The Tire Swing

by Rob Warr

Chapter 4

The hour grows nigh

The night had been a pleasant one, filled with passion and love, but too soon the sun arose and it was time to pack up and head home. After peeing, the boys polished off the last of the cinnamon rolls and fruit, then began cleaning up the area and packing up their gear.

Sammy was a conservationist by nature, and made sure the fire was out, the ashes wet down and scattered, and made sure that they had left no trash behind. The coke bottles were packed in the empty ice chest, and they had brought a plastic trash bag for their paper trash.

The lawn cart wasn't quite as full as it had been on the trip down, but the load still had to be tied down to make sure it didn't fall off along the way.

"Well, that's everything," Sammy said as the last bit of rope was tied into place.

"Wow, it's hard to believe anyone even camped here," Brad said looking around, "you did a really good job of making sure the area was cleaned. Just one more thing I love about you, you really care about nature, don't you?"

"Yeah, ever since we moved here I've found myself spending more and more time out here. I think when I grow up I want to do something like, be a Park Ranger, or something like that," Sammy said blushing.

"I think that's really amazing," Brad said, leaning in to kiss Sammy on the cheek.

Bobby giggled and nudged Doug then, "I bet they have sex before we go back."

"Shut up," Sammy said, having overheard Bobby's snarky comment, "we're having a moment here, can you just give us a break?"

"Sorry," Bobby mumbled, his smile fading as he stared at Doug and shrugged as if to say, what's with him?

"It's okay, I'm sorry I yelled at you," Sammy said, sounding near tears now.

"Hey," Brad said, we still have tonight and most of Monday till mom and dad get here."

"I know, we should get back though," Sammy said grabbing the handle of the wagon, Bobby, you take the back, Doug, the right side, and Brad, the left side."

They started out then, no one really saying much, but eventually Bobby and Doug began a conversation and Brad joined in. Eventually, Sammy joined in as well, and by the time they arrived back at Sammy's folks' farm, he seemed to be in better spirits.

Brad knew what was bugging Sammy, for it was bugging him too, but he really didn't want to think about his leaving until he absolutely had to. Tonight, Sammy would sleep over with him and they'd make love and say goodbye properly. Tomorrow would take care of itself, and though it would be sad when he had to go, he had convinced himself that he could endure it as long as he and Sammy stayed in touch.

"Did you boys have a good time," Sammy's dad asked as they approached the barn.

"Yes, sir," Brad said, before the others could answer.

"Yeah," Sammy said, "thanks for lettin' us go, pa."

"Well, you're only boys once," his dad said squeezing Sammy's shoulder gently, "did these two little devils give you any trouble?"

"Not much," Sammy said grinning, "me and Brad know how to handle them."

Brad almost laughed at that, they sure did know how to handle them, handle their cocks, that is.

"Good, well go ahead and put the tent and stuff in the barn, but leave the ice chest out. I want to clean it out and make sure no mold grows in there."

"The empty Coke bottles are in there, we'll put them back in the wagon so Brad can take them back to his grandpa."

After putting the camping stuff away, giving the bedding to Mrs. Ellis to wash, and emptying the ice chest, Sammy and company finally had a moment to rest. Sitting beside the barn in the shade and sipping a can of Shasta root beer, the four recounted their favorite parts of the campout.

"What time are you guys going to Brad's grand folks' house?" Doug sighed.

"Soon," Sammy said, "we want to spend as much time together as we can, know? before he has to go."

"It sucks that you have to go home," Bobby said patting brad's leg.

"Yeah," Brad laughed sadly, "and to think, I didn't even want to come here. I thought it was going to be so boring, and there would be no one to hang around with. Instead I fell in love, and now I have two little brothers."

"You think of us that way, as brothers?" Doug said perking up.

"Yes, I do. If I had brothers I'd want them to be just like you guys," Brad said smiling, "I'm gonna miss you almost as much as I'll miss Sammy."

"You'll miss Sammy the most cause he's your boyfriend," Bobby said, stating the obvious.

"Yeah, but we'll stay in touch. Sammy, you be sure to let them talk to me too, okay?"

"I will, but not all the time," Sammy said raising an eyebrow, "sometimes it will be personal."

"Yeah, I know," Brad laughed, "but really, guys...thanks for being so cool, and making this the best summer ever, you are really amazing, and I love you all," he added fighting back the tears.

"Aww, we love you too," Bobby said getting up on his knees and hugging Brad's neck, then placing a soft kiss on his cheek, "I don't want you to go."

"He has to," Doug said, but he sounded emotional too.

"I know," Bobby said sitting back down again.

All four boys were quiet for a long time, then at last, Sammy broke the silence, "We should probably go, your grandparents are probably wonderin' if we got drowned or ate by bears."

"Yeah," Brad sighed as he started to get up, "you know, just cause the camping trip is over, it doesn't mean we can't still swim. There's lots of daylight left, and well...after we check in with my grands, we could walk back to the creek and swim till supper time..."

"Yaay!" Bobby cried excitedly.

"Fine by me," Sammy agreed, "okay, you two go tell ma and pa what we're gonna do, and me and Brad will go check in with his grands, okay?"

"Yeah, we'll bring the inner tubes this time," Doug said excitedly.

"Good idea," Sammy said, "we can take turns."

As the boys parted, the sadness seemed to have left them for the moment as they looked forward to still more fun at the creek.

The Brewsters sat on the front porch as they did most days, and when the two boys appeared from behind the barn, the old man walked out to greet them.

"Well, there you two are," he chuckled, "was wondering if you was coming back."

"Yes sir, we got the empty Coke bottles in the wagon, where should we put them?" Brad said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

"Just pull the wagon into the barn and leave the bottles there for now, I'll sort em out later. Thanks boys, for bringin' them back."

"You're welcome, thanks for the wagon, and for the cokes and food and stuff," Sammy said.

"Well, tell me all about the campout, was it as fun as you'd hoped?" the old man chuckled.

"Yes sir, more fun than I'd hoped, even," Brad said grinning, and Sammy winked.

