The Tire Swing

by Rob Warr

Chapter 2


The days passed quickly, and though Sammy didn't sleep over every night, the two managed to find enough alone time to demonstrate their love to one another in a physical way.

Brad met the two brothers, Doug and Bobby, the next day after meeting Sammy, and though he found them cute and somewhat amusing, he preferred being alone with Sammy.

Most days he and Sammy would meet at the creek, strip off immediately and do some kissing and making out before getting in the water and cooling off. As predicted, Brad was now an expert at using the tire swing, and the two had lots of fun, both in and out of the water. They often made love on the rock outcropping, then swam to clean Sammy's spunk from their bodies.

One day as the two lay atop the rock, Sammy on all fours over Brad as they kissed and rubbed their cocks together, they were suddenly aware of soft giggles coming from the bushes.

"Oh shit," Brad whispered, "it's your brothers, it has to be, and they've seen what we were doing?" he added sounding panicky.

"It's okay, I'll handle them," Sammy said jumping up, his hard dick swinging in the breeze, "Okay, you little pricks, come out here where I can see you."

As Brad sat up, his hands in his lap to hide his rapidly shrinking penis, the two younger boys stepped forth from the bushes looking worried.

"What are you doing, spying on me? Do I spy on you? Do I tattle on you when you do rotten stuff? Do I sneak up on you two when you're messing around? NO! I don't, and if you spill one word of this to ma and pa, I will cut off your nuts and make you eat them, got it?"

"Yes sir," the oldest brother, Doug, said, and Sammy almost laughed. The kid was so scared he was calling Sammy sir.

The youngest, Bobby, had begun to cry, and it was all Sammy could do not to rush forward, scoop him up and dry his tears. He loved his brothers, and though they might not always get along, he would never do either of them any permanent harm.

"Shut up, Bobby," Doug said jerking the smaller boy's arm almost violently.

"Stop it!" Sammy almost screamed, "leave Bobby alone. I bet this was your idea, wasn't it? So, don't blame him because you got caught."

"We didn't mean nothing. We was just curious as to what you guys was doin'," Doug said, looking ready to cry himself.

"And what did you see?" Sammy challenged.

"Nothin', we didn't see nothin', right Bobby?"

"Nnnnooo," Bobby sobbed.

"Liars," Sammy said, but he was grinning, "you know what you saw, and it's none yo bizzness, right?"

Both boys were shaking their heads furiously now, their eyes filled with tears, their bodies trembling from fear.

"Brad, what do you think we should do to these two for spying on us?"

Brad was taken so completely off guard by Sammy's question that he found himself utterly speechless. Shrugging, his eyes pleaded with Sammy to keep him out of this.

"Hmm, I think they need a whoopin', how does that sound, you rats?"

"Noooo, please Sammy, don't whoop us," Bobby wailed.

"I don't care," Doug said, suddenly defiant again, "I can take a whoopin', ifn' you forget the whole thing."

"Drop your shorts you two?" Sammy demanded.

Doug was quick to do so, displaying his smooth, tween body unashamedly. Bobby hesitated only a second before complying, and he began crying harder as his shorts hit the ground at his feet.

Neither boy wore underwear, and in fact had planned on going skinny dipping once they'd reached the creek. That was until they heard Sammy and Brad going at it, and decided to sneak up on them, a mistake they wished they'd never made.

"Who's first?"

" you really have to?" Brad finally managed to say.

Brad was unaccustomed to any sort of corporal punishment, since his folks preferred to use words rather than violence when dealing with misbehavior, and so far it had worked quite well. Brad seldom if ever got into trouble, and a simple grounding or denial of his electronics was enough to keep him on the straight and narrow.

"They're used to it. Doug, get over here," Sammy said, ignoring Brad's pleading look for amnesty for his brothers.

Sitting on a nearby rock, Sammy pulled Doug down onto his lap, butt up, and began to administer the first of five stinging slaps. He knew his brother had gotten far worse from their father, and that though the hand prints might linger for a few hours, there would be no permanent damage.

"Oww...bastard," Doug wailed, causing Sammy to make the second swat a bit harder.

"Oww...sorry, I didn't mean it, ow, ow, ow," he cried as each swat was delivered.

"Now, are you gonna spy on me again?" Sammy asked, pulling the boy up and grabbing him by the shoulders as he looked directly into his eyes.

"Nnnooo," the boy said, wiping tears from his eyes, "my butt hurts."

"Stick it in the creek, that'll take the sting out of it," Sammy laughed. Then turning to his youngest brother he gave him a smile and began wiggling his finger in the 'come here' gesture.

Swallowing hard, the skinny little boy slowly walked over to where Sammy sat and leaned into him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Please, Sammy, don't whoop me, please."

Checking to see that Doug was now in the creek, cooling off his behind, Sammy leaned in to whisper something in Bobby's ear, and the boy immediately smiled. Then pulling his youngest brother across his lap, he proceeded to give him five licks that wouldn't have squashed a fly.

"Now, go, and don't spy on me no more," Sammy said, pulling the boy up and shaking his shoulders gently as he gave him a wink.

Sammy had a soft spot for his youngest brother, and anyway, he knew Doug was always behind any mischief the two got up to.

Joining his brother in the water, Bobby pretended to be hurting as much as Doug, but Doug knew better. He knew Sammy would always take it easy on Bobby, and sometimes he resented his younger brother because he was favored by Sammy, his idol. But instead of trying to do better, and avoid making Sammy angry, he thought up new devilish plans just to get his attention.

"Now what?" Brad said, disappointed that their lovemaking had been interrupted.

"We swim, then after a while I'll send the rug rats home and we can make out some more...and hopefully get off this time," Sammy sniggered.

A few minutes later the four boys were splashing and playing, taking turns on the tire swing, and generally having a good time. The spying was now forgotten, and though Sammy hoped the spanking would prevent any further incidents of this kind, he really didn't mind in the least that his brothers knew he and Brad were fooling around.

