyed Rich. His shoulders were bouncing from held in laughter. He passed me our juice glasses and innocently batted his eyelashes with a face splitting grin. After turning the water off, Rich grabbed a towel to dry his hands. Nodding, I pushed the lower rack in and pulled the upper rack out for the glasses, but kept a watchful eye on Rich. Once the glasses were on the rack, I pushed it in and leaned over to close the dishwasher door. Quickly, Rich tossed the towel onto the counter and hurried to go around me, with his hand already moving down to get another feel of my ass.

Standing up and spinning, I wrapped an arm around my boyfriend and pulled him toward me. We both started laughing and wrestling, trying to prevent our butts from getting goosed. Now that we weren't quiet, I knew Rich's parents had to be watching us, but my focus was to trap Rich, so I could get at least one handful of butt cheek. Rich loudly laughed, "MA!"

"No," Mrs. Hamilton giggled.

"DAD! Neil's being bad!" Rich hysterically called, struggling to keep both my arms under his control and away from his butt.

From behind me, Mr. Hamilton chuckled, "As bad as you were, grabbin' ass and dumping water on him."

"Did you think we didn't see, Richard?" Mrs. Hamilton giggled. "You take after your father!"

After a brief pause, Mr. Hamilton sniggered, "However, I don't get cornered or caught nearly as fast."

Rich howled laughing, allowing me to get at him. Both my hands grabbed his ass and pulled him against me. Against my crotch, I could feel his chubby dick and that changed my purpose from grab-tag and tickling, to kissing and capturing his wicked tongue and sucking it into my mouth. Our eyes locked, and Rich was reduced to giggles, almost daring me to comment on his excited condition. I wasn't going to say a word and dared him to say something with a mischievous sparkle in my eyes. In moments, Rich wasn't struggling. His arms slid under mine, holding me close and tight for a mid-morning make-out session, in front of his parents. It lasted a good long while too. The problem was, we were both hard as steel and couldn't separate without making complete fools of ourselves in front of Rich's parents. So we settled into a very long make-out session, waiting for our cocks to deflate. After a few minutes, I realized something, and told Rich, "Look where we are. This is the very same corner you backed into."

Seemingly surprised, Rich nodded and whispered, "You remember?"

"That day, I thought I was losing you; that you might've already been gone."

Shifting his arms and pressing his body against mine, Rich sighed, "I love you, Neil; always have and always will."

With happy tears building, I almost ecstatically moaned, "I love you too, so much."

We remained there another minute, maybe two, holding each other, and grabbing tender kisses. We heard a chair moving, and then Mr. Hamilton came into the kitchen. I could hear him pouring coffee. He then chortled, "It's five after ten. Don't you need to get your friends?"

Rich answered, "Yeah," and reluctantly released me. I held eye contact with him, studying every feature of his face. He knew I was trying to make him blush in front of his dad. It didn't work, this time.

Before leaving the kitchen, Mr. Hamilton softly suggested, "What you just did, do in front of your friends. You could tell them it's alright a hundred different ways, but this would prove it." He then returned to the table.

As if given a revelation from above, Rich smiled, "Ya wanna?"

Leaning in close, I kissed his ear then whispered, "Only if you've got a chubby or full wood." I backed off to look in his eyes, widely smiling and excitedly nodding, as if nothing would please me more.

Rich grabbed a kiss, and then giggled, "Let's go get 'em." I stepped back and took his hand in mine. "We'll be back in about twenty or thirty minutes," Rich told his folks.

While we walked past the table, Mrs. Hamilton reminded, "Its cold this morning; bundle up for the walk, and wear hats too. No one is allowed to be sick for the holidays."

We sweetly chorused, "Yes, mom," and heard Rich's dad chortling.

Once we were at the entryway closet getting our hoodies and hats, I grinned at my lover, "Why'd you put on a show for your folks?"

Putting his hoodie on, Rich softly sniggered, "That wasn't my plan. I thought we'd spend a few minutes in my room like that, or maybe more than that. It was very cool though, in a breathless, sticky underwear way."

