The Tire Swing

by Rob Warr

Chapter 1


Prelude: Twelve-year-old Brad Hinton has been sent to stay with his grandparents for the summer on their small farm in the Midwest. Bored and lonely, one day while exploring the woods near the farm, Brad discovers a small clear-water creek, and hanging from a tall oak tree, a tire swing.

Now, who do you suppose put this here? Brad thought to himself as he gazed upon the old tire, suspended from a rope, and now hanging over the water of the small creek. Then studying the creek itself, he noted that unlike some of the bodies of water back home, this one was pristine, without any signs of pollution, and the water was crystal clear, except where it turned dark in the deeper areas.

Did someone long ago tie this tire up here, or were their other kids in the area, perhaps his age? he wondered. Too bad I didn't bring my trunks, he thought, then a wicked idea hit him. I'm in the middle of nowhere, with no one around, and...I've always wanted to skinny-dip. Back in the city, there was never any opportunity to go swimming in the buff, for there were only public pools there, and none of his friends were rich enough to have a pool in their backyard. Not that he'd have been able to skinny-dip if they had, but it was a better possibility than stripping off naked at the community pool.

He laughed at that thought. The life guards would be blowing their whistles, old ladies would be fainting, and well...he hoped some of the girls...and maybe a few of the boys would be cheering him on, and admiring his bod. Not that he thought his bod was that great, but it wasn't bad for a kid his age. He liked sports and had played little league every year...including most of this summer, before he'd been shipped off to his grands, simply because his parents got an opportunity to go to Vegas, all expenses paid for...a...gag, second honeymoon.

He was bitter, but he knew he shouldn't begrudge his folks this one little folly. After all, they were pretty cool rents and had supported him in every one of his endeavors. And...the coolest thing was: they'd accepted his being gay without batting an eye. In fact, his mom said she had suspected Brad liked boys for a long time. His dad gave him a hug and said, "Sport, it doesn't matter if you like boys or girls, you're my son, and I love you, and I always will."

Brad cried a little after hearing that, but after a few days things just went back to normal and no more was said about his coming out. In a way he was relieved, but in another he was sort of disappointed. He'd at least expected his mom to ask if there was anyone special or if he had any questions. Geeze, he'd come out, but then his rents had practically abandoned him to sink or swim in the murky waters of gayness.

And now this, given two days notice to pack and be shipped off to the middle of nowhere Iowa to stay with his grands for two whole weeks. On top of that, he and his team had been doing really well this year, and now he wouldn't get to help them win the championship. And worst of all, it was boriiiiinng. His grands were nice and all, but they were in their late 60s, and weren't exactly fun people. Oh sure, they tried, but in the end he spent most of his time alone.

Looking around one last time, Brad made his decision. Am I a man, or am I a mouse? he thought smiling. "I am a man," he called out loudly, his words echoing across the creek and into the woods on the opposite side. And with that, Brad skinned off his tank top and threw it on the ground.

Then looking around once more, he toed off his tennis shoes, and hopping on one foot, then the other, he removed his socks. "This is it," he muttered beneath his breath, then in one fail swoop he dropped his shorts and boxer briefs, exposing his most private parts to the world. Well, at least to Mother Nature, who was all around him at the moment.

Taking a moment to free his feet from his clothing, Brad stretched and instinctively scratched his nuggets. Gosh, it feels so good to be naked, he thought. Then doing a 360° scan of the area once more, he began walking toward the water.

The water was warmer than he'd feared, and felt quite good as he slowly immersed himself in the sparkling liquid. He was pleased to find the bottom was made up of small rocks and not mud, and they felt pleasant to his feet as he walked deeper into the creek. He was almost to the tire swing when something, a sound, a motion, caught his eye and he went frigid. There, on the other side of the creek, just emerging from the bushes was another person.

It took him a moment to recognize that it was another boy, perhaps his age or a little older, and he was relieved to see that he didn't look the least bit threatening. In fact, he seemed to be amused and had a huge grin on his face.

