Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 29

The party ground on. Between the four girls I spent most of my time on the dance floor and hard. I was looking forward to getting to my bed so that I could take care of the need they had built up in me. I did manage to escape for more chat with Kevin. Between us we consumed a few cokes and several plates of snacks. I learnt that Kevin was no mug and had a pretty good idea of what his daughter was like and what she was doing. He asked me if she had sent me a nude picture of herself yet and I answered him truthfully. I think this helped him to have more confidence in believing what I had told him earlier. Kevin told me that he had picked up Carrie's phone by mistake, because hers is the same as his, and couldn't resist the temptation to take a peek. He discovered some of Carrie's nude selfies on the phone, which led him to believe she might have sent them on to others. Then Kevin said, "And that one of you was quite good too."

"Well, after she had sucked my cock I didn't think there was much point in refusing her the full picture," I said. "But that's the only way we've seen each other nude."

"I expect that might change tonight," Kevin said.

"Well, I can't speak for Carrie, but I have my doubts that she will strip off in front of me. One of the others might, but I don't think Carrie will," I answered.

"Does Carrie know about your relationship with Mike?" Kevin asked.

"Yes. She guessed it before we came out to our parents. We haven't confirmed it to her, but she's bright enough to not need it confirmed. Apart from Carrie and you only our parents know, and possibly one of the nurses at the hospital, who saw me kissing Mike today." I found that talking to Kevin was as easy as talking to my parents. I rather liked that I could have this sort of conversation with him.

"I won't profess to understand your feelings toward Mike, but I know that it happens with some people. You are proof that it doesn't make them bad or any less of a person. And even if you slept with Carrie and got her pregnant you would still be welcome in my house," Kevin said.

"Thank you. That's something I never thought I would hear a father say to any guy."

"It's not something I would say to any guy, Steve, but I feel I have got to know you and that I can say it to you. I am guessing because you have chosen Mike I would be able to say it to him as well, but there are some of the boys inside that room behind us that I would not even consider saying it to. Look at that Peter in there. He came out here with one girl and had his hand up her skirt and the other down her blouse. When she protested that he was going too far, he told her that there was no point that was too far for a guy and girls should learn to accept that. Ten minutes later he was out with a different girl. He opened her blouse up and got a mouthful before I coughed and they realised I was sitting there and had possibly seen everything. He's lucky that I don't want to upset Carrie, or I'd have sent him packing with a clip around the earhole," Kevin said.

"Yeah. I don't know him that well, but all the people I've met who know him don't really like him and don't have a lot of time for him," I told Kevin.

"There is one thing I'd like to know. Don't answer if you don't want to. If you are gay, how come you let the girls like Carrie suck you?" Kevin asked.

"Actually I'm not sure if I am entirely gay or if I'm bi. I still like the idea of sex with girls, even though I like sex with guys. At the moment I love Mike, and we're good with each other, but neither of us wants to label himself definitively yet. We're both still on roads of discovery."

"That makes sense. I like you, Steve. You're honest, and you have a maturity and wisdom beyond your years. Thank you for being so open with me."

"It's easy to be open with someone you trust who doesn't just condemn you. My parents are like you in that respect, and I enjoy being able to be open and honest with them. I think my parents knew when I started puberty before I did because of the way we can talk with each other. While we keep a level of modesty around the house, we can talk about the most intimate things, so it was easy to come out to my parents about Mike. Like you they have accepted it. They look on Mike as their son too. When I hear about how some of these guys go behind their parents' backs and keep so much from them, I feel sorry for them. They're missing out on so much peace and harmony simply because they can't be honest with their parents."

"Yes, that is true. Thank you, Steve. I wonder how much Carrie keeps from us," Kevin said.

"I don't think it's as much as you might think or fear. I will encourage her to be more open with you and see how that works out," I said as I stood to get back to my duties as available man. About half an hour later the first parent arrived to pick up their precious child, who probably was not as precious as they thought. I was relieved to see that, because I would soon be able to go to my private room and sleep. After taking care of the need I could feel pressing against Carrie as I danced with her. She encouraged that need, of course.

"You've been talking to my dad a lot tonight," Carrie stated as we moved around the floor.

"Yeah. Your dad is cool and easy to talk to. I like him," I told her.

"I like him too, but I wouldn't say that he's that easy to talk to," Carrie said.

"I think you should give him the benefit of the doubt. He listens and then asks questions and doesn't just condemn you outright. I mean, even though he knows I'm in a relationship with Mike, he said I'm still welcome in his house and would be even if I made love to you and got you pregnant. I did tell him that I didn't believe you would allow that to happen. I think he was quite relieved. Give him a try and see how it works out," I encouraged her.

"How did the subject of you being with Mike and still fucking me come into the conversation?" Carrie asked.

"He wanted to know how it was that I loved Mike and still let you give me a blow job."

"He said what?!" Carrie spluttered in a loud enough voice that everyone in the room heard and turned to look.

"Whisper next time you talk about what you get up to," I whispered in her ear. "Your dad overheard you girls talking about giving us guys bj's, the same way my dad heard you. Shit, you would be no good as a spy."

"Oh, I think I am going to die. How can I face my father again?" Carrie said anxiously.

