Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 31

"Ok, yes, I am ready to try some action, but it has to be like Kevin said. We all have to agree or it doesn't happen. I am not going to be your slave and do everything, and I am not going to be ordered around just because there's only one of me. I've seen each of you naked, but if you don't want to be naked again, that's okay. I am not going to be naked in this room. The only place I am prepared to be naked is my room, and the door will be closed," I said

"We did upset you earlier, didn't we?" Carrie asked.

"Yes. To be honest, I didn't mind being naked, and I didn't mind doing the cleaning up, but I did mind the way it was done and the way you girls acted, how you expected me to do everything while you sat on your butts gossiping. I'm sorry if that bothers you, but I will be honest with you, and while I may not tell you everything you want to know, I won't lie to cover up the truth," I told them. I truly didn't want to hurt them, but a part of me did entertain the idea of making them squirm a bit.

"That just goes to confirm the saying, 'One man's meat is another man's poison.' I am sorry, Steve. It was my fault; I started it, thinking it would be fun," Anne said.

"No! It's all of our fault, because we all let it happen. I'm sorry too, Steve," Judith said.

"Yeah. Sorry, Steve. We will try and think better another time," Meg added.

"I really feel bad now. You have been nothing but great for my party, and I've treated you like shit," Carrie said, and a tear ran down her cheek.

I put my arm around her and pulled her in close to me. "No, you haven't. The party was really nice and you all made sure I didn't get bored by with me and making some of the other guys jealous that I got to dance with nearly every girl at the party, and I enjoyed those chats I had with Kevin. He's a cool dad, and you are very lucky to have him." I bent my head forward and gave Carrie a kiss on her forehead; the rest of her face was buried against my naked shoulder

"See? Nothing but kind. Why didn't you just go to your room or something and not let us treat you that way?" Carrie asked as she wiped the tears out of her eyes.

"I was going to refuse and go away, but I saw that you seemed quite excited, and I didn't want to spoil your birthday. I wanted you to enjoy all of it, but then it got to me a bit more, and I did go to my room and put on a spare pair of jeans. Then I went outside and waited for Kevin to get back. How do you think he knew what you had been doing to me?" I explained.

"Right, enough of this. We owe you, Steve. Let's go to your room and we will be your slaves instead and do whatever you want us to do," Anne said.

"No, I don't think so. I don't want you to do something out of a sense of guilt or indebtedness. If we do anything it will be because we want it," I said.

"Right. Then I will tell you what I want and see if you like it," Anne said. "I want to be naked with you and to sit astride you as you lie naked on the bed or wherever while I bounce on your cock until you shoot inside me, while these others look on and let you play with their fannies if you want to."

"I want to ride your cock too," Judith quickly put in, which raised some looks of surprise. I later learned that she had not said anything about getting fucked in their planning. "What, a girl can't change her mind no more?" she asked the surprised faces, which caused me to chuckle.

"That would be difficult. Guys are strong and able, but they are not too good at multi-tasking in the orgasm zone. They need some time between to build up stocks again," I said.

"My little brother doesn't need time. He cums and stays hard while we play with him some more and then a few minutes later he cums again and can even do it a third and fourth time," Judith said.

"Really? He must be a young kid then that has not hit puberty," I said, realizing that I did not know Judith had a brother. "How old is he?" I asked.

"Oh, he's nearly ten. He lets us wank him if we let him look at us," Judith said.

"You realise that being over 16 makes him illegal and you liable to prosecution?" I asked.

"Yeah. We started doing it when he was six and we were all minors. One time when I was having a sleep over and we were all in our nighties in the lounge he came through in his pyjama shorts and climbed onto my lap with his legs either side of mine. That made the fly of his shorts gape open and there was his little JT on view as I looked over his shoulder. We were all around thirteen, and a little boy's cock on view was a bit of a novelty, so I indicated to the girls to come and have a look too. We didn't do anything more than that, but the next morning he came in my room while we were still sleeping and jumped onto our beds waking us up. Of course, now we did not have any dressing gowns on and he could see our little boobs through the nighties which made him giggle. I can't remember which one of my friends who were there started it, but she asked him if he wanted to see more and of course he said yes. So he was made to promise that it would be a secret and also if she showed him he would have to show her. He was okay with that, so she stripped off and let him see her from a distance. Then she told him to strip. All he had on was his pj shorts and they quickly came off and he stood there in front of her. Then she sat down and spread her legs for him to see a bit more and talked him into getting closer. It grew from there to where we each would wank him one after the other, and he would have an orgasm with each person. Now when I have a sleep over, he kind of expects to get something out of it too. He knows that if he were to tell my folks I would be in far more trouble than him, so he does hold us to ransom quite a bit," Judith told me.

"So what if you have someone new to a sleepover?" I asked.

"I'm careful who I ask, and I prime them in advance so that they don't get too shocked when it happens. I mean if my folks go out while my friends are there Jay is naked and demanding before the sound of the car fades," Judith told me.

"Do you like playing with his little cock? Or is it now something he makes you do?" I asked.

"Actually I like playing with cocks, but I much prefer those that can shoot and I can suck on properly. But now that we have taught him how to finger us so that we also have orgasms, playing with his cock can be quite a lot of fun," Judith admitted.

"Talking about playing with cocks –"Carrie paused, "how about we get some fun with this one. You up for it?" Carrie put her hand back in my lap and found my hard cock. Wrapping her hand around it and giving it a bit of a wiggle, she added, "Well at least your cock is up for it already."