"Yo there! How's the water?" the boy called, a chuckle clearly recognizable in his voice.

"Uh...fine, nice...really," Brad said, then blushed bright red. Oh my God, he thought, I'm totally naked, and if that boy comes in, he's going to figure that out pretty quick. That is, if he doesn't see my clothes on the bank first and put two and two together. But escape was impossible. By the time Brad was out of the water and could grab his clothes, the boy would see him in all his glory and probably be laughing his head off.

"Mind if I come in?" The boy asked looking less amused now.

Brad took that moment to really look the boy over. He had long brown hair, and either brown or green eyes, it was hard to tell from this distance, and a cute smile. His body was slim, but not skinny, with some muscle definition, much like his own, Brad thought, and his arms and legs looked strong. He was tanned everywhere Brad could see, which brought to mind the question: how far up did his tan line go?

Brad found himself a little aroused when he thought about what might be under the boy's worn, frayed cutoffs, and he was horrified to find his dick was actually growing hard beneath the water.

"Uh, well...see...I'm kinda..." Brad stuttered.

"Naked?" the boy laughed, "Don't make no difference, I swim naked too...if that's okay."

"I umm, well...I mean, it's up to you. I don't own this creek or anything," he said dumbly.

"I just don't wanna embarrass you, that's all," the boy said looking serious now, "I been hopin' to meet up with ya ever since I heard you was stayin' at the Brewsters. My folks know your grandpa and grandma, and they said their grandson was comin' to stay for a while."

"Oh, you live...umm, nearby?"

"Next farm over, me and my folks and two bratty brothers. They'd a been here too, but they got themselves in some trouble and are havin' to do extra chores all day."

"So, was it you who put the tire swing up?"

"Nah, was there when I first found this place, bout two years ago. I figure was the boys who used to live in our house."

"Well...I can't say this is how I wanted to meet someone, but I'm glad to meet you," Brad said, "I'm Brad, by the way."

"Sammy," the boy said grinning, "so...want some company?"

"Sure," Brad said, hoping he didn't embarrass himself further by popping a full blown boner.

"Yeee haw," the boy said, and suddenly he was stripping off his cutoffs, which proved to be the only piece of clothing he was wearing. He was even barefoot, and as if answering Brad's earlier question, he could now see that the boy was tanned from head to toe.

With a big splash, the boy hit the water before Brad really had a good chance to look him over, but what he did see was certainly pleasant to the eye.

Swimming over to Brad, Sammy stuck out his paw, and they shook hands, both grinning at the naughtiness of sharing such an intimacy as this.

Then grabbing the rope swing, Sammy began towing it toward the river bank as Brad watched with interest. Though technically a virgin, Brad knew a nice looking butt when he saw one, and Sammy's certainly was nice. Two perfect, golden globes with not a hair in sight...and when Sammy finally reached shore he had to climb a bit, bending over and exposing his pink hole.

Brad gasped to himself and thought he had never seen anything as sexy in his whole life. The fact that it was the first boy hole he'd ever seen, except on the internet of course, didn't deter him from thinking that Sammy's had to be the most beautiful on the planet.

Finally managing to get the swing where he wanted it, Sammy put one foot in the tire while he gripped the rope above. Then using the other foot to push off, he swung out over the creek, then dropped neatly into the water beside Brad, splashing him quite thoroughly, causing both boys to laugh.

"Try it," Sammy said then, "it's lots of fun."

"I don't know, maybe later," Brad said, suddenly feeling very shy about his body, especially his semi-erect penis.

"If it's cause you're naked, don't sweat it. It's just us two here. You saw me, it's only fair I see you," he said grinning.

"I've never been naked with anyone before," Brad said, then blushing deeply he added quickly, "I mean, you this, not sex or anything..." he said blushing even deeper.

Sammy laughed, but it wasn't a mean laugh, "Well, I guess having two bros makes a difference. They're always running around half naked, or naked, if mom and dad aren't around."