"Good, glad you boys had fun. Well, go put the wagon away, then go say hello to your grandma, she's fixin' something special for supper tonight. Your favorite, fried chicken."

"Great, uh, it's okay if Sammy sleeps over tonight, right?"

"Well, sure. If his momma and daddy don't care, we're fine with it. This'll most likely be your last chance," the old man said sounding sad, "we'll miss you both around here," he added, "never knew how quiet and lonely a house could be without younguns' around till they grew up and moved away."

"I'd like to come back, next year, if that's okay," Brad said smiling at his grandfather.

"Well, sure...yes indeed, we'd be happy to have you. And Sammy, you and your brothers, don't be strangers from now on, okay? Even if Brad ain't around, you're welcome to stop by and gab a spell, or try some of my wife's delicious baked goods," he chuckled.

"Yes, sir, I'd like that," Sammy agreed.

The old woman had a hug for both boys, and was pleased to hear that Sammy would be staying over that night. She loved cooking, and was happiest when she had hungry boys to feed, and Sammy and Brad had both proved they could eat their share of vittles.

After visiting with the old couple for a while longer, Brad finally told them of their plans to meet the two younger brothers at the creek for one last afternoon of fun.

"That sounds wonderful," the old woman said, "why don't you bring those two brothers of yours for supper as well? I have plenty of chicken, and I don't mind fixin' for two more hungry boys."

"I'll ask em, but I'm sure they'll say yes. If you don't mind, ma'am, can you call my ma, and make sure it's okay with her?"

"Of course, I know Mildred will say yes, so just plan on coming back with your brothers. If it gets dark before time for them to get home, Mr. Brewster can run them home in the pickup."

"Yes, ma'am," Sammy said, "well, we should go, they're waitin' for us."

Halfway to the creek, Sammy and Brad heard voices ahead, and soon Doug and Bobby came running up, half naked and whooping like Indians.

"Where were you?" Doug groused, "we been waitin' forever."

"None-joe," Sammy laughed, "none-joe-bizzness."

Bobby giggled, "Where were you, for real?"

"Talking to my grands," Brad said then, "and guess what? You guys are invited to supper. Fried chicken."

"Yaay!" Bobby said, "I love chicken more than any kind of meat in the world."

"How do you know?" Doug smirked, "you ain't ate every kind of meat in the world, what about alligator...?"

As the two younger boys argued about meat, Brad and Sammy just smiled, walking along side by side, holding hands, and enjoying what was left of their time together.

At the creek, the boys took turns floating on the inner tubes, swinging on the tire swing, and generally having a fun time. At one point they climbed out and attempted to sun on the rock, but it had grown too hot in the direct sun, and they had to settle for a spot on the grassy bank.

As they lay there, Brad resting his head in Sammy's lap, they talked softly about everything except what was most pressing on their minds. There would be time for sadness later, but for now they wanted to seize the moment and enjoy this time together.

"Look," Sammy said softly as he pointed at his two younger brothers who were cuddled up and fast asleep.

"They are sooo cute," Brad said smiling, "hold on, I want to get a pic," he said rising and getting his phone from his shorts.

After taking several pics, Brad suddenly realized the obvious, that both boys were naked, and though no boy parts were visible in the pictures, he feared that someone might find the pics on his phone and he'd be in trouble.

"What?" Sammy said, seeing the look of indecision on his boyfriend's face.

"They're naked..."

"So, their dicks aren't showing, and they're not having sex. It's a sweet and innocent picture. It's, it's, ART."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I have a special file locker for certain pics I have, so I'll just put these there, just in case."

"Hey, want to take some pics of me?" Sammy said grinning.

"Okay, but above the waist only, okay?"

"Chicken, I could tuck it between my legs and look like a girl," Sammy teased.

"Eww, yuck, I don't want to see girl parts. I like your parts just fine, but I don't want to go to jail for taking child porn pictures."

"I don't think that applies if they're not sexual in nature, but okay, upper body only," Sammy agreed.

Brad took several pictures of Sammy in various poses, and in one pic, a bit of his pubic area showed, but no cock, so Brad kept it. Afterwards, he took some selfies of the two from the waist up, then head shots, before he finally put his phone away.

"I'll make an album of all the photos I've taken the last two weeks and run a slideshow when I'm missing you guys."

"Will you send them to me too?"

"Sure, after I edit and resize, maybe frame some of them."

"Good, I'm glad you know how to do that stuff. I'm not good at that sort of thing."

"That's because you're a Country Boy," Brad teased, "but I love you just the way you are."

"I love you too, City Boy," Sammy said initiating a deep wet kiss.

Soon the two were making out in earnest, their hands roaming and their stiff pricks leaking profusely as they rubbed together, the feeling exquisite.

"I'm gonna come if we keep this up," Brad panted.

"Don't want to waste it," Sammy said, dropping to his knees and taking Brad's cock into his mouth.

It didn't take long for Brad to succumb to his impending orgasm, and after only a few minutes he was crying out and filling Sammy's mouth with his sweet creamy boy batter.

"Mmm," Sammy moaned as he enjoyed his special treat.

Finally, after making sure he'd gotten every drop, Sammy stood and kissed Brad again, sharing a little of his flavor.

"That was nice, give me a minute and I'll return the favor."

"I was thinking, maybe I could try something...uh, new," Sammy said blushing.

"Like what?" Brad asked, curious to find out what Sammy had in mind.

"Can know? Just rub on your butt and come that way. Not putting it in, just rubbing against you, up the crack maybe. If that's okay."

"Sure, that sounds hot," Brad said excitedly, "how do you want me?"

"Umm, maybe lean over against that tree," Sammy said looking around, "I'll use some spit to make it slick..."

After assuming the position, Brad looked back to see what Sammy was doing and to make sure the two younger boys were still asleep. Not that he minded them watching, but this was the first time the two had done this, and he sort of wanted it to be private.

"Okay, are you ready?" Sammy whispered as he grabbed onto Brad's slender hips.

"Yep, all ready. Go for it," Brad said, pushing his butt into his boyfriend and feeling his hardness.

