Lost in the Dark

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 3

Ryder didn't have the habit of taking his phone around everywhere. He knows it was better to have it with him than not, but it wasn't a habit yet. When the storm let up, he went to the library, leaving his cell phone on his nightstand. He didn't think to check it until almost 8:00 that night, and that was only so he could consult the weather. The message from Xander caught him off guard.

'Having a BBQ tomorrow at 12. You want to come? Parents can come to.'

The only invitations he had ever received was to birthday parties back when it was customary to invite every one form your class. Those had dried up. So why was Xander asking him?

He pursed his lips in thought. He had been having a good time when it had just been two of them. Xander had needed some help with the game, and Ryder had already beaten it a few times. It would probably be a while before Xander got stuck on anything else like that. Of course, he did have four games Xander could borrow. That was something. This BBQ thing, there would be other people – Jordan and Tony for example. He didn't really like Jordan; he had been teamed up with him for more than a few projects at school.

Ryder had always found it hard to say anything when Jordan was there. He would talk over him all the time. A self-appointed leader, he loved being the center of attention. Ryder envisioned himself at the party just sitting, being talked over and ignored. A memory of a birthday party he had attended once flashed back to him. Ryder had been sitting in the group when the birthday boy wanted to show them something in his room. He had gotten up to follow only to find that he hadn't been invited. The kid pushed him out of the bedroom.

Ryder sent a message back. 'Sorry, busy.' After he hit send, he stared at his phone. The invitation had been sent several hours ago, so Xander had probably already assumed he wasn't coming. Putting the phone back down on his nightstand he lay back in his bed and stared up at the ceiling. There were only two days left of spring break and then they would be back at school. It would be Xander's first day, and he would probably have his friends by then. Turning down the party invitation would be Ryder's third strike, but it probably would've just been a miserable time, anyway. He really didn't understand how people like Xander could make friends so easily.

Ryder remembered that at one time he had had friends when he was little. As he thought about it, he realized that school really wasn't a great place to make friends. You were stuck in classes most of the day, and if you were assigned a project that didn't exactly give you a lot of time to talk. There was lunch, of course, which was loud and uncomfortable. Recess was probably the best time. There was usually one game or another going on the big field he could join. Then again, maybe it was just him. Sometimes he felt like there was a big book of rules about how to deal with people, and he had never received his copy.

He reached for his phone and texted Brendan. 'Parents out tomorrow. Stop by, might have one, at least fun K 2.' He hadn't checked how much his parents had brought home recently. Brendan would probably come over just to be sucked, but maybe not Kevin. Then again Kevin was a follower to Brendan. He sent another text. 'After 12.' He hit send. Ryder should have at least have a little fun if Xander was having his.

He was just about to put his phone back down when he received the message. He thought it would be from Brendan, but it was from Xander.

"2 bad. If things change stop by."

Ryder stared at the message for a long time before powering down the phone. He sat up and started reading, trying to lose himself in the book until his eyes were too tired to stay open.

The next morning he showered as his parents left for the day. It wasn't a work day for them, but they said they were going to visit some friends. That gave them a 50-50 chance of coming back at least buzzed. Sometimes they would take him along if they were going into Denver for something, but not usually. Ryder didn't care. As soon as his parents were gone he went into their bedroom and opened up the old tin they kept their stuff in. There were only five joints, with some loose marijuana, still in the container. He took a joint and went back to the living room and settled on the couch with his Xbox.

When the knocking came at the front door, it was more of a pounding, and he jumped. He paused the game and ran to the door. Looking out the window, Ryder spotted Brendan and Kevin. He opened the door to let the two in.

Brendan looked around the house. "Thought you would have a nicer place."

"Brendan," Kevin said, following after his friend, "be nice."

"I didn't say it was bad, just not nice." Then he spotted something on the couch and walked over to it. "Shit, you got a new Xbox?" he said, holding up the controller. "I want to give this a try." He put the controller back down and stroked his crotch. "First things first."

Ryder smiled coyly, understanding where this was going.

"I betcha wanna see me naked," Brendan added. "You'd like that, huh?"

Ryder nodded. All the times he had sucked off the teenager he always wore his jeans and a tee-shirt. Ryder never got to see his body. The proposition enticed him.

