Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 28

I was still relaxing, enjoying the flow of Vivaldi's seasons, when the first of the other guests started to arrive. They were the three girls who were going to stay overnight with Carrie. They had arrived a little earlier than the intended start time in order to get their bags and all stowed away before any others got there. After Carrie had taken them through to wherever they were going to sleep, she brought them back to the lounge and turned off Vivaldi.

"Hey, I was enjoying that and still have a season to get through," I complained.

"Well, it's my party and we ain't having none of that crap on," Carrie said.

"Okay, but don't call it crap. It's stood the test of time and is still around. And I reckon it'll still be around when today's popular songs are dead and buried."

"Yeah, well, we will probably also be dead and buried by that time, so it won't worry us," Meg said. Meg had turned 17 just before Mike's birthday, which made her the oldest teen at the sleepover. However there was less than nine months between the oldest and the youngest of them.

"We might be dead, but I doubt it. Look back over the last ten years. Very few of the songs that have made it into the top forty charts are still around today, but a lot of the older songs are still with us. And if Carrie's dad is speaking the truth, which I believe he is, there's a lot of classical music that has been around for hundreds of years and is still enjoyed today, as I was doing before being rudely interrupted." I said the last part of that with a smile to show Carrie that I was not offended.

"What truth am I speaking?" Kevin asked from the lounge. I had not noticed him enter the room and felt a little embarrassed.

"Err, uhm, I was just speaking about how classical music has survived, but because I only just discovered it today, I had to use your credentials," I answered.

"Ah, I see. Steve, you and I are going to get along famously, while these heathens are going to flounder in the cacophony they call modern music and find that they have nothing to show for it in a few years," Kevin said, putting his adult stamp of approval on what I had been saying.

"Ah, Dad, you just need hearing aids and then you will be able to hear and appreciate what good music really is," Carrie taunted.

"No, it will be because I have had to listen to the cat fights emanating from your room for too long that I might need those hearing aids," Kevin countered.

The conversation ended as more of Carrie's guests arrived and we began to move into party mode. The main lights were turned off, leaving just some subdued lighting in the corners of the rooms. Carrie put on some of her choice of music, which was what I had been listening to most of my teen life, but now I found that I was not enjoying it as much as I had before I discovered classical. Okay! I know I had heard classical music before, but I hadn't discovered it. Having it play while I sat and drank a beer is what brought home to me how beautiful it is. I did discover as I listened to more that, like everything, there were some elements that were not to my taste and some composers I would steer clear of. And I wouldn't ditch modern music either, as there was some that I really enjoyed.

With the arrival of more guests I wasn't the only guy there and I didn't feel as intimidated as I had been with just the four girls surrounding me in a conversation about the longevity of classical music. With the music going and the low lighting Carrie wanted a dance, and I was the one she picked on first. It was her party and I wanted her to have a good time, so I didn't hesitate to lead her onto the "dance floor" to get the party going. We had been dancing for about half the song before another couple joined us and that was it for the rest of the song. I noticed Anne heading towards the music station about the same time the other couple joined us on the floor and I presume the next choice was hers. It was a good choice, the old Beatles song 'I want to hold your hand'. As has been discovered at many parties since the Beatles began their recording career, it succeeded in getting a number of the couples up onto the floor to dance. While we were dancing to that number I noticed some other guests arriving. I whispered in Carrie's ear that others had arrived and perhaps she should go and greet them before another dance. This got me off the hook before any slow music came on, which I was expecting with the group of girls who were staying over and their antics.

This gave me the opportunity to get something to drink and have a few snacks; I was getting quite hungry. While in the dining room putting some snacks onto a paper plate I got into a conversation with some of the other guests. While they hadn't been at my party or Mike's or Tim's, I had met them somewhere else and remembered them, so it wasn't too hard to get a conversation going. We chatted about some events that had occurred in our area, then one of them asked, "You usually hang out with Mike, but I haven't seen him tonight."

"No, Mike is in hospital. He had an operation and has got an infection. But he should be home in a couple of days," I said.

"Shame, poor bugger. And to have it happen during the holidays. He can't even get off school as a compensation for the pain," one of the girls in the group added.

"I guess he is still in school?" someone else asked.

"Yeah, we both are. Will be for a while longer yet; we both intend on going to uni as well," I put in for good measure.

"Hey, are you one of the guys that had a party at some beach cabin?" someone asked.

"Yeah, that was my birthday."

"So, did you enjoy your blowjob, then?" another question.

"How did you know about that? No, wait. You overheard a whisper from the other side of the park or something?" I said.

"Something like that. So have you fucked her yet?"

I thought the conversation was getting personal.

"That would be telling. Especially as we are not dating."

I was rescued when one of the girls grabbed the guy's hand and tugged him back through to the lounge for a dance. I was probably glowing bright red and would have looked like the arrival of an emergency vehicle if I had gone back into the lounge right away, so I went through the kitchen and out into the back yard for a quick bit of fresh air and calming down. A couple of minutes later I went back in. I was immediately grabbed by Judith, who claimed it was her turn to dance with me.

"I did not know that there was a rota for dancing," I said, rather tongue in cheek.