"Okay," Sammy said leaning down and letting a wad of spit fall down onto his already wet cock.

Then sliding the stiff rod up between Brad's perfect little ass cheeks, he started moving slowly, soon establishing a rhythm.

"How is it?" Brad asked looking back at Sammy.

"Feels good, you okay?"

"Great, it feels good for me too. I hope by next summer we can do this for real, you know, inside."

"Yeah, me too, but this is great, for now."

"I like when it rubs against my hole. It's better than a tongue even," Brad chuckled.

"Yeah..." Sammy grunted, "I'm getting close, is it okay if I nut on your butt?"

"Of course, I don't want to waste it. Besides, we can go in the creek afterwards and clean up."

"Okay, gonna go for it then," Sammy panted, "Oh man, that feels so good. Uh, uh, uh....shit, here I come," he cried as his dick began firing off volley after volley of hot sticky cum.

As the last few drops burbled up out of his cock, he grabbed it in his hand and rubbed it hard against Brad's quivering hole, sending shock waves through them both. For one excited moment, Brad thought Sammy was going to attempt to penetrate him, but suddenly Sammy pulled away, milking the last of his cum onto Brad's butt cheeks.

"Wow, that was so hot. Was it okay for you?" Sammy said, happy, but exhausted after having come so hard.

"It was great, maybe tonight I can try that on you."

"Yeah, that would be hot," Sammy said.

"Hey," a small voice suddenly said as Bobby sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes, "what did you guys just do? You got cummy all over your butt, Brad," he giggled.

"I had an accident," Sammy teased, "my cock exploded on his butt."

"Wow, that's cool looking."

Doug roused then, took one look at the scene before him, then grabbed his cock and started working it. Bobby soon joined him, and before long they switched off, jerking each other now, as Sammy and Brad watched with undisguised lust.

Eventually, all four boys went back in the water and spent the remainder of the afternoon at play. Around five o'clock, the boys reluctantly climbed out, dried off as best they could, and slipped on their shorts.

"We'll leave the inner tubes here," Sammy said once they were dressed, "no one but us comes here anyway. Let's stash em over there between those two trees."

On the way to the Brewster farm, the two younger boys plied the older boys with questions about exactly what they'd woken up to, but Sammy told them it was none of their business and they left it at that, for the time being.

The four boys could smell the delicious aroma of fried chicken as soon as they entered the front door of the farmhouse, and a quick trip to the kitchen found Mrs. Brewster busy battering more chicken and preparing it for deep frying.

"Wow, grandma, how much chicken are you cooking?" Brad said in amazement.

"Hopefully enough for four hungry boys and one old man," she cackled, "if you boys are hungry and need something to tide you over, grab a chicken leg or a wing," she said, taking the lid off a platter of chicken on the back of the stove.

The boys all grabbed a piece of chicken, then went out back and sat on the porch while they ate them. Their mouths and hands were greasy afterwards, and Brad suggested they use the garden hose at the back of the house to wash up with.

Once they had the grease washed off, for the most part, the two younger brothers started wrestling around on the grass, while Brad and Sammy sat on the back porch and watched.

"Those two are like goats sometimes," Sammy chuckled.

"Kids, isn't that what they call baby goats?" Brad laughed.

"Yeah, kids," Sammy said scooting a little closer to Brad, then looking him in the eyes and smiling.

"What?" Brad chuckled, noting his goofy look.

"I was just thinking about how much I love you, and that I never in a million years thought I'd fall for a boy."

Brad sighed, "Can I be honest? I've been thinking for a while that I might like boys bettern' girls, so I can't say it's a surprise that I fell for a boy, but...I can say this: it was a surprise to meet one as wonderful as you."

"Aww, you'll make me cry," Sammy said laying his head on Brad's shoulder.

"Sorry, but in a way it makes it harder to leave. If you were sort of a jerk, or all we had was know? sex, it wouldn't be so bad, but...leaving someone I really love is ten times harder."

"I could go with you," Sammy teased, "no one would miss me, and you could tell your folks I'm your long lost brother," he laughed.

"Be serious, coming to visit might not be such a crazy idea. Maybe during Christmas break, or Spring break. If I could convince my folks to come get ya, and you could convince your folks to let you go..."

"I'm sure my folks would be okay with it, but my bratty brothers would throw a fit."

"Maybe not. If we talked to them first and made them understand how important this is to us."

"Hey, I'd try anything to see you again," Sammy said snaking an arm around Brad and pulling him into a sideways hug.

Just about then, Brad's grandpa came around the corner of the house, and seeing the two boys snuggled up on the porch he made a quick exit before they saw him. Then making enough noise so that they could hear him coming this time, the old man came around the corner whistling the theme from The Andy Griffith Show.

"Oh, hey boys," the old man said, "bout ready for some supper?"

"Yes sir," Sammy said smiling. He'd removed his arm from around Brad, but they still sat so close their hips were touching.

"Guys!" Brad said, standing as he yelled at the two brothers playing chase in the barnyard, "Suppertime!"

"Yaay!" Bobby cried as he took off toward the house, Doug right behind him.

The two were hot and sweaty, and panting like dogs as they jogged up, and the old man laughed, "Looks like you two got grandma's beads," he said pointing at the bits of dirt around the younger boy's neck, which indeed looked like a string of black beads.

"Huh? Oh," Bobby laughed, then wiped at his neck.

"Why don't you boys go in and wash up properly in the downstairs bathroom and join us for supper when you're done?"

The boys tramped off then, Brad in the lead, and by the time they'd washed up, the food was on the table. Two platters of fried chicken, a huge bowl of mashed potatoes, a bowl of homemade chicken gravy, corn on the cob, fresh snapped green beans, hot rolls, butter and honey filled the table, and the delicious smells had the boys' mouths watering.

"Oh grandma," Brad said, "this is a lot of food. Thank you for going to so much trouble," he said rising and going over to give his grandmother a kiss on the cheek.

"Land sakes," the old woman said, surprised, but obviously pleased, "wasn't no trouble at all. Now, you boys eat your fill, but save room for dessert. I've made one of my peach/apple cobblers, and there's ice cream to go on it."

