Neil And Rich

by The Eggman

Chapter 9

The fire in the Franklin stove was lit. Across the room, the garland wrapped Christmas tree had solid blue lights near the tips of the branches, but deeper inside were strands of multi-colored blinking lights. There were many Tiffany ceramic angel decorations, another group were Peanuts cartoon characters, and some Looney Toons characters, and scattered perfectly were reindeer, elves and Santa Clauses. On top shone a tinsel star, and centered underneath was a Nativity scene, also made of ceramic. The wrapped gifts Rich's mom worked on earlier were near the back on both sides. I swear that every year the Hamilton Family tree is exactly the same as it's always been, each item seemingly placed meticulously, exactly where it should be. To complete this perfect Christmas scene, behind me, Rich was stroking the length of my legs and happily nibbling my cheeks.

Helplessly, I sniggered, "Mr. Hamilton?"

"Yes, Mr. Powell?" Rich giggled.

"Can I please turn around?"

He teased, "Soon, maybe."

I grinned, "Before the stove gets very hot, I hope. My bone is plenty hot already, and I've grown accustomed to pubes, that will likely be singed, or ironed out, completely losing their curls." He evilly snickered. Beginning to laugh, I wondered, "Are you trying to get caught by Alex and Ronnie?" He provocatively hummed affirmatively. Cracking up, I giggled, "Our plans for them have already gone far beyond what was previously considered and discussed."

Standing and stepping back, he took my hand in his as I turned around. Brightly smiling, he took my other hand, began swinging them, and softly confessed, "Our plan was to take advantage of that, in the kitchen, but you, my sexy universe, completely shattered that plan. The problem is, we all got so hot from what you were saying, if I know Alex, he's got Ronnie on the brink by now."

"The plan was?" I suspiciously wondered.

Rich giggled, "Alex and I share a deep need to make our sexual preference known, make our love fully public, so that there's other guys that have the knowledge. I was gonna kneel for your meat, and Alex was gonna get Ronnie."

Only somewhat surprised, I asked, "You really want to display something that intimate?"

Rich nodded, "It's a leftover from when everything was hidden from everyone, except you. If there's anyone I could do that in front of, it would be Alex and Ronnie." He worried, "You're not angry, I hope?"

Slowly shaking my head, I pulled him into a hug, squeezed him firmly, and softly shared, "Ronnie and I are fully prepared for bedtime fun, two couples in one room. What I told you I couldn't do this morning, I can do now. The three most important guys in my life, in order, are you, then Ronnie and then Alex."

Relieved, Rich nodded and giggled, "In order, you, Alex and Ronnie. Alex and I tried to figure out why the order is the way it is, but didn't really finish the exam."

"It's easy," I smiled, "we can relate to them on the same level, with the same knowledge, even more so now that Ronnie is at the same place I am; tops that love being bottoms for our lovers. Now Alex has the same knowledge that I know you have, from your smile, in your groans, and in your words, I know you love being top for me. Do you remember the chat we had?"

Recalling it, Rich smiled, "My tool is to make you feel good. Your rod is to make me feel good. How good our cocks feel isn't what makes it so awesome, and only a small part of the orgasm, it's how good we make each other feel that really makes it always so perfect."

"They've learned that tonight," I shared. "What I learned today, and what Ronnie told me was, that I'm just as gay as he is. He's correct; I'm a hundred percent gay. I enjoyed the hell out of fondle football; same for taking pictures of them, same for them taking pics of us, and the same for hearing them down the hall. Just pissing in the same bowl with someone other than you was different, but enjoyable, and the shower was another learning experience. I passed the test, Rich; I really like them, but I'm madly…"

He rested a finger on my lips, beaming, "Yeah, your daydream proved how much you love me, Neil. That's how I've always felt about you, completely enthralled with you and every moment we're together. It's why I was so scared to be around you, all those years ago."

I smiled, "I stayed with you, and I'll always stay with you. Now we're completely bonded, unable to separate. How does that make you feel?"

"All the best things; giddy, peaceful, and sometimes, like now, rapturous. I want to do something special with you. More special than making love, but I don't know what we might do. We've gotta celebrate, Neil. This has been the best start to any holiday season and Christmas vacation."

I agreed, "Another memory needs to be made." After another few moments where we were thinking, I chuckled, "Remember that time we were fed up with homework and started dancing, just goofy moves, in time to a beat on the radio?"

Nodding, Rich sniggered, "Up in your room. Your mom and Danny came up and saw us. Danny howled laughing. Your mom said we were shaking the entire house." He led me to the stereo, turned it on, and flipped from the CD player to the FM dial. In seconds, Rich found a cool electronica beat playing that we could have some fun with. He checked with me, and we both nodded. Our dance started together, matching exaggerated shoulder shrugs and swiveling hips. Seeing my dick swinging, Rich laughed, "We had clothes on last time. We'll have to get a radio out by your pool."

Releasing our hands, we gave each other space to get into it. Bouncing around a hundred and eighty degrees, I showed him my butt, and then bounced around to face him, exaggerating a knee bend and then a hip swivel ending with a thrust. My sexy lover repeated my moves. Our celebration continued, dancing together and apart, getting silly, and more provocative. A second song started playing, and we continued dancing. My lover moved behind me, dancing close enough that I could feel his meat swaying against my butt cheeks. We evilly cackled, and swung around, so I could give Rich some cheek brushes with my dick.

Ronnie and Alex emerged from the guest room, but without the blankets that Rich sent them there to get. They started laughing at our crazy dance. I loudly called, "Join us."

Holding up his index finger, Ronnie signaled in a minute. They ducked into the bathroom. Rich turned to face me, giggling, "I think they made love again. Five minutes was more like fifteen, plenty of time."

Still dancing together, but now face-to-face and with a yard or so between us, I grinned, "Ronnie especially likes seeing us do stuff together, like dancing, so he can repeat it with Alex. I shared a cookie with him. That's the first thing he did when Alex came into the kitchen."

Nodding, Rich smiled, "In the shower, Alex told me that he copies things I do with you." Moving closer to me and wrapping me in his arms, Rich confirmed, "You could make love with them in the room?"

"No problem."

"Would roles or positions matter?"

"Not really. I'd be with you. What they see and hear isn't a worry at all."

"I'm just checkin', lover. If you're embarrassed…"

I interrupted, "I'd never be embarrassed with you, Rich. Bottom or top, missionary or on all fours, I'm completely cool with it. It's not like there are secret ways of having sex. Parts only fit together certain ways, unless someone's a contortionist."

Giggling, Rich gleamed, "You're awesome."

"I'll never make love with anyone else but you. I passed that test with Ronnie."

"I passed it with Alex. You're all I want, Neil."

Stepping out of the bathroom, Ronnie and Alex returned to the guest room. Having left the door open, we could see them at the closet getting the blankets Rich had asked for. Sadly shaking his head, Rich giggled. Grinning, I leaned closer to him and whispered, "They're cute together, but not as cute as you." Half groaning and half giggling, Rich lowered his hands to my butt, held me firmly in place and started a forceful grind. I softly chuckled, "You're being bad again."

He whispered in my ear, "Dancing left us with chubbies; not good enough."

Each carrying one of the blankets, Ronnie and Alex put the blankets on the sofa. A moment later, they were wrapping arms around each other and dancing beside us. Locking eyes with me, Ronnie grinned, "You guys really know how to stoke a fire. We got busy three times today!"

Alex giggled, "Please tell us that you took advantage of time alone."

Rich grinned, "This is what we needed and wanted."

"We're celebrating," I shared, "our best friends are doing so much better than they were this morning, and we've all shown our feelings."

Alex smiled, "Far be it for me to question, but why are we dancing hip-to-hip with hip-hop on the radio?"

"They're rubbing dicks, like us," Ronnie devilishly grinned.

"Don't get me wrong," Alex giggled, "this is fun and way hot, but we could change the station, so the beat matches the swaying."

"Okay," Rich prompted, "let's dance, couples together and across from best friends." We separated more, and Rich began with some classic MJ moves, his arms flowing to mine. Across from us, Alex and Ronnie surprised us with some cool fluid moves that I recognized from VH-1 music videos. They were more into exaggerating shoulder shrugs and arms swings. Rich and I began our own sets of moves, swiveling hips and flowing arms. Ronnie took what we were doing and changed it up just a tiny bit, appearing like he was made of rubber from his ankles to his neck, impressing the other three of us, and causing some cheering and giggling. "You guys have done this before," Rich chuckled.

"Often," Alex giggled.

Ronnie evilly grinned, "I prefer the slow dances, or used to."

"Why?" I sniggered.

Locking eyes with Alex, Ronnie leered, "We never danced naked until now."

Cracking up and completely losing the beat, Alex laughed, "We will be though."

The phone rang. After only about fifteen minutes of dancing together, and about five minutes dancing with Alex and Ronnie, we had to take a break. Going to answer it, Rich asked, "Lower the volume, please, Neil?"

Doing so, I turned off the stereo, and told him, "We'll get the blankets spread out on the floor, lover."

He loudly giggled, "You wait for me! Don't let me find you between Alex and Ronnie!" While Alex and Ronnie were evilly snickering, Rich more softly said, "Hello? Oh, hi, grams."

Catching our two friends gawking at me, I felt my face flushing red and giggled, "Stop that!" Sadly shaking my head, I went to get the comforter off the couch, warning them, "When I see you two getting some muscle, I'm gonna leer at both of you." Turning back to them, I grinned, "You two can get the cuddle-fest started, but I'll wait for my world."

Alex giggled, "Just curious, but what do you think we need to concentrate on, Neil?"

