Secret Lives Of Good Little Boys

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This work is of pure fiction and any resemblance of the characters and settings to real life persons, events, circumstances, etc. is purely coincidental. The following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between young boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it!

Wyatt hurries seeing the open garage door. The unruly blond bangs float away from his angular face revealing a set of piercing grey eyes. Walking into the garage, he tugs on his sagging jeans to be presentable. "Hey Mrs. Q!"

The Vietnamese woman turns around from fumbling with her car keys. "Wyatt, you're here early?"

"I have a doctor's appointment later today. So I came earlier to see if Tommy might wanna go for a swim."

"Oh, well the last I saw him, he was still in bed. I swear I don't know what's up with him. Some days he bounces out of bed and others I need dynamite to wake him up!"

Wyatt forces a smile at the unfunny joke. At almost twelve- years-old, he is well practiced at the art of making adults like him. "I'll just let myself in."

"All right, you two have fun today."

"We will Mrs. Q." Wyatt says as he sprints past her.

Being best friends with a nine-year-old, even if he's your neighbors' son, is all sorts of lame. But beggars can't be choosers.

The first time he met Tommy, the Vietnamese tyke was five-years-old. His parents had just bought a house in their esteemed residential neighborhood. Wyatt didn't give a hoot about them but learning they were bringing a kid over for the welcome greet piqued his interest. He waited downstairs for the guests.

Upon arriving, Tommy's parents pushed him in front like a prized trophy. The small boy glued his gaze to the floor. He fidgeted as the adults talked. Wyatt cringed noticing the boy's discomfort. Before he even knew what he was doing, he was walking up to the new kid on the block and offering to play.

Tommy's English wasn't the best at first. He would sometimes say things in a funny way and occasionally slip into his native language when he couldn't figure out a word. Whenever his mother overheard a mistake, she always scolded him. Then she made him repeat the sentence in English.

For Wyatt, it was fun having company around. Tommy latched on to him since there weren't any other kids around his age in the immediate area. The little Asian boy's English improved and when he was around seven, Wyatt made it a point to teach him how to swear even though none of their parents would've been happy to discover that. Wyatt found that teaching Tommy anything was fun and somehow rewarding.

His parents teased him about finally getting the little brother he had always wanted. Wyatt didn't remember making that request but he guessed in a lot of ways that is how he treated Tommy.

And there were certain benefits to the age gap between them. For instance, he could spook the hell out of Tommy and not worry about being beaten up. As he opens the inside door and enters into the house that is exactly what he has in mind.

Quietly kicking off shoes, he bends down and puts them next to Tommy's. There are all kinds of silly rules in that house. He waits a second before taking a step down the short hallway. An unusual noise comes to his ears. He pauses and listens. It sounds like an ice cube. Tommy's parents have one of those refrigerators that can make ice cubes. Sliding along the wall to avoid the creaking boards, he looks around the corner. In the kitchen, Tommy is standing in front of the sink, his back to him.

Wyatt figures Tommy got out of bed to get a drink. He tiptoes into the kitchen intending to grab his little buddy from behind when he notices Tommy isn't moving. The little boy's head is pointed down. What the heck is he looking at? The front of his pajamas is lowered a bit but Wyatt can't see anything. Sliding forward on his sock-clad feet, he cranes his head up trying to look around the skinny boy's shoulder. "Erh…What are you doing?" He asks.

Tommy jumps literally. His bare feet leave the floor and come back down. The little boy twists around, yanking his hands out of his green pajama pants and pulling them up. For a brief moment, he breathes heavily. Then, his eyes go wide as saucers. He starts to jump around, shaking his leg.

Whatever is inside his pjs is now down the pant leg. Tommy kneels down and pulls the elastic away from his ankle. An ice cube drops out. The Vietnamese boy glares up at the unexpected guest. "You scared me!"

Wyatt laughs, amused by the scene. "What were you doing with that?"

Tommy, still crouching on the floor, picks up the ice cube and tosses it in the sink without getting up. He brings his legs together, pulling them to his chest protectively. "Nothing, go away."

Wyatt stares down at his little friend. Tommy is either trying to look serious or angry. He cannot really tell which. "Right, I come all this way over just to see if you want to go swimming and this is the way you treat me?"

Tommy feels some tears well up in his eyes hearing the words that are putting him in a quandary. His parents raised him to respect strict traditional Vietnamese courtesy. They encouraged him to be polite. He ponders and finally settles on saying, "I have to get changed."