"I'm an only child," Brad said stupidly.

"Ah, okay. Well, don't you have to shower in gym class or anything?"

"Nah, I had last period PE, so I showered at home."

"Too bad, that's a great way to get over being shy."

"Yeah, I guess. Next year, maybe."

"So, do you want to try the swing, or not? If not, I'm gonna go again."

"You go again, and I'll watch. Maybe I'll do it afterwards."

"Okay," Sammy said grinning, "You just like looking at my beehind, don't ya."

"Noooo," Brad screeched, "I wasn't looking..." but even as the words left his mouth he knew how ridiculous that sounded.

"It's okay to look," Sammy said dismissing it with a shrug, "I been told it's a nice looking ass," he laughed.

"I guess," Brad said, a little giggle escaping his lips.

This time Brad paid more attention to Sammy's body now that he'd been given permission to look. He even got a good look at Sammy's penis and balls this time, and they were just as beautiful as his backside. He must've been a little older, Brad reasoned, for Sammy had a spattering of dark hair just above his uncut dick, though his balls and ass appeared to be totally smooth.

Like most boys his age, Brad was circumcised, though he'd seen uncut dicks on the internet, and always marveled at how they worked. He blushed when he thought about how Sammy must move the skin up and down when he masturbated, that is assuming that Sammy masturbated. Then laughing to himself at the absurdity of a boy their age not masturbating, he went back to studying Sammy's perfect body.

His back was straight as an arrow, his vertebrae barely visible beneath the tanned skin, and then there was that butt. This time he noted that there was a dimple at the top where the cheeks began to swell and a mole centered right above his crack. Even that was lovely to Brad's eyes, and he felt his penis grow even harder as he waited for what came next.

There it is again, Brad thought, as he realized he'd been holding his breath while waiting for Sammy to bend over again and reveal his most private place. It's so perfect, Brad thought, finally taking a deep breath. I want to touch it, lick it...put my...oh wow, I really got to get myself under control.

Suddenly, here came Sammy once again, his fit, naked, tan body flying through the air on the tire swing, then neatly cutting into the water, feet first, sending up another tidal wave of water. This time Brad was better prepared and didn't take as much to his face, but his hair was soaking wet now.

"Your turn," Sammy said grabbing the tire as it swung back toward them.

"Okay, but don't laugh at my body. I'm not as...umm...well developed as you. I'm only 12, okay?"

"How old do you think I am?"

"Uh, 14 maybe," Brad stuttered.

"I'm almost 13, so I'm not much older than you. Besides, it's not a contest. I'm not judging you."

"Okay, okay...I get it," Brad said grinning, "Here goes nothing."

"Just be careful when you get it on the bank. Use your hands to steady it and put one foot in first, then push off like I did. Then hop off as soon as it's over the center of the creek."

"Got it, thanks," Brad said, his face reddening as he thought about Sammy's eyes being on his naked body the whole time. He was glad his back was turned to him to begin with though, and he hoped he could get his dick to behave when he did have to turn around.

Sammy's eyes bored into Brad's body as he watched with undisguised lust. There was certainly nothing for the boy to be ashamed of. He had a nice body, and though he wasn't tanned all over, most of his body was a golden brown. His long blond hair and blue eyes, small nose, and pouty lips made him cuter than most boys, and even some girls. His butt was small, but perky, and the biggest part of his body that wasn't tanned.

As Sammy had done, Brad bent over as he climbed onto the bank, giving the older boy a good view of his pink, virgin hole. Sammy smiled and reached down beneath the water to give his now fully erect penis a little squeeze.

Then it was Sammy's turn to appraise Brad's front side. Nice cut penis, two nice-sized balls, not a hair to be seen, Sammy thought...and, semi hard. Smiling, Sammy gave Brad a thumbs up, then watched as he imitated his technique. Everything was going fine until Brad reached the middle of the creek, then somehow his foot got tangled in the tire and he lost his grip on the rope and fell sideways into the creek, knocking the air out of him.