After all, he'd jerked off with his bros enough times to know that they liked that kind of stuff too, and that they weren't about to tell their folks what they'd seen, or what they'd done in the past. It was actually kind of a turn-on to think about his younger brothers watching him and Brad making out, and he thought if they'd been more subtle they could've watched the whole thing till the end.

Later, when the two younger boys were gone, the two lovers lay cuddled up on a blanket beneath a shade tree, talking and making out, enjoying the pleasure of each other's company.

"I saw what you did, with Bobby. You barely whipped him. That was nice of you."

"He's not bad, it's Doug that always gets them into trouble. Maybe it's partly my fault. In case you can't tell, Bobby is sort of my favorite."

"Well, he is younger, and probably pretty innocent, right?"

"Yeah, in most ways," Sammy said grinning, "did you see his prick, it's as big as Doug's," he chuckled, "I bet he's gonna be bigger than both of us when he's full grown."

"I...I didn't look," Brad lied, then feeling bad about even a little fib, he came clean, "Actually, yeah...I did notice. I wonder why that is."

"Just nature, I reckon. My pa is big. In case you're wonderin' how I know, I seen him one time in the shower. I had to pee real bad and he said to come on in. He was just gettin' out of the shower, and damn, there it was, right in front of me. He acted like it wasn't no big deal, but I could tell he was proud of it," Sammy added with a chuckle.

"I've never seen my dad naked," Brad said softly.

Sammy was quiet for a long time, then he leaned over and kissed Brad on the lips, and that got things started again. Soon they were rolling around, pressing together as they kissed, then the inevitable happened. As Sammy exploded onto his and Brad's bodies they continued to kiss, until finally rolling onto their backs, panting as if they'd ran a mile.

"Wow, it just gets better every time," Brad gasped.

"Yeah, I agree."

They dozed for a while and when they awoke, they hit the water to clean up some. Climbing out, they returned to the blanket and stretched out once more.

"You ever think about doing any other stuff, besides what we've done?" Sammy asked, sounding embarrassed.

"You mean like, oral, and, umm...anal stuff?"

"Yeah, well...oral, anyway?"

"Sure, I've wondered about it, you?"

"I...I've done it, oral, I mean."

"Oh, was it?"

"It's nice, especially getting it done to you."

"Can I ask who with?"

"No one you know, and it was a while ago, before I met you, of course."

"Well, none of my business anyway," Brad said blushing.

"So, do you think you'd want to try that...sometime?"

"Sure, but you'd have to show me how, cause all I know is what I've seen in videos."

"Okay, next time maybe we'll try that then. We should probably get going though. We don't wanna miss supper."

That Friday, four days before Brad was to return home, Sammy suggested the two of them camp out by the creek. At first Brad was unsure, but the more he thought about it the better it sounded. Sammy assured him that he had all the stuff they would need, including a nice, water-tight tent, big enough for four adults.

"We can bring pop, and roast weenies and marshmallows, and swim, know?" Sammy said grinning.

"It sounds like fun," Brad agreed, "and I'm sure my grands will say it's okay."

"Great, let's go ask em, then we can start gathering up the stuff and get it in place before it gets dark."

Brad's grandparents thought camping out was a great idea, and Mrs. Brewster even insisted on packing some food for their campout. Brad's gramps said he had a case of baby Cokes in the cellar and that the boys could take some of those as well. Baby Cokes, as brad would find out, are those little 8 ounce bottles of the soda that in most people's opinion tasted better than the larger ones.

"I have an old lawn cart you can use to transport the stuff down to the crick," Mr. Brewster said, almost as excited as the boys about the campout, "I remember when me and Jimmy Evans, and Billy Edwards camped out on my daddy's farm when we were boys. We sure had some fun back then," the old man said sighing.

At Sammy's house, the boys loaded the tent and the rest of the stuff they needed for the campout as his two brothers watched with envy.

"I wish we was goin' too," Bobby pouted.

"Maybe next time, bubber," Sammy said patting the boy on the head, "this is Brad's last weekend here, and we want to be alone."

"So you can kiss," the boy giggled.

"Yeah, but that's our secret, okay?" Sammy said putting his finger to his lips.

"What if we had our own tent?" Doug said, wincing a little as he waited for Sammy to answer.

"Where you gonna get a tent?" Sammy sniggered, "you gonna have momma whip one up on her sewin' machine?"

"No, but me and Bobby made one out of one of pa's tarps one time and played Army in it," the boy explained, "All it takes is two sticks and some rope. We used these big nails pa has for stakes, right Bobby?"

"Yeah, it was real neat, and fun as heck," Bobby agreed.

Sammy rolled his eyes, "What do you think, Brad? Can we stand it if they put their tent far enough away so they don't bug us?"

"Honestly, I don't mind," Brad said. He'd grown fond of the two younger boys and was going to miss them almost as much as he'd miss Sammy, "we could swim and hang out and stuff till time to sleep, and still have our time alone."

"Okay, guys gotta convince momma, and if she says no, then don't beg, okay?"

"Yaaay!" Bobby said as he and Doug ran off to find their mother.

Just as Sammy and Brad had the last of the stuff packed in the lawn cart, Sammy's mom appeared from the back door looking confused, "Did you boys say these two could go campin' too?"

"If they make their own tent, and don't bug us too much," Sammy said.

"Well, I never thought I'd see the day that you three agreed on anything," she laughed, "Brad, are you okay with these two young'uns hanging around?"

"Yes ma'am. I think it will be fun," Brad said smiling.

"Well, all right. Who am I to pass up an opportunity for some peace and quiet for a change?" she chuckled, "I'll fix you boys some vittles to take with you."

"Yaaa!" Bobby said hugging his mom's neck, "I love you, momma."

"I love you two, son," his mother said with a smile, "what else do you boys need?"

