Secret Lives Of Good Little Boys

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 7

Wyatt stares dead ahead while he places the various items on the counter of the pharmacy. He avoids looking at the cashier and sincerely hopes that she is functioning on autopilot. On the counter are two bags of gummy bears, a soda can and anal lubricant. The cashier starts to scan the products but hesitates when she grabs the last item. For what seems like forever Wyatt sweats thinking she is on the verge of saying that she cannot sell it to him when he hears the item beep and his total announced.

Paying without saying a word Wyatt leaves the store. Only then his face feels red. He walks across the mall to the store where his mom is looking at some greeting cards. She looks up as he approaches. "Did you get the gummy bears?"


She gives him a second glance. "Are you feeling okay? You look a little flushed."

"I think they didn't have the air-conditioning working."

This excuse makes little sense to Wyatt, but his mother ignores it and picks out a graduation card. "Do you think we should get one for your cousin too?"

"I don't care, mom." Wyatt says, desperately wanting to leave. He keeps thinking of the last Thursday when Tommy asked him, "Can I see your phone?"

They were sitting outside dripping wet from frolicking in the pool. Wyatt remembers turning slowly seeing his phone and saying, "Dry your hands", before he wiped his own hands on the towel and handed the device over.

Tommy pushed his chair back into the shadow of the umbrella. Wyatt didn't give Tommy's request much thought. The younger boy wanted a smart phone but his parents had firmly told him he would not get one until he is at least twelve. That had never stopped him from messing around on his though. As the minutes stretched on and Wyatt didn't hear the sound of any of the games going on, he pushed himself up out of his chair and walked around the table to see what Tommy was doing.

The little Vietnamese boy was just staring at the phone and Wyatt froze at what he saw. On the small screen two naked men were doing it, one of them had his big dick buried up the other's ass. Wyatt quickly snatched the phone away. "What the hell!"

Tommy twisted around in the seat. "Hey!"

Wyatt looked around quickly. His mom usually kept an eye on them when they were in the pool but now that they were out of the water she wasn't staring at them through any of the windows. "You can't be looking at that stuff!" Wyatt hissed.

"Do you want to do that?" Tommy asked.

Wyatt opened his mouth but as he looked down at his friend, he noticed a distinct bulge in Tommy's swimming trunks. Obviously, Tommy had liked what he saw. "Maybe," he said. "How did you find that anyways?" It wasn't that he had not looked at that sort of thing, but he had always thought he covered his tracks.

"I typed gay butt in google."

Wyatt ducked his head and let out a snort. Yeah, he guessed it was that easy. Tommy's computer had software on it that blocked that sort of thing. His parents however never seemed to care what site he visited.

"So, is that something you want to do with me?" Tommy asked again.

"Maybe, yeah."

Tommy laughed. "Maybe yeah!" He echoed. He waited a few seconds and sat against the back of his chair looking up at Wyatt. "You can. It looks like fun."

"That stuff isn't real." Wyatt said. He actually wasn't sure if Tommy had been looking at some amateur stuff or professional.

"It looked real." Tommy countered.

"Everything looks real." Wyatt said. "There's like more to it, I don't know all. Your butt is small and I don't want to hurt you."

Tommy looked down at himself for a few seconds. "You can learn anything on the Internet. Look it up."

Wyatt hesitated and then looked down at Tommy's body. "It can hurt."
Tommy pushed himself further into the chair. "If it hurts, you will stop."
The words weren't a command or a warning. They were just a simple statement of fact. Tommy absolutely believed that he would never purposely hurt him. He was reminding Wyatt of that. That was at least what Wyatt heard.

"I have to do my homework and I'll be gone Friday to Saturday camping so I won't see you till at least Sunday maybe Monday. We can do it then?"
Those were the words that lingered on Wyatt's mind as he left the mall with his mom. As soon as they arrive home, he rushes inside throwing the spare bag of gummy bears into the cabinet and quickly pocketing the lubricant. Crumpling up the receipt he tosses it in the garbage just as his mother comes inside.

"Well I hope you enjoy your gummy bears."

"They will help me study." Wyatt says. "Thanks for taking me to get some."