Fortunately, Sammy was there, taking Brad into his arms and gently helping him right himself as he gasped for air.

"Just relax, take deep breaths, I got ya," Sammy cooed.

"I" Brad said between breaths.

"Nah, don't. First time I used the swing I went in head first, almost drowned. It takes time to figure it out. You'll be a pro by the time you leave here."

Brad just nodded, and soon he had recovered enough to swim on his own.

"Thanks," Brad said blushing, "you saved my life."

"Aww...shucks, wasn't nothin'," Sammy said blushing, "How about we get out and sun on the bank and talk some more?"

"Uh, well...okay," Brad said, hoping he didn't pop a full on boner just from looking at Sammy's naked body.

"Come on, let's go to the other side, I got a neat spot there just for sunnin'."

The neat spot turned out to be a big rock that jutted out over the creek, making an excellent place to bask in the sun, although the water was too shallow for diving here. In late afternoon the rock would be shaded, but for now the sun shone brightly down on it, warming it as well as making it an excellent place to catch some rays.

As they stretched out, side by side, Brad tried not to be too obvious as he studied Sammy's naked body, but the boy was just so beautiful, so perfect, that he had a hard time keeping his eyes off of him. Sammy didn't seem to mind though, and was doing some looking of his own, without any regard to whether Brad knew it or not.

"This is nice," Brad said, finally throwing an arm across his eyes to shield them from the sun.

"Yeah, sometimes I feel like a lizard, sunning on a rock," Sammy laughed. I spend a lot of time here, that's why I'm tanned all brothers too."

"Oh,, umm, swim naked with your brothers?" Brad asked curiously.

"Yep, none of us even own a swimmin' suit," Sammy chuckled, "ain't no need for one way out here. Heck, besides you and a few of my friends that I brought out here, we're the only ones that use this here creek."

"Did you and your friends, umm...skinny-dip?"

"Sure, they took to being nekkid right away," Sammy laughed, "nothing like being nekkid to make you feel free."

"I don't think any of my friends back home would be that brave," Brad confessed, "I mean, like I said, I've never even seen any of them naked, just in underwear, or swim suits."

"Too bad, it's nice to compare with your buddies," Sammy noted, "like for instance, how long it is, how many hairs, do you come wet yet? By the way, in case you're wondering, I do," Sammy laughed.

Brad blushed, but of course Sammy couldn't see, for he too had his arm across his eyes, "Cool,, I know about that stuff, but I don't...umm, make sperm yet, so I don't know what that's like."

Sammy chuckled, "It's messy sometimes, but it feels real nice when you whack it. You do whack it, don't ya?"

"Oh sure," Brad said, not wanting to sound lame. Besides, there was no use hiding it, he knew all boys did it.

"Well, appreciate it while you can, cause when you start coming, you gotta take special care if you're in bed or whatever," Sammy laughed, "that's why I like doin' it here. That way I can jump in the creek and wash off afterwards."

"You do it here, right here?" Brad said, feeling a little excited at the thought of Sammy pulling his pud right here on this very rock.

"Sometimes, but mostly on the creek bank, or by the trees."

"What about your brothers, aren't you worried they'll see ya," Brad asked curiously.

"Nah, they do it too," Sammy said, causing Brad to roll his head over to look at his new friend, just to make sure he wasn't kidding him.

As if sensing Brad's stare, Sammy rolled onto his side and met the younger boy's eyes.

"You...umm...guys do it together?" Brad asked, biting his lower lip nervously.

"Sure, they're not babies, Doug is 10, and Bobby is 9. They been jerkin' off since they was 7," Sammy laughed."

"Oh, yeah...that's cool," Brad said.

"You ever do that, jerk with someone?"

"No, not really. When I was younger, like 10, me and a friend showed our dicks to each other, but we didn't do anything. I mean, we talked about stuff, but we were just too chicken to do anything about it, I guess."