Sammy and Brad helped the two younger boys gather up what they needed for their tent, while their mom gathered bedding and the promised food for the boys. By the time they had everything loaded on the lawn cart, the load was teetering, and the boys had to tie it down to keep it from falling over.

Finally, after saying goodbye to the boys' mom, the four were off, down the well worn trail to the creek. The excitement was thick in the air as the four boys pushed and pulled the cart down the narrow path, and it didn't take long to reach their destination.

Immediately, Sammy began to supervise as they set up the big tent first, then he and Brad helped the younger boys with their makeshift tent. First, they threw down a small tarp for ground cover, then while the younger boys held the poles in place, Sammy and Brad tied a piece of rope between, then a piece from each pole to a stake in the ground, next, they draped the other tarp over the poles and now it was beginning to look like a tent. Then, using the grommets on the tarp, they staked it down all around, using the 12" nails they'd borrowed from their fathers nail bin, and the tent was finished. There were no flaps for doors, and no windows, but Sammy suggested they could hang a towel over the openings if the bugs got too bad.

It was still early in the day, and after erecting the tents and building a fire ring for later, the boys were hot and thirsty. Grabbing one of the baby Cokes from the cooler, the four sat down and rested while they drank it down thirstily, then by mutual consent, stripped down to their birthday suits and dived into the creek.

They frolicked and played grab-ass for awhile, but suddenly Brad found himself getting hard from all the contact. He wondered if the others were hard too, and when he next got the chance to be close to Sammy, he felt under the water to find out.

Yep, he thought, hard as a tent pole, he chuckled to himself. That made him wonder if the two younger boys were as turned on as he and Sammy were, and though it seemed a little sketchy, he decided to find out.

Bobby especially liked to be picked up and tossed into the water, and Brad was happy to do so the next time he asked. Being careful not to be too obvious, as he lifted the younger boy up he brought his crotch up to eye level and got quite a shock.

Not only did Bobby have an erection, but his cock looked absolutely gigantic now that it was hard. As Bobby squealed in delight, Brad tossed him into the cool water of the creek, and as soon as Bobby resurfaced, Doug was right there begging Brad to toss him up next.

Though a year and a few months older than Bobby, Doug wasn't all that much bigger, and only a few pounds heavier, and Brad had no trouble lifting him as he had Bobby. Doug was hard too, and as Sammy had mentioned, his and Bobby's peckers were almost the same size. Both boys, as was Sammy, were uncut, and Doug's foreskin was pulled back just enough to expose the tip of his shiny pink head. Both boys were smooth, of course, and Brad thought their bodies were beautiful.

Splashing down in the water, Doug resurfaced and swam over to Sammy and floated there as he whispered something to his older brother. Brad was busy with Bobby for a moment, but once he'd launched the boy into the water once more, he turned his attention to the two older brothers and was curious to know what they were whispering about.

Finally, Sammy nodded, and with a huge grin on his face he began swimming toward Brad.

"Hey, what's up?" Brad asked casually.

"4 peckers," Sammy laughed, causing Brad to snicker.

"Yeah, I saw that. Do they always get hard like that?"

"Yeah, most times. They're horny little fuckers," Sammy laughed, "that's what me and Doug were talking about over there."

"About our boners?" Brad chuckled.

"Yeah. He was wondering if we could all do something, like jerk off together."

"Whaaat?" Brad said, pretending shock, when actually the thought of such a thing caused his dick to jump.

"Sorry, we don't have to," Sammy apologized, "I told you, the three of us sometimes do that, and well...Doug just thought..."

"It's okay, no need to apologize. I'm not saying there's anything bad about doing that. It was just kinda unexpected, that's all. Umm, where would we do that?"

"Oh, so you're okay with it?" Sammy said grinning.

"Sure, I mean...if they are..."

"Hey, Bobby, Doug, come over here."

Doug was closest, but Bobby was right on his tail as he swam up, an expectant look on his face.

"You little fuckers horny?" Sammy laughed.

"Yeah," Doug said blushing a bit.

"Me too," Bobby said looking very cute.

"Brad says we can all jerk off together if you want."

"Yaaay!" Bobby cried.

"I suggested it," Doug said, then gave his little brother a playful shove.

"Come on then, let's get out and do it. I'm about ready to bust just talkin' about it," Sammy said then.

"Is jerking all we're gonna do?" Doug wondered as they climbed out of the creek and shook their bodies like dogs to try to get some of the water off.

"You can do whatever you want...with each other," Sammy said, "me and Brad will do what we wanna do too."

"Cool," Doug said.

They spread a blanket out then and piled down on it, four naked boys, two tweens and two amost teens, as they waited for someone to start things off. It was actually Bobby, the youngest, who began to fondle his 3.5 inch prick, but it didn't take long till the others joined in.

Brad was again amazed at how big Bobby was down there, but Doug had a nice cock too, and he thought both boys were very sexy looking. Not as sexy as Sammy though, with his patch of pubes, his gorgeous uncut prick, and his tanned muscled body.

Noting Brad's look of adoration and lust, Sammy leaned in and kissed his boyfriend, causing Bobby to giggle nervously.

"You two are kissing," he said as if it wasn't obvious.

"Shut up," Doug said, "they're boyfriends, they can kiss."

"I wanna kiss too," Bobby pouted.

"Huh uh, no way, I ain't kissin' my own brother," Doug said making a face.

"Why," Sammy said coming up for air, "you've kissed his dick and his ass enough times," he added laughing.

"Shut up, that's different..." Doug sputtered.

"You can kiss me," Brad suddenly blurted out, "if it's okay with Sammy," he quickly added.

"Fine by me, just don't go dumpin' me and makin' Bobby your new boyfriend," Sammy teased.

"I promise," Brad said grinning, then to Bobby, "Well, you comin' or not?"

