Lost in the Dark

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 1

What had started out as a move of a hundred miles turned into a three-day odyssey for Xander. The moving truck broke down on the way which meant they arrived at an empty house with only the things they could fit in their cars. Between the three of them and a very grumpy cat, they ended up moving just a couple boxes of essentials each.

Xander hadn't exactly been thrilled about the move, to begin with. Having his first night with just a sheet and a pillow – quickly purchased at Walmart – didn't exactly endear him to the new house. When the truck finally showed up the next day, it was all hands on deck for unloading and setting up. The pre-teen boy participated in the chore. However, his eyes kept drifting towards the town park literally in sight from his bedroom window. He'd wanted to go there ever since he saw it. It seemed he would never get the chance.

It was only the next morning that Xander managed to go there. The sultry weather made him decide to wear a tank top and loose shorts that were ideal for shooting hoops. The previous days, he had spotted a couple of kids around his age playing on the basketball court and hoped to get into a game. However, he was a bit too early for that. The closest thing to a kid he saw was in a stroller.

Casually dropping the ball to the free throw line, he put it up for an easy two points. Unfortunately, the metal hoops didn't have nets to slow down the ball's fall, and it went amok. Running towards the ball, Xander grabbed it before it bounced off the court. As he turned around, he saw someone was coming down the path from the road, a kid.

Trying not to appear too eager while simultaneously trying to seem cool, Xander ran the length of the court dribbling the entire way and went up for a layup, making it look easy. He was tall for his age and had a gift for just about every sport he had ever tried. The kid was still a good twenty feet [5 m] away slowly gliding towards him on a skateboard. Xander turned his back dribbling the ball. He listened to the sound of the wheels spinning against the pavement. When they neared, he casually turned around.

The kid was a disappointment. He was a head shorter with long blond hair that extended down to his shoulders. He wore a shirt that had once had a design on it but had faded a long time ago, obviously a hand-me-down. The shirt went down to his thighs. He had seen dresses shorter than that shirt was on him. His pants were cut off a few inches above his ankles.

The kid slowed down and eventually stopped to stare at Xander dribbling the ball. Xander realized the kid was looking. As the ball bounced onto the grass, he glanced at the onlooker. "Hey."

The kid tilted his head and nodded. "Hey."

The opening greeting out of the way, Xander introduced himself. "I'm Xander. I just moved here."

"Ryder," the boy answered, stepping off of his skateboard.

At a loss for anything else to say, Xander held up the ball. "You want to play?"

He really wasn't interested in befriending this little kid, but it was hard not to be polite.

To Xander's relief, Ryder shook his head. "I'm meeting up with some friends," he said.

Xander nodded, grateful that the kid was leaving. Still, he didn't go back to playing basketball. The kid didn't seem intended on moving either. Xander decided he didn't want to be rude. "I'm twelve."

"Eleven," Ryder said.

Xander squinted, wondering about that. The blond boy looked barely ten-years-old. If he was eleven, he must've just had his birthday recently, like yesterday. "Cool, I just moved over there." Xander pointed to a house on a hill overlooking the park. "That one."

As Ryder turned to look at where he was pointing, he added. "I think it's the right one. Not used to staring at it from this angle yet!"

Ryder laughed, and Xander's heart skipped a beat. The kid was pretty cute. That thought was immediately followed up by a bit of confusion. Puberty had been hitting him hard, and his attraction to boys was still kind of new and disconcerting.

Slowly the other boy's smile faded. "I should get going," he announced.

"All right," Xander said reluctantly turning away. "Oh, wait."

He turned back around. Ryder was still standing there apparently not getting ready to move. "I thought I saw a pickup game here yesterday. Do you know anything about that?"

Ryder shrugged. He put his skateboard back down on the ground and climbed onto it. "A lot of people play basketball here."

Xander nodded. "Okay, thanks."

He went back to shooting free throws, resisting the urge to turn and watch the kid disappear down the path. His analytical mind wasn't so easy to control though. Since puberty had started to kick in about six months ago, he had begun noticing boys in a different light. Up until then, they had just been friends or at least that's how he had thought of them.