Beginning to giggle, Ronnie helped me get the comforter opened and laid out. I easily answered, "Concentrate on each other, first and foremost. Honestly, all you need to do is define what you've already got. With a weight set and a bench, and the exercises we demonstrated earlier, you'll get the definition you want." We got the comforter adjusted on the floor. Focusing on Ronnie, I asked, "What's the point of the exercise in the first place?"

Uncertainly, Ronnie shrugged, "So we like what we see on each other?"

"That's a benefit, but not really the purpose," I offered. Seeing they were both struggling to get the answer, I asked Alex, "Now that you've made love to Ronnie and you know he'll enjoy it, how do you feel?"

Alex grinned and leered at Ronnie, "Confident."

Checking with Ronnie, I asked, "Don't you feel it too; not only Alex's confidence, but your own has changed a little too, hasn't it?"

Ronnie nodded and grinned, "Yeah, but I can't really define the reason why."

Going to get the knit blanket, I shared, "Rich is three inches shorter that I am, but I'm only ten pounds heavier. My only advantage over him is reach. Love has nothing to do with advantages. Remember yin-yang; being two halves of the whole, two sets of interests, abilities, and perspectives. As for making love, when your on bottom, don't think of yourself as being submissive for more than that period of time, but even then, the bottom can still do half the work, be the aggressor when the guy on top wants or needs you to. There's a feeling of security being on bottom, knowing your lover could hurt you, but doesn't, knowing he could kick your ass in a real fight, but certain that no argument would never come to that. Confidence goes a long way, not only as a couple and lovers, but when some douchebag starts insulting your love."

Glancing between them, I said, "Your both almost the same height. Alex is now only an inch or less shorter than you are, Ronnie. I'll bet you both weight near the same too. Let's face it, any one of us could get really carried away, and make what should feel awesome start to hurt. Maybe you've not been there yet, but you both trust each other enough to say, 'whoa, slow down, I need you to make it feel good again'. That trust and confidence overflows to the school classrooms and hallways, the malls, and everywhere you go together. I didn't need to see Rich to know he was backing me up last January. If it's not completely clear yet, consider this; if all four of us were at a mall and saw the same thing happening to two other younger and smaller guys, we could present one hell of a challenge. If it were only you two in the same scenario, you could present a challenge too. All it takes is being smarter than the average bigoted imbecile. We're guys, destined to become adult men. When things are cool, we can hang out, literally, showin' off what we've got, limp like now, or hard, like earlier."

Returning to the room, Rich smiled, "And like very soon. Cuddling will cause erections. All of us are confident enough to show the bare truth. The Alex and Ronnie standing here now are not the same two guys we helped out almost a year ago."

Alex softly wondered, "What do you think made the difference, bros?"

Rich grinned, "Eleven months time and every experience you've shared. Just for jollies, lets start with the trip to the beach. When's the last time you went to the beach on your own, with only two other friends?"

"Never," Ronnie grinned.

Alex giggled, "I'd never been to the beach before that day."

I softly muttered, "No shit?"

Alex smirked, "My dad's a lazy S.O.B., and my mom's too dumb to cook anything edible. Hamburger Helper instructions are out of her league. They've never taken me to the beach in my life."

Rich grinned, "So Alex knew how to swim in pools, but faced the currents and rip tides of the Atlantic Ocean, and survived." They briefly giggled. Continuing, Rich smiled, "Somebody else might've tried and failed, giving up after the first body surfing tumble into the sand. Not my best friends, they had a good time and got home safely."

I asked, "How many other guys do you know who've had a successful relationship going over a year?"

Alex checked with Ronnie, asking, "Has anyone lasted more than a few months?"

Ronnie blinked, "I can't think of anyone that's had a girlfriend more than four months." He turned to me, asking, "Are we really that different?"

I shrugged, "Comparing last January to our times together since, it seems that way to me and Rich. There's also the time spent being friends before changing to a sexual relationship. How many of those guys are spending time as a girl's friend, and then adding the intimate part?"

Locking eyes with Ronnie, Rich said, "You told us that your folks are treating you less like a little kid and more like a responsible adult. Something happened that they've witnessed to make that happen. It happened for us when we started our lawn care business. Our folks saw us trying together, to get the work, to do the work so that we kept that job, and gaining other jobs."

"Over the course of the next year, they realized we were always together," I grinned. "Imagine being in the backseat of your dad's mini-van, with your boyfriend, and facing two fathers who wondered what was going on. We were either drug addicts or messing around." Alex and Ronnie began giggling. I chuckled, "We had to tell them, messing around and experiments were long gone, we were in love."

Rich smiled, "Think about our showers. Alex and I were as intimate as two guys could get without having orgasms, and the same goes for Neil and Ronnie. Why didn't we take it to orgasms?"

Alex giggled, "We didn't need to or want to, we've already got partners."

I smiled, "That's not a small accomplishment, bros. Ronnie never warned me to stop washing his bone, and I never had to warn him." Focusing a little more on Ronnie than Alex, I shared, "I was thinking while washing your dick, and I know you had to be thinking similar ideas. Like, why am I doing this for someone other than my life long partner? Everything was adequately cleaned, but we continued anyway, showing that we're all fascinated with dicks, that we wanted to make it feel just good enough to solidify other emotions."

"Same here," Rich and Alex simultaneously said.

Ronnie asked me, "Did Rich tell you the plan that he and Alex dreamed up?"

"Of course, bro," I smiled. "I can fully relate to their need to make their sexual preference and their love for us visible." I paused and then softly said, "I could go there, with you and Alex seeing, and hearing every whispered word. Could you?"

Glancing at each of the three of us, Ronnie shrugged, "Now that I know the reason, I think I could, but there's a chance I might not be able to."

Scowling, Rich wondered, "What's the problem?"

"I don't know," Ronnie smirked. "It's not just one problem, it's several." He sighed then softly admitted, "We're younger, and can't last as long. It's just a huge maybe."

I warmly confirmed, "Understood, and its cool you can admit it. You just need to feel a little more comfortable."

Rich went to turn the television on. I went to turn off the two table lamps that were on. While Rich channel surfed, I got the knit blanket, folding it to make a pillow wide enough for two, and then lay down, face up, on the comforter the four of us had been standing around like an island in a sea of carpet. Noticing Alex and Ronnie widely smiling at me, Rich and each other, I patted the spot beside me, chuckling, "There's a place here for somebody."

Giggling, Alex prodded Ronnie, "Go ahead, he's your best friend."

"No," Ronnie giggled, "you get to be beside him. We already shared in the shower and in the kitchen."

Sputtering, Rich barely held in a belly laugh. To shorten the argument, I chuckled, "Your limp dicks are getting chubby while you're debating." Starting to laugh, they continued bantering back and forth.

Unable to hold back, Rich cracked up. A moment later, he settled on a channel, giggling, "The end of Frosty The Snowman, followed by Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and then Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." He put the remote control down on the carpet, near me, where my world would soon be. Going to Alex and Ronnie, Rich took one hand from each of them, teasing, "The first to land a kiss on my mouth gets down on the floor beside Neil." I cracked up, and laughed louder at the smirks shot my way from our two friends. Almost at once, they faced Rich and leaned over to give kisses. I howled laughing. Releasing Ronnie, Rich told him, "You win, get down there."

"Alex cheated!" Ronnie laughed, "He purposefully went for a cheek instead of lips," and dropped to his knees on the comforter. We all cracked up. Leaning forward, resting on his arms, Ronnie giggled, "Hey, bro," and then leaned down to give me a tender kiss.

While Ronnie was kissing me, Rich giggled, "You'd better goose that fine butt before I do." Loudly laughing, Alex grabbed Ronnie's ass.

Ronnie lurched, then looked back over his shoulder, giggling, "Who's finger came so close to my target?"

Moving around to my side of the blanket, Rich pointed at Alex, who waved at his boyfriend. My world wasted no time. The moment he was down on one knee he started caressing my right thigh.

Ronnie flipped onto his back and Alex took his spot, cuddled beside his lover. He gave Ronnie a deep, lingering kiss, causing both of them to moan. He then took a moment, glanced around the room, lit only by the Christmas tree, the television and the fire, widely smiling, "Now this is romantic. After a less than happy week, I'm now officially in the holiday spirit."

"Yeah," Ronnie chortled, "I can feel your tree against my hip."

"I'm with three of the most awesome dudes on the planet," Alex warmly shared. Seeing Rich at my side, already massaging my torso, Alex duplicated the process on Ronnie, who immediately digressed into a giggling fit, visibly bouncing and shaking.

With wide eyes, Rich sniggered, "Try to relax and enjoy it, Ronnie."

"I'm enjoying it, to the max!" Ronnie cheered.

Alex giggled, "He knows I won't go any further until he quiets down. But there's a trick to it." He then flicked a finger over one of Ronnie's nipples, instigating loud laughter. After giving one nipple many moments of attention, Alex slid his hand over to the other nip. Softly sniggering at them, Rich and I concentrated on each other; he was repeatedly licking my throat while my hands roamed and caressed every part of him I could reach. Alex went back to the first nipple and back across to the other. During an entire commercial break on TV, Ronnie seemed to laugh himself to exhaustion, and then started to settle down. Leaning down within kissing range, Alex whispered, "You're so incredibly handsome," and then began placing tender kisses around my best friend's jaw, cheeks and lips, all the while running his fingers through Ronnie's hair.

Sliding on top of me, Rich grinned at Alex, "If second showers are necessary tonight, you shower with Neil and I'll get Ronnie clean, just to hear him laughing."

I told Rich, "There's no 'ifs', lover. Even if the showers aren't required, we should do that while we have the chance this weekend."

Rich queried, "Ya think?"

I nodded, "Let's make it all even before saying goodbye tomorrow."

