Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 30

As my jeans slipped below my knees one of the girls pressed against the back of my knees and I collapsed backwards. I was grabbed, helped all the way to the floor, and held there while my trainers and jeans were taken off, leaving me with only my watch and the chain around my neck. A few rubs from the girls made sure I was hard, then Judith ordered, "Right, slave. Get this mess cleaned up, and do it quickly and quietly."

"Come on, girls. This isn't how it should be. Let me at least keep my jeans on while we work together to get this cleaned up," I proposed.

To add insult to injury, Anne picked up one of my trainers and smacked it across my butt with some force. "Don't presume that slaves can talk when they feel like it. You are our slave and you will stay naked as long as we want you to. You will get on with cleaning this lot up by yourself," she ordered, punctuating the end of her command with a second smack to my butt with my trainer.

I looked at Carrie and saw that she was enjoying my humiliation. I wanted her to remember her party with good memories, so I acquiesced and got on with picking up the litter. The girls sat down on top of my jeans and shirt so that I had no access to them. Each time they saw my cock starting to wilt, one of them would call me over to them and give me a bit of a wank to get me hard again, then I would be sent off to carry on. When I had got all the rubbish from the lounge and conservatory and most of it from the dining room bagged and outside the back door, I decided that enough was enough. I went through to my room instead of going back into the lounge. The girls could do the rest as far as I was concerned. Truth be told, I was pissed off with them now.

I opened my bag and got another pair of jeans on so that I could go and greet Kevin when I heard him get back. I hoped to give the girls the scare of their lives, because they would think that I was still naked. I sat on the bed for a minute or so, then I thought that the girls might come looking for me in my room. I went back outside and found that there was a route down the side of the house to the front, where I was able to stand in the shadows and wait. Kevin turned into the driveway seconds after I had found my place in the shadows. I don't think the girls had even noticed I was missing yet, because they were so enthralled in their gossip session. As Kevin got out the car I could hear the girls squealing in panic, trying to find me before Kevin got in the house. I quickly told Kevin what had transpired and what I thought he might find inside. He gave me a squeeze on the shoulder and a broad grin. He said to wait a minute or so and then to come in. He would try to catch the girls red-handed with my clothes. It was nice having a man who was so liberal and understanding on my side. Kevin swiftly walked in and soon found the girls by following their noise. Those girls could never save themselves in a situation that required them to hide and keep quiet.

I slowly counted to sixty and then made my way in through the front door. I heard Kevin in the kitchen ask, "May I know why you are holding Steve's trousers behind your back? And where is Steve? What have you done to him?"

I let them sweat a bit as I listened to their answers get stammered out, contradicting each other as each came up with a different story.

"Lies! Girls, you should at least have got your story straight before stripping Steve," Kevin said. "That is what you've done, isn't it? And now I bet Steve is hiding somewhere in shame and embarrassment. Carrie, I'm disappointed in you. No, I'm disappointed in all four of you. Steve could quite easily have said he wasn't going to stay over, being the only guy, but he came to make you happy, and you just ganged up on him. Steve is not your slave. Now give me his clothes. I'll find him while the four of you make this whole party area clean and tidy. Steve has already done the lion's share, so get on with it."

Kevin came out of the kitchen. As soon as he saw me he gave me another huge grin, handed me my clothes and signalled for me to follow him. He led me down the passage, closing the door behind us to muffle the sound, and then took me into Carrie's room. "I'm just going to get this medicine to Carole, then I'll be back out to help you in here. Open the girls' bags, take out all of their underwear, and then repack the bags. I'll be as quick as I can."

"Please tell Carole I'm sorry she's not feeling well. Oh, and if there is anything I can do to help, just ask," I said.

"Thank you, Steve. I'll pass on your wishes to Carole," Kevin said and left the room.

I grabbed one bag and opened it. I saw that it was packed very neatly, which was a great help. I was able to lift out the clothes on top to get to the owner's clean underwear underneath, remove them, and then neatly put the rest back. The second bag had little compartment pockets inside it and I was able to empty the two pockets of bras and panties without disturbing the rest, which left the third bag to do when Kevin came back in. He had a few carrier bags with him. He gave me one for each of the girls, leaving me to do the third bag while he went over to Carrie's dresser and began to remove all of Carrie's underwear from her drawer.

"How is Carole now?" I asked as we worked.

"Just resting quietly in the room has helped her a bit. The medicine I got from the supermarket will do the trick. She'll probably be asleep soon and will be fine in the morning, thank you, Steve. Oh and Carole also says thanks for the well wishes." It didn't take me long to get the third bag emptied of its underwear, because she had packed it all into plastic bags. I just needed to pull the two bags out and combine them into one of the carry bags Kevin had brought in. I packed the other two girls' things into separate carry bags, then went over to help Kevin, but he had simply scooped the drawers out and stuffed the contents into carry bags. We took the bags out of the room and Kevin stuffed them into the back of the airing cupboard, piling some bed linen in front of them for concealment.

"Good, now go and sit out the front where I sat for the evening. I'll grab a couple of beers and join you there. If you want a beer, that is?" Kevin said.

"Thank you. I think I might need a beer to get me through the night," I confessed.

"I know what you mean, but they might find that they have more to worry about. I plan to get all four of them out in the back garden and turn the hose on them and get them soaked. We will get the rest of their underwear out of the dryer."

I grinned and made my way to the chairs outside the front. I heard Kevin telling the girls that they needed to do a better job if they ever wanted to sleep over with Carrie again. Shortly after that the strains of Vivaldi's third season started to calm the air.