Bobby hopped up then, and on his knees he scooted over to where Brad sat waiting, puckered up his lips, then leaned forward. Brad almost laughed at how comical the boy looked, but he knew this was new to Bobby and very important to him. Taking the younger boy's head in both his hands, he pulled him close and pressed his lips against Bobby's soft silky lips. The effect was immediate. Both boys felt a tingle in their stomachs, and their stiff cocks jerked a little as the kiss continued.

Brad was torn between keeping the kiss chaste and using tongue, but it was Bobby who made the decision. Bobby was a very affectionate boy, and it seemed kissing just came natural to him. Sticking his small pink tongue into Brad's mouth, he was rewarded as the older boy's tongue pushed back.

The kiss lasted maybe two minutes, but it was enough to make both boys flushed, and even harder than they had been at the beginning.

"Dang, you look like you really liked that," Doug observed, "was it good?"

"Yeah, real good," Bobby said sitting back on his heels and grinning, "I kin show ya."

"Not now, maybe sometime," Doug conceded, "let's jerk our peckers now," he said giving his own a few strokes.

"I think I'd rather jerk Brad's," Sammy said scooting up next to his boyfriend and taking his cock in his hand, "want to do mine?"

"Yesss," Brad said as he leaned in to kiss Sammy again.

"Dang, they're kissin' again," Doug chuckled, "okay, okay...come over here, Bobby, and show me how ta kiss."

"Okay," Bobby said moving quickly to sit beside his older brother, "first ya gotta pucker...then you just let your lips press together, and, gotta stick your tongue in my mouth," he quickly explained, but before Doug could answer, Bobby attacked his older brother's mouth and showed him exactly what he meant.

Doug didn't hate it, in fact, he felt his cock stiffen as the kiss continued, and before he knew what was happening he was holding Bobby close and kissing him passionately. Though not as emotional as his younger brother, he had a very strong libido for a boy his age, and the feelings he was getting from the kiss were a definite turn-on.

"I think he likes it," Sammy whispered to Brad, "I've heard of kissin' cousins, but I got kissin' brothers," he added laughing.

"I think it's sweet," Brad said, "Bobby is a very good kisser."

"Bettern' me?" Sammy said gazing into Brad's eyes.

"Nope, but it was a little bit like kissin' you. You two are a lot alike, both sweet."

"Know what else is sweet?" Doug said grinning, "yo pecker, and I'm gonna lick it all over now," he added as he dropped his head to Brad's lap and took him into his mouth.

"Oh...oh...oh," Brad moaned, causing the two younger brothers to look their way.

Bobby broke off the kiss then and giggled, "He's suckin' his dick."

"Yeah, why don't you do that to me?" Doug said lustily.

"Okay, but let's both do it, okay?"

While Brad watched with interest, the two younger boys moved into the 69 position, and soon they were busily sucking each other's dicks as they rubbed each other's butts and balls. Brad thought he had never seen anything as sexy as that in his whole life, and he knew he wasn't going to last long. Then suddenly, Sammy swallowed all of his cock to the base, Brad exploded. Something felt different this time though, and for a moment he was worried. Then Sammy suddenly pulled off, and with a big grin, announced that Brad had just come wet for the first time.

"I...I did," Brad said, feeling exhausted, yet euphoric now.

"Yeah, and it tastes sweet. There wasn't much, but you came, and you'll make more and more as time goes on."

Meanwhile, the two younger boys were nearing their own dry, but no less spectacular orgasms. Bobby came first, letting out a little squeak as he came, his small body quivering with pleasure as the orgasm ripped through him. Doug was next, grunting out his pleasure even as he still held Bobby's spent dick in his mouth.

"Wow, good one," Bobby panted as he sat up.

"You guys have fun?" Sammy teased.

"Yeah, did you?" Doug smirked.

"Yes, and Brad shot a load for the first time, right into my mouth," Sammy announced.

"Oh, cool. What's that like?" Doug wondered.

"It's great, it tasted sweet. Can't wait to taste more."

"Now it's my turn," Brad reminded him, "and I can't wait to taste yours."

Bobby and Doug sat on their haunches, fiddling with their semi-erect cocks while they watched Brad begin sucking and licking Sammy's cock. This was only the third time Brad had sucked Sammy, but he felt confident by now that he knew what he was doing, and his enthusiasm more than made up for his lack of skill.

Bobby watched closely, moving his head so he was staring directly at the action, and as he bent over, Doug took advantage of the situation and began rubbing his younger brother's cute butt. They hadn't gone all the way yet, but both boys knew about anal sex and were looking forward to trying it someday soon. For now, however, they found pleasure in rubbing each other's butt, and occasionally running a finger down the crack and across the hole, though neither had attempted penetration.

"This is fun," Bobby announced after a few minutes of watching Brad perform oral sex on Sammy, "can we do this again the tent?"

Sammy, who was very close to coming, just grunted in an approving manner, and Bobby accepted that as an affirmative. Though the three brothers had jacked off together, and occasionally touched each other's cocks, Sammy had never allowed either of his younger brothers to jerk or suck him. However, Bobby hoped that someday he would be allowed to suck his older brother and find out just what it was like to taste his cum fresh from the spout.

Sammy came noisily, his cries echoing through the woods, causing both Doug and Bobby to giggle. Once sated, Sammy pulled Brad down for a kiss, and they shared the last few drops of his boy nectar while the two younger boys watched with interest.

"What can we do now?" Bobby said in typical little boy fashion. Now that he was sated he was ready to move on to the next adventure.

"First we get back in the water and cool off," Sammy said taking charge, "then we can figure out what to do next."

After a refreshing dip in the creek, the boys were hungry and Sammy dug into the food his mom had sent. He quickly found a bag of chips and some cookies, which they shared as they drank another bottle of Coke.

"Let's play hide n' seek," Bobby suggested, then blushed, afraid that game might sound too childish to the older boys.

"Okay," Sammy said quickly, "but we need to put our shorts back on, okay?"

"Aww, okay," Bobby said grinning, "that way we won't get scratched up, right?"