"Too bad," Sammy said looking into Brad's blue eyes and smiling, "Dang, you have the prettiest eyes I've ever seen."

Brad turned bright red immediately, and it wasn't from overexposure to the sun.

"Thanks, your eyes are really nice too," Brad said softly.

"Aww, shucks, they're just plain old brown, ain't nothing special," Sammy said, his turn to blush coming now.

"No, they're not plain," Brad insisted, "they sort of make me feel like smiling when I look into them. I'm sorry, I'm being lame..."

"No, no...tell me more," Sammy insisted, "Wait, I'll say something, then you say something. I like your hair, it's the color of summer wheat."

Brad laughed, "Did you make that up, or read it somewhere?"

"Busted," Sammy chuckled, "but it's true, I like the color, and the way it frames your blue eyes."

"I like your hair too," Brad said then, "it fits your face and matches your eyes. It looks soft too."

"You can feel it, if you want," Sammy offered.

Brad reached over then and ran his fingers through the boy's hair, "It is soft."

"That feels nice," Sammy purred, "can I feel yours?"

Brad almost giggled at the double meaning of that request, but he figured Sammy meant his hair, and he eagerly gave his permission.

Moving a bit closer, the two continued to run their fingers through each other's hair, their faces moving closer and closer as if some sort of mutual attraction was in effect. Suddenly, they were so close they could feel each other's breath on their faces, then their eyes met as their hearts beat fast in their chests.

"I like your lips," Sammy all but whispered.

"Me too, I mean...I like yours," Brad said softly, his voice shaky from all the emotions running through him.

"Ever kiss a girl?" Sammy asked softly, his brown eyes still locked on Brad's blue ones.

Brad shook his head, "You?"

"Once," Sammy confessed, "ever kiss...umm, a boy?"

Once again, Brad shook his head, "You?"

"Yeah," Sammy said, finally pulling his eyes away.

"It's okay," Brad said, his hand now caressing the back of the other boy's head.

"It was nice," Sammy whispered, "but afterwards he said it was gay and we couldn't do it no more."

"Was he your friend?"

"Yeah, but not so much after that," Sammy said sadly.

"I wouldn't have gotten mad, and I wouldn't have stopped being your friend...if it had been me," Brad said, not believing how bold he was being.

"Really?" Sammy said softly, his eyes now back on Brad's.

"No way, I bet it was nice," Brad all but begged.

Sometimes words aren't necessary, and as Brad closed his eyes, Sammy read his unspoken wish and leaned in. Their lips met then in a soft dry kiss, but for Brad it was the most spectacular thing that had ever occurred in his life. The kiss lasted only a few seconds, but when the two pulled apart, their eyes flew open as they gazed at each other, gauging each other's reaction.

"That was nice," Brad said sincerely.

"Yeah," Sammy said smiling, his hand now on the back of Brad's head as he pulled him in for another kiss.

This time the boys opened their mouths and swapped tongue, though it wasn't a wet nasty kiss, just one of exploration and mutual enjoyment. Then, when they finally pulled apart, it was Sammy who spoke first.

"I know we just met and all, but...I really like you."

"Me too, I mean, I like you too," Brad said running his free hand up and down Sammy's chest, just as he'd seen lovers do in the movies.

"I'm hard," Sammy said nonchalantly.

"Me too," Brad giggled.

Without uttering another word, Sammy suddenly rolled into Brad and pressed his lips against the willing, eager lips of the slightly younger boy. Their hard cocks were now pressed together between them, and as if on cue, the two began to grind against each other, even as the kiss continued.

Of course, when you're young and horny it doesn't take long to reach orgasm, and so was the case with the two boys who wrestled around on the rock, tongues dancing in each other's mouth as they rubbed their hard boy cocks together. It began as a slow moan in each boy's throat that soon found it's way to their mouths, tickling each other's lips as they let it out.