I almost cracked up, but waited until we were outside before laughing, "You didn't shoot, or did you?"

"Almost," Rich giggled. "I probably leaked a gallon of precum, making my underwear damp, but that's all."

It was an overcast, blustery day; typical for Northern New Jersey in the middle of December. Dressed in layers, we both had on t-shirts, and heavier, long sleeve shirts, in addition to the hoodies and knit toboggan hats. Walking across the street and heading for the south end of High Point Circle, I sadly shook my head, smirking at my lover, "I wanna smell your drawers so bad that I'm getting hard just thinking about it."

Rich giggled, "Get your boxers damp and we'll put on another show for Alex and Ronnie."

Picturing cartoons of us sniffing our undies, with wildly spinning eyes, I chuckled, "That wouldn't do much to make them feel more comfortable, ya know?"

"Or maybe it would," Rich shrugged. He looked at me, and offered, "This whole arrangement is for more than Alex now. If they both need to get out of Ronnie's house, then we've got two gay friends just down the hall. We're gonna be seen making out, and so are they, at some point or another. Are you cool with that?"

After thinking a few moments, I realized, "We were together, skinny dipping at my pool just a few months ago. The bathroom we share, at least one, if not both of them, will be sharing too. There's a lot more than making out in front of one another to consider here." I got quiet and thought a little more, then told Rich, "We'll be seeing and hearing way more than we did a few months ago, or ever have. The most any of us has done is grab an occasional kiss, when it was cool to do."

We walked into the woods heading for highway 23. Rich nodded, "We're making a big change in my household, Neil. Are you cool about it? Tell me now, if you aren't?"

I scowled, "I love you, only you, okay? What I want is what you've given me, almost daily, and sometimes many times a day. I can keep it platonic, because it is. Alex's long dick doesn't make me hard, or even desire him. I got hard as a rock, in front of your parents, just knowing you were slightly aroused. Yeah, I can keep things cool, and just like they've been since we met them."

Rich smiled and nodded, "For the first time, I'm a big brother, and that's the way I'd like it to stay with them." Locking his eyes with mine, Rich assured, "I love only you and lust after only you, Neil. My dick and ass are only yours, cool?"

I grinned, "Hot and wet, like our undies, and future fifty-minute romps at bedtime."

"You're evil," Rich cackled.

"Pardon me?" I incredulously chuckled, "Who got a chubby first? Who started a ten minute make-out session in front of his parents?" The next thing I knew, I was yanked into Rich's embrace.

Smiling up at me, Rich giggled, "Gonna eat ya up, in front of them. Gonna start at your toes, make you scream and beg me to stop."

Knowing he was trying to get another rise out of me, I chortled, "Not the first night here, lover. We'll let them know its cool, and we'll put on another little show for 'em. The next time they're here, we'll expand on it. They've gotta know two things by the end of this weekend; that they can be a gay couple and show affection, and that their relationship is theirs, we're not looking to split them up, or be the cause of any orgies."

Nodding, Rich smiled, "Before we get out of the woods, kiss me."

I teased, "You aren't taking my pants off or blowing me under a tree today, sexy," and then kissed him deeply. Man, we learned how to kiss the last few years. In seconds, I could feel my own turtled unit growing, and Rich's mass ballooning in his pants through layers of clothing. When the kiss broke, I asked, "What's happened to us? As if last night wasn't tremendous enough, we're all over each other today."

Squeezing me tightly, Rich beamed, "We're on the same page, same paragraph, and about to follow through on our plans; the plans with our friends and with each other."

I returned his squeeze and prompted, "Please don't get discouraged if they're not ready today or tonight, Rich. Alex is most important, and Ronnie's gonna back him up, just like we do all the time. Let's try and put ourselves in their shoes. As giddy as we are today, it wasn't always this way, and neither of us ever got tossed out of our house."

"We're gonna pull them up, outta whatever funk they're in, and then make it as good as we can for them," Rich promised. Liking the response, I goosed his ass and then bolted out of the woods, with Rich chasing after me, both of us laughing like mad men.

