Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 40

"Right. I think we all need to know what's going on here and what these rules are before anything more happens," I said, although I had a pretty good guess what the rules might be.

"If my sister or any of her friends want to play with my cock, they have to get naked first and then undress me. And there's nothing about it being only when we are at my house," Jay said defiantly.

"Wait. We all need to agree to these rules before anything else happens, and I'm not sure. Jay is still a minor and we're all over sixteen, which puts us in a legally unsafe position," Mike said.

"Well, this is my house and I get to make some rules. For today the rules are that no one is going to get naked and no one is going to play with Jay's cock, or anyone else's for that matter," I said

"Come on, Steve. Don't you want a blow job today?" Judith said.

"I'm sorry. While I would not mind a blow job, I am not going to risk anything, least of all being arrested as a paedophile. No, I'm sorry, but we will all keep our clothes on today. I don't think it would be right for us to engage in any sexual action in front of Jay. I know that you girls have done stuff with him, but Mike and I haven't. We're not interested in being exhibitionists, so we don't want to do anything like that in front of an audience."

There were a number of disappointed faces and two relieved people – Mike and me.

Clearly it had been the girls' plan to get us naked along with Jay and have a bit of an orgy or something, but while I was eager to see Jay's naked form, I was also concerned that I would find it appealing. I decided that I needed to put temptation as far away from me as possible. Putting my foot down, though, did put a damper on the afternoon. Not much later Judith took Jay and left with Anne, leaving Carrie with Mike and me to await her father to pick us up for dinner.

After the three had departed I apologised to Mike and Carrie. "I'm sorry it happened that way. Since this is my home and my parents are gone, I feel responsible for what happens here. I wasn't willing to be party to something illegal. Also, I don't think it's good for Jay to have that kind of contact with us older ones. He needs to have his innocence and childhood first."

Carrie replied, "Actually, I must admit when I arrived and saw that Jay was with Judith I was a bit upset. We had hoped to get in some action with both of you, and I also saw Jay as a spanner in the works. I have been at Judith's house when Jay has had fun with us. I felt uncomfortable with it then, and I was uncomfortable with it this time when we were discussing the chances while you and Jay were getting drinks."

Mike added, "And I'm worried that I might find seeing naked little boys excites me too much, so I'm glad you put your foot down, luv. We might have missed out on a blow job or wank or something, but I don't think I would have been comfortable doing anything like that in front of Jay, and especially with Jay."

"Well you might have missed out on a fuck with one of those two girls, and you won't get one off of me, but if you want a blow job or to get jerked off, I'm still here and willing to lend a hand, or a mouth," Carrie said.

"No offense, Carrie, but I think I will pass on that offer for now, thanks," Mike said. "Somehow I'm not really in the mood for it anymore."

"And I think I would rather wait until later too. Sorry, Carrie," I said. "But can I ask one thing, or maybe a few things that are all related?"

"You can ask, but I may not want to answer."

"Okay, that's fair. I am told that most girls aren't really that interested in giving blow jobs or hand jobs to guys and only want mutual sexual action that ends in intercourse, but you and the other girls seem to crave to have sexual contact with guys even if you don't get anything for yourself. Why is that? Or have I been misled?"

"No, I don't think you have been misled. Don't get me wrong -- the other girls all want to experience sexual gratification themselves. They think that doing things to guys is the easiest way to get the guys to give to them as well. I also like to have orgasms, and having them at the hands of a guy is much nicer than doing it for myself, but I also want to be a virgin when I get married and have that to give to my husband. That puts me in a constant struggle, because I just love the male form and love to see guys naked and hard and being pleasured. I can sometimes have an orgasm without touching myself just by getting a guy to moan and groan in pleasure. The night of my party sleepover you made me cum about fifteen times and some of those times were just from watching you getting fucked by a girl, because that is how it started out. I know you did get a chance to be the one doing the action as well, but when you were lying there and Judith was bouncing up and down on your cock, just the look on your face made me cum a little bit. Because of that I was so ready that when you put your hand on my fanny and a finger rubbed against my clit I had orgasm after orgasm. Now you can answer my question – who gives better blow jobs? Guys or girls?"

"Deja vu! I was answering that same question not long ago. And my answer remains the same. I think it's a matter of emotional connection. I am emotionally connected to Mike, and I think he gives the best blow jobs of all, so from a personal point of view it is guys, but I think that I have that belief because of my feelings for Mike. Knowing his feelings for me just adds that extra element to the blow job that makes it that much better. But having had a blow job from another guy that I did not feel the same way about and from a few girls who hold no emotional connection with me I can say that it depends on the person. I have had blow jobs from girls that have been both better and worse than the blow jobs from this other guy. So I think a straight guy might be inclined to say that his girlfriend gives him the best head rather than the guy he plays some sport with. Does that make sense?" I asked.