She just smiled and said,

"Well, if you had looked after your friends better and they were here for the sleepover too, we could be a bit more spread out, but as you are one of the few unattached guys here tonight you are at the top of the entertainment list." We danced that dance, which was followed by another Beatles number, "Hey Jude". Judith pulled me in close so that her hip was grinding against my package, and of course started it to rise. I had expected this but wasn't expecting it until a bit later in the evening. Judith was leading me without me realising it. She edged me to the darkest part of the dance area and then whispered in my ear, "I think you're getting a bit uncomfortable, but I'll help you out." At least this time her whisper was quiet enough that with the music it was unlikely that anyone overheard her. The next thing I knew, she had lifted my shirt tail and slid her hand down inside my jeans and was trying to turn my cock so that it pointed upwards. It was a bit of a struggle, but she got there in the end. She didn't take her hand out right away. When she did she brought it straight up to her mouth and licked it. I realised then that I must have been leaking some pre-cum and began to worry that I might start to show a damp spot.

Fortunately, that song came to an end and I was able to use the excuse that I needed to go for a pee to get away from her and get calmed down a bit. I was glad that I had chosen to wear my shirt hanging loose instead of tucked in so that it hung over my bulge and no one could really see that I was erect. Knowing that the main bathroom would probably have a queue, I snuck through to my room for the night and made use of my private facility.

As I was coming out of the little bathroom Kevin stepped into my room. He had a few CDs in his hand. As he put them down on my table he said, "Sorry. I didn't realise you were in here or I would have knocked first. I selected a few classical composers for you to try if you want. You can borrow these for as long as you want, but I would like them back at some stage, please."

"Thank you very much. I think I shall enjoy listening to them."

"My pleasure, young man. I will be sitting out in front now that the music is advertising that there's a party going on, to make sure we don't get any uninvited guests. If you need a chat come on out for a bit," Kevin offered.

"Thank you. I might need to take you up on that offer. I think I might need to disappear occasionally to survive the evening."

"With the arch whisperer and her cronies I rather thought you might," Kevin said with a smile. We left my room to go back to our posts, Kevin to stand guard and me to be the pleasure pole for a bunch of girls who seemed to be unable to get or keep a boyfriend at party time.

No sooner had I stepped back into the lounge than Meg had her arms around me and was rocking me from side to side into the middle of the dance floor. She had caught me by surprise, and once on the floor there was little I could do but go with the flow. That included inducing more flow from me; she worked my cock much the same way that Judith had. I could not use the same excuse so soon after my dance with Judith, so I ended up dancing three songs with Meg. Then Anne cut in and I had to stay there dancing and having my cock worked some more. Three dances later I was scared that I might cum. I told Anne that I needed to get a drink, because all the dancing had made me perspire enough to require a top up. I got a bottle of coke, piled a plate with some eats, and then headed out the front to see Kevin.

"Didn't know if you needed anything but got some eats. Do you want me to get you a drink?" I asked. Kevin had two chairs and a little garden table set up as if he expected to have some company while he kept a watch on the gate.

"Thank you, Steve. Yes, a coke would be nice, thanks," Kevin answered. I put my coke down and went back inside to get one for Kevin. Returning to him I sat down and picked up some crisps to nibble on.

"Going getting a bit hard in there is it?" Kevin asked.

"In more ways than one," I said. Then I realised who I had said it to, but it was too late to call it back.

Kevin chuckled. "That's why I invited you to join me out here if you needed it. I knew you would be the centre of attention for that group of girls, as none of them have an active boyfriend at the moment. Judging by the whispers I can't help but hear, I think I know why. The guys are all too bloody scared."

"Or gay," I said

"Or that, but not all the guys these girls know are gay. More's the pity, because I think an accident is almost bound to happen. A bun will be in the oven before the dough has risen enough."

"If I tell you something, will you promise not to let Carrie know that I told you or that you even know it?" I asked.

"With most guys I would never make a promise of that nature, but I feel I can trust you and that you will be honest with me. So yes, I promise," Kevin answered.

"A little while back Carrie and I were having a coffee after a movie while we waited for you to pick her up. I told her that I was willing to be a friend, but that I couldn't see it going any further than just good friends and that I would never try to get inside her pants. Carrie's answer was that I would never be successful unless we had got married; she wanted to keep something to give to her husband that she could only give once. I believe Carrie really meant that and will keep to it. There have been opportunities for her to lose her virginity but I believe she still has her V plates," I told Kevin.

Kevin did not say anything for a long while and then he expelled some air through his lips in a slow rumble. "Well, of all the things I might have thought you were going to tell me, it was not that. But you have made me a happy man. I believe we've brought our daughter up with sound morals and values. What we've heard being bandied about in those 'whispers' has made us very concerned. With your permission I would like to share this revelation with my wife, on the same terms as you shared it with me. Is that OK?"

"If it will bring some peace of mind and renew your pride in your daughter, who is a very nice and beautiful person, then I would like that. And I had better head back into the lioness' den now." Back inside the house I was almost immediately accosted by Carrie, who demanded that I dance with her. Once we were moving in time to the slow beat of the music and I could feel the camel toe of her pelvis pushing up against my hardening cock she asked me what I had been talking to her father about.

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