"Yeah, and just in case one of us goes near the farm and daddy sees us," Doug chuckled.

"Daddy wouldn't care," Bobby said frowning, "but momma might."

"Who's 'IT'?" Doug asked then.

"We'll draw straws," Sammy suggested, then grabbing up some twigs and breaking them into various lengths, he positioned them in his hand, "shortest straw is 'IT'."

One by one the other three pulled a twig as Sammy held them concealed in his hand, leaving Sammy with the last one, which turned out to be the shortest.

"Okay, I'm 'IT'. You all go on an hide, "I'll only count to a hundred so you better hurry, "one...two...three..." he began as the other three scampered off into the woods.

Bobby and Doug chose to stay together, while Brad headed in the direction of his grandparents' farm. He could hear Sammy still counting as he found the biggest tree he could find and climbed up as high as he could go, hoping he would be out of sight from anyone just passing by.

"99, 100, ready or not, here I come! Sammy practically screamed, "you're all dead meat....ha ha ha."

From his perch about ten feet off the ground, Brad could hear Sammy calling to his brothers and he sounded like he was moving away. Then a few minutes later, his voice got louder, and louder, until it seemed he was right upon him.

Holding his breath, Brad closed his eyes and tried not to make a sound, hoping Sammy wouldn't think to look up. It was at just about that moment that Brad lost his grip on the tree branch he was clinging too, and with a frightened cry he fell from the tree, crashing into several limbs on the way down, which thankfully broke his fall somewhat.

"Jesus Christ," Sammy cried out as he rushed to his boyfriend's side, "are you okay? Don't move, let's make sure nothin' is broken..."

"Hey, what happened?" Doug said as he and Bobby came running up, having heard the commotion from their hiding places nearby.

"Is he dead?" Bobby wailed.

"I'm fine," Brad said wincing a little in pain as he moved his head, but as far as he could tell nothing was broken or sprained, though he expected to have a nasty bruise on his ass where he hit the ground.

"Just lay still," Sammy said once again as he sat down and pulled Brad's head into his lap and smoothed back his blond hair, "you had me so worried," he choked out, and only then did he realize he was crying, "don't ever do that again."

"I'm sorry," Brad said, near tears himself, "I don't know what happened. One minute I was holding on tight, and the next minute I was falling. Good thing I didn't climb any higher, huh?"

"Stay out of trees, you ain't no squirrel," Sammy said wiping his tears away, "anyway, you all lose cause I found all three of ya," he laughed.

"No fair," Bobby said, "we found you. You only found Brad."

"Let's play something less dangerous," Brad suggested, "like...kick boxing," he added laughing.

Sammy eventually helped Brad up, and after a quick assessment of his body they decided he was indeed okay. His butt was a little sore, and he'd gotten a small scrape on one arm, but otherwise he was no worse for wear. Sammy coddled him all the way back to camp, where he dug a first-aid kit out of the tent and proceeded to treat Brad's scrape.

"Now I know why momma put this in here," Sammy chuckled, "when I first saw it, I just laughed, now it ain't so funny."

"You're a good nurse," Brad said with adoring eyes.

"Wouldn't mind bein' a doctor someday," Sammy admitted, then blushed, "I don't get all squeamish around blood and stuff like some do. I think it's interestin' how human bodies work."

"You sure was scared when you saw Brad a lyin' there, though," Doug snickered.

"It's cause he loves him, right Sammy?" Bobby said smiling.

Sammy just shrugged, "It's different when it's someone you know...or like, I guess."

"You did good though," Brad assured him, "you didn't let me get up till I was sure nothing was broken or I hadn't hit my head."

"I just didn't want you to hurt yourself more ifn' you had injured somethin'."

"I'm fine, thanks to you," Brad said pulling Sammy down to kiss his cheek.

"Oh man, here we go again," Doug chuckled.

"Jealous," Sammy teased, "go kiss Bobby. You seem to like that."

Doug blushed, but kept quiet, pulling up a blade of grass and tearing it into small pieces.

"So, what can we do now?" Bobby said, sounding bored.

"I dunno, what do you want to do? And don't say play hide n' seek," Sammy chuckled.

"How about, we go swimmin' again?"

"You and Doug can, me and Brad are gonna just sit here and watch, okay?"

"Okay," Bobby sighed, "come on, Doug, last one in is a rotten egg," he giggled as he dropped his shorts and bounded for the creek, his cute naked ass bobbing up and down as he ran.

"Cheater, I wasn't ready..." Doug said, nearly tripping as he lost his shorts and ran after his younger brother.

"They're a lot of fun," Brad said fondly, "I'm gonna miss them too," he sighed.

"I'm gonna miss you so much I think I might die," Sammy said, looking sad, "you really got to me, City Boy."

"Ha, city boy. Do you know how big my city is? Like 15,000 people. It ain't all that big."

"Yeah, I know, but it ain't the country, that's for sure."

"I wouldn't mind livin' here full time, now that I met you, but I have to go back. It's funny, when my folks first told me I was coming here, I was mad, and I hated them for sending me here. Now, I think it's the nicest thing they ever did for me, cause I met you."

"Aww, that's a nice thing to say," Sammy said leaning in to kiss Brad on the cheek, just as Brad had kissed him a few minutes before.

"We gotta keep in touch, okay?"

"Everyday," Sammy promised, "and we can do that Face time thing. My tablet has a camera in it."

"Cool, mine too..." Brad said nodding, "and we can text each other in the meantime, and send pics we take with our phones."

"Nekkid ones too," Sammy giggled.

"Well, we'll see. I'm not sure about that, yet."

"I'm kidding, unless you want to," Sammy said quickly.

"Want to take a walk with me?" Brad said then.

"Sure, where are we going?"

"I dunno, I just want to walk with you and hold your hand, boyfriend."

"Yeah, that'd be great," Sammy said pulling Brad up by the arm, "hey, rug rats, stay here and swim, and don't drown. We'll be back in a little while," he yelled to his brothers.

