The Tire Swing

by Rob Warr

Chapter 3

More fun

Morning found the four boys snuggled up together, a tangle of feet, arms, and legs, and as they roused from sleep they all shared the same need, to drain their bladders as quickly as possible.

Finding a tree nearby, the four stood around it in a circle, being careful not to pee on their own, or anyone else's feet. After shaking off the last few drops, the boys went back to the tent, slipped on shorts and attended to their next need, food.

"We have cinnamon rolls and fruit," Sammy said digging in the food basket, "but all we got to drink is Cokes."

"Yummy," Bobbby said cutely as he pulled a piece of his cinnamon roll off and popped it into his mouth.

"This is fine," Brad said, "everything tastes better out here in the woods."

"Yeah, I agree. We should've brought some bacon and eggs and stuff though, that would have been good," Sammy frowned.

"Nah, too much work. This is perfect," Brad assured him, "this way we have more time to have fun."

"Yeah, like we did last night," Doug laughed, "I still can't believe you licked my b-hole."

"Well, it just looked like it needed a lickin'," Brad said blushing, "honestly, guys, I've never done anything like that before, it's just when I'm with you guys I sorta lose control."

"We all sorta lost control," Sammy said, "but it was all fun, right?"

Everyone agreed, but there was no more talk about what had gone on the night before as they planned out their day. It was still a little early for swimming since the creek water hadn't warmed up much, so they decided to put on shirts and shoes and go exploring.

After polishing off two cinnamon rolls each and a piece of fruit, washed down with a bottle of Coke, the boys finished dressing and headed out. Sammy led the way, with Brad close by his side and the two younger boys bringing up the rear.

Though Brad had explored the woods closer to his grandparents' farm, this part of the woods was new to him, and he was glad Sammy knew where they were going. There were actually several paths through the woods, some of which Sammy said were game trails used by the animals.

"What kind of animals?" Brad asked looking around cautiously.

"Oh, you know, elephants, rhinos, that sort of thing. Nothing dangerous," he sniggered, but seriously, mostly deer."

"There are deer here?" Brad asked with interest, as he thought about how neat it would be to see a real live deer, maybe even snap a pic with his phone.

"Sure, they don't get hunted here, so there are a lot of them, especially in the spring and summer."

"One time," Bobby began, "we saw a momma deer and two babies. They were so cute."

"Oh, wow, that sounds amazing," Brad effused, "I hope we see one today."

"Suddenly to their right there was movement in the underbrush, and the boys came to a halt waiting to see what might emerge. Then suddenly a small brown rabbit hopped onto the trail, stopping long enough to look the boys over before retreating into the brush on the opposite side.

"Aww, he was cute," Bobby said, "I had a pet bunny once," he added, "but he got out and the dogs got him," he finished sadly.

"Sorry to hear that, was it a wild bunny like that one?" Brad asked.

"No, it was a white one, with red eyes. He was really big too, and furry."

They continued on in relative silence after that until they finally came to a rock outcropping and a small hill that blocked the trail. At first Brad thought it was a dead end, but once they were standing at the base of the hill, he could see that the trail curved around to the right of it and disappeared into the woods again.

"I come here sometimes and just sit and think," Sammy said softly to Brad, "but since I met you: I don't have to think so much."

"What do you mean?" Brad chuckled.

"I mean, I was sorta confused about things till you came along. Now, I sorta understand things better, how I feel and all. I'm not nearly as fucked up as I used to be," he added chuckling.

"Because of me?"

"Yeah, and I'm really gonna miss you," Sammy said, turning his big brown eyes to Brad.

His eyes were wet with tears, but at the moment he didn't care who saw them. He knew his brothers wouldn't say anything or tease him for fear of retribution, but he still wasn't used to crying around them.

"I'll miss you too, but we still have two more days. Let's not waste them being sad, okay?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry," Sammy said wiping away the tears, "come on, let's climb the hill. From the top you can see both farms."

The climb was precarious, the trail narrow and deep from use, but there were rock outcroppings and tree roots along the way that offered hand and foot holds. The two younger boys seemed to have an easier time of it, but eventually they all made it to the top.

The top of the hill was wide and flat and the other side wasn't nearly as steep as the front side. There were large rocks here, carved by the wind and rain over thousands of years till they were mostly flat, scattered about if placed there as benches by some giant.