"I knew you'd like that," Brendan said. "But if I do it, you're gonna be our bitch, okay?"

"Shit, don't be like that," Kevin butted in.

"Oh don't be a pussy, Kevin," Brendan countered. "You like this as much as me. Besides, he wants to do it. Right?"

"Yes," Ryder said, starting to feel excited.

"Okay then, strip and get down on your knees bitch … now!" Brendan ordered.

Ryder immediately obeyed, pulling his clothing off without hesitation. He knelt down completely naked, kneeling helplessly and getting more and more excited by the sudden turn of events.

"Hands on your head and kneel up straight," Brendan said, circling around him with a wicked grin on his face. The teen grabbed the back of his blond hair and pulled. "Stay kneeling, bitch!" Brendan bellowed, walking around him to stand directly in front.

Ryder grimaced as his hair was pulled. He didn't say anything, remaining still, waiting for the older boy to undress as he had promised. But Brendan just bent over and took off his white tube socks. He looked at Ryder for a while and just grinned. "Kiss my feet, bitch."

Ryder hesitated. He looked down at Brendan's long teenage feet. The thought of kissing them humiliated him, but he wanted to do more so he bent down and kissed the left foot then the right.

"I didn't say stop. Keep going until I say stop," Brendan said.

Ryder continued kissing the left and right foot repeatedly. He felt totally humiliated and was surprised to notice his dick beginning to stand at attention. As he brought his lips down, again and again, Brendan was slowly undressing, removing his tee-shirt and unzipping his jeans. The teen took everything off, and Ryder ogled at his nakedness. Brendan looked pretty good. He was carrying a few extra pounds and had almost no hair except for around his crotch. There was still something masculine about him, though. As usual, Kevin stood there on the side, looking at the scene.

Brendan crouched down, his erection wobbling between his thighs. Ryder couldn't help but stare at it. He felt the teenager caress his butt and then heard him say, "Kiss my cock. Show me how much you love it."

Right away the blond boy approached with his lips and deposited wet kisses on the engorged flesh. He dove under the shaft and kissed the big dangling balls, too.

"I love your butt," Brendan said. "You have a girl's butt."

Ryder didn't give much attention to the comment. Kevin was coming closer, pulling his pants down to get in on the action.

"You wanna suck our cocks, bitch? Say it," Brendan commanded.

"Yes," Ryder said, going down to gobble up his cock. Within seconds, he was bobbing his head. As usual, Kevin thrust his boner at his face, but this time, the reserved boy seemed more aggressive and said, "Suck my cock too, bitch!"

The nasty remark took Ryder surprise and almost made him giggle. He went down on Kevin's cock. Brendan gripped the back of his head and forcefully brought his little mouth back on his rigid member. "SUCK my cock, bitch!"

Ryder's eyes bulged as the teenager's stiff meat invaded his throat. For a good while, Brendan fucked his face roughly, watching the scene closely. "Shit! You're really getting into this!"

After a while, Brendan let go. Ryder went back to sucking both cocks leisurely, holding one in each hand. There was no denying he enjoyed stuffing his mouth with the hard meat. It wasn't just the physical sensation, but something else. He couldn't figure it out, and at the moment he didn't care. He pursed his lips on the big cockheads and slowly engulfed as much he could, siphoning all the juices. Then he did it faster, deep-throating both cocks right down until his nose was buried in the teen's bushy pubic hairs.

"Man, I gotta shoot!" Brendan announced out of the blue. "Oh damn! I'm cumming!"

Ryder pulled off of Kevin and went for Brendan. Brendan stopped him by grabbing a handful of his blond hair. He felt the hot gushes of cum splash across his face. Meanwhile, Kevin exhaled louder and groaned. More cum spurts started to land on his forehead, his nose, and his lips. Ryder kept his eyes shut until both boys were done. It felt like his face was covered with jizz – which was the case.

Ryder felt the stuff slowly oozing down his face. It was warm, and he felt some start to slide down his nose towards his eye. He wiped it away as Brendan laughed. "It looks good on you."

Slowly, Ryder opened his other eye – the one that he knew nothing was near. Brendan was still standing there looking down at him. Kevin seemed in a hurry to get his pants back up. When Ryder tilted his head forward, he realized the mistake he made, as some of his hair brushed over his face. Quickly reached up to brush his hair back with both of his hands. As he did so, he could feel that some of it was wet, which only caused Brendan to laugh more.