Soon, we had crossed highway 23 and were waiting for the bus near Market Place Deli and Liquor. We had hugged Ronnie and Alex back in September, when they got to my house, and again at the bus stop, saying goodbye before they got on the bus. Assuming Alex might not want to go there, we agreed to start with handshakes and knuckle knocks, saving more friendly contact for indoors. The bus arrived only a minute or so later, and Ronnie led Alex off the bus. Before I knew it, Ronnie held up one of those single-use cameras you can get at any pharmacy, and snapped pictures of us greeting Alex.

"Handshakes?" Alex softly pondered, and then smirked, "What happened to hugs?"

Rich admitted, "We thought it might be too much, in public, after what happened." He then wrapped Alex in his arms and whispered in his ear. Alex wrapped up Rich tighter and Rich returned the feeling with his own squeeze and a kiss on Alex's cheek.

Another photo was taken by Ronnie of Rich and Alex bonding. He lowered the camera and grinned at me, "Alex's idea. He needs some good memories, ya know?"

Widely smiling, I nodded and suggested, "Pass the camera to your boyfriend, and then come get your medicine." Blushing and giggling, Ronnie passed the camera to Alex. We waited for Alex and Rich to separate. The second the camera was raised, Ronnie and I opened our arms and slammed against each other. Another photo was snapped. In Ronnie's ear, I whispered, "Your both gonna leave here with more than pictures."

Through giggles, Ronnie provocatively mooed, and then whispered, "He needs a lot of reassurances the last couple o' days. I knew you guys would be cool, and so did Alex. Being with you is what we both need."

A little above a whisper, I said, "Do you think you guys could handle more than today? We're planning on extending an invitation for overnight." Ronnie's face slid against mine and he locked eyes with mine. His already cheerful expression brightened.

At the same time I nodded my reply, Alex squealed, "Did I hear that right?" He turned to Rich, asking, "You want us to stay overnight?"

While Ronnie brightly beamed and nodded at his boyfriend, I waited expectantly and watched Rich. My lover chuckled, "It would be great if you did. Since our phone call, Neil and I talked a lot about what happened. To put all the pieces out there, you might need a night or two apart, or maybe Ronnie's folks would appreciate some time to talk. Whatever you need, we'll do our damnedest to make life a little easier."

Alex widely smiled, but constantly wiped his eyes, worrying me and Rich. Ronnie went to Alex, softly prompting, "Whaddaya say?"

Sniffling, Alex asked, "Can we get off the main road, someplace private?"

Walking toward the corner, I nodded, and Rich joked, "Ya wanna see our old treehouse and where…"

"RICH!" I loudly interrupted, and then cracked up. I softly sniggered, "Yeah, show them where we both showed off our hairless, little boners." Gigging hysterically, Rich blushed redder when Ronnie and Alex laughed, and wondered what else had happened at the treehouse. Clearly, it was time to move this street corner conversation away from other ears. Once the four of us crossed highway 23, I began poking Rich's ribs, and chased him in to the woods, driving our friends crazier. Between Rich and I, we shared some childhood memories, and some of the racier stuff. At the time it was racey - for us anyway!

Near the remains of our old treehouse, Alex hugged and kissed Rich and I, relaying how grateful he already was. He returned to his partner, grinning, "I definitely do want to stay, but without a change of at least underwear, we're gonna be in a bad way by tomorrow afternoon."

Rich shrugged, "How about some of my old sweatpants? Once we get back to my house, we can all get comfy, in sweats, and in Christmas vacation hang-around mode. My folks want to meet Ronnie's folks too, so with some luck, you'll get some clothes, either tonight or tomorrow."

Ronnie giggled, "Why do your folks want to meet mine?"

I took over for Rich, clearly drawing images with my words. "Imagine if your folks kicked you out, and you were living in Alex's house. Nobody under eighteen should ever have to deal with parents like that. To have it happen again would crush both of you. It ain't gonna happen that way, not if we have any say in the matter, or can prevent it. You guys love and protect each other, and we're gonna wrap the bow around you, nice and neat. When your ready for college, then you'll get to move out on your own, but not before." Flashing me his widest, proudest smile, I could tell Rich was gonna corner me at the earliest opportunity.