"Yumm," Bobby said rubbing his tummy with one hand while holding a chicken leg in the other one.

"Brad boy says he'd like to come back next year, momma," The old man said smiling over at his wife.

"Well, that's wonderful," the old woman gushed, "I was worried you weren't having much fun here...till you met these three," she laughed, "I don't suppose they have anything to do with you wanting to come back."

Brad felt guilty now. Yes, it was mostly because of Sammy that he wanted to come back, but he suddenly realized something else too. He loved the farm, and he loved his grands, and even if Sammy wasn't around, he thought he'd want to come back.

"Partly, but I really like it here," Brad said, "it's quiet here, and I've had a chance to really get to experience nature and stuff. Oh, that reminds me, yesterday we saw some deer in the woods..."

They talked about the deer and other wildlife for awhile, and Brad told his grandparents he'd show them the pics and video after supper. Sammy talked about his wish to become a Forest Ranger or work with wildlife, and the old couple encouraged him to do so.

"If you put your mind to it, you can do anythin' you want," the old man said, "When I was your age, I was fascinated by trains, still am, and I wanted to be an engineer. It took some doin', but when I was 21 I finally went to work for the railroad. I started out layin' track, and within a year or so I worked my way up to maintenance."

"Did you ever become an engineer?" Sammy asked, seemingly fascinated by the story so far.

"Yes sir, yes I did. When I was 25, I made my first run, and for the next 30 odd years I continued to work as an engineer for several railroads. I bought this farm when I was in my 40s, and my sons and I took care of it when I wasn't off on a run. Then, the boys grew up and moved away, and well, I retired, and though I don't farm it like I used to, I still grow enough food for us and several families around here. I do it because I love it, not because I have to, and that, boys, is the secret of a happy life. Find something that you like and stick with it. Oh, I'm not saying that sometimes you won't have to do things you don't like just to get by, but if you work hard enough you can get past that and move on to things you do like."

"Wow, I wish I coulda rode with you on one of the trains," Bobby said in awe.

"I still have connections, maybe I can arrange for you boys to take a ride some time."

"Aww, no fair," Brad teased, "I won't be around."

"Well, there's always next year," the old woman said smiling.

The boys ate till they were stuffed, but still managed to eat a piece of hot cobbler with ice cream on it, before finally giving up. Despite the old woman's protests, the boys helped clear the mess away, and even volunteered to wash the dishes.

"That's okay, boys," Brad's grandmother said, "we have a dishwasher, and it's a good one. It's the one modern convenience I like best," she chuckled, "best 500 dollars we ever spent."

"There's still some daylight out," Brad said to the others, "why don't we walk off some of this food?"

"Great idea," Sammy said, "maybe smooch behind the barn," he teased.

"Shh, my grands will hear you," Brad warned.

"Do you think they'd mind? I mean, how do they feel about that stuff?"

"I don't know. It's not like we talk about that stuff all the time," Brad sassed.

Sammy laughed, "Being old, they probably think like those religious folks do, that it's a mortal sin, or something."

"I don't know, and I don't want to find out, okay? Just keep it cool when they're around."

"Yeah, I know," Sammy sighed.

As soon as they felt they were out of sight of the house, the two older boys joined hands as they walked along, the two younger boys scampering ahead of them.

Although at one time the Brewster farm had been alive with farm animals, only one cow and a dozen or so chickens called it home now. The cow had long since quit giving milk, but she was like a family pet, and the old couple decided to let her live out the rest of her days in peace and tranquility.

The two younger boys were petting the old milk cow now, her big brown eyes studying them closely as she seemed to enjoy their attention.

"That's Alice," Brad said, "only cow left on the farm. Grandpa says she's been with them so long she's like family, and they kept her around to keep her from going to slaughter."

"That's nice," Sammy said, but it was obvious he had other things on his mind.

"What's wrong?" Brad said, reading his boyfriend like a book.

"Nuttin'," Sammy lied, "it's just, well...are you ashamed of loving me?"

"What? No!" Brad said quickly, "I just don't think everyone needs to know about it at the moment. My grands probably wouldn't understand, and I don't want to risk them telling mom and dad and spoiling my chances of coming back next year."

"Yeah, okay. It's fucked up though, that we can be so happy together, but we gotta worry about what other people think."

"That's life," Brad said leaning in to kiss Sammy on the cheek, "but it won't always be that way. When we're older, we'll be able to show the world how we feel."

"I hope so," Sammy said, then sighing, he added, "I'm sorry, I'm messing things up. Come on, let's go sit on the fence and watch the sunset.

As soon as the two climbed up on the wooden fence, they joined hands, and soon the two younger boys climbed up to sit on either side of them. The sun was just making it's final descent into the West, and a few stray clouds reflected the light, giving them an orange glow.

"It's pretty," Bobby said summing it all up.

"Yeah, our last sunset together," Brad said softly, "but it's a nice one."

They were quiet then as they watched the sun slowly disappear and night fall began to overtake them. Then sighing, the older boys, hand in hand, led the way back to the farmhouse.

"Doug, Bobby," Mr. Brewster is gonna take you two home now. It's too dark for you to be goin' through those woods," Mrs. Brewster said as they came inside.

"Aww, do we have to go?" Bobby whined.

"Yes, you do," Sammy said giving his little brother the stink-eye.

"Okay, okay," Bobby agreed, "thanks for the dinner and all."'

"Yeah, thanks Mr. and Mrs. Brewster," Doug said politely.

As the older boys walked them to the old truck Mr. Brewster still drove, they talked about their plans for the next day and agreed to meet at the creek around noon. That would give them a couple hours before Brad's folks would arrive, and they could figure out the rest after that.

Brad and Sammy waved as the three drove off, then Brad led the way back inside.

"I know you boys went swimmin' and all, but I think you should take a nice hot shower before you go off to bed," the old woman said.

"Yes ma'am, we will," Brad assured her.

