Secret Lives Of Good Little Boys

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 3

Tommy runs for his life but he knows he will be caught. The nine-year-old boy darts back and forth before turning and running into the fort. There are no big trees in the backyard. So the fifteen foot tall structure built next to the garden shed is the closest thing to an actual treehouse. Running towards the ladder, Tommy jumps onto it just as his friend grabs him from behind.

"I got you!" Wyatt says, pulling him off the rungs.

Tommy struggles but not too hard. "Let me go!"

"Give me the codes!" Wyatt says doing his best to sound threatening.


"I have ways of making you talk..." Wyatt says his voice turning into some weird accent.

At the same time, Wyatt lightens his grip on the small boy. Hunting the skinny prey is the most fun of it all. Tommy ceases the opportunity to climb up the rest of the ladder in a feverish haste. He could escape if he wants to but that would ruin the whole point of the game. Wyatt excitedly follows his buddy and enters the fort. "Ah Ah! I have you cornered now." He says, bending over to pick up some ropes on the floor.

The next instant, Wyatt jumps on his friend to secure his wrists to the ceiling of the fort. Again, Tommy does not offer a strong defense. The younger boy giggles as his thin wrists are raised one by one and tied above his head to the wooden planks. Wyatt crouches to put another piece of rope around his ankles and bound them together. He doesn't just use one loop but several. It makes it more comfortable that way. As soon as he is done, he slips back into character. "Now give me the codes!"

"No!" Tommy whines.

"Have it your way." Wyatt says. For a second, he studies the small boy, looking so sexy in his tiny blue shorts and sports tee-shirt, all tied-up. Then his hands shoot out and start to tickle his prisoner's stomach. Tommy giggles and squirms. His wrists and ankles strain against the restraints. Wyatt pulls
Tommy's T-shirt up over his neck exposing his chest.

"I know what kind of torture will work on you!" Wyatt announces before pulling down Tommy's shorts and underoos in one swift tug.

Tommy freezes at the unexpected turn of event. He glances down at his nakedness, noticing his little pecker is already up. Being outdoors in the fort, with his shorts down, seems terribly naughty but exciting. "Someone could see us!" He warns Wyatt.

"No they can't." The blond boy replies and kneels. Tommy's eyes follow Wyatt's mouth going to his balls. The older boy's tongue comes out to lick each smooth little testicle. Then it goes up, twirling around his boner, moistening the rigid little piece of flesh. Wyatt pinches his stiffy between two fingers and teases the head with the flat of his tongue, going all around it. All of a sudden, the mouth pounces to gobble his entire penis. Wyatt's lips grip it tightly, moving back and forth, sucking at a sustained pace.

"Oh! Wyatt!" Tommy wails, melting from the pleasure. His short legs buckle under him. He hangs from the ceiling, naked, twitching. There is nothing else he can do. There is nothing he wants to do anyway, except savor the thrill of playing the willing victim to his pretend kidnapper. Wyatt grabs his buttocks with both hands and starts drawing his midsection to his voracious mouth.

"Ohhh! Wyyyyattt!" Tommy wails again, tilting his head back. He is standing on the tip of his running shoes now, as if he is sucked into a black hole by his little hard dick. Wyatt keeps pulling on his butt and slamming his mouth down on his penis. Then he feels one of Wyatt's finger slip between his buns. The tip of the index grazes his bum hole and begins circling around it. The probe gets closer and closer to the middle, rubbing the ring of his anus, until it gently pushes into the tight opening.

"Uhhh! Uhhh! UHHHHHH!" Tommy cries out as his little balls contract. His body shudders and his wrists pull on the ropes. The intensity of the climax has him tearing up. This time it lasts longer and is better than any of the previous ones. He freaks out a bit when Wyatt's mother calls for him. He pulls himself out of his orgasmic haze. His eyes widen as Wyatt darts out of the fort door. He can hear them talking in the distance through the slits of the fort. He tries to writhe out of his bounds but Wyatt has tied him good. A few seconds later Wyatt returns. "Your parents want you home."

"All right." Tommy says, still fully exposed. Wyatt unties him quickly and Tommy gives him a quick hug once he is dressed again. "I owe you one." He says before ducking a casual swat.

"Get out of here before we get in trouble." Wyatt says with a smile.

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