"My parents had their reasons," Alex softly offered.

Rich rambled, "Which reasons? How is your sex life any of their business? Really, please explain what you did to force them into tossing you out?"

Seeing his boyfriend on the verge of tears again, Ronnie told Alex, "Like we've been telling you, it's really not your fault. If you loving me disappoints them, the problem is theirs, not yours, and not mine. Nothing's been fucked over. In my mind, what we hoped might happen years from now, is happening. We're living together! The only reason why I'm not celebrating is because you're not with me to party."

Rich and Ronnie covered almost everything, leaving the most difficult for me. I asked, "Alex, do you like girls?" He shrugged. I continued, "Let me put it another way then. Do you think sex would be better with a girl than it is with Ronnie?"

"It can't be," Alex smirked. "I'm gay, and stopped denying that years ago, way before meeting Ronnie. Breasts do nothing for me; but the male form always gets my undivided attention. I'm bottom, and love it. No, it couldn't ever be good with a girl. Friendship is as far as I could ever go with any girl. There's no sexual attraction there, for even the hottest actresses on TV."

"We hit it off great from the start," Ronnie told Alex. "My best friend became my boyfriend. We can become life-long partners, like Rich and Neil. We're gonna last, because we both want it to happen."

"Do you want to stay here tonight?" Alex checked.

"If you say you do, I'll call my parents, as soon as we get into sweats and go into chill-out mode," Ronnie confirmed.

Alex asked Rich, "Will we be sharing one room, with you dudes?"

Rich honestly answered, "We've got a spare room, loaded with all kinds of old stuff, and it has a full-size bed. Neil and I thought you'd like more privacy. And longer term, when you need it, that room can be yours. I already asked my folks; my house is your home away from home, whenever you dudes need it. Its cool; this weekend's the test run for you two."

When Alex didn't say anything for almost a minute, Ronnie stepped closer, held Alex firmly and whispered in his ear. Alex whispered something back, and then they both began giggling. Rich and I moved closer and held hands, widely grinning, and waiting for something that had to be cute, or hysterically funny.

Soon, Ronnie and Alex turned so that Ronnie could face us and Alex's face was hidden. Ronnie began, "When we were last here, it was the coolest day ever for us. There wasn't a single moment that wasn't awesome, ya know?"

Rich nodded and smiled, "It was cool, in lots of ways, for us too."

Ronnie grinned, "Up until this week, we both practiced what we learned from you guys that day. I mean everything, guys; sword fights preceded almost every time, like we're ten- or twelve-years-old; it was foreplay, and then there was real foreplay, and then we made love. Every chance we had to be alone, for any extended period of time, we spent that time naked, like we all did that day. Watching TV, working on the computer, doing homework, just chatting and going off on any tangent, it was all done naked. The truth is, you're our brothers; we chose you, and you chose us, maybe by accident at first, but the feelings are there." Alex suddenly burst into giggles, causing Ronnie to snigger, "Really, as far as we're concerned, the only time your allowed to be apart from us is when you two are making love, or we are. We might take the spare room, or we might not, depending only on how things actually flow."

I don't know who was more stunned; Rich or me, but we both loudly asked, "Seriously?"

Alex lost it and howled laughing. Rapidly nodding and swaying with his boyfriend, Ronnie joyfully admitted, "We spent the better part of five hours naked together, inside and outside, completely limp, with chubbies, and with full wood. How many times did we go out of our way to swivel our hips and make our dicks swing? I lost count. Neil played and sang for us, with his willie hangin' out, and the rest of us hangin' out too! You guys are our best friends, and you've got the partnership that we hope to someday have. If there's anyone in this world we could spend nights with and feel completely safe, it's you two. Yes, we'll stay overnight. Yes, I'll call my folks and do my best to get them to make the trip here. If you two are any clue, I think our parents would get along great."