"Any time," his mother hesitates. "Well, when I can."

Wyatt smiles at his mom. She really is great. He does feel a bit bad for lying to her but it isn't like he didn't want gummy bears for real. Taking the opened bag he goes upstairs to study his personal research project. Anal sex for beginners and anal sex with a small partner has just been the beginning of his search terms. He is determined to make this good for Tommy.

The funny thing is for as long as Wyatt has known he is gay, he's never consciously thought about butt sex. The first time he has ever had a crush on a boy he was ten-years-old. It was on his best pal at the time. Their feelings went from friendship to something more. Wyatt remembers wanting to grind his crotch into his friend's butt. Even then, he knew how wrong it is. Boys didn't think about things like that. And his urges caused the end of all his friendships.

That is when he started looking at porn on the internet. It had sort of started out as a way to find a meaning for his desires. He wanted to understand. In a strange way, porn helped to show him what he wanted. It also hurt because he knew he could never find another boy to do it. There was a chance there might be other gay kids in his class, but the chances of them finding out about each other seemed infinitely small. He lost interest in porn but occasionally jerked off to a video.

His fantasies were much more exciting. He browsed his yearbook and just got hard looking at the pictures. He also consulted advertisements from the newspapers and used the models to feed his imagination. In his imagination, he was fearless. In reality, he could barely talk to his classmates. Tommy never once appeared in his dirty thoughts back then. He considered Tommy cute but not jerk-off material.

Wyatt jumps on his bed and lands on his back. For a moment he just stares at the ceiling. After a few minutes he takes out the lubricant. It comes in a little box. The container inside is squeezable. 6.5 ounces is a lot of gooey stuff.

As much he wants to go all the way with Tommy, he feels bad. He can't deny he wants it and it hurts more. A sinking feeling of disgust overwhelms him. He tosses the lubricant then rolls over onto his stomach to bury his head in his arms. An hour later, he is startled awake, not remembering falling asleep. He slowly sits up and wipes his eyes. The noise resounds again. The Walkie-Talkie's crackling static stirs him fully awake.

"Wyatt, are you there? Over. "

Wyatt glances over at the clock. It is 4:47. Crawling across his bed he reaches the nightstand and grabs the radio. "What's up Tommy? Guess you're back, over."

"Yeah, I just got back from camping a few minutes ago. My parents are taking me out to dinner. Can you come over really quick there's something I want to show you, over."

Wyatt is tempted to say he is too busy, but lying to Tommy isn't exactly easy. "Yeah, I'm on my way, over."

Making his way to his friend's front door, he sees it open by Tommy's father. Tommy is standing right behind him, a grin from ear to ear splitting his face.

"Come on, come on!" Tommy says hopping up and down.

"I'm here." Wyatt answers.

Tommy quickly walks back to his room. There is of course no running in the house when his mother and father are there. Wyatt's longer strides easily allow him to catch up. Tommy pushes open his bedroom door and leaps inside. "We found a bunch of them. They're so cool!"

Wyatt steps inside and looks down at what his friend is pointing at. It is a bunch of fossils, seashells. One rock looks like it has about twenty or so inside it. There is also one large rock with some that have been broken up.

"Fossils, cool."

"Yeah, you can touch them if you want." Tommy says.

Wyatt kneels down as Tommy launches into the story of how they were discovered. They have apparently just been sitting there in a tiny little treasure trove. Wyatt listens and smiles. Slowly his attention turns away from the fossils to Tommy. Tommy shuts up when he sees Wyatt staring at him.

Wyatt would never be sure why he did it. Maybe he had bottled it up for too long or maybe it was the fact that the second Tommy found something cool the first thing he wanted to do is share it with Wyatt. Whatever his reasons he leans forward and places his lips against Tommy's.

It starts out as a quick peck but as he slowly pulls away Tommy grabs his shoulders and mashes their faces together. It is both their first kiss and that memory will be etched into their minds forever.

When it ends they just sit back and stare at each other for a few seconds. The knock at the door makes them jump out of their skins. Tommy's mother comes in the room. "All right Tommy, we gotta get going. Sorry Wyatt."
Wyatt smiles, "It's fine. Cool fossils Tommy."

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