Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 42

After our shower we stayed naked until we had our lunch. When we had cleaned up, Mike took hold of my semi-hard cock and led me up to our bed again. "I want you to fuck me again."

I thought of pointing out that I had already fucked him that day and he hadn't fucked me yet, but I acquiesced to his wish and pushed him back onto the bed. I grabbed his legs, swung him around, and pushed his legs up. Mike grabbed them and pulled his knees towards his shoulders, opening and displaying his bum. I got the oil and dribbled it once more that day. As I massaged the oil in I looked at the point that was going to be my pleasure prize. "Did you know you've got quite a lot of hair in your crack?" I asked as my finger worked his hole.

"I haven't made it a habit of inspecting it," Mike replied. "What of it?"

"A couple of things. It must make it harder to wipe clean because the shit must stick to it a bit, and I would think it could get trapped between my cock and your hole and as I shove in it could tug on the hairs."

"Well, I make sure I wipe very well, and I give it a good wash in the shower. I haven't noticed any hairs getting pulled by your cock or your fingers."

"Okay. I was just making an observation. I guess I've got the same in mine," I said.

"Yeah, but yours being blond it probably doesn't show as much or look like there is as much."

"Take a look sometime. If you don't like them you can shave them away," I offered as I pushed a second finger into his butt.

"Are you saying you would let me shave your butt if I wanted to?" Mike asked.

"If you wanted to you could shave my whole body, although I would rather you didn't shave my head bald."

"Are you saying you want me to shave you or just that you would let me if I asked?" Mike asked.

"Maybe a bit of both. Definitely if you wanted me shaved then I would gladly let you shave me, because I would know that would make you happy and I want you to be happy. But there is also a part of me that wonders what it would be like to be smooth like a professional sportsman," I answered.

"And what if I wanted you to be shaved but wasn't prepared to let you shave me?" Mike asked.

"I would be okay with that. At least at first anyway. I think I would want to know what it is like to be smooth before asking you to get smooth with me, but if I liked being smooth then I might want to see what it is like to also have a smooth body to play with."

"Well you are not getting me smooth yet, and neither are you getting smooth yet. At least not until after you have fucked me! Now get me stretched enough for that beautiful cock you have standing up between your legs," Mike ordered.

"Yes, sir!" I said and pushed a third finger into his arse, even though I was not sure he was ready for it.

Mike grunted with the intrusion but soon relaxed again. I dribbled some more oil on my fingers and on my cock, put the bottle down, and spread the oil over my cock. Pulling my fingers out, I guided my cock head against his hole and began to apply pressure. I felt a bit of resistance at first but then slipped past the muscle and my head was in. I waited a few moments, pushed again, and got another inch or so in. I stopped and waited again then pulled back a bit and pushed forward some more. I kept that up and after quite a while my pubes were pressing against his skin. I began to long dick him, but all too soon I lost control and my long dicking became a frenzied and primal jerking. That heralded the imminent arrival of my orgasm, and my fuck was over far too quickly -- probably too soon for Mike as well.

"I'm sorry. That was awful, wasn't it?" I apologized as I moved to lie down beside Mike and he straightened his legs.

"No, it was not awful. you got inside me, and between us we made you cum. That was a success, not awful," Mike reasoned.

"But it was over so quickly. I just went for it and lost control. It could not have given you much pleasure," I protested.

"Well, not as much as a longer and slower one would have done, I grant you that, but I did get enough pleasure to keep my cock hard and dribbling precum, and I got added pleasure from seeing you get your rocks off with me. I know we don't count costs or anything, but you did so much for me when I was sick, and it gives me joy and satisfaction to be able to do something for you. Having you fuck me is the ultimate thing I can do for you. Not because I feel I owe you, because you have made it very clear that we do not owe each other anything, but because I love you and want you to be happy and enjoy yourself and use me to enjoy yourself. When you fuck me or I fuck you, I feel I become a part of you. I know it's hard to understand. I don't really know how to put what I feel into words, but I want us to be one, a single item, an entity together."

I was not sure just how to respond to that, whether to use a light approach and say something silly or to accept it in the serious manner Mike appeared to have meant it. I went with serious and said, "We are one. When I thought that I might lose you I knew that a part of me would be lost forever, and when I knew for sure that I wasn't going to lose you I wept for joy. I love you, Mike Ansfield, and don't ever forget that." I pulled his head towards mine and kissed him on the lips.

"I could never forget that, my love. You are my first and only, and I hope you will be my last as well. Whatever you do makes me happy and brings me pleasure, so please don't ever feel you have to apologize to me again."

"Okay, but I will tell you one thing. If you don't get down to it and fuck me we're still going to be at it when your dad gets my folks home. You'll have to go home with an unrequited cock still dripping and covered in lube," I said.