From the moment they'd topped the hill, they felt the wind caressing their bodies and it felt good as it dried the sweat caused by their exhaustive climb. Sammy had been right about being able to see both farms from the top, though the houses looked small in the distance, the fields could be seen clearly, even from this distance.

"It's nice up here," Brad said slipping an arm around Sammy, "do you come here a lot?"

"I used to. Hey, maybe sometime I can video chat you from up here, how does that sound?"

"That would be cool, and I can find some neat place back home too, like my treehouse, or the park."

"Yeah, that would be great," Sammy said, seeming to have gotten over his sadness for the moment.

Brad took a few minutes to take some pictures, both of the view and of the boys. He had Doug snap a pic of him and Sammy grinning widely and mugging it up for the camera, then managed to get a selfie with all four in it. Later, Brad thought, when I'm back home, I can look at these photos and remember all the fun times with Sammy and his brothers.

"We should've brought some water or something," Doug groused, looking like a thirsty pup.

"Dang, you're right. I even brought my canteen on the trip, but I left it back in the tent. Well, ain't nothin' we can do about it now," Sammy said, "let's head on back and go swimmin' for a while, that will cool us off."

The walk back seemed to go more quickly, and they were almost back at the creek when Sammy suddenly grabbed Brad's arm as he brought them both to a stop. Bobby and Doug had seen them too, and were dead still as two young deer stood squarely in their path.

"Oh, they're so beautiful," Brad gasped as he fumbled to get his phone out, hoping the deer wouldn't run off before he could pull up the camera app.

However, the deer seemed in no hurry to leave, and Brad not only got several good pics of them, but a short video as well. The video caught them leaving as they bounded across the trail and into the woods, as if they were late for an appointment.

"Wow, that was so cool," Doug said, "wudn't the first time I seen some deer, but they never stayed as long as those two did."

"They were young, I wonder where their momma was," Sammy said looking thoughtful.

"Maybe they're teenagers," Brad teased, "and ran away from home."

Sammy laughed, but he was still concerned. All the times before when they'd seen young deer, a momma deer was nearby. He hoped nothing had happened to the momma, but it seemed like the young ones were doing okay on their own.

Back at camp, the boys got a drink of water from Sammy's canteen, then stripped off their clothing and jumped into the creek. Soon they were playing grab-ass and dunk and run, or swinging out on the tire swing and splashing into the water.

Around noon, the boys climbed out and sunned on the rock on the opposite side, Sammy and Brad laying in one direction, and the younger brothers in the other. Bobby lay beside Brad, his small pink feet only inches away, and suddenly Brad reached over and began tickling the sole of the young boy's foot.

Bobby flinched, but didn't kick Brad, and when Brad began gently massaging instead of tickling, he let out a contented sigh.

Doug raised up long enough to see what was going on, then lay back down, his arm across his eyes to shield them from the sun. Soon all four boys were feeling drowsy, but it was Bobby who fell asleep first, lulled into slumber by Brad's foot rub.

They slept only about fifteen minutes or so, which was a good thing, as the sun had now moved in the sky till it was nearly overhead, causing the rock to begin heating up.

Sammy led the way as they waded back into the creek and climbed onto the bank, where they had bologna sandwiches, chips, and the oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies Mrs. Brewster had sent. There were only four bottles of Coke left after their lunch, just enough for their supper meal, which meant breakfast tomorrow would have to be washed down with water.

After lunch, the boys sat in the shade and talked, but before long it was obvious the two younger boys were getting bored. It was Bobby who suggested something less boring and more fun.

"Let's do something, like we did last night," the youngest boy said grinning.

"What, now, here?" Sammy chuckled.

"Well, sure. Why not? We don't have to do everything, just maybe jerk off or suck," Bobby replied.

"That's pretty much everything," Sammy laughed.

"Well, there's the butt stuff, but that might not be too good since we're all sweaty now," Bobby reasoned.

"Yeah, let's have some fun," Doug agreed, "at least jerk off."

"Okay by me, you okay with it, Brad?"

"Sure, if you guys are. Sounds like fun. Let's lay a blanket out though, so we don't get grass and dirt on our dicks."

Dragging one of the quilts out of the tent, Sammy spread it out on a fairly level spot, having first checked for any big rocks or twigs that might poke them when they lay down.