Despite everything, he was starting to feel embarrassed. This was different than before. Without saying a word he stood up and moved towards the bathroom. Shutting the door behind him, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He paused and looked at himself. His face was covered. There was really no way to tell which was Brendan's and which was Kevin's jizz, although of the two there was more of Kevin. Some of the thick liquid was sliding down his face and landing on his shoulders, and one dripping spot going under his chin. He turned away from the mirror and climbed into the shower.

Tilting his face towards the water, he let it hit him. As the warm water slid down his thin body, he moved his hand towards his dick, which was still hard. He slowly started to jerk off and relive what just happened. In his mind, it was different, less exciting somehow. Unlike last time, he did reach a climax, his body tensing at the sensation of a giant orgasm. He stayed in the shower a bit longer before his parent's shower timer turned the water off. If he stayed here for another ten minutes, he could get it started again, but as he ran his fingers through his now soaked hair, he found he didn't want to.

Realizing he had forgotten to grab a towel, he just stood there for a while, the water dripping off of his body. He had a headache and wondered if it was from the hair pulling. He hadn't like that and made up his mind to tell Brendan not to do that again.

Ryder realized he needed to get high. Still naked, he climbed out of the shower, wiping some of the water off of his body before going back out to find his house empty. Brendan and Kevin had left and taken the joint with them. He briefly thought of stealing another one for himself, but his parents might notice that. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and felt some water roll down his cheek.

Xander greeted Ryder's text message with a mixture of relief and disappointment. With what the twins had told him he was a little leery of trying to befriend Ryder. He had never been the new kid before and he wasn't sure how this new school worked. At least that's what he was trying to tell himself. He couldn't deny checking out Ryder. The boy was cute. He had small feet, which was a fact Xander had noticed when Ryder took his sneakers off. Why that fact was one of the things that stuck in his mind was also the same reason he was a bit relieved he'd received that message. The fact that he kept his phone in his hand for the next half hour hoping to receive another message from Ryder was weird.

When the next morning came around, he ducked out to head off to the park. The game had a rough start time, but today only five people showed up. The game didn't last very long, breaking up after about 45 minutes. Xander was okay with that, as his parents had asked him to come home early, anyway. Setting up for the barbecue was straightforward. They had an outdoor patio set, but with all the people coming it all needed to be set up, and a few more chairs had to be brought out.

The first few guests that arrived held no interest for him. They were neighbors or people from his mom's work. The first one to show up that he actually cared about was Jessie, the girl from the basketball game. When he saw her, he popped up from the couch and went over to greet them along with his mother. Jessie had come with her parents, along with – as she described it – a little growth attached to her mother's leg, that turned out to be her six-year-old brother. When her brother heard this description of himself, he just giggled and didn't detach himself from his mother. They were shown to the backyard where the other guests were mingling, but Jessie came back with him to wait for the other people he had invited.

"It's nice that your parents let you invite some of your friends," Jessie said, taking a seat on the opposite end of the couch to him.

"Not so much nice as convenient," Xander explained. "They like to at least know the parents of my friends."

Jessie smiled. "And you're already counting me among those?"

"Only for convenience's sake," Xander said, smiling back.

"Friend of convenience. I can do worse. So who else is coming?"

"Well I invited Mark, but he said he had something planned. RJ said his parents could stop by after 1 o'clock. Then there's Tony and Jordan. They said they would be coming." Xander hesitated, and then added, "I also invited Ryder, but he said he was busy. So I told him to stop by if things cleared up."

"Ohh, that's too bad," Jessie said surprising him. "It would be nice to see him outside of school."

"Ryder?" Xander asked, wanting to be sure.

Jessie nodded. "He's sweet. I always try to rope him into our group-projects."

This being almost the opposite of what he'd heard from the twins interested Xander. "You have a crush on him or something?"

Jessie gave him a disgusted look. "What, I can't say nice things about a boy without having a crush on him?"