"Since when have you been modest?" Wyatt points out, frowning.

Tommy's legs tighten closer together. "Please."

Wyatt relishes teasing the younger kid but there's something in his tone that takes all the fun out of it. "Is something wrong?"

Tommy doesn't say anything. His arms wrap tighter around his legs and he bows his head. This starts to worry Wyatt. He kneels down. "Tommy, what's wrong? You know I can always keep a secret."

Tommy looks up, his tiny dark eyes wet. "You promise?" He asks.

"I swear." Wyatt says without hesitation.

Timidly, the young boy divulges his secret. "I... I had an accident. I... hurt myself."

"Okay, tell me where and I'll see what I can do."

Tommy leans back and stretches his spidery legs out. His fingers slip under the waistband of his pajama pants. He lowers them just enough to expose his little erection. "It's really swollen." The small boy says. "I must have hurt it when I was sleeping."

Wyatt keeps his chuckles to himself seeing as Tommy looks so serious. But the nine-year-old boy's misunderstanding is really funny and he can't help but grin a little. "So you are putting ice on it, to keep the swelling down?"

Tommy nods.

Wyatt continues to stare at his little friend's rigid dickie. He has seen Tommy naked on numerous occasions when they were changing for swimming. His buddy's penis is maybe an inch long flaccid. He cannot remember how big he had been at that age. Looking at the tiny boner, he can't say if Tommy is small for his age or normal sized? Because Tommy is Asian, maybe it plays into it, or not? He isn't even sure how big his own dick is compared to other boys now. He only manages to catch a few glimpses of other boys once in a while and it isn't for lack of trying. For a moment, he takes the time to capture to his memory the sight of Tommy's cute penis. It seems to have doubled in size from its usual soft state.

"Well I have some good news for you. It's not swollen." He announces.
Tommy looks up, completely confused. "It will go back to normal if I put more ice on it?"

"Is that how you've treated this problem before?"

Tommy nods.

This time when Wyatt smiles, he doesn't suppress it. "It's not swollen, it's an erection. All boys get them."

Tommy looks down between his legs trying to work it out. "It's normal?"
Wyatt recalls how he had stumbled upon how to deal with erections the previous year, mostly by accident. "Yeah, I get them sometimes. They're not a bad thing really. I can tell you how to get rid of it and without using ice. You'll probably even like it."

Tommy has not made any effort to cover himself. His little penis is still stiff as a nail. "How do you do that?" He asks.

Wyatt shuffles his thoughts for a second. He has never explained it before and hasn't even discussed the matter with anyone. "Okay, well you put your fingers like this, in a little ring. Then you just move them up and down your stiffy. You do it for a while and then you'll feel like you kinda have to pee but you really don't have to. You keep going and going and then you'll get this really good feeling and it'll go down."

Tommy glances again between his legs, trying to visualize the instructions.

"Can you show me Wyatt?" He says, afraid to mess it up.

The request doesn't shock Wyatt. And if he is honest with himself, he has hoped his little friend would ask him. There is a part in Wyatt's mind that knows he should say no. But he forgets the twinge of guilt quickly after he chooses to ignore it. "All right, but let's go to your room. It's more private than the kitchen."

Tommy giggles.

Wyatt is delighted by the high-pitched chuckles. They jaunt down the hallway to the Vietnamese boy's room. For a nine-year-old boy, Tommy's room is surprisingly clean. There are no toys on the floor or anything out of place. Everything is put away either on the shelves or in storage containers under his bed. There are a few posters on the wall mostly of outer space or Naruto.
"Why don't you get undressed?" Wyatt says as he closes the door behind them.

Tommy raises his short arms above his head to take off his pajama top. He neatly folds it and then places it on the desk. Then, he pulls down his pajama bottoms and likewise folds and places them on the desk. Wyatt ogles at the little boy the whole time. He begins to feel a familiar stirring in his jeans and berates himself mentally for it.

"Aren't you going to get undressed too?" Tommy asks.

"Uh, yeah, I guess..." Wyatt takes a step towards the desk and pulls off his shirt. Usually he wouldn't have been as neat as Tommy but taking a page from his friend he carefully folds the shirt and places it next to the night wear.

"Okay, as I was saying, boys get erections all the time. It's the technical name, I think. They have a lot of different names; boner, hard-on, stiffy..."
"Why does it have so many names?"