"I like the sound of that," Ronnie shared. Alex evilly grinned down, causing Ronnie to giggle, "What? You want me to list reasons why we should be even, or why I want to shower with Rich?"

"The latter," Alex giggled. "I know, but you need to say it."

Now that he had our undivided attention, Ronnie blushed, locked eyes on Rich, and cackled, "Starting with a handsome face, that I only saw turn into a murderous expression once, at the mall. Then there's super wide shoulders, a tight, hunky chest, a sweet six pack, and the backside sure isn't lacking muscles, including a tight butt. Finally, you've got a thick, cut dick. It's awesome, limp and erect."

"Seriously?" Rich giggled.

The three of us uncut guys nodded, and I couldn't help sniggering at my lover's surprised expression. Ronnie giggled, "To me, cut guys have the most attractive dicks. The business end is always exposed. The problem I've experienced is the handsome dicks are rarely attached to someone nice enough to consider a friend, never mind coming close to being a best friend."

Slightly blushing, Rich excitedly mooed, and then giggled, "That was a Neil Powell romantic statement, if I ever heard one!" He smirked at me, as if I had anything to do with what Ronnie said.

I laughed, "I can't take the credit or the blame."

With a playful sparkle in his eyes, Rich softly grumbled, "Damn hot fires, hot guys, hot Christmas celebrations." Alex and Ronnie howled laughing. Pulling my world down and holding him firmly in place, I ground my hips up and gave him my most passionate kiss.

Many quiet minutes passed. Two couples made out on the blanket. Frosty The Snowman ended and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer started. Rich mouthed and nibbled his way down my torso to my hard-on. He locked eyes with me, to be sure he could take me without worry. I responded by running my fingers through his hair. Beginning carefully, like we were new to oral sex, Rich licked the length a couple of times. In my dazed stupor, completely thrilled that my world was going down on me, I noticed Ronnie grinning, and Alex weaseling his way down. Ronnie's eyes rolled back in their sockets, causing me to smile.

Minutes later, after a couple of false alarms, I playfully warned, "If I don't get some dick to suck in 60 seconds, none of us are sleeping tonight."

Ronnie's head snapped toward me and he roared laughing. He soon giggled, "Yeah!" Alex and Rich sputtered, spit our dicks out and cracked up. Patting his chest with both hands, Ronnie instructed, "Park it here, Alex."

"Excellent idea!" I cheered, and gestured with my index finger for Rich to come feed me. My world licked a trail up my torso to my neck and landed his deepest kiss.

Before moving into position, Rich whispered in my ear, "Do you really need to do this?"

I whispered in Rich's ear, "I want to. Both of 'em know where we stand. It's my turn now." He landed a tender kiss that I readily returned, and then he knelt over my chest. Beside us, Alex was teasing Ronnie, allowing only the briefest time in Ronnie's mouth before twisting and pulling out of his mouth again. They were giggling, obviously enjoying their game. Similarly, I opened wide for Rich, but only reached my tongue out to lick just the tip. My world was leaking precum, that I wanted desperately, but like any excellent snack, just took a little at a time. Suddenly, Alex gasped, and Rich evilly snickered. I spared a glance away from my snack. Ronnie had tugged Alex closer and was sucking a testicle. Since Rich wasn't paying attention to me, I took all I could of his rod at once, getting my nose tickled by his bush, and making him gasp. Taking hold of his hips, I guided him back and then forward again, letting him know he could fuck my mouth. For about five minutes, Ronnie and I returned our lover's favors.

Pulling back from me and making me frown, Rich stole a kiss and then swung around, carefully placing his knees beside my head, so we could continue in a sixty-nine. Ronnie whimpered, Alex softly giggled, "Just a sec." I could see just enough around Rich to tell that Alex was moving into the sixty-nine position. For at least another five minutes, we continued like that, only hearing slurping, moaning and an occasional giggle. I began pushing on Rich's ass, moving him lower. Beginning to raise my legs, I signaled that I wanted his ass and to give him mine. Without hesitation, my world got the hint. He locked my legs behind his arms and we started rimming each other. Alex groaned, "Oh my God. Ronnie, look."

Hearing an audible gasp, and then an uncertain hum, Ronnie asked, "Neil, is it really… ya know, okay, it's not gross?"

Not bothering to look his way because Rich's leg was in the way, I grinned, "Right after a shower is the best time, bro. Work your way from Alex's cheeks and into his crack, getting closer to his target. You'll soon learn it's not gross at all, and it feels so fuckin' great too." From between my cheeks, we all heard Rich's muffled giggles. To warn my lover, and to instruct our friends, I sniggered, "Gentle nibbles and scraping your teeth over his cheeks works really well."

Before I took a bite of his butt, Rich loudly cackled, "Neil!" I made my warning reality and Rich gasped then cracked up. Evilly snickering, I returned to Rich's butt hole.

For more than a few seconds, I'm sure our friends were thinking about it, but then they took note of our position and softly instructed each other to move into place. A minute or two later, Ronnie gasped, and then a few seconds later, Alex whimpered. After that, we heard nothing except a quartet of pleasant moans and giggles.

The really bizarre thing about rimming is it gets you so hot, you honestly can't decide whether you'll want bottom or top. Your dick is so hard, you could fuck a cinderblock wall and reduce it to a pile of sand. Alternatively, being bottom would be so good too. You could be the cinderblock wall and can't wait to turn into a pile of sand. After a few minutes of rimming, I'm sure all four of us were in that very state; it was apparent from the sounds we were making.

Unexpectedly, Alex began whimpering like crazy, and then he grunted. Pausing and pushing up, Rich checked, "Alex?"

"I couldn't help it," he wearily giggled. "Ronnie trapped my bone between his hand and his chest. Every tiny movement I made… his tongue felt like his dickhead, just before penetration, so smooth and soft… oh my God, that was fantastic!" Rich and I cracked up. Alex's giggling turned into laughter.

Catching me grinning his way, Ronnie sniggered, "I'm adding dressing to my salad. Tasty!"

I howled laughing. Rich giggled, "Jizz and pube salad, bro?"

Ronnie cheered, "You know it!"

Alex giggled, "As soon as your finished, I'm on your sausage to finish you off." Shifting our position slightly, Rich and I doubled our efforts.

"You shot all the way to my sausage," Ronnie giggled. "It's covered in your dressing too."

"You were wonderful," Alex peacefully sighed.

While Rich and I were bobbing away, we felt Alex shifting around. Ronnie moaned, "Alex? Please?"

"It's my turn," Alex softly insisted. A moment later, both our friends groaned. Alex purred, "I'm all yours, Ronnie, forever and ever. And you were right, you feel much, much better in me without the rubber."

That got Rich's and my attention, so we paused to look over. Clearly in ecstasy, Alex was riding Ronnie's bone. Looking down and under, between his legs, Rich locked eyes with mine. In the moments we were deciding whether or not to go for intercourse, Alex leaned down and deeply kissed his lover. Ronnie took over, pumping up into Alex. Both were so into each other, they never even glanced our way.

Locking eyes, Rich and I silently shared our thoughts. He was clearly willing, and I was naturally able, but intercourse was beyond what had previously been discussed. The room was dimly lit, by only the stove, TV and Christmas tree. It couldn't have been cooler, but I shook my head at Rich. Hurrying to his feet, my lover offered me his hand. Taking his hand and standing up, we hurried to Rich's bedroom. Neither of us closed the door.

Remaining in front of me, Rich led the way to his bed. Bending over and propping himself on his left arm, Rich reached back for my bone, pointing it at his wet hole. He rode me, as I had done for him earlier. In moments, Rich was whimpering out of control, telling me how good he felt, that he would always love me and that I was his universe. I barely had to do any work at all, just caress his back, and for the first times, I called him my husband. I think that's what Rich really wanted to hear, because only a few moments later, he told me he wanted to face me. Once we were disengaged, he turned and kissed me deeply, rubbing my back and my left arm. Pulling back, he softly giggled, "I hope you're as close as I am. If you call me your husband again, this party will be over pretty quick."

"You are my husband, and I'm yours," I grinned, and practically had to bite my own tongue off before saying anything more that would give away clues or intentions.

Backing up and leading me with him, Rich sat on the edge of his bed. He pulled his legs up and wrapped them around my waist. His right hand guided me back into him and we both smiled. With some adjustments for my long legs, I was soon hovering over him, whispering, "I'm all yours, Mister Richard Hamilton."

He moaned, "Oh yeah, well I'm all yours, Mister Neil Powell."

Beginning to pump into him, the strangest thing happened; I saw my lover flash expressions that made it seem like we were kids again, enjoying our kid games, but in a more mature way. We didn't last very much longer after that, because I started softly calling him my husband, and he called me his husband. Soon, our voices got louder. With a tight fist, Rich held his cock like he was straining to hold back his love. He was putting equal pressure on my rod so that I couldn't hold back and slammed into him with all I had. He cooed and giggled, and started stroking his meat. Regaining my senses, I dove for his rod and kept his legs up, pressing against my chest. He continued stroking off while I sucked madly, getting my face smashed with every upstroke, wanting my reward. Reaching for his hole, I wiggled just the fingertips around the edge. He gasped then shouted, "YES, NEIL!" and gave me all he had, bucking and squirming around in ecstasy. When I was sure he was done, I repeatedly kissed his pretty cock-head, making sure I pressed soft puckered lips against his sensitive organ. Giggling his ass off, he wiped his dick against my lips and then pulled it away. Evilly sniggering, I kept teasing his hole and chased after his tool, pressing my lips against the head again.

Out in the living room, we could hear Alex and Ronnie giggling every bit as much as we were, and reminding us how we wound up making love again. We were still playing though, and enjoying it. Rich giggled, "You really want me to be your husband?"