Now some of them were getting into his head. Whenever he masturbated, they invaded his mind. He wondered what made this boy or that boy more attractive. Why did he imagine his friends were there with him? Sometimes, they were jerking off with him, sometimes doing other things.

He wasn't ignorant of sex, but when it came to gay sex, it was a bit more blurry. He had suppressed his curiosity to look it up so far, partly because men didn't interest him. Yet, a particular fascination kept gnawing at him. He had seen some porn but not gay porn. Deep down, he knew he liked boys more than girls. That he couldn't deny.

While Xander played alone on the basketball court, two black boys showed up as his thoughts started to spiral. One slightly taller than him. The other was shorter with broad shoulders, brothers, non-identical twins. Xander thought they looked good. They all talked for a bit before starting to play. It wasn't so much a game as just showing off to each other. The actual game began when a fourth boy who was white and around his height joined in. The paired up, each of them taking one of the brothers.

Other boys started to come by and even a girl. When it was decided they had to divide them into shirts and skins, one of the boys suggested she be one of the skins. To that, she just flipped the guy off. Xander decided he liked her. The game settled into a bit of a circular roster with a few of them taking a break allowing others to play. Xander talked to them. They were roughly around his age, and it helped that he was talented at basketball.

Over the next hour and a half, he learned that it was actually two groups of friends with a little overlap between the groups. There were seven in all. He made it an even eight. They broke for lunch, and no one seemed intended to return. So Xander headed home. His mom was at work, her new job having started yesterday. His dad was on the computer, but he was able to spare a few minutes to ask about how everything went at the park. Xander gave his father a quick run-down concluding it went well. He then excused himself to go up to his room.

Xander's bedroom still felt alien to him. It was bigger than his last, but things were different. The dresser was between two windows instead of next to the bed. The bed was up against the wall instead of being against the middle of the wall. No carpet, only hardwood. It didn't feel like his room.

It didn't take long before his mind drifted towards sex. He undid his shorts pulling them down along with his underwear. Absentmindedly, he started to play with his penis as he thought back on some of the people he'd met. He tried to think of the girl at first. Bethany was her name. Her blonde hair in a ponytail. He tried to picture her naked but couldn't get it up.

His mind started to flick through the boys he had seen that day. The shorter of the two brothers was cute. He imagined the black boy's lips around his older brother's dick sliding up and down. Then he thought of the kid with the dark curly hair. The boy had nice muscles. He had played as one of the skins. Xander had noticed the lack of hair under his armpits. Strangely, he wanted to stick his nose in there as he had seen sweat dribble down on the soft skin. Then there was this other kid he had noticed. He had been able to talk to him a bit. The boy was a little shorter and looked fairly good with his t-shirt clinging to him. There was something about him. Xander wished the boy was right there right now on his knees sucking him.

He continued jerking, feeling the pleasure rise and his balls tingle. Then, all of a sudden, the skater kid flashed into his mind. He recalled the name easily, Ryder. It was a different name, a cute name. He wondered how he looked naked. Xander tried to imagine him lying on his bed, one arm above his head, his legs spread, just waiting for it.

That was the image that pushed him over the edge. He arched his back feeling the small gushes of warm cum shoot out of his dick. He continued to jerk even after his climax still thinking about the little blond boy. He continued to pull until it started to hurt and then stopped. For a moment, he laid there with the tiny puddles of cum on his nearly bald pubes as his breathing slowed down. Despite his haze, it was clear to him that there was really no chance he was straight.

Ryder put a foot back on the skateboard and used the other one to kick off. He kept his eyes locked on Xander's back as the older boy resumed playing basketball. The new boy was hot. He was sweaty, and that made him even sexier. Then again, Ryder rarely saw a boy that he didn't think was cute. But that Xander was a 10. If he didn't already have cock waiting for him to suck, he surely wouldn't have minded spending a little more time with the new boy.