"That generally means that the whole of me is up for it," I said smiling. "If you would like to follow me to my room you might get something out of it, but if you don't then make yourself comfortable here." As I stood up my cock flopped forward a bit, making a rather noticeable tent in my shorts.

None of the girls stayed in the lounge. Once we were all in my small room we made it quite crowded. Carrie asked me if she could take my shorts off and I said I had not realised she was wearing my shorts which was met with a rather longer than anticipated silence and then suddenly Meg got it and started to laugh which got perplexed looks from the other girls. Of course, once Meg had explained the joke to the other three the humour of it had waned and so they smiled more in embarrassment at not getting the joke than at the laugh they had missed. But then I said, "It's your party, so you can do the honours." I stood in front of her while she undid the ties of the shorts. Gripping the hems of the legs she pulled them down forcing my cock to first stick out even more and then start to bend towards the floor as the elasticated waist band caught at the base of my cock and started to slide down its length. Carrie kept a constant downward force on the shorts, and eventually they got low enough that my cock sprang free. It flicked up, shaking off a drop or two of pre-cum as it arced upward. It slapped against my belly before dropping forward to bob for a bit and come to rest at an angle of about sixty degrees to the horizontal, with a little bridge of clear pre-cum spanning the thirty degrees of space to my stomach. Carrie tapped first on one calf and then the other, and as I lifted each leg she slid the shorts off of it, again leaving me naked except for my watch and chain.

"Do you want to strip us, or do you want to watch as we strip each other, or do you want us to do a striptease for you?" Anne asked.

"Well, seeing as how you don't actually have to strip if you don't want to as far as I am concerned, stripping each other could prove a bit one sided or forced. The same would apply to me stripping you, so why don't we have it that each one that wants to get naked does a striptease dance in that space at the foot of the bed while I lie down and have a rest as I watch you," I suggested.

Anne said she liked that, stepped to the space at the foot of the bed, and began to gyrate to some unheard melody. Judith moved in beside her but was clearly listening to something with a different tempo in her head. Meg and Carrie both stepped up together and all four started to remove their clothes.

Anne had three buttons and a bow on her short nightdress. She made the undoing of those items so sexy my cock was bobbing to my heart beat, it was so pumped with blood. Of course as she had to slip it off over her head I actually got to see her vaginal mound before I saw the swell of her breasts. The same applied to two more of the girls, who were similarly dressed with the only real difference being in the number of buttons. But Carrie's nightie was different. It had shoulder straps that were connected to the front of the dress by press studs; when she popped these she then wiggled her nightdress down, stretching the neckline over her boobs so that they kind of bounced up like my cock had done once they became free. It also was quite a tight squeeze over her hips, and she asked the other girls to help her, which got them laughing as they tickled her butt cheeks and inside her groin while they worked the material carefully over the widest part of her beam.

As soon as the girls had removed Carrie's nightie, Anne got up onto the bed and crawled along with her knees either side of my legs until she could bend down and suck my cock into her mouth. She did that for just a short time before crawling up further. Holding my cock in her hand, she aimed it at her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it. With just the tip of my cock in her crease, she slid it back and forth in the slit. I could feel my pre-cum mixing with her juices and making the whole area slick. I could also feel a little bump at the higher end of her cunt which I presumed was her erect clitoris. That presumption was strengthened when she swirled my cock head around it and pushed the little bump into my pee slit. She thrust her hips forward a little and I felt my cock begin to sink into the tube of her vagina and then suddenly meet some tight resistance. Anne held it there for a bit and then eased up and slipped the head of my cock around her slit some more before lining it up with the tube and lowering her body. There was again that sudden resistance, but Anne kept going down and I saw a grimace cross her face. Her mouth screwed up tight just as the pressure against my cock head increased and suddenly went. Anne dropped down an inch or two along my cock shaft and stopped stock still. Anne stayed like that for a short while and I noticed her face begin to relax as a tear ran down her cheek.

"What's the matter?" I asked, "What's wrong? If you want to stop just say so and we stop. That is the agreement," I assured her.

"No, it's ok, I'm just getting used to the pain. I'll be alright in a moment or two," Anne reassured me.

"The pain?" I asked surprised. "I didn't realise it hurt girls to take a cock in their pussy. I have not heard that mentioned before," I said.

"Only that first time, when you break the hymen. Congratulations, cherry picker," Carrie said. She smiled as she stepped closer to me and picked up my hand to press it against her fanny. "You are not going to get your cock in me, but I would like your fingers to do a bit of walking or talking to my other mouth," Carrie said, still smiling. I began to finger her, looking for that similar bump of her clit.

"Oh sorry … I mean I didn't know I was to be the hymen breaker. They say so many girls get their hymens stretched and split playing sport." I had to do some quick thinking, because I realised that what I had been about to say would mean that I thought she was not a virgin, and she might not like the implication of that about her character.

"That's largely not a very accurate idea. It really is only certain sports that might cause a small tear in the hymen," Judith said, getting some contradiction from Meg, who thought that gymnasts and athletes could all have their maidenhead broken before getting near a cock.

I thought of protesting, but Anne had started to bounce on my cock and the sensations I was experiencing in my first fuck and knowing it was her first time too helped to make those feelings stronger somehow and kept me quiet. Meg picked up my other hand and holding my fingers she bent them gently and slipped them into her cunt slit, putting me in the position of pleasuring three girls at the same time.

"How do you feel about using your tongue on a woman's pussy, Steve?" Judith asked

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