Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 41

It was only once we were home alone that we could discuss the events of the afternoon. We were happy to find that we were both thinking along the same lines. Perhaps that's why we gelled so well as lovers.

"Jay was a definite temptation, and I was dying to see him naked, but I'm not sure what I would have done after that. I really am glad you stopped them getting naked," Mike told me.

"Yes, I was feeling the same way. I thought it would be a good idea to keep the enticement as far away as possible."

"When he thrust his hips forward to show us that he was hard, my cock did a little jerk to encourage me to pursue it further."

"Yours wasn't the only cock trying to urge a body forward. I might even have leaked a bit of precum over it," I confessed. "But I really hope those girls think about letting Jay have some of his youth and leave him alone for a bit. He already knows way too much for his age. You should have heard the things he was asking me when we were in the kitchen, and really he's still just a kid", I told Mike.

"Yeah! I agree with that. We need to be careful about what we get into when there are younger boys around."

"Absolutely. I think if Jay had been older, like say fourteen, I might have let things progress a bit more. We might have all ended up naked and having some sexual action," I said. "That kind of worries me and excites me at the same time. Which also scares me too."

"I might well have joined in with you if Jay was older. I think I would be okay with a fourteen or fifteen year old. They are already into puberty and discovering things about themselves and experimenting with other people when they can. But Jay is too young and is being made to grow up too quickly by his sister and her friends."

"I'm ready for bed," I said, changing the subject. "I think the tension of this afternoon has worn me out, and I'm guessing that you might be in the same state. Do you want anything more to drink before we go upstairs?" I asked Mike.

"No, thanks. If I have any more tonight I might end up wetting our bed, and I don't think you would be too happy with that. Come to think of it, neither would I."

After making sure the lights were off and the front door was secured, we climbed the stairs to my room, where both of us stripped off. Mike left the room and I guessed he was heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I followed him there only to find that he was having a piss before brushing his teeth. I started to apologize for intruding on his privacy but stopped when it struck me that we had intruded on each other's privacy for far more than just a piss. I started to brush my teeth and moved to the side of the basin when Mike finished up his piss and came over to join me.

Back in the room we climbed into bed and turned the light off before drawing close for a good night kiss. We put our arms around each other and pulled our heads together so we could swap tongues for a bit. The next thing we knew, it was morning.

Having not had any real release since the morning before, we both woke up with solid hard ons that were not caused by the simple need to piss, although we did have that need as well. I suggested we go and get in the shower so we could piss without having to bend our hard cocks, then we could shower after to wash the piss off and return to the room after that. Mike was all for it and we made a bee line for the shower cubicle. Facing the wall, we let our piss flow before we drew together to continue the kiss we had fallen asleep over the night before. Once we finished our kiss I turned the shower on. We both gasped at the initial jet of cold water, but being one of those instant heat showers it was warm in seconds. Soon we were enjoying washing each other's body and ensuring our morning wood stayed that way. After we had finished our shower and dried up, we brushed our morning mouths away and moved back to the bedroom. We again pulled close in a tight embrace and offered our tongues to each other. Still being teens in the throes of puberty and all the associated hormonal excitement, it wasn't long before we were grinding our pelvises together and working towards the bed, which we both fell onto while still holding our embrace. Our kiss came to an end when Mike pulled back a bit and said, "I want to suck your cum out, please."

"Only if we sixty nine so that I can have yours at the same time," I returned and began to move myself around so that we could lie on our sides and suck each other. As soon as I was in position I grabbed that little roll of foreskin that hung off the end of Mike's cock, even when hard, and rolled it between my lips. I used my hand to pull it back and pop his cock head out, licking it as if it was a soft-serve ice-cream. With my other hand I began to gently fondle Mike's balls, which encouraged him to bend his top leg and give me more access to his perineum and his rose bud. Somehow Mike managed to get enough of my cock into his mouth and down his throat that he could use his tongue to tickle my ball bag while both his hands kneaded and squeezed my bum cheeks. This was followed by a light tickling as if he was using a feather on a piece of string over each cheek and down the crack, so soft were his fingertip touches.

Meanwhile I had managed to get one finger in his butt up to the second knuckle and was working it back and forward but with not enough depth to find his prostate. Pulling my finger out I used it to gather up the saliva I was losing out the side of my mouth and add that to a second finger. Once I had enough lube on both fingers, I pushed them back inside his hole and now with two fingers I could achieve the depth I needed to give his prostate a massage.

The groans that Mike was emitting around my cock told me that he was getting close, and the way he was treating my cock meant that I would soon be in heaven once more as Mike tasted and swallowed my cum.

Mike shuddered and I felt it first on the tips of my fingers against his prostate, then where my hand was pressing between his legs, and on up the length of his cock as his first volley of cum surged out and burst into my mouth. It happened so fast that while I could tell the difference in the spasm along his penis, it was too quick for me to take any form of action, and I soon had enough cum in my mouth to force me to swallow it. As I swallowed that first mouthful my own orgasm churned over and I began to give my cum to Mike. We each kept on sucking as our orgasms subsided and our cocks began to wilt a little, then I turned around so that we faced each other again. I started to kiss Mike, still with the remnants of his cum in my mouth. Mike shared my cum back to me as we mixed the two together with our tongues.

