Secret Lives Of Good Little Boys

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 6

Tommy sat in the cafeteria with his friends. A constant dull roar of noise surrounds him. It is easy to zone out and Tommy is doing just that when he feels the tapping on his shoulder. "What?"

"You there Tommy?" RJ asks.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." He says with a sheepish smile.
RJ pushes back some of his long blond hair out of his eyes. "Do you want to go camping with me this weekend?"

"Yeah that could be fun, but I have to ask my parents…"

After he speaks, a twinge of guilt lingers in his heart. It isn't something he would've experience before. But now he wonders who will Wyatt hang out with if he goes away for the weekend? Looking down at his tray of food, he ponders the question for a second then says, "I have to go to the bathroom. Don't eat my stuff!"

Making his way up the hallway, he hurries to reach the boys' facilities. The second the door closes behind him the noise level drops to almost nothing. The difference is so noticeable that it feels weird. As he lowers his bare butt on the toilet seat his thoughts drift to Wyatt. He has gone camping before and it is always fun. However, it means leaving his friend behind. He wishes Wyatt had other friends to play with, as long as he remains his best.

Finishing up, he wipes and stands to pull up his pants. Catching a glimpse of his limp penis, he remembers the day before when he has pulled up the jersey Wyatt lent him. It was a spur of the moment thing but he liked how Wyatt stared at him. How the older boy looked intently at his exposed crotch with an intense longing in his eyes.

This made him think of one other thing. He grabs a square of toilet paper and wraps it over his finger before sliding it between his butt cheeks. The slight pressure he applies against his bottom hole reminds him of when Wyatt did the same thing in the fort. He liked it then. It feels different now. There isn't the same thrill. Perhaps, it is like masturbating; when someone else does it, it's just better.

Dropping the piece of toilet paper in the bowl, he pulls up his pants and flushes. Washing his hands thoroughly, he makes his way back to the cafeteria only to find that his tray was pillaged. He probably would've done the same thing if one of his friends left it unattended. Without warning, he reaches over and picks up a fish stick off of Donald's tray. It is a risky move. If one of the attendants sees him he will get in trouble. But they did not exactly protect his tray…

For a while, Tommy chats with his schoolmates about nothing in particular until his thoughts turn into fantasies. RJ has long straw-colored hair that constantly get in his eyes like Wyatt's. He often studies the blond boy. For the first time Tommy wonders what he would look like naked? RJ is a slim and tanned athletic boy. Even though, they are both nine-years-old, he pictures RJ's penis slightly bigger than his, also his testicles, which are surely a big white pair dangling underneath it. The contrast of RJ's exposed midsection against the rest of his tanned body flashes in Tommy's mind. Then he sees the boy jerking off, tugging on his boner and moaning, grimacing from the pleasure until he gets relief.

Then there is Donald. The kid is on the pale side with light brown hair. He remembers a time when they wrestled together. Donald's foot landed on Tommy's chest. Then Donald briefly shoved his toes into Tommy's mouth. He wonders what Donald would have done if he'd started sucking his toes? Maybe, he would've said, 'Don't suck my toes, suck my dick!' And they would have taken turns kissing their little hard-ons and putting them in their mouths.

Charles and Alex are best friends. There is a head difference in their heights. Charles is a little chubby. Tommy wonders if they do sexy things together. Maybe, Alex plays with Charles' plump butt like Wyatt did to him? Maybe, he slaps it and sticks his finger inside his butt hole?

Belatedly Tommy realizes his penis is getting hard. Up until now it only got stiff either in the morning, with Wyatt around or when he wanted. As his friends go to put away their trays he remains seated unsure what to do. With a discreet gesture, he tries to adjust the bulge in his pants. At first, he tries to put it so it lines up with his leg but his undies are loose. Instead he swirls it up and tucks it under the waistband. That feels better. He has to hurry to finish dumping his tray and catch up with his friend.

At the end of the day, Tommy rushes to do his homework and have his mom check it. He is off immediately after that. His parents warned him about the going over to Wyatt's house too frequently. Wyatt never turned him away though, not once. That day is no different. The blond boy opens the door and Tommy flies inside, kicking off his shoes before he glances back. "Are you done with your homework?"

"Almost, I can finish later." Wyatt says.

"Can we play… you know?"

Wyatt smiles slyly at his little Vietnamese buddy. "You're eager!"


"Well you're overdressed!"

With that, they race to Wyatt's bedroom. There, Tommy shucks his clothes off, pulling on his socks and removing his shirt and pants. He bounces naked on the bed and waits. Meanwhile, Wyatt crouches in front of the closet to remove the shoelaces from his sneakers. He approaches the bed and silently goes to work.