"Aww, can't we come?" Bobby begged.

"No, we want to be alone. We won't be gone long, and when we get back we'll build a fire and fix dinner."

Later, just as darkness began to fall, they roasted hot dogs for dinner, had chips, and another bottle of Coke. After they'd eaten dinner, they cleaned up what little mess they'd made and took another dip in the creek to cool off and bathe for the night.

It was totally dark by the time they climbed out, four sleek, naked boy bodies glimmering in the moonlight. As they dried off, they looked at each other, the bond between them stronger than ever. Sammy loved his brothers, and now he loved Brad. And Brad, who had found his first love with Sammy, had soon come to love his brothers as well. He was sad to think they would soon be parted, but he had no regrets about meeting them. Even a week of happiness was better than no happiness at all, he reasoned.

"I been thinkin'," Sammy said, pulling Brad aside.

"Bout what?" Brad whispered as he stared into Sammy's eyes.

"Bout us, bout all of this," Sammy said sounding very emotional, "do you think we'll forget about each other once you go back home?"

"Well, I can't say what you'll do, but I'll never forget you," Brad said, a little hurt by Sammy's question.

Sammy smiled sadly as he answered, "I ain't never, ever gonna forget about you. I was know? afraid you didn't feel like I do."

"I love you," Brad said throwing himself into Sammy's strong embrace, "and nothing is gonna change that. Even if we never see each other again, I'll still love you. And we can text and talk on the phone, and do video chats, so we won't forget each other."

"I know," Sammy said wiping at his eyes, "I just needed to hear you say it, I guess."

Brad laughed, "You jerk, you had me worried for a minute. I thought you were having second thoughts about us."

"Nope, you're still my boyfriend," Sammy said, giving Brad a quick peck on the lips, "now, let's go tell some ghost stories and roast some marshmallows."

The younger boys crept closer to the older boys as the first ghost story became more and more intense. Brad was the teller, recounting a Goose Bumps story he'd seen on TV as best he could, embellishing it in some places, and using his very active imagination in others. Even Sammy seemed to be hanging on every word, and when it finally ended, all three boys clapped and cheered.

"That was a good one," Sammy said as he pounded Brad on the back, "bout scared the pee out of Bobby and Doug," he laughed.

"Did not," Doug mumbled, "I know it's just a story, and not real."

"Then what is that over there by that tree," Sammy said jumping up and pointing, his face a mask of terror.

Both Bobby and Doug cried out, jumped up and were halfway to the tent when Sammy suddenly burst into laughter.

"You dick," Doug yelled, "I did pee myself this time, damn it, Sammy!"

Bobby was laughing too, though it was obvious he had been as scared as Doug, he was good-natured and easy going, and didn't take offense at being teased. Brad too was laughing, but he did feel a little sorry for Doug, who seemed rattled by Sammy's joke.

"Who wants another Coke?" Brad asked then as they settled back into their seats around the fire.

"I gotta change my shorts," Doug groused, "thanks to Sammy," he added, giving his older brother a 'go to hell' look.

"Sorry, little brother, you should know me by now," Sammy said gently, "just go naked, no one cares," he added. We'll wash the pee out of your shorts tomorrow."

Doug nodded and stripped off his shorts, hanging them from one of the tent poles before joining the others, while Brad passed out the bottles of Coke. For a while they were busy roasting marshmallows and drinking their Cokes as they talked about the fun they'd had and what lay ahead.

Eventually, they'd had enough marshmallows, and since the insects were starting to bug them, they decided to move into their tents. Now, came the moment of truth, Sammy thought. Would Doug and Bobby willingly sleep in their own tent, or beg to sleep with the big boys? Especially now that Sammy had scared the pee out of Doug with his little joke.

As they said goodnight, Doug looked expectantly at Bobby, who just shrugged and crawled into their makeshift tent. Doug sighed, then crawled in behind Bobby, his little ass wiggling as he did so. For good measure, Sammy gave it a gentle swat, causing Doug to cry out in surprise.

"Night you two horny little devils, don't wear it out," Sammy joked.

"It's mine, I can if I want to," Doug smirked.

"Night guys," Brad said affectionately, "sleep tight. I had fun, hope you did too."

"Yeah," both boys echoed, "night to you too."

In their tent, Sammy stripped off his shorts as soon as the tent flap was zipped up and Brad soon followed his lead.

"Ah, that feels better," Sammy sighed.

"Do you think they'll be all right over there all alone?" Brad said as the two lay down face to face on the soft bedding on the tent floor.

"Sure, why wouldn't they? Ain't no bears, or wolves, or any other mean critters around here."

"That's good to hear," Brad chuckled, "and no monsters either."

Sammy chuckled too, "Doug is so easy to fool, but Bobby is smarter. He just goes along with whatever Doug does or says."

"Bobby reminds me more of you than Doug does. Bobby is sweet."

"You just like his pecker," Sammy joked, "and his kissin'."

"No, I like yours better," Brad said moving his hand to Sammy's erection, then moving in for a deep wet kiss.

"Mmm," Sammy growled from deep within his throat, "that feels good," he said as he reached down to take Brad in his hand as well.

For a few minutes they lay there that way, stroking each other and kissing, but eventually Sammy broke away and slid down till he was at eye level with Brad's crotch. Looking up one last time, Sammy took Brad's stiff cock into his hand as he began to lick up and own the shaft and across the head, before finally moving down to lick and suck on his hairless nut sack.

"Oh man, that feels so good," Brad said dreamily, then suddenly having an idea, he added, "hey, let's do what Bobby and Doug did and do each other, that 69 thing, okay?"

"Sure," Sammy said, moving away long enough to flip end to end, before picking up where he left off.