The four piled down, but no one seemed to know exactly how to start. Again, it was Bobby who got things going, however, jumping on Doug and pinning him to the ground as he rubbed his dick against his older brother's.

That was all the inspiration Brad and Sammy needed, and soon they were entwined, as they kissed and rubbed together erotically. After a while, Sammy pulled away and pushed Brad onto his back as he dove down between his legs and began sucking and licking on his erect penis.

Bobby and Doug paused their play long enough to watch for a few seconds, then Bobby flipped around so that he and Doug were in the 69 position, and they began to suck each other as well.

Eventually, Brad coaxed Sammy into position so they could get at each other at the same time, and now all four boys lay head to toe, sucking and licking the cocks and balls of the boy before them.

Doug came first, crying out loudly, causing Bobby to whimper as his own orgasm soon followed. Sammy came next, squirting four times into Brad's mouth before settling down to an ooze. However, even in the throes of his orgasm, Sammy continued giving it his all, and moments later Brad shot a smaller, but equally as tasty load of boy pudding.

As the four lay panting and recovering, their hands continued to caress each other, post-climax, Sammy and Brad feeling especially affectionate now.

"That was great," Brad whispered, "thanks Bobby, for suggesting it."

"You're welcome," Bobby said grinning, "next time maybe you and me can do that."

Sammy chuckled, "Which leaves me with numb-nuts, Doug."

"My nuts are not numb," Doug smirked, "they're very sensitive."

"I'll remember that," Sammy sighed, "right now, I just wanna lay here and rest."

Since their earlier nap was so short, it didn't take long for the boys to drift off to sleep, and this time they slept over an hour. When they awoke, the afternoon sun was behind the trees and it was shady all around. Even most of this section of the creek was in the shade, but the water was still comfortably warm.

Jumping into the creek brought them all fully awake, and they spent an hour or so splashing and playing, then just floating together, talking about this and that. For Sammy and Brad, this time was precious and they wanted every minute to count. Monday, Brad's folks would arrive, and Tuesday the three of them would drive back to their home, over a hundred miles away.

To Sammy, it might as well be a thousand miles. He knew there was no way he could ever go visit Brad, and though Brad had promised to come back next summer, Sammy wasn't fully convinced that would happen. He'd had friends come and go in his life before, but this was different. What he felt for Brad was different, what he felt for Brad was more than just friendship, more than just a passing crush. What he felt for Brad was genuine, soul-wrenching love.

"I wish we could just stay here, right here by the creek the rest of the summer, just us four," Sammy sighed.

"Yeah, that would be cool, but we'd need more food," Brad chuckled.

"Yeah, we could catch some fish or kill a rabbit," Sammy joked, "or eat pine cones."

"Fish might be okay, but I'd have a hard time eating a cute bunny rabbit," Brad said. Like Bobby, Brad was a sensitive soul who had a great deal of respect for nature and it's creatures.

"I'm teasing, even my dad doesn't hunt game. He does like to fish, but he goes to the Lake. He has a buddy with a boat, and they go fishin', mostly on the weekends. He's probably gone now, which means momma is probably home by herself enjoying the peace and quiet for a while," Sammy added chuckling.

"Let's get out and lay on the blanket," Brad suggested, and the two older boys waded to shore, leaving the two younger boys to splash about and have fun.

Sammy lay down first, and Brad lay down crosswise with his head on Sammy's firm flat tummy. Sammy's body felt warm and solid and Brad sighed contentedly, "This is nice, just laying here with you, feeling your warm skin against mine and knowing how we feel about each other."

"I know," Sammy said reaching down to stroke Brad's damp hair, "I wonder if this is what being married is like?"

Brad chuckled, "Probably, but I think some married folks forget how great it is after they've been married a while."

"I know, but I don't think I'd ever get tired of how you make me feel," Sammy said sincerely.

"Me either," Brad agreed, "will you...umm, try to find someone else when I'm gone?"

"No, no way!" Sammy said, becoming a little agitated, "I'll wait for you. You're gonna come next summer, right?"

"Yeah, for sure. I'll make sure mom and dad let me. I'll even try to stay longer, like a whole month maybe."

"What about you, will you try to find someone else?" Sammy said softly.

"Nope, I don't want anyone else but you. I'll wait even if it's a long time. Anyway, we're gonna talk, and text, and video chat, so it will be almost as good as being together."