"You are, and I'm yours," I chuckled, and then dove for his dick again.

"I'm serious."

Pausing our game, I grinned, "So am I."

He sighed and let go of his dick, prompting, "Com'ere and kiss me?" Starting at his chubby, I kissed my way up his torso to his lips. With both hands, Rich caressed my neck and encircled my ears. We held the kiss a long minute. He smiled, "Your mine."

Rapidly nodding, I enthusiastically cheered, "And your mine."

He giggled, "And we have guests."

Before getting up off him, I smiled, "Who need to clean up as much as we do."

He sniggered, "They made that obvious."

Pushing up off him, I cheekily grinned, "We made our desires very well known too," and then offered him a hand up. Taking my hand, Rich bounded off the bed and against me, wrapping me up tight. Beaming and wrapping my arms around him, I whispered, "I love you, ya know?"

Squeezing me tighter, he giggled, "Every time you tell me that, I tingle all over."

"Labor pains?" I teased, and tried to break away, but failed. Instead, I got my teeth and tonsils examined.

Still embracing and kissing, Rich led us out of his bedroom and toward the living room. Rich looked down at our two friends. Their positions had changed; Alex was on his back and Ronnie was cuddled up to him.

Seeing us and flushing red, Alex laughed, "I'm so embarrassed!"

Ronnie cackled, "Thank Christ the camera wasn't nearby!" Helplessly, I cracked up.

Rich giggled, "There's no reason to be embarrassed. The comforter needs to go into my room, and be brought to the dry cleaners tomorrow."

"When it's clean, can I have it as a memento?" Alex laughed.

I sniggered, "This memory won't ever fade. Worrying about photos seems even more pointless now." Locking eyes with Ronnie, I grinned, "Bed time, we're bottoms?"

"Hell yeah!" Ronnie cheered.

Brightly beaming, Alex checked with Ronnie, "After three times, you feel good enough to go for four?"

"My butt is fine," Ronnie assured. "I'm in love with you. If we're gonna have intercourse again today, I'll want you. Hell, I wanted it this time!"

Rich wondered, "That's why you asked, please?"

Nodding, Ronnie widely beamed at Alex, "A glutton can never get too much of a good thing."

Alex gazed up at Ronnie while Rich and I provocatively mooed. Alex pulled Ronnie down and wrapped him up tight. They both loudly sighed. Ronnie began caressing and gently dragging his fingers around Alex's jaw and ears. Alex's hand roamed freely around Ronnie's back. I noticed Rich's smile and glassy eyes, even in the dim light. We must've glowed, now knowing our friends weren't only trying to imitate us, but that they had their own very serious partnership. It was only a matter of time before they made commitments like I had with Rich.

We started dancing again, just a slow sway, hip-to-hip, and I held eye contact with Rich, proving he was my mate and more interesting to me than our friends bonding on the floor. He giggled and we swayed into the kitchen. We had no particular destination or purpose, just to be alone and allow our friends to have time alone. Rich led the way to the little Bose radio and CD player mounted under the cabinet. He flipped on the CD player. His parents favorite Christmas CD, Nat King Cole's 'The Christmas Song' was already in there and began playing, giving us music to sway to.

At first, we were gazing into each others' eyes, and then Rich began playing Eskimo, rubbing our noses together. He softly reminded, "When we were kids, we groaned whenever this CD played."

"At that age, slow dancing was a concept way out of our reach."

"I hear music differently now. My lover made that happen; he went from a wanna-be guitar player, to a pretty damn good musician the last couple o' years."

Squeezing him tight, I chortled, "Mr. Hamilton, are you trying to get me randy again?"

Rich giggled, "No, just saying what's on my mind. You could sing this easily."

"My voice isn't that deep, or is it?"

"It's not that deep, but well within your ability. Which reminds me, you haven't played at all today. Its time, Mr. Powell."


"Before my parents get home."

"I promise."

Entering the room, Alex and Ronnie held hands. They came directly to us. Ronnie took my hand off Rich's back and put Alex's hand in mine. He grinned, "Shower time for you two. I'll slow dance with Rich." Rich cracked up.

Sadly shaking my head, I stepped back from Rich, wondering, "Did you two plan the showers too?"

"Only the photos," Alex cheekily grinned.

"And that was more a hope than a plan," Ronnie interjected. He then held his arms out toward Rich, saying, "We had no idea that this would be a weekend stay. If the opportunity presented itself though… and it did, and so much more, none of which could've happened in an afternoon."

Blinking and smirking, Rich noticed I wasn't in any big hurry, and wondered, "What's wrong, Neil?"

Glancing at each of them in turn, I shrugged and sighed, "Don't misunderstand, but I'm in no major rush to get wet, shiver when I'm done, and then very likely wind up back on the living room floor." Focusing on Alex, I grinned, "You're a sweetheart and everything's very cool as it is. Would you mind waiting, at least until about ten o'clock, when we're sure we're done with our partners, and before Rich's folks get home?"

Dropping his arms, Ronnie chuckled, "That's cool, bro." He slithered behind Alex and wrapped his arms around his lover's waist.

"I just had a disturbing thought," Rich scowled, and hurried out of the kitchen, adding, "How many clean bath towels are left in the bathroom?"

While I was alone with Alex and Ronnie, I locked eyes with Alex, smiling, "I know it's gonna take two hands to wash your whopper," and landed a tender kiss on Alex's cheek, while Ronnie evilly snickered.

Alex giggled, "Thanks for the kiss, bro. I was ready to spank your butt for that whopper remark."

From way down the hall, we heard Rich laughing, "Six towels in the hamper and only three in the linen closet! Laundry time!" With armloads of dirty towels, Rich raced into the room and dropped the towels on the kitchen table, giggling, "The garage is gonna be so cold, and it's almost nine o'clock. Fuck! This is gonna be close!" Alex and Ronnie cracked up. Smirking, Rich wondered, "What's so funny?"

Ronnie giggled, "Just your awesome bouncing butt!"

Slouching, Rich giggled, "For that remark, you get to help me in the garage!" and grabbed Ronnie's hand. Alex and I howled laughing.

Resisting the tugs away from Alex, Ronnie whined, "But our units…"

"Will shrivel, but there are two blankets and two boyfriends to warm our units and then some," Rich finished.

Trying to release Ronnie's grip around him while Rich tugged, Alex became hysterical.

"Alex!" Ronnie incredulously hollered.

Practically in tears watching this madness, I giggled the warning, "My lover fights dirty." No sooner said than done, Rich started tickling Ronnie's ribs and pits. Ronnie roared laughing and withered where he stood. Released at last, Alex hurried to hide behind me, holding my hips and leaning to our left side to see his partner.

Seeing Ronnie crumbling toward the floor, Rich sniggered, "Oh, no you don't. Going into turnip status on the floor won't save your sexy ass this time." Bending in half, Rich got most of Ronnie's torso over a shoulder and lifted him off the floor. Alex and I bellowed laughing while watching Rich carry Ronnie to the table, and then start flipping dirty and damp towels over on top of him. "Stop squirming," Rich giggled, "you'll fall on your head." Settling down, Ronnie evilly gleamed in the direction of Alex and I, and then started rubbing my lover's awesome butt cheeks. Rich mooed through giggles, and playfully warned, "When I get you in the shower, you'd better cover your ass!"

Watching Rich march to the garage with Ronnie and a pile of towels on a shoulder, I sadly shook my head. Behind me, Alex was wheezing to catch his breath. I turned to him and sniggered, "First, beware their return. As cold as they'll be, they won't just cuddle close, they'll try to crawl into our skin."

Rapidly nodding, Alex slammed against me and held on tight. He giggled, "You two guys are awesome. This day has been a long series of the very best memories."

"We're pretty awesome together, all four of us," I smiled, and wrapped my arms around him. I started waddling backwards with Alex attached, instigating another giggling fit. "We've gotta get the blankets," I reminded.

Once in the living room, we separated to pick up the blankets. Alex softly asked, "You're asking Rich to marry you tomorrow?"

"Guilty," I grinned.

"Your gonna do that while me and Ronnie are here to see?"

I nodded, "That's the plan."

"Ronnie's gonna be your best man?"

I sniggered, "Is there anything Ronnie didn't tell you?"

"Do you think Rich will ask me?"

"No," I grinned, "I know he'll ask you. There really is no one else he might ask."

"We've only known each other eleven months."

"So what?" I smiled. "Every time we've been together has been the best it ever could be. Every email with my addy on it had Rich's input, and I had input on his emails to you two. None of the four of us have ever lied. And let's not forgot how we got to wanting another set of showers. Rich saw you going for intercourse with Ronnie, so Rich and I went for it too. Could you do that with anyone else you know?"

"Hell no," Alex blushed and grinned.

"Think beyond the physical and sexual part for a moment. Do you realize what you did?"

After thinking about it, Alex shrugged, "I guess not. I can't think of anything specific."

I smiled, "You taught your lover that although he may love being bottom for you, that you still need to be bottom for him. I heard Ronnie say he wanted to spend until New Year's on bottom."

Alex giggled, "He was bottom three times tonight, Neil. His butt's gotta be sore, and I would like him to want to be bottom again."

I nodded, "It took me a while to get used to Rich's girth and want it too. You bathed Rich, and he bathed you. Judging by what I can see, the difference between the two of you is you hang long, but the circumference is probably no more than an eighth of an inch difference. Now that Ronnie likes it, he wants to be sure he always does. You're letting that happen, and at the same time proving that you still need him too."

"I do need him," Alex smiled. "Cuddling with him this past week was fantastic. He kissed my tears away, each time a drop fell, he was right there. He even did it once in front of his parents."