Tommy watches the older boy tie his ankles together. Then his arms are pulled so that each wrist can be secured to the headboard. Wyatt is good with knots. He makes sure all of his bonds are good and tight. Tommy squirms around, but there is no way he can get out of that set up. With his arms stretched above his head, he looks down at his nude body excitedly.

"So Tommy, I'm beginning to think you really like being tied-up the way you have a boner already and I haven't even touched anywhere. And this isn't the first time I've seen you get hard just from being tied-up." Wyatt says.

Tommy blushes, keeping to himself how much he gets off on being tied-up.

"So, shall we get started?" Wyatt says.

"Yes, do stuff to me!" Tommy exclaims.

Wyatt grins, fuelled by his buddy's enthusiasm. He climbs on the bed and straddles the short legs he has perfectly tied together. With the tip of his index finger, he traces circles around Tommy's tiny nipples. They are both hard. Each time he grazes the tiny buds, Tommy squirms and giggles. More so as he leans his blond head and begins to nibble the nipples.

"It tickles!" Tommy squeals.

Wyatt gives no attention to his friend's complaint. He runs his fingertips over the little boy letting them gently brush his skin which sends shivers throughout his young body. Tommy is smiling and biting his lower lip seductively which just encourages Wyatt more. So his hands race over to the smooth armpits. He tickles the little boy, watching him squirm and laugh as his body wriggle between his thighs.

"Wyatt, stop! It tickles! STOP!" Tommy screams.

But Wyatt has too much fun torturing his young buddy. After all, he is the one who wanted to be tied-up in the first place. The more he revels in the sensations of touching the soft copper skin of the Vietnamese boy, the more his dick hardens in his pants. And he continues for a while, tickling Tommy everywhere, examining him lose his breath as he fights against his bonds and squeals, "Wyatt, STOP! It tickles too much! QUIT IT!"

"You didn't say the magic word!"


"Okay," Wyatt says, ending the tickle attack. He scoots back on the boy's legs just above his bare feet and then leans forward. With his lips on the boy's flat stomach, he creates a seal and blows air out his mouth giving the boy a raspberry. Tommy laughs and squirms some more. Wyatt can't hold back anymore what he's been yearning to do. He kisses his young's friend crotch all around his naughty parts, gradually coming in closer, kissing his balls and his throbbing little pecker. At once, he starts going down on him.

Tommy feels his legs stiffen right away as the pleasure of Wyatt's sucking mouth washes over his body. The blond boy 's lips clench around his little member, going up and down, bouncing on his bald groin. "Ughhhh! Uggghhh!" He whines. The urge to slow things down instinctively makes him want to grab Wyatt's bobbing head. Forgetting he is tied up, his wrists hurt as he pulls them away from the headboard only to be denied any possibility of action. Just as he feels the impending orgasm about to detonate, Wyatt ceases to suck him. The older boy just licks his wet little boner gently.

"Don't stop now! Go on, pleeeze!" He protests.

"Nope." Wyatt peeps, continuing to lick slower and slower. "Maybe, I'm gonna leave you like this for a while…an hour?"

"No! You can't do that!" Tommy snaps back with tears moistening his eyes. "I need to cum! Take the shoelaces off! "

"I'm leaving now" Wyatt says, getting off the bed and smiling at the distress of his friend. He has never seen him so excited and upset. Still, he goes on with his plan, slowly taking off his tee-shirt, then undressing even more sluggishly while his captive friend squirms with his little dick hard.

"Faster! Come back!" Tommy whines.

Completely naked, Wyatt returns to the bed. This time he straddles the little boy's face until his smooth balls are dangling above his button nose.

Tommy breathes a sigh of relief. He knows what he has to do as he looks up at Wyatt's genitals in full view. He raises his neck and manages to capture the boner in the grip of his lips. Right away, he begins sucking Wyatt's erection. While he slurps on the rigid little piece of flesh, he feels his buddy's mouth gobble up his own stiffy. This is so nice! They are doing it at the same time!

He can barely concentrate on sucking Wyatt's penis as the pleasure intensifies. But pretty soon, they are in sync, sucking each other with an equal fervour. Wyatt is shoving it his mouth but he doesn't mind. Suddenly, he fears Wyatt's parents might come back home and find him, tied-up and naked, with a boner and a naked boy on top of him! They have been playing for a while now. The terrifying thought of getting caught that way has him sucking faster. His ears fill up with the slurping sounds and moans from their intense sucking. He feels it coming, fast. The next second, his body twitches as he climaxes in Wyatt's mouth. His buttocks clench and his mind melts as the lips gently suckle his penis until all the good tingles disappear.