"Well if you put it that way how can I refuse?" Mike said. He moved a little closer to me and began to kiss me. He moved his hand down to my butt, spending some time on my nipples and belly button on the way but leaving my cock alone in case it was still a bit too sensitive for that kind of touch. Once he got his finger to the spot Mike did not waste a lot of time gaining entry, but he was still gentle. Those first few probes were without lubrication, but they didn't hurt, because he was making sure he tickled my fancy spots. After those initial moves Mike added some baby oil and began to push his finger in deeper. He wiggled it around to stimulate the pleasure nerves inside my butt. As I relaxed into his ministrations he stretched me further with more fingers. I lifted my legs higher, and he got behind me and pressed his cock to my hole. I pushed out against it and felt it pop through the ring. Slowly Mike slid his cock smoothly and gently into me until his pelvis came up hard against my butt and he could go no further. Mike held it like that for a short while and then slowly pulled out until my muscles were gripping just behind his cock head. He continued with a controlled and measured fluid movement in and out, in and out, far more controlled than I had been a short while before. Mike kept that up for some time, stopping every so often to rest. I know he was getting close and wanted to prolong the time before he shot his load. While I was loving it, I was also feeling like a dork because of the way I had lost control and Mike was now kind of showing me up and demonstrating how to keep control.

Although I had cum not that long ago, my cock got hard with the all the rubbing my prostate was getting from Mike's cock. Noticing this, Mike freed one hand from holding onto my legs by putting my left leg onto his shoulder. Wrapping his right arm around my leg, he started to wank me. Without breaking his rhythmic fucking, he got the other leg onto his shoulder too. Wrapping that arm around it brought his left hand in to fondle my balls while his right hand continued to jerk my cock and his cock pounded my arse. And who said only women could multitask? That treatment stopped my thought processes altogether; all I could think of was how I was going to stop myself cumming a second time before Mike came in my arse. I needn't have worried. Mike was still in control, only now it was of both him and me.

Mike had me in such a state that my hands were clutching the sheet and releasing it as I writhed in ecstasy as much as my position allowed. My second orgasm started to boil away somewhere in the recesses of my body. Instead of stopping Mike began to speed up his thrusts, and as I shot onto my chest my bum squeezed tightly around Mike's cock and he began to fill my chute with his cum. His orgasm spent, Mike moved to lie down beside me, pulling his softening cock from my hole. He moved his hand up and began to spread my cum over my chest and especially around my nipples. "Thank you. That was awesome."

"No, thank you. You did a much better job than I did. I will have to work at keeping better control. It certainly makes cumming better," I said.

"Well, perhaps we need to practice more," Mike said. Even with my eyes closed I knew he was grinning.

"The problem is getting in the practice time without upsetting the parents. I know my parents have accepted I'm gay and that I'm having a physical relationship with you, but I don't think they want it rubbed in their noses by us doing it almost in front of them." I said

"I know what you mean. If we don't want to do stuff in front of them we had better get in the shower and get ourselves clean and dressed pretty smartly," Mike reminded me.

We stayed naked as we walked to the bathroom and climbed in the shower together, but this time we did not need to piss. We did however get ourselves hard again by washing each other and making sure there was no more cum to leak out of our butts by pushing a finger up and opening it up again. We dried off and hung our towels in the bathroom, then went back to the bedroom and dressed. By the time we had some clothes on our cocks had softened and were no longer tenting our boxers, which made pulling our jeans on a lot easier. I checked the bed and used a tissue to clean up some of the cum that had leaked onto the bed; I flushed the tissue down the loo before we set off downstairs. We made sure everything was clean and tidy, and I double checked that Mike had his DVD in his pack to take home with him. While our parents know we are gay, I don't think they would like to watch what was on that DVD. I got the kettle filled and on the boil, leaving it to switch off by itself so that if our parents wanted a tea or coffee it wouldn't take long to get one ready. I was hoping we could invite Mike's parents in for a cuppa so that I could spend a bit more time with Mike, because the weekend seemed to have just flown by.

When we heard the car arrive in the driveway we went out to help carry Mum and Dad's bags in and to invite the Ansfields in for a drink. Happily they accepted, and we all went inside, with Mike and me bringing up the rear with the bags. We put the bags down at the foot of the stairs and followed our parents into the lounge. I asked what drinks they would like and was about to set off to the kitchen, hopefully with Mike following, when Mum said "Wee".

"You mean yes, don't you? You're not in Paris anymore." I said.

"No, I mean wee, not oui!" Mum said and dashed off up the stairs. That let us to know exactly what she meant, and we all laughed.

Having boiled the kettle already, by the time Mum came back down the stairs I was carrying the tray into the lounge. I set it down, pushed the plunger down on the cafetiere, and left it to stand for a bit longer before I began to pour coffee for all six of us.

"So how did you guys enjoy gay Paris?" I asked as I passed Mum and Dad their coffees.

"Oh, it was wonderful! I loved it, but I couldn't live there," Mum said.

"No, too many randy Frenchmen wanting a bit of your bum. You would be black and blue full time with all that pinching." Dad chuckled, then turning to Mike and me he added, "Your mum still has her looks, and those French men appreciated it. Perhaps it would be better if it really was gay Paris."

"Yes, but I'm not sure if it's a compliment or an insult when one of them pinches your bum," Michelle said.

"It's a damn liberty," Mum exclaimed, "and painful too most times!"

"Where did you put our bags, boys? We have a couple of gifts in them for you two," Dad asked as he stood up.

"At the bottom of the stairs, Dad," I told him as he left the room.

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