In Brad's room, Sammy sat down on the bed and stared at Brad as he dug out two pair of clean shorts and two tee shirts for them to wear after the shower. After the first time, Sammy never brought any clothes when he stayed over, but he always returned whatever clothes he was loaned, that is, after his mother washed them.

"Let's shower together," Sammy suggested.

"Okay," Brad said, surprising Sammy, "but we need to hurry before grandpa gets back."

"Sure, but you said they never come upstairs..."

"I know, but he might figure it out if he hears us up here."

"Fine, but I don't see what the big deal is. So, we're boys, and we shower together, what's wrong with that?" Sammy said sullenly.

"Hey, don't get mad," Brad cooed, "come here," he said opening his arms.

Sammy sighed, but swarmed into Brad's arms and they kissed. For a while they just stood there, sharing the moment, then slowly they untangled and Brad led the way to the bathroom.

Sammy seemed in better spirits as they showered, and as they took turns washing each other, the inevitable happened, and soon they were both hard.

"I wish we had time to fool around," Sammy said, nuzzling Brad's neck.

"Like what?" Brad said, for the moment forgetting about his concerns about being found out.

"Like, you doing to me what I did to you back at the creek..."

"Really?" Brad said looking excited, "well, we might have time."

"Sure, you could use some soap or shampoo to make it slick..."

"Okay, it won't take long anyway, I'm pretty horny," Brad agreed as he soaped up his hard throbbing cock.

Sammy braced himself against the wall then, presenting his perky rear for Brad's use as he reached down and began jerking his equally hard cock.

"Don't, save it," Brad ordered, "when I'm done you can do me, again."

"Oh, okay," Sammy said excitedly.

Brad was right, he didn't last long, but the feeling of sliding his cock up and down Sammy's crack produced the most intense orgasm so far. His whole body shook as he came, his youthful fountain shooting up Sammy's crack and onto his lower back.

"How was it?" Sammy asked as Brad pulled away.

"Awesome, and if just doing it on the outside is that good, I can't imagine how good it must feel to do it on the inside."

"Yeah, I know. Do you still want me to do you?"

"Yeah, go ahead," Brad said, then assumed the position for Sammy.

Sammy lasted a little longer than Brad had, but neither set any endurance records as they shared this especially stimulating experience. Sammy's legs turned to rubber as he came, and he gripped Brad's hips so tightly his hand prints would remain there for a while afterwards.

"Wow, this time was even better," Sammy said after giving Brad a front to back hug.

"Let's get washed up and get out of here," Brad said urgently, "we can talk about it later, okay?"

Sammy nodded as they soaped each other up again, rinsed off, then quickly stepped out and started toweling off. They were almost done when they heard the front door open and close, but as expected no one came upstairs.

They hurried to Brad's room, dressed quickly, then piled down on the bed to relax for a moment.

"That was awesome," Brad finally said, "how'd you think to do that?"

"I dunno, I guess it just comes natural or something, like when we rub our fronts together."

"Yeah, but this is better, except we can't kiss while we do it."

"Yeah, except we can kiss each other's shoulders, and neck and stuff, maybe even the side of our faces."

"Yeah, next time we'll try that. Hey, this would be a good time to swap emails and stuff. We already have each other's phone number..."

"I don't have an email address," Sammy admitted, "can you help me set one up?"

"Sure, it's easy," Brad agreed.

They spent the next half hour or so doing that, as well as writing down and exchanging all the other information pertinent to keeping in touch. Keeping busy helped them forget about the sadness at soon parting, but once that was done they were back to square one.

Sitting on the bed once more, Brad took Sammy's hand in his and squeezed it tightly, "I'll miss stuff like this, holding hands and kissing," he sighed.

"Yeah, and swimming in the creek, and just messin' around. You know, the whole time you've been here I bet I haven't watched two hours of TV," Sammy chuckled, "I used to love to watch TV in the evenings, but lately I've been too busy having fun with you."

"That's a good thing, right?"

"Yeah, very good. I can watch TV anytime, once you're gone," Sammy sighed, "but I dunno, maybe I won't want to watch it as much now."

"You should spend time with Doug and Bobby," Brad suggested, "I can tell they really love you, maybe even idolize you, especially Bobby."

"Yeah, me and Bobby are close. Doug is...well, sort of wild, and not as easy to get along with. He's not really bad, just ornery, and sneaky," Sammy laughed, "but I love him anyway. And Bobby, well, he goes along with every scheme Doug comes up with."

"Well, that's why you need to spend more time with them. Keep Doug busy and he won't have time to get into trouble."

"Yeah, I know. Man, I just thought of something," Sammy said blushing a bit now, "After what we did on the camping trip, I wonder if they'll expect me know? Do that stuff again."

"Well..." Brad said looking thoughtful, "would that be so bad?"

"I...I don't know. You mean, you don't mind if I do?"

"Of course not. They're your bros, it's not like you're cheating on me."

"Will, do stuff with other boys?"

"No, but if I had bros, who knows?" Brad laughed.

"Well, we'll see what happens, but I'll keep asking your opinion if it does happen."

"Let's go say goodnight to my grands," Brad suggested, "they go to bed early, and I want to thank them again for letting me stay and all."

"Sure, I'm grateful too," Sammy said smiling and pulling Brad up off the bed. Then hand in hand, the two walked downstairs, breaking away only at the last minute.

"You boys hungry again?" Brad's grandmother chuckled.

"No ma'am, not yet," Brad said patting his stomach, "we just wanted to say goodnight, and to thank you for dinner, and for letting me stay here, and for treating me so nice."

"Well, sonny boy, you're always welcome here," his grandfather said, "and that goes for Sammy and his brothers too."

"Thank you sir," Sammy said politely, "for letting me stay over, and all the good food. It's been a fun summer."

"It's been nice for us too," the old woman said looking teary-eyed. Havin' you boys around has made both of us feel a bit younger and more needed."

"Aww, grandma, that's nice of you, and like I told grandpa, I'd like to come back next year too. Maybe even stay longer, like a whole month."

"Oh, my, that would be so nice, if you could come in July, there's the 4th of July picnic in town, and a big fireworks show..."