"Think about it this way. Kevin has known about it for a couple of weeks at least. He's probably overheard you girls talking about other things of a similar nature, and he hasn't locked you into a chastity belt or condemned you or anything like that. Instead he has continued to show you the same love he always has. That hasn't changed and never will. Even if he's not too happy with what you have been doing, he has accepted that it's a part of who you are, and he still loves you. Talk to him and see if I'm right or not," I challenged her.

"Does my mother know too?" Carrie asked.

"I don't know, but if your dad has overheard your so-called whispering, then the chances are your mother has too," I reasoned.

"Yeah, I guess so," Carrie agreed.

"And her love for you hasn't changed either," I pointed out.

"Shit, Steve. Why are you always so right on this sort of thing?"

"I don't know that I'm always right, but I do care about my friends and try to do right by them."

"Yeah, that's true. Why is it that the gay guys are so much better than the straight guys?" Carrie mused.

"Hey, I don't know for sure that I'm gay yet. I'm still in that undecided state."

"I am so tempted to drag you off to my bedroom and let you get me pregnant right now, just to show you that being bi or straight is also great," Carrie said.

"I know you don't mean that. Anyway, I like you too much to take advantage of you when your emotions are a bit mixed up like now. Yeah, I want to experience what it's like to have sex with a girl, but I couldn't take that away from you. I couldn't take the gift you've kept for your future husband, and we certainly are not getting married tonight," I told her.

"You remember that?" Carrie was surprised.

"You not only said that, you meant it, and I believe you still do," I told her.

"I love you, Steve. Even though we probably will never do the dirty together, I will still love you like a brother and as more than just a friend. And I'm sure that my future husband will love you too," Carrie said. The dance came to an end and we moved off the floor so that Carrie could say goodbye to some of her other guests.

Once all the other guests had left, leaving just me, the girls sleeping over, and Carrie's parents, I started to clear up some of the debris the guests had left lying around. I carried a load of rubbish through to the kitchen and Kevin followed me in. "You don't have to do this, you know. You are a guest in this house."

"You have made me feel at home. I'm doing just what would be expected of me at home," I told him

"Young man, should you change your mind and decide to look for a girl to marry, I would be very proud to have you as a son-in-law. And no, I am not trying a bit of matchmaking. I'm just trying to show you how much I appreciate you and respect you. Which is not something I find I can do for most teens and young adults these days. And I mean it – you are welcome in my home anytime. I hope those girls don't give you too rough a time and let you get some sleep tonight," Kevin said, and we left the kitchen to go back and carry on with the clean-up. We entered the lounge to find the girls sitting down chatting or gossiping with each other. Carrie's mum was nowhere to be seen.

"Right. Girls, you are not leaving this to Steve and me alone. Come on, the sooner we get cleared up, the sooner you can sit and just chill, and your mother and I can get to bed. Where is Carole by the way?" Kevin said.

"I don't think she's feeling well. She might have gone to your room," Meg said.

"Oh dear. Right. You lot get going on this, while I go and check on her," Kevin ordered. He turned to go off quickly down the passage.

"Right. Come on, girls. The sooner we get this done the better," I encouraged them as I began picking up more party debris.

The girls, noticeably reluctant, stood up and began making a token effort at clearing up. I already had a full load, more than the four of them put together had collected up. I took my load through to the bin in the kitchen and decided to take a black bin liner back with me and fill it up in the lounge and conservatory area. When I got back it was as if time had stood still; the girls had done precious little.

"Hey! What is with you four? Have you lost your nannies to pick up after you? Come on, many hands make light work." I ticked them off and began to put rubbish into the bin liner.

Kevin came back into the room and told us that Carole was not feeling too good. He was going down to the local 24-hour supermarket to get some medication for her. "Now girls, don't let Steve be the slave and do all the work. You get busy and help him," Kevin admonished.

"Don't worry; we'll help him," Anne said. I was pretty sure the kind of help they were thinking of was not going to involve clearing up after the party.

Kevin left, and we heard the car pulling out of the drive way.

"I quite like the idea of having a slave," Anne said.

"Yeah, but don't you think he is a bit overdressed for a slave?" Judith immediately twigged to Anne's line of thought.

I had no doubt as to their intentions. "No, girls. Kevin will be back before long, and Carole might come through to see how the clearing up is going," I argued.

"They won't mind if you have your shirt and shoes off. After all, it's still warm in here," Meg added.

"And you don't think they'll put two and two together and work out what my state of undress actually means?" I suggested in an effort to deter them. "Especially with Kevin knowing what you girls have been up to at other parties." I hoped that would shock them into more prudent behaviour.

"Don't worry. We'll hear the car and get some clothes back on you before Dad sees," Carrie said as Judith and Meg grabbed my arms. Anne jumped forward and quickly undid the buttons on my shirt. That came off, leaving me standing shirtless. I foolishly hoped that was as far as they would go and set about picking up rubbish again.

As I bent to pick up a paper plate off the floor an arm moved around my body and a hand covered my package as Carrie's other arm snaked around my body from the other side and began to undo my jeans. I straightened up, telling them that it was too risky, but that was a mistake. It gave Carrie easier access to my fly. Before I had finished protesting my jeans were sliding down my legs, leaving me exposed more than ever before to the four girls.

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