Breaking away from Ronnie, Alex swiftly came to me and hugged me with all his might, pitifully crying, "I've felt like such a disappointment, such a total loser, all week, until now. Everything Ronnie said, I believe too. Please help us get it back together again?" Alex reached an arm out and grabbed Rich by his hoodie, pulling him nearer, and tearfully begged, "Please?"

Ronnie didn't seem the least bit surprised his boyfriend had attached himself to me; his grin told me that it was expected. I was on the verge of tears and couldn't get the boulder out of my throat to say a word. Ronnie snapped a photo. Baring his heart, Rich moaned, "It could've been me too, Alex. I really thought my parents would hate me and throw me out." Catching his breath, Rich repeated the story of how our dads confronted us and shoved us out of the closet. While Rich was talking, I held up one arm and beaconed Ronnie to us, and then pulled him close, so all four of us were there in the woods, hugging each other, and providing comfort and warmth that chilly Saturday before Christmas. Alex would get all the help he needed, from three of us, and Ronnie would learn how to keep his boyfriend from losing self-worth. We had our parents on our side, and soon Ronnie's parents would be added.

After those ten or fifteen minutes, we began to separate. Ronnie brightly smiled, "You guys are the pinnacle, everything we can only hope to someday be."

I grinned, "What is it that you hope to be? Lets face it, sometimes things happen, and they might work out, or they might not, but other times, it takes some planning and effort."

Wrapping an arm around my waist, Rich offered, "I was in a place where life happened around me, not so many years ago. Two things happened, one immediately after another; first, Neil stuck with me, even though I was a bit of a drama queen about how horrible life was as a gay boy. Second, with some scheduling, our lawn care business actually started making us some good bucks. The trick is knowing what you can plan and act on, versus those other things that just have to happen at their own speed."

Locking eyes with Rich, I grumbled, "You weren't a drama queen. You were scared; sometimes you were scared of me, and what we were becoming, but most of the time you were scared of being outed. Since our dads figured us out, your far less scared." Plastering on a wicked smirk, I reminded, "That was you, grabbin' my ass and playing silly games in front of your parents, wasn't it?" Ronnie cracked up and Alex digressed into a giggling fit.

"You weren't supposed to catch me and keep me in the kitchen," Rich giggled. "That was supposed happen in my bedroom."

"Did either of your parents freak out?"

Widely smiling, Rich chortled, "No, they seemed to enjoy it, nowhere near as much as we did, but still…"

Ronnie and Alex roared laughing.

Sadly shaking my I head at my lover, I turned my attention to Alex and Ronnie, saying, "There's one other thing worth mentioning." They calmed their giggles, and I explained, "Even though it's likely that we'll be sleeping in the same room, you need to know, it won't stop me from getting some of the drama queen before crashing." Rich, Alex and Ronnie cracked up. Over their voices, I laughed, "And Rich gets me up in the morning, and keeps me up, usually right through the day."

Checking with our friends, Rich giggled, "Does any of that bug you; you won't be embarrassed or anything?"

Ronnie checked with Alex. After only a few moments, Alex giggled, "We haven't had time to develop routines like that."

Ronnie sputtered then laughed, "Not for lack of trying, but its been a rough week. In the shower, we can usually work up a lather."

"So do we," Rich and I chorused, causing Ronnie and Alex to crumble and laugh again.

"As long as you can deal with witnessing it," I sniggered. "Noise is kept down whenever our families are around, especially at night."

Rich smiled, "If its too much, call 'time-out', so you can leave the room."

Alex nodded and giggled, "Easy rules, we can deal with that."

With that out of the way, I suggested, "Then lets get inside and thaw out. I'm freezing!"

Agreements burst forth, and we paired up, with Rich and I leading the way through the woods and back to his house. Rich offered, "We sleep nude, even now, in the winter."

"We keep each other plenty warm," I mischievously grinned.

Ronnie sniggered, "We have two separate rooms, with twin size beds. For now, anyway."

"For now?" Alex squealed.

Nodding, Ronnie giggled, "For my next birthday, I'm asking for a full size bed, and for a full time roommate." Seeing his partner mildly stunned, Ronnie smirked, "What? Do you think I talked my parents into allowing you to stay if I didn't really want you with me? I can put up with separate rooms, for a while, but I really want us to stay together. That means there will be a full size bed in my room, some day."