Brad was quick to move in and start his own exploration of Sammy's cock, his hands exploring his butt and balls as he did so. Though he thought it was too soon to go all the way, Brad thought Sammy's ass was especially sexy, and the feel of his smooth, yet muscled mounds was only adding to his excitement. Once or twice his fingers slipped and found Sammy's tight puckered hole, and he was tempted to explore it further, but in the end he was content to just glide over it and not attempt penetration.

The two older boys were quite verbal now, their moans of pleasure mixed with the wet sounds of oral sex finally reaching the ears of the two younger boys not far away.

"They're suckin'," Bobby giggled, "wish we could watch."

"We ain't supposed to bother em," Doug said, but then an evil grin came over his face, "but since Sammy played that trick on us, we need to get even. Let's sneak over there and listen, maybe we can see through the window, if they got it unzipped."

"Okay, but if Sammy gets mad, it's your fault," Bobby warned, even though he thought it was a good idea, he just had to give his brother some shit.

"Shhh, be quiet, not a word," Doug said slipping out of the tent, Bobby right behind him.

Doug was still naked from earlier, and Bobby had lost his shorts as soon as they were in the tent. Now, both naked boys, their stiff cocks leading the way, crept silently toward the older boys' tent, listening for any signs they'd been detected, but hearing only the sounds of the two boys inside having sex.

The tent faced their tent, so the door flap was directly in front of them as they approached, but through the screen they could see only darkness inside. Though both tents were equipped with a flashlight, so far they'd seen no need to use them, since the moon was almost full and plenty bright for what they had in mind.

Bobby, creeping on all fours behind Doug, suddenly found his nose almost up his older brother's butt as he came to a stop. Holding in a giggle, Bobby waited to see what Doug was doing, then looked up to see him holding a finger to his lips, signalling to be quiet, as he cocked his head as if trying to listen better.

Then shaking his head and waving his hand for Bobby to follow, Doug crept right up to the tent door and brought his head as close as he dared. As his eyes adjusted to the near darkness he could see what he had suspected was going on, his older brother and Brad engaged in a 69. He held in a chuckle, then waved Bobby up so he could see what was going on as well.

Bobby, however, was unable to contain his mirth, and after seeing what was going on inside, a small giggle escaped his lips.

"What the hell?" Sammy suddenly shouted from inside the tent, "What did I tell you guys about spying on us?"

"Yikes," Bobby cried as he stood and started running for his tent, but Sammy was already in the tent door, with a death grip on Doug's arm, and the younger brother knew it was pointless to run.

"Get over here," Sammy commanded, and Bobby obeyed, his head bowed like a scolded puppy.

"You guys promised you wouldn't do this again, and we let you come along on this trip cause you begged us and said you'd leave us alone," Sammy sighed, "I'm really pissed at you two right now, if it wasn't so late, I'd make ya walk back home and tell ma and pa what you done."

"Ha, you want us to tell them you was sucking each other's peckers," Doug smirked, always the defiant one.

"Only if you tell em you was sucking Bobby's too," Sammy growled, "you know what I mean. You promised you'd behave. I know this was your idea, and Bobby always just goes along with whatever you say, but you're both to blame," he said, giving his younger brother a scowling look which brought tears to Bobby's eyes.

"Sammy..." Brad said from beside him, "why don't we just let them sleep in here and they won't have to sneak around and spy on us?"

"What? Are you sure?" Sammy said, eager to get back to what he and Brad had been doing earlier, but wanting to punish his brothers in some way too.

"Yeah, we can drown em tomorrow, or beat them," Brad teased, "right now...we can have some fun and worry about that later."

"You guys are lucky Brad is here," Sammy growled, "If I didn't want to get back to having some fun, I'd beat your asses till they was red as a tomato."

"I'm sorry," Bobby said going over and giving Sammy a kiss on the cheek.

"I know, bubber, but you gotta quit lettin' Doug get you into trouble," Sammy said giving Doug the 'stink-eye'.

"I'm sorry too," Doug said, but he didn't sound very sincere, "I'll go back to my tent and stay all by myself if you want me to," he said, sighing dramatically as if he were the victim here.

"Get your shiny ass in here," Sammy said, softening some, "no, wait, first go get your shorts and your bedding. We'll make room on the other side of the tent."

While the younger boys hauled there stuff over, Sammy and Brad did a little rearranging to make room for them. The tent could easily sleep four adults, so the four young boys had no trouble fitting inside.

"There, now are you happy?" Sammy smirked once the two younger boys were situated.

"I am," Bobby said innocently, "thank you Brad, thank you Sammy."

"Are you guys gonna suck again?" Doug asked boldly.

"Yes, and don't bother us this time," Sammy growled, "you two can do your own thing while we do ours."

"Fine," Doug said grumpily, "I just thought we could all have some fun...together."

"Yeah," Bobby said, "how come we can't?"

"Because we're boyfriends," Sammy stammered, "and we need to do stuff alone, that's why."

"You can do stuff alone too, but we could do stuff with you first," Bobby said innocently.

"Like what?" Brad said, actually feeling a little excited at the prospect of involving the two younger brothers instead of just watching them as they had before.

"Like, touching, and kissing, and sucking," Bobby said excitedly.

"You want to do that stuff to us?" Sammy asked shaking his head, "and have us do that stuff to you?"

"Yeah," Doug said, answering for them both, "what's wrong with that? Me and Bobby do it, and you guys do it, so what's the big deal?"

Sammy looked at Brad then, and something passed between them. Sammy could see the excitement on Brad's face, and he had to admit he was a little excited himself. He was still a little unsure about doing more than just jerking off together with his younger brothers, but the more he thought about it, the better it sounded.

"I guess we could try it," Sammy finally conceded, "are you okay with that, Brad?"

"Yeah,, we don't have to get off, we can save that for each other," he suggested.

"We can get off more'n once," Doug smirked, "cause we don't shoot yet."

"So can we," Sammy said grumpily, "we just have to wait longer between times."

