Lost in the Dark

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 2

Ryder's stomach woke him around four in the morning reminding him that he had skipped dinner. He had fallen asleep with his clothing on, and his crotch was damp with sweat. Knowing he wouldn't be going back to sleep, he rolled out of bed and stripped. His clothing went in the hamper and make it through his dresser. Aside from his underwear, everything was a hand-me-down from his older brother. His brother had been 13 when he was born that was when his parents started saving his clothing for him. Everything would be big on his little frame. He settled on a pair of cargo shorts and one of the smaller shirts that would only be two or three inches [5-7 cm] shorter on him than yesterdays.

In the dark room he summed up a little anger towards his parents. It wasn't like they didn't have the money to buy him new clothes. They just didn't have the desire. Even when he had not had his brother's hand-me-downs, it had always been thrift store clothing. Why buy new when you could re-use. He knew his brother hadn't had to put up with this crap. Why did he?

By the time he was dressed he wasn't in the mood to be quiet in the kitchen. Not caring if he woke his parents. With a sandwich made and a cup of water, he went back to his bedroom and picked up a book to read. It is about the space program and had lots of pictures. He made a mental note to go to the library today. After a few hours, he heard his parents going off to work. He didn't emerge from his bedroom until they were gone.

It was just a little before 8:30 so he grabbed some of his money and start to make his way towards the convenience store. His parents wouldn't approve but just about every day he would go there and buy a candy bar or something else totally unhealthy. Today he was feeling particularly bad so when he got there he ordered a milkshake. The person behind the counter looked like a mother. She wasn't happy about making a milkshake this early in the morning and tried to talk him out of it. He did not care. Taking his milkshake outside he sat on the outdoor picnic tables. Ryder's back rested against the tabletop, his feet resting on his skateboard slowly moving it back and forth as he sucked the thick shake through the straw.

He was almost done when something caught his eye. Crossing the street was Xander. His eyes followed the boy as he crossed through the parking lot and disappeared out of sight just before he entered the store. Ryder toyed with the idea of going back in and getting something else. He stopped himself though. Xander was cute, but all he would get is a look and a few more stored images for his masturbating fantasies. Still, his eyes stayed focused on where Xander had disappeared. When Xander suddenly appeared from around the corner he was startled.

Xander was carrying a bag under his arm and had a drink in his other hand. "Hey, you're Ryder right?" Xander said taking a seat at the far end of the bench.

Ryder nodded. "Yeah, um Xander right?" He looked the other boy up and down. Xander was wearing a T-shirt and shorts again. This time he was close enough to tell the was no noticeable hair. He wondered if the boy had any around his dick yet. He smiled to himself. "Did you get to play basketball yesterday?"

"Yes, I did. I guess I got to meet some of my new classmates too. Did you have a good time with your friends?"

"I guess," Ryder said wondering if he should try to prolong the conversation.

After a few seconds of silence, Xander continued. "My dad asked me to pick up some hot dog and hamburger rolls. He's having a barbecue tomorrow. That is assuming the storm decides not to ruin another day."

Ryder looked up at the sky. It was overcast. "Hope it doesn't rain on you."

"I got a text earlier from one of the people I played basketball with. I guess the game's canceled for today. I'll be playing Xbox One today. I just got it for my birthday actually. Only got around to playing it yesterday. Do you play video games?"

"I have an Xbox too," Ryder said thinking of the black box under his TV.

"One S or 1?"

"One S."

"Yeah, what games?"

Ryder listed the five titles he had and Xander only had one. Fortunately, it was when they both had in common. Xander was only about two hours in, but since the game was Fallout that meant virtually nothing.

Xander tilted his head back and finished off his drink Before letting out a sigh. "Well, guess I should get home."

Ryder nodded wishing there was some way to continue the conversation.

"You want to come back and watch me play for a bit?" Xander offered as he stood up.


Xander didn't look at him as he twisted the bag around his wrist. "I mean, I could use some advice. If you wanted too."

Ryder smiled. "Sure." He stood up maybe too fast he thought because Xander was looking at him.

"Should you text your parents or something?"