Then, his complete lack of talent at sports surfaced on his mind. Ryder knew he would not be able to compete. He knew that he was by no stretch of the imagination athletic. It wasn't just his size, but an inability to coordinate his movements. Without a doubt, Xander would wipe the floor with him one-on-one. Hell, the boy probably could beat three of him. Unless Xander wanted to score some pot, the two of them would never be in the same orbit. Xander was one of those boys who was a sun and Ryder wouldn't even be a speck of dust in his Oort cloud.

The blond boy continued to push onward down the path, forgetting about Xander. It branched out several times until he got to the sign that said 'jogging trail – no bikes, no skates, or skateboards'. He took off his helmet buckling the strap so he could carry it in the same hand he carried the skateboard.

He knew the path eventually curbed back towards the creek crossing into the woods over a bridge. The creek was half dry. Towards one bank there was some water flowing that was maybe knee-deep at the deepest parts, but for the most part, it was just bare rock. He started down the bank and follow the water until he could see the bridge.

That's where his friends were waiting. He saw Brendan standing up in the middle of the creek one hand resting on the bridge as he leaned forward against it out of sight from any jogger from above. The boy was bigger than him in every aspect. He was thirteen but looked older, with broad shoulders, dark hair and a few extra pounds around his belly. The teen didn't wave at him, just smiled wickedly. Then, he saw his other friend. Kevin was a lot like Brendan being the same age and having the same dark hair, but he was lean as a fence post.

"Hey," Ryder said.

"Hey," Brendan said in return. "You're finally here. I've wanted to get high for days!"

"My parents didn't bring much home lately," Ryder replied, dropping down to one knee and pulling out three joints from his sock.

"Nice," Kevin said, taking one and putting it in his shirt pocket. "Guess you've earned it," he grinned, showing off very white teeth.

Brendan laughed. "First I think he needs to strip. Then, this little cocksucker can get his load payment."

Ryder smiled. That line was unusually witty for Brendan. Neither of the two were very smart. Still, the order sent a little thrill through him. His small dick started to stir. "All the way?"

"Yeah, all the way," Brendan said.

Ryder quickly obeyed the command, removing his dirty sneakers, tube socks, and shirt. Before he took off his pants, he glanced around making sure no one was looking, except Brendan and Kevin of course. Both teens giggled when he peeled them off. Then Ryder shed his briefs, baring completely his pale hairless body. It was thrilling to be naked outside. The bridge above them offered privacy. Still, someone could come down the path and catch him. He would just pretend he was skinny dipping. That would be a good excuse.

Kneeling in the shallow water with his little dick hard, Ryder smiled at his friends. They advanced to him. Brendan took out his junk first. Kevin was always nervous and looked on for a while. Ryder grabbed Brendan's balls and stuck out his little tongue. Immediately, he licked the big orbs, watching the half-limp meat intently above it start to swell. As if in a trance, his face went to it. He kissed the hardening cock, gripped it and let his tongue dance around the crown of the head. Both older boys had nice cocks. But Ryder preferred Brendan's which was thick and circumcised.

"Ohhh yeah, sssuck it," Brendan hissed, tilting his head back.

Ryder opened wide, slipping the erection into his narrow mouth. He loved feeling his lips stretch around the big piece of young flesh. It was all so exciting. His love of cock never seemed to dwindle. And if it only took stealing a few joints from his folks' medicinal cannabis business to get to relive it again, then it was well worth it.

Ryder bobbed his blond head with vigor, eliciting moans and whimpers from the teenager. He had reached a steady tempo, slurping, again and again, the older boy's cock. While he slobbered away and occasionally deep-throated it, Kevin was watching with interest, and decided he needed to get involved. The other teen pulled down his sports pants and boxers, presenting his cock to Ryder's face. The young boy responded by starting to switch between both teenagers, a cock in each hand as he alternated back and forth with his hungry mouth.

Both Brendan and Kevin grinned widely and glanced at each other before looking back at his servicing mouth going down their cocks. Ryder enjoyed being naked between the two, bringing one cock then the other to his mouth. He liked to make them happy and knew this would remain confidential. After all, they surely would never dare tell anyone they got their dicks sucked by an eleven-year-old boy.