Both knew what was happening, and that the orgasm was almost simultaneous was somewhat of a miracle. As Brad felt his orgasm hit, he was aware of something wet and warm splashing against his tummy and he knew then that Sammy was coming too. How wonderful it felt to be in the arms of this beautiful boy, and to know he was enjoying himself just as much as Brad was, the proof of it now running down their joined bodies.

"Sorry," Sammy squeaked out.

"No, don't be, it was awesome," Brad assured him, "you come a lot, don't you?"

"I don't think I've ever come this much before. I guess it had something to do with you, and the kiss," Sammy said blushing.

"It was nice, I wish I could come like that, but it felt really good anyway. Better than anytime I ever, you know? jerked it."

"Yeah, it always feels better doin' it with someone," Sammy said, though he didn't explain how he knew this.

"What part did you like best?" Brad asked as they rested, the warm sun drying Sammy's seed on their bodies.

"Umm, all of it, but the kissing was really great. I've always wanted to kiss someone like that, know? have sex," Sammy said blushing.

"For me too, the kissing was epic. You're a very good kisser."

"We both are," Sammy said grinning.

"Shall we go back in the water and wash up?" Brad asked after a few minutes, "I'm starting to itch where the stuff is drying."

"Oh, sure...let's do that," Sammy said sitting up, then standing he reached down and took Brad's hand and pulled him up.

Even after Brad was standing, Sammy continued to hold his hand, and hand in hand they walked back through the trees and to the creek bank. Sammy once again led the way as they slowly entered the water, then when they were waist deep, Sammy finally released Brad's hand and they began to wash the semen from their bodies.

"You ever do sleepovers with your friends?" Sammy asked suddenly.

"Yeah, sure...not so much lately, but I used to do it a lot."

"Yeah, when we lived in town, I had someone over almost every weekend, but since we moved out here, I've only had like two sleepovers."

"Hey! I have a great idea. If you think your folks would let you, and if my grands don't mind, maybe you could sleep over with me. I have a room all to myself upstairs, and my grands sleep downstairs."

"Really? Sure, what do you think we'll bed, I mean?" Sammy said grinning.

"Sleep," Brad teased, "but before that, who knows? As long as we don't make a mess."

"Let's get out and dry off, and go ask them. At least I won't have to worry about my bratty brothers if I stay at your place."

"Yeah, it'll be fun, but do you think your folks will go for it?"

"Are you kidding? They'll be happy to get rid of me for a night. They say me and my brothers fight too much, but we don't, not really. We just give each other shit, cause that's what bros do."

"I guess, I wouldn't know, but I'd like to meet your brothers...sometime."

"Maybe tomorrow, they should be done with their chores by then."

It took another 30 minutes in the sun for the two to feel dry enough to dress, then they were off, their first stop, Sammy's house. It was closer than Brad had guessed, through the woods, and about a quarter mile from the creek. That meant the house was only about a half mile from his grandparents house, an easy walk for two healthy boys.

Sammy's dad was working in the garden, but his mom was hanging sheets on an outside clothesline when the two came walking up.

"Hey ma," Sammy said, "this here is Brad, you know? the Brewsters' grandson."

"Oh, hey...nice to meet ya," the woman said smiling, "I've heard a lot about you from your grandma. My, my, you are a handsome boy."

"Thank you, ma'am, it's nice to meet you too," Brad said blushing.

"Ma, can I spend the night at Brad's place?" Sammy asked, without any further explanation.

"Well, I don't know, what do your grandparents say about that?" she said, her question directed at Brad.

"I'm sure they won't mind, ma'am, we were going to go ask them if you said it was okay."

"Well, I don't care...but be sure to take some clean clothes," she said, dismissing the whole thing easily.

"Thanks ma, I will. Come on, Brad, I'll show you my room, and you can meet my two bratty brothers."

"Your brothers are out with your father, that will have to wait for another day," his mother explained.

"Just as well, they'd be whining cause I got to go somewhere without them," Sammy laughed.

"Watch your tone, young man," his mom scolded, but she was smiling.