Ryder froze. He felt around for his phone not sure if he had taken it with him or not. Finding it he pulled it out and pretended to text. "They're both working, so they won't care as long as I have my phone."

"Great, I could use some help building the stupid settlements."

Ryder started to explain as they walked. Maybe Xander wasn't so far out of his orbit. Then the pessimism in the back of his head started to work on him. How long could a friendship based on a single videogame last? Ryder tried to shove that idea in a box before could swell the take over his brain. He just tried to enjoy the moment.

Xander's house was nice, two stories with a paved driveway. The door opened into a hallway and even before the door was closed an adult voice called out.

"Get everything, Xander?"

"Yes. I brought a friend home too."

"His parents know?"

"He texted them. They're both working and he says it's okay."

"All right."

Ryder hesitated not thinking someone would be home with them. His half-baked notions of maybe a blow job or something deflated. "That your dad?"

"Yeah," Xander said kicking off his shoes. "He works from home. You can put your shoes over there."

Ryder watched Xander take off his shoes as he started to feel self-conscious. His sneakers were filthy. As he kicked one of his sneakers off he noticed a hole on the top of his sock over the big toe. He quickly removed the other one and hope Xander wouldn't notice. "What does your dad do?"

"He writes stuff for companies. Brochures, descriptions of products and stuff like that. He's even done a few articles for magazines. My mom works for Grassnol. What do your parents do?"

Ryder hesitated. Even with the legalization of marijuana, not everybody liked the idea. "They own a shop in Denver." He figured that was a safe answer.

"Cool, come on it is in the basement."

Ryder followed Xander into the finished basement. He enjoyed the view from behind. He wasn't much for butts, but Xander had a nice one. He wondered what Xander might be packing up front. He smiled at that wondering how Xander would react if you just asked him outright. Would a straight guy turn down a blow job? He could only risk it in his fantasies.

They settled down on opposite ends of a large couch and Xander started up the game. Ryder explained a few things and made a few suggestions the whole time glances over at the other whenever he could. Xander had nice calf muscles. They were smooth and strong. He wanted to touch them to see if they were as they look. However, his study of the other came short when he caught Xander looking at him.

Ryder did get Xander to laugh a few times and he liked the sound of Xander's laugh. Eventually, Xander turned the game over to him. Some things were easier to show them explain about after all. As he was playing he heard Xander's phone go off. He looked over at Xander who was typing a message back.

"Everything okay?"

"Sure, just texting a friend."

Ryder put it out of his mind but only a few minutes later the doorbell rang and Xander excused himself. When he came back down he was with two others. Tony and Jordan the twins. Ryder pursed his lips as the two stopped seeing him.

"Hey, Ryder," Jordan the shorter of the two said. "Didn't know you were here."

"Oh, you know each other that's good," Xander said pushing past the other two.

"Yeah, he's in my class," Tony said shrugging it off and taking a seat.

Xander looked at the three of them and smiled. "Sorry Ryder, I didn't think you might be in the same grade as me." He seemed to realize what he had said and then added weekly. "I mean we didn't talk about school yet."

Ryder glanced at Xander. "Yeah, it's not exactly my favorite subject."

Both Xander and Jordan laughed. "True," Xander said sitting back on the couch leaving the others to find a seat.

As it turned out Xander had invited Jordan and Tony over the other day to look at the game. Ryder realized he was the fifth wheel, not the twins. It was hard to get a word as they talked. After he gave up the controller he waited five minutes before pretending got a message on his phone. No one was paying much attention to him and he simply said he had to go. At least that brought Xander's attention. He asked if they could trade numbers so they could text and Ryder agreed.

Quickly making his way up the stairs he headed down the hallway getting shoes on. He could hear it was raining outside but didn't care.


Ryder turned and looked into the living room seeing a man standing by the window. He swallowed and nodded at Xander's father. "I got a text. Gotta go home."

The man nodded and glanced out the window again. "Let me give you a lift. It's pouring outside."

"I'm okay," Ryder said putting his other sneaker on.

"I really don't feel comfortable letting you walk home in this," Xander's father said. "I can get Xander to come with us if that's what's worrying you,"

Ryder didn't know what to do. He just stood there wanting to leave but somehow feeling pinned. "Okay."