"Yeah, except I can't touch you, or feel your lips against mine, or make you get those tingles when you come."

"We can jerk off together on camera," Brad said lustily, "that will be almost as good. We'll make it work, okay?"

"Yeah, I know," Sammy said sighing, "come up here," he said taking Brad's hand and guiding him to lay beside him.

Sammy took Brad into his arms then and began kissing him passionately, and the result was immediate as both boys grew fully erect. Pressing urgently against one another, they continued to kiss, their hands roaming every square inch of flesh within reach.

At one point, Sammy rolled Brad onto his back and raised up on his strong arms and began grinding his dick into Brad's with urgency. Brad reached up, grabbing Sammy slim hips, using him for leverage as he thrust against his boyfriend, matching his rhythm exactly.

Their love making had attracted the two younger boys' attention and they now stood, dripping wet, watching the two as they fondled their smaller, but no less hard penises.

"They're in love," Bobby whispered.

"Duh," Doug said, but not in a mean way, "I think that's cool."

"Yeah, me too," Bobby agreed, "hey, let me do that," he said, swatting Doug's hand away from his cock as he took over. Doug only hesitated a moment before he began to reciprocate, and soon the two were busy wanking each other as they watched the live sex show before them.

Sammy and Brad were barely aware of the two younger boys, and at any rate they had no problem with them watching. After all, they'd done more than watch the night before, and there was little doubt there would be a repeat of that later on.

"Mmm, I'm close," Sammy moaned.

"Me too," Brad gasped, "kiss me and I'll come."

Sammy leaned down then, engaging Brad's lips with his own, and almost immediately they both began to come, shooting their sticky goo onto each other, coating their stomachs and groins with a record amount of boy batter.

"Oh, man," Sammy panted, "that was a good one."

"Yesss, the best," Brad agreed, breathless now as his orgasm still reverberated through his body.

The two were aware of a little squeal coming from the direction of the water, and they looked up just in time to see Bobby experience his dry orgasm, which from the squeal, and the look on his face, must've been an especially good one. Doug came next, and though not quite as verbal, it was obvious the he too had enjoyed a memorable orgasm.

Walking over to the blanket, the two younger boys fell down, exhausted and panting as they joined the two older boys, who lay there spent and exhausted as well.

Bobby sighed deeply, then yawned. Then propping his head up on his arm he looked over at his older brother and Brad, "What's it like to have a boyfriend?"

Both boys were taken off guard by Bobby's question, but Brad finally managed to answer, "Well, for me, it's like the best feeling in the world. Like I have a best friend, but one I can be totally honest with and do the stuff I've always wanted to do, but never had anyone to do it with."

"Like sex stuff?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah, and like admitting I like boys, and not girls, but not just any boy, this boy, the one I love, and to know he loves me too. It's amazing."

"Yeah, I agree. Till Brad came along, I really wasn't sure what I liked. I mean, yeah...I thought about girls sometimes, but I thought about boys too. I was confused, but once I met Brad it all began to make sense. Being boyfriends is like the best feeling anyone could ever have, I mean...two boys could have," he added grinning.

"You gonna tell ma an pa?" Doug wondered.

"No! And don't you go tellin' either!" Sammy scolded, "Some things are private. I don't tell stuff on you two, and you shouldn't tell stuff on me, got it?"

"Yeah, we won't," both boys quickly agreed, then Bobby added, "Anyway, I think it's cool."

"Oh boy," Doug said, "next thing I know Bobby will have a boyfriend too."

"So, what if he does?" Sammy scolded, "anyway, he's got you for now," he added chuckling, "you do all the same stuff together that boyfriends do."

"Oh yuck, he's my brother, he can't be my boyfriend," Doug said, making a face and causing everyone to laugh.

Bobby rolled over against Brad then, and threw a leg over his leg, and an arm across his chest, "So now, it's like you're my big brother too."

"Yeah, I guess I sorta am," Brad said reaching down to stroke the younger boy's hair, "now I got two brothers and a boyfriend," he said, looking over at Doug, who managed a smile.

"Let's wrestle," Bobby suddenly said as he attacked Brad and tried to pin him.

Brad didn't resist very hard, but soon Doug joined in, and Sammy had to come to the rescue as it suddenly became a free for all. It was good sweaty fun, and the younger boys didn't even seem to mind that they got a little spunk on them from rubbing against the older boys. In fact, Bobby had planned it that way, and when no one was looking he actually dabbed a finger in the pool of semen and brought it to his lips.