"That sounds fun. I don't know when, but I'll talk to mom and dad and I hope we can work something out, but...that's a whole year away," Brad sighed.

"Well, there's always Christmas vacation," the old man suggested, "in fact, we've been trying to get your folks to come spend Christmas with us for several years now. Maybe you can convince them."

"I'll sure try. Do you get snow here?" Brad asked excitedly.

"Not always, but we'll order some up if you all are comin'," his grandpa teased.

"Either way, I'd like to come. I'll work on mom and dad," Brad said grinning, "well, goodnight, and thanks again. I...I love you," Brad added as he gave both of his grandparents a hug.

The old woman was dabbing at her eyes when he pulled away, and even the old man, who had never been one to get too sentimental, looked ready to cry.

"Good night boys," they both said almost at once, then they all chuckled.

"See you boys in the morning. I'll fix something special for you, Brad. Any requests?"

"Blueberry pancakes?" Brad asked, looking hopeful.

"Blueberry pancakes it is, then," she agreed happily.

Back upstairs, the two boys peed and brushed their teeth, then headed back to Brad's room, where they immediately peeled off their shorts and tees and lay down together in bed.

Sammy lay on his back with his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling, while Brad lay on his side with a hand on his boyfriend's chest. Making lazy circles on Sammy's chest and stomach, Brad was soon rewarded by a growing in Sammy's middle.

Brad was already hard, for lately he'd found that just being around Sammy was arousing, and being naked with him was a sure way to get a boner quickly.

"I was thinking," Brad said softly, "if you want to try, you know, going all the way tonight, we could."

"Oh, I don't know," Sammy said, surprising Brad with his apparent lack of enthusiasm, "it's not that I don't want to, eventually, but I want it to be special and not rushed. Does that make sense?"

"Perfect sense," Brad said, a little relieved at Sammy's thoughtful assessment of the situation, and agreeing one hundred percent, "I'd rather wait too, but I just wanted to give you the chance, in case you wanted to."

"What we do is fine," Sammy said, "I'm not sure we're ready to do more, but maybe when we see each other again, we will be."

"Yeah, I hope so," Brad said raising up to kiss Sammy on the lips, "thanks for being sweet about it, and for saying what I was feeling."

"No problem," Sammy said rolling over to meet Brad, then taking him into his arms, "now, I want you to relax and let me do all the work for a change. I want to make you feel really good right now, then you can do whatever you want to me."

"Oh, okay, that sounds nice. Start with my feet, okay?" Brad giggled, "I could use a foot massage."

"Mmm, okay, one foot massage coming up, and maybe some toe lovin' too," Sammy said grinning, and so he began.

The previous night had been magical. The boys had explored every inch of each other's bodies and made slow passionate love, not once, but twice before falling asleep. Then waking before the sun came up, they kissed and pressed together till they came a third time, this time falling asleep, their sticky cum cementing them together in love.

This was how the two awoke, though the cum had long since dried and was now causing their skin to itch a bit.

"Good morning," Brad said stretching and yawning, "oh yuck, our cum is all dried up," he chuckled, "I hope we didn't get any on the covers."

"I'm sure we did," Sammy mumbled, "but I bet your grandma has seen cum stains before. After all, she raised two boys, one of them your dad," he chuckled.

"Yeah, hard to think about my dad being our age and doing this stuff though, but I guess all boys do it, right?"

"I'd say 99 percent do, even if some lie and say they don't. Every boy I know has admitted it, including my brothers," Sammy chuckled.

"I don't wanna get up, but I bet granny has been waiting on us to wake up so she can fix those blueberry pancakes."

"That sounds good," Sammy said, his stomach choosing that moment to rumble, "see, even my gut thinks so," he laughed.

"I need to pee first," Brad said throwing back the covers to expose his still naked body and his morning wood.

"Wow, it's extra big this morning," Sammy commented, "why can't all wood be as big as morning wood?"

"Dunno," Brad said sitting up and grabbing his shorts from the floor, "you coming?"

"Nah, but I'll have a piss," he joked.

"Oh, very funny," Brad chuckled, "you came enough last night."

"Only three times, and once was today, doesn't count for yesterday."

"Then there was the times at the creek, the shower..." Brad laughed.

"Damn, you're right," Sammy said slipping his shorts on as well, "what am I going to do once you're gone?"

"Well, at least you have your brothers, I have nothing but my hand," Brad said sadly.

"Aww, sorry."

Somehow they managed to pee despite their erections, and after slipping on a tee shirt they headed downstairs to breakfast. Brad's grandma had apparently heard the two stirring around and already had a round of pancakes cooking on the grill, and a platter of cooked bacon and sausage sat on the back of the stove to keep warm.

"Good morning, boys," she said cheerfully, "did you sleep well?"

"Yes, very well, thanks," Brad said, trying not to blush, "where's gramps?"

"He's out tending to the garden, he'll be in shortly. Brad, honey, can you get you and Sammy something to drink? Your granddad and I already have our coffee."

"Moo juice okay?" Brad asked Sammy, who just nodded, "anything else we can do to help?" he asked the old woman.

"No, honey, just sit down and I'll have a stack of pancakes ready for you boys in a jiffy."

The boys were halfway through their pancakes when the old man finally arrived, and after greeting the boys, he went to the kitchen sink to wash up.

"Did you boys sleep well?" the old man asked, winking at Brad and almost causing him to spit out the drink of milk he'd just taken.

"Uh, yeah...really well. We were really tired, I guess..."

"I bet," the old man said grinning, "but the sparkle in your eyes says you're well rested and eager to get on with a new day. Am I right?"

"Oh, leave them alone, old man," Brad's grandma scolded, but she too had a gleam in her eye.

What was going on? Brad wondered, was his and Sammy's secret not a secret after all? Were his grandparents aware that he and Sammy were more than just friends, or did they at least suspect that the two were fooling around, as boys often did? He decided he needed to talk to Sammy about this, and couldn't wait for breakfast to be over with. However, that didn't stop him from eating his share of the food and washing it down with two glasses of milk.