The man finished whatever was in his cup and gestured for Ryder to follow him. Reluctantly the blonde followed picking his skateboard up and putting it under his arm. The car was in the garage so neither of them had to get wet. They reach the end of the driveway Xander's dad asked which way and Ryder told him.

"All right, here we go," Xander's father said turning into the street. "Does it always rain this bad around here?"

Ryder shrugged playing with one of the wheels on his skateboard. "It's a storm."

"Yeah, that it is. I'm sorry I didn't get your name when you first came in. I was on the phone actually. Sorry."

"It's Ryder."

"Nice name. Well, I hope to see more of you. Nice to see Xander getting along with so many new people."

Ryder had no idea what to say to that so he said nothing.

Xander's father was silent for a moment not saying anything when Ryder said he should turn. "That's my house."

Xander's father slowed the car rolling to a stop in front of it. "All right. Ryder before you go can I ask you something?" Ryder had unbuckled his seatbelt but paused at the question. Xander's father seemed to take that as a yes. "You got out of there shortly after Jordan and Tony arrived. Are they okay?"

"Yeah, they're just not my friends." With that said he hopped out of the car and ran for his front door. He had left the front door unlocked and quickly closed it behind him. After a few seconds, he peered out the window to see the car pulling away. That was weird.

"You may not want to be friends with Ryder," Jordan announced as the basement door closed.

Xander glanced at the shorter of the two brothers. "What, why?"

"He hangs with a pretty bad crowd. He has these two older friends Brendan and Kevin. They moved up to the middle school this year but they use to like to pick on kids in the younger grades."

"I don't think Kevin was much into that," Tony said. "I mean I never saw him do anything just always stood in the background."

"Really?" Xander tried to imagine Ryder out with people like that. He would've sworn the kid was younger than him. He was tiny. If Xander had to guess he would be more likely to be a victim of bullying then part of it.

"To be fair," Tony started. "I've never seen Ryder pick on anyone. We've just seen the three of them together."

"Hum," Xander muttered as he blew a mercenaries head off. "I wouldn't have guessed."

"Ryder doesn't have many friends I think. I'm not in his class now but I have been," Tony said stretching. "I really don't know what's going on there."

"Maybe they're his bodyguards," Jordan said grinning. "He sucks their cock and they protect him from bullies."

"Don't be an ass," Tony scolded as he tried not to smile.

Xander tried to change the subject. "Yeah well, it looks like back to babies' school for me. Six grade was in middle school at my old one." That move the conversation on.

The twin's mother picked them up a few hours later. After Xander saw them off he wandered into the kitchen and grabbed a snack. Grabbing a can of soda he started to unwrap a brownie as his father came in.

"Hey, dad."

"Xander," his father nodded towards him pulling out a drink for himself. "Did you guys have a good time?"

His mouthful brownie Xander could only nod.

"Did you invite them to the barbecue tomorrow?" His dad asked leaning against the counter and taking a long swig from his can of soda.

"Yeah, but are you sure it's still on?" He looked out the window where the rain was still coming down.

"I checked the weather. This will end at around 3 o'clock. All sun tomorrow."

Xander nodded. Taking an unusually long sip from his can he looked up at his father and Wade if he should bring up a subject or not. "Do you have some time?" Xander had learned that just because his father worked from home didn't mean to be bothered at any time.


"Well, you said I could invite some of the kids I met and tell them they can bring their parents."

"You're recapping what I already know," his father interrupted smiling.

Xander smiled. His father's humor was annoying at times. "Well, I was thinking of asking someone, but I'm not sure they get along with someone else I want to ask. So not sure if I should ask both of them."

"Not all of your friends have to get on with each other. You can have different groups of friends."

Xander resisted the to roll his eyes. "Well, yes I know that. It's just, well one person said the other person might not be nice. I'm worried about getting into something now choosing the wrong side."

Xander's father silence was his rebuttal.

Xander let out a sigh. "I know what you say. I should judge people as individuals. Respect other people's opinions but make my own. Things can be judged from different points of view. I know all of that. You've embedded it into my head."