"Yes, ma. Thanks again, see ya tomorrow."

"Have fun you two," she said, then went back to her laundry.

Inside the modest farmhouse, Sammy led Brad up a narrow flight of stairs off the kitchen and up to a room that spanned most of the top floor of the house. Against the far wall was a set of bunk beds and the usual bedroom furniture, and closer to the top of the stairs was a full size bed, dresser, desk and chair, and a bookcase that sort of made a divider between the two areas.

"The rats live over there," he said pointing to the bunk bed, and I live over here. They're not allowed in my part. They fall asleep early and it would take a bomb to wake them up, so it's not too bad at night."

"Wow, this is a big room," Brad noted as he looked around. So big in fact that the area in the middle was large enough for a wrestling match, which he supposed often happened with the three.

"Yeah, mom and dad sleep downstairs, so it's kind of private. They hardly ever come up here."

While Sammy grabbed a change of clothes, Brad looked around the room and noted the differences between the two areas. While the side his brothers occupied was a bit messy, Sammy's side was orderly and neat. On the bookcase separating the two areas, Brad noted their were a number of books, as well as a few CDs, and what appeared to be vinyl record albums.

"You like to read?" Brad asked suddenly.

"Yeah, sometimes. Mostly online though. Ever hear of Nifty?"

Should he admit that he had? Brad thought, then chuckled to himself. After what they'd already shared, admitting he knew about a gay story site was certainly no big deal.

"Yeah, I like the young friends section," Brad confessed.

"Me too, and the high school section, and sometimes I like incest stories, but only if it's brothers," Sammy chuckled, "I used to use my crappy phone to read them, but I got a tablet for Christmas and now I use that."

"Do you ever....look at porn?" Brad said, lowering his voice.

"Yeah, what kid doesn't?" Sammy laughed, "but I don't let my brothers see it, they're too young for that stuff."

"Yeah, I agree. I only started watching it this past year, after I came out to my folks," Brad said, then slapped his hand across his mouth, realizing he'd just outed himself to Sammy as well.

"Your folks know?" Sammy said shoving his clothes in an old gym bag, "how'd they take it?"

"Fine. My mom was like, I sort of had it figured out already, and my dad...well, he hugged me and said he loved me, and that nothing could change that...blah, blah, blah," Brad said, feeling relieved and happy about Sammy's reaction to his reveal.

"I'm not sure if I'm gay or bi," Sammy said then, "but, damn, if you lived around here I'd sure be considering asking you to be my boyfriend," he added blushing.

"Really?" Brad said smiling, then his smile faded as he realized that in less than a week he'd be going back home and leaving Sammy far behind, "Yeah, maybe it's best we don't get too attached," he added, trying to be mature about the whole thing. We can be friends though, and maybe keep in touch. I might come back next year, to visit my grands, I mean."

"I'm not promising anything," Sammy said looking sad, " really got to me, City Boy."

"Let's talk about this later, okay. Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, oh wait, let me grab my tablet," Sammy said, going to his nightstand and retrieving a 10 inch tablet that was still plugged into the charging cord, "good, fully charged. That should last all night."

"Why, what are you going to do, read stories all night?" Brad teased.

"Nope, but we might want to watch some videos, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, sure...okay," Brad said blushing, "Come on, let's go. We still gotta ask my grands. I hope you don't have to walk back home, alone," he added with a grin, knowing full well that his grands would be happy to find he'd made a new friend. It didn't hurt that they already knew Sammy, and his family as well.

At the Brewsters' large, two story farm house, they found the old couple on the front porch sipping lemonade, while Brad's grandma broke green beans.

"Hi boys," the old woman said, "I was hopin' you two would find each other before the week was over."

"Yeah, we met at the creek," Brad explained, "and we were wondering...would it be okay if Sammy slept over tonight?"

"Well, certainly," she said smiling warmly, "just keep the noise down, okay boys?" she added with a chuckle.