After helping clear the table, the two boys took care of other bathroom duties, then headed out to the creek to meet up with the two brothers, who were already there and floating lazily in their inner tubes.

"There you are," Doug said once they'd waded in, but he didn't seem in any hurry to engage them in play, "where ya been?"

"Eating blueberry pancakes," Brad said, "and they were deee...licious.

"No fair, we had cereal," Bobby groused.

"Where was ma? Didn't she cook you eggs and stuff?"

"Nah, her and pa went into town. They was gonna make us go too, only we talked em out of it," Bobby said cheerfully.

"We told em it was our last day to spend with Brad, and ma said that was good enough reason to let us stay home, but she warned us not to get into no trouble," Doug explained.

"Hmm, surprised they let you two stay home, alone. I bet they go out for lunch or to a movie or soemthin'," Sammy observed, "they don't get much time alone."

Soon the boys were enjoying themselves, frolicking in the water, playing serious grab-ass, and rubbing together, causing the inevitable rise between their legs.

"Did you guys have fun last night?" Bobby asked as the four floated together in a circle."

"Of course," Brad said grinning, "four times, if you count the shower."

"Oh man, me and Doug only did it once, then we was asleep," Bobby sighed.

"Once is enough for a little guy like you," Sammy teased.

"Is not, I can go more'n once any time. Like right now, I could do two times in a row, try me," he said thrusting his small dick toward Sammy.

"Maybe later, little bro, right now, let's take turns pushing each other on the inner tubes."

Bobby was after all, a kid, and kids love fun, so for the time being sex was forgotten as he concentrated on fun. Brad felt especially happy as he propelled Doug along in the water, using his small feet and sturdy legs as handles, and marveling at how soft the boy's skin was.

Sammy was pushing Bobby, but from behind, his head on the smaller boy's shoulder as they chatted. Brad saw Sammy say something, then Bobby looked his way, smiled and nodded. Brad wondered what that was all about, but he guessed he'd have to wait to find out.

He didn't have to wait long though, because once the boys tired of this game, Sammy suggested they get out and lay down for awhile. This time, the younger boys had thought to bring a blanket, which they spread out under a tall shade tree. There was a jug of ice water as well, and after the boys quenched their thirst, they lay down on the blanket, side by side, with Bobby on the far side, then Doug, Brad, and finally, Sammy.

"What all did you do last night?" Bobby asked after a moment had passed.

"You know, the usual," Sammy said shrugging, "and the new thing."

"Wait, what new thing?" Doug said sitting up to stare at Sammy.

"They rub their dicks on each other's butts," Bobby explained.

"Oh," Doug said as he lay back down, "just on the outside, right?"

"Yeah, not fucking," Bobby giggled.

"What do you know about fucking?" Sammy chuckled.

"I know it's fun, and that boys and girls do it, and...that it can make babies, but not if two boys do it, cause they use their butt, not a pussy..."

Brad tried hard not to laugh, but Bobby was just so cute and innocent, yet he seemed to know a lot about the facts of life.

"Where'd you learn all that?" Brad chuckled.

"I dunno, from friends, from TV, from Sammy and Doug. Even from pa. One time I saw two dogs doing that and I asked him what they were doing and he told me, only he called it mating. But he said that was how they made puppies, and sure enough, our momma dog had five pups after that. It was amazing, and the puppies were so cute. So, it can't be bad cause it makes cute puppies...and, babies, right?"

Brad smiled, "You're so smart, Bobby, and so sweet. Someday you'll make some girl a really good boyfriend."

"Yuck, I don't like girls that way. Not yet anyway. Maybe when I'm older."

"Yeah, you have plenty of time to figure it out," Brad said softly.

"Are we gonna do something?" Doug said impatiently after a few moments of silence.

"Like what?" Sammy teased, "tell stories, do each other's hair, or give each other a manicure?"

"What? No..." Doug sputtered, "suck each other, or jack off, anything..."

"What do you think, Brad, want to do one last thing with my brothers?"

"Yeah, I thought you'd never ask," Brad chuckled, "let's introduce them to our new thing, okay?"

"Oh goody, you gonna rub on our butts?" Bobby said excitedly, "can we rub on yours too?"

The younger boys took to the new game quickly, and they joined the two older boys in taking turns, rubbing on each other. Brad felt a little weird rubbing on Bobby's cute ass, but it just felt so good, and besides, Sammy had done it first, and seemed to be all right with it.

For the finale, however, Brad and Sammy were partners, as were Doug and Bobby. Rubbing on Bobby's cute ass first, Doug achieved a spectacular orgasm, then fell down on the blanket, his butt in the air as he surrendered to Bobby, who hopped on him immediately.

Brad, who had been humping Sammy's butt, looked up and laughed at the easy-going ways of the two brothers. It was obvious they cared for one another and were very comfortable with each other sexually. Yet despite the fact that they were involved in a sex act at the moment, the two boys still looked innocent, and...yes, beautiful.

Brad turned his attention back to his own fun then, and pretty soon he was nearing orgasm. Since he'd come the first time that night in the tent, he had begun to produce more spunk with each orgasm, and he was sure this time would yield the biggest load of all time.

"Uh, uh, uh," Brad grunted as he neared release, "here...I...come," he gasped as his cock began to throb and expel his boy batter.

The first squirt went up Sammy's crack and landed on the mole that was centered on his back, but the next one went downward and coated Sammy's taint and balls. The third didn't have much velocity, but he still managed to produce a sizeable amount of spunk.

"I can feel it running down my balls," Sammy chuckled.

"You wanna go wash up first?" Brad asked as he pulled away.

"Nah, I'm gonna use your spunk as lube," Sammy said as he got up on his knees.

Then reaching between his legs, he caught as much of Brad's spunk as he could and rubbed it on his penis. Brad then reached around and wiped some of the spunk off Sammy's back and applied it to his crack and hole.

"There, now you have double lube," Brad said, falling down on all fours, his butt wiggling in the air.

Meanwhile, Doug and Bobby had finished and were lazing on the blanket watching the two older boys. They were intrigued by Brad's ability to come wet now, and both thought they couldn't wait to grow some hair down there and produce spunk.