"So, I was hoping for some advice."

His father looked up tilting his head back and forth like he was having a conversation. "No, I think you covered it all. So what are you going to do?"

Xander finished off the brownie and angrily threw the wrapper away. "I'll invite both of them. You know I don't why I talk to you sometimes, you're already in my head." He picked his can up and walked out of the kitchen as his father called out from behind him.

"That's the sign of a good parent."

Xander didn't turn around but he did smile at that. He wasn't angry just had hoped there was another option out there. grabbing the can he headed to his room to use his laptop. He could use his phone just as easily but the bigger screen did have its advantages. He watched a few videos periodically texting one of the people he intended to see tomorrow. The twins had managed to do in person and he only had three numbers. The first two were easy to send out, but when it came to Ryder he hesitated.

He couldn't imagine Jordan and Tony had been straight up lying about Ryder. Hanging out with some not nice people was different than actually being one. Maybe there was some unknown connection between them. Their parents could be friends or something like that. Xander, know you couldn't always pick the kids you hung out with. He had been on the All-Star team last year for baseball and wouldn't have been friends with his teammates outside of that.

His mind also dragged up another point. He was attracted to Ryder. From the spare bedroom in front of the house, he could see part of the convenience store. That room was still held with some boxes and he had been looking for something he had spotted a blonde boy sitting at the picnic table. He hadn't been sure it was Ryder, but he had made an excuse to go. His dad had just added on the chore.

After purchasing the stuff he made his way to the picnic bench half hoping he was wrong. When he rounded the corner though he knew it was him. He had tried to play it as casual, a chance meeting. So much like the basketball game had been yesterday. There was a part of Xander wishing they would find nothing in common. Another part of him jumped at any possibility.

He had assumed from Ryder's clothing that his family wasn't well-off. An Xbox one S in five games for it suggests otherwise. He had assumed he was way younger, but they were in the same grade. Ryder had been easy to talk too, he had like that. Too bad he had to leave. Xander had been trying not to sneak too many glances.

The video he was watching ended and he stopped it from going to the next one. He looked at the search bar for a moment for turning down his speakers and typing the words coming out. It was a search he had done a few times before. There was a few new videos.

Some of them were obviously gay in his opinion. Sorry, but if you dye your hair hot pink people make assumptions. The trouble was he actually found the boy with hot pink hair sort of cute. Some of the boys were fairly cute, but he didn't like the overly feminized type. He was a boy and happy to have a dick. Although he did see anfew transgender ones that probably aren't as happy about that fact. Then he came across a video the kid was even younger than himself. That struck a chord with him and he quickly texted Ryder. He may not be ready to come out but he wasn't going to be shown up by a little kid even if it was only in his mind.

Slamming his computer shut he walked over to his bed and collapsed onto his bed and stared up at his phone. Looking at the time he realized his mom would be getting home soon. He put his phone down and started to undo his pants. If he didn't do it now, it would be a few hours before he could. Pulling his pants and underwear down he pulled his shirt up and started playing with himself.

His penis quickly sprung to life. He could feel his cock throbbed with heat. Closing his eyes, he tried to imagine earlier. Tony and Jordan were standing in front of him. They were completely naked, hands behind their backs as he looked them up and down. He imagined with their cocks would look like. His mind shifted to another thought. Did they jerk off together? They were twins, they must see each other naked.

He smiled as another thought occurred to him. Maybe they did a little more. He imagined them lay next to each other head to foot and then over. Thinking their brothers' erection in their mouth. The two of them sucking each other. Jordan would be on top, his butt would be high in the air. He had a nice butt. Xander then imagined standing over the scene Jordan is but waving in the air. Wanted to do something to that. Yes, he wanted to put his cock right up in there.

With a rush, Xander felt himself explode. The buildup lasted what felt like less than a second before the fluid was shooting out of him. This time he stopped stroking as he felt the warm liquid coming contact with the skin. Something was satisfying about this orgasm. Swinging his legs out he shuffled toward to this desk where he kept the tissues. He felt too self-conscious keeping them by his bed. Like his parents knew what he was using them for.

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