When they finally tired of wrestling, the boys hit the water once more, then spent an hour or so splashing and having fun. This time when they climbed out, the boys dried off and slipped on shorts since it was getting close to dinner time.

The boys dined on hot dogs again, two each, with Freetos, and the last 4 bottles of Coke. For dessert, there were more cookies, and the boys had two each, saving the rest for later.

After cleanup, the boys sat and talked for a while, and eventually the two younger boys got bored and went back in the water, taking turns with the tire swing while the older boys watched.

"You really like Bobby, don't ya?" Sammy said, though it was more a statement than a question.

"Yeah, I always wanted a little brother. He's a cool kid. Doug is too, but he's...I don't know, not as friendly."

"Doug is a little devil," Sammy laughed, "yeah, Bobby is a sweetheart. I love him to pieces."

"You're not jealous are you?" Brad teased.

"Nah, I know you love me best," Sammy said poking Brad in the ribs playfully.

Brad laughed, "Yeah, that's for sure, but I'll miss all of you," he added sadly, "why does life have to be so unfair?"

"I thought we weren't gonna talk about the sad stuff," Sammy said lifting Brad's chin with a finger and kissing him gently on the lips.

"You're right," Brad said smiling again, "hey, want to join our brothers?"

"Sure, why not, let's drown the little hellions," Sammy laughed.

The boys swam and played till dusk, then climbed out and sat on the blanket and let the air dry them. Bobby said he needed to use the bathroom and Sammy noted that he grabbed the roll of TP they'd brought before heading off into the bushes.

"Don't squat on poison ivy," Sammy teased.

"I won't," came Bobby's voice from not far away.

When Bobby returned, he headed straight for the creek and waded out to the middle to make sure he was squeaky clean back there. Sammy laughed and Brad felt bad for the boy, but Bobby didn't seem to be affected by the teasing. In fact, he seemed to welcome the attention, and gave the razzing back in kind.

"It was a good day," Brad said laying back, and this time Sammy rested his head on Brad's tummy.

"Yeah, one of the best I can ever remember," Sammy said sounding drowsy.

Bobby returned then and plopped down by Doug, who just grunted and rolled over a bit to make room.

"Can we sleep in you guys' tent again tonight?" Bobby asked, giving them his sad puppy dog eyes.

"Sure," Brad said, "if it's okay with Sammy."

"Why did we even bring two tents?" Sammy chuckled, "okay, all right...but when mom and dad ask, you slept in your own tent, got it?"

"Yeah, if they ask," Doug agreed, "but they probably won't ask."

"Well, just keep your stories straight in case they do, and don't even tell em we swam naked."

"Oh, heck, they already know that," Bobby said rolling his eyes.

"They know you, and me, and Doug do that, but they don't know about Brad, so don't mention it, okay?"

"Oh, it," Bobby agreed.

The fire that they'd built to roast their hot dogs on was still going strong, and next they roasted some marshmallows while Doug tried his hand at telling a ghost story. It was neither scary nor clever, but the others were polite and applauded his effort.

Sammy tried next, spinning a yarn that was supposedly a true story that happened nearby. The story was about four teenagers, two girls and two boys, who had parked near a deserted house and in the process of making out, they'd noticed a light in the house.

Curious as to who might be in the house, the boys insisted they go check it out, but of course the girls wanted no part of it. However, they weren't brave enough to just wait in the car, so they went too.

The story went on and on, as the four explored the house, but finding no one, nor any light, they headed back to the car only to find the doors open, the engine running, and the lights on, despite the fact that one of the boys had the keys to the car in his pocket.

After searching the car for any clues, the four got in an drove back to town, and the next day as the one boy was cleaning out his car, he found a faded photograph in the backseat of a boy and girl about his age standing outside the house they'd searched, only in the photo the house looked brand new. Turning the photo over, the boy found the date it had been processed, June 09, 1955, over forty years earlier.

Later, after asking his folks if they knew anything about the abandoned house, he heard a story that made him shiver all over. Sometime in late summer of 1955, a father of four had gone mad and murdered his entire family in that house, including the 16 year-old-boy's girlfriend. Then, the father had hung himself, leaving a note behind that simply said: Satan told me to do it.