"Shit, I'm gonna shoot," Brendan announced, grabbing the back of Ryder's head. "Quick! Take it!"

Ryder sank his face all the way down on his cock, smiling, holding the whole thing down his oral passage as he felt the first burst of hot cream strike his tonsils. Brendan squealed over and over while the huge ropes of cum erupted into his mouth. The first time, both teenagers had squirted on his face. Ryder had not like that, he favored gulping it down. It made less of a mess.

Ryder's mouth flooded with seed as he continued to deep throat the whole time, his lips clamping the pulsing cock in place.

"Yes!!!! Fuck yesss!!!" Brendan cheered out of control watching Ryder swallow what he could of the enormous load, some spilling out of his mouth. The teen kept on trying to thrust throughout his orgasm, but there was nowhere for his cock to go – Ryder had his mouth over every inch.

As soon as Brendan was done, Kevin scooted closer, jerking his cock. "I'm ready too!"

Ryder welcomed the second cock down his throat. Siphoning with his cheeks hollow, he milked the teenage jizz out of Kevin's erection. The skinny teen didn't have a fat porker like his buddy, but he was a big producer. Ryder had to swallow three or four times to clear his oral cavity of all the cream.

Untouched throughout his own erection was stiff pointing up towards his chin. Ryder stared at it as he tried to catch his breath. Like the rest of him, it was small and insignificant. Slowly his hand went towards it. There was no question of Brendan or Kevin returning the favor. He wasn't even sure if he wanted them too. When he started to jerk off, then he looked up. Kevin had already retrieved the lighter from his hiding spot and had lit up. He was staring upstream not looking at him. Brendan was rolling the joint around in his hand. He was watching the show with an unreadable expression on his face.

Ryder looked back down suddenly feeling ashamed. His jerking motion starting to feel more painful than pleasurable and without finishing or saying a word he stopped starting to get dressed. When he looked back up yet seen Brendan laying back and smoking the lighter next to him. He went for it lit up his own joint.

The smoke filled his lungs, and in a very short time it did what his hands couldn't. He felt his erection deflate as he lost the sense of shame. The three of them smoked in silence for a while until they were about halfway done Brendan broke the silence.

"We got to get into your butt?"

"Hu?" Kevin said slowly turning to look at them.

"Ryder," Brendan said clarifying. "I could take him from behind, and you can take him from the front. He could be our pig instead of cum bucket." Brink he stepped out of

Ryder laughed.

"Yeah," Kevin said clearly having lost interest.

Brendan smiled which made Ryder laugh. A small part of his brain registered that it wasn't funny. It was a small animalistic part that was responsible for flight or flight. He didn't feel like dealing with that though at the moment.

The conversation died then, and they were quiet. When a jogger ran over the bridge, they'll found it extremely funny, but fortunately, no one decided to check on what was so funny. At some point, they started to drift away. They talked about something that wasn't important before they left. Ryder forgot his skateboard and had to go back for it when he was halfway home. He collapsed onto his bed and fell asleep waking up a few hours later when his parents came home.

Their house wasn't particularly big being all on one floor. His room was actually between the kitchen and living room. He stayed in bed for several minutes hearing them talk. They wouldn't check on him. If he didn't get out of bed they probably wouldn't even think of him Ryder thought to himself. Still, his mouth was dry, and he needed a drink.

When he stepped out of his bedroom, he saw his father and mother were sitting on the couch. He turned and smiled at them.

"Hey," his dad said.

"You have a good day?" His mother asked.

"Yeah," Ryder said wondering if he should add more. When neither of his parents seemed particularly inclined to continue the conversation, he headed towards the kitchen. Both of his parents could be described as health nuts. His choices of drink were either a fruit smoothie or cold green tea. Choosing the former, he headed back towards the living room plopping down in the chair.

He listened to his parents talk for a while as a nature documentary played, and after a while, he retreated back into his room. He didn't say he was going to bed, but his parents never checked on him, so he guessed it didn't matter. Turning his head, he stared at his far wall. There was a poster of the night sky done in fluorescent paint. He had bought it a year ago when they had gone to a science museum for school. He liked space.

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