Wyatt folds his jeans and glances down at the growing bulge in his black boxers-briefs. The situation is definitely turning him on. His dick isn't quite at full mast yet. There's no doubt in his mind it will reach four inches soon. "Well I think it's partly because sometimes people are embarrassed and partly to hide it from adults. Adults don't like to know kids get them and before you ask, I don't really know why. When we learned about it in health class they told us like fifty times it is normal."

"Oh," Tommy says, displaying an expression of confusion on his round face.

Wyatt turns around to step out of his boxers before picking them up and placing them on the desk. He takes a quick glance at the downy blond hairs over his half hard prick. When he turns back to face Tommy, the younger boy's stare goes directly to his crotch.

"So the first thing I guess you need to know is a boy can give himself an erection." He says. His hand drifts towards his penis and starts to play with it. Tommy watches him in complete rapture as the object of his attention swells to full rigidity.

"Let's get on your bed. It's best not to do this standing up." Wyatt


The older boy notices it takes a real effort for his friend to drag his eyes away from his erection, which makes him feel kind of proud. He climbs on the mattress after Tommy. As they settle their backs against the headboard, side by side, their ankles cross. Wyatt feels a shiver run up his spine when the silky skin of the little boy brushes against his.

"So I'll show you how you masturbate now, jerk off or play with yourself, whatever you want to call it."

"This has a lot of different names too." Tommy observes.

"They're code words." Wyatt whispers with a smile. "Remember, adults don't want us to know this stuff."

Tommy nods. "How did you find out about it?"

Wyatt lets out a little chuckle. "I kinda discovered it on my own with a little piecing it together from overheard conversations." He says. "There's really a long speech and short speech for this. Masturbating is sometimes considered sex for one though. Know what sex is?"

"Mating?" Tommy says.

Wyatt is surprised to hear the younger boy know a big word like that, but he doesn't let it show. "Right, this is how a guy can do it just by himself."
"Okay, but I have a question." Tommy says and then points. "Why are we different?"

Wyatt follows the pointing finger to his hard-on. "I'm circumcised and you're not. When I was really little the skin was too tight so they cut the tip off. Some boys have it done just because and others for different reasons. I guess they don't do it in Vietnam. That's where you're from right?"

"That's where I was born." Tommy says.

"Great, I knew that." Wyatt says.

His eyes roam to where their ankles are crossed. His skin looks very pale next to Tommy's darker tone. Then his eyes go back up the little boy's hairless body. The sight of the nude kid has his penis throbbing. Maybe he has a thing for Asian boys? Then again he seems to have a thing for any boy. "Okay, put your fingers like this." He says holding up his hand with a ring formed between his thumb and forefinger.

Tommy copies the finger arrangement. Wyatt approves. "Very good, now-" he says staring at Tommy's little boner with the foreskin still high up. He can just barely discern the pee slit. He isn't sure how different it is with people with foreskin so instead of starting at the base of his erection, like he normally would, he changes it up a bit. "Slide it around the middle of your erection. You tighten a little and then move up and down."

Wyatt's eyes never wander away from Tommy's hard little morsel. The younger boy's fingers go around it and move in the same way he's doing it. Wyatt watches the foreskin go down sliding over the head and then up to cover it. Suddenly his mind brings up the images he has seen on his cell phone and he wants to swat Tommy's hand away to give the boy his first orgasm with his mouth. It would be his first blow job too. Then he could swing Tommy's legs up and take his cherry.

His fantasy fades out when he feels Tommy's legs twitch next to his. Tommy's hand is moving faster now. Wyatt continues to jerk off, his orgasm approaching. It makes his dick so hard to see Tommy's body all tensed up. Suddenly, the little boy twists around, showing his butt. Squeals erupt from his gaping mouth. "Uhhh! Uhh!"

"You're cumming, Tommy!" He says. "Is it nice?"

"Yesss! Uhhhh! Uhhhh!"

The little Asian boy's enjoyment of his first orgasm is enough to push Wyatt over the edge. He yelps, feeling his boner pulse between his fingers. His dry orgasm has not yet finished that Tommy is leaping to hug him.

"Thank you for teaching me that!"

Wyatt savors the last seconds of his cum with the small boy on top of him. Then, he hooks his arms around his back to hug him back. "What are friends for?" He says and after a few seconds adds. "So do you want to go swimming, now?"

"Yeah!" Tommy shouts jumping off of him.

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