"That's what life-long partners do, bro. You'll have the chance to do that for him someday. Think of your life time, with Ronnie. The years you've known each other will start to shrink, as three years becomes ten, twenty and so on. That's what I'm thinking of with Rich; decades of experiences shared with him."

"I never want him to feel that kind of hurt."

"Which is why you'll share his pain, doing the best you can to make it go away."

Laughing their asses off, telling one another to 'move it' in various colorful ways, Ronnie and Rich hurried back inside. I grinned and wrapped the comforter around my back. Moving beside me, Alex giggled and wrapped the knit blanket around his back. Rich and Ronnie rushed into the living room. In the brief seconds before they made it to us, I noticed Rich's poor unit and sack were shriveled beyond recognition. Ronnie's unit was turtled to a point and his sack was pulled close to his body. Shivering terribly, Rich wrapped his cold arms around me and I wrapped him up in the comforter and turned us around, so he was a little closer to the stove.

Wrapping his partner up, Alex gasped, "Oh my God, your lips are blue, Ronnie!"

Ronnie softly shivered, "Fuckin' cold, so fucking cold."

I told Alex, "Turn to let Ronnie be closer to the stove, bro. Our lovers faced the elements, so we can have clean towels tonight and tomorrow morning. We'll return the favor, moving everything from the washing machine and into the dryer."

Sounding as serious as he was that morning, Alex moaned, "Yeah, we'll take care of that, and get them toasty warm again too." He instructed, "Come on, sweetness, closer to the fire."

Trying to waddle, Ronnie softly bitched, "My legs are shivering too. I try to move a little and the muscles freak out, doin' what they need." Once they were nearer, Alex raised the blanket, covering their heads. Quivering and shivering, Ronnie giggled and tried to provocatively moo, sounding very much like a dying cow. Helplessly sniggering, Rich and I moved right beside them, about three feet away from the Franklin stove.

We stood there cuddling about five minutes, long enough for Rich and Ronnie to stop shivering. I called, "Alex, you're with me, in the kitchen. We're making hot cocoa again."

"Good idea!" Alex cheered. He then softly checked with Ronnie, "Your better?"

Ronnie answered, "Much better. When you get back, help me find and stretch my unit?"

Alex giggled, stole a kiss and then stepped back from under the blanket. I gave my world a deep kiss, purposefully waiting for him to moan and then giggle before leaving him with the comforter. Alex reached for my hand and I took it, leading the way into the kitchen. As soon as we were alone, Alex whispered, "I've known Ronnie three years. In three winters, I've never seen his lips blue."

"It's our job to make sure they don't catch cold," I simply said. Taking the kettle off the stove and over to the sink, I filled it, telling Alex, "In the pantry to my right, in the far left side door, on the bottom shelf, look for brandy or cognac."

At first, Alex appeared stunned, and then he widely grinned, giggling, "You're gonna get them drunk?"

I chuckled, "No, bro, just enough to warm them up, not enough to get them shit-faced. A shot glass is an ounce and a half. I'll put about two-thirds of a shot in each mug." Once the kettle was back on the stove, I turned to check on Alex. Seeing him bent over, I had to stop myself from goosing his ass, but evilly snickered, "Wow, nice butt, bro."

Squatting, Alex looked back at me, giggling, "You don't make a big deal about my dick, but quickly comment on my ass. I see how you are; definitely a gay top boy."

"Becoming more versatile with every passing day," I proudly smiled.

Returning his attention to the pantry, Alex confirmed, "That's pretty cool, I guess." He stood with a bottle of blackberry brandy, saying, "I really enjoy bottom more. Now that Ronnie is so into it too, I guess I'm a little confused."

Gesturing with an index finger for him to come closer, so we wouldn't be over heard, I whispered, "Do you really think I'm faking it; more importantly, do you think Ronnie is?"

Shaking his head, Alex grinned, "No, Ronnie didn't fake anything. He would have to be an Oscar winning actor."

"The first time Rich and I were alone, we were standing, and I rode him for about ten minutes. Then we moved to the bed, with my ass in the air and my knees on my shoulders. From then on, Rich did most of the work."

"Of all the great things Ronnie has said and done in a year-and-a-half together, he matched that just these last five days. I need him now, more than ever."

"He needs you too, Alex."

"Shouldn't I be more submissive, living in his house and all?"

"No," I grinned, "you need to be what the two of you decide, always, Alex." Moving to get mugs, a shot glass and the hot cocoa mix, I continued, "I'm sure Ronnie isn't thinking that he has to be top ninety-plus percent of the time, just because you live with him. He wants you to understand its not gonna be that way, long term. It just so happens that the magic day for Ronnie was today and here. When you get back home, you two make the choices every time you have sex. Maybe days will go by where I'm always top, but then I'm bottom for a while. It might go the same way with you two guys. That's the really tricky part of being in a gay relationship; coming to terms with top versus bottom, and aggressive versus submissive. It changes all the time. Just a few minutes ago, when Ronnie wanted you to find and stretch his dick, who kissed who?"

"I kissed him."

I teased, "Kind o' aggressive for a bottom." He giggled and nodded. I asked, "Are you getting the picture?"

Alex nodded and wondered, "How long does it take to understand and deal?"

I shrugged, "Got me by the balls." Alex giggled, and I grinned, "Right now, we're in a good place. Will it change someday? Probably so, since everything changes. I'll want to work it out to stay with him. That's always the goal though, to keep what's good and modify what needs to be changed. Only the couple can work that out." The kettle started whistling. I moved it over to a cool burner, and turned off the hot burner.

While I spooned hot cocoa mix into the mugs, Alex sighed, "I'm scared, Neil. We're thrown into this situation, ready or not. What if we're not ready?"

I smiled, "I wasn't ready for Rich to tell me he was gay and falling in love with me. When you really care about someone, I think it becomes instinct to do what needs to be done." I poured the hot water into the mugs, adding, "In your case, you've got two adults, his parents, willing to care for you, and you've got Ronnie, who would do anything necessary to keep you as his long term partner. Self preservation is instinct, but a little thought goes a long way. Become part of the household, Alex. Ask to help around the house. Is there laundry to be done? Does the trash need to be taken out? Can you take the dishes out of the dishwasher and put them away? Since we don't want our moms doing it, Rich and I wash our own bedsheets. Moving from house to house like we do, we do a lot of our own laundry, which means moving other stuff out of the washer and dryer. Do stuff like that, so you're not just a tenant, prove that you're their son's partner." I started adding brandy to each mug.

Alex giggled, "You really are a big brother, ya know that?"

Nodding, I chuckled, "Danny's in second grade now, the same age I was when I met Rich. Look at me, in the Hamilton's kitchen, and I know where everything is now. The only room in this house that I'm not familiar with is the master bedroom." I got two spoons and used both hands to stir our hot cocoa.

Moving close to me, Alex asked, "What can I do?"

"Call our partners into the kitchen, and help me get the mugs on the table, bro."

He carefully hugged me, brightly beaming, "Thanks, Neil. I'm gonna do what you said, as soon as we get back home."

"Any time, bro," I chuckled.

He hurried to the doorway between the two rooms, calling, "Ronnie, Rich, if your units are un-shriveled enough, come and get it." Returning to my side, Alex took two mugs to the table. I followed and placed the other two mugs down. Alex softly giggled, "They were sitting on the floor, side-by-side, in front of the stove." We watched Rich and Ronnie slowly enter the room, with blankets still wrapped around them. Alex and I cracked up. Rich and Ronnie had pushed all they had hanging far between their legs, so they looked like girls.

Trying to sound feminine, Rich squeaked, "Our frozen units fell off."

Ronnie added, "Since their useless, we tossed 'em in the fire."

"But I don't want barbecued sausage!" Alex hysterically cackled.

Badly, I wanted to shout at Rich, "You show me your dick, or the marriage is off!" Since I couldn't say that, I devised a better plan. Going to my world, I pulled the comforter over our heads then dove for his neck and attached my mouth, sucking with the intention of leaving a big hickey. Yeah, he would bitch, complain and whine, but by the time we got back to school, we'd be wearing wedding bands and the hickey would be history. More importantly, he'd get major wood that couldn't possibly stay hidden very long.

I could hear Alex and Ronnie giggling, and wondered what they were doing. Rich giggled, "Now that it looks like I've got a snatch, you're aroused?" I grunted negatively and kept sucking. He squeezed my cheeks, giggling, "It's awesome, but don't leave a mark. Neil? Please don't leave a mark, not for Christmas pictures." I started sniggering, but kept on sucking. Withering in my arms, he cackled, "Ooo! You rat bastard! We're both gonna have love bites for the holidays!" and weaseled into my neck, beginning his own mission. Alex and Ronnie howled laughing.

A few moments later, Ronnie coughed, "What the fuck? What's in this cocoa?"

"Brandy," Alex giggled. "Neil was on a unit warming mission. He can't have his partner and his best friend with teeny wienies."

Ronnie sputtered, "Neil's still on a unit warming mission, apparently."

Loving what Rich was doing to me, and since he obviously had something between his legs after all, I took a break to assure our friends, "It's working miracles."

Rich evilly snickered, but continued sucking on my neck. His left hand reached for my chest and slowly traveled down my torso. He finger combed my pubes and wrapped his hand around my bone, giving it a firm squeeze. Whimpering, I returned the favor, feeling him up and squeezing his rod. He broke away from my neck only to place a series of tender kisses around my lips. I returned his kisses and lowered my hand to gently caress his jewels. He reached down to my sack, whispering, "I love you, Neil."

I whispered in his ear, "Thank you, for nine years of the best of everything. This is only the beginning." Moving my mouth away from Rich's ear, I called, "Ronnie?"

"Yeah, bro?"