Kevin came out to me, handed me a beer, and then said to pick up my chair. We followed the route I had taken down the side of the house to get to the back with our chairs. We positioned them in dark shadows where we could see into the house and watch as the girls worked to tidy the place up. They were totally oblivious to our presence; Meg didn't even notice us when she stepped out the back with another bin bag of rubbish. Kevin talked quietly with me and explained the logistics of his plan. Just before the girls finished he would go around the side to the front. He was hoping to lock the conservatory without any of the girls noticing, then he would get them outside to move the bags of rubbish to where he wanted them. If they protested he would remind them that they didn't let me protest. Once outside he wanted me to go to the kitchen door so that I could stand there to hear their apology and to stop them getting inside while Kevin soaked them. Then he wouldn't let them inside until he had towels for them. We finished our beers, and Kevin went off to put stage one of the plan into action and lock the conservatory. It was not long before I saw him ushering the girls out, and he called for me to come and join them. I moved over and began to help move the rubbish bags into a corner where they would be a bit protected if the wind got up during the night.

"Now girls, I want you to apologise to Steve for being so horrible to him and I want to hear it from over here and I want to hear that you mean it. Steve go and stand on the kitchen step so that they can see you and I will move over here. Now, girls, let's hear your sincere apology."

The four girls actually did sound like they were sorry. I felt a little sorry for them, knowing they still had some suffering to do. Just as they finished talking, Kevin opened the spray up and started to soak the girls. There were some screams and they tried to run inside, but I had nipped in and closed and locked the door. Looking out the window I saw Carrie head for the conservatory, only to discover that was locked too. Kevin was laughing and spraying them, and they didn't have a lot of space to get away. With nowhere to hide or find cover they were all soaked to the skin quite quickly.

"Right, girls. Let that be a lesson to you not to mess with my friend, or anybody else for that matter. In future make sure everything done is consensual for every party. Now, you're not coming inside in those wet clothes. Wait for me to get you some towels," Kevin told them. As he came towards the kitchen door I unlocked it and let him in. He locked it again to make sure the girls did not get inside. He came back with the towels and then dropped his bombshell. "You didn't give Steve a choice and stripped him naked in front of you. Now it's time for the tables to turn. Steve has got the towels and when you hand him your clothes, all of them, he will give you a towel to dry with and only then can you come inside. I am just going to check on Carole. When I come back I expect that Steve will have four piles of clothes and you all will be modestly wrapped in towels."

I think the girls could see from my expression that I had not known anything about this latest tack, and they didn't seem to hold me to blame for it. Carrie had already sent me nude selfies, so she just stripped off and handed all the clothes in through the door. I passed her a towel, and she quickly dried with it, then wrapped it around her to cover her boobs, fanny and butt. The other three were more hesitant until Carrie turned to them and said, "Look, the plan is to be naked in front of Steve later on, so why not now?"

The other girls realised the logic in this. Again my face must have shown my surprise. Less than a minute later I had three naked teenage girls each passing me their clothing. I enjoyed the view before I handed their towels to them. Meg was last to get her towel and had only just succeeded in wrapping it around her when Kevin came back. Seeing the piles of clothes on the floor, he grinned and said, "Now that is what I call payback. By the way, girls, this was my plan, not Kevin's, so don't be mean to him. All parties in agreement, remember, for whatever you do. Now I suggest you all go and get ready for bed, then you can come back and chat a bit in the lounge. Don't make a lot of noise. Carole isn't well, and she's already asleep. I intend to be asleep in the next half hour, and I don't want to be woken by your noise."

The girls took off and I wondered how long it would be before they discovered they had no underwear. They didn't realise that Kevin had overheard another bit of conversation where the girls had all agreed they would sleep in their nighties with no underwear on until they got dressed in the morning. This raised the chances that they would not notice the missing items until the morning. Kevin bundled their wet clothes into the dryer, then said good night and left us. The girls told me to meet them in the lounge as soon as I was changed. I was not going to meet them in what I planned to sleep in! I decided on the pair of shorts I had brought along with the shirt I had worn all evening. Having my own énsuite bathroom, I got my teeth brushed and changed into the shorts and shirt. I was sitting in the lounge listening to the last season of Vivaldi when the girls came back in.

The first thing I noticed was that they definitely did not have bras on. I could see their boobs sway from side to side and jiggle as they walked, the nipples tracing a line across their tops. None of them had put on dressing gowns, and when Judith bent over to choose a CD her nightie rode up and revealed some naked butt cheek. Carrie sat down next to me. Her hand went straight to my crotch with no pretence at subtlety. She was getting me hard before the CD had been changed. Meg sat the other side of me and began to undo my shirt buttons. My shirt was off and dropped behind the couch before Judith got back to the chair she was going to sit in, which was directly opposite me. Anne was sitting in the armchair to my side.

"You said you wanted to see what it was like to have sex with a girl. Well, there is one girl in this room who wants to have sex with you, and three others who want to be made to cum by you but not get your cock in their fannies yet. You get to try it all," Carrie said to me.

Anne slouched in her chair and lifted a leg over the arm, which let me see into her nightie and revealed her naked fanny. Her pubes were clearly combed to form a parting down the line of her cunt. Shortly after that Judith spread her legs, giving me a similar view except that she had shaved her pubes, so I was presented with full on view of a girl's fanny with her clit peeping out of the folds of the labia.

"Do you still want to try it, since we were so mean to you? I could see that when Dad told us we had to strip that was news to you. We promise we won't do anything that you don't agree to as well," Carrie said as she slipped her hand under the waist band of my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my hard cock.

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