"Who goes first?" Bobby said sitting up on his knees, his stiff pecker proudly pointing almost straight out, the shiny pink head just peaking out beyond the foreskin.

"I don't know, this is new to me..." Sammy said softly, "what do you think, Brad?"

"Well, in the videos, they just sort of all lay down together and start touching each other and I guess stuff just happens. Why don't we try that?"

Sammy stretched out then, Brad beside him, and Bobby and Doug quickly scooted over on either side of them and lay down as well. At first the only touching was along their sides where they were pressed together, but soon hands started roaming, and before long they were feeling each other up.

As their excitement grew, one thing led to another and their mouths soon got into the action, kissing lips, nips, and eventually cocks and balls. Bobby found Brad's circumcised cock interesting, and spent a good deal of time exploring it, before Doug nudged him out of the way so he could try it.

When Bobby turned his attention to Sammy then, at first Sammy was nervous about going this far with the younger boy. But, as was usually the case, Sammy's cock won the battle, and once he found out just how good it felt to have Bobby's soft lips surrounding his hard cock, he surrendered completely.

Brad watched the two with excitement as Doug bobbed up and down on his own cock, but suddenly Brad had an idea. As he explained to Doug what he wanted, the boy moved around so that his crotch was over Brad's face, even as he continued to suck on Brad's cock.

This gave Brad an excellent view of Doug's butt, and just below it his balls and cock. His tiny pink hole seemed to call to him, and though he had never done anything remotely like this, he suddenly stuck his tongue out and tasted the tiny starfish.

"Ahhhh," Doug cried out, "he's lickin' my butthole," he said in shock.

Brad recoiled, afraid he'd gone too far, then apologized.

"No, don't stop," Doug panted, "do it some more."

Encouraged by Doug's words, and despite the look of shock Sammy was giving him, Brad went back to work, this time using his tongue to drill into the tight hole as far as possible.

"Do mine," Bobby said, sticking his rear in Sammy's face then.

"What, no, that's crazy. You're my brother," then realizing how stupid that sounded in light of what they'd been doing so far, he sighed and grabbed his little brother's butt cheeks and pried them apart to reveal his virgin rosebud. Sammy's cock actually gave a jump as he stared at the little brown eye, and he suddenly attacked it with fervor, his tongue drilling into it and causing Bobby to moan appreciatively.

"He's licking my b-hole," Bobby panted, "and it feels really good."

"Careful he don't fuck it," Doug teased.

"Won't fit," Bobby said softly.

Doug just laughed and went back to sucking Brad's cock as he enjoyed his rim job.

The boys continued for awhile this way, but eventually they switched off again, this time Brad and Sammy together and the two younger brothers doing what was so familiar to them. But after having gotten rimmed, both boys were definitely thinking about adding that to their games from now on.

Eventually, Brad coaxed Sammy into the same position he had coaxed Doug into earlier and finally got an up close look at his boyfriend's tight little starfish. It was even more beautiful up close, and Brad wasted no time doing more than looking. As his little pink tongue made contact, Sammy cried out and thrust his ass further into Brad's face, enjoying the feel of his first ever rim job.

However, feeling such pleasure didn't impede him from his duties as he sucked and licked Brad's cock with enthusiasm and lust. In fact, the feel of Brad's tongue on his sensitive hole only added to his lust and need to bring his boyfriend pleasure.

Too soon for Sammy's likes, Brad grunted and began to come, this time producing a few drops more of his boy seed. Sammy gobbled it down greedily, then proceeded to clean up any remaining boy batter before kissing Brad's cockhead one last time and resting his head on Brad's thigh.

"Now you," Brad said rolling over so they could switch places.

After seeing Sammy rimming Bobby, Brad had no doubts that he'd be willing to do the same for him, and quickly straddled his boyfriend, presenting his fine young ass for his approval and use.

As Sammy attacked Brad's pucker with fury, Brad attacked Sammy's stiff cock as if he were starved for it. Using his lips, he moved the foreskin up and down, driving Sammy mad with lust, the lust transferred to his tongue as it drilled into Brad's tight pink hole.

Meanwhile, Doug and Bobby had finally decided it was time to try this new thing they'd just learned, and Bobby eagerly volunteered to go first. But instead of doing it as he had with Sammy, he had Doug get down on all fours and present his butt to him that way.

Prying apart his older brother's cheeks, he gave his hole a cautionary sniff, but found the scent rather pleasant, and not the least bit offensive. Then taking a deep breath, he dived in, his tiny pink tongue making contact and sending ripples of pleasure through both boys.

"Ughhh, yeah...lick my butt," Doug moaned, "stick your tongue in my butthole."

By the time the two brothers were ready to switch places, Sammy was nearing orgasm, and Brad felt almost as if he could come again, just from having Sammy's tongue up his butt.

Sammy exploded then, an extra large portion of his sweet creamy nectar filling Brad's mouth. Rather than swallow all of it, however, Brad reserved a small amount to share, and as soon as he was sure Sammy was spent, he spun around and gave Sammy a deep, wet kiss while sharing his cum.

Spent and exhausted, the two older boys snuggled up together as they watched Doug rimming Bobby, but eventually the two evolved into a 69 and sucked each other to orgasm.

Spent as well, the two younger boys returned to their side of the tent and piled down like two pups in a litter.

"That was fun," Bobby said sleepily, "can we do that again tomorrow?"

"We'll see," Sammy said, "I'm still mad at you guys, you know?"

"Aww, how can you be mad at me after we made each other feel good?" Bobby begged.

Brad laughed, "Sorry, but he makes sense. I'm not mad, about you don't be mad either?"

"Well, for you, I guess," Sammy said grinning, then to his brothers, "you two little fuckers are lucky Brad is so nice. We'll forget it this time, but if you ever do that shit again, your asses are mine."

"They already are," Doug laughed, "you can lick em anytime you want."

That caused the boys to laugh, even Sammy, but eventually they settled down and fell asleep.

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