"Get the camera, please? I want this memory captured. Make sure to get four legs stickin' out from the blanket." Raising both arms to Rich's back, I held my love close and tight.

Rich added, "Make it two pics, Ronnie; one like we are and another with our faces smashed together."

We heard a chair moving. Alex giggled, "I'll get it."

We heard a kiss, Alex scampering out of the room, and then Ronnie softly chortling, "Oh my God, how the hell did I capture his interest?"

Still hugging my lover, I answered, "Never question a good thing, bro."

"An awesome, hunky bod for that sweet personality," Ronnie sighed. "He's really my dream, a fantasy come to life."

"Do what I did, count your blessings and pray it lasts forever," Rich added.

Returning to the kitchen, Alex giggled, "What's so totally cool about this, is it started as a game. I don't know what you two have been doing under there, but it's much more than a game now, huh?" He then took hold of my shoulder, softly instructing, "To get your legs, you need to move further back, bros." Rich and I shuffled two paces closer to the pantry doors, then Alex said, "That should be good." A moment later, down below the comforter, we saw the flash.

At once, Rich and I started to re-adjust the blanket so our faces could be seen. Realizing we weren't working together, or accomplishing a damned thing, we started evilly snickering. Alex and Ronnie cracked up. Rich cackled, "Mine, or I'll show you my snatch again!" Giving up, I released the comforter and took hold of Rich instead. Under the comforter and in the dark, I missed his lips and got a mouthful of nose, causing Rich to crack up.

Once our faces were visible, and our friends saw me swallowing Rich's nose, they howled laughing. Raising the camera, Alex reminded, "After this, we get the teen version of you two, like at Neil's tenth birthday." He then giggled, "Do we get two pics of nose kisses or what, bros?" Moving our faces slightly, Rich and I kissed deeply. Alex snapped a photo. Displaying the camera, Alex smiled, "One more time, the ten-year-olds are now near seventeen. Can you make it just like the younger version?"

Leading Rich to the table, I grinned, "It would have to be at my house to be very similar, but we can manage."

Rich smirked, "I barely recall the photo, Neil."

"I sit on a chair. You wrap your right arm over my right shoulder, and the left arm down around my chest, and then clasp your hands together. I look back at you, and you make your possessive grin at the camera." I told Alex, "Get the shot from Rich's arm around my chest. Try to hide the fact that we're nudists." Ronnie began evilly snickering.

Leading the way to the chair across from Ronnie at the end of the table, I moved the chair so it was similarly positioned, like the original photo, and then sat down. In a few moments, Rich and I were in position. Alex giggled, "Rich, you need to move more behind Neil, or we're gonna have an X-rated version, with your chubby dick very visible. The hickeys will be very visible, no matter what."

"Push yer unit between your legs again, Rich," Ronnie softly sniggered.

Moving to the left, Rich grinned, "Only if it's required," and wrapped more of the comforter around himself, so it hung down and hid his goods from the camera. Once situated, Rich asked, "How's it look, Alex?"

Checking from the view finder, Alex shifted slightly, so he was at the opposite side of the table. He grinned, "Rated PG-13. I can tell you're shirtless, and have love bites, but nothin's pokin' out." Shifting slightly to cop a peek, I leered at my lover, and Rich smirked at my expression. Alex snapped the photo, giggling, "That's perfect! I'll need to see the original, older photo to know if I got it right, but this definitely shows that your much more than friends being silly."

Ronnie grinned, "Drink your lukewarm cocoa, before it gets any colder."

Rich moved to pull his cup closer to mine, and then wiggled his butt, comforter and all, onto my left thigh. We started to drink our cocoa. After a few quiet moments, Rich said, "We missed all of Rudolph, and Santa's just beginning. The washing machine should be done soon. Right after Santa ends, we'll get the showers taken, get dressed again, and be ready for my parents before eleven o'clock."

Ronnie nodded and smiled, "This has been the best day, at least as memorable as skinny dippin', and the trip to Point Pleasant." He checked with Alex, softly asking, "How're you feeling?"

Alex giggled, "Like everything's starting over again. I have a few goals to shoot for, that I know are very possible and within my grasp."

Ronnie prompted, "Such as?"

Alex shared what I had suggested while we were alone in the kitchen, and thankfully, he didn't directly say that any of it was my doing. He finished by telling Ronnie that they were going to be playing on a much more level field, now that they both enjoyed being bottoms and tops. Only during the remaining holiday week would Alex play top more than bottom. Once the New Year started, everything would be even, and he would have settled into new patterns in his new home, specifically calling Ronnie's folks his in-laws.

Since the dishwasher was still running, four cocoa mugs were placed in the sink and water was run into each mug. With the comforter wrapped around us, Alex and I went to the garage to move the towels into the dryer. It was colder than a witch's tit in the garage. The concrete garage floor kept both of us dancing and keeping our feet raised. Working one handed to keep the comforter wrapped around us, Alex and I got the towels moved, a fabric softener sheet tossed in and the dryer started, and then hurried back into the house and directly to the Franklin Stove to un-shrivel our bits.

Settling down on the living room floor, we watched the last half of 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'; rather, we listened to the program. There was a fair bit of making out, necking, kissing and giggling on both halves of the comforter, but although all four of us had full wood again, both couples decided to wait until after Santa, and after showers. Once bathed, and Rich's parents returned home, we would all be back in our sweats, chilling out until bedtime.

Alex softly giggled, "I still can barely believe I went for intercourse with Rich and Neil right beside us."

"Tell them what you told me," Ronnie prompted. Alex locked eyes with his partner. "Go ahead," Ronnie grinned, "there's no reason to keep it a secret."

Smiling widely, Alex shared, "It wouldn't have happened with anyone else. Ronnie had me hotter than ever, and I wanted to show my brothers that I was serious, that we're serious about keeping our relationship as perfect as ever. We've never tried rimming before. The fact that you did it, in front of us, encouraging us to give it a whirl, I have to ask, why you two left the room?"

Rich and I widely smiled. I started the answer by saying, "Rimming is just more foreplay to us now. Yeah, it's the culmination of the kissing, stroking and sucking that turns fire into an inferno, but it's just where we would go, about half the time we're making love."

"We were going to stay here and go for it," Rich admitted, and then quickly added, "There were more private things we needed to say to each other though. It's nothing either of you would've been shocked to hear, since you know what I'm getting Neil for Christmas, and what Neil is getting me for Christmas." He shrugged, "All four of us, seeing each other naked, limp and erect, and playing silly fondle games, and even showering with our best friends, its all special, and very cool, but my heart in words, that's for only Neil. Trying to say what my heart needs to say is really the most difficult thing in the world, for me. In front of you guys, my brothers, the two most special people besides Neil, I would've pushed the edit button."

Ronnie smiled, "Now I get it. I knew it couldn't have been something physical." Noticing me smiling at him, Ronnie cackled, "What? Rich doesn't know what you told me, and you don't know what Rich told Alex." Breaking into another giggling fit, Alex hid his face in the crook of Ronnie's neck. Holding his lover's head down, Ronnie sniggered, "We'll get to play middle men, both of us knowing the two of you, and your secrets, while you two only know half the story."

Alex hysterically cackled, "We're miles ahead of both of you, at least as far as secrets kept."

"We may not have been in the same room, but we heard both of you announcing you were losing it," Ronnie evilly sniggered.

Rich and I smirked at each other while our friends tried not to laugh at us. I suggested, "You get the evil blond, and I'll see if two hands can handle the other whopper?"

Our friends howled laughing, and probably never heard Rich answer, "Winning plan."

While 'Santa Clause Is Coming To Town' was finishing, I was ticking Alex to death and Rich was similarly abusing Ronnie. My only purpose in letting Alex get up off the floor was to get him far enough away from Rich and Ronnie to grab and pick his ass up, flinging him over my shoulder and marching to the bathroom. Alex roared hysterically. I didn't even close the bathroom door, but slid open the shower door and set Alex down in the tub, wickedly leering, "Now I get to pay attention to your bubble butt and your hefty dick, pretty boy." Grabbing his belly, Alex cracked up. Backing him up, I got in the shower and warned, "Your boyfriend taught me how to clean an ass, just the same way you taught him." Never slowing his laughter, Alex raised his eyebrows and provocatively mooed. After sliding the shower door closed, I advanced and reached around him to turn on the water. The insane pervert turned around and bent in half, rubbing his fine ass against my crotch, causing me to crack up. He turned on the shower and we got blasted with cold water.

Standing upright again, Alex madly giggled, "Obviously, Ronnie didn't show you how I like my ass cleaned." Recalling the vampire remark made earlier, I dove into the crook of his neck, tonguing and tickling. Alex howled, "Yes, master, anything you say, master!"

From outside the bathroom, Ronnie laughed, "Hey now! Remember how easily best friend privileges can be revoked, Neil?"

From much closer, Rich giggled, "Neil, are you being bad?"

Over Alex's loud laughter, I playfully replied, "Just tenderizing him a tiny bit." The next thing I heard was the shower door being slid open. Alex and I peered back over our shoulders to find Rich and Ronnie looking in, softly giggling and sadly shaking their heads. I wondered, "You two couldn't wait your turn? We're barely wet, never mind lathering, slathering or actually bathing."

Widely smiling, Rich sniggered, "We decided to test a theory; can four best friends bathe in a tiny tub without wasting time, water or towels?" Softly chortling, Rich explained, "Four butts, four dicks, eight arms and three towels; mathematically improbable, but definitely good times."