"Like you could hear them, old woman," her husband said laughing, "once you're asleep, a train could come through the house and you'd never know it."

"Oh fiddle, as loud as you snore, it's a wonder I can sleep at all..." she countered.

The two boys left the old couple to continue their argument, and Brad led Sammy to his room upstairs. The room was decorated in the typical country fashion, with blue gingham checked curtains and matching bedspread. The full-sized bed sat in front of a set of double windows, with an oval braided rug covering most of the hardwood floor beneath it. It was definitely an adult room, but Brad didn't mind since he didn't spend that much time there.

"Nice," Sammy giggled, "looks like a motel room or something."

"It's the guest room," Brad said rolling his eyes, "they don't use it much."

"That dresser looks like an antique," Sammy said, running his finger across the smooth varnished surface of a mirrored dresser that sat against one wall. A matching upright chest sat on the opposite wall, and matching night stands on either side of the bed finished out the room.

"Probably is," Brad said, "you can put your bag on the dresser. What do you want to do now? Dinner won't be for a couple hours."

"How about you show me around the farm?"

"Well, sure...okay. I've pretty much checked out every inch of it out of sheer boredom since I got here."

"Cool, let's start with the barn then," Sammy said grinning.

"Huh, the barn?" Brad said, clueless to what Sammy was suggesting, then finally catching on, he grinned, "Oh, sure, the barn...yeah, the hay loft is pretty neat."

"And private, I'd bet," Sammy said returning Brad's grin.

These days the barn was used mostly for storage, but in the hay loft there were still bales of hay, as well as scattered hay covering most of the floor. A huge sliding door was open, giving the boys a view of the surrounding farm land, and just beyond it, the treeline near the creek.

"Wow, you can almost see my house from here," Sammy said standing in the doorway, Brad by his side.

"Did you really mean it when you said you'd ask me to be your boyfriend if I lived close by?" Brad said softly.

Turning to the cute blond boy beside him, Sammy's face lit up in a smile, "Yeah, and I ain't never thought anything like that before. You really got to me, boy."

Brad was smiling too, his blue eyes flashing mischievously now. "I'd say yes, you know? I was wondering, even if it's only a week or so...would it be so bad if we were...boyfriends?" he added, despite his earlier concerns.

"You askin' me then?" Sammy chuckled, "cause if you are: I'd have to say, yes."

"What do boyfriends do?" Brad said grinning widely.

"This," Sammy said, grabbing Brad and pulling him against him as their lips met in a wet, passionate kiss.

"Wow," Brad said when they broke for air, "Then I think I'll like being your boyfriend, a lot."

"Will you stay in touch?" Sammy asked, sounding sad, "I mean, when you go home?"

"Sure, we can swap numbers and stuff, and like I said, I might come back next see my grands, and you."

"I don't know, what if it hurts too much when you leave?"

"Look, I don't know much about this stuff, but if we can be happy for a week or whatever, isn't that worth something?" Brad all but begged.

Sammy sighed, "Yeah, I guess," he murmured, hugging Brad from behind now, his arms locked around his slender waist, "but I'm already head over hills in love with ya."

"Really?" Brad said reaching down to lay his hands atop Sammy's, "I've never been in love, is what I'm feeling, is that love?"

"I don't know. Do you feel all goofy inside, and like your eyes are open for the first time? Do you want to touch me every minute, like I want to touch you? If that's how you feel, then you might be in love too."

"Then I guess I am, in love, with you," Brad sighed, "but how can that be, we just met?"

"Ever hear of love at first sight?" Sammy chuckled, "I reckon that's what that means."

"Yeah, well, it may be hard when I finally have to go, but till then, let's make the best of it, okay? We'll spend as much time together as we can, and you can sleep over anytime you want."

"Like every night?" Sammy joked.

"If your folks and my grands say you can, then yeah."

"Right now, I'd really like to do what we did at the creek again, how about you?"

"Yesss," Brad hissed, "I thought you'd never ask."

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