"Wow, is that really true?" Brad said when Sammy was through.

"I don't know for sure, but I've heard it is. My dad told it to me, and I've heard different versions of it before. Like in one version, the teenagers actually see ghosts of the two dead teenagers in the backseat. I don't know if it's true or not, but it's kind of spooky."

"That was way scary," Bobby said, scooting a little closer to the older boys as he peered into the darkness.

"I've heard that one before," Doug said, "but you told it better. You got a good voice for stories."

"Thanks," Sammy said humbly.

"He's right, you did a really good job. I could tell you were really into it too," Brad said.

"I like to write stories...sometimes, you know, like the ones on Nifty."

"You do?" Brad said sounding surprised, "I'd love to read some of them."

"Maybe I can send one to you...when you get home. It will help you to remember me."

"Yeah, that would be great."

Eventually, the bugs got to be a real nuisance and the boys put out the fire, peed on it for good measure, then headed to the tent. Still naked, they crawled in and piled down together, ready for some fun.

"I'm thirsty," Bobby said frowning, "are you sure all the pops are gone?"

"Yeah, but I just remembered there's this jug of tea ma sent. Here, drink some of this and pass it around."

The plastic jug had been in the ice chest the whole time, and though most of the ice had melted by then, the tea was still pleasantly cool. The boys passed it around till their thirst was quenched, then Sammy capped it once again and placed it back in the cooler.

"Who wants to lick my butt first," Bobby giggled.

"Ewww, you pooped," Doug said holding his nose.

"So...I washed my heinie real good," Bobby replied.

"Let me sniff it," Sammy joked, and when Bobby turned and stuck his butt into his older brother's face, he pried the little cheeks apart and made a big deal of sniffing it, "smells like the creek, and sweat, but not bad. No poop smell."

"We're all pretty clean, I guess," Brad said, "I'll lick your butt, Bobby."

"Yaaay!" Bobby said happily, "how do you want me?"

Sammy watched Brad and Bobby for a few minutes, then wiggled a finger at Doug, inviting him to come over and have some fun as well. Doug, who had been reluctant to start things, quickly scampered over on his knees and waited for further instruction.

Sammy quickly took control, rolling onto his back and pulling Doug on top of him, humping up to press their hard cocks together. Doug wondered if they would kiss, but when Sammy pulled him down after a few minutes, he was ready and willing to do so. The kissing wasn't as passionate as it was with Brad, but it was stimulating, and before long both boys were nearing orgasm.

Sammy, sensing Doug was as close as he was, suddenly rolled his younger brother onto his back and attacked his hard cock with his mouth and tongue, causing the boy to buck up and cry out in ecstasy.

As he sucked, he let his finger probe between Doug's legs, finding first his taint, then exploring deeper till he found his virgin pucker. Again, this was new territory for them both, but as with the rimming, they were both eager to try this.

At first, Sammy just rubbed around the outside of Doug's tight little grommet, but as he became bolder, he wet his finger and tried slipping it inside. At first, Doug's tight hole resisted, but Sammy was persistent, and after wetting his finger several times, he was finally able to slip inside to the first knuckle.

"Oh, oh..." Doug moaned, "that feels good."

Sammy chuckled to himself, knowing just how good it could feel since he often fingered himself while masturbating. Though no further proof was needed, the way he was thrusting to meet Sammy's finger was another sign of how much he was enjoying being fingered.

However, the extra stimulation proved to be too much, and suddenly Doug cried out as an intense dry orgasm washed over his young body. Beginning as a tiny ache in his balls, the feeling intensified and radiated out to all parts of his body, nearly causing him to black out. Sammy smiled as he felt the boy's anus contract and expand, gripping his finger as the orgasm washed over him, this new sensation only adding to his pleasure.

"He stuck his finger up my butt," Doug laughed when he caught Bobby's eye.

Bobby laughed, "Watch out, he might stick his dick up there."

"No way," Doug laughed.

"Well, Brad only licked my butt, but that felt good. Now I'm gonna lick his," Bobby explained as Brad got on all fours, presenting his cute butt for Bobby's pleasure.

Sammy felt his cock jump a bit at seeing Brad's perfect little ass wiggling in the near darkness, and once again he wondered what it would be like to actually put his penis between those twin cheeks.