"I'm almost there." Wyatt then declares, glancing between his thighs at the face of Tommy. "Suck it. Ohhhh yeahhh, that's sooo good... yeah suck it, Tommy! Uhhhhh! UHHHH!"

Feeling Wyatt's erection vibrate in his mouth delights Tommy. The older boy keeps it there until it begins to soften a bit.

After it is all over, Wyatt jumps off the bed with a smile of content on his lips. "That's hot! Did you like it?" he asks, untying the knots of the shoelaces.

"Yes. I didn't know we could do that!" Tommy says, wondering what else they could do. When he gets back the use of his arms, he glances at his wrists. He thought with all of his writhing they would have marks on them. But aside from a little redness the skin is fine. As his ankles are freed he sits up and swings his feet off the bed. Staying naked, he watches Wyatt get dressed.

"Wyatt, can I ask you a few things?"

"Yeah, since when do you ask to ask?"

Tommy smiles, "Well, I got hard at school and I wasn't playing with it. Why did that happen?"

Wyatt pulls his pants up. "It can happen. Sometimes your little thing can have a mind of its own. Just try to slip it up under your waistband."

Tommy nods already having figured that out. Starting to feel a little self-conscious about being naked, he slips off the bed and moves towards the pile of clothes he has shed. "Well, yeah." Tommy quickly gets dressed feeling guilty for some reason. When he is fully clothed he continues. "I was thinking about some things."

Wyatt gives him a long look before answering. "What sort of things?"
Tommy rubs his barefoot against the carpet. The feeling is nice sort of ticklish. "Well, I was with some friends and started thinking about them. About doing stuff with them like you and I do." He stops and then quickly adds. "I was thinking about you too."

"I see." Wyatt says. "Well, if you think about stuff like that, you might get hard."

Tommy nods. He has figured that out too. Why is he telling him any of this? He fiddles with the door handle absentmindedly until the thought occurs to him. "I think I'm gay. Like you."

"I don't think so." Wyatt immediately answers.

Tommy looks up, surprised at Wyatt's answer. "I'm not?"

Wyatt shifts uncomfortably. "You don't want to be gay. Not everyone likes gays. They make fun of them. You have to keep it a secret. You don't like keeping secrets Tommy."

Tommy raises his head a little offended. "Nobody knows about this."

Wyatt gives him a bit of a look. "Yeah, but I know. It's our secret not your secret."

Tommy isn't sure about that. "When you play with my butt, is that a gay thing?"

Wyatt waits a while figuring out how much to say. He has never lied to Tommy, not about important stuff. He was a bit evasive on some things. He likes the word evasive. Not the whole truth. It is convenient when dealing with parents particularly or someone as strict as his mother.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." He answers.

"I like it." Tommy says. "I like when you play with it," he blushes but continues on. "Even when you spank it." He says biting his lower lip having not really realized that himself until now. He isn't sure how Wyatt feels about that.

Wyatt just stands there and shrugs. "That's just normal. You like the way it feels. There's more to being gay than just the physical stuff."

"Like what?"

"It's like when a boy has a girlfriend."

"Someone in my class has one." Tommy counters.

"Tommy, drop it." Wyatt says his voice rising.

"Why?" Tommy demands crossing his arms.

"Because I don't want you to be gay!"


"Because! Because-" Wyatt doesn't finish. He sits down on the bed, buries his head in his hands and lets out a sob.

To Tommy the sight of his friend sobbing is a physical blow, like getting punched in the stomach. He stands there for a few seconds watching Wyatt cry. He has never seen his friend that way and it makes him feel sick. Before he knows what he is doing, he runs up to the bed and wraps his arms around Wyatt. It is difficult because he is smaller and Wyatt is in a weird position. He starts to feel himself tear up when Wyatt responds by wrapping him up in his arms and then they are hugging.

He isn't sure how much time passes when they stop crying. Even more time passes before Wyatt speaks.

"Tommy, you're my friend. You don't have to be gay for me."
At first he is unsure what to say and just gets closer to Wyatt. "I like you."

"You're a very good friend." Wyatt says.

Tommy squeezes in a little closer wanting to feel contact. "Is being gay that bad?"

Wyatt hesitates. "I think so."

He hesitates. "I guess I should find out if I am or not."

"I really hope you're not." Wyatt says.

Tommy nods. If Wyatt is this worried maybe it is bad. However, he knows that if Wyatt is really gay, it can't be that bad.

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