"Yes, it does. I've had a similar experience, even though I know the guy doesn't have the same feelings for me as I had for him. But certainly just being near to someone you care about is so much nicer than being near someone you have no real feelings for, and I can easily see how that works all the way through any activity," Carrie said.

"I have to agree with Steve, except I think he gives better blow jobs than I do. He sure takes me to heaven and back," Mike said with a cheesy grin on his face.

"Oh, you two! How am I ever going to cope now that you gang up on me?" Carrie said, also smiling.

"Carrie, we may side with each other, but we will never gang up on you. You are a good friend and we care about you very much. We are both proud of you for holding out against the efforts of guys to get inside your pants. We respect you for that. Now I guess I had better go and get your dad's CDs together so I can give them back to him. I should also get some better clothing on for our dinner date." I got up to go upstairs and at least get a pair of underpants on. "I will leave Mike to keep you company while I get ready, then I will look after you while Mike gets ready."

Upstairs I quickly got changed and tidied up and then came down to sort out the CDs while Mike went up to change. I offered Carrie another drink but she declined, saying her dad would be here shortly. We would be sure to be offered a drink when we got to her house, and her mum might be upset if we refused her hospitality.

"And your parents have both been so good to me I would hate to upset them, especially over something as small as a drink. Dry we will be until we are offered something at your house," I said with a bit of a theatrical flourish at the end of my sentence.

"Why will we be dry till then?" Mike inquired. We explained, and Mike agreed that it was the best way forward. As it happened we would not have had time to finish drinking a hot cup of coffee anyway before Kevin pulled into our driveway.

We quickly moved to the front door and opened it to wave at Kevin to let him know we had seen him. Mike and Carrie went out to the car while I quickly went to the back and made sure the back door and windows were secured and checked the conservatory. I locked the front door behind me as I left. It was not a long journey to the Slater's house. We travelled it in relative silence, because Kevin had his radio tuned into Classic FM and we were all listening to it. Mike and I were sitting on the back seat holding hands and I was beating the time like a conductor does with his baton, moving my free hand in an elaborate triangle. Carrie giggled when she turned in her seat and saw me doing it.

When we got inside their house I handed the CDs to Kevin, thanking him for lending them to me. "Are you sure you've finished with them? You can borrow them for longer if you like, or you can choose some others to borrow instead," Kevin offered as he took the CDs from my outstretched hand.

"I will never tire of listening to them. I will gladly borrow some others to learn what else I like," I told Kevin.

"How about you, Mike. Do you like classical music?" Kevin asked.

"Without shoving it down my throat, Steve has led me to liking most of what I have heard. Maybe not as much as Steve yet, but it is growing on me," Mike answered.

"You can borrow some CDs from me too then if you want," Kevin offered.

"Thank you, but I think I will pass on it this time and listen to more with Steve before I decide if I'm going to be a follower."

"Not a problem. Should you change your mind, I do have a rather extensive collection and can easily spare some for both of you. But now let's go and see what we can have to drink before Carole accuses me of being a poor host." Kevin led the way through to the kitchen, where Carole was busy getting the tea ready.

"Hi, dear. I found these two urchins leading our beautiful princess astray. I thought I would bring them home for a bite to eat to give me the chance to vet their suitability."

"Hi, Mrs Slater," Mike and I said in perfect unison. "How are you?"

"Hi, boys. Like you I am dying of thirst, because this host cares more about his classical music than he does about his wife," Carole said, greeting us with a smile.

"Actually, we came into the kitchen to sort out drinks. I am guessing you two boys would enjoy a beer, but let's get these complaining ladies out of the way first. What would you like, Carole?" Kevin asked. He first sorted out Carole's and Carrie's drinks. Handing each of us a pint glass, he then got three beers out of the fridge and lead Mike and me back to the lounge to leave the two women to their "gossip and preparations".

Once we were seated in the lounge with some gentle classical music playing and each of us had poured and sipped at our beers Kevin asked, "So, Mike, are you fully recovered now?"

"Almost. I really got out of shape, and I'm finding it hard to keep the stamina level high enough to get back into shape," Mike confessed.

"I'm sure you've got a very able and willing assistant by your side," Kevin said.

"Oh yes! He's a star," Mike said. He looked at me with a huge smile on his face.

"I don't claim to understand how two guys can love each other like you two do, but I can see it in you. I think you have both chosen wisely, and I wish you all the best," Kevin told us.

We both blushed slightly and thanked Kevin for his acceptance and friendship.


We shared in a wonderful roast dinner. While we were drinking our coffees afterwards Kevin took me to choose from his music collection. Mike and I had never been in his study before and were blown away by his music library. He must have had a couple of thousand discs there. Not all of them were classical, but by far the majority were. I hadn't realised how many different composers there were or just what was considered classical. Kevin helped me pick out four CDs that featured particular orchestras instead of individual composers so that I could sample a wider range. Afterward we sat with Carole and Carrie for a bit more before Kevin ran us home again.

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