Sammy positioned himself then, and when he got just the right angle, he began sliding his cock up and down Brad's slick crack. Each time Sammy passed over Brad's hole, both felt a jolt of pleasure, and moaned lowly. The feeling was much better than just using spit, Sammy decided, and he was sorry he hadn't thought of this sooner.

Before long, Sammy was working his slender hips back and forth as his cock slid up and down Brad's crack, and it didn't take long for him to feel the orgasm train roaring down the tunnel toward him at ninety miles an hour.

"Oh, shit, here it comes..." Sammy cried out as his orgasm hit him hard.

As his knees turned to rubber, Sammy gripped Brad's slender waist tight and pushed his cock hard against Brad's quivering hole. For one moment the tight little grommet seemed to give a little and Sammy's cock slipped in just a fraction of an inch.

"Oh, sorry," Sammy said pulling back as he continued to squirt hot fresh boy cum into Brad's crack.

"It's okay, it felt good. Makes me wonder what the real thing would feel like," Brad confessed.

"Yeah, I know, right? Like we said, maybe next time you visit we can find out."

"Yeah, feels like you came a lot," Brad said feeling his balls and finding them covered in goo.

"Yeah, let's go wash up, then we can sun for a while before we have to go back.

The boys played in the water a bit longer, but it was approaching noon by then and they were beginning to get hungry. As they piled down on the blanket again, the four seemed reserved and quiet for a long time.

Finally, Brad spoke up, looking ready to cry, "I'm gonna miss all of you guys, so much," he began, "and I want to thank you for making me feel so welcome, and for being my friends. Sammy, I'm gonna miss you most of all, but I just know we'll find a way to see each other again. Doug and Bobby, you've been like my little brothers this past week and I want you to know how special that is for me. I've always wanted a little brother, and now I got two, and that's awesome," he added, wiping a tear from his eye, "in a bit, I need to go back to my grands farm and wait for my folks, about we do one last thing before I do."

"Hey, I'm gonna go back with ya," Sammy said squeezing Brad's hand.

"I know, but we won't be able to do anything, not even hold hands or kiss, so...I wanted to do that now while we still can."

"You want to kiss us too?" Bobby asked innocently, his cute babyish smile melting Brad's heart.

"Yeah, if you two can stand it," Brad teased.

"I like kissing," Bobby said rolling over and facing Brad, then leaning in to kiss his cheek, "wanna kiss me first?"

"All right," Brad whispered as he pulled Bobby into a sweet, tender kiss.

"That was nice," Bobby said once their lips parted.

"Yes, it was. Now, Doug," Brad said reaching over to pull the middle brother closer.

"Oh, gosh, here we go..." Doug laughed, but he was totally into the kiss from the moment it started. So much so in fact, that he became hard almost instantly.

"I think he liked it," Sammy joked, "his pecker did anyway."

Doug just sat there grinning, his face as red as a beet.

Next was Sammy's turn, and Brad put everything he had into this kiss, which caused both boys to go hard instantly and tingle from head to toe.

"What shall we do now?" Brad whispered as they finally broke the kiss.

"Let me...make you feel good. I don't care if I get off or not, I just want to kiss you all over and make you feel good, one last time," Sammy said sadly.

"Okay," Brad said sniffing back tears, "I'm all yours."

Sammy, true to his word, kissed and licked every inch of Brad's body, beginning with his feet, and ending by bringing him to a spectacular orgasm by mouth. Brad came harder than he ever had, producing a decent amount of spunk despite having come earlier, which Sammy greedily gobbled down.

The younger brothers had just watched for a while, but soon their excitement overtook them and they fell into the 69 position and brought each other to a dry, but no less intense orgasm.

Brad lay there recovering for a few minutes with Sammy snuggled up to his side, but eventually he raised up on one arm and leaned over to kiss his boyfriend.

"That was amazing, but now I'm hungry," Brad said grinning, "and I know just what I want to eat," he added, reaching down to grab Sammy's hardness.

"Yikes, don't eat it, just suck on it and it will feed you."

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle," Brad said softly as he moved down to eye level with Sammy's crotch, "I'm gonna miss this," he said taking Sammy's cock in his hand and pulling the foreskin back then kissing the shiny pink head.

Doug and Bobby sat up and watched yet another live sex show, as Brad made love to Sammy's cock, finally bringing him to a spectacular orgasm and lapping up his delicious boy batter. Then reserving a small amount, Brad moved up and shared it with his boyfriend as they kissed.

They continued to kiss for a while, their bodies entwined as they shared the last few moments of their time together. But eventually it was time to go, and reluctantly they pulled apart and slipped on their shorts.

"Can we come too?" Bobby asked shyly once the four were dressed.

"Sure, you can meet my folks," Brad said, "maybe you can have lunch with us. I'm sure grandma has something special cooked up."

"Yaay!" Bobby said giving Brad a hug, then hanging onto him for a long moment, just gazing up into his eyes, "I love you, big brother."

"I love you too," Brad said sincerely, "all of you. Now, let's go," he said letting out a long sigh.

The trek back was a quiet one as each of the boys thought his separate thoughts. Sammy had known this time was coming, but he'd never thought it would be this hard to say goodbye. Despite the fact that they'd made love last night, and again today, he found that just wasn't enough. He felt physically ill just thinking about what it would be like once Brad was gone, but he was trying his best to stay strong for Brad's sake.

Doug and Bobby weren't as emotionally involved as Sammy was, but they would miss Brad in their own way. Bobby especially, had become attached to Brad, but he was young and resilient, and though he might brood a few days, in the end he'd bounce back.

"What the...?" Brad said as they came around the corner of the barn, "they're here already," he said noting that his mom and dad's SUV was parked next to his grandpa's old pickup truck, "They came early," he sighed, feeling a pain in his heart and an ache in his gut now.

"Oh, I thought they weren't gonna be here till 2 or 3," Sammy said to no one in particular.

"Yeah, me too. Well, come on," Brad said, feeling as if he were headed to the gallows, and not into the loving arms of his parents.

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