Turning to face me and our lurking boyfriends, Alex cracked up. I sniggered, "My love, you know I'd like you and Ronnie in here; since everything's been shared about our earlier showers, I'd like you to see me with Alex, and I'd like seeing you with Ronnie, but there's no way all four of us can squeeze in here and actually bathe." Ronnie began softly chortling. Seeing Rich with a wide smile and mischievous sparkles in his eyes, I helplessly laughed, "God forbid one of us should drop the soap…" Alex and Ronnie howled laughing, and I loudly continued, "somebody would bend over, making the other three bend over, and nothing acceptable could come of that, I'm sure!"

Rich joined our friends, loudly laughing, "We'll go into my room, turn on the radio and dance some more." Becoming more serious, but still smiling, Rich reminded, "I'm getting your guitar out too. Don't think I've forgotten, my talented universe. While I'm in the tub with Ronnie, I want to hear you playing and singing."

"Yes, dearest," I cheekily smiled.

Sadly shaking his head, Rich slid the shower door closed. Alex giggled, "How much of this day was planned for my benefit, Neil?"

"Very little," I grinned, "just to make sure you and Ronnie make it through the rougher times. You'll remember all this when you're feeling down?"

Brightly beaming, Alex assured, "Purposefully, every bit of it. Emails will still be flying too, so you and Rich can remind me and Ronnie, any time." He picked up the bar of soap and moved closer to start at my neck and shoulders. We held eye contact many moments, long enough for him to complete both sides and start working down to my chest. He giggled, "You've got some chest hairs sprouting. I wonder if Ronnie or I will get some, or if we'll get a lot."

"The only clue would be from your dads," I softly reminded, and raised my arms, putting my hands on top of my head, signaling that my pits would need another lathering. "I need to ask, did your parents hurt you physically, Alex?"

"No," he softly answered. "They could barely face me. They said their bits, told me to pack, and watched me walk out of the house, only adding that they were changing the locks."

"Every time you've shown any skin, I've been looking for marks and bruises, all day," I admitted.

Working the soap between his hands, Alex shyly looked at his hands, softly saying, "You and Rich are something very special, ya know? Rich said almost the same when we showered, and actually checked me over. From day one, you cared. Lately I see stuff in Ronnie that seems very much like you two guys."

I nodded, "It makes perfect sense, best friends emulating each other. Especially when we're together, we can't help but absorb stuff."

Beginning to wash my sides, Alex looked up into my eyes, saying, "It sure is confusing sometimes, when I hear him saying something that could've easily come from you or Rich."

Since he was nearing my belly and about to go lower, I softly called, "Alex?"


"I'm not Ronnie, and he isn't me," I gently reminded, and then grinned, "You can do whatever ya like with his dick anytime, but before you wash mine, kiss me. That'll remind you that I'm not Ronnie, but since I'm gay and like you a lot, I'm choosing to allow you to touch me, for a small price."

Alex giggled, "Almost exactly what Rich said before I washed his dick, wanting a kiss before being touched." He moved closer and reached up. I leaned down and locked lips with my best friend's partner. He started washing my dick and balls, using a very different two handed technique and getting all the way behind my sack before releasing our kiss and concentrating on my dick. Of course, it got harder and throbbed in his hands, and he giggled happily.

I grinned, "Three guys have washed my bone now, and each of you do it differently."

"I'm looking forward to you washing me," Alex giggled, and released my privates. He rinsed his hands behind his back, and then grabbed the soap, instructing, "Turn around?"

Doing so, I cheered, "More finger swipes and bumps across my hole, I can barely wait!"

Cracking up, Alex cackled, "You're definitely a versatile gay boy." He started at my shoulders and sighed, "Damn, you've got the shape, bro; wide shoulders, trim waist and a nice muscular butt."

From near the bathroom, we heard Rich and Ronnie, loudly singing, "BUMPS ON MY BUTT! I LOVE THEM BUMPS!" Alex and I cracked up.

Still washing my lower back, Alex loudly giggled, "Soon, you'll all get what you want, naughty gay boys!" I started bouncing my butt cheeks, making Alex roar, "NEIL! I'm gonna spank your bouncing butt, I swear." Outside the room and moving further away, we heard Rich and Ronnie evilly snickering.

Cheekily grinning over my shoulder, I playfully prompted, "Wash my butt hole, you well hung hunk."

Working the soap in his hands, Alex nodded and giggled, "I have no idea why everyone thinks my way is the better way. When I washed my own ass, this is how I did it. Of course, I do it the same way for Ronnie, and Rich, and now you too."

Facing the rear of the tub again, I asked, "Do you want my honest opinion to that?"

"Sure," Alex snorted.

"Could it be that you were becoming a bottom gay boy way before you sprouted your first pube?" I prompted.

Obviously thinking about it for a few seconds, Alex giggled, "You're prob'ly right. I've always liked other guys. The best looking ones caused me to zone out." He then went to work on my ass cheeks.

"You've been washing Ronnie's butt for a long while," I reminded. "Now your top boyfriend wants to be your bottom, no doubt from simply trying, and from daily finger bumps."

Working his fingers between my cheeks, he wondered, "How did you do it?"

"With my fingers spreading the cheeks, so really only the middle finger ever touched my hole, and the other four fingers got the sides near the hole. Tomorrow morning, when I shower with Rich again, I'm doing it your way." I waited until Alex finished washing my thighs and then turned to face him. I grinned, "The bottom boy's got a full rod from washing another dude's ass. You know exactly what you're doing to us, you devil." Alex cracked up and rapidly nodded. While he was laughing, I moved around him to rinse off, and on the way, stole a deep kiss. He dropped the bar of soap and held me tightly against him. With our kiss broken, I softly teased, "When I bend over to get the soap, you get exactly six forceful grinds, nowhere near my very clean hole, versatile bottom boy." Crumbling in my arms, Alex cracked up, but enthusiastically nodded.

The moment I bent over for the soap, he did exactly that, firmly holding my hips and sliding his long, thick bone between my cheeks. Surprisingly, Alex had equal force as Rich's grinds. Starting to bathe him, I told him that while soaping his neck, shoulders and arms. I instructed Alex to raise his arms. It was far less challenging washing Alex than Ronnie had been. Instead of insane giggling and laughing, Alex simply smiled. Before going for his crotch, and working up palms full of suds, I wondered, "Why are you smiling at me that way?"

Intensely blushing, Alex softly giggled, "I'm so gay, loving every touch given to me by my awesome lover, and both of my best buds. I sincerely love being touched by the three of you. As if the physical touches aren't enough, you and Rich gave me the most excellent ideas for when I return home. If I thanked you both a hundred times, it still wouldn't feel like enough." I put the bar of soap down, and then displayed my hands. Alex nodded and braced himself for the contact. Only moments into washing his bits, Alex moaned, "Oh my God, all three of you have magic hands," and he uncontrollable shivered then giggled at himself. I evilly sniggered and planted a kiss while washing his cock. Lowering his hands and holding my shoulders, Alex turned a tender kiss into a deep one. While caressing my neck, he ran fingers through my long hair. He played tongue games with me; differently than Rich and Ronnie, more aggressively than I expected from him.

The kiss broke and I searched his eyes, making him giggle. I grinned, "You aren't nearly as submissive as you think you are."

He softly shushed me, and then giggled, "I'll use it more often with Ronnie, since you and Rich liked it."

Unable to hide the surprise, I wondered, "You withheld that kind of kiss?"

Alex nodded, "Because Ronnie's been the aggressor, more often than not, and I have to admit, I like playing submissive to his advances. Now that roles are changing, I guess kisses also need to change." He grinned, "Did you really like it?"

I nodded, "Ask Rich, I love tongue battles."

"He already told me," Alex giggled.

I smirked, "Turn around, rinse the soap from yer whopper and show me your ass." Cracking up, Alex faced the water and reached down to rinse. Knowing he wouldn't be ready for it, I swiftly slid a hand between his cheeks. Bouncing in place, Alex yelped then laughed harder.

Rich hollered, "Neil, you're being bad, I can tell."

Alex loudly cackled, "I instigated and got your lanky stud to play."

From much closer, probably just outside the bathroom, Ronnie sniggered, "What did you do, Alex?"

"You'll find out soon, when I try on you!" Alex madly giggled. We both heard a whimper. Alex, Rich and I cracked up.

Through giggles, Ronnie whined, "Secrets suck," causing us all to laugh louder and longer.

Through the frosted glass of the shower doors, I saw Rich enter and pull Ronnie with him. Rich asked, "Are you almost done in there?"

I teased, "I'm done and Alex needs to rinse a bit more, but it won't do a thing for his wicked, conniving mind."

Ronnie possessively growled, "Ain't it great?" Then we heard the sound of urine splashing into the toilet.

While Alex rinsed soap from his bum, I leaned closer and whispered, "Tongue kiss Ronnie like you did me, as soon as you can. He'll love it, and I want to see him melt in your arms." Nodding, Alex evilly gleamed at the prospect. Turning my head to the shower door, I asked, "Should I just leave the water running, lover?"

"Yeah," Rich answered, "as soon as we're done here, that's the next stop."

Opening the shower door, I stepped out and went to my world, reaching around to hold his dick for him. He sniggered, "Get me wet, my sparkling star."

"Easily done, but I was only planning on shaking it two or three times," I joked. A moment later, Alex was beside me, reaching for Ronnie's meat.

"Alex!" Ronnie incredulously giggled. Paying no mind to his partner, Alex moved closer and nestled his rod, started grinding and then dove for Ronnie's neck. "Oh my God!" Ronnie cheered, "Give me a big ol' hickey, stud!"

I was mouthing and sucking Rich's ear, whispering my need to be attached to him again as soon as possible. Softly answering me, Rich assured, "I want that too, lover." He then looked over at Ronnie, joking, "If we work it right, both of you will have a circle of love bites around your necks."

"Whatever spots you two miss, Rich and I will fill," I teased.

