Secret Lives Of Good Little Boys

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 2

Wyatt dribbles the basketball several times before taking a shot. The ball bounces off the backboard and goes halfway around the rim before swishing through the net. Wyatt lurches after the ball and as he dribbles back to where he has taken a shot he pauses seeing Tommy crossing over the front yard. His young buddy is wearing his swim trunks and an oversized T-shirt along with a baseball hat that hides most of his face. "Hey!" Wyatt shouts.

"Hey," Tommy says waving his hand and smiling. "I did it again!"

For a second, Wyatt isn't sure what his friend is referring to then he grins. "Oh you jerked it again?"

Tommy nods, evidently proud of himself.

Wyatt casually turns into a shot. "I guess you want to go swimming?"

"Yeah, but..." Tommy trails off.

As Wyatt goes to retrieve the ball he glances at Tommy, "Something wrong?"

Tommy hesitates and then shakes his head. "No, let's just go swimming."

Wyatt shrugs. "Yeah just give me a minute to change."

Tommy waits out back as Wyatt runs up the stairs to grab his shorts. After he is more appropriately dressed in a pair of board shorts he retracts the solar cover and turns the pool on. Tommy hands him the net to scoop out the few leaves that have fallen in and then they both dive in. They splash around chasing each other or taking turns using diving sticks. Wyatt can beat Tommy easily, but usually keeps it competitive except for when his little friend gets cocky. They wrestle a bit before ending up just floating around. Tommy rests on a little kickboard while Wyatt takes a small beach ball.

After a while Tommy kicks his way towards Wyatt and bumps him gently. Wyatt casually pushes him away and Tommy quickly returns. "Hey, I want to talk."

"Well then talk." Wyatt says.

Tommy kicks back towards Wyatt lowering his voice. "I want to ask you something."

Wyatt picks up on the tone and doesn't say his comeback. "All right," he reaches out and grabs onto Tommy's kickboard so they could stay close. He has to slightly re-position the beach ball and for a second he is afraid he's going to lose it but brings his legs in closer and holds it there.

Tommy smacks his lips and laughs nervously to himself. "Um, you remember what you told me?"

"Is this about masturbating?" Wyatt asks.

Tommy nods.

"If you have questions just ask."

"Okay, what you said is masturbation is like sex. Is it as good as sex?"
Wyatt waits an awkward long time before answering. They make a slow circuit of the pool before he finally decides on an answer. "I don't really know. I hear it feels different, but I've never actually had sex."

"Okay." Tommy answers. Wyatt thinks that it's the end of it but then

Tommy really throws him a curveball. "Can we?"

"Can we what?" Wyatt asks.

"Have sex." Tommy clarifies before temporarily dunking his head under the water.

Wyatt doesn't answer until his friend has emerged a few seconds later. He too has needed a few seconds before he could even think of an answer. "You want to have sex with me?"

Tommy isn't looking at him directly. He's looking at the water just in front of Wyatt. Somewhere in the back of Wyatt's brain he realizes that is a tactic he has taught Tommy for speaking in front of his class. You don't look at anyone but just pick a spot and stare at it. Wyatt doesn't remember who taught him that, but he has passed it on to his friend when he is nervous about a book report.

"Do you even know what sex is?" Wyatt asks.

Tommy shakes his head. "Not really." He pauses and speaks a bit too loudly for as close as they are. "Making out is a lot of hugging and kissing, you said."

Wyatt tries to hide his smile. Under the water, he can feel his dick getting hard. He remembers the day before with Tommy naked next to him. He remembers wanting to put his dick into him. He realizes he wants to do that now. He wants Tommy under him. He visualizes all that in one second before realizing he doesn't want that. It's a fantasy, a stupid dream of his. There has to be more to it than just bending Tommy over and sticking it in him. His experiments in the shower have taught him that. He has seen porn of course, but that's just acting.

Of course, he also knows there is more to sex than just the ass. Sucking on Tommy's dick sounds enticing. "Do you really want to?"

"Yes." Tommy says nodding his chin, popping in and out of the water.

"Okay, but there's lots of different types of sex. I think we should start with sucking."


"Yeah, it's when you suck on another person's erection."

Tommy's eyes glaze over trying to picture if that would be fun. "So instead of using your hand, someone else uses his mouth?"

For some reason the word 'cute' pops into Wyatt's mind. "Yeah, I'll do you first and then you can do it to me." He says, pretty sure Tommy wouldn't back out. Still he thinks he should try to leave him an out. "Only if you want to…"

"Okay. Let's do it!" Tommy cheers.

Wyatt is so grateful his parents are out today. They dash inside and go directly to his bedroom. Tommy jumps on the unmade bed and giggles waiting for his friend to make the first move. Wyatt grips the waistband of the Vietnamese boy's trunks and pulls them down his hips in one determined move. Tommy's stiffy leaps up in the air, a tender little joystick Wyatt ogles at intently. Nervously, he lowers his mouth until it is right above Tommy's short rod and begins to slowly tease the pee hole with the tip of his tongue, driving the Asian boys crazy. "You like this?" he asks.

"It makes it tingle!" Tommy remarks. "Does is taste yucky?"

"Nah." Wyatt grins at him and licks the shaft of his boner. His wet tongue slides down on the underside. He reaches the little balls which he nibbles a bit. Tommy shakes his head left and right in ecstasy. Wyatt's slippery tongue moves back up and sinks in his bellybutton and then slicks up the bald pubic area above his throbbing little dick. He has never done anything like this before. Yet, for some reason, it seems like he knows what to do.

Wyatt grips the little hardness and lowers his oral cavity to engulf it. "Uhhh!" Tommy cries out. His sighs of pleasure resonate louder as Wyatt sucks the tender flesh. The small prick swells to the maximum from the moistness of his mouth. Wyatt slowly works his lips up and down, taking the entire short length. It warms his heart to see his friend enjoy what he's doing. Wyatt enjoys it as well. One second, his lips are sliding fast and the other they are sucking heavily on the tip.

After a moment, Tommy feels selfish and wants to reward Wyatt for showing him sex. "I want to do it too!" He says and stretches his hand to pull down the older boy's shorts until his erect prick is sticking out. He shifts his small body until his face is positioned between Wyatt's thighs. The eleven-year-old's hard dick is right there above his nose. The circumcised head looks like the helmet of a fireman. Without hesitation, Tommy shoves it in his mouth. He starts sucking right away, putting as much dick as he can in his small mouth. Taking a pause, Tommy momentarily stops and asks, "Am I doing ok?"

"Ohhhh, yessss Tommy!" Wyatt reassures him. "Do it again!"

Infected by his friend's enthusiasm, Tommy wraps his lips around his rigid penis and continues sucking with renewed fervor. He moves his lips faster and faster on the hard-on, all the way to the balls, even if the head bumps the back of his throat and makes him gag a little bit.

Wyatt glances under his stomach at his young friend sucking him. Tommy is doing very well for a nine-year-old kid, not that he knows much about blowjobs himself anyway. It is his first time too after all. He feels a sudden surge of a pleasure and lets it take over while the little boy sucks his dick. "Oh, I'm cummmmming!" He shouts.

The next moment, he crawls between Tommy's legs and ravenously slurps on his boner. From the repetitive spasms that wrack the small boy's body, Wyatt knows he is near his climax. His mouth goes into overdrive, sucking and sucking the tiny stiff prick. As soon as he feels it twitch between his lips, Tommy squeals.

"So did you like it?" Wyatt says, rolling off on his back.

"Yeah! That was fun!" Tommy says. "Maybe, we could do it again, later?"

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