Once our kiss ended we pulled apart just enough that we could each focus on the other's face, and we lay like that with small smiles showing the pleasure we found in each other. There was no need to talk. Our love spoke for itself, and each of us could feel the other's love in the expression on our faces. When lying in that position got to be too much, we rolled onto our backs and our inside hands automatically sought each out so that we could entwine our fingers and stay linked together. We had satisfied one hunger that morning, but our stomachs were protesting that we had not taken enough notice of them. This forced us to leave the comfort of our joined hands and the security of the room to go downstairs and fix some breakfast.

"I don't fancy cooking anything; coffee and granola will suit me," Mike said.

"That will suit me too," I agreed. "You get the bowls and mugs out and I'll put the kettle on and find the granola."

We were already a spoonful or two into our granola before the kettle boiled and we could make our coffee. When we had finished our breakfast and had washed up the few things we had used for breakfast, Mike suggested we go to the lounge and listen to some of the CDs I had borrowed from Kevin. I didn't bother to choose one and just took the one on the top of the pile to play. I pressed the start button and moved over to sit next to Mike on the couch. He put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me in with a little squeeze. We sat still with my hand and forearm resting on Mike's leg and his arm across my shoulders. We stayed silent as the music filled the room. I rested my head on Mike's chest and sat there with my eyes closed enjoying the ebb and flow of the music as it took control of my senses.

Slowly I became aware that Mike was rubbing his hand up and down my arm and I slid my upper body more over his so that he could reach more of my body easily. Despite having his hand caressing my naked body, when he found my cock it was still flaccid, but it did not take long to get hard under his experienced fingers. The way that Mike was working my cock it would keep me hard and leaking pre-cum but would probably cause a blister before I reached an orgasm. I was content to sit, almost lie, there and enjoy the pleasure his expert fingers were producing for me.

When the CD ended, Mike gave me a little tug on my cock and said, "Come, I need to be fucked and this is what is going to do it."

I had no objection, so we quickly made our way back up to the bedroom. Mike let himself fall onto the bed on his back, lifting his legs into the air with the momentum of his fall. Deftly he caught his legs behind his knees and pulled them further over towards his shoulders, lifting his butt hole up. I grabbed the bottle of baby oil off the bedside table, dribbled a bit into his crack, and began to massage it in with my finger, working the lube into his pucker. As he relaxed and I managed to get the end of my finger inside him I dribbled some more oil onto the finger and his crack. I slowly finger fucked him, gaining a bit more depth with each inward stroke. The thought of what this was all leading up to was enough to keep my cock hard without Mike or myself touching it.

One finger became two and then three, and Mike was groaning with pleasure. He didn't have to tell me when he was ready; I could tell from his body language. After lubing up my cock I got into position and aimed my tip at his hole. Leaning forward I made contact and rubbed my cock head around in his crack a bit before I leaned in further. I could feel my cock being squeezed as his sphincter resisted the intrusion. But as they say in the adverts, 'Resistance is futile.' With a little plop my cock head made it through the first barrier and I began a slow descent into the bowels of my lover and boyfriend. I didn't stop until my pubes pushed tight against his skin, then I began an equally slow withdrawal. Of course slow and steady was not going to last. As the sensation in my cock grew so too did the speed of my movement. The energy being expended produced enough heat to make me drip sweat onto the body of my lover. Mike paid no heed it. He lay there with his eyes closed tight. As my cock pressed against his prostate he would let out a groan, and on the reverse stroke he would say something like: "Oh yes!" or "Fuck my hole, baby."

For me it was like a nice bit of that classical music I had just discovered, building to a crescendo when suddenly the huge kettle drums were pounded. As my juices began to flow I drove my cock as deep as I could go. They spurted out into the love chute of my lover, coating his butt walls with a nice slippery coat of my cum giving that extra bit of lube and heightening the sensations for both of us. As my orgasm eased off I put my hand onto his cock and began to jerk him. Just a touch was all he needed and I felt his bum constrict and clamp down on my own cock as he too began to release the build-up he had achieved since he had shot his own load down my throat. Most of it landed on his chest and abdomen, but some of it did hit me in the chest and abdomen and began to run down my torso towards my cock, which once again had found the strength to keep moving, helping Mike through his orgasm.

My softening cock fell out of his bum and I moved to lie alongside Mike on the bed. We lay together and drifted off into a light sleep for about half an hour, waking to find his mucus and my cum dried and encrusted on my cock. Mike's hole didn't look too good either, so once more we hit the shower. We squeezed ourselves into the cubicle and let the water wash over us until the temperature of the water started to drop. Then it was a quick wash of each other to get clean before the water got too cold.

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