Rich giggled, "Neil?"

"Yes, my world?"

"I've been done a while."

Easily seeing over his shoulder to the toilet, I hummed affirmatively.

Alex and Ronnie were giggling. Rich cackled, "You can hold my unit when I get out of the shower. Play guitar for Alex to keep your hands busy."

"It's not the same," I grumbled. Alex and Ronnie sputtered and then lost it.

Leaning forward to flush, my world wiggled his butt against my chubby, getting my full attention before promising, "Stay naked just a little while longer, and soon we'll warm our hands and our units. When we get dressed, and return to my room later, you can hold it more while we watch TV, I promise."

Overacting, like a junkie promised a fix, I enthusiastically cheered, "I can barely wait," and released his package by gently tracing my fingers over his hips, which I know he especially enjoys. Once Rich was freed, I turned to Alex, grinning, "Now that we've mostly drip dried, we can share a towel."

Rich climbed into the tub, while Ronnie followed, sadly shaking his head at me. Alex grinned, "Show me how it's done."

I got a towel from the linen closet, flicked to unfold it and draped it over our heads. Once again, I had to spread my legs to lower down closer to Alex's height, and began rubbing the towel over his hair. He copied me, and began giggling, then stole a short, tender kiss. "Now you're getting it," I encouraged, and gave him a kiss.

From the shower, over the sound of the water, Rich giggled, "Dicks, balls and butts are dried last."

Ronnie cackled, "The list of things we've learned is growing in leaps and bounds."

"We have got to do this all the time, from now on," Alex enthusiastically cheered. Without further remarks from Rich and Ronnie, Alex and I dried everything down to our toes and then finished the job. I tossed the towel in the hamper, and then followed Alex back to Rich's room.

My acoustic guitar was lying on the bed, with the strap already attached and ready. Picking it up and prompting Alex to sit on Rich's desk chair, I started warming up by playing chords and then blues scale runs against the chords. I was simply working around the circle of fifths at a comfortably fast tempo, about one-hundred-forty beats per minute. When I was done, Alex giggled, "Awesome, bro."

"I was just warming up," I grinned, and then started playing 'Shadow Captain', by Crosby, Stills and Nash. The song requires some arpeggios and switches to chords, back and forth. Soon, I was singing.

Oh, captain, what are we hiding from?
You've been hiding from the start.
Did some lover steal your heart,
Or did the full moon make you mad?

Oh, captain, why these speechless seas
That never seem to land?
Oh I need to understand.
Could a little light be that bad?
I can see your hands are roughened
By the wheel and the rope.
I'd like to look to you for hope,
I think it's hiding there.

This boat is blacked out like a city
Awaiting bombers in the night.
Oh you hold your helm so tight,
And yet the sky seems so fair.
Who guides this ship
Dreaming through the seas
Turning and searching,
Whichever way you please?

Speak to me, I need to see your face,
Shadowy captain, in a darkened space.
If I were to spy a city
Floating just above the sea,
Could we stop
And look for me
Among those playing on the pier?
Or would you turn away knowing,
It was still a ways away,
And if I was there today
you could not see me all that clear.
Shadowy captain of a charcoal ship,
Trying to give the light the slip

I ended the song and Alex enthusiastically clapped, cheering, "You are getting so good!"

"I just learned it," I smiled. "It took about a month, getting the guitar part down, and then being able to sing it, memorizing the lyrics."

"What's next?" Alex prompted.

Nodding and pulling another recently learned song out of the air, I began playing, and then sang;

Just yesterday morning, they let me know that you were gone
Suzanne, the plans they made put an end to you
I walked out this morning and I wrote down this song
I just can't remember who to send it to

Well, I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I'd see you again

Won't you look down upon me, Jesus
You've got to help me make a stand
You've just got to see me through another day
My body's aching and my time is at hand
And I won't make it any other way

Well, I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I'd see you again

I've been walking my mind to an easy time, my back turned towards the sun
Lord knows when the cold wind blows it'll turn your head around
Well, there's hours of time on the telephone line to talk about things to come
Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground

Well, I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I'd see you again
Yes, I always thought that I'd see you again

This time, Alex applauded and from the bathroom, I could also hear Rich and Ronnie clapping their hands and cheering. The acoustic guitar I was playing was a mid-line model from Ibanez; it had a cutaway so I could reach up high. It was a Christmas present when I was thirteen. In late February 1995 I started taking lessons. For a long while there, the whole first year, I wondered if I would ever be able to play.

Loving the reaction, I started jamming, just strumming chord progressions, switching to finger-picked arpeggios, a little walking bass, and short lead lines and licks. One of the things I'd learned from my teacher is to use the body of an acoustic guitar like a drum, helping to keep the tempo, and audiences really liked it too, which Alex made obvious when he started patting his hands against his knees. Another little trick is to play closer to the bridge for a brighter sound, and closer to the neck for a more mellow, and rich tone. I was still playing when Rich and Ronnie entered the room, dripping wet and shimmying their cute butts off with towels over their shoulders.

Getting up off the chair, Alex went to Ronnie and began toweling his partner dry. Starting to dry his back, Rich came toward me. Pausing about three feet before me, he wondered, "What song are you playing?"

Returning to finger picking, I grinned, "I'm making it up as I go." Watching him slowly nod at me, I chuckled, "All those etudes in the books accomplished something. It sounds okay, huh?"

"It sounds awesome," my world brightly beamed. "It's very you; kind of rockin' rhythm, but then you change it up so it almost seems sad. There's a melody there too. Remember this tune, Neil. It's worth making it into a complete song."

Wearing my most angelic expression, I suggested, "Maybe I should name it after my partner, something like… Uniquely You?" Mooing broke free from Alex and Ronnie. I helplessly chuckled, "There's a bunch o' u's in the title alone."

Rich smiled and teased, "Gonna getchya, my shining star. Tonight, I might not let you sleep."

Starting to laugh, I lost the groove. When I recovered, I started playing 'I Will', by The Beatles. Locking eyes with my lover, I sang;

Who knows how long I've loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime
If you want me to, I will.
For if I ever saw you
I didn't catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same.
Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart.
And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
You know I will
I will.

Rich never moved away from his spot just a few feet in front of me, but during the song, Alex and Ronnie took positions to Rich's left side. Alex whispered to Ronnie, who then whispered to Rich. All three grinned and nodded. When I was done, all three chorused, "You won't sleep, not a wink!"

Cracking up, I laughed, "Should I stop now, or would another tune have a chance of changing my destiny?"

"One more, my love," Rich smiled, "then we need to get dressed. It's near eleven o'clock. Then we can get the towels from the dryer, and get them put away."

"Any preference, or my choice?" I wondered.

Alex shook his head, and Ronnie grinned, "We don't know the songs you do, so anything's cool, bro."

Rich grinned, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love, with the hip swivels."

I sniggered, "So you can watch my meat swing?"

"Hell yeah!" Rich chortled.

Nodding at each of them, I suggested, "I'd better see some meat swinging too, and hear some hand claps, in time, please." All three agreed, so I started strumming, did my Elvis impersonation, and sang;

This thing called love, I just can't handle it
This thing called love, I must get round to it
I ain't ready
Crazy little thing called love

Rich began clapping on the two and four beats, nudging Alex and Ronnie to clap along too. Surprising me, Rich provided backup vocals.

This thing (this thing)
Called love (called love)
It cries (like a baby)
In a cradle all night
It swings (woo woo)
It jives (woo woo)
It shakes all over like a jelly fish
I kinda like it
Crazy little thing called love

There goes my baby
She knows how to rock 'n' roll
She drives me crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool, cool sweat
I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
And get on my track's
Take a back seat, hitch-hike
And take a long ride on my motorbike
Until I'm ready
Crazy little thing called love

I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
And get on my track's
Take a back seat (ah hum), hitch-hike (ah hum)
And take a long ride on my motorbike
Until I'm ready (ready Freddie)
Crazy little thing called love
This thing called love, I just can't handle it
This thing called love, I must get round to it
I ain't ready
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Crazy little thing called love
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah
Crazy little thing called love, yeah, yeah

I ended the tune, and all three applauded. While taking my guitar off, Ronnie gushed, "You make eye contact while singing now, bro; that was rare back in September. You looked at the guitar at least as much as us."

Alex smiled, "Your performing now, Neil, and clearly more comfortable."

Putting my guitar back in its case, I chuckled, "Thanks, guys. Playing for my friends and family is what I always wanted to do." With the case closed, I took it back to the corner where it had been. Facing all three of them, I giggled, "I really can't see folks wanting to pay to hear me play and sing. That was never my goal; I only wanted to play well, for me and for occasional small parties."

Locking eyes with mine, Rich proudly beamed, "You've pretty much accomplished your goal. I really think you could fit in with a band."

I smiled, "If the opportunity ever presents itself, I'll consider it," and pulled my world into my arms. He wrapped his arms around me and moved as if to land a kiss, but held back, maybe a half an inch short of the target. Since he obviously wanted to play, I played too, just barely brushing my lips against his. Burning desires into each others eyes, Rich and I went for another round of missed kisses. With another round, our mouths were slightly open, ready and panting warm breaths. I moaned and then Rich whimpered. Alex and Ronnie began giggling at us.

We all heard the front door open. In a flash, Rich raced to close his bedroom door. I checked the clock. It was seven minutes before eleven. Alex and Ronnie hastily pulled up jocks, softly bitching because they couldn't tell which one was worn by whom, and all four of us began giggling. There was a lot that could be said, but it was Rich who softly giggled, "Some people just don't understand 'fashionably late'. The comforter and blanket are still on the living room floor, dammit!"

"Busted!" Alex, Ronnie and I giggled.

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