Bobby was prying apart Brad's butt cheeks then, and seconds later his tiny pink tongue was exploring, up and down the crack, making contact with Brad's pucker with each trip. Finally, concentrating on the quivering hole, Bobby began to drill his tongue into it, causing Brad to cry out in pleasure.

"Hey," Doug said touching Sammy's arm gently, "you want me to suck you now?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah...sure," Sammy said laying down next to Brad, his hard leaking cock pointing almost straight up now.

Doug wasted no time going down on his older brother, but he was reluctant to try the butt thing, unsure how Sammy would react. However, after a few minutes he let his hand wander down to Sammy's balls, and when his older brother opened his legs wider, he took that as an invitation to go further.

Wetting his finger in his mouth as Sammy had done, Doug probed till he found Sammy's sweaty hole, and had no problem getting his slender finger inside. For one horrible moment he wondered exactly what he was sticking his finger into, but the way Sammy was reacting, told him it was worth getting a little messy. After all, fingers could be washed off.

Sammy was grunting and groaning now as Doug sawed in and out of his ass in time to his sucking, and soon Sammy cried out and began to fill his younger brother's mouth with his tasty come. Just as Sammy had, Doug could feel Sammy's anus gripping his finger, this time in rhythm with the pumping of Sammy's load from his balls.

"Mmmphhh, there's a lot," Doug managed to mumble around Sammy's cock.

"You made me feel really good," Sammy explained, "when someone makes me feel really good, I come a lot."

Doug felt proud that he'd done such a good job, and with that knowledge he made a special effort to not only swallow all of his brother's spunk, but to lick him clean afterwards. Then realizing his finger was still up his brother's butt, he slowly pulled it out, then before he could think twice about it, he brought it to his nose and sniffed it. Surprisingly it didn't smell bad at all, though he did wipe it on a towel once he was completely done with Sammy.

As Sammy lay there recovering, he rolled onto his side to see what Brad and Bobby were doing, and despite having just come, his cock began to plump again at the sexy sight of the two. Laying end to end in the 69 position, the two were busy sucking each other off while fingering each other's ass at the same time.

Sammy guessed they'd witnessed what he and Doug had done, and were now imitating them, but he couldn't help but wonder if Brad also fingered himself when he masturbated.

Sammy didn't have to wait long to witness the two boys' climaxes, and with a squeak, Bobby came first, followed by Brad, who pumped out a small but tasty bit of boy batter for Bobby to enjoy.

"Yummy," Bobby said when the two finally pulled apart, "I can't wait till me and Doug can make spermies."

"Doug will probably come first," Sammy observed, "but who knows? As horny as you are, little bro, you might beat him to it."

"No way," Doug said," I'm older, I'll come first."

"We'll see. Any hair yet?" Sammy wondered.

"You should know," Doug laughed, "you were just down there."

Sammy laughed too, "Yeah, still bald as a baby."

"Shut up," Doug laughed, "I ain't no baby."

The boys rested a bit, drank some more tea, ate another cookie, then wandered outside to wet down a tree. Afterwards, Brad and Sammy snuggled up together, leaving Doug and Bobby to their own devices.

Before long the two older boys were making out, kissing as if they were starved for one another, and after some light frottage, they moved into the 69 position and brought each other to another intense orgasm.

Inspired by the two, Doug and Bobby mimicked their actions, and after coming, the two piled down and were soon fast asleep.

As Brad and Sammy lay cuddling, post-orgasmic, Brad glanced over at the two and smiled.

"They look so innocent when they're asleep, and so cute."

"Yeah, devils by day, angels by night," Sammy joked.

"I'm gonna miss those little devils, but I'm gonna miss this big devil even more," Brad said squeezing Sammy tightly.

Sammy didn't reply, there was nothing he could say, nothing he could do to change things, and right now all he wanted to do was enjoy their time together. Nuzzling his boyfriend's neck, he began kissing his way down his body till he was at his middle once again. Though too soon for either to come again, Sammy just couldn't resist kissing and fondling his boyfriend's beautiful cock and balls.

"You're hard again," Sammy giggled after a few minutes.

"You made me hard," Brad laughed.

"Well, I'm hard too," Sammy declared, "maybe we should do some thing about it."

"Like what?" Brad teased.

"Like this," Sammy said as he took all of Brad's cock into his warm, wet mouth.

"Ohhhh," Brad moaned, "yeah, that's good, but I get to do you next..."

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