Rich wondered, "Are you serious, Ronnie?"

Obviously pleased, Ronnie beamed, "My folks like Alex plenty, and more importantly, they like me, and treat me like a responsible teenager, not like a little kid. Yeah, it could happen, once we prove we can live together, through all the rough stuff there still is to deal with. My only problem is Alex's folks not liking who he's becoming. They've closed their eyes and ignored the most special person in the world, hurting him and making me hurt too. They're gonna pay for what they did to Alex. In the meantime, I get to have him in my house, near enough to help fix every worry that arises. I know when to give Alex space, and when he only thinks he wants space, but would rather not be alone, to have someone listening to all he has to say. Yep, it's gonna happen."

We were about to walk out of the woods when Alex sighed, "I'm nothin' but trouble."

"Whoa," Ronnie said, "hold up a minute, guys." Only a few steps beyond the tree line, Rich and I paused, turned and waited. Facing Alex, Ronnie declared, "You aren't trouble, your parents are; they're the cause, not you. I'm gonna put this in perspective for you. We've got a good history, that started way before we ever had any sex. There was a lot of time shared before our first kiss, in school and out of it. You've told me that I'm the one you want too. Has that changed?"

"No," Alex weakly said. "I remember it all too, but I don't want to deal with all that's coming. It's affected everyone in your house. I'm scared to death, Ronnie. If this gets between us, so that I'm just like an unwanted guest, or like a tenant, I'm going to be totally screwed up."

"Roll with it," Ronnie suggested. "The balls already rollin'; my folks will be your primary care givers, and your parents will pay for it, financially, and again emotionally, when they suddenly realize that their only son doesn't want to be around them, when they're old and gray. It'll dawn on them that their marriage is all they have left. They'll have only each other, and nothing to show for their life together. Once all the legal stuff is over, it'll be easier for us. Have some hopes and dreams for the future again, please, Alex? All the stuff we talked about before this last week is still here with us. Only one circumstance has changed, and even that's not too different. We knew when we met Neil and Rich that you wouldn't ever be able to come out to your folks. They've proved themselves bigoted assholes. My parents aren't that way. They're treating you like a son too, in case you haven't already noticed it. Every new thought this situation brings is discussed with you. Save your hurt for your parents, and tell them in court how much you've been ripped up inside. A judge will take our side, and then it'll be over; then we can get back to normal, and there will be more good times. I want to share everything with you, now and for the rest of my days. Please say that you still want me too?"

Brightly smiling, Alex giggled, "I do," and then wrapped Ronnie up in his arms, resting his head on his partner's shoulder.

Rich and I smiled at each other. We waited a little while for their hug to break, but when it didn't, we went to our friends. I softly chortled, "My turtled unit wants to be indoors." Ronnie and Alex cracked up, separated and we started walking again.

With one hand in Ronnie's, Alex took my free hand, looked up and playfully suggested, "It would be way different than September, but I'd still show you guys my turtled unit. Ronnie and Rich roared laughing.

Smirking at him, I chuckled, "Your turtled unit would still be at least six inches long, ya bastard. The three of us would look more like little boys, warming 'em up and tugging to stretch 'em out."

With a mischievous sparkle in his eyes, Alex giggled, "Sweet!" Releasing his partner's hand, Ronnie howled laughing and staggered along with us. Pushing his boyfriend over the edge, Alex giggled, "Does this mean I'm gay?"

With Ronnie hysterical and staggering, Rich and I loudly laughed, "It means your a perv, Alex!"

"Sweeter yet," Alex giggled. "Seriously, I need this time together, to remember being gay is as good or as bad as I make it; to remember that I have Ronnie and two awesome gay friends on my side. There's a lot to be happy about, just the one bad thing is clouding everything. Stuff feels unreal recently."

Almost simultaneously, we all easily related, and each reminded Alex this day and this weekend would be real. Clearly, Alex was up and down like a yo-yo. This was going to be a very interesting weekend.

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