Secret Lives Of Good Little Boys

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 5

It is pouring Monday afternoon. Wyatt runs from the bus stop, leaps over a puddle and climbs up the stairs. Just as he gets the door open, he hears a splash from behind and turns to see Tommy who has been right behind him. Obviously, the younger boy has not seen the puddle. One side of his blue jeans is soaked. Wyatt walks inside and waits for Tommy to follow him. He chuckled glancing at his buddy's jeans where they are soaked.

"Take them off." He says putting his backpack down.

Tommy takes off his shoes and removes his pants. One sock is soaked too so he takes it off and because it is stupid to wear only one sock, he takes the other one off. Wyatt grabs Tommy's pants and socks. He drapes them upstairs in the shower so they can drip dry. Tommy follows the blond boy wearing only in his underwear and T-shirt.

"You know your shirt is pretty wet too." Wyatt says.

Tommy looks down at his shirt. For a second he is about to say it is okay but then his mind catches up. "You're right." He says pealing the shirt off and handing it over. Standing there in his tight white undies, he shifts back and forth on his bare feet.

"Is your underwear wet?" Wyatt asks.

Tommy covers his mouth to conceal a giggle. "Maybe," he says. "Your shirt looks wet too!"

Wyatt pulls his shirt off and holds it in his hand. Tommy drops his underwear and crosses his arms making no attempt to hide his genitals. Smiling, Wyatt swats him with the shirt sending Tommy into a fit of laughter as he tries to dodge it. They run out of the bathroom. Tommy is butt naked and Wyatt is right behind him swatting at him.

The little Vietnamese boy races into Wyatt's bedroom, giddy from the improvised game. Wyatt watches his naked buddy clamber amidst the mess of pillows and linen on his unmade bed. He jumps on Tommy's back pinning him down flat on the mattress. "Your mother should punish you for getting your clothes all wet!" He says. Without giving it much thought, he raises his hand and brings it down, delivering a few smacks on the small buttocks of his friend.

"Aoooww!" Tommy whines. "My mother never spanks me!"

"Maybe she should. You're a very naughty boy." Wyatt says with a smile.

"Am not!" Tommy defends himself.

Wyatt rolls on his flank and lets the palm of his hand roam on the back of Tommy's leg. He caresses the soft skin and moves up to do the same to the perky buns where a light blush has appeared from his playful spanking. For a while, they stay quiet. Wyatt continues to rub the two buns. At times, he kneads them to feel how firm they are. His dick is hard as he studies the younger boy. Tommy's skin glows with a slight bronze hue except for his small ass which is pale. The two globes have dimples on the side and are so skinny that the crack doesn't hide his tiny anus.

Stretched silently on his stomach, Tommy breathes softly while his blond friend massages his butt. "I like it when you do that." He reveals.

"Did you like it when I touched your butthole the last time?" Wyatt asks.

"Uh-uh." Tommy says.

Wyatt pursues his manipulations. This time using his fingertips to caress Tommy's balls resting on the mattress between his spread thighs. Then with his index, Wyatt traces a line in the middle, going up in the furrow. As he reaches the tiny puckered orifice, he wets his fingertip. Making circles around the pink indentation, he gently rubs the tight ring, watching it contract and relax.

"It tickles a bit." Tommy says.

But Wyatt doesn't hear it. He is focusing on something else, thinking about how it would feel like to have butt sex with Tommy, wondering if his nine-year-old buddy would like it too if he put his dick inside him. After all, his boner isn't that big. Suddenly, the idea seems very bad and makes him nervous. He shakes his head, coming out of his thoughts. "Do you want to borrow a shirt?" he asks.

Tommy shifts on the bed and sits cross-legged. "Okay. What do you want to do now?"

"How 'bout play Legos?" Wyatt offers as he opens his closet and fishes out the biggest shirt he has. It is a football jersey his grandmother has bought him for his birthday. When Tommy puts it on it only comes down to mid thighs. Tommy doesn't ask for anything else and Wyatt doesn't offer more clothing finding his little friend sexy that way.