"Um… No, I'm… It's just…"

Jessie's expression softened, and she waved it off. "No, I don't have a crush on him. If you must know he reminds me a lot of my brother. Shy and quiet. He's pretty smart, though, and can have some good ideas even if you have to pull them from him. If anything I think he brings out my big sister feelings. He's a pretty good guard for capture the flag." She paused for a second and then continued, "He's terrible at Tag, though."

"You still play Tag?" Xander said, questioningly.

"We sure do. All the cool kids do," Jessie said this with a straight face, holding it for a few seconds before she broke into a smile at Xander's confused look. "Okay, there is a bit of a story behind it."

"I bet there is."

Jessie stretched her legs before straightening on the couch. "Well, at the beginning of the school year they announced some new rules. One of them was that we could no longer play tag. Something about having people feel left behind because they're it. There was a small but brave group of students who didn't like this new rule and decided they were going to play tag anyway, even when they were told not to continue to play. They were threatened with detention, and some wavered, but the rest were undaunted by the threat. This played out over a few days, you have to understand. A lot of kids were joining in, so the principal decided to pay attention to the -" she placed her fingers in vees and wagged them to form air quotes " – ringleaders. Some of these kids had never been in trouble before, and when the parents came in there was a big fuss later, and the rule was forgotten about, along with the detentions. So yes, we still play tag, dammit!"

Xander listened to the story, smiling at the thought of both such a stupid rule and the student's reactions. "I'm guessing you were involved somewhere?"

Jessie looked innocent. "How could you tell?"

Xander laughed. He was really beginning to like her.

Tony and Jordan showed up shortly afterward, with parents in tow. The four of them went out back and grabbed hamburgers or hot dogs, depending on their personal preferences. It wasn't until RJ showed up that they moved to the front yard to play pickle. Even Jessie's little brother came out for that and Xander tried not to be too hard on the little guy.

When they needed to take a break, they went in the backyard to grab sodas, and the youngest member of the group reattached himself to his mother. With the backyard being pretty packed along with most of the first floor, they slipped out to the front yard again and sat in a circle.

Xander smiled to himself. The barbecue was turning out pretty good for him. RJ was a boy who looked really good with a sweaty shirt tight against his body. Xander was getting to see that again now as he sat across from him. The boy seemed to have a thing for white shirts, which was currently doing a lot to show off his body.

The conversation wandered around stupid little things until RJ sent a question towards Xander. "Did they have dances at your old school?"

"There were two. One just before winter break and one at the end of the year. The seventh and eighth graders had more. Do you guys?"

"Just the one at the end of the year," Tony answered. "So, did you go?"

Xander shrugged. "My parents kind of made me. I just went with a group of friends. It was pretty boring. I think most of our parents just wanted to see us dressed up."

Jordan made a sound. "I can't wait for ours. I'm going to get me some."

"Fat chance of that happening," Tony said.

"Hey, remember what our cousin said?"

"He's all talk," Tony dismissed.

There were a few seconds of silence before Jessie spoke up. "What did your cousin say?"

"That he had sex after the dance."

"I think I'm with your brother here," Jessie said dismissively.

"She's right. Girls are interested in talking about which guys are cute, but not actually doing the stuff," RJ said.

"Now that's not true," Jessie said interrupting him. "We are interested; it's just different for us."

"How so?" Tony asked.

"You mean besides being labeled a slut?" she said, before taking a long swig from her can. "To a girl, who you lose your virginity to is more important than just losing it, like you guys."

Xander looked away from Jessie. It wasn't that he was uncomfortable discussing sex; it was just that he was doing it with an actual member of the opposite one here.

"So do you like try to picture guys naked?" Jordan asked.

"Probably as often as you do," Jessie answered, to a few nervous chuckles.

Jordan smiled. "Well, if you want I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

"Be naked?" Jessie asked.

Jordan's mouth quickly shot as he looked down. "No, you know just down there."

"I would be game for that," RJ said jumping back into the conversation.

Jessie didn't say anything for a few seconds. As it began to stretch into an uncomfortable time, she finally spoke. "That could be interesting. What about you other two?"

Xander looked at Tony, who gave him a glance, and then shrugged. "Why not. What about you Xander?"

Xander couldn't say he had no interest in seeing what a girl looked like. Part of it was just pure curiosity, while there was another, a smaller part that hoped it might spark something. At the same time, it felt weird, but he didn't want to be the odd man out. "I guess. How would it work?"