Instead, Wyatt takes out the large bin of Legos and they both start working on projects. They talk about their day. Tommy is building a fort. He has to keep moving around to add different pieces. As he does, Wyatt catches glimpses of his butt and balls. It distracts him again and again from his own pyramid project.

At one point, when Tommy is on his hands and knees working on something for the lower level of the castle, Wyatt puts his pyramid aside and rolls over. He gently lifts away the jersey fully exposing Tommy's butt.
"What's up with you and my butt today?" Tommy asks turning his head around but not moving to conceal himself.

Wyatt smiles nervously and sits back. "I like your butt. It's cute."

Tommy wiggles it back and forth before sitting up and turning his attention towards the top of his castle. "That's funny, a butt being cute."

Wyatt smiles weakly and sits leaning his back against the bed. "Tommy, I'm gay. You know that right?"

Tommy doesn't answer at first. He just continues to work on his castle.

"Yeah I know."

"You know the difference between boys and girls right?" Wyatt asks.

"Boys have penises girls have slits. When a boy likes a boy that's gay.

When a girl likes a girl that's lesbian."

Wyatt lets out a sigh. "Okay but maybe we shouldn't do that stuff anymore."

Tommy shoots him a look. "Why? I like it."

Wyatt opens his mouth and then shuts it. "All right." He lets it drop.
Fifteen minutes later, Wyatt hears the front door open and as usual his mother comes to check up on him. She glances at Tommy briefly. His bare legs are spread out in front of him, the jersey just covering his boy bits.

"What happened with Tommy's clothes?"

"It got wet." Tommy says.

"I'm letting it dry in the bathroom." Wyatt adds.

His mother nods accepting that. As soon as she leaves and shuts the door, Wyatt looks over at Tommy who is smiling at him. Then very slowly and very deliberately the small boy pulls on the jersey as he spread his legs. Wyatt grins, unable to keep his eyes off of Tommy's boy bits. At times Tommy covers himself back up and he can't help but feel a little guilty.

Later that night Wyatt lays in his bed pondering about the stuff he has done earlier that day on the very spot. He had enjoyed it. He remembers playing with Tommy's butt and how the boy had not objected. Tommy had let him do everything he wanted to do. Tommy trusted him completely.

He likes that feeling but it is also the cause of his worries. Tommy isn't gay. The chances of the two of them both being gay are so small. Wyatt has never met another gay boy his age. When he was Tommy's age, he had sort of suspected another boy in his class was. He could remember the other boy eyeing other boys, how he looked at their legs and chest when they were swimming. Tommy doesn't do that.

He could keep pushing and pushing until his little friend pushed back. A straight boy must have his limits? When he would reach them what would happen? Would Tommy tell? That is unlikely he thinks. Tommy would probably just stop coming around. That thought worries Wyatt more than anything else. Despite all the joys of sucking dick, it still didn't compare to having someone to be with, someone to build Legos projects together. He resolves not to instigate anything with Tommy. They would just go back to just being friends.

"Wyatt, you there? Over."

The crackling of the Walkie-Talkie startles Wyatt. He scrambles towards the nightstand and grabs the radio on it. "I'm here Tommy, over."

His eyes go to the time. It is fairly late.

"I had a lot of fun today, over."

Wyatt smiles, "I did to. Shouldn't you be in bed? Over."

There is a longer pause before Tommy comes back. "I couldn't sleep."

There are several seconds of silence. "I have a question, over."

Wyatt closes his eyes, scared of what is going to happen next. "What is it? Over."

"Well, um tomorrow if you're not too busy. Do you think maybe you could tie me up? Over."

Wyatt places the radio against his head for a few seconds. He has tied Tommy up before for fun, but he is pretty sure his buddy isn't referring to one of those. He remembers his earlier promise and how short-lived it seems to be. "Sure, if you want, over."

"Great!" Tommy comes back instantly. "I'll see you tomorrow. Good night!"

"Good night." Wyatt says.

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