"Well, first we would have to agree never to tell anyone about this," Jessie said. When everyone agreed to that, she continued. "We could all do it at the same time. You know – 1-2-3, drop."

"That's not fair," Jordan complained. "There's four of us and one of you. We should get four times the amount of time to look at you."

"Actually I would say it's the opposite," Jessie immediately countered. "You're all going to be looking at me but I've got to look at all of you. I think I deserve more time."

"I think it should just be like a minute for all of us. What if someone chickens out though?" RJ said.

"Well, we are all friends. I don't think that's something we need to worry about," Tony said.

"We need a private spot," Jessie said, going to the practical side. "Any suggestions Xander?"

For some reason, Xander hadn't thought it was something they were going to do right now. He had to think about it. He first thought of the basement, but there was no lock on the door. "I guess I could show you guys my room."

"Okay," Jessie said, tilting her head back and finishing her can of soda. "Come on boys."

Everybody finished their drinks or just dumped the remains out, and stood. Xander led them back inside, feeling nervous. He could hear the voice of his father talking to someone. It took an effort for him to go up the stairs, his friends following behind. He led them to his room, holding the door open until the last one got through, and then closing it.

Everyone shuffled around, looking at different things in his room before RJ brought them to their purpose. "I think we should dump all our phones on the bed. You know, just to be sure."

One at a time, each one of them put their phone on the bed. RJ picked his up and started to fiddle with it. "I've got a stopwatch. I can set it for a minute, and then it'll beep to tell us time's up."

"Give it a minute and 20 seconds," Tony said. "Gives us time to get ready."

"Who's gonna count down for the big reveal?" Jordan asked.

"I will," Jessie said. "If one of you chickens out and gets a free look, I'm pulling up immediately."

"And if you make her do that, I'll kick your ass," RJ said.

There were a few nervous laughs at that, but at that moment Xander wished he wasn't there. Not wanting to chicken out though he got ready like everyone else. Everyone was wearing jeans or shorts. In short, everyone had something to unbutton and unzip before holding their pants up with their hands. He wondered if it had been a good idea to wear boxers today instead of his usual tighty-whities. What was everyone else wearing?

RJ said to get ready before dropping his phone on the bed and rushing to join them in the circle. Jessie started to count down, and Xander had to wet his lips. When she said to three, they all dropped in almost perfect unison.

For what felt like ten seconds Xander just stared at a blank spot on his wall before consciously pulling his eyes towards Jessie. It was… different. She didn't have any hair, so it was just there. He stared at it for a few seconds more out of curiosity but feeling nothing. Then, almost against his will, his eyes started to wander. The first male crotch he landed on was RJ's, and like Jessie's, he was bald too. His shaft had the extra skin, showing he wasn't circumcised. Xander was uncircumcised too, so it wasn't unfamiliar. Still, he started to feel a sort of tingle in his balls, and he felt himself begin to become hard.

He bit his lip, moving on to Tony. He was cut with large balls and a spattering of hair. His thing looked a bit thicker than either Xander's or RJ's, and he wondered if that was because he was starting to get hard. As he watched, it seemed to twitch a bit. Xander had a sudden urge to touch it, to squeeze it. As his shaft reached half-mast, he pulled his eyes away towards the last member of the group. Jordan was erect. Showing possibly the biggest difference between them, he didn't have any hair. He was standing the closest to Xander, and his balls seem to stick out a bit more from his body. The smooth black orbs just looked like they needed a good squeezing. His eyes shot back toward RJ. That boy was starting to get hard too, the glans at the tip of his erection beginning to peel back the foreskin. Xander decided he liked the clean look.

When the alarm went off, there was a scramble to pull up, and Jessie even turned around. Xander looked down to make sure he didn't catch himself and tried to hide the fact he had gotten hard. When he looked up though, he had the feeling that everybody knew. It was a few seconds before anyone spoke.

"Well, that was fun," Jessie said. "You tell anyone at school this happened and I'll kill you with a pitchfork."

"Is she joking?" Xander asked, to no one in particular.

"We've always found it best never to try her," RJ said, grinning and adjusting his pants.

Xander glanced over at Jessie, who was just smiling. "Right. Let's get back to the party."

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